Kerry opposes gay marriage

He's already said that despite his vote for the Iraq war, "'If you don't think I would have handled this differently than George W. Bush, don't vote for me.'"(1) Now Democratic Party candidate for president John Kerry has entered the Massachusetts battle on gay rights by saying he favors separate but equal treatment for gays and lesbians through civil union, not marriage.(2) It's just another proof that politicians reflect public sentiment and they cannot be expected to lead change. Career politicians are not movement leaders, so substituting one for the other will lead to apolitical frustration: just ask thousands of Howard Dean volunteers.

Politicians have to say what people want to hear or they do not get elected. Once we learn this lesson, we stop "trusting" politicians to have the inside information on weapons of mass destruction as in Iraq and we stop expecting any truth or wisdom to emerge from their mouths. The key is to start a movement for the truth and then the by-definition-opportunist-politicians will adjust.

1. 2. "Kerry backs state ban on gay marriage," Boston Globe 26Feb2004, p. 1.