Arguing with anti-migrant reactionaries

  • Lou Dobbs, shut up before it's too late!
  • Pizza for pesos
  • Ohio offers an alternative to assimilationist criticisms of English-only proposals

    Migrant movement


  • When it comes to militarism: Civil rights or national liberation?
  • More grassroots fascist action in San Diego
  • Amerikanization and the naming of a movement
  • Demonstrators in Los Angeles and San Diego support migrants' rights and oppose anti-migrant movement
  • San Francisco: Migrants progressive, Amerikkkans not
  • New York Times drives wedge between migrants and Blacks
  • The best u.$. May Day ever
  • April 29th 2006 leaflets: Progressive Labor Party surprises us
  • U.$. Catholic church attempts balancing act, opposes May 1 boycott
  • Migrant unity a historical nightmare for Amerikans
  • No to imperialism, no to so-called comprehensive immigration reform and dividing the proletariat using U.$. borders
  • More coverage of migrant rallies
  • Migrant rallies reveal the real proletariat
  • Why we say "migrant," not "immigrant"
  • Information on the April 10th rallies for migrant rights can be found at Blue Latinos

    Stop Operation Gatekeeper

  • Closed Borders Kill 19 (July 2003)
  • Stop "Gatekeeper", open the border California RAIL webpage
  • Campaign update, July 2002
  • Border Petition
  • Border Flyer (Adobe Acrobat)

    Stop The Minuteman Project

  • Andy Ramirez is a fascist, not just a "coconut"
  • Minutemen's new name reflects changed organizing tactics
  • Border Patrol rank and file: exploiters and enemy of the proletariat
  • Minuteman enemy of the proletariat
  • Minuteman Project ignores its own Standard Operating Procedure
  • Settler vigilantes (re-)converge on the Arizona-Sonora border