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Maoist Internationalist Movement

Leveling with U.$. imperialism on Pakistan

September 24 2007

U.$. diplomacy in Pakistan is making big headway. Support for Al Qaeda is down 40 points in many Islamic countries by some measures since 2002.(1) Now Osama Bin Laden's approval rating is a mere 46% in Pakistan and Bush's is 9%.(2) MIM knows what it is like to have a single-digit approval rating in a country. Bush joins "extremists" MIM and Kasparov in Russia, each with their single-digit ratings.

"Part of President Musharraf's deteriorating posture — a recent poll had his approval rating at 34 percent, down by 20 points — could be attributed to his support of the US. The Pew Research Centre found 7 in 10 Pakistanis worried that the US would attack their country, 64 percent said the US was more of a threat than India."(3)
A very similar situation holds in Turkey.
"Nearly two- thirds (64%) of Turkish respondents name the United States—which guarantees Turkish security as a NATO ally and has urged the EU to accept Turkish membership—as the country that poses the 'greatest threat' to Turkey in the future, Pew found. Among the Middle Eastern publics asked the open-ended question by Pew, only in Turkey did a majority name the United States."(4)
The poll results are not necessarily contradictory. The Pakistan mentality may oppose violence generally including Al Qaeda's, but it also might see Uncle $am as worse than Al Qaeda.

Partly as a result of the poll numbers in Pakistan, the united $tates is trying to reshuffle lackeys in Pakistan and bring in formerly disgraced lackeys that now have higher approval ratings. Lackeys Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif have not had to take the heat lately for supporting U.$. policies, because they have been in exile. The united $tates is trying to bring back Bhutto to be Ms. Popularity and Democracy.

The path is not clear for the united $tates, whether to support Musharraf as a military dictator to attack Al Qaeda or whether to resume support for parliamentary democracy with the hopes of undermining Al Qaeda that way. At the moment, Musharraf is steering away from confronting Al Qaeda anymore, after the Red Mosque disaster and Osama Bin Laden's video declaration of war.(5) He will have to placate the Pakistan public, because he knows the Amerikans do not know how. The Chinese phony communists recommended against Musharraf's sacrificing Pakistan's own political stability to placate Amerikans.(6) As of September 24, Musharraf is arresting opposition leaders with the Amerikans whining in the background.(7)

Turkey and Pakistan are ready to flip for revolution as long as the united $tates keeps attacking. Elements in both the Turkish and Pakistan militaries are outright considering the Maoist line. They may shoot at Maoists today and take up Maoism tomorrow.

A game reviewer played World War II over again and found that when Turkey flipped to the Soviet side at the beginning of World War II, the last year of World War II was cut off, because the Soviet alliance was most powerful and no one dared attack after the British alliance did along with Turkey. Soviet economic growth was so great that it clearly outstripped the United $tates. Today, the oppressed nations do not have a Soviet Union on their side as in the day of Lenin and Stalin, so they will have to initiate more struggles in more countries for the decisive collapse of U.$. imperialism.

Fortunately any time the international proletariat needs Uncle $am to overextend itself somewhere, all that is required is a good incident. The U.$. labor aristocracy is reliably fear-mongering and militarist.

In Turkey and Pakistan today, we have a rotten social basis that the u.$. imperialists cannot get their heads around. The U.$. imperialists keep thinking about the Korean War, that if they leave 55,000 troops in Iraq going to prostitutes, shopping malls and discos, Iraq will turn into a U.$.-style dumbocracy. It seems like a matter of military will over a 50 year period to the u.$. imperialists. Iraq has landed a telling blow to that U.$. fantasy about history and as a result, the blows landed by Turkey and Pakistan may not have to be as great to liberate themselves. The ineptitude of U.$. imperialism has shortened its potential life in the Islamic countries.

5. "Pakistan slows pursuit of al-Qaida,"
The U.S. Government issued an official denial once the private media started to spread this idea: Whatever the truth, we understand the typical dynamic of being an anti-people U.$. lackey and trying to stay popular oneself.