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January 4, 1969. Page 8.


NEW DELHI (Pan. African Press) -- The Indian Monthly "LIBERATION" published an article in its latest issue condemning the Soviet revisionist renegade clique for betraying the road of the October Revolution. It also denounced the Dange renegade clique in India and the revisionists of India for their counter-revolutionary crimes.

The article said: "By using the State machine, the Soviet revisionist renegade clique, headed by Krushchev and his successors, Kosygin and Brezhnev, has restored capitalism in the Soviet Union and itself practices neo-capitalism."

The article stated that the Soviet revisionist renegade clique's "invasion of Czechoslovakia conclusively proves that this clique has degenerated into social-fascism and social-imperialism."

It said: "This revisionist renegade clique is the sworn enemy not only of the Soviet working people, but of all the workers and oppressed nations of the world including the Indian people."

The article denounced the Dange renegade clique and the revisionists of India for stubbornly opposing the path of the Naxalbari armed revolution. It said that after the Twentieth Congress of the C. P. S. U., they have openly renounced the path of the October Revolution, the path of violent revolution, and have been trying their utmost to lead the Indian revolutionary people astray by advocating the peaceful "parliamentary road."

It said that the Dange renegade and the revisionists of India have openly stood on the side of the domestic reactionaries, the Soviet revisionist renegade clique and the U. S. imperialists. They have degenerated into the running dogs of the U. S. imperia lism and Soviet revisionism and lackeys of the big Indian landlords and bourgeoisie. The rising tide of the Indian revolution will sweep them away like garbage, however, widely they may now rage against the peasant struggle and against socialist China.

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