Fighting brutality and gang validation

I am a prisoner at California State Prison, Sacramento New Folsom ASU. I'm writing in response to an article in MIM Notes #338, page 11, "On lockdown, fighting for communism at Calipatria State Prison." I see the brutal hands of authority continue to brutalize prisoners. I was there in Calipatria on August 18, 2005 when they shot and killed Richard Zamora. Not only was I there, but on Sept 7, 2005, 20 days after the shooting I suffered a broken neck as the result of a brutal assault by prison staff. When I was airlifted and admitted they (prison staff) told hospital official I was the victim of a jail house assault. My fellow brothers who were there you know who I am. I have just recently learned this as I begin my legal battle.

I since healed and I'm alive and well. I continue to push forward with my education. However my political fight rages on. I continue to be oppressed by these capitalist and California's prison system. I have recently been validated. A grossly abused tactic used to single us out and put us in the SHU Control Unit. For no less than 6 years I have been targeted for my efforts to fight back. I ask all comrades in Calipatria and throughout the California prison system to educate yourselves. Utilize the law and fight back. Together we can be heard. The oppression and the beatings must stop. Those of you oppressed through out the control units (SHU, ASU, etc.) know that my fight continues for change. Join this fight now by organizing and collecting signatures to petition and shut down these control units and the abuse they breed. We must fight this validation process that is maliciously abused. Let's organize now and let our voice be heard.

- a California prisoner, January 2007