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June 14, 1969 Page 17.



[Hsinhua was the Chinese news service under Mao Zedong.]


Peking, May 24 (Hsinhua)--The struggle of students in some Latin

American countries against fascist suppression by the reactionary

authorities and against the decadent educational system is continuing to

surge forward. It has won the warm support of the working class.


The recent killing of a number of students by the reactionary pro U.S.

government in Argentina has evoked great indignation among the students

and labouring people of the country. In defiance of suppression by the

reactionary authorities, University and middle school students in the

capital Buenos Aires and many other cities continued to hold

demonstrations on May 22. In La Plata City, the demonstrating students

shouted: 'Ongania, assain!' They distributed leaflets and erected street

barricades to resist police suppression. In Cordoba City, students of

two private schools announced the occupation of the school buildings. In

Mendoza City, 2,000 University students held a demonstration to demand

the resignation of the Minister of the Interior for his direct

responsibility in the killing of students. In Rosario City, several

hundred students continued to demonstrate on May 22. Many trade union

organizations in Rosario and Santa Fe declared a 24-hour general strike

on May 23 to protest against the government atrocity and to support the

just struggle of the students.


Students in various parts of Venezuela continued to hold demonstrations

against persecution in the past few days. In defiance of the police

suppression, 1,000 students in Marcaibo took to the streets on May 22.

They erected barricades and fought back at the reactionary police with

stones. The demonstrators attacked the "home of Americas" which houses

many offices attached to the U.S. embassy. Student struggle also broke

out in the cities of Cabimas, Merida, San Antonio and Guanare. 1,000

students in Valencia recently stage a march on the capital, Caracas, to

protest against the reactionary authorities' suppression of the



In Montevideo, capital of Uruguay, several groups of students took to

the streets on May 21, to hold demonstrations in support of the

Argentine students' struggle against persecution. The demonstrators

shouted "Ongania, assassin!", and other slogans to protest against the

killing of students by the reactionary Ongania government. The

demonstrators also expressed support for the just struggle of the

striking meat-packing workers in Uruguay.


More than 8,000 university and middle school students in Concepcion,

Chile, began a strike for an indefinite period on May 22. They demanded

government acquittal of 19 workers of the "Saba" factory who had been

unjustifiable charged with incendiarism and protested against the

arrest of demonstrating students. On May 20, thousands of workers and

students held a demonstration and fought for several hours with the

police sent to suppress them. In Santiago, the Chilean capital, groups

of workers and students held successive demonstrations. They shouted

slogans calling for unity between the workers and students and (demanded

the acquittal of the 19 arrested workers.


In Rio de Janerio, Brazil, several hundred students of the Federal

University went on strike for an indefinite period to protest against

the reactionary educational system and the unjustifiable dismissal of

more than 60 professors by the pro-US. dictatorship.


In Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras, students of the vocational

technical institute, following their strike on May 19, held a street

demonstration on May 21 in strong protest against the killing of a

student by the reactionary police during the "visit" of Rockefeller.

"Special envoy" of the chieftain of U.S. imperialism, Nixon. The students

demanded that the assassin be severely punished.


In Guayaquil, biggest city in Equador, students and stalking workers

occupied the building of the University of Guayaquil in protest against the

reactionary educational system. The students and workers held a

demonstration to protest against the reactionary measures of the

government and demanded the resignation of the Minister of the Interior

and the President of the University of Guyaquil. The demonstrators

shouted: "down with U.S. imperialism!" and "Universities belong to the

people!" They attacked the U.S. Consulate with stones and incendiary




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