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Star Wars

"Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic"
Lucas Arts Entertainment

Knights of the Old Republic ... or should we say Cossacks of the Old Republic?

Although many people have given this role playing game rave reviews in the united $tates for mostly technical reasons, even the rabid fans have admitted that it is easier to be evil in this game and that the Jedi Knights are too much more powerful than other characters. Apparently one way to "win" is to kill one's traveling friends.

The universe of Star Wars is not unlike our own. There are the common people, and there are the "great" people. Unlike in our own world, however, the "great" people in Star Wars have their own caste of warrior slaves with special powers who, under the guise of "maintaining stability" move against any insurrection and crush any move to advance the society.

In this game, the player takes a role of one such warrior that calls him/herself a Jedi KNIGHT. The manufacturer doesn't even try to hide the connection to the exploitative feudal system of the Middle Ages.

Throughout the game, choices have to be made, which affect the outcome of the game. Naturally, to a brainwashed child mind, the most exploitative options have been made the simplest, and quickest.

It is far easier to use your powers to steal, than to do charity. The game is far easier if you "go capitalistic," which clearly points to early indoctrination conspiracy by the fascists.

Throughout the game, the player is pitted in fights against common people, where s/he is shown that to resist the powerful means certain death. The deception is perfect, since the player is the power and this pries his/her mind open to indoctrination even more.

As is well known for the fascist bastards, they take enjoyment in killing others, and the game rewards the player for killing common people. In fact, it is not possible to progress in the game without killing commoners, and the manufacturer plainly tells the player: those who have the courage to kill, are strong. Those who don't are weak.

In one part of the game, the player fights for money--to the death. This serves well to illustrate the society, where money is everything and human life is worth nothing. The worth of a corpse is solely a function of its persynal properties, which have to be looted to advance in the game.

All in all, the Cossacks/Knights of the Old Republic is one of the most manipulative pieces of software ever devised. It leeches morality of young minds and prepares them to kill their peers to prevent a revolution. After all... the strong fascist knight shall always win.

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