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In Search of Common Ground: Conversations with Erik H. Erikson and Huey P. Newton

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NY: W.W. Norton & Co., 1973

Huey Newton on adopting Marxist materialist method as science

"We sometimes have a problem because people do not understand the ideology that Marx and Engels began to develop. People say, 'You claim to be Marxists, but did you know that Marx was a racist?' . . .

"If you are a dialectical materialist, however, Marx's racism does not matter. You do not believe in the conclusions of one person but in the validity of a mode of thought; and we in the Party, as dialectical materialists, recognize Karl Marx as one of the great contributors to that mode of thought. Whether or not Marx was a racist is irrelevant and immaterial to whether or not the system of thinking he helped develop delivers truths about processes in the material world. . . . John B. Watson once stated that his favorite pastime was hunting and hanging niggers, yet he made great forward strides in the analysis and investigation of conditioned responses."

[MIM comments: Today's post-modernists ought to chew on this at length.]

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