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March 31, 1969 Page 15.



To push the social-imperialist policy of expansion in the Middle East,

stamp out the raging flames of the people's revolutionary struggle there

and enslave the Arab people, the Soviet revisionist renegade clique has

long been colluding and at the same time contending with U. S.

Imperialism in this area. It takes counter-revolutionary "joint actions"

with the U. S. Imperialists to suppress the Arab people, acting as the

biggest accomplice of U. S. Imperialism.


The large-scale U.S.-Israeli war of aggression against the Arab

countries in 1967 was launched with the tacit consent and connivance of

the Soviet revisionists. Brazenly playing the Counter-revolutionary dual

tactics, the Soviet renegades while verbally rendering support to the

Arab people's "actions against aggression" actually collaborated

closely with U. S, Imperialism. They worked zealously hand in glove with

the U.S. Imperialists--from diplomatic activities to political

collaboration, from behind-the-scenes "dealings" to open "alliance"

from the exchanges of secret envoys to the dialogue through the "hot

line", etc. Together with U. S. Imperialism they manipulated the United

Nations into forcing the Arab countries to "cease fire" under the

situation that large areas of the Arab territory were occupied by

Israel. The Soviet revisionist chieftain Kosygin even went to Glassboro

personally o give advice to the them U. S. Imperialist boss Johnson and

to devise secretly with him sinister plots for suppressing the

revolutionary struggle of the Arab people.


Since a secret agreement was reached in Glassboro, U.S. Imperialism and

Soviet revisionism have stepped up, in a big fanfare, their efforts to

cook up a big fraud on the "political settlement" of the Middle East

question. Under the manipulation, the U.C. Security Council adopted a

"resolution" on "solving" the Middle East question which was followed by

a "seven -point program" put forward by U. S. Imperialism and a

"five-point plan" by Soviet Revisionism. Although these "plan" and

program" are different in forms, they are common in their

counter-revolutionary character. All of them are aimed at peddling the

"political settlement" fraud in a vain attempt to completely strangle

the cause for liberation of Palestine; to stamp out the armed struggle

of the Palestine people, to force the Arab countries to capitulate to

the U.S.-Israeli aggressors, to establish joint U.S.-Soviet domination

over the Middle East and to enslave the Arab people.


Around the time of Nixon's inauguration, the Soviet Revisionists were

carrying out more energetically their sinister activities on the Middle

East question. Meanwhile, the Nixon administration which has landed

itself in an impasse is trying to "calm down" the "explosive" Middle

East situation by striking a "package deal" on all-round collusion with

the Soviet Revisionists. A "four power conference" for suppressing the

Arab people's struggle is now being vigorously planned by the United

States and the Soviet Union. As revealed by Nixon at a press conference

several days ago, the Soviet Revisionists have already made a dirty deal

with U.S. Imperialism on the Middle East question behind the back of the

Arab people.

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