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May 11, 1969 Page 7.


FROM: The Minister of State and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of New


TO: Brother Bobby Seale

In the Name of Peace and Power to the People:

Dear Brother Seale,

There was convened in the City of Detroit on April 5, 1969, a meeting of

the legislative assembly of the Republic of New Africa.


At this meeting, it was officially reported that Ron Karenga was

directed to explain the accusation and his responsibility, if any, in

the action that ended in the death of two Panther Brothers on the campus

at U.C.L.A.


Karenga, having failed to respond, was removed from the position of

Minister of Education of the RNA. Please bear in mind that Ron Karenga

was appointed to this position but the appointment was never approved,

neither by the cabinet of RNA nor by the legislative assembly and

therefore held on official position in RNA.


Speaking in the position of Minister of State and Foreign Affairs for

RNA, I have always felt that Ron Karenga represented a great deal less

than the best interests of the Black Liberation struggle against

domestic colonialism, white racism and world-wide imperialism.

Therefore, on the platform during the May 9 week of the Political

Prisoners, I would not hesitate to state such a position (on my

attitude) in the strongest possible language, concerning Ron Karenga.


While as representative of Republic of New Africa the above is my

clear-cut position of Ron Karenga, I am compelled to acknowledge some

apprehensions with regard to the direction the Panthers are taking

politically. I refer specifically to the telephone call from Cleveland

in which, as I have been told, you indicated a willingness to

cooperate if the Republic of New Africa was excluded, or if the Republic

of New Africa denounced Ron Karenga. Since I do not believe that there

can ever come a point in time when the political differences between

blacks will overshadow the four hundred years of inhuman treatment,

stemming from whites, I do not believe that we can presume to cooperate

with whites at the exclusion of blacks.


If there are serious political differences between the Panthers and the

Republic of New Africa, I do not believe they are more serious than the

differences between the blacks and whites in America. I believe there is

room for discussion.


Minister of State and foreign affairs, Yours for Power to the People


Wilbur Grattan

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