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August 2, 1969 Page 9.

The PLP vs. the People



First of all, thanks to the Black Panther Party for making the First

U.F.A.F. possible; and then I want to say to all the beautiful people

who were there: "Power to the People" and let's get out there and put it

all into practice.


To those who attended the U.F.A.F. conference, the conference

represented not only the first constructive plan for action against

Fascism, but it was also a beautiful, unique thing in this respect: more

than 1,000 people from many different geographical locations and many

different lines of ideological theories were TOGETHER in unity against a

common enemy: FASCISM. They were made aware, if not already aware, of

the enemy and laid petty arguments and ideological struggle aside and

tried instead to deal with the one common big problem: FASCISM.


To those people who had been wondering why the PLP was expelled from the

SDS, it became increasingly clear. PLP, instead of working against the

enemy, had aligned itself with the pigs and was trying to work against

the people. PLP tried to disrupt the U.F.A.F conference by passing out

leaflets against the holding of the conference and against the vanguard

party, by distorting facts just as the pig "news media" does, and by

lying to the people. After asking one of these fools what the basis was

for passing out leaflets against the people's United Front, his reply

was: "The PLP doesn't believe the Panthers know what Fascism is." Since

even "apolitical" people know that the Panthers are being terrorized and

brutalized; and since the vanguard party has felt Fascism's foul boot on

its back more than any other group of people, his reply was not only

stupid, it was oinking in the faces of the people.


In the midst of speeches a few instigators would now and then seek to

disrupt the conference--yelling, telling people to walk out, etc.


To those who had never heard of the PLP before, and were now aware of

its existence, their reaction to PLP was not favorable, to say the

least. They condemned the PLP and started to seek out more information

about PLP and soon found out and understood why the SDS expelled them

from its ranks:


1) PLP not only refused to support the Vietnam N.L.F. and its

struggles to liberate the people, but also attacked the N.L.F and the

Revolutionary Government of Cuba,


2) On the campuses, PLP opposes most black student struggles. It opposed

demands for increased black studies programs and admissions, but put

forth a resolution advocating preferential hiring of minority

non-academic "help," i.e., maids and janitors --where these minorities

are already preferentially hired. This shows that PLP has an attitude

of bigotry and "white supremacy" and a lack of understanding, and

thereby a racist attitude; a slave-master-slave attitude as medieval and

as foul as any Ku Klux Klanner.


3) PLP has led unprincipled attacks on the Black Panther Party and the

League of Revolutionary Black Workers. In leading these attacks they

have lied to the people branding the Panthers as racists and saying

that the Panthers have "no class outlook and believe they are out to

fight a war against white people in general." Since this is obviously

untrue, even to many who didn't attend the conference, as far as most

people are concerned, not only are the PLPers sadly miseducated,

uneducated, or whatever, but since they, in their actions, so closely

resemble the lying pig news media there can be a direct line of

similarity drawn between the PLP and the pigs. Indeed, they can be

classified as pigs and charged with being enemies of the people.


Stupid as they may be and as absurd as their warped statements are, the

PLP means to be just as harmful to the interests of the people as any

lying, oinking, foul, pig politician; greedy, avaricious businessman; or

murderous, brutalizing pig would be. But the PLP's squeals grow

weaker and weaker as the people are now hip to their slimy snakelike

TACTICS. (See note at end of article.)


The PLP not only failed to disrupt the U.F.A.F., they were ignored for

the most part. The people were there to learn and work together on

important issues; they knew they were not there to listen to absurd

oinkings from the mouths of fools. By slithering in and out of the

conference all the PLPers accomplished by their actions was that they

exposed their true nature to the people: that as lying, snakelike

enemies of the people disguised as representing the true interests of

the people. Well, enough of the PLP and all other petty, insignificant,

worthless, brainless and warped so-called "progressive" parties like the



The enemies of the people shall be dealt with by the people, for there

are more people than there are pigs.








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