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MIM Notes
August 1, 2003, Nº 285
The Official Newsletter of the Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM)
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New inter-
coming to the
by [email protected]
July 18 2003
An unscientific poll by CNN shows that
over 80% no longer believe Bush's story
about weapons of mass destruction. Most
now think there were no weapons of mass
destruction (WMDs) in Iraq just before
the Amerikan invasion. For the first time,
WMDs matter to a majority of
Amerikkkans. "Less than a majority said
the war would be worth its costs if such
weapons were not found, down from 56
percent in May."(1)
Before the issue of Bush lying about
WMDs came up, oil for the SUV and
pick-up truck was good enough a reason
to go to war for Amerikkkans. But now
that it looks like the imperialists lied to
their labor aristocracy partners, a majority
wants to see those WMDs. It's not that
Amerikkkans cared what the WMD
issue meant for Iraqis or even U.$. troops
in Iraq. But add in the issue of imperialists
misleading the labor aristocracy, and
suddenly it all comes apart. Even
bourgeois business partners want the
correct business information from each
other, so there's nothing too radical or
surprising about the Amerikan public's
interest in this question.
Still, Bush's overall approval rating
remains around 60%.
As the Bush story on Iraq unravels,
MIM would like to point to further areas
What the flap
over WMD in
Iraq reveals for
the underdog's
Often we at MIM hear an argument
that amounts to saying political struggle
is useless, because Big Brother spends
11 digit money each year to spy on
everyone with everything from satellites
to submarines. Arab media said that
Uncle $am knew the color of Saddam
Hussein's underwear. The website
""(1) recently said it is
possible to track every computer by
placing devices "upstream." The point of
such arguments is that it is futile to
struggle against Big Brother, a.k.a. Uncle
$am, so we must join Uncle $am in a
political fight by Uncle $am's rules--yet
the flap over the weapons of mass
Many prisons
keep MIM
literature out
This is the third of MIM's regular
reports on censorship in the Amerikan
prisons. MIM sends in our newspaper,
MIM Notes, free to prisoners who ask
for it. We also send political books and
pamphlets (by MIM and by others) to
politically active prisoners. We face
tremendous censorship in this work with
prisoners. Prisoncrats across the country
frequently refuse to deliver books,
magazines and newspapers. At the same
time we work with our comrades behind
bars, sending many letters back and forth
discussing politics, global affairs, the
criminal injustice system and organizing
work. Even these letters are frequently
This censorship is not surprising since
prisoners are a group of people in
Amerika with much revolutionary
potential. Prisoners are disproportionately
oppressed nationals, primarily Blacks and
Latinos. And their interaction with the
criminal injustice system and forced
confrontation with the political nature of
the system instills a strong interest in
politics and a drive for justice. The prisons
have to resort to censorship to keep
prisoners from learning more about politics
and applying their knowledge to fight the
injustice system. This is what the prisons
mean when they reject MIM literature
as "a threat to institutional security" or
"threat to legitimate penological
objectives" as the Washington state
Department of Corrections is fond of
stating. Nowhere in any literature MIM
sends to prisoners is there anything
advocating violence or illegal acts in the
prisons, contrary to many prisoncrats'
Frequently we get justification like this
one from Illinois: "Return to sender; Items
not permitted in institution" giving no
explanation for the censorship. MIM and
U.$. lackeys in Peru
scapegoat London
writer and speaker
revised July 18 2003
According to the newspapers in Peru
and the Yahoo! featured Europe Press,
Spanish authorities arrested Adolfo
Olaechea on July 4. We do not have
reliable details, but a number of sources
claim that Adolfo Olaechea was in Spain
on a business trip.
The ambassador from Peru asked for
Adolfo Olaechea's extradition to Peru as
a "terrorist" connected to the Communist
Party of Peru and the civil war in Peru
since 1980, an armed struggle that only
started years after Adolfo Olaechea left
The headline on Yahoo! reads
"Peruvian terrorist Adolfo Olaechea . . "
So it is these days that the Yankee-
induced hysteria about "terrorists"
reverberates around the world--par for
the course in this whole "anti-terrorist"
fad of the rulers used to cover every kind
of opportunism and misdeed.
For most of 40 years Adolfo Olaechea
has not been in Peru. He has been a
permanent resident in England for 25
years. According to an interview in El
Comercio, and because he was not a
member of the Communist Party of Peru,
he had a document from the Peruvian
Embassy allowing him to travel in Peru
and consequently he had no difficulty with
travel to Peru for two weeks. So the
question arises, why does this charge of
"terrorism" come up now, if no Yankees
are pulling the strings. As the El Comercio
interview points out, the people heaping
abuse and charges on him in the past are
now in prison, in connection to the drug-
dealing, bribe-giving, mass murderer V.
Montesinos who was head of intelligence/
security under Fujimori and now in prison.
Given the recently rising discontent with
the economically failed regime in Peru,
U.$. tide turns on weapons
of mass destruction in Iraq
Spain arrests
Adolfo Olaechea
MIM reviews Summer
books, movies, music
Ah-nold and Harry Potter are back,
selling millions of movie tickets and books.
We review "Terminator 3" and "Harry
Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" on
pages 6 and 7. We also review the new
release by alternative rockers Radiohead,
"Hail to the Thief."
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MIM Notes 285 · August 1, 2003 · Page 2
What is MIM?
The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) is the collection of existing or emerging
Maoist internationalist parties in the English-speaking imperialist countries and their English-
speaking internal semi-colonies, as well as the existing or emerging Maoist Internationalist
parties in Belgium, France and Quebec and the existing or emerging Spanish-speaking
Maoist Internationalist parties of Aztlan, Puerto Rico and other territories of the U.$. Empire.
MIM Notes is the newspaper of MIM. Notas Rojas is the newspaper of the Spanish-speaking
parties or emerging parties of MIM. MIM upholds the revolutionary communist ideology
of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and is an internationalist organization that works from the
vantage point of the Third World proletariat. MIM struggles to end the oppression of all
groups over other groups: classes, genders, nations. MIM knows this is only possibly by
building public opinion to seize power through armed struggle. Revolution is a reality for
North America as the military becomes over-extended in the government's attempts to
maintain world hegemony. MIM differs from other communist parties on three main
questions: (1) MIM holds that after the proletariat seizes power in socialist revolution, the
potential exists for capitalist restoration under the leadership of a new bourgeoisie within
the communist party itself. In the case of the USSR, the bourgeoisie seized power after the
death of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao's death and the overthrow of the "Gang
of Four" in 1976. (2) MIM upholds the Chinese Cultural Revolution as the farthest advance
of communism in humyn history. (3) As Marx, Engels and Lenin formulated and MIM has
reiterated through materialist analysis, imperialism extracts super-profits from the Third
World and in part uses this wealth to buy off whole populations of oppressor nation so-
called workers. These so-called workers bought off by imperialism form a new petty-
bourgeoisie called the labor aristocracy. These classes are not the principal vehicles to
advance Maoism within those countries because their standards of living depend on
imperialism. At this time, imperialist super-profits create this situation in the Canada, Quebec,
the United $tates, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland,
Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Israel, Sweden and Denmark. MIM accepts people as
members who agree on these basic principles and accept democratic centralism, the system
of majority rule, on other questions of party line.
"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is universally applicable. We should
regard it not as dogma, but as a guide to action. Studying it is not merely a matter of
learning terms and phrases, but of learning Marxism-Leninism as the science of revolution."
- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208.
Editor, MC206; Production, MC12
MIM Notes
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MIM Notes is the bi-weekly newsletter of the Maoist Internationalist Movement. MIM
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accepts submissions and critiques from anyone. The editors reserve the right to edit
submissions unless permission is specifically denied by the author; submissions are
published anonymously unless authors insist on identification (prisoners are never
identified by name). MIM is an underground party that does not publish the names of its
comrades in order to avoid the state surveillance and repression that have historically
been directed at communist parties and anti-imperialist movements. MCs, MIM comrades,
are members of the Party. The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League (RAIL) is an anti-
imperialist mass organization led by MIM (RCs are RAIL Comrades). MIM's ten-point
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Most back issues of MIM Notes are available free on our web site. The web site con-
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MIM grants explicit permission to copy all or part of this newspaper for any reason, as
long as we are credited.
For general correspondence, contact:
P.O. Box 29670
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Trotskyist website
reader perturbed
Dear MIM:
I hope that you people eventualy [sic]
realise [sic] the absolute babarity [sic] of
Mao and Stalin and get on board with the
rest of us communists. You are
discrediting everything that Marx - Engels
- Lenin - Trotsky - Luxembourg - and the
every other true communist out there has
done. Stalin and Mao were and are not
the way forward.
Mao and Stalin coming to power meant
the death of international socialism for an
indefinable amount of time.
The only thing that pleases me on your
web site is your admission at being a small
party - may it stay that way.
July, 2003
[email protected] replies for MIM:
Barbarism is dying from hunger and lack
of medical care. Barbarism is not shooting
a small portion of society spreading
confusion and otherwise throwing up
obstacles to progress as the writer above
does by referring to a movement that has
produced no social change in the last 75
years. Whether he is objective enough to
know it, the above critic of us is a part of
the status quo.
Barbarism is also not having universal
education. Stalin and Mao fixed those
problems--hunger, medical care and
education. That's why the life
expectancies of their countries doubled
despite all the repression of liberal-radical
What this sort of criticism always boils
down to is two things: 1) A defense of
the status quo in the guise of Trotskyist
(or fill in the blank) principles which have
failed to bring about changes like Stalin
and Mao did. 2) Valuing the lives of
liberal-radical dissidents at 100 or 1000
times that of the toiling peasants and
workers. There is no other explanation
for how people supposedly interested in
the Soviet Union's history could ignore
the progress there in the name of their
impotent principles.
Amerika's "war on
terrorism" hypocrisy
What's happening in California prisons,
along with prisons in general across
Amerika is a form of terrorism! It is very
sad what happened on 9-11. However, it
shows that people throughout the world
are tired of Amerikan oppression. It is
dangerous to divorce "terrorism" from
politics, yet u.s. media continue to talk
about an abstract war against terrorism
without mention of the issues or context
that lie behind them. In reality, terrorism
is a political act, a response to u.s. foreign
policy. It is an act of war waged by people
too weak to have a conventional army or
one large enough to take on Amerika. We
informed, conscious citizens of Amerika
must face it--u.s. foreign policy
contributes to acts of terrorism (a.k.a.
Freedom Fighting). Amerika participated
in creating a monster, now it has turned
against "us" and the world--16,000
Arabs were trained in Afghanistan, made
into a veritable killing machine. This is an
insane instance of "the chickens coming
home to roost." War is indeed hell, for
some. For others, it is big, and burgeoning,
The united snakes of Amerika has
supplied Turkey, Israel, and Indonesia with
such weapons, and they have used them
against civilian populations. But the nation
most guilty is "our" own. No nation in the
world possesses greater weapons of mass
destruction than Amerika does, and none
has use them more often, or with greater
loss of civilian life. In Hiroshima hundreds
of thousands died, in Korea and south
Vietnam millions died as a result of
Amerika's use of such weapons. The
sheer hypocrisy of such a nation
threatening another nation on the basis
of its possession of "weapons of mass
destruction" is stunning. Asians and
Arabs must be shaking their collective
heads in mass disbelief! Clinton's lurch
to the right during his second term is now
mirrored by Bush as he recycles his
predecessors lie, the old "weapons of
mass destruction" tale, a justification for
Bush the younger's efforts to repair Bush
the Elder's failure to properly discipline
Iraq for daring to act as a sovereign state,
instead of a vassal-state (or client-state)
to the U.S. Empire. [If Clinton lurched to
the right at all, it was a small move within
the context of imperialist politics. Recall
that one of his first acts as president was
to bomb Iraq with cruise missiles. Clinton
steadfastly carried out Amerika's war
against Iraq and laid the basis for the
current expansion.--ed.]
To take the hypocrisy to an even higher
pitch, consider that some of Iraq's
weapons were indeed weapons of mass
destruction, a fact well known to
Washington because u.s. hardware was
delivered to the Iraqis, the better to kill
their Iranian enemies with. The U.S.,
London and other western (white)
countries made mountains of wealth
selling such weapons (divide and
conquer) not only to Iraq, but to Iran as
well. Amerika seeks to extend her New
Crusades to Iraq and whoever else. Don't
forget the oil folks! Why isn't that a crime
against international law? Ultimately, war
often has economic underpinnings, but
they are hidden. War is a tool of foreign
and economic policy!
--a prisoner in California,
July 2003
MIM Notes 285 · August 1, 2003 · Page 3
Jordan is a country where a pro-U.$.
king rules. As Hillary Clinton explained
in her recent book "Living History," Uncle
$am takes Jordan very seriously and
sends presidents to funerals there.
However, a recent BBC poll of 11,000
people in 11 countries(1) shows that most
people in Jordan consider the United
$tates more dangerous to world peace
than Al Qaeda, the organization headed
by Osama Bin Laden.
The bourgeois news wire service
summed it up this way: "The poll, which
was carried out in May and June, will
make depressing reading for U.S.
officials charged with improving the
country's image. It surveyed people from
Australia, Brazil, Canada, Britain, France,
Israel, Indonesia, Jordan, South Korea,
Russia and the United States.
"Asked who was the more dangerous
to world peace and stability, the United
States was rated higher than al-Qaida by
respondents in both Jordan (71 percent)
and Indonesia (66 percent).
"It was also rated more dangerous than
Iran by people in Jordan, Indonesia,
Russia, South Korea and Brazil, and more
menacing than Syria by respondents in
all countries except Australia, Israel and
the United States. Israel beat Canada and
Britain to win the dubious accolade of
`most pro-American country.'"(2)
Au$tralia, I$rael and the United $tates
all have the fact of being settler dominated
imperialist countries. The petty-
bourgeoisie in those countries has the
particular hatred of oppressed peoples
driven not just by super-exploitation but
also the particularities of genocide to seize
The International Herald Tribune also
summarized an even more pointed finding
from an earlier poll done by the Pew
Research Center: "In fact, feelings are
so intense in the Islamic world that
Osama bin Laden was chosen by five
Muslim publics--in Indonesia, Jordan,
Morocco, Pakistan and the Palestinian
Authority--as one of the three political
leaders they would most trust to `do the
right thing' in world affairs."(3)
The widespread support of Osama Bin
Laden in the Third World is an example
of false consciousness, because Osama
Bin Laden does not claim to be for the
average exploited and super-exploited
persyn of the Third World and more
importantly his analysis and strategy are
lacking. However, we gather from the
showing of Osama Bin Laden in the polls
that the people want to see a strong stand
against U.$. imperialism. It's the perfect
example of "false consciousness,"
because we can see what the Third World
people want, even as they fail in
pinpointing how they will accomplish it.
Any strong leader appearing to be anti-
U.$. would obtain the same support.
In contrast, the support for Bush in
On July 2 the 7th U.$. Circuit Court of
Appeals in Chicago ruled that federal
courts don't have the jurisdiction to
review discretionary decisions of the
attorney general. The case overturned a
federal judge ruling that Sabri Samirah
could return to the United $tates after
visiting his sick mother in Jordan.
Samirah, who had lived in the United
$tates for 15 years, was waiting for his
green card and received permission from
the Immigration and Naturalization
Service (INS) to visit his mother in
Jordan. In January Samirah tried to
return to the U.$. and the INS revoked
his "advance parole" and barred his re-
entry on behalf of Attorney General John
Ashcroft based on information that he
was a "security risk." Samirah appealed
the decision and in March U.$. District
Judge Michael Moran ruled that he should
borders kill
Nineteen immigrants from Mexico and
Central America died of suffocation in a
truck trailer abandoned in the Texas desert
last May 14. Police have now arrested at
least three people on charges they were
smuggling the immigrants into the United
$tates. The local district attorney
"promised aggressive prosecution of the
smugglers responsible for the incident."(1)
Prosecuting the few smugglers who are
caught will do little to protect the
thousands of immigrants who risk their
lives to come to the United $tates to take
jobs few Amerikans want. As former
federal immigration official Benedict
Ferro put it, arresting smugglers "is treating
a symptom, not the disease."(2) Above
all, the United $tates and the sizeable
yahoo "put a fence on the border" crowd
are to blame for those who die trying to
cross the border illegally. To close the
borders and expect no black market in
humyn smuggling under capitalism is pure
Capitalism produces black markets in
everything. When people are able to profit,
they do so in arms, drugs and even
humyns. The more successful police are
in catching suppliers of black market
services, the smaller the supply of those
services. That only means that the price
goes up in the world of capitalist supply
and demand. Concretely that means drug
prices go up and new suppliers rush to fill
the need. In immigrant smuggling it means
that the smugglers charge more money.
In this case, it means that the humyn
smuggler may have used a cheaper but
more dangerous method to raise his
profits. People who advocate capitalist
systems know all this very well, but still
they blame the inevitable smugglers
produced by their capitalist system, instead
of opening the borders.
According to a 1999 Immigration and
Naturalization Service report, "alien
smuggling has grown in to a multibillion-
dollar-a-year industry." Security
crackdowns since September 11 have only
forced more immigrants to seek our
professional smugglers and forced the
smugglers to use more dangerous
methods. About 500,000 undocumented
immigrants enter the United $tates ever
year.(2) Hundreds die trying to cross the
desert into California alone.(3)
Within the imperialist countries, the labor
aristocracy is even more to blame than
the imperialists. The labor aristocracy
cannot imagine a better system and hence
the population within imperialist countries
fights to keep borders closed with the idea
of keeping living standards high for itself.
The economic nationalists in the imperialist
countries have the blood of the nineteen
victims in Texas on their hands.
1. Washington Post, 15 May 2003.
2. Houston Chronicle, 15 May 2003.
be allowed to return to his U.$. home, but
the decision was put on hold until the
government could appeal.
Samirah was an outspoken critic of U.$.
support for Israel, Chairman of the Islamic
Association for Palestine, and head of the
United Muslim Americans Association.
The U.$. government has been
increasingly targeting politically active
Arabs since September 11, 2001. While
proclaiming themselves defenders of
freedom around the globe (by invading,
murdering and plundering), the
government is busy revoking supposedly
protected civil liberties at home. The
Patriot Act greatly expanded the
authorities of the government to act
without oversight and with this Appeals
Court decision the courts are falling into
line to support these actions.
Notes: Chicago Tribune, July 3, 2003.
Court: Attorney General free to oppress
I$rael and the United $tates is not "false
consciousneess," because it is enemy
consciousness. Marxists use the term
"false consciousness" to refer to those
situations where a class does not adopt
an ideology in its own interests and
instead adopts that of another class
because it has been duped. In I$rael and
the united $tates, a settler petty-
bourgeoisie has consciously taken up an
ideology of land-grabbing oppression. It's
not a case where some I$raeli and
Amerikkkan "exploited" are
unconsciously taking up the ideology of
exploiters. The I$raeli$ and Amerikkkans
are very active in their support for
predatory wars.
An example of this is that the
Amerikkkan lives in a country dependent
on the world for oil. For this reason, polls
show that Amerikkkans did not care
when "weapons of mass destruction"
(WMD) did not show up in Iraq as
promised during the war itself. They still
supported the war.
Slate author Michael Kinsley put it this
way on June 19th: "According to a Harris
poll out Wednesday, a majority of
Americans still think the Bush
administration was telling the truth before
the war when it said it had hard evidence
of WMD. A Knight Ridder poll released
last weekend reports that a third of the
populace believes that the weapons have
been discovered. A Fox News poll last
week found that almost half of
Americans feel that the administration
was `intentionally misleading' about Iraq's
weapons, but more than two-thirds think
the war was justified anyway. A Gallup
Poll released Wednesday concludes that
almost 9 out of 10 Americans still think
Saddam had or was close to having
Bush may very well end up in hot water
over the WMD, but it won't be because
Amerikkkans do not want to oppress
Iraqis. If Bush ends up in hot water, it will
be because Amerikkkans deem it
unseemly for him to lie to Amerikkkans
and because they figure out that the
premature press accounts announcing the
discovery of WMD in Iraq had been
The fall in oil prices set a recent record
according to USA Today: "America
imported $11.21 billion in petroleum in
April, a drop of 10.4% from March.
However, all the improvement came in
lower costs, as the volume of crude oil
climbed to the second highest level on
record. But the average price of a barrel
of crude oil declined $4.25 to $26.02,
reflecting a fall in global oil prices as fears
of supply disruptions eased with the
successful conclusion of the U.S.-led war
in Iraq.
"It was the biggest one-month drop in
crude oil prices since a $4.59 decline from
January to February of 1991, as
America's success in driving Iraq out of
Kuwait eased oil supply concerns during
the Persian Gulf War."(5) Neither Osama
Bin Laden nor the Third World generally
have gotten what they wanted vis-a-vis
the united $tates, and that is why a claim
of "false consciousness" may be true. In
contrast, the Amerikkkan public is willing
to lie with Bush to the rest of the world
about WMD in Iraq, but it fought for and
got what it wanted with regard to oil.
trade/2003-06-13-deficit_x.htm ; see also, http://
False consciousness and Al Qaeda
Third World looks for strong
anti-imperialist leaders
MIM Notes 285 · August 1, 2003 · Page 4
destruction shows just how wrong it is to
be Liberal about struggle and security.
Ten months before George Bush's
mistaken "State of the Union" address
citing forged evidence that Iraq
supposedly obtained uranium from Niger,
the CIA told the Bush administration that
the information was false. Separately an
ambassador also told the Bush
administration the information was bogus.
What this means is that even having the
right information is no guarantee it will
be used.(2) There were countless other
false statements from the Bush
administration about the nature and
justification of war with Iraq.(3) There
was Tony Blair's statement (based on
U.$. sources) that Saddam Hussein was
ready to launch WMD with 45 minutes
notice--something that obviously did not
Little did pro-war and neutral students
know that the English government's
intelligence dossier justifying the Iraq war
came largely from an American student's
publicly available paper that was not
cited.(5) In MIM Notes 274, we criticized
a student taking a typical monarchist line
justifying apathy and lack of struggle
against the war. The student said: "We
base opinions of foreign and domestic
policy on the knowledge we receive from
a biased media, from our friends' opinions,
and from our professors' leading
questions. Bush bases his opinions on Top
Secret intelligence data gathered from
multiple sources, national estimates from
senior intelligence officials, and advice
from experts. If even he does not have a
complete picture, ours must be a
minuscule piece of the puzzle." It turns
out that someone wanted to make a fool
of the Bush administration by forging
documents about Iraq's nuclear weapons
program which Bush used to further his
pre-2000 goal of war on Iraq. Thus having
"Top Secret intelligence" turned out to
be a drawback, not an advantage. Merely
having the "complete" information does
not guarantee its correct use.
Those struggling as the underdog for
justice should take note: even if the ruler
has all the means of information in his or
her hands, there is no guarantee that s/he
can use it. In fact, capitalism corrupts all
knowledge production ranging from
medicines sold for profit to analyses of
the effectiveness of weapons systems
that the Pentagon buys. As we pointed
out in our website FAQ on security: "U.$.
imperialism has no chance of being able
to afford all the work of sorting out true
information from false." For that matter,
MIM has also pointed out that collecting
information from a source is no guarantee
that that source is not emitting information
that amounts to a decoy.
The imperialists pursue knowledge that
helps them profit individually. As a
consequence, the imperialists will never
match the proletariat in its abilities in
finding the truth. Although the imperialists
spend much more money on intelligence
than the proletariat does, the imperialists
are not able to use what they collect and
when they do use what they collect they
come into conflict with other imperialists
with other property interests and
government agendas. For this reason, it
is always justified to struggle to make it a
little harder for the imperialists to spy on
the oppressed and exploited. As we said
in our review of the website:
"The reasons not to surrender are
numerous: 1) Raising the cost to the
enemy, because even when s/he does
espionage correctly it costs him/her. 2)
The enemy must sort out true from false
once information is obtained. 3) The
enemy may not bother."
iraq030616_uranium.html; see also, http://
3. See for example, http://
4. See a former CIA director admit this here:
0,2933,89923,00.html; see also, http://,2933,89649,00.html
Big Brother doesn't always know
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U$ tide turns on Iraq WMD
of interest, some of which are bound to
come up in the next few weeks. A Slate
article by Timothy Noah (2) answers why
the U.$. press has taken some notice of
uraniumgate (Bush's state-of-the-union
canard that Iraq sought to purchase
uranium from Niger). Noah cuts through
the naiveté and asks the question: under
what conditions does government
deception become front-page news in
Amerika? Answer: when the deceivers
own up to it. Bourgeois reporters are too
lazy or timid to do their own work and
take officials' words as gospel--unless
the officials themselves say their words
are not gospel. We at MIM would only
add that in many cases, journalists are
too poorly educated to know how to do
original journalistic work if they tried.
Both Bush and Blair now say that
Saddam Hussein had "programs" for
weapons of mass destruction. They leave
out the word for actual "weapons." It's
important to notice a change of spin like
that. Increasingly, even newspapers in
Amerika's hinterlands are noticing. The
fact that the 3rd Infantry has not returned
home yet and a soldier dies in an attack
every day assures that Amerikans from
the boonies where soldiers come from are
paying attention. This again proves the
nature of military power's relationship to
the truth. Had U.$. troops wrapped up
and all come home by now, the
Amerikkkan public would be hearing a
lot less truth.
More and more, with their own lies
falling apart, Bush and Blair rely on
Clinton's lies. They fall back to arguing
that Saddam Hussein kicked out the
weapons inspectors, when the weapons
inspectors themselves have pointed out
that in reality Clinton kicked out the
inspectors. Clinton then blamed the
expulsion on Iraq in order to have an
excuse for "regime change." When Blair
and Bush refer to past violations of UN
resolutions, the intelligent reader should
ask why China, Russia and France did
not agree since they were on the same
committees. The reason is that the United
$tates had an active role in forging Iraq's
non-compliance and other countries
With the Iraq lies falling apart, we do
not mean to say there are no Amerikkkans
still buying the bologna. FOX News is
noticeably emphasizing that Bush's
statement in the "State of the Union" was
technically correct, because he cited a
source, the British government. For these
sorts of spin-masters, it no longer matters
if the source cited is wrong. Rather than
make it their job to get to the bottom of
this, FOX publishes a few sentences and
then lets FOX readers respond with their
Pavlovian monarchism.(3) Their words
boil down to "we love our king: leave it to
him." This would be fine and good if we
lived in a monarchist system advancing
beyond even more backward systems like
feudalism, but supposedly we live in a
"democracy" founded against monarchist
ideas of national security. We're left with
the hypocrisy and the twisted morality of
"pre-emptive" strikes, which should really
be called "re-emptive" strikes, because
the United $tates has never stopped
attacking its colony Iraq since 1991,
whether through missile strikes, no fly
zones or embargoes enforced by sea, land
and air. We are only waiting for someone
to take a picture of tea imported into Iraq
with the accompanying paper work for
Amerikan taxes.
Thus while the mainstream media
focuses on this one question of attribution
of sources, because it feels it must pander
to the monarchist Right of Amerikkka,
the rest of the world is wondering just
how many lies the Amerikkkans can
swallow and why. England signed onto
international resolutions and treaties which
require it to turn over its intelligence on
Iraq's nuclear programs to the UN;(4)
yet England continues to say it has
evidence of uranium purchases in Africa
that it won't share, because it does not
have permission from the party that gave
England the intelligence. Apparently
England is preserving its spy-first
protocols, because the issue of nuclear
weapons in Iraq is less important than
other things that England wants to obtain
from relations with other countries' spies.
Of course, that just leaves the question
of why England signed on to international
obligations regarding nukes and Iraq in
the first place, and why anyone should
care if England itself believes the
possibility of nuclear weapons in Iraq is
so unimportant that it won't divulge
sources and information. This is one of
those have-your-cake-and-eat-it-toos.
Either the information is important from
their own perspective (worth having a
war over) and should be released or it's
unimportant and does not sustain the case
Bush and Blair are making, in which case,
again they should shut up and take their
In the past two weeks, the most popular
article in all our website agitation has been
our review of Bush's "State of the Union"
address in January. That review has
proved to stand the test of time and has
put some of the data being spun by
politicians in perspective. It also puts in
relief that major news media with the
professional resources did not put in the
time to do the research on any of the
WMD questions and in effect, one was
better off reading a few books from
different sources than counting on the
press to come up with important
We will point out the obvious: Bush Jr.'s
cabinet is composed of those who wanted
an invasion of Iraq under Bush Sr. and
did not get one because of others in Bush
Sr.'s cabinet, such as Brent Scowcraft
and Howard Baker. Some have pointed
also to Vice President Cheney's business
ties to those who benefit from an Iraq
occupation. Certainly his sector of
business benefits even if his company
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MIM Notes 285 · August 1, 2003 · Page 5
stays out.
However, beyond economic self-
interests and old arguments and
associated egos, the Amerikkkan public
should know that Bush Jr. is a politician.
It was always foolish since 911 to extend
the government the kind of trust that the
U.$. population has. Politicians are still
masters of spin, focusing on some subjects
only so the rest will be ignored. 911 did
not improve politicians: in fact it gave
them more covers to carry out more
opportunistic misdeeds. Among their
many misdeeds is to cover up the sources
of the 911 problem to divert attention from
their own previous actions and policies.
In contrast, MIM knows it is not
coming to power by Amerikan votes or
other method any time soon. Compared
with Bush who has friends in the oil
business, a father to vindicate in history,
officials to defend and a re-election
campaign requiring votes, we at MIM
have no reason to lie or mislead. We at
MIM can only err, which is why our
coverage has been much more accurate
and less misleading than that of anything
ranging from FOXNEWS to CNN to
CBS to the New York Times.
Our critics have said in the past we
would err because Bush should know
better with all his access to intelligence,
but that is a monarchist argument. Bush
claims to be president in a democratic
system in which voters are supposed to
be informed well enough to choose
politicians. Hence, there was never a
good reason to leave a question of war
"up to Bush." That's to leave aside that
we at MIM may have less intelligence
than the CIA but do a better job of
interpreting what we do have. Now we
see that even having all the intelligence
does not guarantee anything. There is no
way that politician Bush desired to be in
the present spot he is in now of explaining
cloak-and-dagger type things and
diplomacy. U.$. politicians need to
premise their own credibility on
explanations of why someone would
forge uranium export documents like they
need a hole in the head. Bush knows this
instinctively which is why he would
usually rather appear stupid than explain
anything overly complicated.
Yet complicated is what this has
become--not in the facts regarding
weapons of mass destruction--but the
diplomatic relations involved. The
Washington Post admitted as follows:
"Since World War II, U.S. and British
intelligence agencies have had an image
of intimate collaboration with each other.
But the portrait that emerges from the
British version of events concerning the
investigation of the reported uranium deal
is of agencies at times working at cross-
purposes and reluctant to trust the other
with sensitive information."(5) A critical
British official Jack Straw says the CIA
and State Dept. had not informed him of
their conclusion that the whole story of
uranium in Africa was phony. Thus far
England has covered Bush's back by
saying it stands by its uranium story, so
Bush would appear to have the right idea
for the wrong specific reasons.
Nonetheless, England can back off at any
moment--especially after the public stops
paying attention.
Now there are even better new twists
that call for even more complicated
decisions. In the first place, the whole
accusation of Niger points toward France.
However, just as the United $tates is
asking France to send troops to Iraq to
assist with occupation government, the
United $tates is threatening to make the
press notice that France is in control of
all uranium production in Niger. In
addition, France is on the hook for
refusing to show the United $tates its
evidence on these claims or so at least
some in England seem to hint.
France's role in this again leaves room
for interpretation. Has the fact that the
press has yet to focus on France's role in
officially running Niger's uranium
business through proper international
bureaucratic procedures (6) meant that
someone would like U.$.-French relations
to stabilize? Was the uranium info part of
France's warnings to Uncle $am before
the war not to take the risk of war? Were
these warnings politically motivated?
Let's recall that just before the war,
Cheney said, and Bush confirmed that
Iraq had "reconstituted nuclear weapons."
MIM reported these statements from
Cheney and Bush. Now a Washington
Post editorialist has remembered
Cheney's words as well: "`We believe he
[Saddam Hussein--MIM ed.] has, in
fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons. I
think Mr. [Mohamed] ElBaradei [the
IAEA director], frankly, is wrong. And I
think if you look at the track record of
the International Atomic Energy Agency
[on] this kind of issue, especially where
Iraq's concerned, they have consistently
underestimated or missed what it was
Saddam Hussein was doing.'"
Harold Meyerson then added: "The
point is not that an apology is in order,
though it plainly is. The point is that even
after the IAEA's revelation that the
forged agreement had been `signed' by
a Niger government official who in fact
had been out of office for the better part
of a decade, the vice president dismissed
this information out of hand and
disparaged its source. He did not,
however, refute it."(7) Meyerson and
many other unlikely people have noticed
that this pretty much defeats the purpose
of having government officials in charge
of collecting intelligence and reporting it
accurately to the public. Immature
relativists in charge of intelligence think
it is "all opinion anyway" and clear the
way for whatever politician-spin-doctors
might want to do.
Another possibility: will a country like
South Africa be dragged into this and
what political risks does this entail for the
U.$. imperialists? Blacks always opposed
this war and constitute a large part of the
army. How much does it hurt with Black
public opinion to be making up stories
about Africa giving uranium to Iraq?
Would France try to mislead England
about something that France itself would
get the blame for in the case of Niger's
uranium? Will it turn out that I$rael had
an interest in forging documents?
Supposedly the U.S. Congress and FBI
are already looking for answers
concerning who forged the documents.
Finally, one last twist, since Italy is the
one that seems to have started handling
the forged documents with the uranium
deceptions: how does Italy fit in? Is Italy's
stance on Iraq spying to please the United
$tates? Are Italian leaders in a
controversy over insulting Germans
purposefully trying to get Italian people
to dislike the Germans? Do they wish to
lean toward the United $tates instead and
is that why the Italians seem willing to
sacrifice German tourism in order to
make insults against the German
We would like to point out is that MIM
is talking about a real world solution to
big problems. The media is talking about
the credibility of one politician concerning
one war in one country. In reality, the
United $tates did not just give Osama Bin
Laden and Saddam Hussein weapons,
money and military training in the 1980s
under Reagan and Bush Sr.; although
certainly that is important. The United
$tates gives out weapons, money and
military training to hundreds of "allies"
around the world at any given time,
including $50 million to the Taliban just
before 911. Often the justification is that
if the United $tates does not give out the
weapons and other "aid," someone else
will ally with X, Y or Z. Hence, the real
problem is to reduce geo-political
competition of all sorts, eliminate arms
races and secure world peace.
Otherwise, with all the allies receiving
U.$. weapons alone, there is a guarantee
that new enemies will arise--Osama Bin
Laden and Saddam Hussein being just the
enemies of the week. A real solution
would take into account U.$. military aid
practices around the world. That is
something that only socialism can do. If
the species stays on this course of slowly
figuring out the politics of weapons
proliferation under capitalism, one
politician at a time, the species will surely
doom itself in short order.
0,2933,91958,00.html; http://,2933,92071,00.html.
The fact that FOX News sees no issue as long
as a source is attributed demonstrates how little
faith we should put in FOX. Their approach to
truth seems to be that as long as someone
(namely their king) claims something is true or
someone the king cites claims something is true,
the rest is all just relative opinion and there's no
point in digging, in which case we do not need
"news" services like FOX News at all. Who is
the source of England's information FOX? What
is that information? How old is it? Or don't you
know what your job is with all those
professionals and millions of dollars and media
access passes to the halls of power? The FOX
approach makes much more sense as an
entertainment outlet for monarchists.
Militarism is war-mongering or the
advocacy of war or actual carrying out
of war or its preparations.
While true pacifists condemn all
violence as equally repugnant, we
Maoists do not consider self-defense
or the violence of oppressed nations
against imperialism to be militarism.
Militarism is mostly caused by
imperialism at this time. Imperialism
is the highest stage of capitalism--
seen in countries like the United
$tates, England and France.
Under capitalism, capitalists often
profit from war or its preparations.
Yet, it is the proletariat that does the
dying in the wars. The proletariat
wants a system in which people do not
have self-interest on the side of war-
profiteering or war for imperialism.
Militarism is one of the most
important reasons to overthrow
capitalism. It even infects oppressed
nations and causes them to fight each
It is important not to let capitalists
risk our lives in their ideas about war
and peace or the environment. They
have already had two world wars
admitted by themselves in the last 100
years and they are conducting a third
right now against the Third World.
Even a one percent annual chance of
nuclear war destruction caused by
capitalist aggressiveness or "greed" as
the people call it should not be tolerated
by the proletariat. After playing
Russian Roulette (in which the bullet
chamber is different each time and not
related at all to the one that came up in
previous spins) with 100 chambers and
one bullet, the chance of survival is
only 60.5% after 50 turns. In other
words, a seemingly small one percent
annual chance of world war means
eventual doom. After 100 years or turns
of Russian Roulette, the chances of
survival are only 36.6%. After 200
years, survival has only a 13.4%
What is militarism?
U$ tide turns on Iraq WMD
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MIM Notes 285 · August 1, 2003 · Page 6
review by MC17
According to the American Library
Association the Harry Potter series
topped the most frequently banned books
last year. This is not because of
revolutionary content, the reason that
MIM literature is frequently banned from
prisons. The banning of Harry Potter is
instructive about mainstream political
sentiment in Amerika. Fueled by
advocates of religious education, the
fantasy content of the Harry Potter books
motivates the banning movement.
Christianity is at odds with the witchcraft
in Harry Potter, and specifically with the
lack of a biblical god in Potter's world.
This is a good start for MIM as a
recommendation for the Harry Potter
series. The Order of the Phoenix in
particular had much content related to
death and ghosts. The book implies that
after death spirits live on, but there is no
heaven or hell, and no god to worship or
answer to in the world of Harry Potter.
As a result of the lack of christian
religious content, the Harry Potter books
have a focus on people, or in this case
wizards and witches, having control of
their world, and there are some good
lessons for readers in this series. There
is no power to rely on but themselves and
the magical arts are only as evil as those
who use them. In the Order of the Phoenix
Potter at age 15 is now in his fifth year at
Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and
Wizardry. The focus is still on Potter and
his friends as they get caught up in the
fight against evil people seeking to take
power and rule the world as "purebloods."
As MIM has mentioned in its review
of the first Harry Potter movie, the evil
witches and wizards are a pretty clear
allusion to Hitler and his supporters. This
is a good political lesson in and of itself.
And in addition, the books empower kids
to take action and leadership in their world
rather than waiting for the adults to do
everything. The Order of the Phoenix has
the strongest adult in the book (the head
of Hogwarts, Aldus Dumbledore) admit
his failings because of his judgment being
blurred by age and emotions, implying that
youth are sometimes better fit to make
This book devotes some attention to the
oppression of other races at the hands of
witches and wizards but this is a small
subplot at best. There are house elves in
the book who serve the humans. They
can only be freed by being given an item
of clothing and most of the elves
encountered do not want to be freed of
their servitude. Many humans treat the
elves very badly but one of the main
characters, Hermione, a classmate of
Harry Potter, is a strong proponent of
freeing all elves. She knits clothing and
leaves it lying around the school hoping
the elves will discover it and accidentally
be freed. But the elves refuse to clean
the area where she leaves clothes, not
wanting to be set free. Author J.K.
Rowling takes things further having Aldus
Dumbledore declare that elves have long
been mistreated by humyns and that this
relationship must change.
In addition to the elves, The Order of
the Phoenix expands on the oppression
of giants at the hands of humans, and the
mistreatment of Centaurs, offering both
criticism and hope. Humans determined
to effect change make some inroads
towards better relations with each race.
The Order of the Phoenix also does a
good job promoting the relative
importance of some work, such as saving
the world from evil. Repeatedly Rowling
has characters point out that some causes
are worth dying for, and Harry Potter is
reminded of the relative unimportance of
school classes, romance, and the opinions
of others in the context of the fight
against Lord Voldemort. Rowling turns
what would have otherwise been
uselessly obligatory teenage romance in
the book into a lesson in relative priorities
as Potter barely puts much attention at
all into the girl he is trying to date as he
focuses on other battles. And in the end
he realizes he has lost interest in her
entirely, after victory in a difficult battle,
as he enjoys the close support of his
comrades in the fight.
On the negative side, The Order of the
Phoenix, like its predecessors, is an
escapist fantasy novel that doesn't focus
on important real world issues of
oppression. While that's to be expected
in fantasy books under capitalism, MIM
holds culture up to a higher standard.
Overall this book should not be banned
after the revolution, but we are confident
that the people can do better and produce
fiction that takes on oppression and
exploitation head on with heroes devoting
their lives to fighting for a better world
for all people.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Hail to the Thief
EMI Records
Although this album does not come out
from an independent corporation or
"label" and instead comes from a
multinational giant, it's easy to see how
Radiohead could be seen as alternative
music, almost the definition of alternative
rock. The use of instruments is
unconventional and the aggressive
attitude of hard rock and focus on rhythm
in dance music is missing.
The lyrics are also alternative because
they are not about boyfriends and
girlfriends. We see some political
references including the title of the album.
In Amerikkka we say "Hail to the Chief"
to refer to the president or any big boss.
We will give the lyrics a "B+."
On the website we see
links to Oxfam, Greenpeace, Z Magazine
and an organization for the abolition of
Third World debt--some good causes.
We also have the "Free Tibet"
organization listed, an illusion supporting
mystic slavery defenders that Radiohead
shares with Rage against the Machine.
(See our FAQ on Tibet.)
Decadence is there in the music and
even the sign-up for the website refers
to the organization for fans as
"W.A.S.T.E." The website offers to send
waste to members every so often.
The music is alternately pleasantly
sleepy, annoyingly phlegmatic and
dreamy--diffuse. The reviewer can see
what people like about this album and
we expect great things in the future from
this band--with fan websites in Russian,
Polish, Italian and Spanish to name a few.
The whole strategy of trying to reach
tired people looking for a break is quite
interesting. Radiohead deserves the
credit for this approach to outreach: not
everyone can always be Rage against
the Machine anyway.
Persynally, the reviewer questions
whether it is possible to communicate
with the asleep. For instance, one may
wonder if it is possible to have jarring or
grotesque communications about slabs of
meat hanging from the ceiling that work
while sleepy. Perhaps Radiohead has
found another way to celebrate the
decadence of imperialism. Someone stole
an election; someone is eating meat;
someone is sucking "young blood" and
speaking of "rivers poisoned"--but
Radiohead's reaction is diffuse and sleepy.
In this reviewer's opinion, Radiohead's
reaction to the world is rather too complex
in a way that is likely to backfire.
At MIM we emphasize matching tone
with substance, content with form. We
need to recognize that we live in a world
where people live lives as ridiculous as
Hollywood movies. It matters on a daily
basis how we educate ourselves and
others to be angry and when not to be
angry. The question about Radiohead is
whether it has juggled form and content
in a way that contributes to the sicknesses
Radiohead opposes. I was hoping to use
the Radiohead chat forum as evidence
one way or another, but the fans there
are often so silly as to defy categorization.
Mixed in with the comments of at least a
semi-serious nature such as to air-
condition the Middle East and Africa for
peace, we see a lot of reveling in
Radiohead gambles on re-directing the sleepwalkers
imperialist decadence. In defense of
Radiohead it could be said that
"everything happens at the margin":
Radiohead plunges in, attracts imperialist
decadence and then points in another
direction, at least in the links section of
its website.
In some ways "Hail to the Thief" is the
perfect reflection of the predicament of
the times: the stereotypically unmotivated
and whiny X Generation meets the 2000
elections and 911. We at MIM are more
than afraid that many of the formerly
apathetic and uninformed are now ready
dupes for fascism.
Radiohead seems to be saying there
may be signs of intelligent life even when
asleep. We only warn the whole "don't
have a cow" generation of Bart Simpson
that the rulers are quite prepared to
instigate wars--even on imperialist soil.
At least the sleepy may not feel great
motivation to make war on all the Third
World countries: at some point, the
imperialists are not going to find enough
young police to run every Iraq in the
MIM Notes 285 · August 1, 2003 · Page 7
Terminator III: The Rise of the
Directed by Jonathan Mostow
As we would expect, this is an action
film with many digital effects. However,
although this is the film with famous lines
of three words such as "I'll be back" for
action actor Schwarzenegger, it still has
some science fiction elements for the
It's rather unavoidable to compare
science-fiction with religion. While some
religions teach ancestor worship, in
science fiction including the "Terminator"
series, agents from the future come back
to the past to alter it. In the current
moment of 2003 on Earth, we are not able
to go back and interfere with our
ancestors' lives, so ancestor worship is
both sterile and yet seemingly capable of
animating humyn imaginations, mostly in
unhealthy ways.
In contrast, descendant worship like
that in T3 is much more progressive. Dead
ancestors cannot do anything now, but
descendants who can time-travel have the
power to partake in the struggles of the
day. Thinking about descendants is an
exercise in the possibilities of the humyn
Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous as
a conservative Republican considering a
run for governor of California. Someone
should tell him his sci-fi films focus on
Enlightenment ideas rejected by his
conservative brethren. While
conservatives say the humyn is not
"perfectible" and therefore we should
stick with our "habits" and ancient
religions, in T3 fearsome robots from the
future travel backward in time to do battle.
"Not perfectible"--tell that to the
Terminator who can calculate in an instant
the probability of a humyn's actually
carrying out a suicide threat, 17% he says
in one moment with a man who has a
gun to his head. Such notions about the
future do not come from no where.
Obviously, someone with a few machine
guns or missiles if s/he could travel back
in time would seem like the Terminator in
the year 0, 1000 or even 1850. The
conservatives and various escapists are
in denial about the broad trend of history.
Yet while old military technologies have
been discarded, and while most people
imagine the future economically as not
having money, just very fancy machines
that produce whatever is necessary,
conservatives are here to tell us to
continue with the same social ideas over
the millennia. Their success in obstructing
social progress led to the realistic situation
in the film: humyns screw up and nuke
themselves, which is about where we are
right now in reality as well.
While the humyns focus on tracking
their weapons spread all over the planet
with elaborate technology, they have no
technology focused on tracking the
motivations for war and error. That is to
say the system has an engineering design
flaw that amounts to lacking a back-up
system or release valve. That's why MIM
insists on social engineering totally
intolerant to the risks and motivations of
war. We'd rather have some serious
surgery now than die later from the
terminal disease of capitalist-militarism.
In T3, even when humyns realize they
have erred, it's too late to undo all the
effects. Three billion people died in a day.
John Connor admits that he likes to think
sometimes that his mother's heroics in
previous episodes eliminated "Judgement
Day," but finding himself having to pick
up weapons his mother planned for him
to have when he grew up, he said, "I
never really believed it." Terminator
arrives to say, "you cannot eliminate
Judgement Day, only postpone it."
The horrible thing about these Christian
lines is that it will mobilize yet further the
peculiarly Amerikkkan Christian
population dedicated to the apocalypse.
Sure, fight it the last few hours, but
Judgement Day is going to come is the
message. Offsetting these lines is that the
main characters did fight hard at least a
couple hours to try to prevent apocalypse.
Prior to the arrival of the Terminator,
the humyn hero John Connor is a drug
junkie. He knows he is too militarily
valuable to partake in his current society.
So he hides and takes drugs to avoid
thinking about "Judgement Day."
In real life, we believe much drug use
stems from political-military conditions
that need to be abolished. The many who
think the species won't make it, especially
because of up-close examination of
society in the world's leading military
powers end up taking heroin-type drugs
as an escape from a decadent society
they feel has no hope. If society has no
hope, then there is no reason not to spend
all the day enjoying oneself in any fashion
imaginable or escaping it completely to
dull the pain.
Connor is what we Marxists would call
a "lumpen" hero. He does not work in
the factory or other setting typical of what
Marx called the proletariat. Connor has
no disciplined social setting and feels that
he must consciously avoid one or be killed
by agents from the future. As the movie
starts, he is drifting, sitting on a bridge
drinking a bottle of beer and then later
undertaking break-ins for drugs.
Our criticism of Connor is that he
suddenly becomes animated in the last
three hours of civilization's life to stop
catastrophe. However, prior to that, at
least he valiantly preserved himself for
future battles, but on the side he should
have found ways to get humyns somehow
to deal with their problems socially first.
Granted, no one would acknowledge the
truth about the future that he knew, but
that did not mean he could not still work
on getting humyns to improve.
Connor lacked this proletarian
perspective that Huey Newton tried to
instill in the Black Panther Party. Huey
Newton likewise criticized Eldridge
Cleaver and other lumpens for only living
for the glorious gun battle, almost as if
the lumpen glory was to get it over with.
In Marx's day, the proletariat disciplined
by work organization would have the
discipline to do day-to-day political work
and have that perspective. The lumpen
just does not have such a painstaking
perspective, so our criticism of Connor
boils down to class perspective.
By itself, this action film has a lot of
humor in it, just short of self-critical. So
arises the question of whether T3 is really
put together well enough to handle such
serious topics as nuclear holocaust. The
worst part is that it talks about people
surviving the launching of all nuclear
weapons, when the real question is how
many good hydrogen bombs it would take
to kill the whole humyn species, not from
the immediate blast, but from the damage
to the atmosphere. The second most
questionable part about the film is the
almost placid and dreamy depiction of the
end of most of the species from a vantage
point in the sky, the God's eye view, no
doubt. Combined with the action and
humor aspects of the film it is reminiscent
of the sick combination of sex and
violence that constitutes rape and
animates so much Amerikkkan
There is absolutely nothing exclusively
or narrowly feminist of interest about this
film; although, of course the toughest
character in the film is a robot in the
image of a womyn. In the pace of a few
hours, John Connor and the Terminator
kidnap a womyn while her fiancée dies.
By the end of the film, she has reconciled
with her kidnapper. However, the same
thing happens to everyone in the film. Our
heroes also mow through police and fire
officials. All the preconceptions about
junkies, kidnappers etc. prove not only
useless but harmful to the species. Given
the situation, of course the junkie-
kidnappers better get on with their
business and no one should stop them.
This is something we train people at all
times as well, to ignore "who" people are
and concentrate on whether they come
bearing the truth or not.
The funny thing is that almost all movie-
goers are now accustomed to this sort of
Hollywood trick--where no ordinary
persyn would believe or give credibility
to the heroes, but the heroes must fight
onwards whether or not the local police
believe it when the heroes tell them the
Blob from Mars has landed to eat the
town. By now, people know that when
humyns really focus on their goals and
move for them, a ton of bullshit has to be
put aside. In T3, even after the Terminator
catches a bullet in his mouth thereby
proving the truth, Kate Brewster runs out
and smiles as soon as she sees a traditional
cop car with flashing blue light, only to
discover that the cops are a Trojan Horse
for the ultimate evil. Fortunately in the
space of hours, Kate Brewster undergoes
transformation and puts her eyes on the
prize. Next thing we know she's mowing
down Pentagon robots. Our challenge to
Amerikkkans: be better than Kate
Brewster! Or are you going to wait till
three hours before the nukes drop before
you look at the causes of war and how to
eliminate them? Are you going to fight
desperately for just three hours and then
wish you had done more before that?
So many Amerikkkans think they are
better than heroin addicts, but when it
comes down to it, their avoidance of the
anti-militarist movement is no different
than the hopelessness of the junkies.
Many of the apolitical share the junkies'
exact sense of political hopelessness,
which in another time would just be called
a lack of "character." People like that
should at least do us all a favor and stop
dividing the humyn race by making it such
a high priority to look down on junkies
and the rest of the lumpen-proletariat!
And when we challenge Amerikkkans
to "look at" the causes of war, we mean
with the determination, speed and alarm
that our heroes show in T3. There is no
reason that people should identify so
closely with Hollywood action-heroes put
in a desperate spot while looking away
from or denigrating an all-out anti-
militarist effort in real life. MIM is
confident that if humyns really put their
eyes on the prize of world peace, they
can put a lot of bullshit aside and get the
job done.
It looks like there is room for at least a
T4 and in this reviewer's opinion, T3
could have been longer and done more.
It's tempting to take the film lightly, as
"just another action movie," but it has
footage of nuclear holocaust, so such
treatment would only be the kind of
obscenity so common and detrimental in
Amerikkkan life.
Review: Terminator 3
Don't wait to fight nuclear catastrophe!
MIM Notes 285 · August 1, 2003 · Page 8
MIM Congress resolution
prisons censor
MIM Notes, MIM
Excerpted from a resolution by the
MIM 2001 Congress.
President George W. Bush is not being
censored in prisons despite his philosophy
of violence as demonstrated in his
bombing of Iraq. Newspapers quoting
Bush or endorsing him or his opponent
[Al Gore] who also favored the war in
Iraq-these papers and television stations
are not so often censored. Hence when
prison wardens say we should be
censored for threatening "security"
through our "philosophy of violence," they
are attempting selectively to oppose
violence of the oppressed and exploited.
In addition, prison wardens are
contradicting the stated beliefs of the
authors of the "Declaration of
Independence" and Abraham Lincoln,
who said explicitly in his first inaugural
address that the people have a
"revolutionary right to dismember or
overthrow" the government.(1)
[Such hypocrisy] is inherent to the
injustice system as the Mumia Abu- Jamal
case proves. The prosecutor against
Mumia pointed to Mumia's quoting from
Mao Zedong that "political power grows
out of a barrel of a gun" as evidence
against Mumia in his court case.
Meanwhile, MIM has yet to hear of
anyone being accused by prosecutors of
distributing the New York Times despite
its backing of numerous wars and coups
and quoting from people like George Bush
Sr. and Jr. who bombed Iraq. As a matter
of compromise, MIM would agree not to
send its present literature to a prison if a
prison warden concerned with
rehabilitation only allowed pacifist
literature into prison. We would accept
that as a principled compromise, but there
is no prison warden proposing or
implementing such a policy.
the prisoners affected are then forced to
send protest letters demanding to know
why the literature was rejected and
attempting to appeal the decision.
Sometimes these letters succeed,
sometimes the prison bureaucrats respond
defending the censorship, but most often
our protests are just ignored.
Occasionally prisons are honest in their
reasons for rejecting MIM Notes such
as the California prison which explained
censorship of MIM literature because
"material has revolutionary articles and
articles based on or about violence." The
second half of this justification is
meaningless unless they are going to
censor all mainstream newspapers as
they contain stories about murder, war,
rape and all types of violence. But it is
the revolutionary content that sets MIM's
literature apart and singles us out for more
censorship than any other distributor in
the prisons.
Censorship differs from state to state
and within states from prison to prison.
In some states like Oregon they
consistently reject any mail that MIM
does not publish as well as some political
literature they don't like (such as the MIM
Theory on Anarchism). Other states, like
Illinois censored items include MIM
Notes, MIM Theory, Black Panther Party
literature, and letters from MIM
describing our organization and our
program. In some cases in Illinois, the
prisoncrats were deliberate about which
MIM Notes were censored (a few
different Illinois prisons censored the
same issue of MIM Notes at the same
time), but in more recent cases (May,
2003), there is a trend of blanket
censorship of all MIM materials including
the MIM standard prisoner introductory
letter which was returned with a stamp
on the envelope saying "Return to sender;
Items not permitted in institution".
Over the past 12 months we have record
of censorship of MIM Notes and/or MIM
Theory in the following states: Alabama,
Arizona, California, Georgia, Indiana,
Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan,
North Carolina, New Jersey, New York,
Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon,
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee,
and Washington.
The following states have been
censoring books or other non-MIM
published literature sent in by MIM:
California, Illinois, North Carolina, New
York, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania,
Rhode Island, Texas, and Wisconsin.
In the six months prior to that the
following states (in addition to those listed
above) also censored MIM Notes. We
have no proof that these states stopped
censoring MIM Notes: Arkansas,
Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa,
Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri,
Montana, North Dakota and Ohio. In
Arkansas a victory was won to receive
MIM Notes again.
MIM has not given up sending MIM
Notes or MIM Theory to any states but
there are several states where MIM no
longer sends literature we do not publish
because of prison regulations. More and
more states are implementing policies that
require all literature to come from the
publisher or to come from a few selected
distributors like This is just
another excuse to censor revolutionary
literature and deny prisoners access to
alternative education. and
other similar big capitalist distributors are
not running books for prisoners programs,
and the price of books there (as well as
the inaccessibility from prison) keeps
virtually all prisoners from receiving books.
States where MIM no longer sends
literature it does not publish include:
Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Oregon.
A number of victories over censorship
were won this year. Of greatest note is
the victory in Pennsylvania at SCI Green
where censorship has been going on for
years and MIM had stopped sending in
MIM Notes. Green is one of the prisons
that admitted it censored MIM Notes
because of its political view that armed
struggle will be necessary to eradicate
oppression. The prisoner who pursued this
victory to the end wrote "the Department
has resolved the lawsuit [against
censorship of MIM Notes]. They
released to me on April 4, 2003 the
disputed MIM Notes. I would like to say
how persistence pays off to those who
are willing to make sacrifices for their
First Amendment rights to read MIM
Notes [and, MIM adds, our right to speak
to prisoners via MIM Notes]."
Attica prison was censoring all MIM
mail across the board, but this past year
we won a victory there with the prison
finally responding to our protests by
admitting that MIM is subject to the same
laws of all other incoming mail and each
item must be reviewed individually.
In Oklahoma both MIM Notes and
MIM Theory were censored in the past
year, but with protest letters from MIM
and a prisoner we succeeded in getting
both publications delivered.
In Alabama after receiving a rejection
notice from his prison for MIM Theory 8
(on anarchism) and MIM Theory 11 (on
the criminal injustice system), one
prisoner filed a protest and described what
happened: "I filed my protest on
September 9, I received it back the 16th
of September. It stated that
correspondence from MIM is denied and
that no mail from MIM will be allowed!"
He followed the battle through enlisting
the help of the Southern Poverty Law
Center, and in April of 2003 he wrote to
inform us "The
Southern Poverty
Law Center has
gotten it approved for
prisoners to receive
MIM Theory."
Prisoners in
California have been
very aggressive
about fighting the
censorship. In
Corcoran both in the
SHU and CSATF we
won censorship
victories to get MIM
Theory in after
prisoners filed
protests. But
elsewhere in
California we
continue to face
censorship of MIM
Theory and political
books. As one of our
comrades behind
bars explained "I have taken this matter
to the director's level in Sacramento,
California in a 602 inmate appeal process.
Informal, formal, first, second and third
levels. The outcome ended in denial. This
mail issue is filed and pending in court
under civil rights act 42 U.S.C 1983. My
complaint so far is mail tampering
(especially legal mail), refusal to give
access to legal and regular mailing
supplies, and censoring certain mail. If
there are any more complaints in the mail
area, please file and help this struggle on
this part. This is a very important thing so
people on the outside and inside let's work
to win our mail rights inside prison."
For more details on prison censorship,
examples of the censorship notices we
receive, and up to date information on the
censorship battles we are fighting, visit
Continued from page 1...
Censorship from sea to shining sea
States known to have censored MIM-sent materials over the last year are colored
black. Those known to have censored MIM in the six months prior to that are colored
grey. Since prisoncrats don't always write to say they are censoring us, we can't say
for sure other states aren't censoring.
MIM Notes 285 · August 1, 2003 · Page 9
the abysmal poll ratings of its leader
Toledo educated at Stanford University
and the global discontent with Toledo's
sponsor the United $tates, MIM is not
surprised that the scape-goating has
reached this level, though the details of
such news are always strange. While
people in Peru march against
unemployment and wonder why Toledo
does not carry out his election promises,
it's easy demagoguery to distract people
by claiming that a civil war in Peru
originated in London.
Caretas in its story referred to Adolfo
Olaechea as a "propagandist for Sendero
Luminoso." While sneering at him for
Spain arrests Adolfo Olaechea
denouncing Peru's regime from London,
Caretas called him a cultural worker who
should be punished even though he is not
an "historic leader" of the Sendero
We'd suggest that Caretas writers get
out a little more--maybe tour the
conditions of the countryside in Peru to
understand how the armed struggle arose
instead of looking for easy answers such
as refugees in London. If a government
in Peru cannot withstand some essays
and speeches in London, that government
is going to fall anyway, and the sooner
everyone recognizes it and abandons such
a feeble government, the less bloodshed.
Some of Adolfo Olaechea's last actions
before being arrested were efforts to rally
Tories in England against the war on Iraq.
He urged that England "save our
democracy," in line with much opinion in
England that the majority in a country with
its own oil did not really want the war
and found itself dragged in by Bush and
his poodle Blair.
Mao said when the enemy attacks, it's
a good thing and an honor. In the case of
Adolfo Olaechea, he has received a
strange but significant honor, to be scape-
goated this way. Is it possible that the
regime in Peru is so afraid of his speaking
and writing that it would really take the
risk of looking so desperate in public?
The question arises of how slowly the
wheels of justice turn. How much of this
is just a holdover from previous Fujimori
rantings when there is now an
international order for his arrest remains
to be seen. The image Peru creates is
one of a "banana republic," capricious and
arbitrary. At one moment, Peru allows
Adolfo Olaechea in for a honeymoon of
two weeks says the El Comercio
interview. At another moment, it orders
the arrest of Fujimori/Montesinos for
corruption, drug-dealing and mass murder.
The next moment, we see Peru appear
to act on orders that might have come
from Fujimori.
MIM hopes to have more details of this
bizarre story later.
Continued from page 1...
by [email protected]
What can we say about someone
whose most famous quote is: "all the laws
of Washington and all the bayonets of the
army cannot force the Negro into our
homes, into our schools, our churches and
our places of recreation and
It seems pretty clear that Thurmond
would have made a great S.S. man--
lockstep in favor of war and racial
segregation. The amazing part is, rather
than seeing any mainstream journals
questioning all of this they practically are
falling all over each other to lick his blood
stained boots. This is why MIM says that
the principal task is to build media for the
oppressed: the mainstream media is just
as crooked as the corrupt politicians they
supposedly snitch on.
Strom Thurmond was a decades-long
U.$. Senator. He only retired in January
of 2003 at the age of 99. Why you may
ask? Because in the corrupt Amerikan
system superprofit pie stolen by
Washington is doled out to states based
on political favors and seniority.
Thurmond had seniority. This is why MIM
does not want to work within the system:
it is corrupt.
Thurmond's career represents exactly
what the system wants: a loyal good old
boy. While health not age should be the
guide to whether one is fit to hold office,
Thurmond clearly was getting weaker and
weaker and practically delegated
everything to his staff. This shows us that
our enemy is fixated on worshipping false
authority even where that risks leading
to errors.
Thurmond was from South KKKarolina
and so it is safe to say he defended the
murderous interests of big tobacco.(2)
MIM opposes tobacco staunchly not only
because it is leisure robbing the Third
World of resources, but also because it
kills people in the Third World and
wimmin in disproportionate numbers.
Thurmond also defended the interests
of the imperialists' military industrial
Strom Thurmond,
segregationist, dead at 100
complex. He was pro segregation,
pro war, and anti-communist.
All in all mousnonya has this to
say to the progeny of Thurmond.
Your daddy was a great
oppressor. And as a result the
Third World is going to bite back.
When are you going to wake up
and smell the burning flesh that
your military industrial complex is
roasting up? And when is it going
to make you puke--instead of
hungry for more? Requiesceat
in Pieces Thurmond. Mousnonya
is not at all sorry to see you go.
Could have been a hero -- chose
to be a zero.
1. New York Times, 27 Jun
2. For example: Thurmond
voted against tax hikes on
tobacco. Los Angeles Times, 10
Jun 1998.
Get the new issue of MIM Theory, #14, and read the latest
theory on building the movement to overthrow
imperialism once and for all, in 174 pages. Articles include
MIM congress resolutions, history from the Spanish Civil
War to Puerto Rico, Kenya, and Stalin -- plus international
documents, reviews, and much more. Send $7.50 to the
address on page 2.
MIM Notes 285 · August 1, 2003 · Page 10
MIM on
Prisons & Prisoners
MIM seeks to build public opinion
against Amerika's criminal injustice sys-
tem, and to eventually replace the bour-
geois injustice system with proletarian jus-
tice. The bourgeois injustice system im-
prisons and executes a disproportionately
large and growing number of oppressed
people while letting the biggest mass mur-
derers -- the imperialists and their lack-
eys -- roam free. Imperialism is not op-
posed to murder or theft, it only insists that
these crimes be committed in the interests
of the bourgeoisie.
"All U.S. citizens are criminals--
accomplices and accessories to the crimes
of U.$. oppression globally until the day
U.$. imperialism is overcome. All U.S.
citizens should start from the point of view
that they are reforming criminals."
MIM does not advocate that all
prisoners go free today; we have a
more effective program for fighting
crime as was demonstrated in China
prior to the restoration of capitalism
there in 1976. We say that all prisoners
are political prisoners because under
the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, all
imprisonment is substantively
political. It is our responsibility to
exert revolutionary leadership and
conduct political agitation and
organization among prisoners --
whose material conditions make them
an overwhelmingly revolutionary
group. Some prisoners should and will
work on self-criticism under a future
dictatorship of the proletariat in those
cases in which prisoners really did do
something wrong by proletarian
Under Lock & Key
News from Prisons & Prisoners
Tennessee jail designs
rules which support
inmates' ignorance of
During 2002 the Shelby county jail
administration implemented a policy
prohibiting excessive legal materials
possessed by inmates. The definition for
excessive they gave us is "any amount in
excess of a shoe box." The policy reads
as follows: "Legal material may not
exceed the size and width of a regular
shoebox; any amount in excess of a
shoebox must be kept in the property
room and may be exchanged out on
Sunday evening between the hours of
1900-2000 by the floor sergeant."
Many of us have enough discovery
material alone that is more than the size
of a shoe box. In order for us to get
additional research information, such as
cases out of law books, statutes, or other
law reference books, we have to exchange
some of the legal materials we already
have, and replace it with the new
information we need. This policy prevents
me from gathering new legal information
I need, for the purposes of studying the
new legal information with the legal
information I already have. In other
words, the administrative pigs don't want
us to learn too much of anything that
would cause a shortage of inmates.
I have written tons of grievances
challenging this policy and it seems that I
and maybe a very few others are the ones
that actually see the damage that this
policy does to each of us individually.
Over half of the inmates in the Shelby
county jail are represented by public
defenders, meaning that the ones who
have PDs should feel obligated to learn
as mush as they are able of the law. This
policy interferes with our individual
capacities to do so, especially when it
comes to time limitations imposed on us
for filing motions with the courts. What's
worse is that the officers are the ones
who go through and read our legal
materials and cases to find what we may
need to exchange. This undermines our
"so-called" confidentiality privilege.
I've begun attempting to attack and
change this policy by getting more inmates
involved in the grievance procedure. The
biggest hurdle isn't convincing jail
administration that this is an oppressive
policy, it is instead penetrating the ignorant
minds of fellow inmates who could care
less what goes on in here besides the
bullshit and games.
I encourage all comrades who are
incarcerated and oppressed by such
policies to attack them with our only
weapons - the pen and paper!!!
-- a prisoner in Tennessee, June 2003
California prison
restricts food and yard
Here at High Desert State Prison it is
being run by the mind-states of races and
bias individuals, from the warden to his
foot soldiers, they act and
function as any organized
gang does. Breaking all the
common rules of the DOC,
as if they're collectively
above the law in which
we're governed by.
Case in point, we can't
even get the yard time
we're entitled to for the
most part. Simply, due to
these so-called c/os
guard's being racist
assholes to sum it up in
short. Every few days at
this prison these same guard's claim
something is either missing, from where
one of the inmates work at just to justify
fucking us out of our yard time or day
room hours. And it's been that way ever
since I've been here, dating back to early
1996 when I first came.
The food here is about enough to feed
a baby cat, and the only way we can
maintain our natural weight is by going to
the prison store; or having our family to
send us a 30 pound package, for one of
the biggest money making industries in
the world/prison. But the guards here are
only worried about how much overtime
they can get to make extra money plain
and simple. It's not about the health or
well being of the inmate population at all,
trust and believe that. In closing take care
the armed struggle continues, but the
victory will be ours.
-- a California prisoner at HDSP, June
BLOOD in New York
This letter is in regards to being placed
on your mailing list as soon as possible. I
was reading your paper and I saw a lot
of things that were very intriguing and
interesting. I respect that your paper had
the presence of mind to write about the
brutality that us prisoners are
circumstance to in Special Housing Units
(SHU) and the harsh reality that
resistance must start running through the
minds of all prisoners and be put into
action immediately. I'm a member of
Brothers Lead Out Of Darkness, a
militant conscious minded group that have
come together to join the fight against this
capitalist regime operating under the
machine known as government. It is
imperative that we should step up as the
vanguard for an oppressed minority who
are oblivious to the fact that they are
oppressed. It is with your paper that I
will use as an instrument to awaken the
minds of the unconscious to the fight that
is inevitable for our total liberation.
Please print this in your paper cause
we want the people to
know that Brothers Lead
Out Of Darkness are in
solidarity with the struggle
against this oppressive,
capitalist society!
--Uhuru "The Speaker",
Brothers Lead Out Of
Darkness, May 2003
Never give up
To get the message of the
oppressed people to the
public also I would like all
comrades to remember one
of our comrades who the pigs claim took
his life in Southport Correctional Facility.
To all comrades, never let the oppressor
get to your mind where you will give up
on the struggle. I am an oppressed
comrade trapped behind enemy cages,
but no matter where we are, we must
remember that we can never give up. I
am so upset with a lot of comrades in this
jungle because they are worse than the
pigs. I hold all comrades in my vision until
victory is won.
-- NY Prisoner, May 2003
Federal lockdown
From November to January I got locked
down on some bogus investigation. In
February, me & my boyz got sent to the
hole again. In May I got written up on
some trumped up petty issues that now
may ruin my transfer closer to home, and
now our entire unit is locked down `cause
one of the kops here got hurt by a prisoner.
They took all our property, even the
mattresses, threw out a lot of personal
belongings, and have kept us locked down.
Allegedly, we'll be locked down for a
whole month. We're eating sack
McNasties that consist of: one cookie,
four slices of bread, one slice of cheese
and one slice of turkey. That's it.
To top it all off, I caught a flu and can't
even get a nurse to see me. But I'm well
in spite of it all.
-- a Federal prisoner in Kansas, May
More strife in NJ
Gang Unit
Now an incident jumped off at this
prison that I am in on 5/20/03, at 11:00
am in the Security Threat Group
Management Control Unit (STGMCU),
also known as the Gang Unit. Prisoners
refused to lock in protest against the
situation that goes on down here. So the
prison guards, males and females, got
suited up in their space suits with helmets
and shields and a fight broke out between
prison guards and prisoners. A couple of
them ended up in the hospital. The
prisoners were protesting how they are
being treated by prison guards and
employees. Sometimes they are denied
medical attention and other times prison
guards don't feed prisoners that they
don't like. Guards put prisoners against
each other. And when us prisoners
request soap or toilet paper or to make a
collect call the prison guards say they'll
give it to us when they feel like it.
Now I am the same person that put an
article in your MIM Notes about me being
in restraints to get my insulin injection.
Right after the prisoners in the Gang Unit
carried out a hunger strike on April 17th
2002. And the same thing that goes on
over there goes on here. Prisoners being
jumped by prison guards, male and female,
and being set up with all kinds of trumped
up charges. So you all see where there is
no justice there will be no peace.
-- a Political Revolutionary Prisoner
in NJ, May 2003
MIM Notes 285 · August 1, 2003 · Page 11
Facts on U$ imprisonment
The facts about imprisonment in the United $tates are that the United $tates has been the world's leading prison-state per capita for the last
25 years, with a brief exception during Boris Yeltsin's declaration of a state of emergency.(1)
That means that while Reagan was talking about a Soviet "evil empire" he was the head of a state that imprisoned more people per capita.
In supposedly "hard-line" Bulgaria of the Soviet bloc of the 1980s, the imprisonment rate was less than half that of the United $tates.(2,3)
To find a comparison with U.$. imprisonment of Black people, there is no statistic in any country that compares including apartheid South
Africa of the era before Mandela was president. The last situation remotely comparable to the situation today was under Stalin during war
time. The majority of prisoners are non-violent offenders(4) and the U.S. Government now holds about a half million more prisoners than
China; even though China is four times our population.(5)
The rednecks tell MIM that we live in a "free country." They live in an Orwellian 1984 situation where freedom is imprisonment.
Notes: 1. Marc Mauer, "Americans Behind Bars: The International Use of Incarceration 1993," The Prison Sentencing Project, 918 F. St. NW, Suite
501, Washington, DC 20004 (202) 628-0871 Reference: SRI: R8965-2, 1994
2. Ibid., 1992 report.
3. United Nations Development Programme, "Human Development Report 1994,:" Oxford University Press, p. 186.
4. Figure of 51.2 percent for state prisoners there for non-violent offenses. Abstract of the United States 1993, p. 211.
5. Atlantic Monthly December, 1998.
I am enclosing with this brief notation the
results of an inquiry launched in regard to
the attempted banning of MIM materials. It
appears that I have won a victory/
understanding on our behalf. See the results
and ASAP forward MIM Theory #4 (again).
I am at a loss also for MIM Notes pages as
a tool to bring others to consciousness so
please send some right away. A lot is taking
place locally, nationally, globally. It's ironic
because it exposes the oppressive tendencies
of Imperialism. TIAA - Total Information
Awareness Act, to know who's doing what.
Soon public protest will be illegal under the
domestic security act of 2003. Under this act
FEMA will declare certain civil acts as
terrorism [and we will see the] use of non-
lethal weapons to suppress dissent, for crowd
control operations to disperse and separate
crowds to suppress the discontent that they
know is coming.
-- a California prisoner at SATF,
Corcoran, June 2003
With this comrade's letter was the following
letter he sent to the Community Resource
Manager (who had been censoring MIM
material because it is educational material!)
along with the response he received:
This notation is to notify you that numerous
publications/correspondences from MIM
Distributors have been labeled refused by
your office, and returned for no other reason
than the content not being something that
you or a reviewer disagreed with personally.
The materials in question are nothing more
than Theory journals which provide articles
of different opinions. These journals are not
study materials so therefore there is no reason
for them to continually be denied/refused/
returned. I hope that by sending this brief
notation that this will make you aware of
future decisions regarding these materials.
Currently Title #15 Section 3004 Rights and
Respect of others states:
(A) Inmates, paroles, and employees will
not subject other persons to any form of
Discrimination because of race, religion,
nationality, sex, political belief, age, or
physical or mental handicap.
Also 3135. Disturbing or offensive
California SHU battle gets
attention of Senator
Today Senator Gloria Romero and some of her
consultants visited Pelican Bay $HU. They
interviewed a few prisoners apropos of the issues
surrounding the $HU and CDC's arbitrary gang
validation policy. A legislative hearing on all this
will be taking place either next month or in the fall
Let's see what happens. MIM and coalition
members (All People's Coalition) have definitely
been having an impact in this struggle. Indeed if it
wasn't for the efforts of MIM and coalition
members in this struggle Senator Romero would
not have given any attention to $HU issues.
--a California prisoner in PBSP, June 2003
California prisoners: no yard time, no
medical care, plenty of guard brutality
Received your form letter on May 14, 2003,
just got more indigent envelopes this month or I
would have written sooner. In your form letter it
says you'd like to donate books/publications to
the library. We prisoners here in SHU do not have
access to the regular library so I wrote a request to
Captain R. Vella and asked him if and how you
could donate them to the SHU here at CSP
Corcoran. So far I've got no response and most
likely will not get one either.
Enclosed you'll find the latest rules they have
come up with here in the SHU at CSP Corcoran. I
read some old issues of MIM Notes and a lot has
changed here. There have been no fights staged but
I have seen with my own eyes Sergeant Bear and
Sergeant Anderson beat down prisoners. I have
seen other C.O. officers and heard them brag about
it later, beat and kick a prisoner. As for the yards
Correspondence states:
(B) Disagreement with the senders or
receivers apparent moral values, attitudes,
veracity, or choice of words will not be used
by correctional staff as a reason for
disallowing or delaying mail. Correctional
staff shall not challenge or confront the sender
or receiver with such value judgments nor
shall such value judgments be considered in
any action affecting the Correspondents
except at described in section (c).
In closing I hope that you will be in
accordance with the current institutional
--[SATF prisoner]
The response he received is below:
June 5, 2003
I am sorry to hear that you have experienced
some problems receiving your
correspondences from MIM. This is a matter
that was discussed with the mailroom,
education, and the Community Resource
Manager. The CSATF Mailroom was being
overburdened with Educational mail as well
as Religious mail. We had tried to get all the
different vendors to get approval before
sending to try and cut down on the amount
of needless mail. But as you see this did not
work out. It seems that there is no needless
Since the last meeting with the mailroom,
Education, and Community Resource
Manager, the mailroom is now processing all
mail as before the problem occurred. I would
hope that tall your mail is getting through
now without any delay. Although you must
remember that all mail must met [sic] the
requirements set forth by the Warden of this
institution. As stated in the Operating
Procedures 129 (Mailroom Procedures). In any
case, if your mail is being denied by the
mailroom, you will receive a CDC 1819
Disapproval form explaining the reason why.
--C. Pugliese Mailroom Sergeant
MIM adds: When we re-sent the theory
journal to the prisoner it was again rejected
by the prison with the envelope stamped
"refused" and "not approved
correspondence." We will continue this
censorship battle, working with this and other
prisoners and we encourage people to send
letters of protest to:
Warden Darral Adams
SATF, Corcoran
900 Quebec Ave.
Corcoran, CA 93212
California censorship victory
cages, they are running every ay now except
Wednesday and Thursday. In May I got cage yard
one time, May 4th, and concrete yard seven times,
May 9,11,15,18,22,27,31. They do run concrete
yard on Thursdays. Depends on who is working
at the time. We all prisoners in SHU MA yard are
getting more yard time of the chance for more yard
time at least. But things are not all roses yet. The
602 appeal system sucks. The medical treatment
under Dr. Julian Kim MD and RN Edmond is
close to non-existent. I know several people have
and are continuing to file on Dr. Kim and/or RN
Edmond. RN Edmond receives a pay check for
coming by once a week when she feels like it with
her 3 famous statements. "I don't know", "I can't
do anything for you," "you need to see the doctor".
She does nothing else but still gets paid for being a
registered nurse. No matter your medical problem
or what question you ask you'll get one of the 3
above statements!
Hopefully you'll get this letter and new set of
rules but with me mentioning the employee's
names of CDC it may be doubtful. Oh well, won't
be the first time mail has disappeared here at CSP
Corcoran. I've filed on it with no response. I'm
now filing on the library/education CCR policy.
SHU is supposed to have access to these programs.
The magic words "supposed to".
I'm just waiting my turn to be beat down by
CDC employees right now. I've been threatened
by Sergeant Bear, falsely accused, and wrote a
CDC 115 by Sergeant Anderson, threatened by
the Senior Hearing Office. I've had my cell
destroyed several times. They are looking for a
signed receipt for a 602 I wrote on a female
employee, a psych employee gave me a signed
receipt for the 602 I turned in. The 602 has not
been responded to as of yet. They are supposed
to have 10 working days to respond. But...the
first one was turned in 4-7-03. The second one (5-
3-03, signed receipt).
--California prisoner, June 2003
Corcoran SHU reduces prisoner safety
Corcoran SHU is a maximum security facility
where the officer comes to the prisoner's cell door,
places him in handcuffs through a food port and
motions to the control booth officer to
electronically open the prisoner's cell to perform
the daily escorts (i.e. showers, exercise yard, law
library, visits, etc.)
On numerous occasions the control booth
officers have accidentally and repeatedly opened
the wrong door leaving the escorting officers open
for attack by prisoners who have not been
handcuffed. As a solution to this problem Corcoran
SHU has reinstated its deadly and infamous
gladiator policy of electronically opening the cells
without the officers being in the section.
If the prisoner is going to the shower he is only
allowed to wear his shower shoes on this risky
journey to and from the showers, thus reducing
the prisoner's ability to protect himself from an
If the prisoner is being escorted outside of the
section he is to go to the section door where officers
on the other side place him in handcuffs through
the food port and proceed with the escort. Upon
return from the escort the prisoner is placed back
in his section where the handcuffs are removed
through the food port and his cell door is then
electronically opened by the control booth officer
for him to return to his cell.
This procedure is only in theory. The age old
problem lies in the prisoner's return to his cell
from escort and/or showers because just like the
control booth officers have repeatedly opened the
wrong cell doors leaving officers open for attack,
it is just a matter of time before these same control
booth officers accidentally and/or strategically
open the wrong cell doors leaving the prisoner
open for attack from other prisoners. This is but
another chapter of Corcoran's same scheme
revisited all over again.
-- a California prisoner at Corcoran SHU, June
New SHU cells in California prisons
We, the inmates, have been moved to this "new
ad-seg" which is designed like the SHU, except we
get no type of appliances, radios, TVs, etc. Our
cells are 7 feet in width and 8 1/2 feet in length and
the yard is small cages just like Corcoran SHU and
supposedly Corcoran has one of these new ad-
They are equipped and built like a SHU unit
with the hole in the wall for electrical appliances,
but we are denied such due to technically it is not
called a SHU. Our only natural light comes through
a sky light and then through a 3 1/2 foot long 4
inch wide glass window. This is inhumane. These
cells were built for single cell living with an added
bunk and they put two people in it. We cannot
properly shave because we are not allowed shaving
razors, only hair clippers which can only be utilized
in the shower, and they don't properly disinfect
the clippers.
We are fighting these injustices but the injustice
system is steady trying to push rules on us that
aren't even in a rules and regulations book (title
15) nor are any of these bogus rules operational
procedure. We are told both cellies have to go to
the shower together, we have to exit our cells. We
are told that if you are in a cell by yourself you
have to cell up with another inmate or you will be
cell extracted. These few things are examples (true
ones) of some of the oppression in these new ad-
segs. We can't even get a scrub pad to clean our
toilet bowl with nor finger/toe nail clippers. Maybe
MIM can exploit these things and these "new ad-
segs" CDC is building within prisons to make bed
space since the state won't build new prisons.
Plus it's just another way to punish us over and
over for one crime.
I have been confined in ad-seg for 10 months
now awaiting a transfer that hasn't even been
endorsed yet. All because some other inmate put a
confidential information on me saying that a certain
group will have problems with me being there.
These are false accusations and in the meantime I
am being deprived of credit earning contact visits,
and other mainline incentives and privileges. This
happens to a lot of us in this imperialist system.
-- a CA prisoner at Soledad, June 2003
Fighting Security Housing Units in California
MIM Notes 285 · August 1, 2003 · Page 12
Notas Rojas
agosto 1, 2003, Nº 285 Fragmento del Periodico Oficial del Movimiento Internacionalista Maoista
¿Que es el
El MIM difiere de otros partidos en tres
puntos basicos: (1) El MIM sostiene que
después que el proletariado conquiste el
poder estatal, existira aún el potencial para
una restauración de tipo capitalista, bajo
la dirección de una burguesía nueva dentro
del mismo partido comunista. En el caso
de la Unión Soviética, la burguesía se
apoderó del gobierno después de la muerte
de Stalin, en 1953; y en China después de
la muerte de Mao y del derrocamiento de
la llamada "banda de los cuatro' en 1976.
(2) El MIM sostiene que la Revolución
Cultural en China es la fase ms avanzada a
la que llegó el comunismo en la historia.
(3) El MIM afirma que la clase trabajadora
blanca de los EE.UU. es primordialmente,
una élite trabajadora no revolucionaria en
el presente. Es por esto que no es el princi-
pal vehículo para avanzar el Maoísmo en
este país.
MIM · P.O. Box 29670 · Los
Angeles CA 90029-0670
Por el MIM.
Traducido por Células de Estudio para
la Liberación de Aztlán y América Latina
A principios de julio la corte del
Perú declaró culpable al ex-activo de
la CIA, Vladimiro Montesinos,
acusado de "usurparción de
autoridad" por apoderarse del infame
Servicio de Inteligencia Nacional
cuando oficiaba como asesor de éste.
El juez le dictó lo que parece ser una
sentencia pesada por el detalle que
resultó en su enjuicio- una multa de
2.8 millones de dólares más una
cadena de 9 anos y 4 meses de prisión-
pero que en realidad es leve en
comparación con lo que se merece por
los crímenes cometidos al ejecutar la
ley marcial bajo dirección del ex-
presidente Alberto Fujimori. Cientos de
miles fallecieron a causa de la guerra
genocida del gobierno oficial en
contra del movimiento revolucionario
dirigido por el Partido Comunista del
Perú (PCP) o "Sendero Luminoso."
Este verano durante el juicio
Montesinos enfrentará cargos de
corrupción, narcotráfico,
contrabando de armas, homicidio e
incluso acusasiones de que él dirigía
un escuadrón de muerte paramilitar.
El hecho de que este títere de la CIA
estaba metido en todas estas cosas fue
reportado por el MIM y otros amigos
del PCP hace más de diez años.
Durante este tiempo los medios de
comunicación en Amérika y el
gobierno yanqui se mantuvieron en
silencio y hasta aclamaban a
Montesinos por sus sanguinarios
esfuerzos "contrainsurgentes." A
continuación imprimimos una nueva
traducción de un artículo que apareció
en MIM Notes detallando la relación
entre el gobierno yanqui, Montesinos
y como los portavoces burgueses
consetían a este último.
En la década de los 90 los
principales medios de comunicación
imperialistas difamaban al "Sendero
Luminoso" y a su líder, el Camarada
Gonzalo, con acusasiones de que se
asociaban con narcotraficantes.
Ahora son los imperialistas y otros
reaccionarios quienes admiten que el
gobierno del Perú estaba metido en el
narcotráfico tal como lo habia dicho
el "Sendero Luminoso."
En MIM Notes Nú. 216 le
informamos al lector que el Tío Sam
se había fastidiado con su entonces
lacayo y maestro de espionage
Vladimiro Montesinos. Este es un fin
común para los lacayos quienes llevan
a cabo el trabajo sucio de los yanquis
sólo para descubrir luego que ya no
le hacen falta al patrón. El problema
con lacayos tipo Montesinos es que
quedan descubiertos ante el pueblo -
como en el Perú- y luego sólo es
cuestión de tiempo antes de que el Tío
Sam se deshaga de ellos. Y claro, el
próximo lacayo cobrará más para
llevar a cabo las órdenes del Tío Sam.
En cada país existen personas como
Montesinos, listas para convertirse en
traidores y lacayos. Tanto el Tío Sam
como sus lacayos merecen ser
Los medios de comunicación
yanquis protegen a Montesinos
El día 10 de julio de 2001 CNN dijó:
"Después de ser expulsado de las fuerzas
armadas y un corto plazo en prisión por
vender secretos a la CIA, el licenciado
Montesinos abogó a favor de
narcotraficantes." (1) Cuando esto fue
anunciado por CNN Montesinos acababa
de terminar su huelga de hambre de 9
días en una prisión en el Perú después de
haber sido entregado por las autoridades
venezolanas. Ahora Montesinos enfrenta
varias acusaciones criminales las cuales
incluyen narcotráfico y homicidio.
Sin embargo, una búsqueda en las
páginas de internet del supuestamente
imparcial vocero CNN, revela que antes
de que Montesinos huyera del país, es
decir antes de que el Tío Sam se enfadara
con él, CNN no menciona nada en
relación con la protección que le ofreció
Montesinos a los narcotraficantes. Basta
con decir que CNN es una extensión del
gobierno yanqui. Cuando el Tío Sam pide
aclamaciones, CNN las entrega. Y
cuando el Tío Sam le pide que muerda,
CNN muerde.
Ya el día 19 de mayo del 2000 CNN
decía lo siguiente sobre Fujimori y, por
implicación, de su "mano derecha,"
Montesinos: "Será una difícil decisión para
EE.UU. soltar a Fujimori ya que él ganó
grandes aclamaciones durante los
primeros dos años de su mandato por la
eliminación de la producción de cocaína
en su país, por aplastar a la guerrilla
izquierdista de los movimientos de
Sendero Luminoso y los Tupac Amaru y
por controlar la superinflación." (2) Pero
ya que el gobierno yanqui decidió resistir
por completo a Fujimori y Montesinos,
CNN y toda la prensa del monopolio
capitalista cambió de tono y se le permitió
hacer la conexión entre éstos y el
La misma búsqueda en las páginas del
periódico New York Times demuestra que
desde 1996 este vocero nunca mencionó
a Montesinos en conexión con el
narcotráfico hasta después de la crítica
del gobierno imperialista en el año 2000.
Por cierto, uno de los pocos artículos del
New York Times en el cual se les critica
a los líderes peruanos se basa en fuentes
provenientes de medios de comunicación
israelítas en el Perú.
Los lectores de MIM Notes, al
contrario, conocían todo el panorama
desde 1994 por medio de MIM Notes no.
90 o artículos de Luis Arce Borja, quien
en el mismo año comenzó su exilio en
Bélgica. Periódicos al estilo Christian
Science Monitor o Houston Chronicle y
ediciones burguesas de Latinoamérica
como el Venezolano, Caretas, sólo sueltan
pequeños trozos de información.
Los periodistas lacayos sólo se atreven
a imitar la práctica del MIM y presentar
los hechos importantes ahora que el Tío
Sam se deshizo de Montesinos. Antes de
que se declarara "muerta" la Guerra
Popular en el Perú los lacayos voceros
del imperialismo temían perjudicar a la
guerra del Tío Sam en contra de ésta y
su jefe el Camarada Gonzalo y sus
seguidores, pero ahora la cuestión del
narcotráfico vuelve a tomar el escenario.
Ahora los voceros imperialistas hablan
sobre la separación entre el Tío Sam y
Montesinos y explican porqué
escondieron los hechos. Durante los años
90, la agencia estadounidense contra el
narcotráfico (DEA) y la CIA buscaban
continuar las relaciones con Montesinos,
mientras que la ex-Secretaria de Estado
Madeline Albright y el ex-Zar de
Narcotráfico Barry McCaffrey se
oponían a las mismas, según aseguran
ahora después de haber seguido una
disciplina de soldados fieles a la máquina
mentirosa de propaganda del Tío Sam.
De hecho, fue el FBI el que capturó a
algunos de los socios de Montesinos en
Miami y ayudó a tronar a Montesinos
mientras que ambas agencias- la CIA y
DEA- siguieron unidas hasta el fin.
El Tío Sam decide intencionalmente
apoyar a los traficantes de coca
Además de subrayar lo poco confiable
que son los medios de comiunicación
yanquis, el caso de Montesinos también
señala los huecos/vacíos en el gobierno
que se supone debería bloquear la
corriente de drogas que alcanzan llegar a
EE.UU. De por sí es una atrocidad que
la DEA favoreció las relaciones con
Montesinos pero también el mismo
McCaffrey, el jefe superior de EE.UU.
contra el narcotráfico, se vio rebajado al
nivel de un cabildero interno y tuvo que
mantener silencio mientras el gobierno
yanqui apoyaba a los que destinaban la
cocaína a EE.UU.
Sólo ahora se conoce todo esto ya que
los autores de Knight Ridder, Kevin G.
Hall y Lucien Chauvin han
desenmascarado los detalles y algunos
periódicos como el Boston Globe los han
publicado. Ahora el Boston Globe admite
que Montesinos enfrenta acusasiones de
que él dirigió escuadrones de muerte y
que traficaba la droga y las armas. El
Boston Globe imprimió el reportaje en la
cadena de Knight Ridder el cual decía
que Montesinos era "el hombre a quien
muchos creían ser el verdadero no elegido
líder del Perú desde 1990 hasta el 2000."
(3) No es sorprendente, entonces, que la
administración de Bush haya tardado en
soltar todos los asquerosos detalles del
trabajo de la adminstración de Clinton en
el Perú ya que temen que éstos puedan
poner en peligro al "joven gobierno
democrático del Perú." (3) La palabra
"democracia" en boca de los imperialistas
es una palabra clave que significa
narcotráfico, contrabando de armas y
otras cosas por el estilo que hacen del
mundo entero un lugar seguro para las
ganancias norteamericanas.
3. Boston Globe 26June2001, p. a10.
Procesamiento de Vladimiro Montesinos
Justifica la Guerra Popular en el Perú