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January 25, 1969. Page 17.



The governing body of the Black Panther Party, which is our Central Committee, has decided that in order to preserve democratic centralism and to destroy ultra-democracy within our ranks, that it is of absolute necessity to understand the decadence of ultra-democracy. First, it must be crystal clear that ultra-democracy damages the party organization and seeks to undermine the Party. We must also point out that the petty bourgeoisie's individualistic aversion to discipline is directly related.

They are not only practicing ultra-democracy, but they are opportunistic, and these individuals are not only opportunistic or counter-revolutionaries, but individuals who are renegades, jacknapes, and factionalizers who, with their obvious stupidity, try to divide our people by their very action.

It is necessary for the Black Panther Party to expose those fools that go against the Party's rules. They exhibit without doubt that their personal opportunistic gain is worth more than the liberation of black people.

It is necessary for the Black Panther Party, which is a People's Party, to purge members within the Party to rid ourselves of opportunism, the petty-bourgeoisie desires. You see, we believe in the teachings of our leader; the Minister of Defense, Huey P. Newton of the Black Panther Party, when he says, "Have faith in the party and have faith in the people." If the masses are going to have faith in the party, it's necessary and an absolute principle that we are very sincere and honest with the people, because it is necessary to restore the much needed trust and dedication which has been lacking for hundreds of years. If we, as the vanguard, failed to criticize and denounce buffoons, and simpletons, then we will be put into a position of hypocrisy. In actuality, we would be the fools for allowing it to exist without moving to remove those who aspire to opportunism, filthy reprobates.

Purging is a process which must be used, as "defined," as a cleansing process. In view of what has happened in the past, it was very clear that it was necessary to purge those who by their very overt actions try to destroy the Party and the Party's image.

One of our objectives is to build and to unite black people and to lift their level of consciousness.

In conclusion, we say that all those who aspire to opportunism are directly related to the repudiation of the dictatorship of the proletariat, which simply means "Power by the People." It is an unmistakable sign of treason in the highest form, betrayal of black people.

All Power To the People.
Black Power to Black People.

[ MIM Comments: MIM liked this article except for the slogans at the end. The proletariat is not all people.]

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