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The Huey P. Newton Reader

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Seven Stories Press, 2002, pp. 256-7

Huey Newton: technology is not class neutral(1972)

"Technological advancements have been gained through expropriation from the people, including slavery proper but also chattel slavery followed by wage slavery. . . .

"We thus see that it is because of the expropiration of the world that the technology exists, and the reactionary intercommunalists--the U.S. capitalists/imperialists--are able to dominate world markets. . . . "This phenomenon develops only after they break the people and expropriate the raw materials and wealth."

[MC5 comments: The above quote shows that Newton upheld the labor theory of value and opposed the revisionist "theory of the productive forces" making its rounds in anti-Mao circles in China at the time. All exploiters wish to make technology their apparently neutral ally and excuse for exploitation.]

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