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Maoist Internationalist Movement

I$rael: Butt out of Korea!

On September 6, I$rael bombed something in Syria. It's easy enough: a country does not have to know what it bombed to start rumors. Rumors are spreading that the bombing was about nuclear activities by northern Korea in Syria.

The diplomatic talks on Korea and nukes are called the six party talks, not the seven party talks. I$rael should butt out.

The Quartet--that's I$rael's diplomatic place. 9/11, Iraq, Iran & Saudi princes--that is I$rael's business.

Surely Korean lackeys can appreciate I$rael's A-1 game for dredging up support from Uncle $am. Now it's the alleged Iran threat or the even more remote threat of Syria, which no one believes is running a serious nuclear program. By keeping these threats stoked up in the public imagination, I$rael maintains its status as U.$. aid recipient number one. The Mooney newspaper in DC refers to the president of Iran as the "Persian Hitler."(1) In the strange logic of the Mideast, if Iran were not the Persian Hitler, then the united $tates would have to focus on Sunnis in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Oh well, Amerikans have not figured that out yet, and MIM is not too eager to help them.

As southern Korean lackeys cost Uncle $am in some ways even more money than I$rael does, they can relate to I$rael's game. However, even Korean lackeys have to notice that when southern Korea tries to smooth out relations with the united $tates and northern Korea, the great tail is out of place. The Roh government in southern Korea stepped to the plate when a country of 7 million in the Mideast decided to bomb something in Syria and call it something.

There are only 19,000 people of Korean descent in Florida. There are about 45,000 people of Korean descent in Washington and Virginia each.(2) Electoral politics is futile to begin with, but Korean- unAmerikan attempts at electoral politics are even more futile. Besides that, the I$raeli attack on Syria raised Olmert's poll ratings 10 points,(3) but there is nothing saying that Amerikan Jews would agree with that over the long run. The Jewish people has a high proportion of internationalists that realize the Iraq War is done and that getting in the middle of Korea's reunification struggle is not a good idea.