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March 31, 1969 Page 11.


To maintain their nuclear hegemony and carry out nuclear blackmail against other countries so as to push their counter-revolutionary "global strategy," U. S. imperialism and Soviet revisionism have for years tried to make a deal over the so-called "nuclear non-proliferation" question. They have become more eager than before to reach an earlier agreement on this question since China successfully conducted a number of nuclear tests which have struck terror into their hearts. They cooked up a so-called "treaty on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons" at the beginning of 1968 after compromises and concessions were made by the Soviet revisionists, and manipulated the U. N. General Assembly into adopting it last June. Under this treaty, not only can the U. S. imperialists and the Soviet revisionists produce and stockpile nuclear weapons and expand their nuclear bases, they make no commitments whatsoever not to use nuclear weapons against the non-nuclear states. The non-nuclear states, however, are totally deprived of their right to develop nuclear weapons for self-defense and are even restricted in the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes. To put it bluntly, the treaty is something imposed on the non-nuclear states to bind them hand and foot. The Soviet revisionists also joined with the U. S. imperialists in manipulating the U. N. Security Council into adopting a so-called "nuclear protection" plan, scheming to turn the non-nuclear states into their "protectorates" so as to control and subjugate them at will.

Scared out of their wits by the remarkable progress of socialist China in the development of guided missiles and nuclear weapons, Soviet revisionism and U. S. imperialism have in the past few years intensified their collusion against China on the nuclear question. In fact, the Soviet revisionists have formed a nuclear military alliance with the U. S. imperialists against China.

At present, further deals are in the brew between Soviet revisionism and U. S. imperialism on the so-called question of "limiting the anti-ballistic missile race." Not long ago, the Soviet revisionists deliberately chose the day of Nixon's inauguration to issue a "statement of the Soviet Union on the policy of the disarmament question," brazenly praising the counter-revolutionary deals between the Soviet Union and the Unites States on the question of nuclear weapons and expressing the hope of the Soviet revisionists to reach further agreement with U. S. imperialism on the "curbing of the strategic arms race." The U. S. imperialist boss Nixon openly expressed his appreciation of this. Many heinous moves of the Soviet revisionist renegade clique made in collusion with U. S. imperialism under the cloak of "nuclear disarmament" constitute an additional grave crime in betraying the interests of the people the world over and in allying with U. S. imperialism to oppose China.

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