This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
MIM Notes 280 · April 15, 2003 · Page 1
MIM Notes
April 15, 2003, Nº 280
The Official Newsletter of the Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM)
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March 22
emonstrators packed more than
20 blocks of Broadway and
marched toward Washington
Square on a sunny and comfortable
Saturday afternoon. Three wimmin
stepped forward to help MIM Notes
distribution at the rally. The Manhattan
demonstration marked a record month for
MIM distribution and the day after it, the
MIM web site showed that weekly
website traffic was up 50% over the
previous month.
As usual there were a lot of bullshit
arrests at the demonstration, but
compared with the previous New York
demonstration, this one went much more
smoothly with much less police cost.
Perhaps New York City found itself
embarrassed how Washington DC
managed to run a rally with thousands
fewer cops than New York did.
One police source estimated over
200,000 demonstrators,(1) and that is
evident from the ground level; however,
without a helicopter, it would have been
impossible to see the whole
demonstration, so MIM offers no official
estimate. Estimates ran from over 100,000
to one million. Even on some of the same
television stations, headlines varied based
on who they quoted.
Illusions about Democrats
According to CNN, the vast majority
of Democrats in Congress voted yet
again to support the war on March 21st:
"The House resolution, approved on a
392-11 vote, `expresses the unequivocal
support and appreciation of the nation' to
San Francisco,
March 20
housands of anti-war activists
took to the streets of San
Francisco starting at 7am this
morning, staging civil disobedience
throughout the downtown area to shut
down streets and prevent business as
usual. Organized by the anarchist Direct
Action to Stop the War, the protest
focused on 20 key intersections from
which organizers encouraged people to
pick and put together their own groups
for a protest. Over 1,000 arrests are
estimated by 7pm and some
demonstrators are still in the streets. This
followed a demonstration attended by
thousands who marched through pouring
rain the night before deploring Bush's 48
hour deadline to Iraq. Most of these
protesters were still in the streets on the
19th when we got word from passers-by
that the bombs had started falling.
Activists in San Francisco are showing
the world that they understand the
seriousness of the imperialist war on Iraq
and they are willing to make sacrifices,
stay out all day and night, to stand up
against the Amerikan empire.
Throughout the day groups of people,
ranging from groups of 20 to several
thousand, picked intersections and sat
down. These protests gathered strength
as others joined in. The police then moved
in to the intersections, surrounded and
arrested those who refused to move from
the street. Some intersections were held
by protesters for hours as police were
unable to get from one location to another
or gather together enough troops to take
on the crowds. Some protesters chained
themselves to cement blocks to make it
harder for police to move them. After
several attempts protesters finally were
able to get past police in the evening to
blockade the ramps to the bridge across
the bay, a key source of after work traffic.
Protests also shut down key businesses
Global anti-Amerikanism
is just and necessary for
eventual world peace
People often ask us at the Maoist
Internationalist Movement, "how can you
make any political headway by insulting
the people you should be organizing?" We
get this question most often when we
speak of the "Amerikkkan," who we
accuse of national supremacist ideas.
In 90% of the world's countries and
historical situations, our critic is right, just
not in the case of U.$. imperialism and
imperialism today generally. In most
countries, it makes no sense to insult the
majority of the population or tell them to
their face that they are today's equivalent
of Nazis or other repugnant national or
racial supremacists.
George W. Bush is repeatedly
mentioning the word "appeasement"
when speaking of those who oppose war
on Iraq. The term "appeasement"
referred to England's stance toward Nazi-
Last spring, following a series of
bombings on the southern Philippine island
of Mindanao, Philippine President Gloria
Macapagal-Arroyo convinced
lawmakers to pass a tough "anti-terror"
bill. While several of the groups charged
with the bombings denied any
involvement, evidence is mounting against
one group Macapagal-Arroyo has not
charged: the United $tates government.
Amerikan Michael Meiring lost both his
legs and suffered second and third degree
burns over 40%
of his body
when a bomb
exploded inside
his Davao City
hotel room on 16
May, 2002. He
was eventually
charged with
terrorism. "City
prosecutor Raul
Bendico said ... Meiring apparently
attempted to set up explosives intended
to blow up Evergreen Hotel when the
explosion went off..."(1)
Meiring was under police guard at a
Davao City hospital when agents of the
U.$. Federal Bureau of Investigation and
National Security Agency whisked him
to a chartered plane and a hospital in
Manila. Amerikan vice-consul Michael
Newbill paid Meiring's Davao City
hospital bill. While in Manila, only
Meiring's doctor, handpicked by the U.$.
Embassy, had access to him. Meiring was
later flown to San Diego.(1)
According to one of Meiring's friends,
the U.$. Embassy claimed "that Michael
would never be charged with a crime in
connection with the explosion. The
investigation will end up at a stone wall.
Michael will be protected and eventually
taken back to the safety of the United
protests in
Seoul, Buenos
Aires, Zurich,
Greece, and
Paris were
around the
Tidal wave of public opinion against Iraq war
U$A fakes terror in Philippines
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MIM Notes 280 · April 15, 2003 · Page 2
What is MIM?
The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) is the collection of existing or emerging
Maoist internationalist parties in the English-speaking imperialist countries and their English-
speaking internal semi-colonies, as well as the existing or emerging Maoist Internationalist
parties in Belgium, France and Quebec and the existing or emerging Spanish-speaking
Maoist Internationalist parties of Aztlan, Puerto Rico and other territories of the U.$. Empire.
MIM Notes is the newspaper of MIM. Notas Rojas is the newspaper of the Spanish-speaking
parties or emerging parties of MIM. MIM upholds the revolutionary communist ideology
of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and is an internationalist organization that works from the
vantage point of the Third World proletariat. MIM struggles to end the oppression of all
groups over other groups: classes, genders, nations. MIM knows this is only possibly by
building public opinion to seize power through armed struggle. Revolution is a reality for
North America as the military becomes over-extended in the government's attempts to
maintain world hegemony. MIM differs from other communist parties on three main
questions: (1) MIM holds that after the proletariat seizes power in socialist revolution, the
potential exists for capitalist restoration under the leadership of a new bourgeoisie within
the communist party itself. In the case of the USSR, the bourgeoisie seized power after the
death of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao's death and the overthrow of the "Gang
of Four" in 1976. (2) MIM upholds the Chinese Cultural Revolution as the farthest advance
of communism in humyn history. (3) As Marx, Engels and Lenin formulated and MIM has
reiterated through materialist analysis, imperialism extracts super-profits from the Third
World and in part uses this wealth to buy off whole populations of oppressor nation so-
called workers. These so-called workers bought off by imperialism form a new petty-
bourgeoisie called the labor aristocracy. These classes are not the principal vehicles to
advance Maoism within those countries because their standards of living depend on
imperialism. At this time, imperialist super-profits create this situation in the Canada, Quebec,
the United $tates, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland,
Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Israel, Sweden and Denmark. MIM accepts people as
members who agree on these basic principles and accept democratic centralism, the system
of majority rule, on other questions of party line.
"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is universally applicable. We should
regard it not as dogma, but as a guide to action. Studying it is not merely a matter of
learning terms and phrases, but of learning Marxism-Leninism as the science of revolution."
- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208.
Editor, MC206; Production, MC12
MIM Notes
The Official Newsletter of The Maoist Internationalist Movement
ISSN 1540-8817
MIM Notes is the bi-weekly newsletter of the Maoist Internationalist Movement. MIM
Notes is the official Party voice; more complete statements are published in our journal,
MIM Theory. Material in MIM Notes is the Party's position unless noted. MIM Notes
accepts submissions and critiques from anyone. The editors reserve the right to edit
submissions unless permission is specifically denied by the author; submissions are
published anonymously unless authors insist on identification (prisoners are never
identified by name). MIM is an underground party that does not publish the names of its
comrades in order to avoid the state surveillance and repression that have historically
been directed at communist parties and anti-imperialist movements. MCs, MIM comrades,
are members of the Party. The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League (RAIL) is an anti-
imperialist mass organization led by MIM (RCs are RAIL Comrades). MIM's ten-point
program is available to anyone who sends in a SASE.
The paper is free to all prisoners, as long as they write to us every 90 days to confirm
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Most back issues of MIM Notes are available free on our web site. The web site con-
tains thousands of documents, with ordering information for many more.
MIM grants explicit permission to copy all or part of this newspaper for any reason, as
long as we are credited.
For general correspondence, contact:
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MIM gets it right on
Dear MIM,
Fabulous analysis on Kerry and other
Southern democrat races in Dec. '02
MIM Notes [MN271]. The essay told me
more than I'd ever get from sources like
"The Nation," which now appears to be
nothing but a smokescreen of nonsense
put out by political writers barking at each
other--a mere diversion for persons who
have not yet learned that both parties are
a meta-party of elite I like to call "gluttons
of privilege."
-- an Oklahoma prisoner,
15 March 2003
NDF comrade says
`Carry on the Maoist
Dear MIM:
I am a revolutionary cultural worker in
the philippines. I admire your support for
the philippine national democratic
revolution. ... Anyway, it was nice to know
that there are other marxist, leninist and
maoist people in the world under the
MIM. Long live the international working
class movement!
--Comrade X,
March 2003
Anarchist says not to
support Amazon
Dear MIM:
I'm writing in regards to your movie
review section on your website. First, I
must say that I'm impressed by the
amount of movies you've been able to
review and find them very entertaining. I
do, however, have one concern. You
recommend many movies to the public
and even supply a link to a website that
distributes the particular movie. My
concern is that the distributor is almost
always It seems curious to
me that anti-capitalists would encourage
others to buy from a huge corporation who
is a known union-buster. It would be great
if alternatuves could be found and used
instead of relying on capitalists at amazon
to bring the revolution.
Take the struggle to the people!
--an Anarchist reader, March, 2003
Web Minister responds for MIM:
MIM is recommending a number of
Hollywood movies, by which we mean
movies financed by imperialism through
monopoly controlled-banks. This has to
do with our take on applying a dialectical
materialist view.
We at MIM do not believe all good
things come from alternative lifestyles
somehow outside the system. Nor do we
necessarily love the petty-bourgeoisie
more than the "huge corporation."
Instead, we believe capitalism
dialectically gives rise to its grave-diggers.
That means we believe in this case that
Hollywood does give rise to some
movies--maybe 5% or 10% (an estimate
is something we have yet to vote on at
MIM)-- that tend to undercut capitalism.
If we target Amazon, it does not stop
the fact that the monopoly capitalist film
producers have their monopoly capitalist
distribution networks. The IWW
incorrectly targets monopoly capitalists for
boycotts based on raising the status of
the petty-bourgeoisie instead of the
interests of the proletariat.
The IWW has disproportionate
presence in bookstores in the U$A. Thus,
we receive letters like this one asking us
to support reform struggles for bookstore
However, if we boycott Amazon, it
means that people will buy more of their
movies at malls. The same malls throwing
out people for buying and then wearing
peace t-shirts will benefit if we boycott
Amazon. Read for example about the
Crossgates Mall near Albany, New York
that had some t-shirt wearers arrested.
That's the nature of the capitalist system.
Hence, in fighting reform struggles like
the IWW is fighting for bookstore workers
makes it even more crucial to correctly
define friends and enemies. A strike can
only succeed within such a system by
playing one capitalist faction against
another while also mobilizing the workers.
Boycotting Amazon necessarily benefits
another faction of capitalists: that's why
we call it a system.
That means that every struggle that
rewards the Amerikkkan petty-
bourgeoisie leaves us one less faction of
capitalists to play off on behalf of the
international proletariat. MIM would
rather at this moment be punishing the
mall capitalists for illegally stopping peace
movement activities on their premises
than punishing Amazon for busting a
petty-bourgeois union.
Such choices have to be made all the
time--even in our reform struggles. At
root, the oppressed and exploited of Iraq
should carry much more weight in our
minds at the moment than the bookstore
unions of the u.$.A. The security guard
lost his job for arresting the t-shirt wearers
in the Crossgates Mall. We say good
riddance. Let the monopoly capitalists
come down from their offices and arrest
people in the mall themselves and let all
security guards heed this example. We
don't need any sympathy for the petty-
bourgeoisie that is going to stop us from
correctly focussing our fire.
MIM Notes 280 · April 15, 2003 · Page 3
AWOL youth
In February MIM interviewed a young
man who is AWOL from the Amerikan
military and is actively seeking
conscientious objector status in opposition
to the U.$. wars. Joe (not his real name)
is not just seeking to avoid combat, he
has become an activist speaking out
against the Amerikan military and its
imperialist wars attending marches and
Joe explained his current situation: "I'm
supposed to be down in Camp [X]
relieving the active people there and
sending them on their way. I'm supposed
to be down there going `go shoot
someone for me, rah rah.' From what
they tell us, we would probably have been
[there] for a year and then who knows
where they would send us. They would
send us to wherever the war is at then.
The CO status I am applying for is for
someone who is opposed to all war. I
don't want to participate in any war
Many youth in Amerika, especially
oppressed nation youth, join the military
looking for direction, money or a job. Joe
explained why he joined the military: "Like
other people trying to get out of a difficult
situation; I was at a low point, I was
depressed and a lot of recruiters take
advantage of that. And I needed money
for school, it was just things like that.
Nothing was going right in my life and I
wanted a direction, and I think that was
the main reason I joined."
MIM: How have your views on the
military have changed, why do you now
want to get out?
Joe: I decided I wanted to get out while
I was still in training. I never realized how
hypocritical it had been for me to join; I
thought I was just a reservist so I can
just be there on the weekend. When I
was in boot camp I was exposed to so
many things about what the military does.
How they train people I think is crazy.
Beforehand I think the only strong
feelings I had was that I was anti-violence
and pro-civil rights. But then when I was
exposed to everything I learned that I
really was anti-war and that's their
business. Plus they were trying to teach
me to hate myself and dehumanize
people. My convictions against these
things are so strong now.
Some of the training is really crazy.
We'd have combat training and every
time we made a blow we had to shout
out "Kill." And we had to fight each other,
we had to hit each other hard and I never
could really do that. If we didn't hit each
other hard we were punished because we
had morals about violence. The changes
that I saw in other people that were going
along with the program; you'd see them
break down and all of a sudden they have
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LOS ANGELES, Saturday, 22 Mar
2003--Protestors have taken to the
streets here every day since President
Bush ordered the Amerikan military to
expand its war on Iraq. On Thursday
more than 3,000 protestors gathered in
front of the Westwood Federal Building
and shut down busy Wilshire boulevard
for several hours. On Friday actions
snarled traffic in several widely-spaced
locales, including downtown and
Westwood. Today around 10,000 people
marched to the CNN building in
Hollywood and then sat down in the
world-famous intersection at Hollywood
and Vine.
MIM finds the pace of events
encouraging. As we wrote in January:
"There are many movements that can
sustain a one demonstration event, but
sustaining energy over consecutive days
is more difficult. If the situation with Iraq
continues into the spring without decisive
U.$. victory, we can predict that it should
be a hot one politically based on the
upswing in determination and numbers
seen in the streets." There are more
events planned here for tomorrow and
another large rally scheduled next
MIM, RAIL and SLALA passed out
over 1,100 copies of MIM Notes today
and collected over 600 signatures on a
petition opposing John Ashcroft's
proposed Patriot Act II.
Organizers of today's march focused
their ire on CNN as a propaganda tool
for U.$. imperialism. They passed out
signs saying, "CNN: War is not
entertainment" and "CNN: Afraid to show
us REAL reality TV?" MIM saw a hand-
made sign with the slogan, "Embedding
or in bed with?" This was a reference to
the U.$. military's practice attaching
journalists to military units in the field and
regulating their communications
equipment. The Pentagon warned
journalists that unauthorized transmissions
"are likely to be fired upon."(1)
A SLALA comrade rebuked a local TV
news cameraman for showing up at the
end of the rally to cover the arrests of
protestors engaged in civil disobedience.
Local coverage has typically focused on
confrontations with police to the exclusion
of the protestors' politics, while giving flag-
waving soccer moms five minute segments
to blather on about "my country, right or
wrong." When asked what kept him from
the bulk of the protest, the cameraman
answered, "I had a little league game"--
indicative of how serious mainstream
Amerikan media takes its supposed role
of keeping the public informed.
Other hand-made signs included explicit
denunciations of Amerikan imperialism,
which MIM liked. As usual there were
also lots of signs and t-shirts attacking
George Bush's arrogance and supposed
stupidity, such as, "`Yee-hah' is not a
foreign policy." MIM is less into the anti-
Bush thing, except to the extent that
Bush's bumbling thuggery exposes the
systemic nature of Amerikan imperialism
(see e.g. the article on the protests in
Washington D.C. in this issue). To borrow
Amerikan General Tommy Franks'
phrase, this is not about one man, it's
about a corrupt and brutal system.
Many of the protestors knew of Patriot
Act II, Attorney General John Ashcroft's
proposal to close the "loop holes" in the
original Patriot Act. Patriot Act II would
remove judicial oversight of search
warrants, allow secret evidence and
secret trials, etc. etc.(2) One persyn who
signed MIM's petition likened the new
Patriot Act's provisions for stripping
Amerikans of their citizenship to the
Nazis' "Nuremberg Laws on Citizenship
and Race" of 1935. These laws
proclaimed, "A citizen of the Reich may
be only one who is of German or kindred
blood, and who, through his behavior,
shows that he is both desirous and
personally fit to serve loyally the German
people and the Reich."(3) The "logic" of
the Patriot Act II is that Amerikans who
March 20
Several thousand people demonstrated
against the war today in the afternoon
and early evening. A group of student-
aged people started events with a rally
and march at 3:00. Then by 5 and 6pm,
thousands packed the Government
Center plaza where TV cameras had
awaited their presence the whole
Anti-terrorist sentiment strong
Signs reading "Bush is the terrorist"
and "Bush: War Criminal" also appeared
at the rally. A speaker at the rally who
admitted to preparing his speech days
ago said, "You cannot stop war crimes
by committing them."
Many people carried signs pointing out
that the bombing of Iraq would produce
terrorism, just as the first Gulf War
produced an anti-Amerikkkan Osama
Bin Laden.
Anti-Bush sentiment strong
The U.S. President George W. Bush
continued to face difficulties for being a
minority-elected president that much of
the public doubts both in temper and
intelligence. "Stop Mad Cowboy
Disease" is a sign making its way around
Massachusetts rallies. Other signs said:
"US: Hijacked by a Moron" and "W is
for War."
One man carried a sign saying,
"Impeach Bush: Which is worse, this or
oral sex?" The sign referred to the fact
that the House of Representatives
impeached Bill Clinton over oral sex with
Monica Lewinsky. At the same time, the
Bush administration fabricated evidence
about nuclear weapons in Iraq only to be
exposed by UN weapons inspectors.(1)
The government is not supposed to be
using taxpayers' money to lobby the public
with fake information stirring up public
opinion. It's supposed to be the other way
around, the public lobbying the
government, so that is another reason
Bush should indeed be impeached. As
MIM pointed out in its review of a book
co-authored by a UN weapons inspector,
Bush also played loose with the facts
about weapons inspections up through the
1990s in his "State of the Union"
Many in the world have concluded as
one sign-carrier in Boston did: "The
greatest threat to America is Bush."
Another sign in the Boston rally read: "I
want dumb bombs and smart presidents."
Despite all that, and despite the fact that
it is obviously true that Bush administration
diplomacy failed to bring even traditional
allies and right-wingers such as Chirac
fully on-board, the anti-Bush sentiment
does not really float MIM's boat. Above
all, we do not care for the anti-Bush
sentiment, because the Democrats voted
to support the war and passed the
resolution authorizing the funding for it.
As one by-stander noted about the sign
mentioning oral sex, Clinton also attacked
True, activists for anti-war Democrat
Howard Dean distributed fliers at the rally.
They seek to gather enough activists to
gain him the Democratic nomination for
president in 2004. Like many other
bourgeois, Dean wants a multilateral
bourgeois approach to Iraq and problems
of international law in general. He said,
"this is a job for the United Nations and
not for the United States of America."(3)
Fortunately, others at the rally pointed
out that Vermont governor since 1991
Howard Dean did nothing about the police
murder of Robert `Woody' Woodward in
Brattleboro Vermont on December 2,
2001 in front of several witnesses in a
church. The attorney general did not
prosecute the cops who shot him.(4)
It could be that with Bush in power, the
Amerikkkan people may learn a lesson
faster than ever before. The yahoos who
voted for him will only make political
progress if they see Bush carry out a true
Anti-war protests in Los
Angeles achieve steady pace
Continued on page 7...
Boston continues rallies against war
Continued on page 5...
MIM Notes 280 · April 15, 2003 · Page 4
Did you know?
There are more
than 200 back
issues of MIM
Notes available
on the MIM
website? Not only
can you browse
more than 15
years of the
newspaper, you
can also keep up
with the very
latest on MIM
prisoner news, all
the latest on the
U$ war, and much
more. MIM's
website is an
indispensable tool
for the
movement. Get
Local news media demonized the
recent anti-war protests in San Francisco
as "violent," even going so far as to claim
that demonstrators were using their
children as humyn shields. Those who
attended the protests know that the
demonstrations only became violent when
police attacked and beat protesters. Local
news media gave equal time to the 100
or so pro-war protesters and the tens of
thousands of anti-war protesters.
This is why alternative media sources
are so important to activists. It is not a
successful strategy to rely on coverage
by mainstream media. Instead activists
need their own media, both to educate
and inform their ranks and to provide
information to the rest of the population.
The internet provides activists with an
excellent opportunity for alternative media
at low cost and in real time.
MIM's website (
Politics/MIM) has grown exponentially
since September 11, 2001 as people look
for information, news, and alternative
analysis. The anarchist-run
has also taken off in the last few years.
The San Francisco indymedia site
explicitly works "to encourage a world
where globalization is not about
homogeneity and exploitation, but rather,
about diversity and cooperation."(1)
Particularly in Amerika, where the
majority of the population has a firm
economic interest in imperialism, our
protests are not going to easily gain the
support of the majority. But we can
educate many people about our reasons
for opposing imperialism. We gain their
attention when we protest and need to
take advantage of this to offer information
from our perspective. We cannot allow
corporate media to mis-interpret our
actions. We also need independent media
to educate activists who get involved in a
very narrow way. We can broaden their
understanding of the connection between
imperialism and oppression and give them
more opportunities to get involved. To join
MIM in making independent media
contact us or visit our web site (http://
Notes: 1. sites generally allow
anybody to post articles. The downside to this
is it allows reactionaries to publish
disinformation and bait progressive activists.
Media bias in Iraq war coverage
Many of the photos posted to indymedia also
include faces of activists, which might be used
against them by the cops. MIM's site is
moderated and hence is more secure and
accountable. MIM of course also puts forward
political line.
This photo by Eric Wagner, posted on, exposes San Francisco's finest
whooping it up at a pro-war rally March 29.
including Bechtel Corporation which is
presently developing earth penetrating
nuclear weapons specifically designed for
use in Iraq to destroy the very weapons
Bechtel had supplied to the country. The
Federal Building was also surrounded for
most of the day with all four entrances
blocked by protesters. At these locations,
and in many intersections, police arrested
groups of protesters only to have waves
of others replace them.
Several incidents of police brutality
were documented including one attack on
a man videotaping a protest. His arrest
received national media attention after
cops dragged his young son off his
shoulders and proceeded to beat him with
billy clubs.
Demonstrators were almost entirely
peaceful with most people only committing
the crime of failing to obey traffic laws
(walking in the streets). There were minor
acts of property destruction or just street
obstruction with demonstrators moving
trashcans and newspaper boxes into the
streets. In several of the marches through
streets MIM witnessed demonstrators
removing the trashcans and newspaper
boxes back to the sidewalk.
In response to our questions asking why
they did this two people said they wanted
the protests to be non-violent. A MIM
activist pointed out that putting newspaper
boxes in the streets is no more violent
than blocking the streets with people. One
young womyn responded that she feared
the mainstream media would focus on the
boxes in the streets and people would get
the wrong message. To this MIM
responded that she should work to build
independent media because that is the
only solution to mainstream media
misinformation and misrepresentation of
protesters. It also shows a lack of vision
in the "non-violent" mainstream peace
movement MIM has criticized. Those
angling for votes for supposed "peace"
Democrats and wringing their hands over
a few overturned trash cans show a
remarkable tolerance for the marauding
nincompoops running this country.
The lack of literature at the protest was
also a problem with the anarchist style of
leadership. Both participants and
bystanders were without information on
the purpose of the protests or analysis of
the war. The few people carrying signs
provided the only propaganda for those
greeted by these demonstrations when
they showed up for work today.
Likely because of this lack of literature,
MIM found those attending the protest
were eager for any analysis and quickly
accepted copies of MIM Notes. Even
after MIM activists ran out of current
issues and started handing out old copies
they were taken as quickly as we could
hand them out at the intersections being
blockaded. The issue from 1999 with a
cover story on Amerikan humyn rights
abuses was popular and recipients agreed
it was still very relevant today. MIM
spoke with many activists who stated their
disgust with the war and criticized Bush
for his actions. We pointed out that Bush
would not be able to act without the
support of the government. The 1999
MIM Notes provided evidence that
Clinton was just as much an imperialist
with its story about his invasion of Kosovo.
Throughout the day civil disobedience
protests were conducted in other parts
of the Bay Area as well. One student at
the downtown protests reported that 50
students were arrested at Stanford
University. Thousands of students at
University of California, Berkeley held a
demonstration and took over a building.
Protesters marched and blocked streets
in Oakland, Richmond, Santa Rosa,
Sonoma and other surrounding cities.
MIM applauds the devotion and
enthusiasm of those who have taken the
streets of San Francisco over the past
week and we will work to turn this energy
into sustainable anti-imperialist organizing
as the U.$. moves from this imperialist
war on Iraq to others throughout the
world. Not all imperialist wars are as
sensational or involve overt bombing,
ground troops and such a publicity
campaign. Amerika carries out similar
operations every year. From CIA
operations to overthrow leaders unfriendly
to Amerika, to training and financing of
friendly militias, to funding military
dictatorships, to active military
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MIM Notes 280 · April 15, 2003 · Page 5
the members of the U.S. armed forces
and their families. And it also commends
the president for `his firm leadership and
decisive action in the conduct of military
operations in Iraq as part of the ongoing
global war on terrorism,' a line that
generated anger among some
Democrats."(2) 11 voted against, but
there are 205 Democrats and 229
Republicans in the House.
Despite the vote the day before, people
at the rally were carrying signs that
continued purely anti-Bush sentiments. In
fact, in sections of the march, the
demonstrators were chanting slogans
from the 2000 presidential campaign about
"staying out of the Bushes" etc.
The present reporter has to admit that
the funniest sign of the day was: "Yee-
hah is not a foreign policy." Yet if this
war is just a stupid Texas cowboy thing,
then we have no explanation why for
example Massachusetts Senator Kerry
voted for it. The fact is that Democrats
are more on-board than not and even the
best of them tolerate war-mongering that
should not be tolerated for the species to
People who see this war for what it is
do not tolerate it: they leave the
Democratic Party. There is no other way
to show intolerance for pre-emptive
strikes and predatory wars. People who
stay in the Democratic Party, because
they believe it is important to implement
gun control or nominate pro-choice judges
show a complete lack of proportion and
a lack of understanding how fascism
across-the-board comes about through
war. Staying in the Democratic Party
says that the lives of Iraqis, U.$. troops,
Palestinians and other Arabs involved are
less valuable than Amerikkkan lives, and
that is the recipe for eventual global
nuclear catastrophe. There is no people
on Earth that is going to put up with that
treatment, so the first step for any political
party has to be internationalism.
We will have to learn to fight outside
the Democratic Party for reproductive
rights and against crime including the
crimes of how criminals are punished. It's
not enough to fight for the select few
Amerikans and their welfare, education
and abortion rights. Without an answer
providing security for all people in the
world, more war and terrorism are
inevitable and that will lead to a steady
march down the fascist road, with the
likes of the Patriot Act (which Democrats
voted for) and Patriot Act II.
Let's be clear that we support the signs
that say: "Bush: War Criminal" and
"Bush: International Terrorist," but this
war needs to be defeated with more than
rehashed campaign slogans from 2000.
As MIM circulated in the crowd, we said,
"we have to improve this movement, gotta
get tougher" and variations on that theme.
We spoke with one demonstrator who
said, "I don't need this [MIM Notes]. I've
got it all up here [pointing to his head]"
for why he opposes the war. MIM pointed
out that the movement failed to stop the
war, so we have to improve. Improving
requires more study of more material and
learning more about power struggle.
Having the majority in England did not
stop Tony Blair and having over 80% of
the people against the war did not stop
Spain and Bulgaria from making a major
endorsement of it. With the "Labor Party"
in England in power in favor of the war,
Democrats are kidding themselves if they
think Democrats would have stopped the
war. The "Labor Party" is more "left" in
that tepid bourgeois spectrum than the
Democratic Party.
In "democratic" Australia, the people
opposed the war in over 80% of the
population, but the government still sent
2000 troops into battle. This is a lesson
that the people themselves must learn the
art of power struggle, and not leave it to
their elected representatives. We
followers of Marx, Lenin and Mao say
we know something about power struggle
outside of parliament and recommend the
experience of Lenin in getting Russia out
of World War I. Mao also defeated
financially better off, technically better
equipped enemies during World War II
despite the fact that the conventional
political parties of his day were much
bigger than the communists to start with.
With our numbers globally and in the
imperialist countries, the anti-war
movement should have succeeded, but we
have a problem with the desire and
knowledge of power struggle in our
The leaflets
MIM received a leaflet saying that
Islam does not condone "terrorism."
According to the leaflet there is a
difference between "Holy War" and
"jihad." Jihad could be just an internal
struggle in the mind for self-improvement.
From MIM's point of view, showed that Islam
has a lot in common with Christianity and
Judaism. Muslims just added one last
prophet, Muhammad. One thing for sure,
if Amerikkka is going to claim to be a
"free" country, it has to figure out how to
integrate Muslims and not profile them.
Currently the United $tates is failing along
these lines, which is why we say that the
causes of war have to be addressed for
real freedom to exist. Since the U.$.
soldier in Kuwait fragged his officers
(killed some), there have been talk show
calls for more profiling of Muslims,
because the attacker Sgt. Asan Akbar
may have been Muslim.(3)
We received another leaflet titled "The
U.S. and Iraq in Historical Perspective"
from the International A.N.S.W.E.R. and
International Action Center organizer
Richard Becker. Although the leaflet
contains illusions about "socialism" even
under Gorbachev, it points out the history
of Iraq's being a colony, with Britain,
France, Holland and the United $tates
evenly splitting the oil there with none of
the oil being owned by Iraqis. It was not
until a 1958 revolution in Iraq that
pressure for Amerikkkans to pay for oil
actually succeeded.
The Revolutionary Worker handed out
of a leaflet pointing out that the new
20,000 pound bomb of Uncle $cam is
named MOAB on purpose, because "the
judgment of Moab" in the Bible refers to
destruction of cities and soldiers east of
the Jordan river.(4)
Another leaflet connected the attack
on civil liberties by the federal government
to the war. We could hardly disagree with
the material from the on
civil liberties. It also referred to "Citizens
for Peace."
A popular item at the rally and in some
towns today is the 911 money that looks
like one dollar bills. USA stands for
"United States of Aggression." Instead
of George Washington we have George
Bush titled Big Brother and a host of links
to websites about the events of 911 and
propaganda since then.
Another leaflet from the Batay-Ouvriye
Solidarity Network mentioned the struggle
in Haiti against U.$. domination and linked
it to the situation in Iraq. Here is how it
correctly reasoned: "The United States
supported the Iraqi Government in its war
against Iran by supplying it with money,
intelligence and military supplies, including
biological and chemical weapons. So long
as this government was doing what the
United States wanted, they closed their
eyes even when they knew the Saddam
government was using these weapons."
One last item we will mention was a
flier by the Kings County Green Party
pointing out that New York State's two
senators, both in the Democratic Party
voted for the war. They organized a
demonstration for March 27th at 9
Prospect Park West, 5:30-7pm where
Senator Charles Schumer lives.
MIM handed out 2550 copies of MIM
Notes before running out in New York
City. If you think you could send MIM
money for papers, take them to rallies in
your area, hand them out, take notes and
write a story for MIM Notes about the
rally like this story, please do it. See our
web page at:
P o l i t i c s / M I M / p i r a o /
mndistrocampaign.html for information on
the approximate costs. Just doing this
would be a great support to the party and
the movement.
4. See also this explanation for why the
imperialists announced the bomb in advance for
psychological warfare purposes: http://
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disaster. MIM is not saying it will happen
soon, but the possibility is there.
Economic system to blame
The reason that both Democrats and
Republicans line up for predatory wars is
the economic system. Big money goes to
candidates to support war for profit.
Those candidates then have better
campaigns with which to reach the public,
which mostly shares in the plunder of the
Third World like Iraq.
Of course there was a sign against
"Blood for Oil," but in general we did not
see catchy signs attacking the economic
system. Instead, speakers from a sound
truck brought out that theme, with one
saying that the speed with which the anti-
war movement developed "took the
corporate criminals completely by
Some local flavor
MIT students showed up 600 strong.(5)
They carried a sign saying: "MIT is for
There was also a sign that said,
"Harvard students want peace." Students
walked out of classes, but we saw little
evidence that any city-wide strike by
workers had occurred as asked by anti-
war organizers.
MIM handed out 1250 copies of MIM
Notes before running out. If you think you
could send MIM money for papers, take
them to rallies in your area, hand them
out, take notes and write a story for MIM
Notes about the rally like this story, please
do it. See our web page at: http://
mndistrocampaign.html for information
on the approximate costs. Just doing this
would be a great support to the party and
the movement.
03/12/cf.opinion.un.relevance/index.html ; http://
3. From the flier mentioning http://
Boston continues rallies against war
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MIM Notes 280 · April 15, 2003 · Page 6
Militarism is war-mongering or the
advocacy of war or actual carrying out
of war or its preparations.
While true pacifists condemn all
violence as equally repugnant, we
Maoists do not consider self-defense
or the violence of oppressed nations
against imperialism to be militarism.
Militarism is mostly caused by
imperialism at this time. Imperialism is
the highest stage of capitalism--seen
in countries like the United $tates,
England and France.
Under capitalism, capitalists often
profit from war or its preparations. Yet,
it is the proletariat that does the dying
in the wars. The proletariat wants a
system in which people do not have
self-interest on the side of war-
profiteering or
war for
Militarism is
one of the most
important reasons
to overthrow
capitalism. It
even infects
oppressed nations
and causes them
to fight each
It is important not to let capitalists risk
our lives in their ideas about war and
peace or the environment. They have
already had two world wars admitted
by themselves in the last 100 years and
they are conducting a third right now
against the Third World.
Even a one percent annual chance
of nuclear war destruction caused by
capitalist aggressiveness or "greed" as
the people call it should not be tolerated
by the proletariat. After playing Russian
Roulette (in which the bullet chamber
is different each time and not related at
all to the one that came up in previous
spins) with 100 chambers and one bullet,
the chance of survival is only 60.5%
after 50 turns. In other words, a
seemingly small one percent annual
chance of world war means eventual
doom. After
100 years or
turns of
R u s s i a n
Roulette, the
chances of
survival are
only 36.6%.
After 200
years, survival
has only a
13.4% chance.
What is militarism?
States. The incident will be shortly
forgotten, if you're willing to forget it."(2)
Shady past
Meiring moved to the Philippines in
1992 and described himself alternately as
a treasure hunter or a doctor searching
for medicinal herbs. He "had close ties
to well-placed government authorities in
southern Mindanao, national government
officials and Philippine National Police
officials."(1) He also dealt with the Abu
Sayaaf, the bandit gang with CIA links
which Macapagal-Arroyo has used to
justify increased U.$. military presence
in Mindanao.
"He spent millions of dollars while in
the Philippines, the source of the funds
unknown." Charred U.$. federal bank
notes were found in his hotel room.
Meiring claimed he was looking for boxes
full of Federal Reserve notes lost during
World War II.(1) The Manila Times
traced his financial backing to investors
in the United $tates with white-
supremacist and CIA links.(2)
"Highly reliable sources" told the
Philippine Star that Meiring "was deployed
by the CIA, sometime in the early to mid
90s, on assignment in southern Mindanao.
"`He overshot his mandate. That was
why the Americans had to find a way
yhat he could be spirited out of the country
If this is true, it would not be the first
time Amerika's hired thugs had set up
shop for themselves. "Philippine Senator
Aquillano Pimentel describes the Abu
Sayaaf as a CIA monster. [Abu Sayaaf's]
original members were organized, funded
and trained by Ronald Reagan's secret
agents in the 1980s and sent to
Afghanistan to help kick out the Russians.
Twenty years ago, that skullduggery was
overseen by exactly the kind of people
Michael Meiring hung out with, in exactly
the same part of the country."(1)
`Anti-terror' hypocrisy
Regardless of whether the Abus are
still on Uncle $am's payroll or Meiring
was under CIA orders when he blew
himself up, the reactionaries in the U.$.
and Philippine governments bear the
responsibility for this kind of terror. After
September 11, pro-spy creeps argued that
the CIA should have greater freedom to
enlist "bad guys" to go after other "bad
guys"--somehow forgetting that exactly
this strategy led to September 11 itself!
State agencies do carry out terrorist
incidents and the ordinary public cannot
usually know who is to blame. The
solution for this can only be the abolition
of governments in the distant future of
U$A fakes terror in Philippines
communism, when people cooperate
economically, culturally and politically, so
that no nation has secret services like the
CIA. These secret services are
themselves an irritant in relations amongst
nations and must be eradicated for a
completely secure world.
In the case of the Philippines, the United
$tates is using the Abu Sayaaf and other
manufactured incidents (3) to justify a
permanent military presence.(4) "Months
before September 11 ... a Rand
Corporation Study advised Donald
Rumsfeld that he must re-base American
forces in the Philippines in order to retain
U.S. military dominance in Asia."(1) The
United $tates also worries about the
revolutionary movement. "The US is
itching to directly get involved in the all-
out war against the CPP-led revolutionary
movement," said a spokesperson for the
Communist Party of the Philippines.(3)
Popular opposition recently forced the
U.$. and the Philippine government to
shelve plans for U.$. soldiers to
participate in combat operations in the
Philippines.(5) But the reactionaries are
still trying to justify their plans in the name
of "fighting terrorism."
An explosion on 4 March 2003 killed
24 people and injured another 150 at the
Davao international airport. A month later,
a bomb at the Davao wharf killed 16.
Macapagal-Arroryo immediately flew to
Davao to make her pitch: "This is a total
war that requires full attention and
resources of the community."(6)
The Philippine government blamed the
Moro Islamic Liberation Front for these
latest attacks. The MILF, in on-again-off-
again peace talks with the government,
strenuously denies any involvement.
1. Several news articles on this case are compiled
2. See The Manila Times' three part series on
Meiring, 29-31 May 2002, www.manilatimes
3. U.$.-backed Philippine military slanders New
People's Army, MIM Notes 253, 1 Mar 2002.
4. Over 1,500 U.$. troops deployed across
Philippines in name of "war on terror," MIM
Notes 256, 15 Apr 2002.
5. Pentagon plans to send 3,000 more U.$.
combat troops to Philippines, MIM Notes 278,
15 Mar 2003.
6. Italics added, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 3 Apr
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Get the new issue of MIM Theory, #14, and read the latest theory on building
the movement to overthrow imperialism once and for all, in 174 pages. Articles
include MIM congress resolutions, history from the Spanish Civil War to
Puerto Rico, Kenya, and Stalin -- plus international documents, reviews, and
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Los Angeles, March, 22: Keepin' the burger joint free of protesters.
MIM Notes 280 · April 15, 2003 · Page 7
15-year-old Elizabeth Smart returned
to her parents in Utah in March 2003,
after what the press called an "abduction"
since the age of 14 on June 5, 2002. The
media showed pictures and film clippings
of the blonde-haired youth all over the
television the day of the announced return.
Then the media followed with pictures of
Elizabeth hugging her family.
Of course the media makes the most
money selling papers, magazines and tv
news with the story that this was a
"kidnapping." The truth is that the united
$tates is so twisted that most child
abductions are not child abductions but
property disputes politely referred to as
"custody battles" or other more mundane
occurrences, as we reported in MIM
Notes 268.(1)
The Elizabeth Smart case was not a
custody battle, but it has all the markings
of being a normal occurrence in a twisted
society. If the polygamist drifter-preacher
who was with Smart when police found
her has to go to prison, then most of Utah
does too. Rather than arrest the preacher
and his wife who were with Elizabeth
Smart, the dictatorship of the proletariat
would put the Utah religious hierarchy in
prison and any police who failed to
enforce the laws regarding polygamy and
child abuse in Utah. It is the religious
hierarchy that has failed in educating the
public. We Marxists believe that religion
will gradually disappear, but there must
be immediate repression of any religions
that do not respect the non-negotiable
rights of all people.
As we reported in MIM Notes, TV
viewers gradually received the picture
from CNN. First it was the uncle who
said that the return of Elizabeth Smart
was proof of "miracles." Then the father
thanked God, instead of criticizing God
for allowing this or the Mormon church
for teaching that polygamy begins with
uneducated 14-year-olds. Yes, the Smart
family is Mormon. The supposed
abductor was also a Mormon, just too
radical and thus ex-communicated.
For those unfamiliar with the original
Mormon teachings, they are polygamist
and permit abuses of wimmin and
children. Whenever there is a conflict on
these points, the true-believers take their
ex-communication as proof of their
devoutness, but the ones more
"moderate" and doing the ex-
communication are also frauds for not
denouncing the founders of their own
religion. They often do the same things
just without flaunting it in public. This
guarantees that what happens in Utah
with the Elizabeth Smart case and more
violent cases will continue to occur.
"The Seattle Times, citing a police
source in Salt Lake City, said Brian David
`Emmanuel' Mitchell told investigators
that he wanted Elizabeth to become his
wife after first laying eyes on her while
he did a one-day stint as a handyman at
the Smart's suburban home in 2001.
"`It was a religious thing,' the source
told the Times. "This guy just wanted
another wife, and God told him this was
the one.'"(2) Even if the media got this
story wrong, or the police source lied, the
fact remains that the description is typical
of Mormon practice.
Smart did not try to get away
Then we learn that Smart herself told
police that her case was one of running
away: "`I know'" you "`think I'm that
Elizabeth Smart girl who ran away.'"(3)
Smart heard her uncle calling for her,
but she did not respond to him during his
outdoor search.(3) She stayed one block
from the police station for a week and
freely walked about; her captor was even
in jail for six days and she did not escape;
100 people saw her at a party, but she did
not leave or contact anyone about
escaping.(4) Smart was also a regular at
a grocery store where she spent hours
freely to herself without trying to
"escape."(5) Witnesses living near her
say she was not restrained and could have
escaped anytime.(6)
When the police found her, she spoke
in Biblical verse, adopted medieval poses
and wore a veil.
Conservatives got what they
"You will be handed over to the local
councils and flogged in the synagogues.
On account of me you will stand before
governors and kings as witnesses to them.
. . Brother will betray brother to death,
and a father his child. Children will rebel
against their parents and have them put
to death. All men will hate you because
of me, but he who stands firm to the end
will be saved." (Mark:13:9, 12, 13)
"I have come to bring fire on the earth,
and how I wish it were already kindled! .
. . Do you think I cam to bring peace on
earth? No, I tell you, but division. From
now on there will be five in one family
divided against each other, three against
two and two against three. They will be
divided father against son and son against
father, mother against daughter and
daugther against mother." (Luke 12:49,
51, 52)
It is difficult for the foreigner to
understand, but the united $tates, as
modern as it is, has a solid 30% living in
utter religious stupor. The conservative
political movement is based on that 30%.
Elizabeth Smart grew up Mormon in a
Mormon state. Her "captor" was a
preacher with a little more dedication than
average. That's why when police found
her, she used Biblical phrases to try to
The conservatives will try hard to
weasel out of taking responsibility for the
whole Elizabeth Smart case from
beginning to end, starting with Elizabeth
Smart's education. To cover for himself
and his state's religion, the father said
merely that his daughter was
"brainwashed." At MIM we would
agree, but we would say it started a lot
earlier than June 5, 2002. In the United
$tates thanks to conservatives and the
liberals who tolerate them, we cannot be
sure what basic education Elizabeth
Smart received, including her sex
education in a Mormon community that
regularly marries off teenage girls before
they've had an appropriate education.
Liberals kow-tow to conservatives
& mushy middle
There is of course a secular and
Western liberal segment of society as
well. As MIM pointed out in its MIM
Notes 272 article on Mormons, these
same liberals who love the former slave-
holoder Dalai Lama so much naturally
protect the religions abusing wimmin and
children as well. It's not so much that
liberals are going to practice Mormonism,
but they will elect Mormons such as Mitt
Romney to be governor of the most liberal
For the foreigner the image of
Amerikkka is all Hollywood and
pornography and thus all open sex; even
though, such a stereotype applies more
to Western Europe than the United
$tates. The Elizabeth Smart case is not
so much about that as it is about good
`ole conservative religious conversion.
Again on 14-year-olds
There is no reason a 13 or 14-year-old
cannot be an adult except for his or her
lack of education prior to that date. The
Mormons believe both in early teen
marriages to much older men and lack of
education for children and the result is
abuse of children.
The Elizabeth Smart case underlines
why MIM is in favor of moving up
children's education, accelerating it
across-the-board to make children more
self-reliant. Of special concern is that
Elizabeth Smart grew up in an
environment tolerating multiple wives
including "child" wives. Thanks to that
education, Elizabeth Smart truly was a
child when she left home. At her age,
she should not have been a child, mentally.
That's why under the dictatorship of the
proletariat, a bracing education will be
required and anyone standing in the
way--parents or preachers--will go to
prison. In the event that a child dies in a
kidnapping or from a disease like AIDS
thanks to ignorance, those causing the
ignorance will be executed. That's the
only way to ensure that adults do not abuse
1. "Child abuctions fill the U.$. headlines," p. 3,
MIM Notes 268.
3. USA Today,
support certain types of lawful political
organizing demonstrate by their actions
that they have no desire to remain
Still, around half of the protestors
approached with MIM's petition had not
heard of Patriot Act II. MIM, RAIL, and
SLALA handed out hundreds of flyers
analyzing the proposal.
The mercenary hypocrisy award for the
day goes to Amoeba records, across the
street from CNN. Amoeba records
sported a "Give Peace a Chance" banner
while barring groups from setting up
literature tables in front of the store.
(CNN at least had the honesty to drape a
huge Amerikan flag over its entrance.)
MIM overheard a few choice quips from
the store's staff. "Why do so many peace
demonstrations turn violent?" "If they're
going to demonstrate for peace they
should be consistent: if you get hit in the
The case of Elizabeth Smart
Conservatives like it that way, liberals tolerate it
face, turn the other cheek."
This is a misunderstanding promoted by
sloppy bourgeois media reporting. Most
of the anti-war protesters are not
pacifists. For MIM's part, "turning the
other cheek" is what the imperialists are
telling the exploited to do. "Please ignore
our rampage through your territory and
work happily as slaves for our MNCs,"
they counsel. MIM upholds the right of
the oppressed to armed struggle in self-
defense against reactionary violence.
2. MIM Notes 279, 1 Apr 2003;
3. Italics added;
~ b a u s t i n / n u r m l a w 2 . h t m l ;
L.A. Anti-War Protests
Achieve a Steady Pace
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MIM Notes 280 · April 15, 2003 · Page 8
leader Hitler in the 1930s. It arose when
Neville Chamberlain made a deal to let
Germany take over Czechoslovakia and
turned down a Soviet offer to attack
Germany in unison instead. It's a measure
of poor high school education and the
twisted nature of Amerikkkan "thinking"
that this Bush tactic is even politically
conceivable and not a source of
embarrassment. Saddam Hussein is not
occupying other countries right now. He
is gone from Kuwait. It is George. W.
Bush playing the role of today's Hitler by
moving to occupy Iraq (Czechoslovakia).
It is others who tolerate Bush who are
"appeasers." It is the countries who
oppose Bush but do not put their militaries
on the line to stop him that take the role
of appeasers in 2003.
Our critics would be right about not
insulting the Amerikkkans, if what we
needed today is to run a candidate for
office. Many advise us to join the left-
wing of the Democratic Party and then
seek numbers to back that "left-wing" up.
Obviously, one cannot insult the
"Amerikkkans" and then win an election,
at least not in the short-run.
The thinking behind elections is behind
most of the questions MIM receives
regarding organizing in the United $tates.
The media focuses all attention on
Congress and presidential candidates
when it comes to politics. Much of the
media cannot operate outside the few
questions judged important in electoral
politics today. That is one reason MIM
insists on building independent media and
other institutions as the best thing we can
do right now.
Hence, the first scientific question is:
can world peace come about by winning
an electoral struggle inside the
Democratic Party and other such parties
globally? MIM says: "No, it is not
concretely possible to achieve
internationalist peace through the
Democratic Party and winning elections
as they exist now." People in the anti-
war movement right now need to ask
themselves over and over again: is their
goal to elect someone or to obtain peace?
These questions are not one and the
same. We have to work on our ideas about
power and power struggle. Ask the
Spanish people: only 13% support the war
on Iraq, but the government still managed
to endorse Bush. That has to do with the
power struggle by the other 87%. It is
not just a question of getting numbers.
Over 90% of Germans supported Hitler
to the bitter end. In such a circumstance,
organizing for an election or to find more
"moderate Nazis" misses the point. The
Germans were going to have to go
through a most difficult transformation
even to support a non-Nazi party. That is
the kind of situation we have in the United
$tates, not for one party but for a system
of imperialism. It would do no good not
to call Germans "Nazis" to avoid insulting
them and likewise it does no good to let
Amerikkkans and similar European
imperialist country populations avoid the
truth about their ugly war-mongering
Telling a country's majority to their face
that they are politically ugly enemies of
the world's people becomes especially
necessary in some historical contexts.
Ingratiating tactics can only help when
they achieve a goal worth the cost of the
tactics. In the case of the United $tates,
England and I$rael, the truth is the key. It
is impossible for the populations of these
places to reform their thinking if no one
tells them how far off it is from what is
necessary for global peace and economic
cooperation. The alleged "scientists"
wishing to spare the feelings of the
Amerikkkans, British and I$raeli$ do
neither the world nor the imperialist
country chauvinists themselves any
favors. They only slow down what has
to happen.
Most people in the world can raise their
proletarian consciousness and say "I used
to be a ready dupe of the imperialists and
local reactionaries and then through
political struggle and study, I overcame
naivete and other kinds of false
In the Western imperialist countries, the
average Joe should face the socialist
future more like this: "I used to be an
enemy of the people. I am still working
to overcome my tendencies to national
chauvinism and violence toward the Third
World people. I actively voted for
imperialists and avoided countless
chances at political education in the
interests of peace, because I used to
believe my country could escape the
consequences of imperialism. I used to
speak for throwing immigrants out of the
country and I believed jobs were being
sucked out of my country; even while the
communists said their goal was to employ
the whole world, I scorned them and
wrapped myself up in a petty struggle to
deprive others of jobs. I acted on
economic fears instead of taking up the
confidence the party advised me to have
in economic matters both as a matter of
truth and international peace. I vaguely
knew that my government was killing
people around the globe on a daily basis,
but I happily preferred to watch `Married
with Children' instead of raising my own
political consciousness and figuring out
how to oppose my government. In a word,
I expressed my political and cultural
contentment with a genocidal system
headed for environmental disaster. Even
though I had not been paying much
attention to politics, I leaped up after 911
to call for war on Afghanistan. Again I
quickly expressed fear and aggression
but without much knowledge. The lives
of people in Third World countries meant
so little to me that I did not bother
seriously investigating the claims of the
politicians I elected. I do not want to say
that I was just ignorant. I had a chance
to know more, but I preferred to take the
most comfortable way out." That's what
a self-criticism of an enemy might look
like. Self-criticism and transformation
cannot succeed if revisionists take over
and deny that Amerikkkans are enemies
and no one asks that the Amerikkkans
admit that they were enemies.
It's all fine to wish that 70, 80 or 90%
of the people in every country opposed
the war with Iraq. We could wish that
the proletariat were evenly distributed
globally. It is not--and that is a matter of
not wishing away dialectical development.
Life would be simpler if the exploited
constituted the majority in every country
and merely had to come to some way of
stopping their war-mongering rulers. The
path to global unity would be much
simpler, but since the time of Lenin we
have had to adjust to the fact that a
country can become a majority of
enemies to the world's people.
We love all people active in the anti-
war movement, as long as they are
studying and working on the problem.
However, we must say that there is no
major organization other than MIM and
possibly one other that recognizes anti-
Amerikkkanism as necessary for global
progress. The various liberals whether
they are in the Democratic Party or
parties calling themselves communist
believe that it is OK to criticize Bush and
the pro-war Democrats, but not the voters
who tolerate or elect these scum.
The French are being pretty belligerent
to Amerikan tourists these days, and
that's an excellent thing. However, a
survey shows that most French still stick
with the tired old formula of blaming
Amerika's "leaders" and not the
"American people." The New York
Times reported a typical and insightful poll
this way: "Most noticeably anti-Bush
were the French, three-fourths of whom
said the problems created by America
were `mostly Bush,' while only a fraction
15 percent faulted America in general.
Russia and Turkey were the only nations
that were inclined to blame America in
general rather than the president."(1)
This poll reinforces the results of
countless other polls and the investigation
of serious proletarian investigators. In the
countries where a labor aristocracy
predominates because that country
partakes in global exploitation, the majority
actively supports or covers for
imperialism. The oh-so tough French still
see this "just" as a Bush thing; even
though at the very least we have to point
out that a sizable minority voted for Bush,
Tidal wave of public opinion against Iraq war
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(MIM art)
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MIM Notes 280 · April 15, 2003 · Page 9
and one would think the Europeans could
conclude something about a country with
a sizable minority like that and an even
larger super-majority that tolerates what
Bush does.
In contrast, Turkey and Russia are two
countries with more super-exploited and
exploited people than the other seven
countries in the poll mentioned by the
New York Times. These two countries
correctly blame "America in general"
more than their Western imperialist
counterparts. Only 15 percent of the
French blamed the Amerikkkans in
general. It will be impossible to build
socialism with active imperialist country
participants if the imperialist country
populations continue believing such things
about themselves.
The source of difference, the reason
why most countries are more than 80%
opposed to the war while some countries
are more evenly divided is that some
countries have large middle classes that
benefit from imperialist exploitation.
Newsweek admitted that anti-
Amerikkkanism has spread very far since
911. "In fact, while the United States has
the backing of a dozen or so governments,
it has the support of a majority of the
people in only one country in the world,
Israel. If that is not isolation, then the word
has no meaning."(2)
Coincidentally, as MIM has pointed out
before, I$rael is another imperialist
country with a "settler" base like the
United $tates. However, in England,
support for Amerikkkan war has ranged
in the high 30s to the 40s. Meanwhile, in
countries like Hungary, opposition is in the
80% range, even if the UN endorses the
Recently, I received a letter from a
young Khmer (Cambodian) from a U.$.-
lackey family who was seeking someone
to stand in for the Khmer Rouge, so he
started criticizing MIM as if we were the
Khmer Rouge. He told us that people
could be punished under the Khmer
Rouge for having a Disney book. We can
see that the aim is to create some kind of
strange arbitrary image of the dictatorship
of the proletariat.
Yet, there is a real question here. MIM
does not think the world should oppose
rock music just because Amerikkkans and
British are the main or original producers.
Rock music is a form that any country
can adopt and actually using electricity in
music to its full effect is an important
aspect of modernization for any country.
On the other hand, a boycott of all
no heart. You don't see them, you see a
deprogrammed persyn and then all of the
sudden they have another persyn's
agenda. So that free will is taken away
and that part about military training is
crazy. And then when we actually got to
use weapons and train with them, the
amount of dehumanizing of the enemy
they taught, you know it's just like killing
an ant. You don't have to consider people
more than just a bug."
MIM: Did they talk about specific
regions of the world or other peoples?
Joe: I went in just after September 11
so the enemy was Osama Bin Laden and
Saddam Hussein and Muslim people. And
everybody in there that was Muslim had
to constantly defend themselves,
renounce their religion. And any enemy
we have ever had... everybody in the
world, we have been ruining their lives, if
you were of a country like that you had
to defend yourselves. But especially
Muslim people, they would really make
fun of their customs.
MIM: Did they give you reasons why
you should be fighting?
Joe: They did try to instill that [the
enemy] is wrong because they are not
capitalist and they are not the same, but I
think mainly the training was about making
enemies seem like anybody that is against
the U.$. is completely worthless and not
human and therefore it is OK to kill them.
MIM: You may have read the news
lately about the U.$. sending troops to
the Philippines, they say to fight against
Abu Sayaaf, a small terrorist band. [There
is more evidence linking Abu Sayaaf to
the Philippine military and the Amerikan
CIA than to Al Queda, and Abu Sayaaf
membership has dwindled to under 200.]
But in reality the U.$. uses their troops in
the Philippines both to train the Filipino
military and to actively suppress the
revolutionary movement there. What do
you think about what's going on with the
U.$. military there?
Joe: I think that the U.$., it isn't just in
this situation, they don't have the right to
do whatever they want, they're not the
leaders of the world. They're going in
there against the will of the entire country.
And putting a different name on it than
what their real intentions are. I think U.$.
involvement in the Philippines has always
been about having their own power and
because of that I think the leaders there
are really corrupt, but I don't think that's
a result of the country itself, that's a result
of the U.$. involvement. The more U.$.
involvement in the Philippines the worse
people turn out. All their resources are
getting stolen, all the people are being
exploited for low wages. Meanwhile
they're not doing anything to help people.
They make them reliant on Amerikan
involvement so that they won't want them
out. And then generations pass and they
won't realize that it could be different.
That makes a movement for the U.$. to
be out a lot harder as if it's always been
like that.
MIM adds: Joe's application for CO
status is based on his moral opposition to
war. He is firm in his pacifist stance
stating that he would never use violence.
MIM, on the other hand, points to the
example in the Philippines to explain why
war, on the part of the oppressed people,
is necessary. This is revolutionary
violence, a just peoples war to throw off
their oppressors. These are oppressors
who have demonstrated that they won't
back down without a fight. And they
leave the people no choice but to starve,
dye of preventable diseases, be killed in
imperialist wars, or fight back.
MIM: What do you hope to gain by
publicizing your case?
Joe: I know it's really idealistic but the
other day I was thinking about what is
going to happen. I really don't know
AWOL youth challenges Amerikan military
what's going to happen to me, I'll
probably go to jail for a little while. But if
I'm going to go to jail, everything's going
to be the same anyway, why not get more
... to rethink things. I know when I was
in active duty I was always talking to
people, whenever I could, about their
views and why they have their views and
are you sure that's not just training, to
just get people to think because I don't
think there's a lot of that in the military.
You're taught not to think. And maybe
some people will change their mind.
MIM: I would add that it's not just about
educating people in the military but also
you can educate people on the outside.
Joe: Who knows, this is a crazy war,
it's not just this war, and they might re-
implement the draft. People who aren't
in the military can still apply for
conscientious objection. People can apply
for that beforehand. I think in your
newspaper most people will probably
already be in that viewpoint.
MIM adds: We stand with Joe and
others who have gone AWOL or are
trying to get out of the military to avoid
participating in this imperialist war on Iraq
and other Amerikan militarist excursions
around the world. We applaud his courage
in taking this stand publicly to help build
the anti-war movement. Although MIM
does not agree with Joe's pacifism, we
unite in supporting the just opposition to
Amerikan imperialism around the world.
And MIM hopes that all pacifists will step
forward to promote an anti-imperialist
message and condemn U.$. militarism.
`I think mainly the
training was about
making enemies
seem like anybody
that is against the
U.$. is completely
worthless and not
human and
therefore it is OK to
kill them....'
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Amerikkkan and British music may be
entirely appropriate. I have to scratch my
head: Amerikkkans are bombing your
country (Kampuchea) and you expect
your parents to be trusted when they give
you (as a child) Disney books to read in
the midst of that. Where there is no war,
there is no big deal, but where there is
war, a child may want a Disney book, but
parents should know better as a matter
of an adult and realistic sense of priorities.
Scoring points against MIM over a
Disney book while not rebutting that the
United $tates cut off food aid to
Kampuchea in 1975 shows a twisted
sense of priorities befitting only of
The Third World is in the underdog
position. For the Third World to correct
Amerikkkan imperialism at the source,
some "excesses" are going to happen.
We should not dampen anti-
Amerikkkanism, but instead fan it until
decisive change comes about. In San
Francisco, activists are talking about
shutting down 70 buildings and institutions
when war with Iraq starts. Yet, in
Indonesia, the masses are talking about
shutting down U.$. business operations.
The Indonesian proletariat should shut
down Freeport and Exxon-Mobil(3)
without fear that declining profits or
merely shuttered business will cost
Amerikkkan "workers" their jobs. The
bourgeoisie constantly seeks to dull the
struggle against U.$. imperialism by
painting some sympathetic picture of the
average Amerikan, but it's just more war
propaganda: there is no Amerikkkan
proletariat. Amerika is one large exploiter
The rising tide of anti-Amerikanism (and
not just anti-Bushism) is a correct and
just expression of the global proletariat.
Increasingly that expression leaves
behind the politically hobbled calling
themselves "Marxist." Anti-Amerikanism
is a vague but broadly correct sentiment
based in the precise economic reality that
Amerikans and their closest allies benefit
from exploiting the rest of the world and
that the Amerikkkans are the main prop
of that international order of exploitation.
Tidal wave of public opinion against Iraq war
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MIM Notes 280 · April 15, 2003 · Page 10
MIM on
Prisons & Prisoners
MIM seeks to build public opinion
against Amerika's criminal injustice sys-
tem, and to eventually replace the bour-
geois injustice system with proletarian jus-
tice. The bourgeois injustice system im-
prisons and executes a disproportionately
large and growing number of oppressed
people while letting the biggest mass mur-
derers -- the imperialists and their lack-
eys -- roam free. Imperialism is not op-
posed to murder or theft, it only insists that
these crimes be committed in the interests
of the bourgeoisie.
"All U.S. citizens are criminals--
accomplices and accessories to the crimes
of U.$. oppression globally until the day
U.$. imperialism is overcome. All U.S.
citizens should start from the point of view
that they are reforming criminals."
MIM does not advocate that all
prisoners go free today; we have a
more effective program for fighting
crime as was demonstrated in China
prior to the restoration of capitalism
there in 1976. We say that all prisoners
are political prisoners because under
the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, all
imprisonment is substantively
political. It is our responsibility to
exert revolutionary leadership and
conduct political agitation and
organization among prisoners --
whose material conditions make them
an overwhelmingly revolutionary
group. Some prisoners should and will
work on self-criticism under a future
dictatorship of the proletariat in those
cases in which prisoners really did do
something wrong by proletarian
Under Lock & Key
News from Prisons & Prisoners
Illinois prisoner wins
censorship battle to
read MIM Theory
Revolutionary Clenched-fist salute,
I've won battles against censorship of MIM
Theory 9, 11, 12 and 13. The victory was on
August 21, 2002 -- 31 years from the date of
Comrade George Jackson's assassination.
The only exception was they took two pages
out of the MT11 about a prison work strike,
but still provided me with the detached pages.
So please let the prisoners in the IDOC know
that they can use Schneider v. Menard
Correctional Center Publication Review
Committee via the Administrative Review
Board to receive MTs 9, 11, 12 and 13.
The Administrative Review Board has not
rendered a decision regarding a grievance I
filed concerning the Central Publications
Review Committee of the IDOC denying me
MIM Theory 2/3, 8 and 10, and I am pressing
for those things. The funds I have spent for
copies and postage fighting the censorship
of these MTs are well worth it. The fascist
pigs label me Communist, Subversive, anti-
Amerikkka, etc., because of how hard I fight
and have fought the censorship of
Communist material, but fuck `em.
I stayed in general population for nine
months after doing three years in segregation.
Now I'm back in segregation. It's political.
They are intentionally filing false charges and
segregating revolutionary, politically active
and conscious prisoners. They were
especially anxious to segregate us when they
anticipated that Governor Ryan would
commute the sentences of prisoners on Death
Row, because they do not want revolutionary
elements to mix with each other. So they have
some former Death Row prisoners surrounded
by agents and passive prisoners. Some former
Death Row prisoners are also being
segregated on false charges. Also, the u.s.
government is ordering the prisons/captors
to identify and segregate/isolate dissident
prisoners, but I have the Maoist ideology
when it comes to being attacked by the enemy.
In struggle,
-- an Illinois prisoner, 28 February, 2003
MIM adds:
Mao wrote "I hold that it is bad
as far as we are concerned if a person, a
political party, an army or a school is not
attacked by the enemy, for in that case it
would definitely mean that we have sunk to
the level of the enemy. It is good if we are
attacked by the enemy, since it proves that
we have drawn a clear line of demarcation
between the enemy and ourselves. It is still
better if the enemy attacks us wildly and paints
us as utterly black and without a single virtue;
it demonstrates that we have not only drawn
a clear line of demarcation between the enemy
and ourselves but achieved a great deal in
our work." ("On the Third Anniversary of the
Founding of the Chinese People's Anti-
Japanese Military and Political College," May
26, 1939)
Why MIM gives free
subscriptions to
An associate informed me that it would be
in my best interests as a seeker of knowledge
and truth that I contact MIM... I am in a
situation now where I can get my hands on
very limited reading materials unless it comes
through the mail in the form of newspaper,
pamphlets or copied papers. Books aren't
allowed, not even softbacks. I'm in what they
(Department of Corrections) call the SMU
(Special Management Unit), in layman's terms
locked down 23&1 [confined to his cell 23
hours per day]. Truthfully speaking it's not
so harsh as some joints but it has it effects.
Now I've been in prison since I was a 15-
year-old boy. I'm now on my 8th year of a life
and no parole sentence--so compared to my
overall dilemma this unit I'm in is nothing.
Thank you kindly,
--a Pennsylvania prisoner
Every bit counts
Dear MIM,
This notation is in response to the
continuous injustice that's being done to my
fellow prisoners who are being treated unfairly
by the county, state and federal prison
systems. Our problems behind these walls
include [lack of] mail privileges, parole,
education and staff harassment.
In order to change the racist and biased
policies of this corrupt system, we have to:
1. Get our families, friends and loved ones
involved in our struggle.
2. Stop spending on wants behind these
walls and spend on our needs.
3. Support MIM and organizations who are
trying to support us and stop supporting the
commissary and stores which make us even
more dependent on the system.
Eldridge Cleaver said, "You're either part
of the solution or you're part of the problem."
Brothers and sisters behind these walls spend
millions of dollars a year on wants and cry
about our needs. If we start helping the
struggle more, we can make a change. If every
inmate just sends five dollars to MIM, imagine
the materials that could be bought.
--a Pennsylvania prisoner
MIM responds:
Donations are
indispensable to MIM's work. Without them
we could not send the newspaper free
prisoners, to take one example. Generally
speaking, a higher proportion of prisoners
than non-prisoners contribute-- and they
give a higher percentage of their income. So
MIM extends this prisoner's challenge to all
non-prisoners reading this page: we need
your support! Make checks or money orders
out to "MIM Distributors," and send to PO
Box 29670, Los Angeles, CA, 90029-0670.
Prisoncrats steal MIM
I apologize for being under the impression
that you had forgotten about me. What you
surmised was correct. The prisoncrats held
#264, #272, & #273 about a week and a half
ago. So there's no doubt that they probably
have some more that they haven't given me
and most likely won't give me.
One thing the prisoncrats haven't done
was give me a notice of what came and what
I wasn't allowed to have. They just robbed
me and expected me to never find out.
--a Pennsylvania prisoner
MIM's take on Black
Panthers censored
I have received three MIM papers from
you... However, the Black Panthers' literature
[MIM's pamphlet "Maoism and the Black
Panther Party"] is being held and I'm now
fighting it with the Inmate Grievances
--a Pennsylvania prisoner
Texas budget cuts for
Many prisoners are writing to report the
ill effects of budget cuts on prisoners in their
states, due to the weaker U$ economy and
budget problems facing state governments.
For example, a Virginia prisoner recently
reported that they are only getting two meals
a day now on weekends and holidays, to
save the prison system overtime pay. Here is
a recent report from Texas. -MIM
Texas is in a $11.2 billion hole and has cut
everything back for so-called rats like us,
including the state cheese. Security claims to
be short of funds, and that has a hold on
hiring people (or, shall I say, fellow Klansmen),
and our movement becomes more limited
every day. Every plantation master (warden)
is going to have fewer crumbs to throw us,
and have to cut some jobs -- and they will
have to close some of the 144 plantations
statewide -- in order for the governor to feel
good about the state's downsizing state
As far as slave labor, it continues, even on
lockdown. President Bush hurt his fellow
Texans because he ruined not only the
country's budget surplus but Texas's as well.
We're lucky to get a piece of meat around
here; they're cutting back on everything,
such as vocational programs, GED for
prisoners, food, clothes, bath towels, soap,
medical needs, family phone calls, pictures
during visits, commissary privileges,
recreation time, gym time, television time, and
time to eat the little food they do care to serve.
The only things that are improving are
security harassment, threats, censorship,
limited movement...I am afraid because the
more Texas does to TDCJ, the more these
employees get revenge on us -- it's a true
domino effect. Commissary prices are sky-
high for a state that doesn't pay its prisoners
one red penny, but hey, that's one advantage
that TDCJ seldom acknowledges: no matter
what shorts they face, or lack of personnel,
they still have the largest free labor force in
this great country of God's. We are the mighty
Texans of slavery, and everybody who resists
will be disciplined accordingly, as a slave.
--A Texas Prisoner, February 2003
Mother of Texas
prisoner exposes new
forms of repression
I am writing to you in regards to my son's
situation in a maximum security prison in
Texas, the Michael Unit in Tennessee Colony.
He has told me that the Feds are now out of
the picture in the Texas prison system, which
now leaves the state to do whatever they
choose. He has raised a couple of key issues
for himself and all his fellow inmates. They
are as follows:
1) Visitors from a long distance (there's a
certain number of miles or hours of travel
which determines whether a visitor is
MIM Notes 280 · April 15, 2003 · Page 11
Facts on U$ imprisonment
The facts about imprisonment in the United $tates are that the United $tates has been the world's leading prison-state per capita for the last
25 years, with a brief exception during Boris Yeltsin's declaration of a state of emergency.(1)
That means that while Reagan was talking about a Soviet "evil empire" he was the head of a state that imprisoned more people per capita.
In supposedly "hard-line" Bulgaria of the Soviet bloc of the 1980s, the imprisonment rate was less than half that of the United $tates.(2,3)
To find a comparison with U.$. imprisonment of Black people, there is no statistic in any country that compares including apartheid South
Africa of the era before Mandela was president. The last situation remotely comparable to the situation today was under Stalin during war
time. The majority of prisoners are non-violent offenders(4) and the U.S. Government now holds about a half million more prisoners than
China; even though China is four times our population.(5)
The rednecks tell MIM that we live in a "free country." They live in an Orwellian 1984 situation where freedom is imprisonment.
Notes: 1. Marc Mauer, "Americans Behind Bars: The International Use of Incarceration 1993," The Prison Sentencing Project, 918 F. St. NW, Suite
501, Washington, DC 20004 (202) 628-0871 Reference: SRI: R8965-2, 1994
2. Ibid., 1992 report.
3. United Nations Development Programme, "Human Development Report 1994,:" Oxford University Press, p. 186.
4. Figure of 51.2 percent for state prisoners there for non-violent offenses. Abstract of the United States 1993, p. 211.
5. Atlantic Monthly December, 1998.
considered as a long distance visitor) have
been allowed a 4-hour visit on both Saturday
and Sunday of the same weekend when
prearranged as a "special" visit. My son has
recently informed me that it is now a new
prison policy that the prison can cut short (at
their discretion) a "special visit" if there are
many visitors trying to get in. This is an
infringement on the "rights" of the inmates
and their families. I visit from [another state]
and can only make the trip twice a year. I'm
very concerned about the possibility of them
cutting my visit short. My son is in the
Administrative Segregation section of the
unit. Since the 4-hour visits use up critical
space in the very limited 8 booth visiting
section for all the inmates in the
Administrative Segregation section, I can see
where the guards may decide to deem it
necessary to cut our visits short. What rights
do we really have?...
2) Since the Feds have been pulled out of
the Texas prisons, my son tells me that
whenever he asks for grievance slips to write
something up, he is denied access to these or
they never get processed. This whole
procedure seems totally ludicrous to me --
having to ask a prison authority, a guard, for
the "privilege" of obtaining the special
documentation necessary to send in a
complaint about one of them or their co-
workers. What recourse is there?
The whole system of how they are running
their Ad. Seg. units IS cruel and unusual
punishment. There are many aspects of it that
could quite easily be improved upon. And
many areas that would need major overhaul
efforts. The general public is NOT aware of
the conditions present in the prison system. I
am furious that there are no rehabilitation,
education, life skills training, anger
management, communications, conflict
resolution or work training possibilities for
Ad Seg inmates. They can earn almost no
privileges. In fact, if the inmate is indigent
and has no family who will visit, then there is
absolutely NO privilege they can ever earn
that they can take advantage of. These
inmates are locked in a cell alone for at least
23 hours a day 7 days a week, most days for
24 hours. They are taken out briefly for
showers and if they have "earned" it, then
they can be taken out for recreation. The
recreation space is another space where they
are totally alone. There is no system set up
for them to "earn", by their good behavior, a
phone call or access to television (educational
programming shows), contact visits, or any
form of rehabilitation/education/training.
Those privileges would not be dependent
upon the inmates' financial status. These are
only a couple of ideas that I believe would
make a tremendous difference. If you have
any ideas of how these issues can be
addressed I would really appreciate hearing
--Mother of Texas prisoner March 2003
MIM Responds:
Thank you for writing --
you provide an excellent "outside" view of
what our comrades behind bars describe all
the time. Prison is not in fact about
rehabilitation, but social control -- and, we
argue, national oppression.
MIM doesn't provide legal assistance for
individual cases. Rather, we agitate more
broadly about the kind of prison conditions
you describe (not to mention the criminal
injustice system that jails a disproportionate
number of poor people and oppressed
nationalities to begin with) with the aim of
building public opinion on the outside to
oppose Amerikan imperialism in general, and
prison oppression in particular.
Toward that end, we use our bi-monthly
newspaper - MIM Notes - to print stories
exposing injustices in prison. We print your
letter to highlight these issues of visitation
and bogus grievance procedures. We have
several current active campaigns to collect
petition signatures, hold public events and
write articles about prison issues including
the following:
* ending Secure Housing Units (SHUs) in
California prisons
* ending the practice of forcing prisoners
with medical conditions to work in Texas
To view news, petitions, etc. of these and
other prison-related campaigns, see: http://
FL prisoner wins
small victory
Remember I told you I had mail problems in
my last letter. Well I achieved through
grievance channels to still get a free letter off
this month. I won approval against the mail
room who didn't want to send my letter.
I have had a lot of success filing grievances
because I spend my days and nights
studying the system before I file. MIM has
played a key role in how I think on filing
against institutions. I never had no will to
fight the institution with ink until I started
reading MIM. [...]
--a Florida prisoner, 19 March 03
California plans to
expand brutal SHU
California Security Housing Units (SHU)
are notoriously known for their civil rights
violations. Maltreatment of prisoners does
not have to be limited to physical abuse.
Although, in the past California's SHU were
the epitome of human rights abuse in the
United $tates prison system. The effects of
an environment of sterile isolation (like found
in California's SHUs) on social animals has
been known since the 1960s in the research
of Harry Harlow: Harlow's studies proved that
constant isolation in sterile environments led
to antisocial behavior and that this treatment
had severe negative emotional and
psychological impact on the test subjects.
California's SHU programs show this same
Mental illness is higher than normal prison
poplation. The mental illness in California's
SHUs is as high as 1/3 or more of the prison
populations in these housing units. Although
an exact proportion of the prison population
would be hard to determine, because most
prisoners refuse to be stigmatized with a
negative label of mental illness. The effects
of being locked in a cell 24 hours a day in an
isolated environment has been known for
California Department of Corrections plans
to increase and expand these SHUs. California
is not only expanding its current prisons by
building more yards, it is changing the criteria
for indeterminate SHU placement, meaning
that it is easier for CDC to place prisoners in
these units with little justification, for life.
California prison populations are already
growing at an alarming rate due to this state's
mandatory sentencing laws. Due to CDC
mismanagement of these prisons, it can be
expected that California's SHU programs will
increase at an even higher rate.
The fact that California's prison system is
a failure is easily demonstrated in it's 87%
recidivism rate. But the effects of California's
SHU program on human life is impossible to
calculate. The psychological effects of
California's SHU programs on prisoners is a
well known fact.
These prison conditions affect prisoner's
emotionally, and diminish prisoner's mental
capabilities, especially in verbal expression
and connotative abilities. Alienation from
social groups and inter-family relationships
is common over extended periods of time. The
extreme isolation over long periods has been
proven to produce delusions and forms of
psychosis in prisoners that are predisposed
to these conditions. The constant isolation
in these sterile environments of California's
SHU programs have been proven to increase
antisocial and violent behavior in prisoners.
The cruelty of these SHU programs have
been known for years and CDC plans only to
expand these conditions in their SHUs. CDC
efforts to stop corruption in their own
department have led only to more harsh,
severe, and strict living conditions in these
HSUs. California's prisons are a multi- billion
dollar business that expand only at cost of
great human suffering. California's SHU
programs have been proved to be the epitome
of this humyn suffering. The expansion of
this governmental business of California's
prison system will go on unchecked until
enough people take an active stand against
such practices like conditions found in
California's SHUs and the United $tates prison
system in general.
-- a SHU prisoner in California, February
IL prisoners support
& share CA struggle
I read with great interest about California's
supreme court giving the governor carte
blanche authority to deny individuals' parole,
as I have been experiencing a similar problem
here in Illinois. I've been appearing before
the parole board yearly since 1977, with no
success. Your articles on the brutality of
supermax prisons were also well received, and
I will soon be sharing them with friends in
Europe who are shocked by the abuses
committed in the name of the state every day.
Thank you for your continuous support
for those of us who are caught in the vise of
the viper.
-- an Illinois prisoner, 16 March 2003
From the MIM "Frequently Asked
Questions" page,
Internationalism is the ethical belief or
scientific approach in which peoples of
different nations are held to be or assumed to
be equal. Internationalism is opposed to
racism and national chauvinism.
We Maoists believe the nationalism of
nations experiencing oppression of
imperialism is "applied internationalism." We
oppose nationalism of oppressed nations
directed at other oppressed nations, because
the economic content of such nationalism is
intra-proletarian conflict. We seek a united
front of oppressed nations led by the
international proletariat against imperialism.
"I must argue, not from the point of view of
`my' country (for that is the argument of a
wretched, stupid, petty-bourgeois nationalist
who does not realize that he is only a
plaything in the hands of the imperialist
bourgeoisie), but from the point of view of
my share in the preparation, in the
propaganda, and in the acceleration of the
world proletarian revolution. That is what
internationalism means, and that is the duty
of the internationalist, of the revolutionary
worker, of the genuine Socialist."
V. I. Lenin, "What Is Internationalism?" The
Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade
Kautsky (Peking: Foreign Language Press,
1965), p. 80.
What is internationalism?
MIM Notes 280 · April 15, 2003 · Page 12
Notas Rojas
avril 15, 2003, Nº 280 Fragmento del Periodico Oficial del Movimiento Internacionalista Maoista
Por el Ministro de Relaciones
Internacionales del Movimiento Maoísta
Internacionalista (MIM)
Hoy, al extenderse la larga guerra contra
Irak hacia Bagdad como resultado de los
primeros ataques de misiles después del
vencimiento del plazo otorgado a Irak por el
ultimatum de Bush, el MIM lamenta de
antemano la pérdida de vidas en Irak. No
importa si EE.UU. logra la victoria en sólo un
día o si el pueblo iraquí se esfuerza por
pulverizar a cientos de miles de soldados
invasores. Esta pérdida de vidas no es
necesaria; la especie humana podrá lograr la
paz sólo a través de una perspectiva mundial.
Falta de argumentos morales
Condenada hasta por los reaccionarios
como el Papa y el presidente de Francia Chirac,
esta guerra claramente no tiene ninguna base
moral sea cual sea la procedencia social de
uno. Al fin y al cabo, tanto Chirac como Bush
pertenecen a la misma ala reaccionaria de la
burguesía. Chirac proviene del equivalente
francés del Partido Republicano de EE.UU.
La mera verdad es que la paz mundial se
dara sólo cuando el internacionalismo se
apodere de nuestra especie. El eje central de
esta idea se explica en términos cristianos
como la "ley dorada"- es decir, la necesidad
de ponernos en el lugar de nuestros prójimos.
Si se ignora la aplicación internacionalista de
la "ley dorada" entre las naciones no
dejaremos de sembrar la guerra y cosechar el
Sin embargo, no somos pacifistas. La
violencia de Bush no contribuye a una
solución internacionalista. Al contrario, la
violencia de Bush consiste en parte en la
difusión del pánico frente a las armas de
destrucción masiva. Pero estas armas son tan
sólo un síntoma de otra enfermedad. Los
amigos de Bush dicen: "Las armas no matan.
La gente mata." Pero existen razones por las
cuales se desarrollan armas de destrucción
masiva que después se usan en Hiroshima y
Nagasaki. Bush ha ignorado estas causas y
sólo las ha hecho más agudas.
Una cuestión científica: ¿Qué tipo de
violencia puede hacer que se evite más
Lo que hace Bush es un perfecto ejemplo
de la violencia reaccionaria y opresiva. Ésta
desencadena un furor en torno a un síntoma
de un problema pretendiendo al mismo tiempo
solucionar el problema. El fascismo se puede
interpretar como un enorme esfuerzo por
arreglar los problemas que surgen a causa
del capitalismo. Pero el fascismo no puede
ganar porque es incapaz de reconocer la raíz
de su propia existencia. Por el contrario,
Abrahm Lincoln también usó la violencia
represora pero esta violencia resultó
progresista porque el plan de Lincoln
consistía en acabar con la esclavitud y otras
causas de antagonismos nacionales. Lincoln
usó la violencia en contra de las causas de la
violencia. El tipo de violencia que usa Bush
no hace más que avivar la furia de los pueblos
del mundo. Los que entienden esto
entenderán fácilmente cómo es que Stalin usó
la violencia para reprimir a tanta gente mientras
que la expectativa promedio de vida de su
pueblo aumentó. Siendo reaccionario, Bush
no tiene ningún tipo de plan o capacidad para
utilizar la violencia con el fin de reducir la
violencia. La falta de tal plan es tan evidente
que muchos creen que la verdadera causa de
la guerra es intercambiar "sangre por
Cuando se trata de problemas
internacionales y de la paz la única cosa
"moral" es lo que promueve la continuación
de las especies. En términos convencionales,
si el estado de I$rael fuera un país "moral"
hace mucho se hubiera logrado la paz en el
Medio Oriente ya que las fuerzas armadas de
este país son mucho más poderosas que las
de otros países a su alrededor. Al igual que el
acercamiento de I$rael, los esfuerzos de Bush
por convertir a todo el tercer mundo en una
gigantesca Franja de Gaza están condenados
a un fracaso.
A primera vista parece que la cuestión de
la paz y la guerra se puede plantear fácilmente
en términos morales y tácticos. Pero esto es
una equivocación. Un hecho científico es que
I$rael no está en paz con sus vecinos. EE.UU.
gasta más en sus fuerzas armadas que todos
los países del mundo combinados y también
tiene la economía más grande del mundo. Sin
embargo, EE.UU. sufre ataques terroristas por
personas que si fueran oportunistas,
escogerían blancos más fáciles. Estos también
son hechos científicos que señalan algo sobre
el método de I$rael y EE.UU.
Bush busca aliviar las preocupaciones
morales cuando dice que el Tío $am quiere
que la guerra sea lo más corta posible y que
espera dejar a Irak con una feliz democracia
después de la guerra. Los que conocen el
amor que los pueblos del tercer mundo
profiesan hacia la autodeterminación y los
que saben algo sobre Irak entienden el porqué
del odio iraquí hacia los yanquis. La capacidad
de Bush para establecer una "democracia"
en Irak aparenta ser una cuestión de "táctica"
pero de hecho se confunden las cuestiones
tácticas (utilitarias) con las cusetiones
morales. A menudo se oye decir que el debate
ideológico es más desordenado que el debate
científico pero en este caso la moralidad de la
"paz mundial" no es un tema controversial.
Lo controversial es la ciencia de cómo lograr
la paz mundial.
Lamentamos la muerte de los inocentes
El pueblo iraquí es una victima de la más
espantosa potencia imperialista durante toda
la historia: Los E$tados Unido$ de Amérika.
Lo que busca el pueblo de Irak es una
autodeterminación -- un motivo saludable y
natural perseguido por George Washington.
Por esta razón el nacionalismo iraquí no se
puede comparar con el nacionalismo torcido
de los yanquis que se oponen a las "papas a
la francesa" y utilizan el nacionalismo como
pretexto para asesinar a la gente de Irak.
También lamentamos la muerte de los
soldados yanquis que son demasiado
jóvenes e ignorantes y que no entienden los
asuntos mundiales ni tampoco saben porqué
tienen que morir en Irak (claro, algunos ya
han muerto entrenando para esta guerra). Sin
embargo, a diferencia de los iraquíes, los
soldados yanquis han tenido la oportunidad
de evitar este fin. A lo mejor pasaron
demasiado tiempo viendo (el noticiero principal
entre hombres entre los 18 y los 34 años en el
cual las representadoras salen desnudas) y
no prestaron atención a los asusntos
políticos. O quizás se la hayan pasado leyendo
historias románticas de aventuras militares.
Sea cual fuera la razón, los soldados yanquis
han tenido la oportunidad económica de
aprender más y poder sacar a su país de la
guerra. Pero en esto han fracasado.
La capacidad y el crecimiento económico
de la humanidad son casi ilimitables pero la
población de EE.UU. se la pasa leyendo
novelas románticas de baja calidad y jugando
juegos electrónicos en vez de dedicarse a la
cooperación económica que lograría la paz
mundial. Una y otra vez los líderes yanquis e
i$raelíes dicen que la solución es asesinar a
más gente del tercer mundo. Logran asesinar
a mucha gente, incluyendo a los suyos
mediante el "fuego amigable" y no logran
conseguir la "democracia" ni la paz ni la
cooperación económica.
De cualquier modo, tanto los líderes
yanquis como el 70% de la población de
EE.UU. que los apoya, (1) le están "buscando
tres pies al gato." Está bien claro que los
yanquis no respetan más que la fuerza: no
respetan las leyes internacionales, ni los
tratados que han firmado, ni la ONU ni
tampoco los "derechos humanos" de los que
tanto se habla. El problema es que estos
traficantes de guerra imponen un sistema que
causa el terrorismo sobre el resto de
Norteamérica. El presidente Regan y el
vicepresidente George Bush entrenaron y
regalaron armas a Bin Laden para que luchara
contra la Unión Soviética. Después, la
mayoría sanguinaria lanzó una guerra contra
Irak impulsando a Bin Laden a atacar EE.UU.
Sin embargo, los yanquis siguen sin entender.
Ahora están a favor de una guerra contra Irak
por los supuestos lazos de Irak con el
terrorismo. ¡Vaya lógica! Ellos mismos han
creado estos
Pero la estupidez no termina ahí. El
vicepresidente Cheney dijo el día 16 de marzo
(y fue apoyado por Bush) que Irak tiene armas
nucleares. Sin embargo, Cheney es el que
desde el principio ha luchado a favor de la
guerra. (2) ¡Esto sí que es buscarle tres pies al
gato! La verdad es que cada habitante de este
planeta vive gracias a la tolerancia de otros-
una regla que adquiere mayor importancia
conforme va encogiéndose el planeta.
Estaremos mejor cuanto más pronto
entendamos esto.
Mientras algunas empresas se ganan la
vida vendiendo bombas, nosotros, los
participantes del movimiento estadounidense
de paz, vivimos bajo la eterna amenaza de la
guerra y el terrorismo a causa de lo que hace
la mayoría yanqui. Pero los que componemos
la minoría estamos hartos de sus guerras por
el petróleo, su apoyo a las diarias masacres
i$raelíes en contra de los palestinos. Estamos
hartos de sus ganancias en el mercado de
armas y de todo lo demás que nos priva el
derecho de vivir en paz y sin el terrorismo. Si
la mayoría imperialista de EE.UU. quiere
cambiar las cosas ("cambiar el régimen") en
Irak, que se muden a Irak. Bajo la democracia
la mayoría sólo determina lo que pasa entre
los que votan, y no en países a miles de
kilómetros de aquí. Si los tontos yanquis
cabezudos quieren un "cambio de régimen"
en Irak, que se muden a Bagdad.
Nosotros que somos la minoría que busca
la paz tenemos un derecho no-negociable a
vivir sin la violencia causada por el deseo de
la mayoría de estructurar el mundo según la
imagen de Ronald McDonald. Si los yanquis
quieren una guerra para quitarles el velo a las
mujeres afganas y creen que saben cómo
lograrlo, que se muden ahí también. Si los
yanquis no quieren que Kim Jong-il fabrique
armas nucleares para venderlas les sugerimos
que le paguen más que los otros
consumidores porque bajo el capitalismo no
hay otra lógica que esta. Cualquier cosa que
quieran hacer estos yanquis, deberían hacerla
sin poner en peligro el derecho del resto del
mudno a vivir en paz.
19 Marzo, 2003. Traducido por Células de
Estudio para la Liberación de Aztlán y
América Latina (CELAAL)
Fuentes consultadas:
2. http//;
Tambi?n en Reuters, Marzo 17 2003.
Declaración de pricipios con
respecto a la guerra contra Irak