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January 4, 1969. Page 8.


NEW DELHI -- The armed forces of the Naga people, in defiance of the armed suppression by the reactionary Indian government, have in the past few months seized favorable opportunities in mounting repeated attacks on the enemy and fought them heroically.

On December 12, the Naga armed forces in Tengnoupal area of the Union Territory Manipur launched a surprise attack on the unit of reactionary Indian police, killing four armed police and wounding six. All the arms and ammunition of the police unit were captured.

In early September of this year, the Naga armed forces laid an ambush and killed three officers of the Indian troops, including a captain. In the middle of October, the Naga armed forces using automatic weapons opened heavy fire on a patrol unit of the Indian security force near Tungam, Manipur. On October 23, the Naga armed forces in the vicinity of this place again attacked the reactionary Indian police forces.

Indian army chief-of-staff Kumaramanglam hurriedly rushed to Kohima, capital of Nagaland, on November 7 to make arrangements for suppressive measures. It was revealed that in mid-November the reactionary Indian government sent large numbers of troops to Nagaland from the military centers of Assam state. The reactionary Indian government also tried hard to sabotage the unity of the Naga people. It even provoked armed conflict among them in an attempt to quench the flames of their armed struggle.

The Nagas harbor great enmity and hatred against the Indian reactionaries. For years the reactionary Indian troops and police have frantically massacred the Naga people, compelling them to go into the forests and take up arms for self-defense. Now the Nagas are strengthening their cooperation with the Mizos, Kukis and other nationalities, and are gradually uniting with the revolutionary peasants in East India who have risen to resist the reactionary Indian authorities and feudal landlords. The Nagas are expanding the scale of their armed struggle and dealing increasingly vigorous blows at the Indian reactionaries.

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