Education key to fighting injustice

One of the basic laws of human nature dictates that man is driven by a principle of self preservation. In my ignorance, in my arrogance, I couldn't really appreciate the fertility of an education the richness of an education, the all encompassing value of an education: and although learning your ABCs is important, just because you can read and write, don't make you educated.

Where I've come a long way in shedding layers of ignorance and arrogance I still have miles to go before I can state a claim to being educated. I still stumble in darkness and what little I have learned has shined some light on just how far I must go and what I will need for my travels.

My point being, I am under no illusions about what it requires to make meaningful change in this society: simple reforms will not change a social structure corrupt to its very core. Simple reforms will not eradicate a systematic design of social injustice, political oppression and economic exploitation: the overall objective is a complete and uncompromising change of every social political and economical institution. A complete and complimentary reeducation based on a socialist doctrine devised by the people for the people incorporating and applying Lenin-Marxist principles delineated in the Communist manifesto.

- a California prisoner, May 2007