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March 3, 1969. Page 8.


Shortly before and immediately after Nixon took office, the renegades in the Kremlin went out of their way, openly and covertly, to flatter and toady to the new boss of the U. S. imperialism. Impatient to establish connections with the new set-up of the American monopoly capitalist class, they engaged in wide-scale diplomacy behind the scenes in Washington, New York and other American cities. They even sent a delegation of what they called "public leaders" to the United States to "exchange opinions on Soviet-American relations and a number of current international problems." In their own words, all this represents "joint efforts . . . to solve the ripe international problems" with U. S. imperialism. Even Western reporters were "surprised" by the Soviet revisionist renegade clique's feverish anxiety to do business with U. S. imperialism at the first opportunity.

The British paper "EVENING STANDARD" published a Washington report on January 29, saying: "Soviet diplomats, it is now known, contacted members of the Nixon staff in New York shortly before the inauguration and extended talks took place with Henry Kissinger, Nixon's White House adviser on foreign policy. And over the last few days Georgi Zhukov, the political commentator of "PRAVDA" . . . has been in Washington for quiet talks with key members of Congress." The paper added: "The pace and urgency of the Soviet approaches have surprised most experts here." It quoted a U. S. official as saying, "It's so promising . . . I've never known them to be in this much of a hurry."

The nauseating fawning on the new U. S. imperialist chieftain by the clique of Soviet revisionist renegades and their impatience to fraternize with U. S. imperialism are not only a new exposure of their true colors as renegades but also a confession of their difficulties and dire plight both at home and abroad.

U. S. imperialism quite appreciates the way the Soviet revisionist renegades dance to its tune. "U. S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT," a U. S. monopoly capital mouthpiece said, "High on the Nixon agenda is the search for better relations with Russia."

One of the important items in the further counter-revolutionary global deals between the United States and the Soviet Union now under preparation is the so-called limitation of nuclear missiles. As a "gift" to Nixon on the day of his inauguration, the Soviet revisionist renegade clique made a "proposal" on this question to U. S. State Department spokesman McCloskey declared that U. S. imperialism "is giving priority consideration to the question of beginning talks" with the Soviet revisionists.

Nixon himself made it clearer still on January 27 at his first press conference after assuming office that talks on this question were only the beginning of a series of counter-revolutionary global deals between the two countries. He said: "What I want to do is to see to it that we have strategic arms talks in a way and at a time that will promote, if possible, progress on outstanding political problems at the same time." Western news agencies pointed out that Nixon's statement showed he was ready to have "a broad dialogue" with the Soviet revisionists and he hoped this could gradually lead to "concerted efforts" by the U. S. imperialism and Soviet revisionism "on a scale never previously achieved."

At his February 6 press conference, Nixon indicated that the United States agreed to the recent proposal repeatedly put forward by the Soviet revisionists that representatives of the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain and France should hold meetings at the United Nations to discuss a so-called "political solution" to the Middle East problem. He stressed that "initiative" on the problem "must be multilateral." This means U. S. imperialism wants the four countries to take "joint action" to put pressure on the Arab people and compel them to swallow a fraudulent "political solution." Nixon again dropped the hint to the Soviet revisionists that if they wanted to clinch the deal with the United States on the "limitation" of the missile race, they must collaborate still further with the United States regarding a settlement of the Middle East problem, that is, they must join the United States in efforts to stifle the just struggle of the Arab people, the armed struggle of the Palestinian people in particular.

In response to the call by Nixon for an "open society," the Soviet revisionists have granted permission to the U. S. Overseas National Airways to operate 20 chartered flights between New York and Leningrad for 1969, beginning from March. Each flight will bring 200 American "tourists" to the Soviet Union to spread malodorous bourgeois influence among the Soviet people. For its part, the Soviet revisionism sent delegation after delegation to the United States in "exchange." It is also quietly agreed to send an "observer" to a conference on the "communications satellite system" in Washington this month. This means that the Soviet revisionists will join the U. S. imperialists in the dirty activities of collecting information.

During this intensified collaboration that was being worked out between U. S. imperialism and Soviet revisionism, "U. S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT," in a recent article, divulged the criminal objective of U. S. imperialism and Soviet revisionism, the two most ferocious enemies of the revolutionary people of the world, which are collaborating and struggling with each other in their vain effort to re-divide the world between themselves. It said: "What the Kremlin wants from Mr. Nixon is an agreement that the U. S. and Russia should get together and divide the world into spheres of interest and influence, with a few "no man's lands" open for grabs.

The more U. S. imperialism and Soviet revisionism intensify their collusion, the more clearly will they reveal their ferocious features before the people of the world and the more quickly will they go to their doom.

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