This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
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MIM Notes 100!

May 1995

Electronic Edition

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Get MIM Notes 100 from the Maoist Internationalist 
Movement (MIM), and get the latest in Maoist news 
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This issue features reports on police repression 
and mass resistance from the CIA to state 
execution to youth repression, as well as news 
from Turkey, Ireland, Palestine and Peru.  Plus 
culture reviews, news, and MIM's monthly prison 
news from prisons and prisoners, Under Lock & Key.

MIM Notes speaks to and from the viewpoint of the 
world's oppressed majority, and against the 
imperialist-patriarchy. Pick it up and wield it in 
the service of the people. Suppor it, struggle 
with it and write for it.

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MIM Notes 100! includes:


11. 25 YEARS AGO: STUDENT ACTIVISM (not in this

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In response to an increase in gang-related 
violence in the past month, state and local police 
departments in Western Massachusetts are poised to 
receive almost two million dollars for new anti-
gang efforts. At the end of February, three young 
men were killed in Springfield, MA. Attributed to 
gangs and gang violence, their deaths are being 
used by city and state officials as an excuse to 
shore up the already heavily armed pigs.

New, draconian measures that would be funded with 
the proposed money include a "gang suppression 
unit" which will implement a new "... 'stop and 
frisk' policy, meaning that information the police 
gather on gang members and suspected illegal 
activity will be used as 'reasonable suspicion' to 
allow officers to frisk suspects." There are also 
calls to make membership in a gang illegal. Since 
the February murders, police have arrested about 
100 suspected gang members, and these new measures 
threaten to allow officers to randomly search 
young Blacks, Latinos and Latinas who look 

Instead of attacking the root of the problems 
which compel oppressed youth to organize, namely a 
system which requires that some people live in 
poverty while others dwell in excessive wealth, 
the state favors armed suppression. And with the 
help of its lackeys in the bourgeois media, the 
state has been able to generate support among some 
Black and Latino residents of Springfield for more 
cops. But people who seek an end to gang violence 
in their communities cannot trust the cops, whose 
job it is to protect private property and enforce 
national oppression. The solution lies in 
destroying imperialism - the system ultimately 
responsible for the violence on Amerikkka's inner 
city streets....


by a member of the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist 
League (RAIL)

Western Massachusetts has seen an increase in 
violence associated with gangs in the past month. 
In a three day period from February 25-28, three 
young men were killed and several more injured. 
All killings took place in Springfield, MA. The 
dead end solution being proposed is more pigs.

On February 25, Miguel A. Rivas, a 19-year-old 
from Holyoke, MA was shot and killed in a Pizzeria 
in Springfield's North End. On February 27, Daniel 
J. Brassil, 16 of Springfield was shot and killed 
on his front porch on Wilber Street - it is 
speculated that he was mistaken for a gang member. 
Carlos D. Falcon, 18 of Springfield was shot dead 
in a KFC parking lot; no proof that this killing 
was gang related has been found.(1) Another youth, 
16-year-old Mardio Washington of Springfield, 
survived a shot fired from a gun held to his cheek 
at a rap concert in Holyoke. Several other youths 
have been injured.(2) The cops estimate that gang 
membership in the region has grown from 50 members 
to 2,000.(3) 

In response to the violence, there has been a call 
from segments of the communities, pigs and city 
and state officials alike, for more money to be 
spent on local and state pig presence. The total 
funds being considered add up to $1.2 million for 
state police, District Attorney William Bennet's 
office, and four local police departments 
(Springfield, Holyoke, Chicopee and West 
Springfield). The breakdown of figures includes 
$398,000 for Springfield, $230,805 for state 
police, $149,500 for Bennett's office, $4,300 for 
probation officers, $184,300 for Holyoke, $132,678 
for Chicopee, and $107,571 for West Springfield. 
Most of this money will go to overtime for pigs 
"familiar with" gang operations. In addition, 
$600,000 in state grants has been approved for 
immediate use.(3)

Springfield's $398,000 will go to fund a newly 
formed "gang suppression unit" which will 
implement a new "... 'stop and frisk' policy, 
meaning that information police gather on gang 
members and suspected illegal activity will be 
used as 'reasonable suspicion' to allow officers 
to frisk suspects."(4) This ambiguous statement 
might be interpreted as allowing officers to 
randomly search young Blacks, Latinos and Latinas 
who look "suspicious". In the first six days of 
the gang suppression unit, police have arrested 
around 100 suspected gang members.(6) Laws which 
want to make membership in a criminal gang itself 
illegal are also being considered. Why people join 
gangs or what gangs do is not the issue to the 
lawmakers, rather they want to target the 
oppressed *merely for being organized.*

The recent rise in violence has roused both 
officials and local residents who fear these type 
of incidents will become more and more common. Yet 
one must ask the question why the $1.8 million 
dollars being put into the hands of the cops would 
never be given to these communities to create jobs 
for youth or to give educational support. The 
irony is even apparent from within a reformist 
discourse. It's not just that the money could be 
better spent; it's that increasing the cops will 
only make life worse for the Latinos and Blacks of 
Holyoke and Springfield.


In discussing gangs and gang violence, let's not 
forget that the most powerful and violent gang of 
all - the U.S. government and its protection 
agencies - is the same entity doing the labeling 
of who is a "gang" and who is not. It might be 
said that the "Amerikkka gang" serves as a model 
for the smaller and less powerful, less violent 
street gangs. The similarities are obvious; both 
defend the territory they claim as their own - 
often ruthlessly, both participate in the illegal 
drug and weapons market as a means of making a 
profit (and for the street gangs, protecting 
themselves), and both have little regard for the 
life of an enemy. The difference is street gangs 
and its members often have no other options, the 
government engages in these activities as a matter 
of policy to ensure hegemonic control over the 
Third World and also as a leisure time profit 
venture. In addition, the government is allowed to 

The irony is that the government officials are 
fighting against an outbreak which represents a 
logical extension of U.S. settler society - values 
and all. Power, violence, and greed are all the 
Amerikan way. Thus it makes sense that instead of 
attacking the root of the problem, officials will 
only favor armed suppression of the youths. To 
truly address the problem one must address the 
nature of society as a whole and attack the model 
of the street gangs - the U.S. government and 

Any decrease in gang activity due to mass arrests 
and/or increased pig presence will only 
temporarily quiet the problem and perhaps push the 
gangs to less policed territory (some argue that 
the increase in Western Massachusetts is due to a 
crackdown on gang activity in Hartford and New 
Haven, CT). Any real solution to street violence 
and crime must include the abolition of the system 
which requires that some people live in poverty 
while others dwell in disgusting, excessive wealth 
and then blame the poor for not trying hard 

The prevalence of power inequalities are a 
necessary condition for capitalist/imperialist 
society. The solution is about ending this 
oppressive system which gets angry when the weak 
adopt its own methods too effectively. For those 
who seek a more immediate solution to social 
problems such as gang violence, which effects 
their communities, tactical short term goals 
should be implemented into the larger strategy of 
destroying the system. However, a community will 
lose by making increased pig patrols a priority. 
Again and again pigs and the "justice" system have 
been proven an enemy to oppressed nationalities. 

The pigs' response to gangs in Western 
Massachusetts is really clear as they all fight 
each other to get the largest share of cash to go 
out and fight the gangs. But there has also been a 
diversity of response from Black and Latino 
residents in Springfield and Holyoke. A 
substantial number desire an end to the most 
visible violence (the gangs, not the police) and 
are siding with the cops against the gangs. This 
is to be expected for a number of reasons, 
including the cozy relationship between the pigs 
and the media.

One community based social justice organization 
has been clear to distance itself from the 
reactionary blame-the-gangs movement: saying that 
they do not oppose the gangs and instead call for 
an analysis of the oppressive system and why 
people join gangs. 

Most missing from the debate is the words of the 
gangs and their supporters themselves. After all, 
can the gangs really trust the media to not use a 
press conference as a cop trap, or to print their 
words accurately? The gangs and their supporters 
are wise to stay out of the mainstream spotlight 
on this issue and instead should use other means 
to build public opinion in their defense. This is 
yet another reason why the oppressed need their 
own media. Gang members and others are encouraged 
to write for MIM Notes, Notas Rojas and here in 
Massachusetts, MASS RAIL, the newsletter of the 
Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League.

A booklet compiled by Escuela Popular Nortena 
describes "the relation in Latino communities 
between gangs and economics", and addresses the 
implications of oppressed communities siding with 
the cops against gangs quite accurately: "When we 
declare a war on gangs, we are the tools of our 
own extermination."(5)

1. Springfield Union News 3/12/95 p. 1.
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5. "Gangs and the Barrio", Escuela Popular
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6. Springfield Union News 3/9/95, p. 1.

* * *


Democrats in Congress and President Clinton 
recently exposed the CIA role in the killing of 
some Guatemalans, including Efrain Bamaca 
Velazquez, a guerrilla leader and the husband of 
U.S. lawyer Jennifer Harbury.

In a power-play against past CIA leaders, "Rep. 
Robert G. Torricelli (D-N.J.), a member of the 
House Intelligence Committee, said in an angry 
letter to President Clinton that the CIA knew 
about the killings for years, but the 
Administration deliberately misled the leftist 
leader's American wife as well as members of 

After covering up tens of thousands of murders for 
decades in Guatemala's war, the most brutal in 
Central America during the 1970s and 1980s, the 
media quickly followed suit, giving the story all 
kinds of press. Clinton ordered an investigation.

"Torricelli ... demanded that Clinton fire any 
government officials with knowledge of the 
killings. ... The White House denied any cover-up, 
saying it learned the details of the deaths only 
this year and \ that it moved quickly to inform 
Jennifer Harbury, the U.S. lawyer who was married 
to Guatemalan guerrilla leader."(1)

On March 12, Harbury spoke to a crowd of several 
hundred people in Lafayette Park, across the 
street from the White House, publicizing her 
hunger strike on behalf of her disappeared husband 
to get his case, and the many others like it, 
investigated. The rally was organized by the 
Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA.

Harbury and her backers urged the U.S. government 
to "take steps to pressure the Guatemalan 
government to resolve the case," and called for 
prosecution of human rights "violators" that 
remain "one of the greatest barriers to a durable 
and just peace in Guatemala." They also protested 
"U.S. complicity" in the "tens of thousands of 
killings and human rights violations ... in recent 
decades" in Guatemala.(2)

To their credit, the rally's endorsers did not 
paint Harbury's husband's case as an isolated 
incident, the way most of the media did. But in 
calling for the U.S. to "pressure" Guatemala, and 
calling out U.S. "complicity" they papered over 
the dominant role of Amerikan imperialism in the 
Guatemalan "civil" war.(2) The U.S. government led 
the Guatemalan military throughout the war, 
trained the death squads and funded the military, 
which remained essentially under its control. The 
call for investigations and prosecutions simply 
reinforces the game of good cop/bad cop 
perpetrated by Clinton.

If you are a Guatemalan killed by a Guatemalan CIA 
agent, and your spouse is an Amerikan professional 
who is willing to starve herself on your behalf, 
you can expect a minority faction of the U.S. 
government to admit complicity only three years 
down the line. Of course, if you are a Guatemalan 
killed by a Guatemalan CIA agent, and you  do not 
have an Amerikan spouse, you're shit out of luck.

1. Los Angeles Times 3/23/95, p. A7.
2. "Break the Wall of Impunity in Guatemala!"
   Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA flyer,

* * *


Although most of the U.S. public belongs to 
classes allied with imperialism, it is also true 
that the capitalist media fosters the usual 
ignorance and mythology that contribute to false 
consciousness. At the end of February, The New 
York Times reported on the U.S. public's knowledge 
of U.S. foreign aid. As it turns out, the U.S. 
public knows very little.

In a survey of 801 U.S. citizens, the mid-point 
guess of what percentage of the U.S. government 
budget goes to foreign aid was 15%. The actual 
figure is 1%. Another poll conducted in 1993 
showed that the public thought it was more like 

With that view, the public also thinks foreign aid 
should be cut, but said it should be cut to about 
5% of the federal budget, which in reality is five 
times more than it is now. The labor-aristocracy 
dominated public has a self-satisfied and arrogant 
image of itself. It imagines itself to be hard-
working and generous to numerous peoples begging 
it for money.

The imperialist media such as the New York Times 
fails to rid the public of this inaccurate view 
because it serves the imperialists seeking an ally 
in fighting the masses of the Third World. This 
view only becomes a nuisance to the main faction 
of imperialists when people such as Ross Perot and 
Patrick Buchanan arise and give the multinational 
corporations a hard time for not putting Amerika 

In actuality, much of foreign aid is U.S. military 
aid to its puppets serving U.S. interests. Even 
the food aid is a form of pork-barrel spending for 
U.S. agricultural corporations with many 
destructive consequences detailed in books such as 
*How the Other Half Dies* by Susan George.

The polls remind MIM of polls in the 1980s that 
showed that fewer than 1 in 10 U.S. residents knew 
which side the United States supported with 
military aid in the civil wars in El Salvador and 
Nicaragua. That level of ignorance is partly the 
class interests of the labor aristocracy to leave 
foreign affairs to the imperialists in exchange 
for a bourgeois lifestyle, but it is also partly 
the failure of the major media outlets to inform 
the people in a beneficial way. 

NOTE: New York Times 2/27/95, p. A6.

* * *



To the Editor,

In your January issue of MIM Notes, you state 
that, "MIM does not fear the Republican efforts to 
cut welfare and hence MIM does not urge votes for 
Democrats." You also mentions that "if the 
Republicans cut welfare, the masses will engage in 
more revolutionary struggle." My first response to 
you is an instinctual one ... wouldn't it be nice 
if your words could feed, house and clothe all my 
friends who are on welfare. Your comments show me 
that you're a bunch of ineffectual intellectuals, 
and it is brilliant ideas like yours that 
destroyed the relevance of the Left in this 
country years ago. [...]

As far as "fearing" cuts to welfare are concerned, 
I suggest that you better be afraid. Most people 
are going to do what it takes to survive; they 
aren't going to wait for revolution, they are 
going to feed themselves, and their families, any 
way they can. (Eating is a pressing need for most 
people.) Unless Maoists are somehow immune to 
crime, then I suggest that you, like the rest of 
us, will be exposed to an increase in criminal 
activity. This is something I don't look forward 
to because, like most people, I want to be safe 
and not become a victim of crime. Nor should 
people have to be backed into a corner, where 
crime becomes a viable option in order to survive, 
for any reason. I would like to know, based on the 
above mentioned quotes, what makes you any 
different than the Republicans?

I know I am talking to a wall, but perhaps you 
could stop babbling and suggest something concrete 
like: civil disobedience; boycotts; student 
strikes; infiltrating right wing political and 
corporate organizations; starting your own radio 
stations in order to counter the right wing radio 
talk shows; throwing pies at the faces of 
politicians at press conferences or while they are 
talking in front of a TV camera. I mean, the list 
could go on and on. Who knows, it might even work! 
We need to organize now to fight the Radical Right 
agenda and not wait for the "revolution" to 
materialize out of some mysterious vacuum.

My last point is probably my most important one. 
In case you didn't know, Maoists have less than 
zero power in this country. While the Left spends 
most of its time fighting amongst itself, the 
Right has learned from our mistakes (unfortunately 
for the rest of us). I contend that the Right 
deliberately wants to turn the United States into 
a Third World country. By doing so they will give 
the Radical Right the excuse to declare martial 
law, suspend the constitution, overthrow what's 
left of the government, and put into power a 
"Christian" police state. I don't know about you, 
but I would rather have the current system than a 
"Christian" run police state and I hope you do, 

- an East Coast reader

MIM RESPONDS: In the opening of your letter, you 
sound like a truly concerned leftist, interested 
in the needs of oppressed people. However, when 
you whine about how cutting welfare will increase 
your (and you assert our) "victimization" by 
crime, MIM would point out that the real crimes 
are those committed by the imperialists against 
the oppressed. We're not talking about robbing a 
liquor store; we're talking about keeping people 
in poverty and beating them down with pig 
brutality and prison. Your focus here feeds the 
Republican/Democrat agenda of one-upmanship on who 
can be toughest on "crime" while imperialists 
never face justice. MIM would never fear the 
lesser harms that bourgeois-defined crime would 

This is not to say that MIM likes bourgeois-
defined crime, or thinks it is a good thing. 
However, we recognize it as inevitable no matter 
what the welfare policy is as long as Amerika 
maintains its hegemony over internal colonies. 
MIM's strategy is to focus on the grossest crimes, 
those of the imperialists, and work toward a just 
socialist society in which crime will be 

You misunderstand the implications of saying that 
"if the Republicans cut welfare, the masses will 
engage in more revolutionary struggle." You assume 
that we don't care whether the masses suffer. On 
the contrary, MIM is devoted to the cause of 
alleviating that suffering. However, we have great 
confidence in the people and know that they are 
fully capable of recognizing that begging the 
Amerikan government to play nice will not get them 
the justice self-determination will. You go on the 
assumption that "the masses are asses" and cannot 
gain real power, but MIM looks to the experience 
of the Third World revolutionaries to back up its 
argument that the oppressed can take power and 
reach justice.

That you recommend using the radio is interesting. 
MIM does think that propaganda work is important, 
and this is why we publish a newspaper and other 
literature. If FCC-control limits our access to 
the radio, we are doing all we can within this 
context to get the message out. Most of the other 
strategies you mention have been tried before and 
left inequalities in place - why should MIM get 
involved in civil disobedience and get even more 
of our comrades in prison? Why should we boycott 
companies and plead with them for justice rather 
than creating independent power?

Finally, MIM is fully aware that revolution does 
not "materialize out of some mysterious vacuum" 
and is not just waiting around. MIM is actively 
organizing in the only way that has successfully 
brought self-determination for oppressed nations: 
working for communism. We reject your choices of 
"'Christian' police state" versus the current 
oppressive Amerika. The masses want better than 
that. They will fight for better. And they will 


Hi, I saw your flyer for "Hungry for Profit" a day 
too late, but I'd like to find out more about your 
group and future activities. I am a senior at X 
university and I'm not exactly a communist or a 
socialist or a Maoist or any other kind of -ist 
except an Anti-Imperialist. Please call or write 
with more info.

 - A friend in the East 
   February, 1995

MIM responds: We print this letter to give people 
an idea of who should be working with the 
Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League (RAIL). RAIL 
was formed by MIM a few months ago as an 
organization for anti-imperialists who do not 
consider themselves Maoists but who want to do 
anti-imperialist work with an organization that 
benefits from national scope and organization. 

In Massachusetts RAIL put out a four-page 
newspaper called MASS RAIL that focused on crime 
and prisons and which included a calendar of 
events for the state. RAIL is led by the Maoist 
Internationalist Movement, but RAIL has the 
autonomy to decide what work it wants to do and 
what topics it wants to focus on. Anyone can join 
or work with RAIL and there is no commitment 
required or ideological agreement necessary.
If you are like this letter writer and not sure 
where you fit in but are sure that you want to do 
anti-imperialist work, get in touch with your 
local RAIL chapter, or if one does not yet exist, 
write to MIM for help forming one.


*** Statement of BAYAN and KARPATAN on the lifting 
of the hunger strike of political prisoners, 
February 12, 1995. ***

On this day, we close a chapter in the struggle 
for freedom of the political prisoners, and open a 
new one. 

The hunger strike led by the political prisoners 
of the National Bilibid Prisons is the biggest 
triumph in their successive bids for freedom since 

The hunger strike gained the widest support, not 
only of the human rights groups and other 
progressives and individuals, but also to the 
general public, here and abroad. As a result, the 
Ramos government was pressured to release a 
significant number of political prisoners. 
Favorable conditions for the release of the 
remaining political prisoners were also created. 

The Filipino people and the world were thereby 
given notice through the hunger strike that there 
are political prisoners in the Philippines, whose 
existence the Ramos government tried to obscure by 
asserting they were common criminals. The 
government's dastardly practice of making 
criminals out of political dissenters, especially 
those involved in revolutionary struggle, was 

We in the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan [BAYAN] and 
the Alliance for the Advancement of People's 
Rights (KARAPATAN) salute the militant political 
prisoners, for the gains of the struggle were 
realized through their tremendous sacrifice, as 
they took the initiative to decisively lead the 

It was meaningful that the hunger strike was not 
tied down to the legal technicality of expanding 
the presidential guidelines on amnesty, and 
instead it became a political issue, proving 
correct the central call of the campaign:
*Free all political prisoners.*

The political prisoners were also correct in using 
the peace process to press for their freedom. It 
should not be underplayed that the peace talks 
between the Ramos government and the National 
Democratic Front gave the impetus for the two 
waves of releases of political prisoners.

Our struggle for the freedom of all political 
prisoners continues. Let us not forget that there 
are still more than two hundred political 
prisoners, and so long as arrests of political 
dissenters continue, their number may not 

We in BAYAN and KARPATAN will continue to uphold 
the one consistent call of the political 
prisoners: Free all political prisoners in the 


Update #6

... Nov. 3rd I was in federal court, the U.S. 
Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit for oral 
argument on my appeal of the U.S. District Court's 
decision in my civil suit on the May 13th bombing 
of me and my family. The lower court (Judge Louis 
Pollack, specifically) decided that I had *no* 
grounds to sue the government for bombing me. 
Pollack ruled that it was *not* excessive force to 
bomb us, he ruled that officials did what any 
"reasonable" person would have done.

I appealed that ruling to the Third Circuit Court 
of Appeals and oral argument was held on Nov. 3rd 
before a three judge panel - judges Scalia, Lewis 
and Greenberg. Their attitude was very hostile, 
particularly Greenberg's. He didn't let me say 
*anything*, he would only hear from my back-up 
counsel and he kept saying things like the cops 
were "trying to make a *lawful* arrest pursuant to 
*legally* issued warrants" and all we had to do 
was "come out of the house and everything would 
have been avoided." 

These comments are clear indications of exactly 
how prejudiced these racist misfits are, because 
any *fair-minded* person can clearly see that 
those cops came out to Osage Ave. to *kill* MOVE 
members, *not* to merely arrest us - they could 
have arrested us *anytime* without bombing us. 

Secondly, a "legally issued" warrant means 
absolutely nothing to MOVE and should *not* be so 
easily and conveniently accepted by a Jewish judge 
(Greenberg) whose Jewish sisters and brothers were 
also exterminated *"legally."* Hitler's S.S. 
Gestapo storm troopers had all the necessary legal 
paperwork to exterminate six million people, so is 
Greenberg ready to accept *that*? And say that 
Jews should have walked voluntarily to gas ovens, 
firing squads, etc., like he's saying MOVE people 
should have accepted extermination and walked 
voluntarily into Goode's Gestapo gunfire - all 
based on legal paperwork, a concept called legal 
invented by this system to *oppress* and 
criminalize resistance.

There's legal papers to establish and maintain 
slavery - but does that make it respectable, 
acceptable or right? There's plenty of legal 
paperwork called *treaties* that this government 
made with Indians, so if government is so adamant 
about honoring and respecting legal paperwork, 
then when is government gonna start honoring all 
them legal treaties it made with Indians? 

Thirdly, to say that all we had to do was "come 
out of our house and everything would have been 
avoided," completely ignores the fact that we were 
confronted with *hundreds* of cops armed with a 50 
caliber machine gun, M-60 automatic rifle, 30.06 
sniper rifles *with silencers*, 9mm uzis, M-16's, 
a 20mm armor-piercing anti-tank gun, explosives, 
including but not limited to C-4 and a 
bloodthirsty attitude. To blame MOVE for that 
massacre is like an armed robber blaming the 
murder of his victim *on the victim* by saying he 
shouldn't have resisted, he should've given in to 
the robber and he would not have gotten killed. 
It's like a rapist blaming his victim for getting 
beat up by saying that she should have just 
submitted to the rape and she would not have 
gotten beat up. 

The bottom line is that this government came to 
*kill* MOVE on May 13th, [1985] *not* to arrest 
us, and it's obvious because we walked the 
streets, sometimes alone, carrying out MOVE 
activity. We could have been arrested at any time 
and those judges *know* this. This three-judge 
panel delayed making a decision on whether or not 
to restore the issue of the bombing to my lawsuit. 
The issue was taken under advisement, so we're 
awaiting a decision....

We're asking people *now* to block out May 13th on 
your '95 calendars and plan to attend our *Ten 
Years* Since the Bombing Program. It will be here 
in Philadelphia. We must *not* let the government 
hallucinate that people *agree* with, *don't care* 
about or have *forgotten* about the bombing and 
massacre of MOVE babies, women, men and 

 - Ramona Africa,
   Minister of Communication for the MOVE
   Feb. 3, 1995.

* * *


Dear Comrades,

Although we don't have a formal leadership 
structure within X, I have assumed a leadership 
role within the organization. This has been 
detrimental to X's ability to recruit new members 
and in allowing other members to develop their own 
politics and leadership skills. Because of this 
and a serious line difference based on politics, 
I've decided to relinquish my leadership role 
within the organization.

You will recall that when X was initiated, we 
attracted a large number of youth. After a few 
months, the number of participants rapidly 
declined. Many reasons were suggested as to what 
may have caused this decline. The most credible 
reason, I believe, is expressed in the pamphlet: 
"What is the Maoist Internationalist Movement?" on 
pg. 15:

"All too often experienced leaders serve to 
disempower new members. The intimidation of a 
clique of experienced and knowledgeable leaders 
drive many away after their first meeting, feeling 
as though they have nothing to contribute."

MIM has a policy of not working in leadership 
roles in mass organizations such as X because of 
the negative effects it has on these groups. It 
should be pointed out here that I am an associate 
of MIM, not a member. I help circulate the 
literature and ideas of MIM and increasingly look 
to its political line for leadership. Obviously, I 
am just beginning to comprehend MIM's political 
line. MIM members have quit leadership positions 
after helping to initiate mass organizations 
because as expressed in the pamphlet cited above: 
"It is very important for radicals and 
revolutionaries to look out for incipient leaders 
and to get out of their way.... MIM members have 
quit leadership positions in many mass 
organizations. None of the mass organizations 
collapsed afterwards."

   The significance of MIM's position is its
   seriousness of empowering future
   revolutionaries. Mass organizations are for the
   use and benefit of young radicals for gaining
   experience and leadership.

For me personally, I want to accept MIM's 
leadership on pertinent political questions. My 
political thought has changed since X's founding. 
At that time I thought that organizing opposition 
to imperialism was enough. But for the anti-
imperialist movement to make practical advances, 
it needs the leadership of a vanguard party based 
on Marxist-Leninist principles. In fact, the only 
successful anti-imperialist revolutions, past or 
present, were and are led by communist vanguard 
parties. The significance of Maoist leadership is 
the recognition that class struggle continues 
*after* the revolution. This is expressed in every 
edition of MIM Notes on pg. 2 as one of the three 
main principles:

   "1) MIM holds that after the proletariat seize
   power in socialist revolution, the potentia
   exists for capitalist restoration under the
   leadership of a new bourgeoisie within the
   communist party itself..."

This explains why many of the anti-imperialist 
revolutions have reverted back to capitalism and 
are now under the yoke of neo-colonialism.

Presently, the most successful anti-imperialist 
revolutions are led by Maoist parties in Peru and 
the Philippines. Their respective vanguard parties 
have put political power into the hands of the 
people in many areas of their nations. That is why 
the governments of those nations spend so much 
time, money and manpower attempting to crush these 
revolutions. (With the help of u.s. imperialism of 

I've thought about this for a long time. That's 
why I proposed that X affiliate with the 
Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League (RAIL) which 
accepts MIM's leadership. I appreciate the honesty 
of X comrades who sincerely objected to this 
proposal based on political principles. Likewise, 
I hope you will appreciate my honesty in wanting 
to relinquish my role in X to work within RAIL. It 
would be more comfortable for me to continue on as 
I have in X, but I am making this decision based 
on politics and not on what's more comfortable or 

Relinquishing the leadership role I have assumed 
in X should not rule out continuing to cooperate 
as co-sponsors of events, campaigns, etc. I want 
to continue to work with X in the future as long 
as it is understood that having accepted MIM's 
leadership, I will always approach events and 
campaigns from the vantage point of the Third 
World proletariat. Without compromising this 
perspective, I look forward to continue working 
with X in the future.

In Struggle,

 - A former member of X
   April 2, 1995

* * *


MIM has published several articles on the case of 
Mumia Abu-Jamal, a revolutionary death row inmate 
facing execution at the hands of Penn. Gov. Thomas 

After receiving criticism from activists working 
to defend Mumia's life, we want to clarify that we 
unequivocally support all demands for Mumia's 
release and/or a stay of execution. He is a true 
friend of the people and his life and work are of 
great value. His case is also a potent example of 
the worst political persecution that Amerika 
foists upon those who would lead the oppressed 
nations to their liberation.

We also believe that in imperialist society 
"crime" is defined to meet the needs of the 
oppressors, and thus the prisons are jammed with 
political prisoners. They are not all (yet!) 
revolutionary leaders such as Mumia, but our years 
of prison organizing demonstrate conclusively that 
prisoners of Amerika's gulags are a powerful force 
for revolutionary leadership. We want to clarify 
that our resolve in defense of Mumia is complete, 
but we stand by our position that all prisoners 
are political prisoners and we will not compromise 
that correct position.


Contribute to: Black United Fund/Mumia Abu-Jamal 
Accounts, 419 South 15th St., Philadelphia, PA 
19146 - (215) 732-9266

Join the emergency response network. (215) 476-
8812. Leave phone numbers, fax numbers & e-mail 
addresses for updates and info on what to do now 
and what to do if/when the warrant is signed and 
daily activities planned *now* and if/when that 

Write, call or fax: Governor Thomas Ridge, Main 
Capital Bldg., Room 225, Harrisburg, PA 17120 - 
(717) 783-1198; fax (717) 783-1396 and demand 
freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Subscribe to The Jamal Journal, P.O. Box 19709, 
Philadelphia, PA 19143 and/or take out an ad. Call 
(215) 476-8812 for rates.

E-mail Mumia at [email protected] for questions and to 
show support.

Order Mumia's soon-to-be-released book of essays 
"Live From Death Row," or cassette from Equal 
Justice USA, P.O. Box 5206, Hyattsville, MD 20782 
-Tel: 301-699-0042/Fax: 301-864-2182. All proceeds 
go to the MAJ Defense Fund. 

* * *


On March 20, more than 50,000 Turkish troops 
invaded South Kurdistan (northern Iraq on most 
maps) in a desperate attempt to strike at the 
Kurdish national liberation movement. The troops 
have principally targeted the civilian population, 
bombing and forcibly evacuating villages - 
sometimes taking the inhabitants back to camps in 
Turkey. Although the United States and the United 
Nations have cautioned Turkey against "excesses," 
both have given support to the invasion in word 
and deed.


The invasion did not surprise guerrillas led by 
the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)(1), who had 
been observing Turkish troop movements in the 
area. The Turkish government claims to be having 
great success with the operation, but the 
guerrillas say that the invading Turkish forces 
have suffered heavy losses because they are 
unfamiliar with the terrain and they cannot cope 
with the guerrillas' hit and run tactics. The 
guerrillas' mobility has also reduced the 
effectiveness of Turkish ground-support 

A press release from the People's Liberation army 
of Kurdistan (ARGK) says: "Unlike the 'good' news 
which is emanating from Ankara, the Turkish 
soldiers are unable to fight a guerrilla war. Many 
of the soldiers are displaying clumsy behaviour. 
They are still doing what they are best at: 
killing Kurdish civilians and telling the world 
that these are 'terrorists.'"(3) The Turkish Army 
claims to have killed over 1800 guerrillas; the 
ARGK says less than 20 guerrillas have died in the 
struggle so far.(4)

The Turkish army has been unable to defeat the 
guerrillas directly, and has adopted the strategy 
of "draining the pool to kill the fish" - that is, 
attacking the civilian population and destroying 
natural resources in order to remove the 
guerrillas' support. (See MIM Notes 95, December 
1994, for a report on Turkey's infamous "Operation 
Rome.") The Turkish army has burned over 
30,000,000 acres of forest and destroyed over 
2,000 villages in the past several years.(5)


The United States and the United Nations gave 
their explicit Ok to Turkey's invasion of northern 
Iraq. U.N. planes, which flew every day before the 
invasion, were grounded in order to get out of the 
way of the Turkish air force. 

The United States has been directly involved in 
northern Iraq since the Gulf War - ostensibly to 
ensure the rights of the Kurds who live there. But 
it has merely wagged its finger at its Turkish 
ally for implementing genocide. The U.S. fully 
supports Turkey's war against the "terrorist" PKK. 
It gave its support to the recent invasion as long 
as the invasion was focused only on the PKK - 
knowing full well that the Turkish army attacks 
the PKK by attacking civilians.

Abdullah Ocolan, General Secretary of the PKK, 
recently released the following statement: "We 
want to emphasize that the United States 
government is secretly supporting this massacre by 
the fascist Turkish government. We want the United 
States government to withdraw its support from 
this dirty war and provide opportunities for a 
political solution to this problem. It is 
incumbent on the part of the mass media to bring 
out the truth behind these developments. These are 
the facts; the news that is emanating from the 
Turkish army does not dovetail with our 
observations. The occupation forces have not 
targeted our areas. The members of the Turkish 
armed forces have entered Zaxo, a city of 
civilians and Kurdish peshmergas. They have also 
surrounded the camps of Kurds who had fled Turkish 
state terror back in Turkey. These people are 
being terrorized. Those who are saying 'the 
operation is limited in scope and will not harm 
civilians' are misleading. These are double 

The U.S. has mouthed pretty phrases about 
protecting the Kurds in northern Iraq for some 
time (e.g. "Operation Provide Hope," "Operation 
Provide Comfort," etc.) while winking at Turkey's 
genocide of the Kurds living within its borders. 
The U.S. only cares for the Kurdish people when 
they are available for use as political pawns.


The ARGK currently controls 70-80% of North 
Kurdistan.(7) In March, the European 
representative of the National Liberation Front of 
Kurdistan (ERNK) said that "the war being waged in 
Kurdistan has reached the stage of the seizure of 
power."(8) Turkish fascists and Amerikan 
imperialists make a lot of hollow noise about the 
PKK terrorizing people into following them, but 
MIM sees that the PKK-guerrillas' tactics depend 
on the active support of the people. 

The PKK has made it explicitly clear which 
individuals are military targets: "to end any 
doubt, the PKK regards the following groups as 
part of the Turkish security forces and, 
therefore, legitimate targets for attacks:

   a. members of the Turkish armed forces;
   b. members of the Turkish contra-guerrillas;
   c. members of the Turkish Intelligence Service
   d. members of the Turkish gendarmerie;
   e. village guards. The PKK does not regard
      civil servants as members of the security
      forces, unless they come within one of the
      above categories."(9) The PKK recently
      offered an amnesty to village guards
      (villagers impressed by the Turkish army to
      fight the PKK), asking that they lay down
      their arms and refuse to fight.(10)

The PKK's strategy of "long-term guerrilla war" 
seems to have much in common with Mao's 
"protracted People's War." The PKK's strategy 
emphasizes self-reliance and fighting winnable 
battles (using hit-and-run tactics, for example). 
More importantly, PKK-guerrillas spend much of 
their time studying and teaching politics, and 
undertaking painstaking mass work. 

After anti-Turkey, pro-guerrilla demonstrations 
broke out in South Kurdistan, a guerrilla noted: 
"This is exactly what we wanted to happen, to win 
the hearts and support of the Kurds of South 
Kurdistan. What we wanted to do was taking us 
time, but the Turkish invasion acting like a 
catalyst, proved to our compatriots that salvation 
was through armed struggle and that what we 
offered surpassed other alternatives."(11) 

 1. The PKK describes itself as a Marxist-Leninist
    organization working for "real socialism" and
    is often described as "Stalinist" by the
    bourgeois press. Frankly, MIM does not have
    enough information to know exactly what the
    PKK's line on crucial questions of state power
    is. If you have access to PKK theoretical
    documents, please contact us. 
 2. Kurdish News, the Kurdistan Committee of
    Canada, 4/30/95.
 3. Kurdish News, 3/30/95.
 4. Kurdish News, 3/30/95.
 5. Kurdish News, 3/15/95.
 6. Kurdish News, 3/30/95.
 7. Kurd-A News Agency, 10/8/94.
 8. Kurd-A News Agency, 3/10/95.
 9. Kurdish News, 3/30/95.
10. Kurd-A news Agency, 3/3/95.
11. Kurd-A News Agency, 3/13/95.

* * *


On April 4, the Chief of Staff of the Irish 
National Liberation Army (INLA) was arrested along 
with three comrades by armed Gardai (Southern 
Irish police) near Balbriggan, County Dublin. The 
operation was carried out by crack members of an 
emergency response unit, using stun grenades to 
stop two cars carrying the men towards Belfast, in 
the occupied six counties. The cars were found to 
be carrying a total of ten weapons, mostly 
handguns. Detectives were allegedly acting on a 
tip-off from an unknown quarter. The four were 
detained in Bridewell Garda station in Dublin 
city, capital of the colonial Southern Irish 

The INLA - unlike the IRA and British State backed 
loyalist paramilitaries - has never called a 
ceasefire. Its line has been not to endanger the 
current peace process. The fact that it has 
continued to operate on a war footing however may 
be seen as a pointer to its analysis of the 

While the IRA and Sinn Fein have in recent times 
claimed to follow a socialist programme, the INLA 
was genuinely under direct control of its 
political wing, the Irish Republican Socialist 
Party (IRSP) - effectively, the Party controlling 
the gun. With the IRA, the control was reversed.

The War with the British State apparatus and its 
proxies, together with a vicious internal feud 
towards the end of the 1980s led to the 
destruction of the IRSP and the near destruction 
of its armed wing.

At the time of this writing, the Gardai was 
officially refusing to comment on the arrests. 
However according to the Irish Daily Mirror, a 
source had claimed that "these men were about to 
do something that might jeopardize the whole 
Northern Ireland peace process and that's why 
they've been arrested in such dramatic fashion."

 - a friend in Ireland

NOTE: Daily Mirror, Ireland, 4/5/95.

* * *


Everyone from "left" to "right" of the Amerikan 
political spectrum condemns the "terrorist" 
attacks by Palestinian guerrillas on Israeli 
targets in Palestine. So it's worth reminding 
people: All seven Israelis killed in the April 9 
car bombings in Gaza were soldiers, members of an 
occupation army on foreign soil. They were 
legitimate military targets.

The Amerikan who died, Alisa Flatow, was a college 
student vacationing in Gaza, on her way to a 
Jewish-settler beach resort. Members of oppressor 
nations have no "right" to vacation in oppressed-
nation territory without the consent of the host 
nation. She was as "innocent" as any other 
colonial tourist or voyeur ever killed by 
"natives" in history.

 - MC12

NOTES: New York Times 4/11/95.

* * *


The people of Peru know that they cannot trust the 
electoral credentials of a dictator that disbanded 
congress three years ago to seize supreme power, 
and the elections in April further justified this 
distrust. Even conservative sources concede that 
the elections were "marred" by widespread fraud: 
vote tampering schemes by Fujimori's coalition 
officials were discovered, a dozen people in 
Huancuo fraudulently filled out vote-tally sheets 
representing thousands of votes, and so on.
What the bourgeois press does not disclose, of 
course, is that the people of Peru have an 
alternative to the electoral game of picking their 
imperialist puppets.

The Communist Party of Peru maintains strategic 
equilibrium and continues its offensives against 
the Fujimori regime. Power comes from the barrel 
of the gun, and right now Fujimori has his 
Amerikan-supplied arms pointed at the people. When 
the masses themselves achieve power, we will be 
able to speak meaningfully of democracy in Peru.

NOTE: Wall Street Journal 4/10/95, p. A16.

* * *


On March 16, hundreds of students marched and 
rallied at the University of California at Los 
Angeles (UCLA) in support of affirmative action. 
The protest was called by the UCLA African Student 
Union and was timed to coincide with a meeting of 
the UC Regents, some of whom have followed the 
lead of settler-tailing politicians like Pete 
Wilson and Bob Dole in calling for the elimination 
of affirmative action programs.

Affirmative action is part of Amerika's neo-
colonial way of minimizing the threat of rising 
national liberation struggles among Amerika's 
internal colonies. It allows small numbers of 
people of oppressed nationalities to "integrate" 
more easily with their national oppressors, while 
the majority in the internal colonies remain 

MIM sees the protesters' defense of affirmative 
action as progressive, but severely limited. Real 
affirmative action requires reparations from the 
oppressor nations to the internal and external 
colonies and neo-colonies. And that requires that 
the imperialist U.S. bourgeois dictatorship be 
overthrown through armed revolution and replaced 
by a dictatorship of the international 
proletariat. The anti-affirmative crowd was 
progressive and quick to snap up MIM fliers. 

"Many carried masks made out of white paper plates 
- to remind the regents, as one student explained, 
'what the university used to look like.'"

And the enemy was nervous: "Nearby, 75 campus 
police officers stood at the ready - about one for 
every three protesters. UCLA Police Chief Clarence 
R. Chapman said he had bolstered his 35-member 
police force with 40 additional officers from six 
other UC campuses because he had 'received 
information that people may attend and attempt to 
disrupt the meeting. We wanted to take 
precautions.' Usually, Chapman said, seven 
officers work the day shift at UCLA. Chapman 
estimated that it was costing the university 
$42,000 to pay, transport and house the 68 extra 

NOTE: LA Times, 3/17/95, p. B4

* * *


On March 30, hundreds of people gathered at the 
University of Maryland in College Park to hear 
Kwame Toure, formerly known as Stokely Carmichael, 
of the All-African People's Revolutionary Party 
(A-APRP). While MIM has much unity with his call 
for liberation of the Black nation and ending 
imperialism in Africa, MIM takes issue with his 
failure to make distinctions among various groups 
or to make a consistent materialist analysis.

Toure said that the first thing that 
revolutionaries must do is "change the thinking of 
our people." In this vein, he described the 
"Columbus mentality" that considers 1492 to be the 
beginning of history, both for Amerikans and for 
Blacks. Countering this, he brought up the great 
contributions to history that have come from 
Africa such as the first nation state and the 
beginning of monotheism. Toure condemned European 
finger-pointing that derides Africans as 
fratricidal and pointed out that Europeans have 
engaged in more wars. He asserted that "Africa is 
going to be the first unified continent," and 
would be unified by now had the kidnapping of 300 
million of Africa's finest followed by the looting 
of Africa's riches not interrupted this goal. This 
is all fine as an argument to right-wingers who 
think that people of African descent are 
genetically incapable of doing monumental things, 
though MIM does not care much one way or the other 
who came up with monotheism first and points out 
that Europeans are murderous because they are 
imperialists, not because they are from a given 
part of the world.

Less attention was given to the history of Blacks 
as a nation. He did point out the debt to the 
First Nations who were the only ones to harbor 
slaves and mentioned names like Harriet Tubman and 
Huey Newton, and said vaguely that Black students 
present had a great debt to their people for 
fighting for their place in the university. 

Criticizing those who denounce revolutionary 
violence in principle, Toure pointed out that 
Blacks have shed a lot of blood for reforms: "If 
revolution is bloody, we've got lots of practice." 
Taking non-violence as a principle, rather than a 
tactic, pacifists have failed to realize that 
there has been no qualitative advance for Blacks 
between the L.A. riots of 1965 and those of 1992. 
There was a quantitative advance, but those in 
power knew that because Blacks had not made the 
qualitative advance of getting organized, all they 
had to do was sit out the riots.

Catering to the metropolitan DC crowd, Toure 
addressed his old comrade Marion Barry, now the 
mayor of Washington DC. He urged Barry to mobilize 
the people, not administrate them. Actions he 
advocated included blocking the streets of DC to 
bring the government to a halt and filling the 
jails with protesters. Barry has gone comprador, 
and MIM does not think he's likely to do any such 
thing. For Toure to give "advice" without 
identifying Barry as an enemy is to mislead the 

Toure is harshly critical of non-revolutionary 
women who offer no alternative yet complain that 
revolutionary organizations oppress women. He said 
that women are oppressed because they are 
unorganized, and that groups working against 
oppression must create mechanisms to challenge 
sexism within them and create an environment in 
which abuse is not tolerated.

Zionism was a particular focus of the talk. Making 
very clear that he makes a distinction between 
Judaism the religion and Zionism the political 
ideology, Toure calls the Anti-Defamation League 
(ADL) the "African Death League." 

Toure's greatest strength was that he called on 
students to organize. He spoke of the need to get 
over the "super-man/rambo" concept and to work 
with other people. This is a message that the 
youth in Amerika, bombarded with messages 
promoting individualism, need to hear again and 

Even while Toure kept emphasizing that the A-APRP 
is a revolutionary organization "fighting for 
power, not influence," he told the students that 
it did not matter which organization they joined, 
as long as they worked with some group working on 
behalf of Blacks. The distinctions between, say, 
the National Association for the Advancement of 
Colored People (NAACP) and the Nation of Islam 
were not mentioned as he listed a litany of groups 
young Blacks should join.

Toure's most fundamental difference with MIM is 
that he believes you should not judge an ideology 
by its practice, but by its principles alone. MIM 
calls this idealism. He said "you don't judge 
Christianity by its practice," which he concedes 
has included chattel slavery, so you also should 
not judge socialism by its practice. Thus he can 
praise a wide variety of leaders from Castro to 
Qaddafi without defending any particular nation's 
socialist path. MIM is materialist and does judge 
both Christianity and socialism on their practice, 
finding that national liberation is won with only 

After the speech, masses came forward with 
questions. One indignant Amerikan student thought 
he would really trip Toure up by pointing out that 
he was not non-violent and accused him of 
supporting violent means. Toure again clarified 
that non-violence is a tactic, not a principle, 
and that he believed Malcolm X was correct to tell 
the people to get their freedom "by any means 

One Black student asked why Toure was only talking 
about Africa. Toure replied that all people of 
African descent are African and that the struggle 
of Blacks depends upon the struggle of Africans in 
Africa. While the point of internationalism is 
correct to a point, Toure's failure to really 
analyze the situation of the Black nation as it 
came to exist and continues to exist within the 
borders of the U.S. prevented him from satisfying 
the student or MIM.

Another Black student came forward and told of 
being beaten down by pigs when she participated in 
a demonstration against environmental racism. She 
wondered if there was anything she could do 
without getting beaten down again. Toure responded 
that all she could do, if she really wanted her 
freedom, was to learn to defend herself and get 
with a group of people so that someone could watch 
her back.

MIM hopes that those who hear Kwame Toure will 
grab on to his calls to organize while developing 
a scientific method to move the best way forward. 
The A-APRP is a friend of the people because it 
can play a role in a united front against 
imperialism, but it is not the best way forward. 
We hope that his emphasis on joining a political 
group will get students struggling over line which 
will help bring them to revolutionary 

* * *


Black and white TV audiences favor very different 
shows, according to new ratings. Although MIM 
doesn't cheer for any of these programs, we are 
always interested to see how much the different 
nations within North America differ in their 
cultural habits. At some levels even the more 
economically and geographically integrated 
internal nation members resist cultural 

Variety magazine reports that the three top-rated 
prime-time programs among Black viewers are on the 
Fox network on Thursday night: "Living Single," 
"Martin," and "New York Undercover." These shows 
rank 95th, 96th and 98th in white homes. Only 
three of whites' top 20 shows are in the top 20 
among Black homes: "Roseanne," "Home Improvement" 
and CBS's Sunday night movie.

 - MC12

NOTE: Variety cited in Don Fitzpatrick Associates'
      Shoptalk, 3/23/95.

* * *


"WASHINGTON - A Republican-dominated House 
committee Thursday rebuffed a Democratic effort to 
preserve the school lunch program that has fed 
tens of millions of children since it was created 
after World War II." The Republicans call this 
"welfare reform."(1)

"Over five years, states would receive $2 billion 
less for school meals and more than $5 billion 
less for other nutrition programs for poor women 
and children than under current law, according to 
an estimate by the Clinton Administration."(1) 
This is an example of why we are confident that 
imperialism will be overthrown. The imperialists 
constantly demonstrate their ability to create new 
groups of anti-imperialists.

Posing as friends of the people, "the Clinton 
Administration warned that the changes could 
result in permanent physical and intellectual 
setbacks for American children.... By the end of 
this year, if the GOP plan becomes law, 275,000 
people would have to be denied access to the 
[Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, 
Infants and Children (WIC), which is used by 6 
million women and children], the Administration 

The Democrats, however, are no friends of the 
oppressed. They use food and other welfare 
programs as a means of pacifying North American 
proletarians. The Democrats are a key part of the 
system of imperialism, which starves 14 million 
children every year in the capitalist Asian 
countries alone.(2) They are also enforcers of the 
Amerikan empire's system of internal colonialism. 
For example, Clinton promised voters that he would 
put 100,000 new pigs on the streets to occupy 
Amerika's internal colonies. Clinton also supports 
the racist death penalty. Clearly, tailing the 
Democratic Party is no way to fight the 
Republicans' latest attacks on the people.

The Maoist Black Panther Party (BPP) used the 
issue of hunger in Amerika to demonstrate both the 
need for socialism and the meaning of socialism. 
The BPP's Serve The People Programs, including the 
Free Breakfast for Children Program, were 
independent institutions of the oppressed. In 
other words, these programs were not dependent on 
such enemies of the people as the U.S. Congress. 
MIM's principal tasks in this strategic stage are 
to build public opinion for revolution and to 
build independent institutions of the oppressed. 
The BPP's Serve the People programs were 
successful on both scores, which is why they 
earned the wrath of the FBI.

It is a sad fact that MIM has not yet had the 
resources, particularly the labor, with which to 
implement Free Breakfast Programs. We do have more 
low-visibility Serve The People Programs, such as 
our Free Literature for Prisoners Program and our 
various types of political education work. All of 
our media outlets - MIM Notes, MIM Theory, Notas 
Rojas, Maoist Sojourner, pamphlets, fliers, 
posters, talks and video showings - are 
independent institutions of the oppressed.

MIM seeks to expand its practice to a new level. 
The oppressed need independent institutions to 
provide food, clothing, shelter, health care, 
education, justice and peace for the oppressed 
nations. If you agree, what are you waiting for? 
Work with MIM to continue the Black Panthers' 
Maoist legacy of Free Breakfast Programs. With 
your help, we can work with the masses to create 
independent institutions which can lay the basis 
for the greatest independent institution of all - 
a self-reliant socialist government.

 - MC49

1. Los Angeles Times 2/24/95, pp. A1, A18.
2. Ruth Sivard, World Military and Social
   Expenditures, 1987/8.

* * *


Last month, MIM Notes reported on the March 1 
ouster of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) 
recruiters from the UCLA campus by progressive 
activists. Some reactionaries criticized MIM for 
disrespecting the CIA's "right" to use "free 
speech" to build its genocidal organization. These 
reactionaries should rest assured that the CIA has 
many more resources than progressives (let alone 
MIM). With their greater resources, they have the 
ability to purchase wide audiences for their 
"free" speech.

So MIM is not surprised to see that the CIA is 
still recruiting at UCLA - this time in the form 
of an 8"x10" ad on page 23 of the April 3 UCLA 
Daily Bruin. The ad's largest slogan is, "Our 
Business Is Knowing The World's Business." The 
ad's first sentence reads, "The CIA's task is 
twofold: to coordinate the intelligence efforts of 
the U.S. government, and to collect, evaluate, 
analyze, produce, and disseminate foreign 

This is the Big Lie about the CIA. Despite its 
name, the main purpose of the CIA is to wage war 
on the world's oppressed nations by means of 
covert operations involving economic warfare, 
rigged elections, assassinations and genocide. Its 
goal is to gain and maintain U.S. control over 
Third World peoples and economies. In short, the 
CIA is an agent of U.S. imperialism and an enemy 
of the people. For more on this point, see *The 
CIA's Greatest Hits*, by Mark Zepezauer. You can 
get this from MIM for $6.

MIM is not surprised to see the CIA's self-serving 
lies appear in a large ad in the UCLA Daily Bruin 
(just as we saw the same lies by a CIA 
spokesperson go unrebutted in the Bruin's coverage 
of the CIA's March 1 ouster). Nonetheless, MIM is 
critical of the Daily Bruin's decision to run the 
lying CIA ad. Progressive members of the UCLA 
community should now see all the more clearly 
which side the Daily Bruin's bread is buttered on. 
The oppressed need institutions which are not 
dependent on ads from their oppressors. The 
oppressed and their allies should struggle with, 
write for, finance and distribute MIM Notes, MIM 
Theory, Notas Rojas and Maoist Sojourner.

* * *


On Sunday April 9, 50,000 to 100,000 people 
(depending on your sources) gathered on the Mall 
in Washington, D.C. to "rally for women's lives" 
and protest violence against women in Amerika. 
This primarily meant violence against abortion 
providers, as well as domestic violence and child 
abuse. The National Clothesline Project was on 
display; similar to the AIDS quilt, each T-shirt 
hanging on a clothesline chronicles the story of a 
woman's or a child's abuse at the hand of a family 
member or stranger.

There was no march on the capitol, but in order to 
get to the rally to hear the speakers you had to 
walk through the display. The mood there was 
somber and reflective. A tent was set up by the 
organizers as a "safe place to talk" where women 
could make their own t-shirts. MIM's analysis of 
the t-shirt display and its message is that its 
focus represents a singularly First World 
perspective on violence in women's lives, ignoring 
the imperialist violence that bombards the women 
and men of the Third World daily. Some of the 
placards and signs focused on the plight of poor 
women in Amerika and welfare cuts, attacking 
Gingrich and the Republicans as the principal 
enemies of women. This liberal attack dismisses 
the fact that Democratic presidents and 
congresspeople implement the same Amerikan 
policies that leave most of the world's women as 
the most oppressed people on the planet.

While there is some difference between Republicans 
and Democrats in terms of abortion laws from state 
to state, access to legal abortion is not the 
primary rallying cry of Third World women. The 
speakers and most of the participants left out the 
fact that most of the world's women (and men) 
struggle to eat and stay alive, and that having 
children often supplements the family income and 
support system. The much-criticized Contract with 
Amerika is really a Contract on the Third World. 
The organizers of the rally preserved their place 
as oppressors by disregarding that fact.

The speakers included Jesse Jackson, some famous 
women actors, and the son of Dr. David Gunn, the 
Florida abortion provider who was shot to death in 
1993. The latter speakers focused on the problem 
of domestic violence and the need for safe access 
to abortions. Jackson opened his speech by 
commemorating the assassination of Dr. Martin 
Luther King, Jr., and asking for a moment of 
silence. His remarks concluded with chanting 
"Racial Justice, Gender Equality" and "Keep Hope 
Alive." MIM says: "Keep hope alive: break with the 
Republicans and the Democrats, for real!" But 
other than Jackson's brief and tame remarks, the 
plight of Blacks and other oppressed nations was 
not addressed in an organized way.

*If rallies like this leave you politically empty, 
struggle with MIM. Start with MIM Theory 2/3 
"Gender and Revolutionary Feminism." $5 cash or 
check payable to "MIM Distributors."*

* * *


In patriarchal society, the mainstream cultural is 
decadent and degrading, and in the commercial 
culture rape and sex are one. Nevertheless, MIM 
calls out the explicit pornography industry for 
not only depicting and normalizing sex relations 
that are even worse than most, but for the brutal 
nature of its profiteering, including physically 
forced rapes, slave-like conditions and murder.

So we note that the "adult film" industry had its 
best year ever in 1994, with rental and sales 
receipts totaling $2.5 billion. That's about $10 
per person in the United States. That's also more 
than twice the Gross Domestic Product for Burundi 
in 1990. "Adult" films are 27.5% of the U.S. video 
market, up from 17% in 1985.

Pornography does not create patriarchy from 
scratch, but as sex industries profit from the 
commodification of rape, the strength of 
patriarchal ideas increases, to the detriment of 
patriarchy's victims.

NOTE: Don Fitzpatrick Associates' Shoptalk
      3/24/95; 1994 World Almanac and Book of

* * *


In April, events throughout Amerika and Puerto 
Rico were held in commemoration of the 15th 
anniversary of the arrest of 11 Puerto Rican 
freedom fighters accused of seditious conspiracy 
for working with the Armed Forces of Puerto Rican 
National Liberation (FALN). MIM attended events in 
Boston that included an inspirational musical 
performance, the showing of a short CNN 
documentary on the conditions in the supermax 
prisons, and a captivating talk given by Lourdes 
Lugo Lopez, national coordinator for the National 
Committee to Free Puerto Rican Prisoners of War 
and Political Prisoners.

The theme of the event in Boston was well 
summarized by a statement from a member of the 
national committee speaking about the arrested 
freedom fighters "They are not terrorists or 
criminals, they are patriots." Throughout the 
talks, people stressed the importance of 
understanding that the U.S. government is the real 
terrorist organization and that people who take up 
arms to fight for their right to self-
determination should not be viewed as criminals by 
the people. The woman who gave the musical 
performance said it well:  "We ought not to permit 
the government to define who are the terrorists 
and who are the heros."

Lourdes pointed out that these eleven prisoners 
were not arrested for arms possession, or for 
carrying out any acts of violence, they were 
arrested and charged with the crime of opposing 
the U.S. government: seditious conspiracy. 

The way that these people were arrested merits 
mention. It was an accident of racism in the 
virtually all white town of Evanston, Illinois. A 
woman saw two "spics" in a van outside her house 
and called the police to report this suspicious 
situation. The police showed up and arrested the 
"spics" only to later discover that they had 
happened on some Puerto Rican freedom fighters 
that the FBI wanted. Lourdes pointed out how this 
goes hand in hand with the latest big push for 
community policing and police watches. What this 
means, as she noted, is that "communities, 
particularly whites, are becoming snitches." 
Usually this means calling the police because non-
whites (who by just being in their community are 
considered suspicious) are in their town.

The freedom fighters took the position of 
prisoners of war because they would not recognize 
the U.S. jurisdiction over them. MIM agrees with 
this stance, and would go further to say that we 
don't recognize the U.S. court jurisdiction over 
people of any oppressed nation because even by 
Amerikan standards, a fair trial by a jury of 
one's peers is not offered. And more importantly, 
the Amerikan nation that stands for white 
supremacy had no right to judge the actions of 
members of the nations that it colonizes.

The Puerto Rican people are fighting a struggle 
for national self-determination against their 
Amerikan colonizers. Lourdes pointed out that 
Johnson and Johnson take $6.1 billion in profits 
out of Puerto Rico every year and Eli Lilly takes 
$4 billion out of Puerto Rico, producing about 90% 
of the contraceptive pills consumed by Amerikan 
women. With all this money, there is still 31% 
unemployment on the island. Puerto Rico is one of 
the clearest cases of direct colonization by 
Amerikan imperialism: the profits are taken out of 
the island for use by the well-off Amerikans while 
the Puerto Ricans live on the island and in 
Amerika in poverty.

As Lourdes said "We are entitled to defend our 
country and fight colonialism by any means we feel 
necessary." MIM agrees with her and supports the 
just struggle of the people of Puerto Rico, 
including the political prisoners and prisoners of 
war held behind bars by the Amerikan colonial 

* * *


  *** Want to do something about the torture and
  oppression of prisoners in Amerika? The best way
  is to join MIM to help end the system. In the
  meantime, while we are building public opinion
  and organizing for revolutionary change, you can
  also take smaller actions that may help some
  of the prisoners in Amerika. ***

The National Committee to Free Puerto Rican POW's 
and Political Prisoners-Boston Chapter is issuing 
an urgent call to action. Call the Florence, 
Colorado Federal Prison at (719) 784-9496. Ask for 
Warden William Storey or his assistant. Once he or 
his executive assistant is on line, tell him you 
are calling about Puerto Rican POW/Political 
Prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera (#87651-024), Thomas 
Manning (#10372-016) and Raymond Levasseur 
(#10376-016). Demand an end to sleep deprivation 
and strip searches immediately. Demand freedom for 
all Puerto Rican political prisoners 
unconditionally. Demand the closure of the ADX 
Florence Gulag for torture and sensory 

Callers should be aware that prison personnel have 
denied the torture. The following answers are 
recommended to such statements from prison 

1. They are lying and we won't believe them.
2. They shouldn't speak as if they were friends,
   they are their jailers.
3. They should refuse to participate in the
   torture as some U.S. soldiers refused to
   massacre Vietnamese in the Vietnam war.

The dates for the calls are all Mondays: May 22, 
June 26 and July 24.

* * *


It is in the interests of the oppressed masses and 
their allies to think scientifically and to combat 
selfish individualism. Likewise, it is in the 
interests of the oppressors to promote 
individualism and unscientific thinking. The 
oppressors usually leave this propaganda task to 
the churches and the media, but from time to time 
the oppressors are more bald-faced.

Such is the case with an ad from the multinational 
Mobil oil corporation. This ad sells "Your 
Personalized Horoscope" and ridiculously states 
that, "All astrologers appear united in the idea 
that there is a connection between the heavens and 
the Earth.... The astrologer can reveal the many 
ways and many levels that TWO people relate with 
each other.... [Y]our chart is interpreted to 
produce your in-depth Astro Profile report about 
your inner and outer self including the way you 
come across to others as well as your character, 
career, love life, challenges, and much, much 
more. Your Astro Profile report will also include 
an overview and close-up of what's happening right 
now! Find out what you're all about - Order 

Instead of telling individuals, to "find out" 
about themselves, MIM says people should find out 
more about imperialism, capitalism, patriarchy, 
and the best way forward to defeat all three - 
Maoist revolution. Obviously, such study is not in 
the interests of an imperialist corporation, so 
Mobil prefers to promote such distractions as 
superstition, individualism, romance culture and 

 - MC49

* * *


Recently the China News Digest published an 
article titled "Drug abuse hits Chinese school 
children." The article deals with China's drug 
epidemic that "...has become so serious that 
secondary, even primary school children are 
involved...."(1) The drug problem is among one of 
the many social ills that accompany capitalism. As 
people grow poorer many take on the parasitic 
nature that is inherent in capitalist societies.

When China was socialist under Mao Zedong the drug 
epidemic was virtually wiped out along with other 
social ills. After capitalist restoration led by 
Deng Xiaoping the drug problem returned along with 
other social ills such as prostitution 
homelessness, etc. etc.

This is very important and the oppressed 
nationalities and their allies should take note of 
the difference in the two systems and realize that 
the only way to solve our social ills that plague 
us in Amerikkka is via Maoist revolution and 
successful Cultural Revolutions against our own 
Deng Xiaopings.

 - New York prisoner

Note: China News Digest 2/28/95.

* * *


The latest gay movie out of Cuba, *Strawberry and 
Chocolate*, tells the story of an improbable 
friendship between a young somewhat dogmatic 
Marxist student and a gay artist in Havana in 
1979. Amid pleasant humor and good directing, the 
story is clear: beauty is persecuted in social 
progress. While Maoists do not uphold the Cuban 
revolution as a model and makes some of the same 
criticisms the movie does, we also criticize this 
fundamental dichotomy of artists vs. the people. 
MIM also recognizes that the characters who 
represent both these societal roles in the movie 
misunderstand socialism. 

David, the student, has been recently dumped by 
his girlfriend when Diego tries to pick him up. 
The only reason David plays along is that he hopes 
to find out about the smuggling he suspects Diego 
of. He continues to meet with him, while 
clarifying that sex is off-limits, in order to 
find out about some involvement Diego has with 
foreign embassies who might help him exhibit his 
work. As they get to know one another, the self-
described revolutionary learns about art and music 
from the only "faggot" he has ever known. 

Diego is of course not much swayed by the younger 
man's political ideals and only maintains that he 
loves Cuba passionately and is deeply saddened 
that Cuba won't accept his insipid religious 
sculpture display. In the end, Diego leaves Cuba 
and David goes to bed with a woman in Diego's 
building who is doing all the smuggling. No big 
surprises there, so MIM does not feel bad about 
messing up the ending for readers who have not yet 
seen the flick.

*Strawberry and Chocolate* poses interesting 
questions amid the sexual tension and cinema 
graphic style about the role of the artist in 
socialist society and the goals socialism strives 
for. In one compelling exchange, Diego 
passionately declares that he always has opposed 
Amerikan domination and believed that revolution 
would free him to reach his full human potential. 
Now, he says, he realizes that society does not 
want his creativity and feels banished from it. 
David counters with a description of his own 
situation, more interesting to communists: he is 
the son of a peasant and studying at the 
university. The suggestion is that if restricting 
depressing religious art is the price to pay for 
the education of peasants, then socialists should 
pay that price.

What Diego never seems to realize is that his 
creativity is in no way being restricted, it is 
simply being denied public space. His own 
apartment is crammed full of religious icons while 
artists in service of the people have their work 
displayed. Rather than question why his art might 
not be useful to society, he accuses 
revolutionaries of dogmatism. He says "if you 
don't want to think, listen to the radio." So he 
agrees that his art is not just images of no 
import, but rather is mystical and superstitious, 
and wants the government to allow him space to try 
to get people thinking like he does. The young 
revolutionary, David, unfortunately seems swayed 
by this idea of "if it ain't depressing, it ain't 
art." David asks Diego to read some of his 
writings, accepts the latter's criticism of 
"dogmatism" and then concedes to the bourgeoisie 
that revolutionary themes are not such a great 
idea after all.

The movie paints a reasonably fair portrait of 
Cuba at the time: significant progress for the 
peasants coupled with growing contradictions among 
the people as a new bourgeois takes Cuba's reigns 
away from the United States and hands them over to 
the Soviet Union. The heterosexism in the film 
does not seem to be any worse than heterosexism in 
Amerika and is recognized by the film as not the 
exclusive property of revisionist "socialism". 

David is dogmatic when he refuses to look outside 
the revisionist status quo to find solutions to 
Cuba's problems and sees the whole debate as 
Amerikan ideas vs. Soviet and Cuban ones. For all 
his dialectical pretensions, David cannot come up 
with any ideas for Cuba to combat this problem.

Neither character presents a path to take Cuba 
forward. Diego is too caught up in his 
individualistic passions to care about the good of 
the people and David is too unquestioning of Cuban 
revisionism. The supposed dichotomy of their 
positions is not real; neither challenges the 
status quo of Soviet colonization. Neither the 
artist who does not create anything worthwhile nor 
the "revolutionary" who can only follow the state-
capitalist system work in the interests of the 

 - MCB52

* * *

The Rise and Fall of Huey P. Newton
by Robert Alexander


Playwright Robert Alexander wrote that he hoped 
this play "will be received as an act of love." 
*Servant* is not only an act of love but also a 
politically oriented and thought provoking work. 
"May this play caution all who come to witness, 
the haves and the have nots are still the same, 
and the all knowing controller is still standing 
at the gate."(1)

Inside the program provided by the St. Louis Black 
Repertory Theater is the Black Panther Party ten 
point platform and program along with a list of 
suggested readings including *Seize the Time* by 
Bobby Seale; *Agents of Repression* by Ward 
Churchill and Jim VanderWall and *Quotations from 
Chairman Mao* by Mao Zedong.(2)

Judging this play on its theatrical merits is 
simple; it is excellent, and the acting is 
outstanding. The story is narrated by the 
character Lumphead, portrayed by A.C. Smith. This 
fictitious character represents the lumpen 
proletariat. Lumphead is a pimp recruited to the 
party by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. One scene 
depicts a discussion between Lumphead and Newton. 
Huey convinces Lumphead that pimping exploits 
women and perpetuates capitalism which is the 
source of Black people's oppression. Handing him a 
copy of Mao's little red book, Huey tells him that 
the answer to oppression is socialism. Lumphead 
gives up pimping and joins the BPP.

"The end is the beginning and the beginning is the 
end" exclaims Lumphead as he snaps his fingers and 
suddenly Tyrone Robinson appears, played by 
Clifton Williams. He aims a pistol at Huey Newton, 
brilliantly portrayed by David Alan Anderson, at 
the other end of the stage. Tyrone fades to black, 
lights shine on Huey as a crowd gathers and Huey 
speaks: "The source of our oppression is the 
source of the Vietnamese people's oppression. We 
stand in solidarity with the Viet Cong against 
U.S. imperialism ... all power to the people." The 
crowd responds with fists raised "power to the 

The rest of Act I is a positive look at the 
building of the Black Panther Party. The 
demonstration at the Alameda County courthouse - 
guns openly displayed and the Party's proclamation 
for self defense and self determination read to 
the people. The violent response of pigs arresting 
Panthers follows. Bobby Seale, played by J. Samuel 
Davis, agrees to serve a 6 month sentence for 
carrying concealed weapons in exchange for the 
dropping of trumped up charges against other BPP 

Internal struggles within the Party's central 
committee are intensely portrayed. One such scene 
is an argument between Newton and Eldridge Cleaver 
(Erik Kirkpatrick). Newton emphasizes the survival 
programs. Cleaver charges reformism and emphasizes 
guns and military training. Newton responds: 
"First we have to serve the people's needs, then 
they'll pick up the gun." The majority votes with 
Huey and decides to fund the Free Breakfast for 
Children program by pressuring grocery stores. A 
pig provocateur suggests that any store which does 
not comply be bombed sky high. The rest of the 
Panthers respond by chasing him out of the 
meeting. At one point he reads FBI director J. 
Edgar Hoovers' directive to infiltrate, disrupt 
and destroy the BPP. Act I ends with Newton 
imprisoned for supposedly killing a pig during a 
shoot out.

Act II begins with Huey's release from prison and 
the subsequent degeneration of both Newton and the 
BPP. The playwright believes that the California 
penal system applied psychological warfare to 
unravel Huey's mind. From his incarceration until 
the end, Huey is never the same. Upon his release, 
some of the Party cadre provide Newton with an 
Oakland penthouse. He becomes infuriated: "We are 
supposed to serve the people, what will the rank 
and file think? What will the people think?" After 
being told that it's for his own safety and being 
given cocaine, he succumbs.

The rest of the play shows a strung out Huey 
Newton snorting coke and brutally beating comrades 
over the most trivial matters. The narrator 
comments that the Party cadre no longer read 
Chairman Mao but instead were reading *The 
Godfather*. (From revolutionaries to gangsters?). 
Tackhead, the pig provocateur explained his 
mission of murdering vanguard leaders: "Fred 
Hampton, Mark Clark, Bobby Hutton, George Jackson, 
[etc.] You can run, but you can't hide from the 
FBI. If I don't kill you, I'll get you somehow 
(laughs) like Geronimo Pratt."

The play ends with the tragic murder of Newton in 
1989 (flashback to 1st scene). Huey owed Tyrone a 
petty debt for crack. The pig provocateur explains 
that "whether Tyrone knows it or not, with his 
rap, crack, and beeper, he is a government agent. 
You see, we had to make it so that when Huey died, 
you wouldn't give a fuck." Lumphead snaps his 
fingers, looks at the audience and says "but you 
did. Huey took me out of darkness and showed me 
the real world. Looking back I have no regrets. I 
know that what we did was truly revolutionary. 
Rest in peace Huey."

Despite its emphasis on one individual, this play 
is definitely political. If you get the chance, 
see it, learn from it and build on the lessons. 
All power to the people!

1. The Black Rep program, p. 22.
2. Ibid, p. 23.

* * *




I'm writing to inform you that your 1/95 issue of 
MIM Notes is being returned due to its being 
deemed "a threat to legitimate penological 
interest" by prison authorities.

Even after literally a lifetime of constant 
surprises by the California Department of 
"Corrections," they still continue to amaze me 
with their rhetoric. But, believe it or not, this 
censorship isn't half as amazing as their claim 
that there is an actual legitimate penological 
interest here at Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP). 
PBSP is designed for the sole purpose of breaking 
the minds and spirits of those literally buried 
alive here, but who are not (yet) "the worst of 
the worst" as they proudly boast to the public.

As I wrote last month when requesting your 
publication, I'm not totally familiar with your 
principles, but I do agree that we are all world 
citizens who are inherently equal with a say.

So I'm not sure what's these people's problem, but 
I'll be appealing this issue and will keep you 
informed because it's an important issue and can 
and does affect a lot of people. I would 
appreciate if you could notify me of the return of 
your publication for my records. I've even 
enclosed a SASE for your convenience. I'm far from 
discouraged, because every time such barriers are 
placed before me - which is almost daily - I 
realize that I must be on the right path to 
enlighten and even though I can be physically 
caged, my mind and spirit have no bounds.

In struggle,

 - a California prisoner, 2/12/95


The colonial criminals of the state of Indiana 
have waged a mass scale of colonial oppression on 
and against the people throughout the Department 
of Corrections who have declared themselves 
revolutionary teachers and New Afrikan cadres. 
1995 will bring a lot of successful struggles for 
the people and the fascist colonial forces will 
turn up its fire under our feet. On December 8, 
one of our New Afrikan revolutionary comrades lost 
his life at the hands of the racist, most 
diabolical system of murder - the Indiana State 
prison's electric chair. The innocence of our 
brother was evident. These colonial murderers 
killed the brother because he was a strong Afrikan 

Now comes yet another trick by the 
colonial/repressive state. On December 13, the 
criminals lost one of their agents of repression 
due to the conditions/contradictions existing 
throughout D-cellhouse. Justice the people's way 
hit home. 

That night, the author of this letter was escorted 
from his cell location to the oppressors' colonial 
guards' hall. It took ten officers to handcuff one 
man, once I was made to remove all my clothes, 
shoes, jacket, etc. They wanted to beat me down, 
but I kept my composure. For about two and a half 
hours, they kept me naked in a holding cell. 

I was given a red jumpsuit and escorted to their 
racist investigators' offices. They attempted to 
interrogate a brother, but the code of New 
Afrikan/revolutionary silence was victorious. Due 
to my no-rap policy, they took me to a blue van, 
shackled me up with chains and transferred me to 
the Indiana Maximum Control Complex at Westville. 

No advisement of being on investigation was 
issued, yet on January 31, I was charged with the 
murder of a pig at the Indiana State Prison. They 
have taken the liberty to say I killed this man 
due to the death of our comrade. Revolutionary 
justice stands without fault; justice must prevail 
at all cost. The death of that pig and all those 
to follow could never be paralleled to one of our 

It happened because it was destiny to get what 
they got coming. It is clear that anybody 
oppressed and repressed by a colonial system shall 
rise up. We as the new men and women of the 
oppressed nation must begin to define our reality. 

Dialectically, the power must change hands sooner 
or later. When they turn up the volume of genocide 
and oppression, we turn up the resistance and 
political and ideological struggle. Objective 
reality, that's what we are dealing with. We are 
dialectical materialists; we deal with what really 
is, whether we like it or not. 

I write this notice to ask you all out there who 
acknowledge our oppression and are willing to aid 
and assist in its demise to wake up and rise up. I 
need your help, all of you who can help me in 
waging this struggle for my life against genocidal 
extinction. I don't have a chance going up against 
these parasites alone. I seek the support and 
assistance of Afrikan oppressed nations.

Allah is Great.

Uhuru Sasa (Freedom Now).

 - an Indiana prisoner, 2/7/95


The story in the January 1995 Under Lock & Key, 
"Guards get a taste of their own medicine," was 
righteous by me, because a brother like that will 
not accept anything. But MC49's reply was correct 
to my belief in using your head! I close this 
letter till next time.

Stay strong and sweet,

 - a Texas prisoner, 2/8/95


Uhuru SaSa! [Freedom Now!] Comrades, here in the 
state of Indiana, the lawmakers are trying to pass 
a law where no prisoners get any good time. (If we 
get 20 years, we do the 20 years). If the law 
passes, if we the prisoners have good time, we 
will lose that good time, too. Uhuru SaSa!

 - a New Afrikan revolutionary on a Disciplinary
   Segregation unit in Indiana, 1/23/95


I have received the 1/95 issue of your newspaper. 
I love the way it's written. I enjoyed reading the 
letters the prisoners wrote and sent in plus your 
answers. I hope to keep reading your paper and 
hope you keep sending them to me. I probably will 
be out of prison by September 1995. I've been 
locked up since October 1992. 

This is a Maximum or SuperMax prison. We're only 
allowed an hour or half hour out of our cell or 
closet cellbox a day. Plus they have the goon 
squad or the extraction team. They come in your 
cell and beat you up and strap you down to your 
bed if you act like the man you are or don't want 
to make your bed up or kick on the door - little 
things like that. You can't get out of your cell 
unless they let you out. Everything here works by 

If a person caught a heart attack or something 
serious, he can hang it up because you have to be 
handcuffed behind your back before you can leave 
the cell. Plus leg shackles. And they're so scared 
of you that they get all suited up before they 
come get you. 

That is just a bit of what's going on at this 
concentration camp. If you ever truly want to know 
what's going on down here, let me know.

 - an Indiana prisoner, 2/9/95


31 people were executed by state governments in 
the U.S. in 1994. 257 people have been executed 
since the U.S. moratorium on state murders ended 
in 1976.

1/6   Keith Eugene Wells, ID
2/2   Harold Barnard, TX
3/3   Johnny Watkins, Jr., VA
3/31  Freddie Lee Webb, TX
3/31  William Henry Hance, GA
4/4   Richard Beavers, TX
4/22  Roy Allen Stewart, FL
4/26  Larry Norman Anderson, TX
4/27  Timothy Spencer, VA
5/3   Paul Rougeau, TX
5/10  John Wayne Gacy, IL
5/11  Jonas Whitmore, AR
5/11  Edward Charles Pickens, AR
5/17  John F. Thanos, MD
5/27  Stephen R. Nethery, TX
5/27  Charles R. Campbell, WA
6/14  Denton Alan Crank, TX
6/15  David Lawson, NC
6/23  Andre Deputy, DE
8/2   Robert Drew, TX
8/3   Hoyt Clines, AR
8/3   Darryl Richley, AR
8/3   James Holmes, AR
9/2   Harold Lamont Otey, NE
9/16  Jessie Gutierrez, TX
9/20  George Lott, TX
10/5  Walter Williams, TX
11/22 Warren Bridge, TX
12/6  Herman Clark, TX
12/8  Gregory Resnover, IN
12/11 Raymond Carl Kinnamon, TX

 - reprinted from the 2/95 issue of the Coalition
   for Prisoners' Rights Newsletter (CPRN). CPRN 
   can be reached at P.O. Box 1911, Santa Fe, NM 


I am a prisoner at the Maximum Control Complex 
(MCC) in Westville, Indiana. I have been confined 
since June 13, 1991. I write this petition with 
deep gravity to call upon aid and support from 
concerned and loving people, churches and 
organizations of Indiana and this country to 
assist in stopping the atrocities that are being 
inflicted upon prisoners daily at this control 

The Maximum Control Complex (MCC) in Westville, 
Indiana is a supermaximum prison which was first 
opened in May of 1991. The MCC was claimed by the 
Indiana Department of Corrections to be designed 
especially for extremely dangerous prisoners, but 
the real truth behind this lie is most prisoners 
being permanently placed in the MCC are jailhouse 
lawyers, politically active, or believers of the 
Islamic or Hebrew-Israelite religions. 

85% of these permanent-status prisoners are of 
African descent, which is also the majority of MCC 
population. It is obvious that racism is the key 
factor as to why Black males are heavily 
concentrated within this control unit. MCC is a 
deliberately designed facility which subjects its 
prisoners to punitive isolation, violence and 
terror. These conditions of confinement cause 
prisoners to:

# endure two 37-day hunger strikes - the longest
  hunger strikes in U.S. history
# self-mutilate themselves, and
# consume their own feces.

MCC prisoners are confined to a single-man cell 
that has a solid steel door with a small 
plexiglass window for 23 to 24 hours a day, unless 
they have an attorney or family visit that day, 
which is non-contact. A prisoner at MCC never gets 
natural sunlight inside his cell or on the outdoor 
recreation yard. No fresh air is ever circulated 
through the central air system. 

Each MCC prisoner eats, recreates, showers and 
sleeps alone. No prisoner at MCC is ever removed 
from his cell without handcuffs and leg-irons. MCC 
prisoners who are confined to disciplinary 
isolation (AKA segregation) are not allowed to 
enroll in educational courses, can't listen to a 
radio, are prohibited from calling their families, 
friends, girlfriends, etc., on the telephone. MCC 
prisoners are not allowed to purchase food items 
from the prison commissary, are being denied 
physical access to the satellite law library to do 
their legal work, and are being denied legal 
materials to work on their legal matters by 
Paralegal Sharon Hawks.

The sensory-deprivation and punitive isolation 
being imposed upon the small number of prisoners 
who are currently housed in disciplinary isolation 
(AKA segregation) is affecting and threatening 
their mental health.

I am presently suffering from vision 
deterioration. I believe this is caused by the 
contaminated water supply at MCC which was 
declared by the Indiana Department of 
Environmental Management in February of this year 
to have high levels of lead. Lead contaminants, if 
consumed for a period of years, cause brain, 
kidney and red blood cell damage. The MCC water 
supply is also suspected of having a toxic 
chemical in it called polychlorinated biphenyl 
(PCBs). I have been trying to get eyeglasses for 
almost two years now, but the notorious Warden 
Charles E. Wright is giving orders to the medical 
staff not to treat my serious medical needs. I 
have even been prohibited from taking a blood test 
for the detection of lead contaminants and PCBs by 
Warden Wright himself.

I have been a primary target of Warden Wright's 
sadistic mistreatment from the day I entered MCC. 
For the last six months I have been forced to wear 
a mask over my face each time I am removed from my 
cell, because a racist white guard falsely accused 
me of spitting. This facial masking has been a 
common practice by Warden Wright and his prison 
lackeys. Their intent is to inflict severe 
psychological torture upon prisoners. I have been 
the subject of Warden Wright's retributive 
attitude. The people must not stand by and 
continue to allow such indignities to occur, and 
must demand that they cease immediately! 

Another prisoner is being subjected to extreme 
human rights violation. He is mentally unstable. 
He is on strip-cell status, virtually naked - he 
is allowed only a pair of boxer shorts. His 
plumbing is shut off and is only cut on once a day 
to flush his toilet. Most of the time, he is 
forced to lay dormant in his cell and smell the 
vile stench of his feces settled in his toilet. 

Each day at 7:00 a.m., this prisoner's bedding is 
removed from his cell, and he is forced to lay on 
cold steel until 9:30 p.m. When his bedding is 
given back to him, numerous prisoners have 
inquired about why his bedding is being deprived 
each day. Some guards claim he won't make his bed 
or he tore a mattress, which is ludicrous. This is 
just another excuse that Warden Wright and his 
lackeys are attempting to use to justify their 

The prisoner is without shoes, and is forced to 
take showers and recreate barefooted. He has no 
hygiene items. It's also documented that he has 
consumed his own feces. He is mentally ill and 
shouldn't be at MCC. Something must be done to see 
that he is transferred out of MCC to a place where 
he will get the proper help he needs. 

The Indiana Department of Corrections [sic] (DOC) 
is under a court order to implement condition 
changes at the MCC. A settlement in a class action 
suit, Taifa, et. al. vs. Bayh, et. al., #3:92-Cv-
429, was reached and was approved by Chief Judge 
Allen Sharp of the United States District Court in 
South Bend, Indiana on 2/15/94. The settlement 
between the Indiana Civil Liberties Union (ICLU) 
and the state is only ten months old and the 
conditions at MCC have done nothing but 

It is clear that the reason for the ICLU and the 
Indiana DOC engaging in a settlement was to put 
the concerned taxpayers under the illusion that 
the courts and attorneys were going to improve the 
conditions at the MCC; so they could relieve 
public pressure. This document entitled "Agreed 
Entry" is hype and is nothing but a disguise to 
hide the hidden terrors that are daily occurring 
in this control unit. The "Agreed Entry" is the 
settlement contract reached by the ICLU and the 
Indiana state's attorneys. The people must demand 
that Warden Wright and his lackeys and the Indiana 
DOC cease the human rights violations.

I am presently on disciplinary isolation along 
with nine others. It's obvious my placement on 
this status is out of retribution. The small 
number of prisoners on this status is amazing, 
especially when MCC currently has a population of 
over 100 prisoners, it's clear that Warden Wright 
is using this disciplinary isolation measure in an 
arbitrary and insidious manner. He is picking and 
choosing who he wants to give privileges and who 
he wants to mistreat. 

We must not allow Warden Wright to continue using 
me and the nine other prisoners on the 
disciplinary isolation unit at the MCC as guinea 
pigs. The ten of us are the only prisoners not 
allowed to call our families, friends, 
girlfriends, etc. We are not allowed to listen to 
radios, order food from commissary, enroll in 
educational courses or gain access to the law 
library. This is in fact discrimination and must 
be stopped immediately!

 - an Indiana prisoner, 12/28/94


Revolutionary greetings. This letter is not going 
to be long. Just to let you know that I am still 
receiving MIM Notes, and I thank you very much for 
your time. Nothing new is going on in this 
SuperMax. Just the same old shit. 

The pigs here will not let us go outside for our 
one hour walk. We have not been outside for over 
five months now. When we have it, the outside one 
hour looks like you are in a dog lock-up. The pigs 
are telling us that we cannot go out for our one 
hour walk because it is too cold. Bull. The pigs 
still put us in the hold or the pink room, where 
it is ice cold. But all is well; life goes on, 
right? I am going to end this letter for now. But 
I will write again real soon. So you all keep up 
the good work.

Yours in revolution, I remain,

 - a Maryland prisoner, 2/9/95


A decade-long research project was done on 
prisoners in the 1960s and into the 1970s in 
Oregon and Washington State Prisons. It was funded 
by the Atomic Energy Commission (now the 
Department of Energy) and NASA, and was supposedly 
designed to help determine how much radiation U.S. 
astronauts could bear during spaceflights.

One hundred thirty-one inmates "voluntarily" 
participated in the experiments in which they lay 
down in a coffin-like box and had their testicles 
lowered into water. Then the "researchers" exposed 
their testicles to a dose of radiation stronger 
than 20 modern diagnostic X-rays. Many inmates 
went through the experiment many times. Some of 
the prisoners were exposed to as much as 640 rads, 
an amount that is potentially fatal if spread over 
the whole body.

For participating in the experiments, the 
prisoners received a $5-a-month stipend. They were 
told that they were performing a patriotic duty 
for their country.

Today more than half of the 131 participants have 
died. Many complain of major groin pains, 
persistent rashes and painful lumps on their 
testicles. One participant reported one of his 
testicles became attached to his scrotum as a 
result of the biopsies after the experiment.

The experiments were to aid the space program, in 
the U.S.'s attempts to colonize outer space before 
the Soviet Union. But the actual effect of the 
experiments on the prisoners was to make them 
sterile or unable to reproduce - in effect, 
genocide. In fact, the prisoners who participated 
in the experiment were "encouraged" to get 
vasectomies afterward.

These experiments of the 60s and 70s show that 
historically prisoners are seen as less-than-human 
by the U.S. government, and are fair game for 
"medical experimentation" as cruel as that 
performed by the outright fascist states in the 
1930s. These types of experiments are always 
performed on groups of people that are seen as 
"expendable" by the government, and in the U.S. 
that has typically been prisoners, racial 
minorities, and people with disabilities.

While some rules passed by the NIH in 1978 bar use 
of prisoners "in any medical experiments that do 
not benefit them," the state continues to treat 
prisoners as less-than-human, and continues to 
find new and more devious ways to commit murder of 
genocidal proportions against people in prison.

SOURCE: Washington Post, 11/20/94

 - reprinted from Claustrophobia-Anarchist Black
   Cross' Claustrophobia #4, Winter 94/95.
   Claustrophobia-ABC can be reached at P.O. Box
   77432, Washington, DC 20013.

New Michigan KKKoncentration KKKamps since 1985:


Western Wayne "Correctional" Facility (Plymouth)
Ionia Temporary Facility (Ionia)
Lakeland Correctional Facility (Coldwater)
G. Robert Cotton Regional Corr. Facility (Jackson)


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Thumb Corr. Facility (Lapeer)
Muskegon Temporary Facility (Muskegon)
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Carson City Temporary Facility (Carson City)


Chippewa Temporary Corr. Facility (Kincheloe)
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Hiawatha Temporary Corr. Facility (Kincheloe)
Adrian Temporary Corr. Facility (Adrian)
E.C. Brooks Regional Facility (Muskegon)
Carson City Regional Facility (Carson City)
Chippewa Regional Facility (Kincheloe)


Standish Maximum Facility (Standish)
Mid-Michigan Temporary Corr. Facility (St. Louis)
Alger Maximum Corr. Facility (Munising)


Ryan Regional Corr. Facility (Detroit)
Gus Harrison Regional Facility (Adrian)


Oaks Maximum Facility


Baraga Maximum Facility (Baraga)
Macomb Corr. Facility


Mound Regional Corr. Facility (Detroit)
Saginaw Regional Corr. Facility (Freeland)

 - from The Freedom Network's Afrikan Prisoner
   Bulletin, 1/95. The Freedom Network can be
   reached c/o MCM 17365 Annott St., Detroit, MI

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