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Help build a united front to defeat imperialism's plans in Iran!

by Comrade Oz, October 28, 2006

*See neo-conservative and long-time "RCP" ally Phyllis Chesler speak for a "third force" on Islam questions

Comrades at MIM you have run a good and timely battle on the Iran question sorting out the sheep from the Afakean goats in Maoism internationally by exposing the ("Revolutionary Internationalist Movement" that stole MIM's original name) RIM sham Comintern and some criminal Iranian CIA agents. This is of great importance to the Iranians that this struggle was waged prior to the planned attack by imperialism on Iran before these CIA agents were able to do much damage to the Iranian people if they are forced to fight a war of national resistance to preserve their independence.

[Web Minister adds: November 7 is a kind of deadline. If desperate enough around November 4 or 5, it is even conceivable Bush would launch hostilities with Iran or another country to boost his public approval ratings and chances in elections. If not, as of 10 days before elections, it looks like he may lose badly enough that he may have to junk his foreign policy and give the Democrats a chance to reduce exposure of U.$. imperialism. In that case, MIM is not going to look kindly on new-found friends if Bush's Iran plans go out the window. Our real friends are fighting Bush's Iran plans right now, and not sitting on their hands hoping that Bush gives them permission to act like they supported the MIM line all along. Likewise, if intensification of U.$. war on Iran occurs, the people sitting on the sidelines in this one will have themselves to blame.]

There is no future for Third World peoples with the RIM/TrotskyCIA fake Maoist line. The central core of the struggle to expose RIM was the original statements by the "Communist Party of Iran(Maoist)"(CPI)(fake Maoist) and the continuing shameful support by for those statements given by RIM and even some Third World parties supporting the RIM.

In "Iran's Maoists make plans in the shadow of war," these fake Maoists openly stated that in the face of a likely imperialist invasion or attack,( and even nuclear attacks are being openly threatened on Iran by u$ imperialism) the Communist party of Iran (fake Maoist) would support and fight for U$ imperialism welcomed as nuclear wielding liberators.

This was the whole purpose of their statement.

And these are Maoists? These are communists?

The rest of the statement is simply ideological justifications for that white role, and the propagation of a fake Maoist supposedly new theory of people's war. A Trotskyite "third pole" theory to oppose the development of a united front of the people against imperialism.

People's War can be successfully waged against imperialism, but there is no substitute for real Maoist theories and strategies of Peoples War creatively applied to the concrete conditions of each country according to the actual class conditions.

Fake Peoples War of the RIM and its " third pole" fraternal Iranian collaborators with imperialism is an obvious creation of the CIA war gamers and Trotskyites to sabotage Maoist Peoples War.

These "third pole CIA " fake "Maoists" have no use for Mao's military theories and practice on Peoples War against imperialism.

Why do they even bother to call themselves Maoists?

Trotskyite pro-imperialism in partnership with the CIA is their only role. At first, early in their statement the CPI(fake Maoist) attempt to spread pessimism, to demoralise the people on behalf of the Yanks. This was an invitation and a plea to the yank imperialists for war, an assurance to the yanks that they would not fight alone and that Iranian resistance would be slight. As well as a promise by the collaborators that they were organising fifth column support amongst the Iranian people. A Quisling government could be formed.

Their statement claims the people in the cities would remain "indifferent", and not defend the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) in relation to a war between a war "between the IRI and the U$."

So, in their statement Iran is equated with the IRI, ready for simple, so perhaps easy, unopposed regime change--something ordinary "indifferent" Iranians should not be concerned about as it would only remove reactionaries--a seemingly good thing.

The "Revolutionary Communist Party USA" ("RCP") encourages and spreads these lies and slanders on the Iranian people, spreads this view amongst the progressive left in amerika and internationally in the RIM. So as to build support for U.$. imperialist war and interference in Iran--that it would be an easy war and regime change no problem.

The Iranian people in fact are a people who have a long proud record of standing up to imperialism and imperialist puppets. But later in their statement, the lackeys recognise that there may indeed be people who would actually want to fight imperialist attacks on the Iranian people. So, the CPI(fake maoist) warns that should the people resist and be led in that task by "reactionary" anti-imperialists they should plan ahead to indulge in a bit of Trotskyite "interventionism" and fight it out with them, thereby opening a second front for U.$. imperialism within the anti-imperialist forces. The second imperialist front, labelled " Maoist " third pole.

Should we fantasize about anarchists in the Spanish Civil War? No, because the anarchists at least aimed their guns at the fascists.

In Iran, the RIM people are more realistically described as imperialist collaborators, a fifth column within Iran, entering into a criminal conspiracy with the CIA for a war of aggression against the people of Iran. A strange thing !

The CPI (fake Maoist) uses their statement, reprinted and circulated by the "RCP" for mouthing on with revolutionary sloganeering about a third pole and flaunt their aim to divide the people by getting the people to fight on two fronts at once, against the reactionaries and against the imperialists.

On the surface, it may seem like a good revolutionary role. But, the CPI(fake Maoist) is very clear in stating its sinister real purpose it is actually intending to fight for the CIA on just one pro -imperialist front in an actual, perhaps even nuclear war of aggression against Iran.

Perhaps they intend to build a defensive fort for U.$. imperialism within Iran out of the bodies of Iranian children and women killed in such shock and awe attacks as used by imperialism in Iraq or even "strategic" nuclear attacks. Stating ,and this is the crux of it:

"... peoples struggle should be focused on the MAIN [my emphasis] enemy, the IRI, as long as the IRI is in power... . [that is long as reactionaries in the IRI resist imperialism?] .....there cannot be any talk of aiming the struggle against the US equally."
So, when it comes down to the crunch the earlier seemingly "revolutionary" third pole talk of "forming an anti imperialist and anti reactionary pole" to oppose both reactionaries and imperialism, is just bulldust.

Now, for those of us outside of amerika unfamiliar with the Maoist groups and parties in amerika one would think that after an organisation, MIM pointed to such a sinister pro-imperialist statement being supported by another Maoist organisation one would expect a little self criticism and a retraction after being so easily being caught out by such an obvious CIA ploy.

But another strange thing occurred. The organisation concerned "RCP" did not retract or self-criticise its "mistake." On the contrary it used its influence internationally to close RIM ranks, to attack MIM and to build more support for the pro-imperialist Iranian collaborators in U.$. imperialist war, now firmly nestled in RIM, thus making it clear that this support for U.$. imperialism in a war of aggression against a Third World people was not some mistake but the ongoing platform of "RCP" itself as well as the CIA.

It still flaunts this stand and support for the CPI(fake Maoist) on its website today. No amount of future revolutionary sloganeering in the future can hide those facts.

The only conclusion that one can reasonably make from this is that the CPI (fake Maoist) is important for U.$. military war planning. Why else would it risk continuing exposure of the "RCP" as fake Maoist obvious supporters of CIA agents and its intended Iranian fifth column role.

These "Maoists" bypass Mao on Peoples War and the united front and want to re-inject Trotskyite world war one vacillations and revisionist social democracy into the communist movement as revolutionary tactics in war. Above all they oppose as good Trotskyites the concept of the united front of the people for Peoples War against imperialism.

As Maoists they hesitate fearing to expose themselves openly by attacking such a central concept of real Maoist Peoples War against imperialism, as maintaining independence and inititive within a united front against imperialism and never surrendering the arms of the people. So they hit upon the bright idea of advancing beyond Lenin! To "complete" Lenin on revolutionary defeatism. That is by replacing Leninism with modern Trotskyism.

And the second-to-last paragraph of the statement is not just crypto-trot but pure anti-Leninist, Trotskyism. The lessons of open lying Trotskyism are clear in this paragraph.

This brazen attack on Lenin was no doubt creatively "completed" by Afakean chief ideologist for RIM. Ideologist of Trotskyism for the age of the superpower, for the use of the superpower. There is "A World to Win" for imperialism, starting with Afghanistan, Iraq and then Iran.

But they have go back to world war one to re-write Leninism in order to find a justification for their criminal anti -people treachery, they have to "complete Lenin" so that Lenin can appear or become a true Trotskyite "internationalist" fighting FOR imperialism. Again, why do they bother with Mao then. Many Trotskyite periodicals in the united $tates will also claim to be "Leninist," complete with picture of Lenin.

As the Trots often do, the RIM asserts a claim to rise "above" national struggle. Like good proletarian internationalists, nation disappears, by harping on "from an internationalist point of view."

Communist theory, on the national question and the rights of nations to self determination as developed by Lenin and Stalin can be swept under an internationalist permanent revolution blanket. In general Trotskyites attempt to bury the national question, and deny its importance in an anarchistic like pure internationalism, so it is full steam ahead for the super-internationalist worldwide, permanent revolution, without any nasty "un-proletarian" unnecessary complication of nations.

They want to "complete" Lenin by re-fighting the battles he fought and won against Trotsky. This is typical Trotskyism, claiming to be Leninists so as to oppose Leninism.

But they choose a Leninist battlefield. For "Marxist-Leninists" the positions were long since clarified by Lenin during the First World War and during and after the Russian Revolution. Attempting to smuggle Trotskyite positions back into the communist movement by "completing" Lenin on revolutionary defeatism will not fool anyone a bit familiar with the actual struggles waged against imperialism by Lenin and the Bolsheviks at that time.

But here Lenin's stand of workers fighting against and for the defeat of "their" own imperialists and their ruling classes is twisted and turned into fighting for the defeat of an exploited nation. "Revolutionary defeat of their nation" by imperialism is equated with "their own ruling class" for the benefit of imperialism, fighting on the side of the imperialists. That the victims of aggression should fight for the aggressors so imperialism can enslave them. Revolutionary defeatism indeed! Clearly this is just Trotskyite nonsense.

Now in order to defeat his own IMPERIALIST ruling class the Tsarist regime, Lenin was even prepared to accept German imperialist aid (that famous train)so that he could take advantage of the contradictions between imperialism to fight for that, the revolutionary defeat for his own country's imperialism. That is NOT the same as aid to fight for German imperialism "liberating" the Russians and other peoples in the east. It was the task of the German communists and workers internationally to oppose their own imperialism, defeat "their" own ruling class AND support the liberation of the colonial peoples from the imperialist yoke. AND Note well Trotskyites, that has nothing to do with supporting criminal plans to aid imperialism in attacking and re-enslaving the Third World peoples in a new colonialist regime. That is a real "uncompleted" Leninist "internationalist point of view."

Anyway this whole biz goes back to the "Zimmerwald Manifesto," the struggle against imperialist war. Trotsky's vacillating opportunist conciliating role, "united states of Europe" sloganeering, Kautsky siding with imperialists during the First World War. (Trotsky of course vacillating and posturing as a "left" in the middle position in all this at this time in order to conciliate and aid the right.)

Most important is the lesson drawn by Lenin in that period on the role of the labour aristocracy in splitting the international socialist movement at that time as Lenin said occurred. The labour aristocracy again plays the same role today, through the "RCP" manipulated "RIM" organising the split away from Maoism in the service of imperialism at this time.

On the one side the Leninist anti- imperialists opposing the labour aristocracy supporters of imperialism , on the other the fake socialists, same as in World War I.

And in the situation today real Maoists are on one side and opportunist, openly Trot line anti-Leninist splitters are on the other. Lenin as Mao later always and everywhere supported the rights of peoples and nations to fight imperialist aggression even in united fronts with their own ruling class if necessary as it often is.

Good old Trotsky at Brest-Livosk and his plans for riding into the socialist Ukraine on Nazi liberator tanks--"Principled "revolutionary" Trotskyite defeatism at its finest, defeat the proletarian gains for "internationalist" posturing.

Heroic "proletarian world revolutionary" grandstanding is using the newly completed "Leninist" cover of fighting one's own ruling class in the service of imperialism. They resurrect the old master's military strategy for revolution. "RCP" and its local agents hope to move to Tehran on the back of Anti-clerico-fascist, democracy delivering Yank tanks. With flower throwing heroic statue toppling CIA agents to welcome them as a puppet government.

Afakean stop smoking that stuff!

It being no accident that the supporters of the labour aristocracy in the Maoist movement the "RCP" are the force leading the pro-imperialists. The "RCP" will clearly be supporting THEIR own imperialists to "liberate" Iran from the local ruling class. Fighting in international solidarity with Iranian CPI CIA agents for anti-fascist democracy as their cover. The "RCP"-run RIM by its continuing support for the CPI(fake Maoist) with its pro-imperialist anti-Maoist liberation at the point of us imperialism's bayonets, its support for the fake "peoples war" anti- united front sell out to imperialism, because of their lack of faith in the Iranian people's potential strength. In fact they have become Trotskyite in theory and practice this leads them to supporting in a Trotskyite manner those allied with imperialism in a war against the Iranian people and supporting the anti-Maoist military strategies of the CPI (fake maoist) The RCP has now been forced by the MIM led campaign to expose themselves as objectively open trots. Pro American imperialist anti-Leninist, fake Maoists sabotaging the development of real anti-imperialist peoples war . They are no longer able to hide their nature or, be seen as just crypto- trots, but Trotskyite labour aristocracy splitters in the world socialist movement and openly in the service of the CIA.

RIM has the same line as the ex-Maoists at lastsuperpower . com It's hard to work that Neo-con supporting mob out: Is this website simply an Au$tralian CIA franchise or a right wing BRANCH OFFICE OF RIM ?

In any case, it is sharing a variant of the same neo-con /CIA line, internationalist progress and democracy to be delivered by U.S. imperialism in the fight against "clerico- fascism" in Iran and Baathist fascism in Iraq. A Right version of the RIM/CIA left Internationalist line: People of the world unite to support U.$. imperialism in its war against "fascism" so as to install real fascism and modern colonialist regime changes. Do not defend or fight for national independence. Be good "internationalists" forget nation or nationalist ideas of struggling for independence and throw the welcome mat out to the U.$. imperialist "anti-fascist " liberators of humanity.

Even while in the short term this open pro -imperialism of elements organised in the RIM is most harmful to the interests of the world proletariat and the struggles of people for national independence it has had its beneficial aspects too.

The unintended result is for its CIA controllers of allowing many people to see more clearly out in the open that the "RCP" manipulating "RIM" is simply Trotskyite, fake Maoists, but real allies of u$ imperialism.

Trotskyite pro- imperialist "liberation" permanent revolution and "interventionist" dreaming or adventurism and pro -imperialist coups are no substitute for people's revolution or Peoples War.

The fact is that "wishes aren't dishes." Revolution in Iran will not occur in Iran because the world's proletarian camp wishes it.

The fake party supported by RIM in Iran, the so-called CPI(M) is aiming on the one hand to support the CIA in the fight against the government within Iran should war develop. The basis of such support would not be ordinary people but could only be a comprador /capitalist element hoping for a spot at the table in the imperialist feast in Iran, perhaps as a director in a privatised and looted oil industry.

On the other hand, the fake Maoist party is exaggerating the strength of the revolutionaries in order to encourage them to fight "reactionaries" in the government who have a great deal of real popular support in Iran. They are seen as Iranian patriots.

In this way they aim to weaken or destroy the progressive more secular revolutionary elements by encouraging a fight by them against patriotic elements of the national bourgeois and not against imperialism, thereby creating an easier to manage situation with a weakened proletarian camp for the puppets the U.$. imperialists intend to install in Iran.

Yet, the president of Iran takes a consistently anti -imperialist stand. And it is not likely that the armed forces he commands would remain "indifferent" in the face of imperialist aggression. For example check the IRI's support for the Lebanese people in their fight against U.$.-instigated I$raeli aggression. A war against his government by the proletariat while at the same time the government was fighting imperialism would only force these more progressive nationalists into the hands of the more reactionary clerical-feudal elements.

But, of course the real world is a different place than that of their revolutionary theorising and CIA war propaganda. One only needs to look to Iraq to see how this kind of war for regime change can pan out in the face of patriotic resistance.

Even conservatives estimate the death toll from imperialist aggression and oppression as more than 600,OOO dead Iraqis to date as the U.$. forces seek out and murder the resistance by using paid death squads organised from within and by their puppet government. The imperialists seek to hide their own role claiming it is simply inter-communal violence.

Trotskyites, even some who are genuine people honestly seeking change for the world's people but misled by Trotskyite sloganeering, just do not know how to do Marxist class analysis. Their "Marxist" sociology everywhere simply runs to two opposed classes as if everybody lived in an industrialised West waiting for the world revolution to break out. This would be sure to happen if only the Trotskyists could manoeuvre themselves into great man positions of leadership, break free from bourgeois politics and stop the dreaded Stalinists sabotaging their revolutionary idealism. They have a one size fits all view of the world, where all struggle leads inevitably to permanent world revolution.

The peasantry is seen by them , in the Third World countries like Iran, as something inert to be manipulated by the proletariat should a coup eventuate.

All of the sectors of the bourgeoisie and feudal elements are lumped in one undifferentiated unchanging reactionary mass--(usually called fascist), in the Iran case "clerico-fascist." In this Trotskyite way, there can never be any unity formed with the national bourgeoisie in opposing imperialism.

Thus they cannot take advantage of actual real world contradictions of class and nation in their strategy and tactics. Any kind of a united front is opposed on revolutionary principle. So its one size fits all. There is no step by step development, just simply revolutionary sloganeering for simplistic theories of class, while the petty bourgeois, the labour aristocracy are generaly painted in proletarian colours as if they were all exploited wageworkers having the same interests and needs as the proletariat.

So that a white worker in Amerika or an Australian mineworker with wages bloated in value by surplus-value transferred from the Third World by the economic system and earning perhaps fifty times the value of a Third World worker is said to be exploited even though that "wage worker" may in fact deliver up no surplus value to capitalism.

Meanwhile a low waged productive professional Third World person with an income less than one twentieth of the wages of a First World "worker" but delivering surplus value to capital, may be classed as a petty bourgeois and the workers told that no unity against imperialism can be made in a united front with such a person of such a class.

Therefore Trotskyites and Trotskyite military strategies can never organise a successful Peoples War by taking advantage of the contradictions between the real actual classes, or the contradictions within the national bourgeoisie, with feudalism and imperialism, or even the contradictions between imperialisms.

They have therefore never yet organised a successful revolution or Peoples War anywhere in the world. This simplistic "revolutionary" anti- Marxist idealist world view is easily manipulated by the CIA.

The "RCP" and its Iranian sub-agents that RIM it is putting forward to the CIA as suitable allies and candidates for puppet office in Iran are objectively CIA agents with a planned role similar to the "anti-fundamentalist" Karzai, the trained CIA agent installed by imperialist war in Afghanistan.

Or, perhaps they seek a role like the revisionist "Communist Party" of Iraq enjoying a place at the table if the imperialists set up a puppet government as it did in Iraq--useful if imperialism wants to cultivate a progressive image.

In this war preparation process, "RCP" has been simply exposing itself as openly pro-imperialists of a Trotskyist type, organisers serving imperialist military and political needs. This exposure of the RCP role in RIM is of importance to Third World peoples, not just for its exposure of the role of the "left" Amerikan labour aristocracy organised as the RCP/CIA in organising this planned attack on a Third World people. But because the RCP have been active as agents of the CIA in a number of Third World countries at present and in the past , and they have still till now managed to retain a "Maoist" image even after carrying out its role in helping The CIA to disarm the people of Peru ideologically and militarily.

Ideological questions can sometimes be complex, and deliberately made even more complicated by diversionary disruptions and sabotage by Trotskyite labelling of themselves as Leninists and Maoists. This makes it difficult for the less experienced to differentiate between sloganeering fake Maoists and real Maoists.

But in this case the stand of "RCP" and the organisations in the "RIM" it has succeeded in manipulated away from anti-imperialism is crystal clear for all to see.

The facts as described here can easily be verified on the "RIM" website in the statements of the CPI(fake Maoist)and by the continuing support for those statements by the "RCP" as a service it provides to the CIA.

The "RCP" stands four square behind nuclear armed and threatening U$ imperialism in its planned war against a Third World people in Iran. It calls on Iranians to fight any resistance to U.$. imperialist aggressive war.

It organises and supports a CIA serving Fifth column to attack people daring to organise armed resistance against that imperialist aggression. This is are not only fake Maoism organised by the RCP/CIA but in international law supporting and collaborating in such wars of aggression constitutes a war crime.

The Afakean leadership of the RCP are in fact clearly criminals fronting for the CIA.

Observing the practice of those claiming to be Maoists and being good at analysing things is most important. An organisation that claims to be anti-imperialist in theory but in its practice supports U.$. imperialist war, is anti-Maoist.

MIM is guided by its cardinal principles of Maoism and so its practice is the opposite of the "RCP."

Third World peoples should take note, that a "Comintern" run by, or "led on the internet" or by an organisation based in a country with a large labour aristocracy, in a petty bourgeois environment with individualistic notions of personal freedom and socialism, a greater concern with fighting "reaction" than with fighting imperialism, is bound to have a corrupting influence on the proletariat in the Third World whose initial needs are to develop anti-imperialist struggles while keeping independence and initiative in their own hands as a first step forward, especially when the leading, central rich country organisation like in the case of the the "RCP" is intent on disguising the extent of the petty bourgeois labour aristocracy, portraying amerika as 90% potentially revolutionary and having common working class needs with the world proletariat now mostly existing in the Third World.

The Third World countries peoples need to make their own class analysis based on their actual conditions of life and the actual imperialist exploitation not by importing imposed Western individualist concepts of class.

During imperialist invasions, unity of all the exploited working people and all who will unite and fight against imperialism is the way forward, not division along "class" lines, when what is counted as a petty bourgeois "enemy" by Trotskyites in say Africa is an exploited working person earning say, one twentieth the wage of a labour aristocrat "worker" in the West.

That African petty bourgeois has a material interest in anti-imperialism, because the whole economy of his country is subjugated, and his wage or income too is depressed by the system to Third World imperialist-imposed wage levels, in uniting and fighting imperialist exploitation. The well-off, overpaid and bribed imperialist country labour aristocrat does not. One is exploited by the imperialists' international economic system. The other is not. There is no shared common economic class interest in fighting against imperialist exploitation even though one may be classed as a "worker" and the other a petty bourgeois.