Source: "Imperialism, Economics and Heart Transplants," The Black Panther , 5 October 1968.

Transcribed February 10, 2005


October 5, 1968

Imperialism, Economics and Heart Transplants

by Landon Williams

Plainly put, imperialism is a system who 's [se] main concern is the profit. Without something or someone to exploit, imperialism would soon die and perish into dust. These are true facts independent of man's arguments. The first regard of imperialist [s] is always with getting the most profits and most usefulness out of everything. Oil is one example of what that means and the use of the hog is another. Oil is used for many purposes other than putting in cars for joyriding. Plastics, some synthetic fabrics, bug spray and even imitation flavorings for ice cream are made from oils. On the hog everything is used in some way, the guts, the brain, the tongue, and even the vital organs. Imperialism [ 1 ] makes the most economic use of all its materials and wastes nothing.

Some of the things Black revolutionaries have used to try and wake up some of our dreaming brothers and breakdown the myth of Black people ever being assimilated into America's imperialist system, has been the fact that Black people everyday are becoming less of an asset and more and more of a deficit here in racist America and the fact that racist U.S. imperialism in Viet Nam, when faced with losing its profits, has falsely thought it more economical to try to destroy people of color than to risk profits with them around. Some of our brothers and sisters however refuse to believe these facts and [refuse to] recognize the real danger that this situation presents to Black people. Some even go so far as to spout forth such insane things as "America can't do without the Black man, she needs us." By this, I take it that they mean it would be uneconomical for America to get rid of the Black man because to think of America needing us in anyway other than dollars and cents or profit motives would be unrealistic and completely opposite to the true nature of American imperialism.

After observing the latest medical developments and most recently what took place last week I hate to admit it but they may be right. It may be a decadent America's interests to keep the Black man around. A white "doctor" from racist Nazi [-] like South Africa seems to have found a very economical and profitable answer to the problem of what to do with Black people. Last week Sept 8-14, Dr. Christian Bernard succeeded once again in making medical history and doing another barbaric act remini ci [sc] ent of Hitler's mad doctors. His feat was shockingly ghastly and showed the true savage nature of racist imperialism. Dr. Christian Bernard ripped the life giving heart from the breast of a pregnant Black woman and transplanted it into the cancer infested chest of a racist white pig. The details weren't fully released though the regular newspapers and only one radio station carried a partial report of the story. Dr. Bernard was being very economical [;] indeed he succeeded in killing three birds with one stone. That is he one: aided in the genocide racist imperialism is waging against people of color by murdering a fertile young Black woman, two, he eliminated the future threat that the yet to be born black child might have presented to racist imperialism by dealing with the child in typical cowardly racist manner and snuffing the life out of the unborn Black child in its mother's womb, and thirdly, he extended the life of a decaying white pig in Nazi South Africa.

Black people everywhere in the world and especially here in cancerous decaying America, must begin to pay closer attention to what's being done, all around us, in white chirstian [christian] countries, in the name of "medical science" and "humanity". Black people must begin to analyze what's happening everywhere around us. When we realize that the only logic imperialism follows is the logic of profit and loss, then perhaps the reasons why so many white "christian" Americans, after 100 years, are suddenly so against black seperation will become much clearer. Perhaps it is not that they believe so much in intergration, as they insist, or equality but rather that they, like Dr. Christian Bernard see the usefulness of keeping Black people handy as a ready supply of spare parts. Anyway with the rate that heart disease and lung cancer deaths are increasing and with the enormous profits to be made from cancer ridden pigs, who wish to extend their lives, it would beho [o] ve each of us, when we feel ourselves being watched by the pigs, if we think not only of the immediate and obvious threat to our lives that they constitute armed with their guns and tanks, but also think of the su [b] tler but far more gruesome threat of Tule Lake [ 2 ] , the Stanford Medical Center [ 3 ] and Heart-transplants.

Transcriber's comment (February 10, 2005): I don't claim to have studied the present situation relating to the internal semi-colonies and organ transplants in detail, but it appears that Blacks do have a net outflow of several types of transplant organs, including heart-lung (, based on different sources.(4) So, Landon Williams' prediction came true at least empirically speaking. Whether systematic organ-harvesting of the u.$. internal semi-colonies exists is another question, in need of investigation.

The overall net transfer of transplant organs from whites to Blacks is due mainly to cadaveric (dead bodies) kidney transplants, and even this net transfer of kidneys from whites to Blacks is not high enough compared with what would happen if there were random matching.

Blacks are more than three times as likely as whites to develop end-stage renal disease and make up 40% of patients with end-stage renal disease. By contrast, blacks make up about 12% of the general population and about 15% of potential cadaveric renal donors. If the cadaveric transplant system randomly matched potential donors and recipients, one would expect 15% of donors to be black and 40% of recipients to be black, resulting in a 25% net transfer from whites to blacks [higher than the 18% net transfer that the author observed]. (Sehgal 2004, 673)

There was a net transfer of non-kidney organs from lower-income persyns to higher-income persyns (ZIP code per capita income), and for all types of transplant organs, there was a net transfer from younger to older persyns.

mim3 comments February 17 2005: The BPP comrade should have said capitalism is always looking for a way to make a profit out of everything. That's not the same thing as being "useful," except as useful to bottom lines. An example would be how capitalism wastes resources in excessive capitalist competition. If recycling does not make anyone a profit, then recycling does not happen under capitalist logic. That's not "most usefulness" from any perspective.


1. Decadent consumption and the anarchy of production aside.

2. Infamous Japanese internment camp in Kalifornia.

3. On January 6, 1968, Dr. Norman Shumway performed the first u.$. heart transplant at Stanford University Hospital. On December 3, 1967, Dr. Christian Barnard performed the first humyn heart transplant ever.


Ashwini R. Sehgal, "The net transfer of transplant organs across race, sex, age, and income," American Journal of Medicine 117, no. 9 (2004): 670-675.

Also see:

Kevin Aldridge, "Blacks donate organs less often," Cincinnati Enquirer , March 2, 2003, (accessed February 10, 2005).

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