This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
MIM Notes 260 · June 15, 2002· Page 1
MIM Notes
June 15, 2002, Nº 260
The Official Newsletter of the Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM)
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by MC5
May 25, 2002
n the week from May 17th to May
24th, Pakistan and India had twice as
many mortar duels as in all of 2001.
Both sides used heavy artillery in the
Kashmir region. The two sides exchange
fire periodically with regard to disputed
Deaths resulting included villagers and
troops. China reported 10 dead Pakistanis
who were apparently villagers and 70 to
ay 2002 saw a stunning series
of historical events in which
the major rulers of our time
admitted the nature of modern
militarism. Leading insurance investor
and billionaire Warren Buffet and leading
members of the Bush Cabinet admitted
that the use of weapons of mass
destruction against the
United $tates is
The recent cascade of
events started on May 5th
when Warren Buffet, the
world's second richest
man, admitted that a
nuclear event is
inevitable. "We're going
to have something in the
way of a major nuclear
event in this country. It
will happen. Whether it
will happen in 10 years or
10 minutes, or 50 years ...
it's virtually a
certainty."(1) MIM has
been saying the same
thing for years, except
that we believe this risk
is accelerated by
capitalism, reduced by socialism and
eliminated under communism.
Buffet has explained that his self-
interest is in finding "elephants" to
achieve high growth, because now his
company is so huge that it is impossible
to grow it quickly without elephants--
large projects. So it is that a large
insurance company may be more willing
to talk about large risks if the money is
there to be made on insuring against
nuclear events. Right now, Buffet says
he is letting insurance policies lapse if
they overexpose him to terrorist risk.
Companies like his have the largest
n Memorial Day weekend police attacked a peaceful, legally-
permitted, anti-imperialist march of hundreds of people at the Golden
Gate bridge. They arrested 34 people.
The protestors were most of the way across the bridge on the walkway
when dozens of cops blocked their path and insisted they turn back. The cops
blocked traffic on the bridge and arrested and beat people all the way back to
San Francisco. Arrests continued even after demonstrators were off the bridge.
Police threw an 11-year-old Palestinian girl to the ground and then charged
her with felony assault on an officer.
The demonstration--organized by the All Peoples Coalition to Stop U.S.
Terror and Occupation--was in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle against
U.$.-backed Israeli aggression and in opposition U.$. military attacks around
the world. Organizers originally planned a peaceful march across the bridge
Toilers suffer in brewing India-Pakistan war
100 Pakistani troop deaths total in one
Nuclear threat
The English Independent wrote a nice
summary of the situation: "The world
quakes at what will happen if the
Pakistani leader, General Pervez
Musharraf, or Mr. Vajpayee [the Indian
Prime Minister] press the nuclear button.
Estimates of India's and Pakistan's
nuclear strengths vary wildly, but at the
low end of the scale Pakistan is estimated
to have at least 40 nuclear bombs
compared with India's 60--quite
sufficient for the task.
"Both nations also have the missiles
needed to deliver them, so that in theory
all Pakistan's cities and many of India's
are within range. A missile from
Rawalpindi could deliver its nuclear
payload to Delhi within three minutes,
and vice versa."
But India and Pakistan are also braced
to fight a very different kind of war--a
war such as Europe has not seen for more
than 55 years. "Three quarters of a
million Indian troops are strung out along
India's 2000- mile border with Pakistan,
from the torrid salt marshes of Gujarat
to the frozen peaks of Siachen Glacier in
the High Himalayas. They are confronted
by a quarter of a million Pakistanis."(3)
In early April the president of Pakistan
made of point of saying that it is prepared
assets, so if he cannot underwrite nuclear
terrorist policies, no one can. Buffet says
that as of now only the U.S. Government
can insure against major terrorist attacks.
On February 28, 2002, Buffet had
already explained much of the basics in
a report on the year 2001. We quote
Buffet at length here:
"Insurers have always
found it costly to ignore
new exposures. Doing
that in the case of
terrorism, however,
could literally bankrupt
the industry. No one
knows the probability of
a nuclear detonation in a
major metropolis this
year (or even multiple
detonations, given that a
terrorist organization
able to construct one
bomb might not stop
there). Nor can anyone,
with assurance, assess
the probability in this
year, or another, of
deadly biological or
chemical agents being
i n t r o d u c e d
simultaneously (say, through ventilation
systems) into multiple office buildings
and manufacturing plants. An attack like
that would produce astronomical
workers' compensation claims.
"Here's what we do know:
"The probability of such mind-
boggling disasters, though likely very
low at present, is not zero.
"The probabilities are increasing, in an
irregular and immeasurable manner, as
knowledge and materials become
available to those who wish us ill. Fear
may recede with time, but the danger
Insurance policies rewritten
Police turn violent at
Golden Gate protest
Riot police close in on marchers (
in 10
years, 10
minutes or
50 years...
virtually a
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MIM Notes 260 · June 15, 2002· Page 2
MIM Notes
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North America as the military becomes over-extended in the government's attempts to
maintain world hegemony. MIM differs from other communist parties on three main
questions: (1) MIM holds that after the proletariat seizes power in socialist revolution, the
potential exists for capitalist restoration under the leadership of a new bourgeoisie within
the communist party itself. In the case of the USSR, the bourgeoisie seized power after the
death of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao's death and the overthrow of the "Gang
of Four" in 1976. (2) MIM upholds the Chinese Cultural Revolution as the farthest advance
of communism in humyn history. (3) As Marx, Engels and Lenin formulated and MIM has
reiterated through materialist analysis, imperialism extracts super-profits from the Third
World and in part uses this wealth to buy off whole populations of oppressor nation so-
called workers. These so-called workers bought off by imperialism form a new petty-
bourgeoisie called the labor aristocracy. These classes are not the principal vehicles to
advance Maoism within those countries because their standards of living depend on
imperialism. At this time, imperialist super-profits create this situation in the Canada, Quebec,
the United $tates, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland,
Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Israel, Sweden and Denmark. MIM accepts people as
members who agree on these basic principles and accept democratic centralism, the system
of majority rule, on other questions of party line.
"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is universally applicable. We should
regard it not as dogma, but as a guide to action. Studying it is not merely a matter of
learning terms and phrases, but of learning Marxism-Leninism as the science of revolution."
- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208.
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Prisoner contributes
to MIM
Revolutionary greetings,
Enclosed with this letter I've sent a
money order for $25. I want to contribute
to help MIM in the agitation and
education of the masses politically. Like
I've said, of all the prisons papers I've
read, especially of Marxist ideology,
MIM stands above the rest in its analysis
and solutions to the problems of the
oppressed internationally. So good I had
to be leery and wonder was this some
government agent front or pseudo
intellectuals who are trying to make
money while keeping a tab on real
revolutionaries. Still, there are some lines
were I differ with MIM, but we're on the
same page overall. In the future I want to
work with MIM as much as I can but I
need guidance to properly educate me
politically, as well as keep me on track.
... In the meantime I'll bide my time in
study so MIM keep the revolutionary
spirit and movement alive.
In struggle,
A Texas Prisoner, May 2002
MIM replies : The prisoner also
included a list of study materials he needs
to move forward. We print this letter as
an example, especially to those on the
outside, who are reading MIM Notes but
not contributing, or not contributing as
much as they can. If this prisoner can
cough up $25, what can you do? Many
people who have some disagreements
with MIM hold out on supporting the
party while they hem and haw. This
prisoner steps forward to support and
work with MIM, even while he struggles
over issues that may still divide us. That
is the dialectical materialist approach to
working with a revolutionary
organization. Find what's best, and get
active while struggling over other issues,
and either changing your mind or
improving the party in the process.
Follow this prisoner's example, and get
Ali is not my hero
I am of Mexican descent. I would like
to comment on the movie "Ali." I haven't
had a chance to see it because I'm on
lockdown in one of the hellholes of Texas
ad-seg. But if I may comment as an
armchair critic I thank you kindly. I
always liked Ali. I liked his flair for
comedy, his fighting skills, and what I
always heard of him, that he was always
against the establishment and one of us.
But now that I think of it, I don't think
that he's always been against the
establishment for the people of the world,
but only for himself? In this way I feel
that we exaggerated Muhammad Ali's so-
called radicalism and made him into this
legendary romantic figure of the people,
that he did not have coming? Yes, perhaps
he was never of the people?
At the time he was a so-called radical
he belonged in a racial sect of the "Nation
of Islam" that seemed to hate all the races
(not just the blue- eyed devils) because
of the discrimination they were going
through. He was really only for the Black
people. And his so-called radicalism was
taught that Blacks were superior to all
other races. When he refused to fight in
Vietnam, he said that he didn't have
anything against the Vietcong. When he
said this, he seemed like one of the
people, against U.S. imperialism. But
obviously he was not. All he really meant
was that he didn't have any quarrel with
he Vietcong because they didn't do
anything to him personally, not because
he was against U.S. imperialism. And
how he's talking like if he's with the U.S.
imperialists against the so-called "Islamic
terrorists." Can't he see that the U.S.
government is exploiting him?
Instead of being one of the people,
seems he would fit right in with those
oppressive Arab regimes like the Saudi
Arabian rulers and Kuwaitis. As a result,
has Ali sold out? Or, perhaps he didn't
sell out because he was always one of
them? And he would rather be loved like
he is by the world then stand for principle,
what is right? If this is true, it is a phony
love. And perhaps he is not educated in
U.S. imperialism and radical left-wing
doctrine? That's whe he's being misled?
Well, whatever the circumstances, he
ain't my hero anymore.
In Solidarity,
A Texas Prisoner, May 2002
MIM replies: We were also
disappointed that Ali made pro-
Amerikan statements after 9/11, instead
of taking a stand against imperialism. He
is not our hero either. This is really a
lesson in why you shouldn't hitch your
wagon to individuals, especially those
outside a disciplined revolutionary party.
If you set out to follow Ali on a
revolutionary path, you would end up
But let's not go too far, and take away
the truly positive impact he had,
especially in his denouncing the national
oppression of Blacks, and in opposing the
war against Vietnam. Those were truly
progressive stances, and he used his
position in the public eye to forward
those important statements. Yes, the
Nation of Islam promoted an idealist,
racialist view that divided the oppressed
and misled many people. But he, and
they, also took an important stand for
national liberation.
So, it's right to say we don't want to
follow him and them, but it would be
wrong to say that there was no value in
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MIM Notes 260 · June 15, 2002· Page 3
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This is the conclusion of a debate
between MIM and a Buddhist in Seattle.
The previous installment (MIM Notes
259) dealt with the myopia of Western
supporters of the Dalai Lama when it
comes to the history of slavery and
feudalism in Tibet, as well as
imprisonment in Amerika and the success
of the Chinese communists in eliminating
drug abuse. This installment picks up
with the problem of imprisonment in
Seattle Buddhist continues: There are
still racial and economic problems. While
laws can limit the outward manifestations
of racism they sometimes only serve to
harden the mindset which is one of the
underlying causes. The Teaching
Tolerance program originated and funded
by the Southern Poverty Law Center and
Morris Dees does much to address those
causes that laws can't reach. Economic
woes have been lessened by things like
labor unions and Social Security. There
are programs to provide education and
nutrition to those who cannot afford it.
We need more.
I am curious. What were the steps
taken by Maoism which you allege
eliminated the drug problem in China?
You are still evading the dissent issue.
What would happen under Maoism to a
publication that opposed Maoism to the
same extent that your publication
opposes the current U.S. from of
government and capitalism? In the U.S.,
that degree of dissent is not only
permitted but protected by the
Constitution. The Constitution defends
the liberty of all. It does not give anyone
the right to limit or remove the liberty of
another except by due process or national
or civil emergency. Slavery was clearly
unconstitutional--even before it was
amended to make it official. You have yet
to provide proof that slavery existed under
the Dalai Lama, only allegation and
innuendo. Slaves have been born into
captivity and handed down by inheritance
in the U.S. and elsewhere. None of books
I have read on Tibet mention cotton or
sugar plantations in greater Lhasa nor do
they mention the Dalai Lama inheriting
any slaves from his parents. Profit and
survival are not mutually exclusive. I
prefer a system that nurtures both over
one which restricts either.
As for what Tibet was like under Mao,
I refer you to Palden Gyatso, a monk who
was arrested by Maoists in 1959 and not
released until 1992. He underwent 33
years of torture and forced labor. In 1995
he gave evidence at the United Nations
Commission on Human rights in Geneva.
There are slaves in Tibet. He saw
thousands over the 33 years he was at
Chinese prisons and labor camps in Tibet,
including those at Sangyip and Drapchi.
So much for the Maoist "liberation."
MIM replies: We did not evade the
issue. We said political content matters
and we are for repression and
dictatorship. Abe Lincoln repressed the
slaveowners, violently. He deprived them
of citizenship rights violently and made
MIM debates Seattle Buddhist on `freedom,' Tibet
MIM supporters collected
approximately 100 signatures endorsing
our demand to "Open the U.$. border"
with Mexico and oppose the Immigration
and Naturalization Service's (INS)
"Operation Gatekeeper" at a May Day
rally for the leganization of
undocumented immigrants. Since its
inception in 1994, "Operation
Gatekeeper" has killed more than 740
migrants attempting to enter the United
$tates to look for work. That is hundreds
more than died attempting to cross the
East/West German border -- much
reviled in Amerikan propaganda -- in
its entire 25+ year history.
Most everyone we approached with
our petition was friendly and supportive,
many urged us to "keep it up" and wished
us good luck in collecting signatures.
Our non-Spanish speaking comrades
presented the petition in both English and
Spanish, and relied on assistance from
bilingual marchers and the patience of
the masses to communicate our
One young white womyn from Orange
County thought that it was okay to extend
legal status to workers who are already
in this country, but did not want to see
the borders opened for all immigrants.
She argued that Southern California is
already too crowded, which makes the car
traffic really bad. A MIM comrade
pointed out that because they are paid so
poorly even the migrants who are already
in the united $tates do not own cars. The
source of all that traffic is the ever-
expanding yankee quest for suburban,
segregated single-family living. This
lifestyle demands ever more low-wage
workers to build houses, tend lawns, do
private childcare and clean house.
LAPD stormtroopers -- many dressed
in full riot gear, gripping their sidearms
and nightsticks -- greeted marchers at
intersections along the route. At police
headquarters, some 25 pigs in full regalia
rode horses whose plexiglass face shields
were also drawn.
The Multi-ethnic Immigrant Workers
Organizing Network (MIWON)
organized the May Day rally in to
demand "true
legalization" for
u n d o c u m e n t e d
workers "in the
form of permanent
legal status and
citizenship that
should not be
limited to any
country of origin or
work industry."
MIM promotes open borders at immigrant legalization rally
Continued on page 6...
MIM Notes 260 · June 15, 2002· Page 4
won't--the war against terrorism can
never be won. The best the nation can
achieve is a long succession of
stalemates. There can be no checkmate
against hydra-headed foes.
"Until now, insurers and reinsurers
have blithely assumed the financial
consequences from the incalculable risks
I have described.
"Under a `close-to-worst-case'
scenario, which could conceivably
involve $1 trillion of damage, the
insurance industry would be destroyed
unless it manages in some manner to
dramatically limit its assumption of
terrorism risks. Only the U.S.
Government has the resources to absorb
such a blow. If it is unwilling to do so on
a prospective basis, the general citizenry
must bear its own risks and count on the
Government to come to its rescue after a
disaster occurs.
"Why, you might ask, didn't I
recognize the above facts before
September 11th? The answer, sadly, is
that I did-- but I didn't convert thought
into action. I violated the Noah rule:
Predicting rain doesn't count; building
arks does. I consequently let Berkshire
operate with a dangerous level of risk--
at General Re in particular. I'm sorry to
say that much risk for which we haven't
been compensated remains on our books,
but it is running off by the day.
"At Berkshire, it should be noted, we
have for some years been willing to
assume more risk than any other insurer
has knowingly taken on. That's still the
case. We are perfectly willing to lose $2
billion to $2.5 billion in a single event
(as we did on September 11th) if we have
been paid properly for assuming the risk
that caused the loss (which on that
occasion we weren't).
"Indeed, we have a major competitive
advantage because of our tolerance for
huge losses."(2)
Buffet goes on to add that his company
will limit future exposure no matter what
the competition does. Not surprisingly he
cautioned there would be slower growth
of his company at the same time.
It's almost a bad social-democratic joke
to be talking about "workers'
compensation claims" when hundreds of
thousands or millions of people die in a
single nuclear attack.
Other investors also have an interest
in the terrorism problem--aside from
defense and security contractors. Bond-
holders may decide they want to see large
deficits to drive up interest rates! They
may also decide they do not want to see
rates go up too much if the price is
government involvement.
What Buffet points to implicitly means
that the public may become much more
dependent on the government. If there is
a "small" nuclear event, we may predict
a huge growth of ugly social-democratic
style bureaucracy and a government
deficit. By some theories this should also
drive up interest rates.
In addition, ruining the economy
benefits those investors who are most
"liquid" and able to buy shares of ruined
companies on the stock market. Hence,
there are economic reasons for certain
sectors of the capitalist class to want to
speak of the terrorism threat.
Politically, realism on the ugliness of
capitalism means that those in favor of a
reduced government role such as many
Amerikan Republicans and libertarians
will seek to encourage the public to bear
the price of higher insurance premiums
to pay for future nuclear catastrophes.
That may be the reason we have seen a
succession of Bush administration
officials admit that there is no stopping
terrorists completely, including in nuclear
In all fairness, MIM has to give limited
credit to Buffet, nut-case reactionary
"Secretary of Defense" Donald
Rumsfeld, Vice-President Cheney and
FBI Director Robert S. Mueller for
succeeding in at least part of their
"intelligence" capacities--and
responsibly informing the public of the
risks it now faces. These rulers will draw
their own conclusions, but the rest of the
world is free to draw proletarian
On May 20th, Mueller said that suicide
bombings on U.$. soil were
"inevitable."(2) Then on May 21st,
Rumsfeld delivered the final blow in a
long series of blows regarding the "war
on terrorism" by telling the public: "Let
there be no doubt, it is only a matter of
time before terrorist states armed with
weapons of mass destruction develop the
capability to deliver those weapons to
U.S. cities, giving them the ability to try
to hold America hostage to nuclear
blackmail."(3) While Buffet suggested
raising insurance premiums and denying
certain kinds of coverage, Rumsfeld's
suggestion was to build better defenses
against nuclear attack.
According to former "Defense
Secretary" and current Vice-President
Dick Cheney, the ability of al Qaeda
leaders to keep their own followers in the
dark about operations as they proceed is
a stunning reason why spying on al Qaeda
and other "terrorists" won't work
completely. Cheney concluded it was
"almost certain" that the "terrorists"
would succeed in striking the United
$tates again.(4)
Buffet, Mueller, Cheney, Rumsfeld --
each in his own way gave the public
something to chew on, a report on the
"struggle" against "terrorism." That is a
minimum level of acting responsibly that
MIM credits them for. Although nuclear
weapons are not equally distributed in
this world, the struggles of the oppressed
have become part of the imperialists'
Hence from these rich men and rulers
we have heard that it is impossible to
completely stop "terrorism" and the
spread of nuclear weapons. We agree
with them on the nature of the risk even
to U.$. citizens. It took them too long to
say what MIM has been saying, but they
have now admitted important facts. Now
it is a question of solutions. In actuality,
while succeeding rather late in their
intelligence capacities, each of these
people lacks the political courage and
know-how to change the situation. Their
answers range from increasing budgets
for spying and chasing terrorists, to
building "Star Wars" defense systems, to
increasing insurance premiums to
admitting that since I$rael does it,
Amerikkkans can live through suicide
bombings too. Vaguely, the rulers seem
to realize that while they do more of the
same without a vision of a new future,
"the terrorists" also will do more of the
same, especially now that September
11th proved what was possible.
None of these rulers have the political
courage to admit that a system falling
apart in so many ways and needing
patching by their own logic in so many
areas has to be replaced by a system built
in which there is no such risk of
aggressive motivation by anyone. They
think we can afford to live under the same
economic system as the past. The rulers
want to retain the right to oppress others
by military force--even if that creates
Militarism is war-mongering or the
advocacy of war or actual carrying out
of war or its preparations.
While true pacifists condemn all
violence as equally repugnant, we
Maoists do not consider self-defense
or the violence of oppressed nations
against imperialism to be militarism.
Militarism is mostly caused by
imperialism at this time. Imperialism
is the highest stage of capitalism--
seen in countries like the United
$tates, England and France.
Under capitalism, capitalists often
profit from war or its preparations.
Yet, it is the proletariat that does the
dying in the wars. The proletariat
wants a system in which people do not
have self-interest on the side of war-
profiteering or war for imperialism.
Militarism is one of the most
important reasons to overthrow
capitalism. It even infects oppressed
nations and causes them to fight each
It is important not to let capitalists
risk our lives in their ideas about war
and peace or the environment. They
have already had two world wars
admitted by themselves in the last 100
years and they are conducting a third
right now against the Third World.
Even a one percent annual chance of
nuclear war destruction caused by
capitalist aggressiveness or "greed" as
the people call it should not be tolerated
by the proletariat. After playing
Russian Roulette (in which the bullet
chamber is different each time and not
related at all to the one that came up in
previous spins) with 100 chambers and
one bullet, the chance of survival is
only 60.5% after 50 turns. In other
words, a seemingly small one percent
annual chance of world war means
eventual doom. After 100 years or turns
of Russian Roulette, the chances of
survival are only 36.6%. After 200
years, survival has only a 13.4%
What is militarism?
"terrrorists" who strike back with
inevitable nuclear attacks. These rulers
also want a profit-system of rewards that
pays people to invent, deliver and
distribute weapons of mass distribution.
They are afraid to abolish money and
track luxury good consumption. They are
also against guaranteeing every persyn
on this earth food, shelter, clothing and
the best-possible sustainable
environment and non-militarist
atmosphere. That's what it would take to
avoid nuclear catastrophes, but the way
it looks right now, Amerikkkans will have
to suffer one or two "nuclear events"
before they figure it out. Unfortunately,
that may be too late for the whole species,
thanks to the development of the means
of destruction.
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MIM Notes 260 · June 15, 2002· Page 5
Did you know?
There are more
than 200 back
issues of MIM
Notes available
on the MIM
website? Not only
can you browse
more than 15
years of the
newspaper, you
can also keep up
with the very
latest on MIM
prisoner news, all
the latest on the
U$ war, and much
more. MIM's
website is an
indispensable tool
for the
movement. Get
The Joint Chiefs of Staff apparently
feel that they must maneuver for
maximum flexibility in military strikes,
because taking on all the battles being
considered at present would be too
difficult, reported the English Guardian
newspaper May 25th. Already waging an
active war in Afghanistan, the U.$.
military mentioned the India-Pakistan
dispute as one reason it cannot afford to
jump into Iraq with 200,000 troops in a
full-scale invasion to put in a new lackey
U.$. "Special Forces" already serve in
the Philippines and Yemen. The U.$.
military leaders say their military is too
small both to defend the homeland and
operate in so many countries at once. Air
Force head John Jumper said, "`We never
sized ourselves to have to do high force-
protection levels at home and overseas
at the same time. We're stretched very
thin in security forces,' he was quoted as
saying by the New York Times."(1)
From its inception, MIM has said that
the United $tates is in World War III.
When we hear the U.$. military admit
that it is already overstretched, it
confirms that World War III against the
Third World is an accurate description.
What it means for the Third World is that
its natural trajectory of growth and
adoption of new weapons means that the
United $tates will not be able to control
all of the Third World forever; even
though the United $tates will likely retain
many technological and military
advantages for the immediate future.
If the humyn species does not die in a
nuclear holocaust, revolution will come
about through the overstretching of the
U.$. military. As the U.$. reaction to
September 11th proves, the rulers only
know how to do "more of the same."
Whether it be resolving thousands of
phony anthrax letters and catching the
real perpetrators, doing more racial
profiling, running more wiretaps on MIM
and others, keeping tabs on millions of
people who could be "terrorists" or
intervening in various wars, the U.$.
rulers do not realize that time is passing
them by. They cannot stop the
proliferation of weapons of mass
destruction or the capability to spoil the
earth's environment with one good bomb.
They cannot do that anymore than they
could win the "war on drugs." The reason
is that the economic system motivates
many millions of people to do things that
the U.$. rulers cannot control.
The press reports only months after the
fact that the FBI had its own problems in
chasing "the terrorists." The press even
reports that one FBI agent was receiving
bribes that may have connected to 911--
what a shock under capitalism, that
someone might want money to spend on
a luxurious life and would do something
"competitive" to get that money!(2)
Instead of realizing the extent and
numbers involved in the problem, the
press likes to believe we are pointing at
one operation and needing to detain one
Osama bin Laden. Even ultra-reactionary
nutcase "Defense Secretary" Rumsfeld is
tired of settler individualist stupidity, at
least on this question: "Asked whether
terrorist leader Osama bin Laden is still
alive, Rumsfeld said he didn't know.
"`This isn't our business, the secretary
of defense's business, to track down a
single individual,' he said. `We've never
organized ourselves as a law enforcement
agency. That is a very difficult thing to
do. It's like finding a needle in a
The press tells us about the one memo
that got overlooked in catching the 911
hijackers. The same press does not tell
us how many memos the one agent wrote
that were wrong--never mind the
number of memos that all the FBI agents
combined wrote that were wrong.(4)
This has to do with the mathematical
illiteracy of the public in the dumbocracy
that is the world's superpower.
Amerikkkans who believe in settling
"their own" piece of land and "rugged
individualism" have always been slow
learners when it comes to classing a large
number of events together and analyzing
probabilities between 1 and 99%. It's not
enough to stop an individual, because a
one percent chance in a game of Russian
Roulette means a 63% chance of failure
after 100 turns.
Even being right 99 in 100 times is not
enough and today this means we need a
communist system to motivate everyone
to be harmonious. We humyns do not
have to have perfect bodies or minds. Yet
even with our flaws we lived in
communism before industrial society
U.$. brass fear military stretched too thin
when we lived in tribes. We just need to
remove the causes of aggressive behavior
instead of trying to repress everyone who
opposes the United $tates, as if the
opposition cannot strike back, ever.
Thanks to our individualism and our
middle-class existence backing
mathematical illiteracy, Amerikkkans
show every likelihood that like other
imperialist populations before, we will
have to learn the hard way, maybe getting
ourselves nuked once or twice and losing
protracted wars in the Third World. After
we get nuked, hopefully no Amerikkkans
will be whining about the one memo or
the one anti-missile launcher that failed
in the Star Wars defensive shield. MIM
hopes that the people here will be able
to take a more thorough approach and
change. Species survival should not
depend on a memo or anti-missile missile
23/rumsfeld.terror/index.html; Rumsfeld
also did the responsible thing and
admitted that things look bleak in terms
of stopping a massive attack on the
United $tates.
4. An example of the furor that is now
acceptable in the mainstream imperialist
press is
Weapons are not equally distributed by
country in this world, but as nuclear and
missile technology inevitably spreads,
there are those who seek to stem the
wheel of history. Such people seeking to
go back to a time when only a handful of
countries could commit hari-kari through
nuclear war are by definition
people--and they are a danger to the
whole world. The recent uproar over
"routine" Pakistan missile tests on May
25th (1) proves that the rulers of Western
governments and media are unqualified
to lead to global peace.
Nuclear and missile proliferation is
inevitable. The sooner that everyone
grasps that and its implications, the better.
Right now various weak and incompetent
rulers in the leading imperialist countries
fantasize about missile defense shields
and sending in special forces teams to
capture nuclear weapons before they are
It's definitely the same-old, same-old.
These rulers lack the vision that only the
international proletariat can bring to the
table--a world where people need not
fear each other, a world that necessarily
has an international minimum wage, full
employment, land reform--basic food,
shelter, clothing and environment rights
and economic growth. That is the ONLY
way in which the economic system is not
designed to take chances with the peace.
These rulers think they buried
communism, but now reactionaries
ranging from the Moonies to British
intelligence fret about northern Korea
selling missiles to Arabs for profit.(2)
Well, duh, that's capitalism for you.
Oh sure, it galls these old rulers from
old imperialist countries that some dark-
skinned persyn in some yet-to-
industrialize country could destroy the
atmosphere we all need to live--just in a
single fitful and suicidal act. Those are
Reactionaries focus on missile threat
to United $tates and England
the emotions the imperialist country
rulers and population feel, but they do
not contribute one iota to a solution.
People who feel that they have the good
life economically and place a value on
their lives should see to it that the rest of
the world gets to the same place. Instead,
the populations of England and the
United $tates look backwards instead of
accepting the inevitable and adjusting
W O R L D / a s i a p c f / s o u t h / 0 5 / 2 5 /
MIM Notes 260 · June 15, 2002· Page 6
them swear allegiance and implement
changes before he was going to allow
them back into the Union. He was right.
There are no two sides to tolerate evenly,
as if choosing between Burger King and
You continue to make justifications for
Tibetan slavery and the world's highest
imprisonment rate in the world in the
united $tates. Yet you continue to talk
about "freedom" against us Maoists. Do
you or don't you think the state with the
world's highest imprisonment rate should
be tolerated?
It is you who are evading the question.
Apparently you believe that the slaves
should have been grateful to the system
of "individual liberty" if someone in the
South was allowed to "dissent" from
slavery. Fuck that. Mutual tolerance and
respect are only due amongst people who
do not violate each other's universal
survival rights.
The Confederates did not deserve to
be "tolerated" and treated equally to the
Unionists. If Northern whites or the
occasional free Blacks were tolerated in
anti-slavery "free speech" at the
Southerners' dinner-table while visiting
the South, that does not change the fact
that the slave-owners and their
Confederates should have been
repressed. You want them to say "thank
you for letting me speak at the dinner-
table and now I won't favor repressing
the slave-owners and Confederates"?
You want them to say the South has a
system of "individual liberty" because of
some chit-chat at the dinner table?
As for Palden Gyatso--in 1959, when
Palden Gyatso went to prison, the highest
spiritual authority in Tibetan Buddhism,
the Panchen Lama worked things out
with the Chinese communists. He was in
unity with the government at that time.
The temporal authority, the Dalai Lama
called for demonstrations to end and
never called for independence. Yet,
Palden Gyatso admits to opposing the
Chinese "occupation," but this has
nothing to do with Buddhism, unless of
course you are saying the Panchen Lama
was not a Buddhist in 1959. This has to
do with politics, power, slavery and
Some people arise to oppose a union
of territories. The local authority in one
set of territories did not abolish slavery
prior to union. Another political authority
used to have slavery but did then abolish
it with the help of slaves from both
territories. A movement arises in the
territory that used to tolerate slavery, and
that movement wants to return to the past:
is it the KKK after the U.S. Civil War or
the "Free Tibet" Movement of 1959?
There would be no way to tell.
By the way, Palden Gyatso has
admitted that the persyn who tortured him
in prison was Tibetan, not Han Chinese.
So much for Shangri-La in Tibet.(1)
If prison and torture are bad, how about
murder? I see you haven't answered our
questions on that. Apparently it's OK for
pro-slavery activists to kill anti-slavery
Of course there was widespread
violence in 1959. If you read the Dalai
Lama, it is clear that he was powerless
to stop the violent resistance of some
Tibetans to the revolution. The U.S. Civil
War was horrible too--horrible but
necessary thanks to problems in "human
MIM conclusion: MIM was busy
fighting with this Buddhist's
justifications for the #1 prison-state,
serfdom and slavery. The typical "Free
Tibet" activists feels no compunction
about ignoring the fact that serfdom and
slavery were legal under the Dalai Lama
and only made illegal under the
communist movement, composed partly
of Tibetan slaves. We hope our readers
will understand that we had some basic
priorities to handle with the above and
did not cover all the details.
It would be too much to ask that this
persyn know factually that in fact the
United $tates does not "tolerate"
Maoism--as two dozen dead Maoist
Black Panthers can attest, including one
shot to death in his sleep, Fred Hampton.
These facts are now known and in many
cases attested to by former police agents,
as in the case of Fred Hampton.
As for speech, Black Panther Eldridge
Cleaver was taken back from parole and
put in prison for his political activity--
as was admitted by one judge who was
subsequently overturned by judges
saying the California Adult Authority had
the power to take back paroles for
anything that the Reagan administration
wanted and that the First Amendment
being merely a piece of that scrap of
paper called the "Bill of Rights" attached
to that other scrap known as the
"Constitution" was not higher priority
than the Reagan appointees' wishes.
Readers can check the video "FBI's
War on Black America." Ward Churchill
et. al. also wrote a book called "Agents
of Repression." The government's own
documents on these cases have all been
released, but the brainwashing on
"freedom" in the united $tates is so
thorough and based in so much super-
profit bribery that they do not make much
dent in public consciousness.
Since most Amerikkkans do not even
know this history, much of which is now
openly documented, it also cannot be
expected that they would know that
people have been thrown in solitary
confinement for having MIM Notes or
that distributors of MIM Notes have been
thrown in jail for distributing MIM
Notes. The wretched pride related to
nationalism and low political
consciousness would prevent the
majority from ever caring enough to
As for drug addiction in China, one has
to have done almost no research to fail
to realize that it was cured by Maoism.
According to one bourgeois academic
book put it, "Secret societies and
organized crime gangs are gone, as are
MIM debates Seattle Buddhist on `freedom,' Tibet
Directed by Sam Raimi, 2002
Overall, the latest Spiderman movie
falls short for entertainment value; it is
far from action packed, with a plot and
dialog that are best described as trite. But
the saving grace of the movie is the
political message at the end (which this
review will be giving away).
Spiderman is the story of an ordinary
boy, Peter Parker, who was bit by a spider
on a high school class trip. In narrating
the beginning of the movie, he says that
his life story revolves around a beautiful
woman. That is an unfortunate
characterization of the life of someone
who ends up devoting himself to fighting
evil. But in the end the best political
message is wrapped up in this romantic
Of course, the spectacular evil
Spiderman fights is the super-villain
kind, but most of his time is spent fighting
the ordinary evil of people hurting other
people. Essentially, on an individual
scale, Spiderman is fighting for a better
world. But he is targeting crime on a
small scale: individual robberies and
violence. Spiderman lacks any kind of
systematic analysis of the causes of evil
that he is fighting, and as one man
running around New York City putting
out fires (sometimes literally), he can't
really expect to make any progress
towards ending all the violence that he is
trying to prevent. His time would be
better spent fighting the causes of crime
(for instance poverty) and fighting the
biggest murderers and thieves in the
world: the imperialists.
MIM appreciates the message that
ordinary people can become heroes
because of their circumstances (though
we're not waiting for our heroes to
develop superpowers). Rather than
looking to individuals we take a more
scientific analysis of the world and argue
that it is the people who make history.
Extraordinary leaders come from
ordinary people who rise to the occasion
of their material conditions.
Ironically, it was the romantic plot that
provided the most important political
message in the movie. When the woman
Peter Parker was in love with finally
declared her love for him, he decided he
could not be more than friends with her.
In order to devote his life to fighting evil
in the world he walked away from
romance. This is the asexuality that MIM
praises as a superior romantic practice.
It reflects a devotion to the people and
an understanding of responsibility to the
people that supercedes romantic cultural
Peter Parker said, "With great power
Star Wars: Episode II:
Attack of the Clones
Directed by George Lucas, 2002
Review by MC5
The politics in this movie is light
considering that the movie is about
empires, government leaders, secession,
war and contention between good and
evil. Nonetheless we give this movie a
limited endorsement.
There was not much to complain about
politically in the first installments of
"Star Wars," which were both anti-fascist
and anti-imperialist. The role of Black
characters and the rebel "Red Guard" in
the key battles did not go unnoticed at
MIM. In this movie, we learn that
democracy is the preferred government
of the "good guys" of the Republic.
Although the characters' endorsement of
democracy is rather shallow--like the
current understanding of democracy in
the united $tates--the movie itself offers
slightly more analysis.
We learn right away that corruption and
wrangling are ruining the Senate of the
Republic. At age 20, future evil incarnate
Darth Vader is just Anakin Skywalker,
one of the most skilled Jedi warriors. We
can tell that he is going to grow up to be
an imperialist when he tells Obi-Wan
Kenobi not to lecture him anymore on
politics and economics. According to
Anakin Skywalker, he only trusts 2 or 3
politicians and therefore the subjects of
politics and economics themselves are
contaminated--a huge mistake to throw
out the baby with the bath water. He also
favors dictatorship; although we learn
that he himself wants to become the most
powerful in the world when his mother
The death of his mother at the hands
of odious scavengers also raises the
question of genocide, because Anakin
Skywalker kills every single member of
the camp or tribe responsible.
Democratic Senator and future wife of
Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala has
no criticisms when she learns of this
slaughter. To be sure, majorities of white
people favored genocide in the united
$tates to take land from Indians, so
democracy and genocide are compatible.
We wish there had been more discussion
of the merits and demerits of this
particular group that Anakin Skywalker
wiped out.
Distrust of politicians, favorable
attitudes toward dictatorship, inclinations
toward genocide--clearly Anakin
Skywalker has the makings of a classic
Nazi. Just as Hitler copied much of Lenin
on the vanguard party, Anakin Skywalker
is going to take all the training of the Jedi
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MIM Notes 260 · June 15, 2002· Page 7
Reviews of "Attack of the Clones" in
the bourgeois press were mixed. Those
panning the film usually cited its
"boring" subject matter--politics--and
bad acting. Of course, for those of us
interested in art as a means for arousing
people to fight oppression and not an end
in itself, there is nothing a priori boring
about politics. There was enough meat
to "Attack of the Clones" to keep MIM
interested and entertained--despite
director and writer Lucas' muddle-
headed idealism.
Bad acting is another matter. As Mao
taught us, "Works of art which lack
artistic quality have no force, however
progressive they are politically."("Talks
at the Yenan Forum on Literature and
Art," Selected Works, vol. 3) The bad
acting in "Attack..." is not simply a matter
of unprofessionalism, however. Rather,
it's a matter of a materialist vs. an idealist
Stephen Hunter from the Washington
Post grasped some of this. His review is
worth quoting at length:
"[T]he movie is kind of a laboratory
on American vs. British technique. Score:
Brits 10, Yanks 0. That's because to the
Brits, who work from the outside in,
acting is physical mastery of face and
voice and body, strategically employed
at certain moments for impact. An actor
imposes himself on the character, and
invents charm and wit and sparkle where
none exists. So even the guy playing
Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) is creepy-
elegant, and McGregor, athletic and
earnest, can even bring a little life to a
line like, `I am concerned for my
Padawan. He is not ready to be given this
assignment on his own yet.' [Also of note
Christopher Lee of Dracula and British
special forces intelligence fame as the
evil count Dooku.]
"The Americans, on the other hand, are
trained to get into the character's mind
and imagine as he would imagine, to
work from the inside out. But there is no
inside here: These characters are nothing
but pop-cult props, and that leaves the
performers helpless and inert... [E]ven
an actual great actor, Samuel L. Jackson,
seems ridiculous. He never looks
comfortable as the Jedi Mace Windu, in
robes and boots, and there's nothing he
can do at all with a line like `The
Genosians aren't warriors. One Jedi has
to be worth a hundred Genosians!'"
Hunter's comments remind MIM of
commie-symp playwright Bertolt
Brecht's writings on acting. Brecht hated
the "method acting" approach where
actors draw on their persynal experiences
to "feel what their characters are feeling"
so that audiences also "feel their pain"
etc. Why, Brecht asked, should the
audience rejoice with the British soldiers
who just put down a colonial revolt?
Instead of getting caught up in the
euphoria, the audience should be
encouraged to make their own
intellectual and emotional assessment--
in this case, sorrow and anger.
Brecht's preferred acting style--based
on what he called the alienation (or
distancing) effect--was similar to what
Hunter calls "British technique." For
Brecht, the point was not to "inject charm
and sparkle," but class analysis,
proletarian politics.
Hunter and other reviewers may
dismiss "Attack's" characters as "nothing
but pop-cult props" and its utilitarian,
expository dialogue, but MIM does not--
although we may differ with the film's
political line. After all, in one of our
favorite films--"Breaking With Old
Ideas," made in China during the Cultural
Revolution--the characters are not so
much bourgeois individuals with
personal psychological histories as
representations of particular classes and
political lines.
Still, Hunter's point is relevant: there
is no way a seventeen-year-old actor from
the `burbs will be able to "get into
himself" and find his "inner Anakin"--a
former slave--or use navel-gazing to
comment sensibly on Anakin's youthful
impatience or fascist leanings. On the
other hand, an intelligent, well-trained
seventeen-year-old actor who had studied
history and ideally participated in the
class struggle first-hand would have been
able to do more with Anakin--not
because "that's where he's coming from"
but because of his knowledge of the
world outside himself and his take on it.
So what on the surface looks like a
matter of bad acting vs. good acting
reveals itself as a conflict between
subjectivism and post-modernism on the
one hand and dialectics and materialism
on the other.
Clones: A note on dialectical, materialist acting
Clones review
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Knights before becoming a full-fledged
One of the parts we like about the
movie is the discussion of the secession
movement by the politicians still loyal
to the Republic. They talk repeatedly of
negotiating with the thousands of
planetary systems breaking away from
the Republic. In fact, there is no standing
army in the Republic. The Jedi Knights
make a point of saying "we're only
peacekeepers, not an army."
The formation of a standing army in
this movie is obviously tied to profit. By
taking a smuggler-mercenary as the
prototype, the Caminoans who live far
out in space away from the Republic
build an army of clones for sale--on the
order of the Jedi Knights of the Republic,
or so they think. Each member of the
clone army is ruthless, without thinking
capacity, unquestioning and cloned from
the same dubious humyn material.
It turns out that the evil soon-to-be-
Emperor Palpatine was behind the
creation of both the clone army and a
robot army for the secessionists--all as
part of a plot to keep the Republic in
turmoil so he can legally assume
dictatorial powers.
For MIM this is an excellent point
about the movie. The Republic lived in
peace with thousands of systems for 1000
years before a standing army came into
being in obviously evil circumstances. So
it appears that species able to inter-
communicate can negotiate their
organization with each other, without
systematic wars.
When it comes time to organize these
armies and a secession movement, it turns
out that we find business federations
conspiring behind the back of the
Republic. They stand for action to defeat
the Jedi Knights and secede from the
Hence, the origin of standing armies is
the most odious of circumstances in "Star
Wars." Yet, we cannot blame Yoda for
organizing the clone army to save the
remaining Jedi Knights in a battle against
the robot army. Although we have not
seen the sequel, it appears that the army
Yoda mustered will end up being
corrupted itself and serving as an
instrument of Darth Vader.
This problem neatly parallels our own
in this day. Somehow we have found
ourselves in circumstances where
standing armies exist, act and arm
themselves in connection to the profit
motive. Contrary to anarchists who
mistake their own wishes for reality or a
means to achieve a new reality, we
scientific socialists agree with Marx on
the need for an interim dictatorship of
the proletariat. Yoda had no choice but
to use that army, because society was not
ready for any other approach. A society
needing an army is a dictatorship of some
kind or another, whether openly fascist
or cloaked as "democracy."
The newspaper critics focused on Jar
Jar Binks, the character that starred in
the last installment of Star Wars and was
widely and deservedly criticized.
However, even that criticism was shallow
political correctness. Considering that
there are all range of alien characters in
the movie, including some of the lowliest
scavenger types, it should not be
surprising to find a character speaking
poor English reminiscent of a Black slave
caricature. Even accepting the criticism
of the critics, we say so what? There is
no reason that all species in a future
intergalactic Republic would be perfect
English speakers or highly intelligent, if
Jar Jar Binks is indeed representative of
a species.
"Episode II" of "Star Wars" deserves
to be a launching pad for more serious
political discussion, not just political
correctness on Jar Jar Binks.
Spiderman review
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comes great responsibility." This is what
MIM refers to as the "leadership
principle." The great power Parker refers
to is his spider-power; the power we refer
to is state power (or proto-state power
when referring to leadership positions in
our party). Leaders in the bourgeois
government and economy are not held
responsible for the 14 million children
every year who die of malnutrition
worldwide -- they are not even held
accountable for the few score middle-
class Amerikans who died because of the
shoddy workmanship on their SUVs and
tires. Bourgeois leaders need not be
particularly intelligent, courageous or
devoted to the common good -- they
simply need daddy's money and a few
friends in the right places. On the
contrary, MIM would restrict leadership
positions in the dictatorship of the
proletariat to the most dedicated, with a
proven track record of struggle and
results. Furthermore, these leaders would
understand that if they made a mistake
that cost other people their lives, they
could be held accountable with their own
Samuel L. Jackson loses one for
the Amerikan team against the
Brits, led by Ian McDiarmid.
MIM Notes 260 · June 15, 2002· Page 8
brothels, opium dens, and other forms of
organized vice."(4) This book also points
to several other authors on this point in
their page 3. Even reactionary authors
know this.
Tibet by all accounts is in a difficult
patch of geography. This allows some
people to fantasize about a paradise
removed almost from humyn view. The
Western "Free Tibet" movement wants
us to envision a spiritually unified people
living in Shangri-La. In contrast, we
believe they lived in difficult economic
conditions and that we should not be
surprised that former slaves and serfs
became communists.
People with any sense of geography
and reality will listen to the following
MIM debates Seattle Buddhist on `freedom,' Tibet
accounts, and not put stock in a Dalai
Lama who says serfdom was mild in
"I was born in a slave's family in
Konka County, Tibet. . . .I was a slave
for nine years and lived like a beast of
burden. . . .They beat and abused me
every day. . . . I was so tired I would
sometimes doze off. Choma would take
a big pin from her collar and poke it into
my head. Blood streamed down my head
and I felt dizzy. Nine years of
enslavement brought me to the verge of
death. One summer day in 1956, I was
beaten unconscious by Choma's
daughter. A gust of cold evening wind
woke me up. My body covered with
wounds and blood, I thought of our
kinsmen the People's Liberation Army.
(Tibet was peacefully liberated as early
as 1951. But the Democratic Reform was
not yet carried out in 1956 and the
manorial lords continued to rule over the
serfs.) I remembered a P.L.A. unit had
been stationed in our village in 1954 . .
.That night the masters were having a
drinking party and I took advantage of
their merry-making and the departure of
guests to run away from the lair. . . After
five days and six night I finally found
the P.L.A. who saved me."--Pasang,
Vice-Chairman of the Revolutionary
Committee of the Tibet Autonomous
Region, 1972
"I had nine children. My heart almost
broke when three of my daughters died
of hunger and cold. Thanks to Chairman
Mao, now we have a happy life."--A
mother whose own mother, father and
two siblings also died while begging in
Lhasa under the Dalai Lama's rule
"90 per cent of the cadres at the district
level are of Tibetan nationality."--1972,
"Great Changes in Tibet," (Peking:
Foreign Languages Press)
"More than 95 per cent of the members
of their revolutionary committees at
various levels are emancipated serfs and
"In Lamaist temples all things related
to feudal oppression and exploitation
must be reformed"--Panchen Lama,
July, 1959
1. For more on Palden Gyatso, see
MIM Notes 258, 15 May 2002.
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to use nuclear weapons in its war with
Pakistan and the unspoken truth
On the Pakistan side, there have been
four wars with India since Indian
independence in 1947. The Pakistani
view involves its tit-for-tat conflict over
religion and nationality with India.
However, the situation with the United
$tates since September 11th has
definitely become a new factor in the war.
On May 25th, Pakistan announced it was
withdrawing troops along the border with
Afghanistan.(5) Although the move did
not receive much fanfare, and Pakistan
also withdrew troops from U.N.
operations, the troop movement is a very
strong message to the United $tates that
the India conflict comes first and helping
Amerika with al Qaeda searches in
Afghanistan comes second. In theory,
Pakistani troops were stopping al Qaeda
from crossing the border into Pakistan
to get away from U.$.-led troops. No
doubt the United $tates did something to
precipitate the shifting priorities in
Pakistan seen May 25th. The deal seems
to be that the United $tates has to keep
India off Pakistan's back while Pakistan
cooperates on al Qaeda. At the same time,
the United $tates flexes muscle via India.
A more intensive war between India and
Pakistan would represent a higher stage
of bargaining with the United $tates by
Pakistan, but once the war started, who
knows if al Qaeda would ever again
appear to be a strong priority.
We at MIM clearly oppose any U.$.
thoughts of taking on Pakistan. The
United $tates is going deep into a
reactionary fantasy world instead of
accepting the inevitable that it will not
be able to control every country in the
world without being "struck back."
Currently, Pakistani rulers feel that U.$.
military maneuvers could turn against
Pakistan in alliance with India. Pakistanis
say that India and the United $tates just
Toilers suffer in brewing India-Pakistan war
concluded joint war games against
Pakistan.(6) This is a difficult situation
to interpret, but MIM's analysis is that
Pakistani bourgeois nationalists are
correct in interpreting the situation of
U.$. pressure. (See "U.$. brass fear
military stretched too thin," p.5)
South Asian false consciousness
MIM Notes previously reported that in
all of the Third World countries polled
there was one that was enthusiastic about
the U.$. war on Afghanistan: India. The
reason for that enthusiasm is that Indians
opposed the connection of Pakistan to the
Taliban in Afghanistan.
As MIM has said before, there is
generally a common if vague view
amongst the oppressed and exploited that
reflects the underlying conditions of
oppression and exploitation. Likewise, in
the oppressor nations, MIM has said there
is an underlying economic condition of
exploiter-status, and not surprisingly, a
Gallup poll shows imperialist countries
lined up for the U.$. war.(7)
India was an exception from the rule
that Third World countries wanted a
peaceful resolution, and for this reason,
MIM does not hesitate to speak of an
overwhelming "false consciousness" in
India. Marxists say that a group
demonstrates "false consciousness"
when its views do not match its self-
interests. Typically the newly born
proletariat of Marx's day was not aware
of its own interests as a class. When
Indians become excited about religious
or caste strife, they are demonstrating
"false consciousness"--except for the
rulers who benefit from such distractions
that keep the exploited from uniting.
On May 24th, the Chinese and Indian
Foreign Ministers exchanged phone calls
about the war on the border between
India and Pakistan. The Chinese reported
that the Indian minister actually agreed
that the people of India and Pakistan
would be better served by focusing on
economic development instead of war.(8)
Although the populations of both India
and Pakistan are riled up for war against
each other, and it is not just a matter of
the rulers' wanting war, the people of
south and central Asia have nothing to
gain. The workers and peasants will do
the dying while the arms merchants will
make the profits.
Backward preoccupations
Western news agencies focused on the
missile tests by Pakistan that both sides
Pakistan and India called "routine" and
we did not see China's emphasis on
reporting the actual battles in progress
between India and Pakistan. Recently,
according to Pravda, (and we believe
news coverage reflects it), England has
labeled all countries with ballistic
weapons as a threat and U.$. rulers have
voiced a similar view, especially
regarding northern Korea, Iran, Iraq and
others they refer to as the "axis of evil."
Although it is questionable that George
W. Bush realizes it, U.$.. imperialism
encourages countries around the world
to apply for new I$rael status--lining up
as a U.$. henchman in exchange for
military aid and a green light to take
neighbors' land. India is doing this with
respect to Pakistan. Pakistan is doing the
same. Armenia and Azerbaijan are racing
for the same status having been at war
recently. All around the world--in
Colombia, Nepal, Ceylon--would-be
lackeys line up for U.$. aid in the "war
against terrorism." This creates new
sources of instability.
Even Bush is having problems conducting
his war on "terrorism." He tried to bribe
Pakistan with typical Liberal ("free market)
inducements for Pakistan's clothing exports.
Considering that Bush says he is for free trade
he should have eliminated the taxes on
Pakistan's exports to the United $tates long
ago, but instead he offered the trade deal as a
bribe for peaceful "anti-terrorist" behavior,
only to see Congress rescind it out of
deference to the "loser" labor aristocracy of
the United $tates concerned about losing
more textile jobs.
Bush also offered to rescind $1 billion in
Pakistan's debt. One report says that the
United $tates has already delivered $600
million of its promises. Another mentions that
Pakistan bills the United $tates for military
aid in operations in Afghanistan. At least one
Pakistani politician is saying that foreign bank
loans have ruined Pakistan's chances of
economic development and that all such
international agencies must be kicked out.(9)
While MIM has found information on
proposals, we are not able to confirm what
money from the United $tates and the other
imperialists is actually flowing to Pakistan for
what. If we knew, we would have a better idea
of what is behind the war-posturing.
It goes to show that the current "war on
terrorism" and global hope for peace can only
end in defeat because of the current economic
system, just like the "war on drugs." Even so
feeble an attempt at international cooperation
as the limited clothing trade deal with
Pakistan ends up defeated. There needs to be
a global minimum wage and other global
standards of environmental and labor
protection so that conflicts over trade do not
arise and contribute to an atmosphere of war
and terrorism.
eng20020525_96417.shtml; http://
terrorismpoll_figures.htm ; see our detailed
explanation of this poll at
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MIM Notes 260 · June 15, 2002· Page 9
along with the opportunity for civil
disobedience by anyone interested. They
attempted to obtain all necessary permits
to ensure that the event be legal for those
who did not wish to be arrested.
The organizers negotiated with bridge
authorities for weeks prior to the rally,
but the authorities made arbitrary last-
minute decisions to sabotage the event.
They allowed the pre-march rally to be
held at Crissy Field, but in a specially
designated "First Amendment" area, well
away from any public walkways or roads.
They allowed no stage or sound system,
only 4 bullhorns for crowd control, no
chanting, and no large banners. The
bridge authorities also denied organizers
access to the supposedly public Golden
Gate bridge after noon, forcing them to
change the time of the protest. And access
before noon came with the restrictions
that everyone be off the bridge by 2 p.m.
and no one hold any anti-war signs on
the bridge.
The rally in Crissy field included
several anti-imperialist speeches by
march organizers, chanting (in spite of
this being designated as illegal behavior
by the police), and many people making
shirts to wear across the bridge instead
of carrying signs. MIM brought copies
of some RAIL anti-imperialist posters on
11x17 and 8 1/2 x 11 paper which we
provided to people to tape on their shirts.
The posters with messages such as
"Fighting Imperialism is not Terrorism"
and "Imperialism: the majority of the
world's people can't live with it, you
can't live without it" were very popular
with the crowd.
When the marchers reached the
entrance to the pedestrian walkway at the
Golden Gate Bridge police who insisted
on searching bags and making people
leave behind signs and banners. Police
turned one MIM supporter back for
Police turn violent at Golden Gate protest
carrying a paper bag with some posters
inside a backpack. Either leave these
behind or don't get on the bridge, was
the message. Police told others to leave
behind Palestinian flags and signs they
were carrying. MIM noted several cars
go by flying Amerikan flags without
incident. And pedestrians wave
Amerikan flags on the walkway on a
daily basis.
On the bridge marchers chanted with
fists in the air, keeping within the
walkway while trying to make the anti-
war message clear to passers-by. Flanked
by police, fully armed national guards,
police boats and what looked like snipers
in the hills, the marchers were certainly
not a threat to anyone, but were quite
threatened by the protectors of
imperialism. These goons clearly
understood the danger in a strong anti-
imperialist movement.
Predictably, the mainstream media
message was that people were way too
hassled by this anti-war protest. Channel
5 interviewed one woman stuck in traffic,
who said, "Sure I'm anti-war, but I'm 9
months pregnant and I need to pee." Her
message was clear: I can only oppose
brutality and oppression when it is
convenient. No doubt some wealthy
Marin residents were annoyed by the
traffic problems. (The Golden Gate
Bridge connects San Francisco with
Marin County, a wealthy area with many
nature preserves that are popular
destinations for weekend hikes and
Mainstream news did not report that
most reactions from passing cars were
supportive of the march before the cops
shut the bridge down. Foot traffic also
flowed freely. Tourists passed by
unimpaired. But once the cops blocked
the bridge drivers started screamed
obscenities--at protestors. The cops'
advance even trapped one tourist family
on the front line.
(In contrast to other bourgeois
mouthpieces, The San Francisco
Chronicle provided relatively unbiased
coverage of the march. It reported on
cops' attacks on protestors and noted that
the police shoved reporters around. One
Indymedia reporter was arrested.)
After the cops stopped the march from
going further, one organizer approached
the police to explain that it was not only
their "first amendment right" to continue,
but it was also a right protected by the
permit they had secured. As a verbal
argument ensued the cops seized and
arrested the organizer--with permit in
hand. The cops insisted that the marchers
turn back and several people sat down in
protest. The cops--some with
shotguns--arrested them and started
pushing the rest of the crowd back along
the walkway. They beat anyone who
didn't move fast enough, used pepper
spray on the crowd, and shoved people
so that some fell to the ground.
The cops arrested those who fell to the
ground and anyone else they could grab,
slamming heads and bodies to the
concrete. They arrested 27 people on the
bridge, shackled them in plastic cuffs and
put them on a bus in a nearby parking
lot. Many begged to have the cuffs
loosened, complaining of pain in the
wrists and shoulders as the bus sat there
for 3 hours. Finally the pigs bussed this
group up to San Rafael in Marin County,
cited them for obstructing the sidewalk,
and released them in the middle of
nowhere to find their way back to the city.
Meanwhile, the police continued to
"escort" the remaining marchers off the
bridge. The crowd arrived in two groups.
Cops told the first group to wait in a
picnic area next to a snack bar just off
the bridge "to ensure your safety." One
woman asked the cops if the marchers
were in danger and they responded that
the marchers would be if they didn't wait
for an "escort." When the second half of
the marchers arrived the cops in riot gear
immediately formed a line and again
started pushing the marchers back. The
marchers were in a parking lot and picnic
area that is part of the park, not even
threatening traffic.
The protestors would have said a few
words and dispersed, but again the cops
created an incident--they suddenly
grabbed the 11-year-old Palestinian girl,
threw her to the ground and held here
there for five minutes. They then took
her away in a police car. The girl had been
chanting with her sisters and brother
throughout the march.
After kidnapping this young girl, the
CHP cops left and only the park police
remained. They told the crowd that they
had to return to the originally designated
"First Amendment Area" in the park.
When the crowd made it clear they were
not leaving without the young girl who
was arrested the head park cop radioed
to find out what happened to her. He
reported back that he was told they had
not arrested any 11-year-old girls. After
the crowd expressed their outrage at that
answer he said he would work with the
girl's family to find her. A little while
later cops told her family that the girl
would be released [after being charged
with felony assault]; her older brother
drove to the police station to pick her up.
When he arrived cops arrested and
charged him with felony child
endangerment. They transferred his sister
to SF Child Protective Services.
Despite the bullshit Amerikans learn
in school, the United $tates is not a "free
country." Clearly--"free speech rights"
notwithstanding--some kinds of speech
are not so free. We see that when prison
administrators censor MIM notes for
saying the same things as Abraham
Lincoln, and we see that when pigs toss
opponents of Amerika's latest military
adventures into jail.
those very public statements he made--
including the self-sacrifice of giving up
his title as an anti-war statement. We
can't demand purity in the cultural icons
who arise now and then to make a
positive contribution--like U2 singer
Bono supporting debt relief for Third
World countries--even when they do it
for their own reasons. Our task is to build
a revolutionary movement. If these folks
help us a little, we'll take it. You are right
not to go too far, not to let a passing
admiration turn into hero worship. That
mistake has cost the revolution too much,
too many times.
Focoism problems
Revolutionary greetings,
I received a letter from you responding
to my question about focoism and you
told me to read the essay in the "What is
MIM" pamphlet. [Focoism is the idea
that armed actions carried out by small
cells or "focos" will inspire the rest of
the population to spontaneously rise up
in armed revolution.] Now I just finished
reading the essay and I'm still a little
confused with why a lot of comrades
have a problem with focoism.
Now I'm not saying that I'm right on
how I feel because I have only been
studying revolutionary politics for a few
months. But what I do know is that the
percentage of revolutionaries in the
united snakes is no where near the
percent of the "white working class"
(bourgeoisie). Now it says that focoists
are a small group of people that believe
"a single spark can start the revolutionary
fire." I also believe that Mao said
something to the likes of to stop a war is
to have a war when the government is at
its weakest point. I say that to say this
wasn't the U.$. at its weakest point in
history on 9-11-01, then why didn't the
revolution start already. What else
needed to happen for the snakes to feel
the revolutionary fire. Why didn't it
happen yet?
As far as I see, it is a lot of people are
talking but are not acting. I'm not saying
that I'm a focoist, but until I can know
and fully understand (MLM) I would
have to say I don't think focoism is all
that bad.
In closing, I want it to be know that I
have a lot of love and respect for MIM
and all its comrades and I hope that when
I do leave these kages I could be a
member of MIM and fight the struggle
side by side with all its comrades.
--a prisoner in New Jersey, April 2002
MIM responds : This prisoner raises
an important question about focoism in
the context of the class structure in the
United $tates. It is true that the majority
in the U.$. are non-revolutionary. But this
doesn't mean that the small portion that
is should take up adventurist, focoist
strategies. In fact, this is an argument for
the opposite: history is filled with
examples of the failures of armed
struggle when it is taken up by just a
small group without the support of the
people. In this country various attempts
at armed actions have only led to
imprisonment of the activists (or death)
while the general public remains opposed
to revolution.
The events of September 11 are a good
example, although MIM does not
consider such attacks by the oppressed
on the United $tates to be focoism. If the
attacks on the World Trade Center had
been carried out by people within U.$.
borders the response by the general
public would likely have been the same.
The people turned to stronger Amerikan
nationalism and move even closer to
outright fascism. This is not a progressive
response, or a step in the direction of
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MIM Notes 260 · June 15, 2002· Page 10
MIM on
Prisons & Prisoners
MIM seeks to build public opinion
against Amerika's criminal injustice sys-
tem, and to eventually replace the bour-
geois injustice system with proletarian jus-
tice. The bourgeois injustice system im-
prisons and executes a disproportionately
large and growing number of oppressed
people while letting the biggest mass mur-
derers -- the imperialists and their lack-
eys -- roam free. Imperialism is not op-
posed to murder or theft, it only insists that
these crimes be committed in the interests
of the bourgeoisie.
"All U.S. citizens are criminals--
accomplices and accessories to the crimes
of U.$. oppression globally until the day
U.$. imperialism is overcome. All U.S.
citizens should start from the point of view
that they are reforming criminals."
MIM does not advocate that all
prisoners go free today; we have a
more effective program for fighting
crime as was demonstrated in China
prior to the restoration of capitalism
there in 1976. We say that all prisoners
are political prisoners because under
the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, all
imprisonment is substantively
political. It is our responsibility to
exert revolutionary leadership and
conduct political agitation and
organization among prisoners --
whose material conditions make them
an overwhelmingly revolutionary
group. Some prisoners should and will
work on self-criticism under a future
dictatorship of the proletariat in those
cases in which prisoners really did do
something wrong by proletarian
Under Lock & Key
News from Prisons & Prisoners
If you cannot afford
an attorney, you
cannot afford justice
Since 1999 I've been in the Shelby
County Jail awaiting trial. I have a public
defender who has not worked to get me
one court appearance, one pretrial motion
hearing, or even bothered to come and
speak with me concerning my charges.
In addition to this, the Shelby County Jail
in Memphis TN has a law library that
doesn't meet the state and federal
standards imposed on institutions to
provide "meaningful, adequate and
effective access to the courts." Inmates
are permitted only 30 minutes a month
in the law library without the assistance
of a paralegal or one trained in the law.
Considering these dual violations of
my constitutional rights, it is obvious that
my ability to prepare a defense for myself
is hindered, causing irreparable harm to
my representation in court. As I filed
grievance after grievance, I was retaliated
against by the jail administration with
hole time, medical neglect and other
inmate abuse. The Federal courts require
that inmates "exhaust all administrative
remedies" before filing lawsuits against
lock up facilities, which I did. However,
after I submitted a thorough claim
asserting how I was violated and my form
of relief sought, the federal courts
dismissed my lawsuit in its entirety,
stating that "the only time that Federal
courts interfere with criminal state courts
is where extraordinary circumstances
The U.S. constitution has set forth
guaranteed rights to all inmates/prisoners
which we are "ordinarily" entitled to
during incarceration, while going through
court. When these "ordinary" rights are
denied and no longer guaranteed, thus
producing a prejudicial effect, such
conditions/circumstances become
I am not the only inmate in this facility
facing these extraordinary circumstances.
Over 65% of the inmate population here
are indigent with worthless public
defenders and are not able to defend
themselves in court. With the poor
condition of our law library (access to
courts), an indigent doesn't stand a
chance in the courtroom defending
himself. This is the Shelby County
criminal courts conspiracy of keeping
Black men incarcerated in this city. If you
can not afford an attorney, you can not
afford justice.
-- a prisoner in Tennessee, May 2002
Struggling for
signatures in Texas
[This prisoner has been collecting
signatures on MIM's campaign to stop
Texas prisons from forcing prisoners to
work even when they are sick or injured,
and punishing them with loss of good-
time if they can't or won't work. Contact
MIM for copies of the petition or to
submit signatures. -ed]
I just received your letter, MIM Notes,
and some other info on the revolution.
You stressed the fact that I need to help
in the struggle. Damn right! But I had
not heard from you nor received any
MIM Notes. Thank you though. I got as
many signatures [on the Texas labor
petition] as I could. I was just released
from Ad Seg and placed in a high security
unit in closed custody. We are in the
house 22 hours a day and recreate for 2
hours. We have no way to pass things
around and if we're caught doing so it's
a disciplinary case. More of my good
time/money I had doesn't help me at all
taken away. But I had as many as I could.
MIM I have a personal experience with
this reactionary policy TDCJ has. I
injured my shoulder lifting weights. The
Dr. X-rayed me and said it was fractured.
Still I had to go to third shift broom
squad. When the pain was too much I
quit. I was made to stand for 4 hours at
night at line control before I was stripped
naked and put in a cold cell, which is to
cool you off. After 2 hours in there I was
written a major case for refusing to work.
But my doctor later made my bond and
the case was then thrown out, that was in
In 2000, I was assaulted by an officer
and my shoulder was reinjured. I've been
on pain medication for it because I have
constant pain. At times it hurts to write.
It hurts when I wake up and when I go to
sleep. It's so bad I can't sleep on my right
side. I get more pain medication and sent
back to work. I've been like this since
2000, still TDC makes me work their
fields. If I quit I get a case! When will
the madness stop? I asked the doctor that
question, he said, "I gotta work, and
sometimes I get sick," and put me back
to work. No relief!
--A Texas Prisoner, May 2002
Jail abuse can't
squelch interest in
MIM Theory
I got put in lock up with no privileges
after three prisoners jumped me for no
reason at all. They took my visitation,
telephone, and library privileges, among
others, and even tried to place me on a
diet called food loaf, which is wholly
inadequate, for 7 days. This was stopped
after I put in a grievance threatening to
write the TX jail commission.
Around 25 days later a guard came into
my cell while I was at an attorney visit
and wrote me up for several rules that
aren't ever enforced unless the `good old
boy' system feels like having a josh with
ya. When I came back to my cell my stuff
was thrown everywhere. Pictures of my
girl and mom were all torn up, my towels
and clothes were thrown on the floor, my
drinking cup was in the toilet and the
toilet was pissed in; there was piss all
around the toilet on the floor too.
I mentioned this at my disciplinary
hearing and still got 60 days with no
Six dollars in stamps are enclosed for
you MIM Theory 9, "Psychology and
Imperialism." I've always been interested
in this subject, and I plan on collecting
the entire MIM Theory.
In struggle,
--A Texas Prisoner, February 2002
Stand up against
Censorship is an issue which is
effective beyond these prison walls. The
U$ Government and its court systems in
Amerika has broadened the scope in the
way the Constitution is interpreted
regarding how much of our rights to free
speech is protected. The recent call of
Amerika's attention to the Sept. 11
incident which triggered several
Amerikans opinionated responses is yet
another example of what political views
the U$ Government feels are acceptable.
Although most amerikans or those
living in amerika have a firm belief that
the U$ Government protects all
individual's rights to exercise their own
political views, why is it that when
someone's political views provide a mass
of its own people with factual truth of
Governmental oppressive actions against
a people or nation of people, it's no longer
a protected right, but an unacceptable
form of anarchy?
It appears that a great majority of
amerikans continue to believe that this
country guarantees the right to free
speech and its own political views until
they're actually faced with having to
figure out why the same constitutional
right to free speech and political views
didn't protect them or their loved ones
as it alleges.
Together, we comrades of MIM must
continue to broaden our analysis of this
censorship issue in order to eliminate the
limitations that the institutions and the
Government may place on our views
irregardless of whether on the inside of
these prison walls or on the outside
looking in.
--A New York prisoner, May 2002
Department of
Corrections? Or
Department of Abuse?
By a NY prisoner
Originally written 16 July 1999
Why do they call this a "Correctional
Facility"? Why is it overseen by a so-
called "Department of Corrections"?
These names or titles give society the
impression that prisoners are being
"corrected" in these places. Nothing
could be further from the truth. The
simple truth of the matter is that
Correctional Facilities are places where
correctional Officers and civilian
employees live out their pervert4ed
fantasies of power at the expense of the
charges under their care.
Every day in prison men and women
are subjected to physical, mental and
emotional atrocities. The type of abuse
that would never be accepted in a free
society. Pat frisks that go beyond what
the Courts in their esteemed wisdom call
sexual harassment. What many prisoners
have been and still are subjected to is
blatant sexual abuse. Yet to complain of
this mistreatment, more often than not,
only leads to other forms of harassment
and abuse.
MIM Notes 260 · June 15, 2002· Page 11
Facts on U$ imprisonment
The facts about imprisonment in the United $tates are that the United $tates has been the world's leading prison-state per capita for the last
25 years, with a brief exception during Boris Yeltsin's declaration of a state of emergency.(1)
That means that while Reagan was talking about a Soviet "evil empire" he was the head of a state that imprisoned more people per capita.
In supposedly "hard-line" Bulgaria of the Soviet bloc of the 1980s, the imprisonment rate was less than half that of the United $tates.(2,3)
To find a comparison with U.$. imprisonment of Black people, there is no statistic in any country that compares including apartheid South
Africa of the era before Mandela was president. The last situation remotely comparable to the situation today was under Stalin during war
time. The majority of prisoners are non-violent offenders(4) and the U.S. Government now holds about a half million more prisoners than
China; even though China is four times our population.(5)
The rednecks tell MIM that we live in a "free country." They live in an Orwellian 1984 situation where freedom is imprisonment.
Notes: 1. Marc Mauer, "Americans Behind Bars: The International Use of Incarceration 1993," The Prison Sentencing Project, 918 F. St. NW, Suite
501, Washington, DC 20004 (202) 628-0871 Reference: SRI: R8965-2, 1994
2. Ibid., 1992 report.
3. United Nations Development Programme, "Human Development Report 1994,:" Oxford University Press, p. 186.
4. Figure of 51.2 percent for state prisoners there for non-violent offenses. Abstract of the United States 1993, p. 211.
5. Atlantic Monthly December, 1998.
Some uninformed but well-meaning
people in society would say: "use legal
remedies to stop the harassment." In
civilized society this is a very effective
means of stopping sexual harassment.
The problem is, prison is not like
civilized society. There are no "effective"
legal remedies in prisons to stop the
abuse and harassment. The most a
prisoner can hope for is that bringing
attention to the problem will prompt
prison officials to remedy the situation.
However, this does little to stop the
ensuing mental and emotional abuse the
prisoner who lodged the complaint will
continue to suffer until their release from
Prisoners who have been victims of
physical abuse have, or I should say, had
a good chance to receive compensation
from the courts for physical harm they
suffered at the hands of correctional staff.
Changes in the law of New York State
over the past few years have made it not
only harder to prove physical abuse, but,
have set limits on the amount of
compensation that a prisoner is entitled
Mental and emotional abuse are a wide-
spread normality in the prison system.
Rule infractions [tickets] base on lies is
a favorite harassment technique used by
correctional staff. When a prisoner is
"written up" for something that not only
he or she knows is a lie but that the
administration knows is a lie, it's a blatant
abuse of power. Prisoners have little
recourse to deal with such abuse of
power. Complaints to the highest levels
of correctional staff are usually met with
silence or indifference. Often times
complaints lead to more harassment and
abuse by correctional staff. This is done
as a form of retaliation and to show the
prisoner that complaints can't help them.
Is it any wonder that prisoners often
feel they can get no justice in prison?
That they become embittered by their
experiences here? That they wish to lash
out at society upon release? Who can
blame them?
Correctional facilities should be places
where a person found guilty of crimes
against society learns how to return to
society as a useful and productive person.
They should not be returned to society
embittered, angry, and full of hatred due
to the abuses they suffered while
incarcerated. Only looking for retribution
and a chance to victimize others as they
have been victimized in prison.
Those members of the correctional
staff who use their positions to fulfill
their lust for power over others, and there
are may who fit this profile, should
themselves be charged for their crimes
against humanity. They should be held
accountable by society for their abuse of
Sad as it is for me to say, many people
released from prison will continue to
commit crimes against society. This will
continue until society realizes that people
incarcerated in Correctional facilities are
not receiving the "correction" necessary
to return them to society as people
changed for the better. People ready to
be a productive part of society not only
must society realize this, they must take
the appropriate steps to ensure that
changes are made in the way Correctional
Facilities are run. Until these changes are
made people in society can only expect
to be victimized by those, who
themselves, are victims of Correctional
MIM adds : This comrade is right on
in this discussion of the effectiveness of
so-called "Correctional" facilities.
Unfortunately, under imperialism prisons
are used primarily as a tool of repression
with little concern for those who are
incarcerated. Even though it would be in
the self-interest of all people to help
prisoners integrate into society, this is
rarely attempted because this is not the
purpose of prisons.
We encourage this comrade, and others
interested in this topic to investigate the
use of prisons during socialist China.
Two books that address this subject are
the autobiography of Pu Yi, and Prisoners
of Liberation by Allyn and Adele Rickett,
which describe the effectiveness of
Chinese prisons from the view point of
the last emperor of China and two petty-
bougeois Amerikans, respectively. While
prisons are always tools of repression
since they are part of the state, which
serves certain class interests, in socialist
China this repression was aimed at those
opposing the class interests of the
workers and peasants. In order for these
prisons to work in the interests of the
masses, they had to reform the prisoners
to realize why the things they did were
deemed criminal under the dictatorship
of the proletariat. MIM looks to the
Chinese model as an example of how
prisons should be run until the day when
prisons are no longer necessary.
NYS targets ALKQN
Greetings Comrades!
I've received your letter of
acknowledgement with the MIM
platform & program. I sincerely look
forward to building the unity and sharing
the knowledge and enlightenment of any
form of modern day slavery, oppression
or anything that stagnates the growth of
the people, whether it's Latino or Black,
White, Red or Yellow! Oppression is
oppression, and the cause and fight of the
NYS Almighty Latin King & Queen
Nation is to fight against any
establishment or body of government that
continues the outlawed practice of
oppression and abuse!
I myself am in a battle against the New
York State Department of Correctional
Services. Since you have last heard from
me, it seems that the NYSDOCS not only
practices the art of oppression, but also
has started to implement racism &
discrimination once again after the
bloody and sad events of the Attica riot
of 1971!
At the present time I find myself within
the long-term solitary confinement unit
on trumped up and fake misbehavior
reports! Reason being because I've been
known to the prison administration as one
of the leaders of the NYS Latin Kings
(ALKQN). So, since Jan 3, 2002 I've
been enduring countless attacks against
me by officials within the NYSDOCS
along with their soldiers/ CO's.
At first these so-called professionals
used techniques & tactics of intense
interrogation as if to try & flip me into
becoming a cooperating member of the
inmate population at [this facility]. Once
they realized I don't make deals nor do I
speak to clowns in uniforms or shirt &
ties, they tried to have me placed in
administrative segregation. Once in ad
seg, I've received a series of misbehavior
reports that range form assaults to threats
against other inmates that never
happened. These very inmates were
witnesses during the disciplinary
hearings and stated that at no time have I
ever assaulted or threatened them in
anyway! During these attacks on me I
reported them to Senator Velmanette
Montgomery of NYS. During his
investigation, several of my misbehavior
reports were dismissed by NYSDOC
Commissioner Donald Selsky! With an
apology! But yet I'm still sitting in a
special housing unit in solitary
confinement with 2 years of 23 hours a
day confinement within my cell! For a
fake charge of threats, where the average
person would have received less than 30
days in the box. But because of who I
am & what I represent I'm with 24
months solitary confinement & loss of
good time!
I have an appeal pending about the
administrative hearing I've had and I
sincerely would like to find out what is
wrong with these twisted, malicious
people! Any help would be appreciated
from MIM!
..The struggle continues! For where
ever you find a member of the ALKQN
you have found a comrade involved in
the revolution!!
Respect & Honor!
--a NY prisoner, March 2002
MIM adds : This comrade enclosed the
misbehavior reports he has received,
many of which he denies ever happening.
Many of the reports are regarding alleged
mail intercepted by the pigs that
contained ALKQN materials. One Ad
Seg recommendation read, "It has been
determined through your own admission
in a handwritten letter, that you are now
the leader of the Latin Kings in the NYS
department of corrections. This
admission poses a threat to the safety and
security of [this facility]." Whether the
accusation is true or not, this is a clear
example of the targeted political
repression the comrade writes about.
Being a leader of ALKQN, an
organization fighting oppression, is
reason enough to be put in segregation
in the NYSDOC. A close look will show
that political repression is the main
purpose of the U$ prison system.
From the MIM "Frequently Asked
Questions" page,
Internationalism is the ethical belief or
scientific approach in which peoples of
different nations are held to be or assumed to
be equal. Internationalism is opposed to
racism and national chauvinism.
We Maoists believe the nationalism of
nations experiencing oppression of
imperialism is "applied internationalism." We
oppose nationalism of oppressed nations
directed at other oppressed nations, because
the economic content of such nationalism is
intra-proletarian conflict. We seek a united
front of oppressed nations led by the
international proletariat against imperialism.
"I must argue, not from the point of view
of `my' country (for that is the argument of a
wretched, stupid, petty-bourgeois nationalist
who does not realize that he is only a plaything
in the hands of the imperialist bourgeoisie),
but from the point of view of my share in the
preparation, in the propaganda, and in the
acceleration of the world proletarian
revolution. That is what internationalism
means, and that is the duty of the
internationalist, of the revolutionary worker,
of the genuine Socialist."
V. I. Lenin, "What Is Internationalism?"
The Proletarian Revolution and the
Renegade Kautsky
(Peking: Foreign
Language Press, 1965), p. 80.
What is internationalism?
MIM Notes 260 · June 15, 2002· Page 12
Notas Rojas
junio 15, 2002, Nº 260 Fragmento del Periodico Oficial del Movimiento Internacionalista Maoista Gratis
¿Que es el MIM?
El Movimiento Internacionalista Maoísta (MIM) es un partido revolucionario
comunista que ejerce el Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoísmo. El MIM es una organización
internacionalista que trabaja desde el punto de vista del proletariado del Tercer Mundo;
es por esto que sus miembros no son amerikanos sino ciudadanos del mundo.
El MIM lucha para acabar con la opresión de todos los grupos sobre cualquier otro,
naciones por naciones, clases por clases, y géneros por géneros. La revolución es una
realidad para los Estados Unidos mientras su ejército continúa extendiendose en su
esfuerzo por asegurar la hegemonía mundial.
El MIM difiere de otros partidos en tres puntos basicos: (1) El MIM sostiene que
después que el proletariado conquiste el poder estatal, existira aún el potencial para una
restauración de tipo capitalista, bajo la dirección de una burguesía nueva dentro del
mismo partido comunista. En el caso de la Unión Soviética, la burguesía se apoderó del
gobierno después de la muerte de Stalin, en 1953; y en China después de la muerte de
Mao y del derrocamiento de la llamada "banda de los cuatro' en 1976. (2) El MIM
sostiene que la Revolución Cultural en China es la fase ms avanzada a la que llegó el
comunismo en la historia. (3) El MIM afirma que la clase trabajadora blanca de los
EE.UU. es primordialmente, una élite trabajadora no revolucionaria en el presente. Es
por esto que no es el principal vehículo para avanzar el Maoísmo en este país.
El MIM acepta como miembro a cualquier individuo que esté de acuerdo con estos
tres puntos basicos, y que acepte al centralismo democrtico, el método de gobierno por
la mayoría en lo que se refiere a cuestiones de línea del partido. El MIM es un partido
clandestino que no publica los nombres de sus miembros para evitar la represión estatal
dirigida históricamente contra los movimientos revolucionarios comunistas, y anti-
imperialistas. Si Ud. desea una suscripción para cualquiera de nuestros periódicos o
libros teóricos, en español o en inglés, por favor mandar dinero en efectivo o un cheque
al nombre de MIM a esta dirección:
MIM · P.O. Box 29670 · Los Angeles CA 90029-0670
Traducido por CELAAL
Abril 21
San Francisco
Más de veinte mil personas marcharon
ayer desde Mission District hacia City
Hall para protestar contra el militarismo
y el imperialismo yanqui. Multitudes de
manifestantes denunciaron ruidosamente
la reciente agresión israelí en la Franja
de Gaza respaldada por EE.UU. Todos
los gritos del lema "¡Libertad para
Palestina!" que se daban durante pausas
en medio de canciones recibieron fuertes
respuestas por parte de decenas o cientos
de personas.
La presencia de los activistas del
Movimiento Maoísta Internacionalista
(MIM) y la Liga Revolucionaria
Antiimperialista (RAIL) fue muy notable
y bien recibida, en gran parte debido a
una serie de carteles muy artísticos
disenados por los camaradas de RAIL.
En uno de los carteles salía el presidente
Bush tirando los hilos de su títere- el
Primer Ministro israelí Sharon; otro
yuxtaponía un hambriento nino africano
a un vehículo para uso deportivo yanqui
bajo el lema "La mayoría del mundo no
pueden convivir con el imperialismo, y
tú ¿Puedes vivir sin él?" Todos esos
carteles recibieron comentarios de
aprobación por parte de otros
Algunos de los camaradas del MIM y
RAIL participaron además en una menor
manifestación organizada por BAYAN-
Internacional EE.UU., una organización
democrática nacional de ciudadanos
filipinos. Esta manifestación resultó
bastante turbulenta; los cantantes de
lemas consiguieron inspirar a las
multitudes saliendo con el hip y
canciones originales (fue una buena idea
apartarse de las de siempre como "Uno,
dos, tres, cuatro..." y "Hey hey ho ho...").
Los estribillos no carecieron de una
drección política: algunos de ellos decían
"¡Desde Afganistán hasta las Filipinas,
paren la máquina bélica yanqui!" y
"¡Fascista Bush, no creas que podrás
Los organizadores de la manifestación
lograron promover el internacionalismo.
Traían banderas y hacían uso de
estribillos con fin de respaldar la lucha
palestina por la autodeterminación. Los
oradores de la manifestación cuyo punto
de partida fue el corazón del distrito
Latino Mission poblado por inmigrantes,
lo denominaron como "Aztlán ocupado"
y proclamaron su solidaridad con la lucha
latina. Un cartel de RAIL decía: "¡Abajo
con todas las fronteras ilegítimas!"
En el rally más grande participó un
veterano de la brigada Abraham Lincoln
de 89 anos de edad. La brigada de
Abrahan Lincoln fundada por los
comunistas luchó en la guerra civil
espanola contra los nacionalistas
respaldados por los nazis. "Me da mucho
orgullo luchar contra el fascismo y la
opresión, ya sea en Espana, Alemania o
Israel", -dijo.
Al MIM le da mucha alegría oir este
tipo de comentarios desde el punto de
vista internacionalista y presenciar la
participación de tanta gente en la protesta
contra el imperialismo yanqui y una
creciente ola del fascismo. Sin embargo,
estamos conscientes de que estos
sentimientos reflejan la actitud de la
minoría del pueblo yanqui (véase los
artículos sobre las protestas en Santa
Cruz y la Universidad Estatal de San
Francisco en esta página y en las páginas
cuatro, cinco y ocho).
Durante el rally, los camaradas del
Nueva York, El Paso, Chapel Hill/
Greensboro Carolina del Norte, Madison
Wisconsin, Champaign/Urbana Illinois:
¡No dejen de recibir la cantidad de MIM
Notes que les corresponde!
Desde el comienzo de la "guerra contra
el terrorismo" la circulación de MIM
Notes ha aumentado rápidamente. El
hecho no es sorprendente: MIM Notes
es un periódico gratis e independiente.
Claro, en estos tiempos hay más patriotas
impulsivos que se tragan todo lo que dice
Bush, y se les pasa la oportunidad de leer
MIM Notes. Pero hay otros patriotas e
internacionalistas que se dan cuenta de
que ahora periódicos como MIM Notes
pueden desenmascarar el gran
espectáculo que el Tío Sam está poniendo
a su favor.
Claro, Uds. han visto MIM Notes en
las calles pero MIM Notes requiere que
las masas hagan dos cosas fáciles: 1)
sostener el periódico (pagar por su
imprenta y envío) y 2) ¡distribuir el
Buscamos a personas para concretar
los avances en la circulación por todo el
país y estamos dispuestos a dialogar con
gentes fuera del país para extender la
distribuición al extranjero. Dentro de las
fronteras de EE.UU., ¡la ciudad de Nueva
York puede mejorar su distribuición! Y
todos los demas también deben tomar un
paso adelante para distribuir en su área
porque Uds. pueden garantizar que se
cumpla el trabajo.
El MIM busca patrocinadores y
distribuidores. Los patrocinadores pagan
por los periódicos y los distribuidores los
Miles de personas protestan contra el
militarismo yanqui y la agresión israelí
llevan a las calles mientras los oficiales
hacen las dos cosas.
# Cantidad de
MIM Notes para Costo
distribuir anual
-------------- -------
12 (Correo de Prioridad) $120
25 (Correo de Prioridad) $150
50 (Correo de Prioridad) $280
100 $380
200 $750
900 (Correo Expressl!) $3,840
900(8-10 días)
Si Uds. conocen algún lugar bueno para
la distribuición les sugerimos empezar
con 200 ejemplares y avanzar desde ahí.
Si no están dispuesto a ditribuir, sólo
mándennos dinero. Si no quiere Ud.
pagar, solicite ejemplares después de
demostrarle al partido de una manera u
otra que de veras está Ud. interesado (¡las
palabras no valen!). Los que juntan el
dinero para distribuir 900 ejemplares de
cada eddición son los que avanzan
Dirijan giros postales anónimos hechos
a la orden de "MIM" :
MIM, Atención: Rama de Cambridge,
P.O. Box 400559, Cambridge, MA
Para más información, o para dirigir
sus preguntas: [email protected]
¡Campaña para aumentar la
circulación de MIM Notes!
MIM y RAIL distribuyeron el periódico
del MIM- MIM Notes, así como
recogieron firmas a favor de la demanda
de quitar las restricciones de acceso a
visitas impuestas sobre los prisioneros
(véase página tres) y exigir que el Fiscal
General de EE.UU. provea información
sobre más de mil personas detenidas
desde el 11 de septiempre bajo supuestos
cargos de sospecha de actividades
San Francisco Chronicle, 21 de abril