Greens split over Kerry in 2004

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Boston, July 24, 2004--An organization calling itself showed up at the Boston Social Forum to hand out literature at a table. Kerry is the Democratic Party nominee for president, but the Green Party has its own nominee David Cobb.

In Massachusetts, the Green Party now calling itself the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts is endorsing the Green ticket of Cobb for President. However, the "Greens for Kerry" are calling on a vote for Kerry in the swing states, 20 states where the election between Bush and Kerry promises to be close.

The history behind that call for a Cobb vote in 30 states and a Kerry vote in 20 states is Ralph Nader's successful campaign in 2000 which swayed enough votes to cost Al Gore the election in New Hampshire and Florida. MIM would add that another part of that history is simply the fact that many Greens in the united $tates are really just Democrats.

We asked the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts including a delegate at the Green convention that picked Cobb and a candidate for state legislature about their reaction. Specifically, MIM asked why they do not purge people who waffle on the Democrats. The Massachusetts Greens replied that they want to let the people in favor of the corporate parties to have their say. Here is what they said (.wav) format, 700kb

MIM pointed out that the Greens' work gets lost when they allow someone else to claim it. This will have the conscious and unconscious effect of discouraging Green activism-- for the benefit of the corporate parties.

*Hear about the history of the merger that formed the Rainbow-Green Party of Massachusetts
*Hear pro-Cobb Greens (1.1 meg., 110 seconds)