Frustrated Artist Page

This page is for frustrated artists of two kinds: those with political ideas but no art, and those who like working on artistic form but have no political ideas.

Frustrated artist page: content offered for artists

Here is where writers of cartoons and videos offer content ideas for artists who can draw and do videos.
Hopefully artists who do not have ideas for written content will take these and produce cartoons and videos.
Do not be afraid to be the second or third persyn to do such cartoons. We can always use more.
Add some flavor eh? Wry looks, third characters popping in to offer opinions like Oliphant.
If it is a cartoon about exploitation or suppression, be sure not to use overly rounded objects in your cartoon. Things should look sharp and nasty.

December 16, 2000 installment of five ideas
1. ELECTION 2000
Two frames
First frame:
White dove flying right to left, carrying banner saying "your vote could be the one!"
Second frame: dove shot down on the ground, Supreme Court, Big Money, County officials shoot it down.

Race track
3 runners

Frame 1. Uncle Sam at the track starts the race two steps from the finish line. China and USSR seen way back. Uncle Sam maybe wearing very large sneakers with Nike swoosh.
Frame 2. Uncle Sam crosses finish line. I won! (Carried across the line by African slaves, coolies etc. but still wearing Nike swoosh?)

3. ELECTION 2000
Two headed Gore/Bush monster topples buildings labeled
"the right to eat"
"the right to a home"
"the right to medicine"
"no toxics"
Suggestion: borrow Godzilla or Megalon or your own monster graphic and insert collage style

4. Superprofit pig trough
Title: RCP-USA's "Notes on Political Economy"
Farm imagery:
Bob Avakian or Archie Bunker or anyone pointing to the pig trough labeled superprofits "CHARGE!"

Title: Olympic medals stand
1st Uncle Sam 2nd Hitler 3rd Mussolini
in the war for profits and colonies event

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