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February 17, 1969. Page 17


Eliel Paul Mwaluko, Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania to China, gave a reception to Peking on January 11, to mark the fifth anniversary of the Zanzibar Revolution.

Present on the occasion were Kuo Mo-jo, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and leading members of the government department concerned, and of the Peking Municipal Revolutionary Committee.

In his speech at the reception, Ambassador Mwaluko described the significance of the Zanzibar people's armed revolution and their achievements in construction after the victory of the revolution. The Ambassador warmly greeted the success of China's new hydrogen bomb test. He said: "This great victory is a fruitful result of the great proletarian cultural revolution being carried out under the wise leadership of Chairman Mao. We rejoice over China's victories and achievements just as if they are our own ."

Speaking of China's aid to his country, the Ambassador said: "The sincere aid provided by China to Tanzania has increased our revolutionary courage and confidence. We are very grateful to Chairman Mao and the Chinese Government."

Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Chi Peng-fei, in his speech, paid tribute to the Zanzibar people who bravely took up arms and waged an armed struggle to oppose the reactionary role of imperialism and its running dogs and finally won national independence . He also paid tribute to the Tanzanian people who, under the leadership of President Nyerere, have in the past five years scored one achievement after another in the struggle to safe-guard national independence and in building their country.

Chi Peng-fei added: "The great leader of the Chinese people, Chairman Mao, has pointed out: 'The world revolution has entered a great new era.' We are deeply convinced that in this new year, the people of Tanzania and other countries in Africa will win new victories in their anti-imperialist struggles, and that there will be a new development in the friendly relations between the Chinese and Tanzanian peoples.

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