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Israel's Sacred Terrorism: A Study Based on Moshe Sharett's Personal Diary and Other Documents
by Livia Rokach
Introduced by Noam Chomsky
Association of Arab-American University Graduates, 1983

This book uses less than 1% of Moshe Sharett's diaries as foreign minister and prime minister of the Zionist entity I$rael. Yet it's quite enough. Things which Zionists and mainstream Jewish papers like the New York Times criticize the Arab side of the conflict for saying as supposedly beyond-the-pale anti-Semitism or kooky conspiracy theory are all right there in Moshe Sharett's diaries.

*I$rael secretly provoked war with Egypt in 1956.
*I$rael hired Palestinian activists who killed Jews and provoked military adventures that Zionist officials wanted.

That's not to mention the instances where I$raeli troops raped and killed Arab civilians in order to make a political point--the definition of terrorism. We are talking about terrorism against Jews that Jews knew about. All this is right in Moshe Sharett's diaries, so we cannot say much about the reading comprehension abilities of those who talk about these matters as some kind of "conspiracy" theory or anti-Semitism.

By the way, this book is by the daughter of Moshe Sharett's Interior Minister.

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