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Risk in life

Should We Risk It? Exploring Environmental, Health and Technological Problem Solving 404pp. hb
by Daniel M. Kammen & David M. Hassenzahl
Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1999
404pp. pb.

review by MC5, Feb., 2000

We had hoped that some statistical and epidemiological problem-solvers had turned their attention to questions like war, causes of war, nuclear proliferation and the impact of the relations of production on mortality rates. Hence, this book disappointed high hopes; however, it is still a decent attempt to meet the laypersyn half-way on questions of looking at questions of probability and statistics in every day life as seen by typical public health professionals of the United $tates.

From a book like this one, a persyn can learn that it is possible to apply scientific methods to many questions. We recommend it for graduate students with math, probability and statistics backgrounds. It is too difficult to pick up without formal training.

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