Starvation in prison

Let me start off by letting you know I have lost 25 lbs since last March. And I assure you I'm not sick and stress is not a problem with me. I've noticed the portions in our meals are steadily getting smaller. I am constantly hungry. I am unfortunate not to be able to hit canteen so all I get is state issue and I am deteriorating. I can hardly exercise anymore because I get light headed. When I brought it to the medical staff's attention, the response of the day was, I had to have AIDS or Hep C and be under 150 lbs to receive anything. Being underfed, or maybe just enough to survive, is crazy. It's hard to "rehabilitate" myself when all I can think of is food. Note that I am just one of many losing weight in here. Some are fortunate to go to canteen but they still loose weight.

On another note, we are under command of a new commander and yard is being run pathetically. But I'm sure they will change it soon because it makes staff work too much. And you can starve us, and over charge us in canteen and take all our peoples hard earned money - 44% for restitution (and rising to 55%), but when you make them work, they will surely change it.

- a California prisoner, March 2007