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March, 1969


This article is a reprint from Western Front newspaper -- Washington State Peace and Freedom Party.

By Calvin Winslow

Bobby Seale, Chairman of the Black Panther Party, was scheduled to speak February 1, at the Encore Ballroom. That afternoon the Panthers announced that Seale would not be able to make it to Seattle. Those who passed up the meeting, however, made a mistake.

Emory Douglas, Minister of Culture of the BPP, stood in for Seale and proved once again that the leadership of the BPP includes many of the most articulate, dedicated revolutionaries of our time.

The central issue raised in the meeting, discussed by both Douglas and Aaron Dixon, Seattle Panther Captain, was the recent assassination in Los Angeles of Alprentice Carter and John Huggins, L.A. Panther leaders. The Panthers have accused US, a cultural nationalist organization led by Ron Karenga, of killing "two beautiful black brothers in the prime of revolutionary life of serving our people."

US, based in Watts, has put forth the idea of uniting all black people, regardless of class or ideology, while at the same time accepting federal money and promoting black capitalism. That cultural nationalism has now become so blatantly counter-revolutionary should not be surprising. Huey Newton pointed out some time ago that blacks can easily be used by the state to oppress their brothers. US has now turned its guns on the Panthers. This must certainly be another indication that the United States government spends its money carefully--the system can find its real enemies.

In declaring their opposition to cultural nationalism, the Panthers have increased the number of their enemies, but far more importantly, they have also rededicated themselves to serving the real interests of the people. Poor people need political power, not Dashikis. Black capitalism will not free black people. It is capitalism which has made them poor.

Emory Douglas said the Panthers will continue to organize the black community on a revolutionary basis. "The whole of Westwood (part of white Los Angeles, where UCLA is located and where the two Panthers were assassinated)," he added, "is not worth a few organized blocks of the Oakland flatlands." The Panthers now have over 80 branches, and from each an ultimatum has been issued warning Karenga and his followers to stay away. Dixon added that Seattle was included.

For those who are still looking forward to hearing Bobby Seale, Dixon said that the Panthers plan to bring him to Seattle in the near future. Watch for the time.

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