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March 3, 1969. Page 6.


"REVOLUTION," organ of the Colombian Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), recently published a document which pointed out the tremendous achievements in the first year of the revolutionary armed struggle unfolded by the Colombian People's Liberation Army, and called upon the revolutionary people of Colombia to strengthen their struggles and strike hard at U. S. imperialism and the Columbian oligarchies.

The document was jointly issued by the Colombian Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), the People's Liberation Army and the Regional Patriotic Committee of Alto Sino and Alto San Jorge.

It pointed out first of all that the broad masses of the Colombian people are rising up in struggle in all parts of the country and their political consciousness is rapidly heightening.

It said: "Standing in the forefront of the triumphant struggle of the Colombian people is the Colombian Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)." In Colombia, "the People's Liberation Army, the armed arm of our Party, has emerged and has been growing stronger daily. Today, it has become the brain and spine of the armed struggle of our people.

"The People's Liberation Army," it continued, "has unfolded its struggle on three principal fronts: fighting the enemy; undertaking and developing production; and mobilizing, educating, organizing and arming the broad masses of the people. Our people's army is fighting under the slogans of 'absolute confidence in victory, profound and boundless love for our people and irreconcilable hatred for our class enemies.' We are convinced that 'we are bound to win the fight.'"

The document said: "Parallel to the People's Liberation Army, there have appeared the revolutionary peasant militia and the regional patriotic committees. The last-mentioned are the embryo of a patriotic front for liberation."

It pointed out: "The People's Liberation Army replied to the suppression of U. S. Imperialism and the operations in the first year beginning from June 1967. In the first year's combats, the People's Liberation Army killed or wounded many enemy soldiers, captured a number of weapons and recovered the U.S. imperialist enterprises and from the oligarchies hundreds of thousands of pesos worth of goods. It also recovered several thousand hectares of land and thousands of cattle and horses from the hands of the big latifundists. In the course of fighting, 'the People's Liberation Army has forged ahead in its development and its combat determination has brought about great success. These successes have strengthened our people's confidence in and profound love for their own armed forces.'"

The document condemned the reactionary authorities for cruelly persecuting the peaceable inhabitants. It stated: "The Colombian Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), the People's Liberation Army and the patriotic committees, carrying out the line of the Party and applying the thought of the great teacher Comrade Mao Tse-tung, shall continue to stand at the head of the people and point out to them the road of revolution."

It called on the Colombian people to counter with conscious struggles the repression, oppression and exploitation of the people by U. S. imperialism and the Colombian oligarchies and to firmly support the People's Liberation Army. It also called on all the fighters of the People's Liberation Army and revolutionary peasant militia to redouble their efforts in annihilating the enemy.

Revolution has also published war communique No. 9 of the People's Liberation Army which reported the combat achievements of the People's Liberation Army in June and July, 1968. The communique pointed out that the People's Liberation Army has grown stron ger in the course of fighting.

In the first eight months of fighting, eight detachments were set up, including the "Maria Cano" detachment composed of women fighters.

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