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Maoist Internationalist Movement

Who are the real lackey politicians in southern Korea?

According to the Kimists in northern Korea, there is a distinction between the Grand National Party (GNP) and other parties in southern Korea, with the GNP the real U.$. lackey party. Lee Myung Bak is the GNP's candidate for president in the December 2007 elections.

"Lee Myung Bak starts competing against the ruling party with 'Disable North Korea's nuclear weapons' and 'New South-North Korea relationship' as the slogans."(1)
There is no doubting that with U.$. nuclear weapons in Korea, for a Korean to put disabling Korean nuclear weapons first is a lackey service to U.$. imperialism. For the 51st imperialist state of the united $tates to demand the disablement of northern Korean nuclear weapons would make sense in an oppressive nationalist way. For Koreans to demand Koreans remove nuclear weapons before Amerikans do is schizoid.

On the other hand, MIM has scrupulously avoided distinguishing among bourgeois parties in southern Korea. The Kimists in northern Korea believe that line is incorrect. They give polite references to Kim Dae Jung and today's president Roh.

"The gentries of the traitorous party openly cried out for the abrogation of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration, describing the significant day of June 15 as a 'day of national humiliation' though it brought hope for independent reunification to the fellow countrymen, and desperately kicked up a row of sanctions against compatriots. As if it were not enough with this, they blustered that they would not rule out even a war.

"They have been dead-set against the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from south Korea, the demand of the times and all the Koreans. They have worked with bloodshot eyes to boost the 'war alliance' with foreign forces, talking nonsense that the 'U.S. forces should remain in south Korea even after Korea is reunified.'

"The GNP zealously supported the north-targeted war exercises of the foreign forces intended to do harm to its compatriots and obliterate the reunification cause of the Korean nation, fully revealing its true colors as a pro-U.S. sycophantic and traitorous party, an anti-reunification party seeking war."(2)

If MIM comes to agree with the Kimists on this point, the GNP can thank Netanyahu and some nuts and loose screws. The proletariat and oppressed nations are the rising and new force on the international scene.

For the Kimist line, we notice that Roh is campaigning for peace with the united $tates, which tends to point out that the united $tates was to blame for the Korean War and surely is to blame for its being ongoing. We have not found any comments from the GNP's Lee about Syria either. So while northern Korea is run by an objectively anti-imperialist bourgeoisie, there may be a case for seeing a patriotic wing of the ruling bourgeoisie in southern Korea too.

We notice that the GNP's policy has changed to "active peacemaking" with northern Korea. Nonetheless, it still tows the u.$. line of putting Korean nukes first as the problem of Korean reunification--instead of u.$. troops and nukes.

Koreans and Korean-unAmerikans need to prepare for a struggle against U.$. lackeys in the event that Netanyahu or Bush decide that Korean reunification needs to go on hold. MIM has scrupulously avoided singling out the GNP for attacks. That can change.