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July 19, 1969 Page 13.

Boston Purge


As of May 24, 1969 these renegade, cultural nationalist opportunists are

no longer members of the Black Panther Party. The Boston branch of the

Black Panther Party has affirmed anew the discipline of the Party and

has purged these fools from the Party ranks for the reasons stated below


l. Failure to follow the teachings of Minister of Defense, Huey P.


2. For complete disregard for the discipline of the Party.

3. Subjectivism

4. Opportunism against the people.

5. Propagating cultural nationalist madness inside the Party instead of

class struggle.

6. Racism

7. Individualism


The following people have been purged:


l. Chico Neblett, Field Marshall

2. T.D.Pawley, Asst to the Field Marshall

3. Delano Farrar, Area Captain

4. Frank Hughes, Lt. of Information

5. Karen Flippen, Lt. of Finance

6. Kay Glaspy, Communications Secretary

7. Rene Neblett, Lt. of Culture

8, Yazid Nzinga, section leader

9. Mike Claytor, subsection leader.

10. Paula Firmin

11. Les Wood

12. Monica Millet

13. Mike Grattan

14. Roger Freeman

15. Bernadette Mount

16. Pamela Hayes

17. Maurice Kalhman


In May of this year a bunch of cultural nationalist fools lead by Chico

Neblett attempted to undermine the people's revolution. These

pea-brained counter-revolutionaries tried to go against the teachings of

the Minister of Defense and take over the Boston Branch of the Black

Panther Party. They failed in their attempt and were purged from the

party. Chico joined the party with the other bootlicker Stokely

Carmichael, ever since that time he has been steadily robbing the

people. His 1969 Corvett, his fur coat, and his expensive camera

equipment can prove that Chico was going around talking about some

madness he called Pan-Africanism. All it really was, though, was a bunch

of bullshit to hide the robbing of the people he has been doing. By

going against the teachings of Huey P. Newton, Chico has said "fuck the

people, fuck the Party, and the complete and total liberation of blacks

here in fascist America."




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