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Maoist Internationalist Movement

Iran two years from nuclear weapon at soonest

November 6 2007

I$rael reports that the end of 2009 is the soonest Iran would have a nuclear weapon:

"Maj. Gen. Yossi Baidatz, head of research for military intelligence, warned parliament's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Iran was getting steadily closer to developing a weapon.

"If nothing stops Iran, the worst-case scenario is that by the end of 2009, Iran will have a nuclear weapon." (1)

The Russian media reported that an attack on Iran would be considered an attack on Russia.(2) Putin indicated in his diplomacy with Iran he believed Iran is "not afraid."(3) Iran itself has also said that it is not afraid of the threats from U.$. imperialism.(4)

Because of war vacillation caused by the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, 68% of the U.$. public opposes a war with Iran;(5) however, when details are added to the question, such as "to prevent Iran's obtaining a nuclear weapon," the opinion goes the other way. 52% then supports such a war.(6) Then again, the leading warmonger against Iran, Cheney came up for impeachment discussion today.(7)

Senator McCain has said that the only thing worse than war with Iran is Iran with a nuclear weapon. A shrewd observer has pointed out there is worse yet: one could end up with both the war and Iran with the nuclear weapon. No one has come up with a plan that would prevent Iran from getting a weapon, even if particular facilities could be destroyed.

As long as there is class conflict and some countries are able to exploit others, there will be a market for weapons of mass destruction. Capitalism operates by the law of supply and demand. Where the demand exists, there will be a supply eventually. The people talking about using state power to stop weapons proliferation are "socialists" in Amerikkkan baby talk.

If I$rael is right about Iran's progress on nuclear weapons, then another oppressed country has another achievement under its belt. Iran denies even pursuing nuclear weapons, and Russia has confirmed it has no evidence along those lines. Nonetheless, there was talk of an interesting consortium in the works.

Capitalism gives rise to risk-takers with the will to foment and make war for profit. At the moment, we cannot overthrow them in the united $tates, because of the labor aristocracy, so we do the best that we can within what we have. The long run answer is revolution, hopefully before the kind of war that battle with Iran would mean. The underlying cause of war in exploitation needs to be eliminated to improve species survival prospects.

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"Attack Iran and you attack Russia,"