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March 16, 1969. Page 15.


U. S. imperialism is intensifying fascistization at home. Tightening the machinery of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie with redoubled efforts, it is subjecting the American people to a reign of terror and bloody suppression that is worse than before and has turned the United States into a huge prison.

Chairman Mao pointed out in 1949: "The governments of Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Franco and Chiang Kai-shek discarded the veil of democracy for the bourgeoisie or never used it because the class struggle in their countries was extremely intense and they found it advantageous to discard, or not to use, this veil lest the people too should make use of it." Chairman Mao also predicted at the time that the U. S. imperialism would inevitably follow the same road.

Events have turned out exactly this way!

Since the end of World War II, U. S. imperialism has been playing the role of "international gendarme" in frantically suppressing the people of many countries. But inside the United States it has tried hard to put on an air of respectability by hiding its ruthless rule behind a veil of "democracy." However, with the daily sharpening of the class struggle in the country, this veil has long been torn to shreds by U. S. ruling circles themselves. U. S. imperialism is now stepping up its fascistization and making savage onslaughts on the people. This completely reveals its ferocious features.

The intensified fascistization by U. S. ruling circles reflects the rapid exacerbation of the political-economic crisis of U. S. imperialism, the inevitable result of the rapid and vigorous development of the American people's revolutionary struggle. Like roaring waves, the struggle of the Black Americans against racial oppression, the workers' movement and the student movement have violently pounded the reactionary rule of the U. S. monopoly capitalists in recent years. Since deception and trickery have failed to stop the tempestuous torrents, U. S. ruling circles are banking on the bayonet to maintain their rule. Thus the intensified fascist dictatorship at home by U. S. imperialism is by no means a sign of strength. It only betrays its weakness. It is a sign of U. S. imperialism nearing the end of its rope.

Fascism is itself the product of the imperialist system in decline. Once fascism is introduced it inevitably accelerates the collapse of this system. Outright violence under the savage rule of the U. S. imperialists will only disabuse the masses of much of their illusions about bourgeois democracy and help bring about a greater awakening of the American people. It will help them see more clearly that only by using revolutionary violence against counter-revolutionary violence can genuine emancipation be achieved. Fascist dictatorship, far from destroying the revolutionary movement of the American people, will only create powerful grave-diggers of U. S. imperialism. Fascism did not save Hitler from destruction. Neither can it save U. S. imperialism from its final doom!

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