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Revolutionary feminism

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International Wimmin's Day, Not International Warmongers' Day!

Cancel the pseudo-feminist war-mongering demonstrations against Iran!

  • See MIM's article on NOW's warmongering against the Third World

    MIM had just published its article on NOW's (National Organization for Women) current efforts to stir up wars against Third World countries, when we learned that a supposedly Marxist group plans the same thing this year, 2006--for International Wimmin's Day. At a time when people around the world are talking about u.$. military threats against Iran, pseudo-feminist neo-conservatives masquerading as some kind of "Marxist" are planning a rally against Iran, not in Iran, but in New York City, Frankfurt and the like.

    Here is what the press release for the rallies says:

    This week, starting March 4 in Frankfurt, Germany, women and men are marching through city centres and will rally at the Hague on March 8th. The call from the organizers of the European Great Walk (Campaign for the Abolition of All Misogynist, Gender-Based Legislation & Islamic Punitive Laws in Iran) starts with:

    "If you are against death by stoning!
    If you are against forced veiling!
    If you are against the prosecution and imprisonment of women!
    If you are against lashing a woman's body!
    If you are against any form of patriarchy!
    If you are against the medieval laws of Iran's Islamic Republic of Iran imposing inequality on women!-
    Join the [European] great walk against anti-women laws in Iran's Islamic Republic on 8 March 2006!"(1)

    Those would be great slogans--in Iran. Here in the imperialist countries it is perfect timing for the CIA & Mossad preparing the basis for a war on Iran, just as Bu$h ordered. The rallies read just like the orchestrations from offices of the Pentagon--and yes, there are offices dedicated to manipulating the gender question in the Third World in the Pentagon.

    The leaflet is so thinly disguised as war-mongering, that there is no actual discussion of whether stoning or lashing is worse than the damage delivered by the Amerikan institution called Hollywood. There is absolutely no discussion of U.$. support to regimes that engineered these conditions. Yet somehow, Amerikans see fit to sloganeer about Iran's particular manifestation of patriarchy in a way to rile up the oppressor nation whites.

    It would be hard to imagine a more perfectly wrong rally to hold. The combination of reactionary ideas masquerading as feminism is astonishing.

    In the first place, the rally is not being organized in Iran. It's being held in countries considering bombing Iran as we speak. It's being held in countries where the oppressor nation whites have their own reasons for entering politics, their own reasons for hating Iran.

    Within Marxism, we call it the Trotskyist or "Wang Ming" line to act as if the world were one place with people all the same everywhere and not accounting for the national conditions in each country. These people believe it is unnecessary to investigate conditions in each country and act accordingly.

    In the second place, out of all the backward conditions for wimmin in the world, the pseudo-feminists in coordination with the CIA picked exactly one country to demonstrate against at this particular time--Iran. These pseudo-feminists are being manipulated by people who consider themselves "real men." Bu$h's appointee to the United Nations John Bolton said, "everyone wants to go to Baghdad, but real men go to Iran."(2) As we write this, the government is pushing Iran around in the UN in the same procedure that we saw applied to Iraq before the occupation there.

    If we are very lucky, the imperialist media will ignore this crypto-Trotskyist rally in New York and similar pseudo-feminist rallies in Europe. If not, the imperialist media will adopt the slogans from the rally, and the oppressor nation people will remember the slogans as one more reason to go to war against Iran. There is ample precedent: just before the war on Afghanistan, the imperialist media quoted Robin Morgan on "do something" about the Taliban widely.

    Some of the pseudo-feminists claim to be opposed to wars. It does not matter: it's not their media that will be covering the demonstrations mainly. It will be the imperialists quoting them as often as they choose. The pseudo-feminists should show that much knowledge of politics and back down for that reason alone.

    We are thankful that this year NOW (National Organization for Women) is spending International Wimmin's Day in Venezuela. We hope there will be no arrogant "teaching" of Venezuela's wimmin as if Amerikan conditions were the same as in Venezuela's.

    The years where we get a break from right-wing chauvinism on International Wimmin's Day of course we have to get hammered from the left-wing of white nationalism, Trotskyism. All good communists should set about taking down phony Marxism as a contribution to a genuine celebration of International Wimmin's Day.

    Down with white nationalist sabotage of the anti-war movement!
    For peace on International Wimmin's Day!

    1. IWD Solidarity 2006: IWD Event NYC- Solidarity with the Great Walk Against Anti Women Laws in Iran's Islamic Republic"

    Break the Chains! Unleash the Fury of Women as a Mighty Force for Revolution! [RCP=U$A slogans--ed.] Here in NYC, on March 8th, 2006, International Women's Day: European Great Walk:

    See the warmongers' web page here if the above is down.