This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
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MIM Notes 101

June 1995

Electronic Edition

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This issue features the changing face of imperialism, from 
debates over how to reshape Amerikan foreign policy to the 
Contract with Amerika. Plus analysis of the post-Oklahoma-
City-crackdown, the expansion of the FBI, immigrant abuse, 
culture reviews and much more. International news from 
China, Kampuchea, East Timor, Azania, Palestine and more. 
Also MIM's monthly news from prisons and prisoners, Under 
Lock & Key.

MIM Notes speaks to and from the viewpoint of the 
world's oppressed majority, and against the imperialist-
patriarchy. Pick it up and wield it in the service of the 
people. Support it, struggle with it and write for it.




by MIM and RAIL

Amherst, MA, May 9 - RAIL, MIM and two University of 
Massachusetts student groups, the Alliance for Student 
Power (ASP) and the Haitian Students Association held a 
teach-in entitled "Anthony Lake, U.S. Imperialism and 
the University." W. Anthony Lake is a local professor on 
leave as National Security Advisor to President Clinton, 
and has been selected as the UMass Commencement 
(graduation) speaker for late May.

RAIL organized the teach-in to expose Lake's role as a 
top leader in the U.S. military machine, and to use 
concrete examples from U.S. foreign policy to mobilize 
students against imperialism and Amerika itself. 


The organizing groups gave seven short presentations. 
MIM started the teach-in with a short presentation on 
Lake's duties in the Clinton Administration, and Lake's 
specific contributions to U.S. foreign policy. As 
National Security Advisor, Lake is responsible for the 
CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and is one of 
President Clinton's top advisors. MIM pointed out that 
Lake has bragged about the U.S. bringing democracy to 
Haiti and Guatemala, and other speakers took Lake to 
task on this point. MIM argued that the Clinton 
Administration likes to portray itself as humanitarian, 
but it admits that its "humanity" comes at the expense 
of Third World peoples. Lake declares that foreign 
policy will determine "whether Americans' real incomes 
double every 26 years, as they did in 1960s, or every 36 
years, as they did during the late '70s and '80s."(1)

A member of the Haitian Students Association spoke on 
the history of Haiti up to 1990, and a RAIL member, 
using back-issues of MIM Notes as a source, detailed the 
U.S. role in Haiti since 1990. Another RAIL member 
explained how "humanitarian" aid is a form of 
imperialism through the hegemonic control of agriculture 
to serve First World interests. A third RAIL member gave 
a presentation about the Vietnam War and Lake's role 
first as a vice consul to South Vietnam and then as 
special assistant to the president for national security 

A member of the Alliance for Student Power gave two 
talks. The first was about the U.S. role destabilizing 
the Guatemalan government in 1954 and the links to the 
more recent CIA role in Guatemala. His second talk 
exposed the ideological and material connections between 
the government, big business and the University and the 
significance of Lake's selection as commencement 
speaker. He reported that at an earlier RAIL meeting, we 
decided not to demand that the University rescind the 
invitation to Lake. We decided that Lake was an 
appropriate choice for a pro-imperialist University in 
Amerikkka. Rather than opposing just Lake or his 
selection, we need to oppose the government and the 
University itself. Lake's selection, he continued, was a 
brilliant symbol of the revolving door between the 
military-industrial complex and its educational wing.


The two right-wing students led a Liberal attack on both 
the organizers and the event itself after this last 
lecture - having already interrupted the Vietnam 
presentation. They first posed "left" by pretending to 
support the organizers' opposition to U.S. imperialism 
and the CIA, while criticizing us for not focusing on 
Lake enough. Later they switched, and said that we 
couldn't criticize Lake at all, since we didn't know 
what Lake's personal position was on each issue, and 
whether or not he truly ordered X CIA execution, or knew 
about Y slimy dealings.

One Liberal was a German student who had been a student 
of Lake's. The other Liberal was a Haitian student who 
was also the scheduled Commencement speaker. The German 
student argued that we couldn't hold Lake responsible 
for the institutions he's in charge of, and that we 
couldn't know his motivations. He attacked the event's 
organizers for discussing U.S. actions prior to 
Clinton's rise to power; arguing that this history was 
irrelevant. Perhaps, he argued, Lake was going to try 
and reform the CIA.


The Haitian Commencement speaker was opportunist. First 
he attacked MIM for ignoring the fact that Haitians have 
continued to die under U.S. military occupation; and 
then criticized the organizers for pimping off of dead 
Haitians to build our organizations. His first claim was 
a lie. The student has been made aware of the articles 
in the November and December 1994 MIM Notes exposing the 
U.S. role in working with the right-wing death squads 
against the people, and the RAIL presentation was clear 
on this point. The second charge is answered most 
clearly by looking at the Haitian student's own practice 
of faking "left." He recognizes the U.S. oppression of 
his country, while using his Haitian origin and a shared 
stage with a chief orchestrator of Haiti's subjugation 
as a launching pad for his personal agenda. This student 
represents the right wing of the national bourgeoisie: 
some anti-imperialist sentiments, but eagerly looking 
for the conditions to cut a deal with imperialism and 
head for comprador status.

The Haitian student hypocritically argued that "credit 
must be given where credit is due" and we must 
acknowledge the progress, however limited, of the 
Clinton administration over that of former-President 
Bush. He also argued that organizers should use 
"caution" in criticizing Lake as part of the government 
and instead should look more at the individual. 

Both the German and Haitian students represented Liberal 
ideology well. When it comes to judging bourgeois 
society, they are willing to make countless excuses. 
They can invent fantasies, as the German student did, 
about Lake reforming the CIA, and then criticize MIM for 
"not having done enough research." When criticizing 
revolutionaries, they present a double standard, 
opposing Mao because of the actions of anti-Maoists 
before and after Mao's death. Maoists want to hold 
people accountable for both the good and the bad of 
their actions, not just one aspect. The Liberals might 
claim otherwise, but in practice they only want more 

1. W. Anthony Lake, Remarks at Johns Hopkins University
   9/21/93, p. 3.

* * *


Boston - On May 14 about 100 people formed a picket line 
outside the Four Seasons Hotel to protest a fundraiser 
organized by Massachusetts Governor William Weld for 
California Governor Pete Wilson. Chauffeured Mercedes 
brought leading pigs at $1000 a plate to the "gala" 
event. Outside, protesters chanted: "Hey hey ho ho 
Governor Wilson has got to go" and "Racist, sexist, 
anti-gay; Right-wing bigots go away!" and "We didn't 
land on Plymouth Rock; Plymouth Rock landed on us." 
Several speakers addressed the crowd. Some talked about 
the importance of voting out racists from office and the 
need for "inter-racial" unity to combat Proposition 187. 

One of the organizers of the event, a Latina from Mt. 
Holyoke College, told Gov. Wilson to watch out for 2007 
- the year when people of color will outnumber whites in 
California. Several Latinos told stories of family 
members working in factories and fields for $2 an hour. 
"We maintain the system, we deserve schooling, medicine, 

The demonstration was initiated by Students from Smith, 
Mt. Holyoke and UMass Amherst who are making a 
documentary about Proposition 187. 

One of the organizers was upset at the ISO, who turned 
out in full color at the rally, for taking credit for 
organizing the event. By trying to register 
demonstrators as members of the ISO, they succeeded in 
watering down the anti-racist message of the rally and 
turned it into a membership drive. The organizer felt 
that the ISO was able to overwhelm what was intended as 
a non-sectarian grassroots student demonstration because 
so many students didn't come to the event because they 
were still busy with finals or else had already gone 

A high point of the demonstration occurred when two 
hotel managers wheeled a cart of lemonade out to the 
protesters and explained that the Four Seasons was 
"pleased to have them." The crowd responded with a 
spontaneous cheer: "We have brains, We can think, We 
don't want your stinking drink!"

 - member of the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League

MIM adds: MIM does not have a problem with members of 
organizations showing up at events and attempting to 
interest people in their politics, but those 
organizations should not attempt to take over the 
events. It is good to broaden the issues addressed by a 
rally so that people can see connections with other 
issues, if they are interested. However, the ISO has a 
history of bad practice at some events and MIM can't 
speak to their practice at this specific event. MIM 
would also object to any organizers who think they are 
doing their event good by keeping out people who 
politely distribute political literature and talk to 
whoever is interested.

* * *


by the Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) and the 
Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League (RAIL)

RAIL's petition condemning the selection of Anthony Lake 
as Commencement speaker (see page 3) was submitted to 
and rejected by the University of Massachusetts student 
paper, the Massachusetts Daily Collegian. According to 
the editors, our organizing was "news" so they were 
going to write a story about us, and not print the 
petition. Not our first choice, but Ok.

During an interview, News Editor Jessica Taverna asked a 
lot of unnecessary questions such as our student status, 
the number of people in RAIL and MIM, etc. MIM is an 
underground organization and we don't answer questions 
that are only useful to the cops. It's irrelevant 
whether Taverna herself is an active agent of the state, 
since they no doubt exist among her readers. 

We explained that the purpose of the petition was two-
fold: first, it was a concrete way to engage the masses 
in struggle over the Lake question, and it would serve 
(we hoped) to guarantee that the statement would be 
printed by the campus media. We explained that for 
security reasons, we didn't encourage people to sign 
neatly, list phone numbers or addresses, or indicate 
student status. We had 91 signatures and guessed that 
most of the signatures were from students.

A little while later Taverna told us the story was 
canceled. She had called the administration to check our 
names and student status and since only one of the 
sources was "reputable" the planned protest at 
Commencement was only a "rumor". MIM and RAIL couldn't 
be quoted, because anything we said wouldn't be credible 
and people would "think it was coming out of my 
[Taverna's] ass." 

The Collegian's "principles" having nothing to do with 
credibility at all, but rather they follow the 
censorship-bound, boot-licking principles of 
administration-cowed student journalism. The Collegian 
brags that it is independent of the University, but they 
let the administration set their principles - and a 
universal rule of University administrations is to 
discredit political debate by non-students. (And cowed 
the Collegian is. The Administration's newspaper, the 
Campus Chronicle, didn't print the petition either, but 
they did write a short story about it.) 

According to this "logic", we are only credible if we 
can prove our identities. Regardless of whether 
something is true or not, as long as you know the 
identity of the person who said it, then it is true. 
Even real bourgeois journalists have ways of dealing 
with anonymous or half-identified sources. The New York 
Times frequently says, "Said, so and so, who only 
identified herself as 'Jane.'" They also ran the letter 
by the UNABOMBER, without a clue to whom s/he is. The 
bourgeois media regularly quotes "unnamed officials" in 
the government, helping them leak information (sometimes 
accurate, sometimes not) without being held individually 

The Collegian's notion of "credibility" is limiting in 
countless ways, not the least of which was keeping this 
important story from Collegian readers. If we had told 
Taverna our student status, or that RAIL and MIM had 
half a million members, we might have been believed. But 
we declined to answer some questions, so therefore we 
don't exist.

Progressives on the Collegian staff and on the staffs of 
student newspapers around the country should drop 
reactionary journalism and work for MIM Notes, Maoist 
Sojourner, and the Mass Rail (the newsletter of the 
Massachusetts Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League).

* * *


In mid May the House International Relations Committee 
voted to support a bill that would consolidate the 
Agency for International Development (USAID), into the 
State Department along with several other agencies as a 
part of a Republican move to cut or abolish USAID. USAID 
is one of the agencies that the United States uses to 
create dependency in foreign countries and gain their 
allegiance to Amerikan foreign policy. 

As J. Brian Atwood, USAID administrator said in a 
January 17 plea to keep USAID autonomous, "We have led 
the world in providing technical assistance to create 
free economic systems, private sectors and new 
markets."(1) In other words, USAID gives money to other 
countries so that they will follow the political system 
that the US supports and will open their doors to 
Amerikan corporations seeking new ways to make greater 
profits. In the 1994 fiscal year USAID spent $2.1 
billion on "development assistance" to foreign 

The current debate among the different shades of 
reactionaries is between the fiscal conservatives who 
want to save the money spent by USAID and instead let 
the free market reign in international relations, and 
the internationalists who want to take the straight 
forward route to imperialist domination by buying the 
allegiance of foreign governments and markets directly. 
In this case, it is the internationalist-minded who are 
more dangerous to the international proletariat. The 
less money spent by the imperialists on international 
intervention of any kind, the easier the task of 
revolution becomes as reactionary governments weaken.

But in the case of this debate, the alternative to a 
separate and independent USAID will probably not be much 
different from the status quo. The $20 billion given to 
international programs by the government makes a good 
target in the GOP drive to cut "wasteful spending" 
because cutting domestic programs gets them in trouble 
with their constituency and many Amerikans believe that 
we give away too much money as it is. In a New York 
Times poll (which generally reaches the voting 
population), 75% of the people said the U.S. spends too 
much on foreign aid.(3) 

The reality of international politics will leave the 
Republicans pushing imperialist domination on the Third 
World countries in one way or another. Even if a bill 
passes Congress that cuts international aid, no one is 
suggesting that aid be cut from Israel or Egypt 
(strategically important countries that the U.S. 
controls). And less money for some projects does not 
mean cuts in the military or the CIA which can be used 
to impose or depose a government favorable to 

1. International Development Conference speech, 1/17/95.
2. Executive Memorandum, The Heritage Foundation,
3. New York Times 4/30/95.

* * *


MIM reported last month that the United States does not 
give anywhere near as much foreign aid as the settler 
masses assume, but we still have the question of where 
the money does go. Reports from the World Social Summit 
in Copenhagen stated that "developing countries" got 
$1.4 trillion in aid over the past 35 years - and have 
very little to show for it. By looking at where the 
money went, we can understand the falsity of imperialist 

The reason that the aid money does more harm than good 
is that most of it does not land in the hands of Third 
World people. A study in Bangladesh, for example, 
revealed that 75% of the aid it has received in its 25 
years of independence have gone to experts, consultants, 
and equipment from the donor countries. Other countries' 
statistics are even higher. According to Western Samoa's 
UN ambassador, "Well over 90% of this money was spent on 
foreign consultants who go to the developing countries 
in the name of national capacity building."

World Bank officials and others are always eager to 
impose strict controls on how much money Third World 
countries use for services for their people, implying 
that health and so on are what should be sacrificed in 
the interests of "development." First World nations have 
pledged to increase their aid to the Third World to 0.7% 
of their Gross National Product. If that increase 
actually happens it will mean greater oppression for the 
people and greater decadence for the parasites who feed 
upon them.

Note: Pacific Islands Monthly 5/95, p. 21.

* * *


by MC17

College students across Amerika have responded to the 
"Republican Contract with America" and the conservative 
proposals in Congress this year with a lot of protests. 
Cuts in welfare, tax cuts that favor the wealthiest, 
anti-immigrant legislation, cuts in education programs, 
and cuts in programs that provide children with health 
care and nutrition have all angered protesters. While 
MIM believes that all people should have equal access to 
health care, food, shelter, education and all other 
necessities, much of the anti-Contract agenda is not 

The biggest problem with this movement is its pandering 
to electoral politics. The call for a national day of 
campus action against the contract concluded by saying: 
"It will be necessary to use this debate to inform the 
public about the anti-democratic nature of the Right's 
agenda - and about the alliance between big business and 
fundamentalist religious groups working to seize 
political power."

This statement is misleading, suggesting that the only 
enemy of oppressed people is the Right and the solution 
is a Democratic majority back in Congress. The reality 
is that both Democrats and Republicans are imperialists. 
The difference between the Republicans and the Democrats 
is often the difference between the color of their 
coats. While the Republicans target immigrants and 
social services, the Democrats have gone to great 
lengths to increase the number of police and prisons. 
Both groups are working to expand the power and wealth 
of imperialist Amerika at the expense of the oppressed 

Even many of those who recognize the reactionary nature 
of the Democrats play into the hands of the imperialists 
by pretending that if everyone in this country could be 
as well off as the middle class we would have true 
equality. This is an insult to the exploited masses of 
the Third World from whom Amerika extracts its wealth 
and distributes it to its citizens.

The National People's Campaign (NPC), initiated by the 
Workers World Party (WWP), held protests in many cities 
across Amerika on May 6, incorrectly encouraging 
electoral politics at its rallies, ignoring the 
realities of imperialism and colonialism. While there is 
nothing wrong with revolutionary parties initiating mass 
movements, they should do so openly. But Workers World 
Party's own members often are not up-front within the 
NPC that they are members of WWP.

WWP believes that coalition politics are the best way to 
get the masses involved in revolutionary politics. "We 
hope you will find Workers World Party members in every 
progressive organization and movement across the U.S.," 
said the managing editor of the WWP newspaper in a 
recent exchange on the Internet.

MIM also believes that vanguard parties should work with 
progressive organizations, but the party should not 
liquidate into a coalition with such organizations as 
WWP advocates; nor should it urge its members to join 
organizations which champion electoralism and 
reactionary nationalism.

The National People's Campaign statement reads ". only 
by getting into the streets to show our anger and 
determination can we really have any political leverage 
to make the fundamental changes that are necessary." 
Fundamental changes occur, according to WWP, when the 
masses are finally "heard" by their elected officials.

MIM believes that the real answer to the reactionary 
politics of the Republicans and Democrats who promote 
imperialist colonialism in the Third World and inside 
Amerika's borders is revolution. We can not take the 
issue of health care for people in Amerika out of the 
context of the money that is taken from the workers and 
peasants of the Third World to pay for the construction 
of the most bloated health care system in the world. We 
can not take the issue of funding for college education 
out of the context of the exploitation of the land and 
resources of Amerika's colonies that pays for these 
scholarships and buys future imperialists. Opposition to 
the reactionary nationalism of anti-immigrant 
legislation should not lead to the reactionary 
nationalism of white Amerika demanding its share of the 
superprofits of the world. We need to respond with 
revolutionary internationalism against the imperialists.

* * *



***The following letter from Chemistry student J.D. 
Tovar appeared in the 3/13/95 UCLA Daily Bruin. The 
event discussed was covered in MIM Notes 99, which is 
available from MIM for $1.***

I would like to address the Maoist Internationalist 
Movement protesters and their hippie friends who stormed 
the CIA informational meeting I attended on March 3.

First and foremost, by thrusting their ideological 
beliefs upon those present, they quite possibly took 
away the many rewarding careers in science and 
technology available in the CIA from our fellow Bruins. 
They entered in an extremely immature fashion - by 
blowing whistles in the speaker's face - and they told 
us of the atrocities being committed by the CIA in small 
countries such as El Salvador and Guatemala.

My objective here is not to refute those claims since 
they are most likely true; however, that does not change 
my interest in the CIA. In fact, I take pride in what 
they do; namely, in helping to preserve the American way 
of life. By dealing with foreign militants toting anti-
American beliefs, they are protecting the very ideals 
upon which this country was founded.

This may sound harsh or cruel ... that is because it is. 
Sure, it would be great if we all could live in the 
happy-go-lucky world the protesters dream of, but that 
just is not possible. Revolutionaries may be able to 
change the laws of society, but they cannot change the 
laws of nature. Maybe our liberal friends have not heard 
of such terms as survival of the fittest and natural 
selection, but for millions of years, the strongest 
individuals are the ones favored to live and reproduce. 
The weak are preyed upon, killed by their own or left to 

This is a cold, hard fact of nature from which man will 
never be able to run away. We as Americans should be 
proud that we are one of the stronger societies on this 
planet. As an intelligence agency, it is the CIA's job 
to find out who says or knows what about whom. One such 
thing they may discover is who is circulating anti-
American thoughts (e.g. Libya and Iraq).

In other words, our "terrorism" prevents theirs. Accept 
it or don't, but America is our home and we should be 
supportive of any efforts to preserve her greatness. If 
one feels so emotionally for a poor and oppressed third 
world country, why not relocate there and join a 
guerrilla movement to help bring down the CIA and 
America? We sure as hell do not need you here.

MIM RESPONDS: J.D. Tovar's letter explicitly accepts the 
fact that "atrocities [are] being committed by the CIA 
in small countries such as El Salvador and Guatemala." 
Despite his/her code words, Tovar upholds genocide: "By 
dealing with foreign militants toting anti-American 
beliefs, [the CIA is] protecting the very ideals upon 
which this country was founded." As Amerikkka was 
founded on genocide, Tovar's statement rings true.

Rather than deny the CIA's bloody legacy, Tovar trots 
out the tired lie that "the laws of nature," not the 
laws of patriarchal capitalist imperialism, cause 
oppression. Like competition, cooperation is a part of 
human nature. Tovar should put aside his/her Darwin and 
read Peter Kropotkin's work on the natural phenomenon of 
"mutual aid." Furthermore, Tovar's "might makes right" 
argument cuts in more than one direction. Will Tovar 
still uphold it when the world's oppressed majority 
exercises its dictatorship over Amerikkka?

Tovar asks, "If one feels so emotionally for a poor and 
oppressed third world country, why not relocate there 
and join a guerrilla movement to help bring down the CIA 
and America?" No place is safe from U.S. imperialism. We 
need not relocate to work for socialist, anti-
imperialist revolution.


Dear Friend, 

I read the story of Ajamu Resnover and I was very 
disappointed at the U.S. judicial system. I believe they 
have different laws for different folks. As for the 
Afro-American the law of the States is an unfriendly 
law. I will be so pleased if I could get more 
information about the whole story of Ajamu and other 
unfortunate people like him. In as much as my soul and 
heart weep for Ajamu, my soul and heart curse the state 
that has done this wicked thing to him. God bless Ajamu 
and may his soul rest in perfect peace. I want you to 
know he's not the only person in this - we all - the 
black brothers and sisters are all facing the same 
problem all together. Long live the spirit of the black 

Yours in everything,
 - Black reader in Europe April 1995


I read your article "Mexico: All Out War Declared On 
Zapatistas" in the March edition of "MIM Notes." I know 
that the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) in no 
way supports Maoist thought and none of their 
revolutionary ideology comes from Marx, Lenin, or 
Stalin. Emiliano Zapata seems to be their teacher if 
anyone. You being very strict Maoists, who only support 
other socialist groups if they hold to a similar strict 
Maoist line, such as Sendero Luminoso, why do you show 
support for the EZLN in your newsletter? 

 - Internet Reader 
April 1995

MC12 RESPONDS: MIM supports all outbreaks against 
imperialism. That means that you will also find support 
for radical Islamic movements in our pages as well. We 
believe that Maoist revolutions - national liberation 
struggles led by a vanguard proletarian party - stand 
the best chance of defeating imperialism and creating a 
socialist society in its place. However, we also 
celebrate the righteous anger against imperialism 
generated everywhere in its wake, and support movements 
that stand to weaken imperialism and open up 
opportunities for revolutionary advance whenever they 

On the other hand, most reformist struggles within the 
imperialist system are another story. These, such as the 
struggles of labor aristocracy unions for better pay, 
strengthen imperialism rather than weaken it.


***The following was posted on the Internet newsgroup 

I browsed through the newsgroup to see how the radical 
Left views Clinton. I counted less than 5 posts 
criticizing Clinton from the Left and tons of posts 
vilifying the Republicans.

If Clinton is a centrist as he says he is, why does he 
seem so tolerated by the radical Left. Some possible 
answers come to my mind.

I as a true right-winger, spent a lot of time 
criticizing George Bush for raising taxes, the Clean Air 
Act, the ADA, and increasing the federal deficit. There 
were, as I recall, plenty of posts heavily attacking 
Bush in the conservative newsgroups. So what's keeping 
you guys from at least constructively criticizing this 
"moderate" Democrat? 

MIM RESPONDS: MIM does not tolerate Clinton.

The *radical* left recognizes that "constructive 
criticism" of the head-honchos of imperialism is 
worthless. Bill Clinton is not different in any 
meaningful way from George Bush, and neither has any 
interest in the needs of the oppressed.

The word radical comes from the word for root, and 
radicals attack problems at their root. Voting for 
tweedle-dee or tweedle-dum does not change the rotten 
root of militarism on a global scale and the oppression 
of internal nations. Asking tweedle-dee to play nice 
accomplishes little. The most "constructive" criticism 
that radicals can make is by building independent power. 
This comes through a criticism of imperialism, not this 
or that head of it or this or that policy of it. MIM 
does expose the reactionary nature of Clinton's 
government, but not as something peculiar to Clinton, 
but peculiar to a militarist nation bent on maintaining 
world hegemony.


We, the undersigned, strongly condemn the selection of 
W. Anthony Lake, National Security Advisor to President 
Clinton as Commencement speaker [at the University of 
Massachusetts at Amherst. See page 4 for more.] Anthony 
Lake is one of the top leaders of the strongest 
imperialist country in the world and is responsible for 
the CIA and Joint Chiefs of Staff. His claim that 
Amerika has "helped defend democracy in Haiti and 
Guatemala"(1) requires a response. The only things that 
Lake has defended in Haiti and Guatemala is the U.S. 
interest and continued repression for the people.

Some facts about the U.S. and Haiti:

# Cedras, the leader of the coup against Aristide was on
  the CIA payroll.(2)

# The CIA helped created FRAPH, a right-wing death
  squad, and put it's leader, Emmanuel Constant, on
  their payroll.(3)

# *Candidate* Clinton called the repatriation of Haitian
  refugees to face death squads "unconscionable".
  *President* Clinton flip-flopped and announced that
  fleeing Haitians would continue to be repatriated;
  they were "economic refugees" and wouldn't be harmed
  if returned. By April 1994, at least 5000 of these
  repatriated "economic refugees" had been killed by

# After the coup, the U.S. continued training at least
  10 Haitian military leaders at U.S. bases, despite
  continued official statements to the contrary.(5) 

# Right after the Amerikan invasion of Haiti, the CIA
  estimated it would spend $1 million influencing the
  political process within Haiti.(6)

# The purpose of prolonged U.S. occupation was not to
  protect Aristide but ". to prevent the Haitian
  population from taking politics into it's own hands
  and [to] forestall danger of radical mass
  mobilization", one U.S. intelligence official

U.S. role in Guatemala:

The CIA has recently been exposed for killing Guatemalan 
leftists and then covering it up. The most well known 
case is that of Efrain Bamaca Velazquez, a guerrilla 
leader and the husband of U.S. lawyer Jennifer Harbury. 
Even Representative Torricelli (D-N.J.), has accused the 
CIA of knowing about this, and covering it up for 

So when Lake speaks for the Clinton Administration and 
says "... we do not seek to expand the reach of our 
institutions by force, subversion or repression"(9), 
he's lying because reality shows otherwise. 

Some of these atrocities Lake no doubt chose not to know 
about. But even he admits "we expect to be held 
accountable for our policy decisions."(10) 

We respond: You are being held accountable.

 - Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League

***Signed by 91 people.***

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***The following is a response to a MIM Notes 100, May 
1995 article on Turkey's invasion of south Kurdistan 
(northern Iraq) which was also printed in a college 

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the article entitled "Turkey 
attacks South Kurdistan" printed on April 25th. The 
article itself, being the account of an invasion into a 
nonexistent country, making use of fictitious statistics 
attributed to blatantly biased sources is beneath 
reproach. What is a matter of concern is how this 
mindless drivel found its way onto the pages of the 

Most students on this campus can litle afford the time 
to read hefty periodicals such as the New York Times on 
a regular basis. So, between the demands of school and 
the demands of work they turn to the [paper] to bring 
them a summary of the global news worth of mention. No 
doubt they expect the articles they read to be factual. 
To have printed the above mentioned article was an error 
in judgment. To have presented it as anything but 
unsubstantiated opinion exhibits a serious lack of 
journalistic integrity.

Turkey's advances into Iraq are a result of the 
apparently irreconcilable differences that exist. The 
goal of said actions is to put an end to the terrorist 
activities that have claimed countless lives over the 
past years. As in any military engagement, the loss of 
some innocent lives, however unfortunate, is 
unavoidable. Yet the implication that innocent civilians 
are being intentionally killed is a fallacy and the 
claim that genocide is the primary objective of Turkey's 
advance is pure nonsense.

In the wake of the occurrence in Oklahoma we have all 
been exposed to the heinousness of terrorism. Turkey 
seeks nothing more than to bring an end to the terrorist 
acts that she has endured over the course of the past 
decade, and to ensure a peaceful existence for all 
members of her society, regardless of ethnicity.

MIM RESPONDS: We doubt that readers of the New York 
Times would find much that openly contradicts MIM's 
article. MIM's article on Turkey's "Operation Rome" [MIM 
Notes 95, December 1994] used primarily bourgeois 
sources like Reuters or the AP. These sources described 
the Turkish military's long-term strategy of combating 
the PKK by relocating people and burning villages and 
forests, etc. Members of Turkey's government who 
denounced the army's large-scale human rights abuses 
were among those quoted in that article.

The sources used in the last article were indeed pro-
Kurdish. Good! The New York Times is openly pro-U.S. The 
U.S wants to polish its image as defender of human 
rights but at the same time it has to defend its 
military and economic interests in the area, so it slaps 
Turkey on the wrist for "excesses." This is all the news 
the NYT can print. MIM's article described the excesses 
and explained why the reactionaries were driven to such 
desperate measures. 

MIM thanks the college newspaper which printed our 
article for the service it rendered its readers and the 
people of Kurdistan. Moreover, we hope people don't just 
take our word for it - they should study the facts and 
the history of the problem, and struggle with MIM if 
they still do not think MIM took the correct progressive 
stand in the article. That's why MIM includes footnotes 
with our articles. On the other hand, the NYT and other 
bourgeois newspapers want readers to accept their 
authoritative word without question.

* * *


Amherst, MA - On May 13 at the University of 
Massachusetts, the Puerto Rican students organization, 
Boricuas Unidos, organized a showing of the first 
portion of a documentary in progress on the Young Lords 
Party, called *­Palante, Siempre Palante!* About 40 
people turned out to see the video and lecture by 
filmmaker and former Deputy Minister of Education Iris 
Morales. Morales is on tour to raise money to finish the 

The Young Lords Party (YLP) was a mainland U.S. Puerto 
Rican Maoist Party in the late 1960s and early 1970s.(1) 
The documentary is a mixture of recent interviews with 
ex-Lords, old footage and still photographs. As Morales 
explained, the history of the YLP has not yet been told, 
and it's difficult to research because so much has been 
thrown away or forgotten.

The first half of the documentary is almost finished and 
covers the formation and early struggle of the Young 
Lords. The second half of the documentary is going to be 
about the government repression of the Young Lords Party 
(later the Puerto Rican Revolutionary Workers 
Organization (PRRWO)).

The weakest point in the documentary is its treatment of 
ideological issues. The video makes some references to 
the inspiration of Puerto Rican nationalists such as Don 
Pedro Albizu Campos and the Nationalist Party, but does 
not mention Maoism or the political context, beyond 
Puerto Rican nationalism. In response to a question from 
MIM, Morales said that many people have criticized the 
video for not discussing the importance of Maoism and 
the Little Red Book (*Quotations from Chairman Mao*). 
Morales said that she would add this to the film. Even 
with this addition, the video will have a way to go in 
order to adequately capture the revolutionary political 
line of the YLP.

However, MIM celebrates this video and looks forward to 
its release. Despite its imperfections, the video fills 
an important void and can only serve to popularize the 
Young Lords, and hopefully encourage others to pick up 
where the Young Lords left off. Despite downplaying 
ideology, *­Palante, Siempre Palante!* added to MIM's 
understanding of the YLP's development from a street 
gang to a revolutionary party. The full story of the 
first YLP action - the Garbage Offensive - provided a 
basis for this understanding.

Soon after the YLP was formed in New York, they realized 
that they should not just talk about what the people 
needed, they should go and ask the people. While going 
door to door in *El Barrio*, the YLP expected to hear 
that large political questions, such as the role of the 
police or the Vietnam War were at the fore. But when 
asked, the masses first demanded that their garbage be 
gathered from the neighborhood and picked up.

So the Young Lords cleaned the streets on successive 
Sundays and left the garbage in bags for the city to 
pick up. But for the same racist reasons that the city 
didn't sweep the streets, they also didn't pick up the 
bagged trash. So the YLP made picking up the garbage 
into a political battle with the state. Other 
"offensives" such as "People's church," an eleven-day 
occupation of a church that refused to provide space for 
Serve-the-People programs, (even though it was empty six 
days a week) made a strong impact on Puerto Ricans in 
New York and on the video's audience.

One member of the audience asked if the Young Lords had 
a prison program and what it was. Morales answered that 
they did, and MIM was pleasantly surprised at her 
explanation that the Young Lords considered all 
prisoners to be political prisoners, and considered 
those who were imprisoned for overtly political reasons 
to be prisoners of war.

Morales explicitly did not call for a rebuilding of the 
Young Lords Party and instead encouraged a more general 
pro-Puerto Rican reformist approach. This means that 
instead of making a Maoist revolution, as the YLP was 
working to do in the 60s and 70s, people should do 
whatever they want (be doctors, teachers, politicians) 
in a pro-Puerto Rican way without worrying about 
revolution. She made a strong call to oppose Puerto 
Rican "sell-outs" but she didn't discuss the 
inevitability of more sell-outs if Puerto Ricans remain 
within a reformist and individualist framework.

It was clear from the video and talk that the Party made 
a number of theoretical and strategic mistakes, which 
according to Morales, isolated the Party from the 
people. But Morales tended to blame ideology, and the 
conceptual approach of Marxism-Leninism in general, for 
the decline of the YLP. While MIM does not agree with 
this assessment, we have not studied the issue of 1970s 
Maoism in the U.S. as closely as we would like.(2) 
Another disagreement between Morales and MIM is that MIM 
would not be so quick to judge the YLP's mistakes, 
particularly the move to close some U.S. offices in 
order to open offices in Puerto Rico, as the result of 
police infiltration. Rather, we would criticize the YLP 
for not having been scientific enough in their 
application of Maoism to North America. Police 
repression (and we can assume infiltration) was very 
real for the YLP, but from what we can see, this did not 
negatively affect major portions of their line. 

Some of the YLP's most obvious errors flowed from their 
incorrect position on the counter-revolutionary nature 
of the white working class. While it was correct for the 
YLP to change their position from lumpen-as-vanguard to 
proletariat-as-vanguard, it was not correct to abandon 
the ghetto to organize privileged white workers, as 
Morales says they did. 

Morales expects the video to be done in about a year.

1. See "Puerto Rican Revolutionary Workers Organization:
   Maoist vanguard paved the way," in MIM Theory 7,
   available from MIM for $4.95.
2. MIM is researching the theories and history of other
   U.S. Maoist vanguards. We are particularly looking
   for documents and former members from I Wor Kuen, Red
   Guards, Brown Berets, Black Workers Congress and the
   Puerto Rican Revolutionary Workers Organization. We
   especially seek documents from the Young Lords Party

* * *


In his May 6 radio address, President Clinton promised 
to increase deportation of immigrants from Mexico. 
"Right now we're deporting 110 illegal aliens every day. 
That's almost 40,000 a year. And we're going to do even 
better," he said. 

Specifically, Clinton promised to deport any illegal 
immigrants arrested for anything, whether they are 
guilty or not. He said: "Every day illegal aliens show 
up in court who are charged. Some are guilty and, 
surely, some are innocent. Some go to jail, and some 
don't. But they are all illegal aliens, and whether 
they're innocent or guilty of the crime they're charged 
with in court, they're still here illegally and they 
should be sent out of the country."

That is a green light (as if they needed one) for pigs 
of all stripes to arrest anyone they think might be an 
illegal immigrant and drag them down to court on any 
charge. No matter the merits of the charge, they can 
still be deported and the pigs win either way. In the 
process, naturally, lots of immigrants, both legal and 
illegal, will be harassed and persecuted even more than 
they are now. Since this land was stolen from native 
peoples, and the wealth of this country built on the 
exploitation and oppression of Mexicans and others, MIM 
thinks the borders should be opened and the imperialists 
should be deported.

 - MC12

Note: White House Press Release 5/6/95.

* * *


The U.S. Sentencing Commission reports that the average 
federal sentence for crack possession was 30.6 months in 
1993. The average federal sentence for powder cocaine 
was 3.2 months. Further, 73.8% of powder possession 
cases got no prison time, compared to just 32% of crack 
possession cases.

Current federal law requires the same mandatory minimum 
sentencing for 5 grams of crack as for 500 grams of 
powder cocaine (five years), and the same mandatory 
minimum for 50 grams of crack as for 5,000 of powder 
cocaine (10 years). Punishing crack users more than 
powder cocaine users satisfies the reactionary anti-
crime crowd to the detriment of people busted for crack 
use, who are more likely to be poor than powder cocaine 

 - MC12

Note: The Third Branch 3/95 (Dept. of Justice

* * *


by MC17

In the wake of the April bombing of the federal building 
in Oklahoma we heard cries of "kill those nasty Arabs" 
because many Amerikans assumed that an act that left so 
many people dead must be the fault of those "Arab 
terrorists" we hear so much about in the media. Ibrahim 
Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in 
Washington, DC said that many Muslims received death 
threats after the Oklahoma bombing.(1) The Oklahoma City 
home of Iraqi refugee Saher Al-Saidi, who was seven 
months pregnant at the time, was attacked by vigilantes 
the morning after the bombing. As her windows were 
shattered with stones "she began experiencing abdominal 
pain and internal bleeding; her baby was stillborn."(2)

Arabs and people opposed to white Amerikan chauvinism 
were relieved to hear that the chase for suspects turned 
entirely to white men. But with this shift in focus to 
the militant fascist groups, revolutionaries should not 
let down their guard. 

The Democrats and Republicans are now working together 
to beef up the FBI so that Amerikans can feel safer in 
this supposedly free country. The Senate has been 
conducting hearings on increasing the FBI's powers, but 
the FBI representatives said that they don't think they 
need expanded powers. They said that all they need are 
more agents since they currently have the power to 
infiltrate groups, gather information, and carry out 
surveillance with only the belief that there might be 
something worth investigating. The reality is that the 
FBI can do whatever it wants: tap phones, infiltrate 
organizations, follow individuals, search buildings, 
censor mail, and kill. And not only *can* they do all 
these things, they do: for more information see *Agents 
of repression: The FBI's secret war against the Black 
Panther Party and the American Indian Movement* by Ward 
Churchill and Jim Vanderwall and *Break-ins, death 
threats and the FBI: The covert war against the Central 
America movement,* by Ross Gelbspan.

In a recent editorial Ross Gelbspan pointed out that the 
current FBI guidelines "allow the Bureau to infiltrate 
virtually any group it suspects of potential 
lawlessness." In addition "it can tap telephones, faxes 
and computer communications. It may even burglarize 
homes and offices under specific circumstances which, to 
this day, remain classified." Information that is now 
available shows that in the 1980s the FBI conducted 
investigations of 1,300 groups, mostly those opposed to 
Reagan's Central America policies, during which the FBI 
infiltrated groups, wiretapped phones, monitored mail 
and followed the movements of thousands of activists. As 
a part of this FBI campaign "the offices of over 200 
political groups and churches were burglarized, their 
membership files and donor lists stolen or copied. Much 
of that material was subsequently discovered in FBI 

While the FBI is currently making a show of focusing its 
attention on the fascists, and it is possible that a few 
of these militant armed groups will be hurt by this 
attention, the FBI has historically infiltrated fascist 
groups like the KKK, only to take part in the murder of 
Blacks, Latinos and other oppressed peoples.(4) Beyond 
the arrest of a few individuals, it is unlikely that the 
white supremacists will be bothered because they are 
usually only a threat to the part of the public that the 
government does not care to protect: the oppressed 
nations both inside and outside of this country.

An expanded FBI force means expanded power to repress 
progressive people and groups, specifically targeting 
revolutionaries, just as it has in the past. As a 
comrade at New York Transfer News Service said "A new 
form of McCarthyite thought is being nurtured, and we 
believe it is extremely dangerous to our basic freedoms 
in this "democracy" - much more dangerous than a few 
thousand gun nuts running around in cammies on their 

1. Detroit Free Press 4/20/95, p. 12A.
2. Valley Advocate, 5/2/95.
3. Boston Globe 5/12/95, p. 21.
4. Agents of Repression, p. 181-182.

* * *


Tyndall Weekly, a newsletter that tracks network news 
coverage, reports that the Oklahoma City bombing was the 
biggest network news story since the L.A. rebellion in 
the spring of 1992. The bombing got an average of 17.2 
minutes per network per night on the big three network 
evening news programs for the first three days. That is 
less than the L.A. rebellion got: 18.6 minutes per 
network per night. The average top news story gets just 
2.4 minutes. So for all the hype, the bombing appears 
not to have grabbed attention quite as much as the 
potential uprising of Amerika's captive nations. Maybe 
it would have gotten more coverage if had been Islamic 
rebels after all..

Note: Don Fitzpatrick Associates' Shoptalk, 4/26/95.

* * *


The Amerikan government justifies its expanding military 
influence by defining national security issues as 
anything that might disrupt Amerikan economic hegemony. 
It is nothing new for the Amerikan government to 
fabricate the need for its military presence in order to 
protect economic interests, but the further expansion of 
the FBI in East Central Europe serves to illustrate the 
method that the U.S. uses to retain control.

The Clinton Administration is opening an FBI 
international police training academy in Budapest. They 
claim Amerikan "law enforcement is being exported in 
response to the surge of international terrorism, 
narcotics trafficking, arms smuggling and the potential 
theft and sale of nuclear material."(1) In order to do 
this, the Clinton administration has said that it is 
redirecting manpower and resources to combat 
international crimes. 

Rather than merely "redirecting" resources, they are 
being increased despite the death of the "Cold War" 
excuse. The proliferation of Amerikan military 
installations overseas has given the government the 
power that it needs to fill the vacuum that the Soviet 
Union left behind. 

The FBI school in Budapest is officially set up to train 
officials in dealing with crimes. The administration has 
made it out to seem as if these officials do not 
understand how to be pigs and therefore the US needs to 
train them. The more striking reason that the US needs 
to set up training installations is to increase the 
stability of the countries not yet fully integrated into 
the Western capitalist economy. Clearly the FBI is in 
the former Eastern Bloc to make sure that strong 
comprador relations are built in what Clinton hopes will 
be America's newest colonies. 

Note: NYT 4/17/95, p. A1 and A8.

* * *


The bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma happened 
last week. I re-read the Jan. MIM Notes article on GATT, 
and it helped me clarify the political meaning of this 

"The grain of truth in the right-wing conspiracy 
theories is that the U.S. multi-national corporations 
that push for 'free trade' make their decisions in 
closed boardrooms, and the settlers are often left in 
the dark."(MN, Jan. 1995)

I gather that membership in organizations like the 
Michigan Militia is solidly white, male working class. 
MIM is right. These goons are fighting for *their* 
freedom. And their freedom is based on the exploitation 
of oppressed nations. I've been confused about whether 
they benefit or not from GATT and NAFTA. Would you agree 
that they will benefit or not based on how successfully 
they struggle for "their share of the pie," that is, the 
new super-profits that GATT and NAFTA allow 
multinationals to steal from the international 
proletariat? I agree that MIM and all *real* 
revolutionaries shouldn't support this struggle.

It also should be pointed out that Clinton's righteous 
indignation about the bombing is so much horse shit. The 
U.S. government conducts terrorist attacks on other 
nations all the time. And the majority of the white 
settler nation always supports these attacks. The 125 
people (including children) who died got a taste of what 
the government they support does to people all over the 

 - MAZ10

MC17 adds: This writer is correct that the militias are 
struggling for their piece of the pie at the expense of 
the oppressed of the world. Historically, as this 
country has gotten wealthier, the white working class as 
a whole has gotten wealthier. So it is likely that some 
of the greater profits that the Amerikan imperialists 
generate from GATT and NAFTA will be passed on to the 
labor aristocracy. An important part of the parasitism 
of the labor aristocracy is their struggle for a bigger 
piece of the pie. As this writer suggests, the more they 
fight for their "right" to a share in the exploitation 
of the Third World, the more concessions they will get 
from the imperialists. This is certainly a fight to 

Of course, even if we agreed with the political motives 
of the bombers, MIM does not support any such armed 
struggle at this time, without clear political purposes 
and broad support among the oppressed. There is a lot of 
non-lethal political work to be done in this country 
before employing the political tools of violence.

* * *


"Youth, Cynics and the 48th precinct" reads one 
headline. "16 Police Officers Are Indicted" reads 
another, and yet another, "...Brutality in the Bronx." 
But what is really happening? Do we really know?

The headlines tell part of the story. On May 3, 1995, 
over a dozen police from New York's 48th Precinct were 
indicted. Charges include corruption, assault, 
intimidation, menacing, larceny and insurance fraud. Big 
deal, some would argue, we all know cops are pigs! But 
the meat of the matter is the types of stuff that these 
cops are charged with: one person, kicked and beaten by 
police with their flashlights, was left unconscious, 
badly bleeding, and charged with stealing a police radio 
and resisting arrest. A second incident involved a man 
whose pit bull dog and semiautomatic weapon were stolen 
by police, and the person, in jail, was terrorized (the 
cop put a gun in the man's mouth) because the man was 
possibly going to report incidents of police brutality 
he had seen in the community.(1)

What kind of neighborhoods make up the 48th Precinct? 
They are poor members of oppressed nations. The 
population: 107,000, 54% Latino, 42% Black. Unemployment 
is officially 20% with 42.5% of people receiving public 
assistance. Less than half the people have received a 
high school diploma, and the median income is a little 
over $12,000 a year.(2)

People in this area know the deal. Said one teenager, 
"Sure, I once called 911 when there was some trouble, 
but what alternative did I have? If I could have called 
somebody else, *like the Panthers*, I would have."(3)

Indictments against police sometimes occur when public 
sympathy is going strong against the police, to show 
that the 'system works.' Well, that's bull. The system 
does not work, and Blacks and Latinos face oppression of 
untold proportion. We need a mass struggle for freedom 
and liberation and we need it now!

 - Blooming Tree

1. NYT 5/4/95, p. A18.
2. 1990 Census figures.
3. NYT 5/6/95 p. 16, emphasis added.

* * *


The 22,000-strong UN peacekeeping force which left 
Cambodia in November last year has led to a ten-fold 
rise in the incidence of HIV infection and a massive 
increase in prostitution, according to a UN report.

During the troops' stay, the prostitute population of 
Phnom Penh rose from 6,000 to 20,000 in less than a 
year; and child prostitution rocked as the demand for 
virgins - considered a low AIDS-risk - increased.

The Geneva-based charity, Defense for Children 
International, reported that soldiers were prepared to 
pay up to US$700 for virgins; the cost of sex with a 
non-virgin child prostitute was less than US$15 a visit.

UN medical officers recorded more than 3,000 cases of 
sexually-transmitted diseases among troops, and at least 
150 men were diagnosed with HIV. AIDS education and 
condoms were not issued to the peacekeeping force until 
months into the mission.

Khmer Rouge radio accused the peacekeepers of spreading 
AIDS throughout the country, claiming the troops had 
left behind a "parasite to poison the nation."

The radio station also encouraged people to throw 
excrement in the face of UN force chief Yasushi Akashi 
before his departure.

 - reprinted from Red Star: Platform for Communist 
Revolutionaries (organ of the Communist Party of India 
(Marxist-Leninist/Red Flag)), November 1994.
Thaikkattussery PO
Thrissur 680 322
Kerala, INDIA

* * *


On March 10 the editor of Kabar Dari Pijar, Tri Agus 
Siswomihardjo, became the first in a series of arrests 
of members of the Alliance of Independent Journalists 
(AJI). AJI and the publication PIJAR were set up in 
response to the clampdown on the press in June 1994. 
After the arrest of Tri Agus, the security forces also 
raided a nearby office of the Alliance of People's 
Democracy and confiscated the organization's documents. 
On March 17, AJI events were raided and five leading 
journalists critical of the Indonesian government were 
arrested. Search warrants for the journalists cited 
Article 154 of the Criminal Code, "insulting the 

Repression increases as liberation struggle gains ground 

On March 4, 30 people were arrested in Liquisa, a small 
town on the north coast of East Timor. This followed the 
announcement by the National Commission for Human Rights 
that the six people killed by the government on January 
12 of this year were civilians. The names of the 
villagers that were arrested were not released but "It 
is feared that some may be villagers who agreed to be 
questioned by the Commission in it search for evidence 
about the atrocity" on January 12.(2)

The catalyst for the January 12 killings was a Timorese 
guerrilla victory the previous day. In one of the 
largest battles in years, one soldier was injured and 
the guerrillas seized the soldier's weapons. The death 
of one of the Timorese guerrillas was not enough, so 
troops entered the village of Gariana to find the 
guerrillas and killed the civilians. Of course the 
government claims that all those killed were legitimate 
targets because the civilians support the guerrillas.(3)

According to unofficial reports, five army officers have 
been dismissed because of the killings. TAPOL, a 
publication of the Indonesian Human Rights Campaign, 
pointed out that "the armed forces may be compelled to 
replace officers and discipline others as it did after 
the Santa Cruz massacre but this would not lead to any 
improvements. The international community should press 
for the withdrawal of all military forces from occupied 
East Timor."


Another tactic in the Indonesian government's fight 
against the national liberation movement in East Timor 
is the use of death squads, known as "ninjas". A member 
of the parliament admitted that in January the ninjas 
had killed at least eight pro-independence activists. He 
also said that about 5,000 farmers had stopped tending 
their fields due to fear of the ninjas, thus creating 
more deaths through famine.(4) A Dili politician 
reported that at least 30 people have "disappeared."(5)

On February 9, uniformed troops and ninjas raided the 
house of a pro-independence activist, demolished the 
house and those of his neighbors and arrested six young 
men who have not been heard from since.(6)

On February 14, the Indonesian government deployed 
troops throughout Dili claiming that this was to protect 
the people from the ninja gangs. Considering the 
collaboration between the death squads and the 
government this was most likely a response to the Dili 
neighborhood setting up its own protection squads.(7)


The struggle for national liberation in East Timor is a 
just struggle for self-determination against imperialist 
domination. The growing fascism in Indonesia through the 
crackdown on the press, the deployment of government 
troops, and the support of death squads must be exposed. 
The masses will not stand for further exploitation and 
their protests are met with intensified repression that 
must be defeated. The mainstream Amerikan press is 
silent through all this, taking their cue from the 
government who is hoping to preserve good relations with 
the Indonesian government. People who support the right 
of the East Timorese to self-determination need to 
spread this information and organize in support of their 
revolutionary struggle.

***For a very comprehensive description of the tactics 
used by the Indonesian government to dominate East Timor 
write: TAPOL-Canada, c/o ETAN-Canada, P.O. Box 562, 
Station P, Toronto M5S 2T1.***

1. TAPOL Bulletin: The Indonesian Human Rights Campaign,
   No. 128, April 1995, pp. 1 and 17.
2. Ibid, p.4.
3. Ibid, p. 1 and 2.
4. AP 2/6/95.
5. Reuter 6/10/95.
6. CNRM press release 2/9/95.
7. Reuter 2/21/95.

* * *


Injustices in Azanian (South African) gold mines 
"linger, despite the abolition of apartheid," according 
to the Chicago Tribune. Those "lingering" injustices 
brought more than 100 gold mine laborers crashing to 
their deaths in a May accident. The deaths are part of a 
proud mining tradition that kills many miners every 
year. The Tribune says 70,000 have died in accidents in 
the last 80 years.

Since the "end" of apartheid, the composition of the 
mine workforce, and their conditions, have not improved. 
At the Vaal Reef mines, Azanian workers get paid as 
little as $114 a month to work 8-hour days six days per 
week, with no breaks. That's about $.57 per hour. They 
are migrants and live 18 to a room in hostels, with one 
family visit allowed per year.

The gold they produce lines the ring fingers of women 
and men of the rich countries, and the profits they 
produce line the pockets of the First World and its 
local hacks.

MIM uses Azanian gold miners as an example of class 
exploitation and national oppression because of the 
social relations under which the labor is performed and 
the inequality imposed between rich and poor nations. 
But we also call this gender oppression, since the 
biological men who work the mines suffer domination of 
their sexuality in the segregation from their families. 
It is also gender oppression of the women who stay home 
and take care of families with little or no money and 
who have to work themselves without the help of their 
husbands. This combined nation, class and gender 
oppression in turn makes possible the decadent gender 
relations in the rich countries - of which gold rings 
are an especially egregious example.

 - MC12

Note: Chicago Tribune 5/12/95.

* * *


Amerikan "protection" of the Kurds within Northern Iraq 
is not only meaningless in the wake of Turkish invasion, 
but it does nothing against a hidden killer: land mines 
that remain. The section of Kurdistan within Iraqi 
borders arguably has more land mines per capita than any 
other nation on earth, with estimates running as high as 
ten million mines for a population of about five 
million. Other areas in the globe contending for the top 
spot are Angola and Afghanistan, which have a mine per 
person and Kampuchea with two mines per person.

A British NGO working in the area has recorded a total 
of 1400 deaths due to land mines in Southern Kurdistan, 
but estimate that the death toll is probably twice that. 
They are worst during the farming months, as Kurds work 
in their fields amid mines laid by Iraq that the Iraqi 
military did not bother to record the locations of.

Most of the mines in the area were made by Italian 
companies and sold to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war, but 
the US and France are also contributors to the lethal 

Globally, the deaths due to land mines are increasing. 
While 800,000 mines were removed in 1994, 2 million new 
ones were planted. As of January 1995, five hundred 
persons are killed every week by mines. "Free 
enterprise" by imperialist manufacturers will not curb 
their trade; only the end of imperialist militarism will 
end the genocide.

Note: Middle East Report, 4-5/95, p. 13.

* * *


It is reported that Snail fever, a disease transmitted 
by parasites, has reappeared in China. It is spreading 
rapidly in human beings as well as in animals. The 
affected areas include provinces like Hupei, Hunan, 
Anhui, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Sichuan. Already 6 
crores [tens of millions] of people are affected. It 
swells the victim's stomach and harms the liver. It can 
lead to death.

In the pre-revolutionary period, it was one of the 
curses of China. But through sustained efforts in the 
1950s, it was completely eradicated. Not a single case 
was reported for long. But with the degeneration of 
China to the capitalist path and market system in the 
1980s, it started making a comeback. As even public 
health departments were run with the profit motive and 
basic health measures were abandoned as a result of 
privatization, the disease started spreading fast. 

Now it has reached alarming proportions.

 - reprinted from Red Star: Platform for Communist 
Revolutionaries (organ of the Communist Party of India 
(Marxist-Leninist/Red Flag)), January 1995. 
Thaikkattussery PO
Thrissur 680 322
Kerala, INDIA

* * *


Gone are the days of the 'iron rice-bowl' in China when 
an employment and all basic amenities were assured to 
all citizens by a socialist state. The 'porcelain rice-
bowl' offered by Deng, though it looks prettier outside, 
is proved really porous and dirty accumulating social 
disparity. The "socialist" market economy has started 
creating extreme capitalist divisions, unemployment and 
social tensions.

The Chinese labor ministry calculated in August that by 
the turn of this century, 268 million will be jobless in 
China. Many workers have been effectively laid off. 
According to Chinese government sources, more than 1000 
cases of major labor unrest took place in China in 1993.

"The labor markets in the central Chinese city of 
Chengdu look little better than cattle markets. 
Apathetic young people lounge behind metal bars, only 
bothering to get up when local restaurant owners walk up 
and down the street outside with loudhailers calling for 
dish washers.

"Notices on the wall advertise jobs in hotels for 
attractive young single women; the exact job 
specifications are omitted. Girls carrying their school 
leaving certificates gather around the recruiters...."

"Village social order is out of control," said an 
article in last week's Legal Daily, putting the blame on 
the hordes of directionless, jobless youths. The 
People's Daily quoted government sources as warning that 
"low economic incomes have caused some of the peasantry 
to lose their psychological balance and slide into 

The post-Mao period of 18 years under Deng's capitalist 
path has virtually reduced China to a neocolony, of 
course comparatively better off that the other 
neocolonies thanks to the great achievements in 
socialist construction during the 27 years under Mao's 

 - reprinted from Red Star: Platform for Communist 
Revolutionaries (organ of the Communist Party of India 
(Marxist-Leninist/Red Flag)), November 1994.
Thykkattussery PO
Thrissur 680 322
Kerala, INDIA

* * *


On April 26 and 27, many UCLA graduate students and 
other UCLA community members staged a walkout. The short 
strike was organized by the Student Association of 
Graduate Students (SAGE), which works with the United 
Auto Workers union (UAW). SAGE/UAW's goal is to gain 
recognition from UCLA and to gain a contract. In other 
words, SAGE wants to position itself to get a larger 
share of UCLA's pie. But UCLA's pie is stolen - its 
wages, library collection, manicured lawns and seismic 
renovation construction all rest on the backs of the 
toiling peasants and workers of the world's oppressed 
nations. SAGE/UAW's central slogan: "The university 
works because we do!" is a lie. The university works 
because the international proletariat does.

* * *


MIM has long maintained that the principal problem in 
Palestine is U.S. imperialism, not Zionist Jewish 
nationalism. Without the power of U.S. imperialism, 
Zionism would not have been able to wreak such 
destruction and oppression.

Israel maintains a pivotal role in U.S. imperialism's 
control over the oil-producing Middle East. This is 
illustrated by a few recent developments.

In May, President Clinton became the first sitting 
president to address the annual conference of the 
American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). He was 
joined by leading Republicans Newt Gingrich and Bob 

In his speech, Clinton outlined the strategy of U.S. 
domination of the region, which includes aggression 
against Iran, Iraq and Libya as the principal targets. 
The speech followed Clinton's increased sanctions 
against Iran, supposedly for terrorism but really 
designed (like the war against Iraq) to prevent the rise 
of regional powers that could challenge U.S. hegemony.

Clinton said: "Our measures to contain these rogue 
nations are part of a larger effort to combat all those 
who oppose peace [U.S. hegemony - MC12], because even as 
we achieve great strides in resolving the age-old 
conflict between Arabs and Israelis [U.S.-backed Israel 
crushing Palestinian liberation aspirations - MC12], 
there remains a struggle between those searching for 
peace and those determined to deny it."

Then, to continuous applause, Clinton rattled off recent 
arms sales to Israel: F-15-I fighter jets, $350 million 
to develop the Arrow missile system, a new multiple-
launch rocket system, and access to supercomputers and 
U.S. space launches.

Clinton and the major Republicans are singing the same 
tune on this despite a minority of both parties who 
oppose foreign aid. (As Clinton pointed out, foreign aid 
is often a direct subsidy to U.S. corporations anyway.) 
As an important symbolic act - rubbing Palestinian noses 
in their defeat at the hands of U.S.-backed Israel - 
Republican and Democrat members of Congress are backing 
proposals to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel 
Aviv to Jerusalem, which Israel claims as its capital 
although it is disputed by Palestinians. The move is 
meant to bolster the right wing of Israel's political 
spectrum, and reap campaign money from pro-Israel groups 
in the 1996 elections.

"Israel is on the front line of the battle of freedom 
and peace, and Israel's strength is backed by America's 
strength and our global leadership," Clinton said, 
stressing the need "to prevent the isolationists [those 
opposing foreign aid - MC12] from risking all that was 
achieved in the Cold War and its aftermath." What was 
achieved in the Cold War was the U.S. victory over 
Soviet social imperialism and the subsequent unimpeded 
dominance of the Middle East by Amerika. "Its aftermath" 
is the Gulf War, in which Amerika slaughtered hundreds 
of thousands of Iraqis to promote this new "peace." 

Notes: White House Press Release, "Remarks by the 
President to AIPAC Policy Conference" 5/7/95; "GOP 
Leaders Offer Bill to Move U.S. Embassy in Israel," New 
York Times News Service 5/10/95.

* * *


Amerikan companies were delighted to hear: "Israel is 
expected to sign an agreement with the United States for 
the purchase of $400 million in weapons systems, 
HA'ARETZ reported. Funds for purchasing the weapons will 
come from Washington's annual military aid package to 
Israel." MIM comments, Isn't the free market great? 
Besides serving geopolitical interests, foreign military 
aid is a direct subsidy to some of Amerika's most 
powerful companies.

 - MC12

Note: Israel Line 5/3/95 (Israeli Foreign Ministry).

* * *


Review by MC17

Made in New Zealand, this movie takes on the topics of 
domestic violence, gender and nation without falling 
into the typical pseudo-feminism of First World 
filmmakers. The story revolves around a family, the 
mother is Maori (native) and the father seems to be from 
a different oppressed nation (he refers to himself as 
"black"). They have five children and as we enter the 
husband has begun beating his wife. They are facing 
difficult times economically: the husband was laid off 
so he is receiving welfare (which he points out is only 
a few dollars a week less than he made when he was 

The film follows a long struggle between the main 
character and her husband through which she realizes 
that he is not going to give up beating her and that his 
wild and drunken lifestyle is messing up their kids. One 
kid is taken away to a foster home because his mother 
can't show up in court to defend the family since she 
was badly beaten the night before. A daughter (at age 
13) is raped by one of the father's friends and she is 
devastated. After some particularly traumatic and 
violent family experiences, the woman decides to leave 
the marriage and take the kids back to her Maori family. 

Here the question of gender and domestic violence is 
handled realistically. This woman does have the option 
of leaving the relationship, as do the majority of women 
in First World countries. The movie avoids the 
paternalism of many films of similar topics by making it 
clear that this woman is strong enough to come up with 
her own resources and make decisions for herself. It 
also does not deceive people into thinking that all 
women who leave violent relationships are in danger for 
their lives. While this is true for an important 
minority of these relationships, the number at risk is 
very small. 

Dealing with conflicts between oppressed nations, this 
movie does pretty well. It makes it clear that the 
intersection between nation and gender oppression is 
complex. One son finds strength through Maori culture, 
but at the same time we learn that the husband was never 
accepted by the woman's family because he was "black" 
and not good enough for her. This is not dealt with in 
depth but scratches the surface of both class and nation 
conflicts within the oppressed nations. 

* * *


Melvin and Mario Van Peebles' new film *Panther* is a 
fine piece of film making. A solid break from mind-
numbing irrelevant fluff like the latest Highlander 
flick (the younger Van Peebles' most recent previous 
acting effort - pthewy!), *Panther* encourages 
discussion and debate on the history of the 1960s 
vanguard, the Black Panther Party (BPP). The early parts 
of the film appear to be based largely on BPP 
Chairperson Bobby Seale's history of the BPP, *Seize the 
Time* - incorporating most of the incidents Seale 
describes as the Party's formative experiences.

It is unfortunate that *Panther* messes with the order 
in which many of these formative events occurred and 
relies on dramatic fiction rather than real history 
through much of the story line. Overall the release of 
*Panther* is a positive event in Amerikan culture: this 
movie popularizes the Black Panther Party, the most 
advanced Maoists in the U.S. in the 1960s. MIM hopes 
audiences will take this film as encouragement to find 
out more about the history of the BPP.

*Panther* gives audiences some idea of the events and 
discussions that drove the formation of the BPP, and 
develops a number of questions that anyone interested in 
learning from the BPP should ask. *Panther* addresses 
difficult issues in the BPP's history - although in 
several important instances it resorts to fictitious 
representation rather than verifiable fact. The film 
tackles issues of infiltration, bourgeois pressures on 
party members, FBI aggression against the Party, the 
correctness or lack thereof in the BPP's approach to 
community self-defense and the Party's struggle against 
cultural nationalism.

That struggle against cultural nationalism was made most 
clear in the scene in which Huey Newton challenged the 
fake Black Panthers, forcing them to give up the name 
"panther" and discrediting them in the eyes of the 
masses by exposing their bad line. This makes the 
important point that while cultural nationalists are not 
allies, bourgeois revolutionary nationalists (the Van 
Peebles) are.

The strength of *Panther's* portrayal of the Party's 
infiltration is its emphasis on how destructive 
suspicion can be to a party. Some Panthers in this film 
watch and spy on each other, and get into physical 
fights over accusations of infiltration. MIM has learned 
from the BPP's history that infiltration is very 
difficult to prevent, and reaffirms that protection of 
the correct line is decisive in a determining a party's 
course. The most important defense against infiltrators 
is political education and struggle with all recruits 
and party members. This way we can be assured that 
overall the party's line will be correct.

The representation of Minister of Information Eldridge 
Cleaver demonstrates that initiating armed struggle 
before the party is strong enough and before the state 
is weak enough is ultraleft, and that Cleaver's anti-
ideology line was incorrect. Yet MIM calls the Van 
Peebles to task for making it look as if Little Bobby 
Hutton, the first Black Panther martyred in the 
struggle, was killed in a Panther-initiated "fire-fight" 
orchestrated by Cleaver. The notion that little Bobby 
got what Eldridge Cleaver deserved is a dangerous 
fiction. This portrayal masks the reality of how very 
little the Panthers did to "provoke" pig attacks.

The principal weaknesses of *Panther* stem from the film 
makers' unwillingness to take responsibility for their 
own analysis of the history of the BPP. They dodge the 
issue, saying that their film is only one possible 
interpretation of that history, and is based on a novel, 
not on research. It is true in the strictest sense that 
it is possible and necessary to interpret history. Yet 
much of the Van Peebles' representation replaces 
provable fact with fiction. And as all materialists 
know: there is only one correct interpretation of 
history. This correct interpretation explains the 
masses' place in it, and enables them to seize greater 
control of it.

People watching *Panther* should know that the BPP's 
communism was not fiction. Nor was the all-out assault 
by COINTELPRO - the FBI's Counter Intelligence Program, 
a project designed specifically to disrupt progressive 
political activity within the U.S.

The Black Panther Party was a Maoist vanguard. While 
*Panther* shows young comrades selling *Quotations from 
Chairman Mao* to earn money for guns, it does not 
portray the deep ideological influence Mao's writings 
and the practice of socialism in China at the time had 
on Huey Newton and the BPP.(1)

Especially in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing and 
the conspiracy theories being spouted by Amerika's 
right, activists need to understand the history of the 
Black Panther Party's infiltration and destruction. The 
conspiracy theories from the right can be easily 
discredited because they are false - contending, for 
example, that the UN controls Amerika when in fact 
material analysis shows the opposite relation. However, 
the Van Peebles have historical experience to back them 
up in their contention that the FBI was at war with the 
Black Panther Party. But, MIM has not seen evidence that 
then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover feared the BPP because 
he feared Chinese and Russian invasion as the film 
suggested. Hoover argued that the Panthers' Serve the 
People Programs were dangerous in their own right - that 
the Breakfast Programs were "nefarious activity" which 
had to be stopped.(2)

Elaine Brown, a former Black Panther leader, says that 
the legacy of the Black Panther Party is better served 
with the film *Panther* than without it. MIM has little 
other agreement with this BPP revisionist, yet this 
point is correct. The film is raising interest in the 
BPP among the generation of youth now the age the 
Panthers were in the 1960s - and provokes anger at 
government repression. It can help spur them on to 
working for the BPP's goal of national self 
determination. Maoism is not a far leap from 
revolutionary nationalism, since it is the most 
effective means to national liberation. Popularizing 
this fact in Amerika was one of the Panthers' great 
contributions to U.S. communism. Bourgeois nationalists 
like the Van Peebles are allies in the struggle at this 
point, and they prove themselves so by promoting the 
BPP. MIM looks forward to struggling with individuals 
inspired by *Panther* to join us in taking up the 
proletarian line.

1. Order MIM Theory 7, *Proletarian Feminist National
   Liberation on the Communist Road*. Send $4.95 to
   the address below.

2. Segment from PBS television series Eyes on the Prize.

* * *



greetings, following is the text of my remarks at a 
recent benefit for 'black political prisoners' organized 
by pfoc [Prairie Fire Organizing Committee] and crsn 
[Crossroad Support Network]. any comments, criticisms, 
questions and/or suggestions will be appreciated. 
rebuildin', hondo t'chikwa, 3/5/95

Good Evening, 

i would like to welcome you all out tonight and 
personally thank each and every one of you for attending 
this benefit honoring Black political prisoners. On 
behalf of the CROSSROAD Support Network, the many New 
Afrikan Political Prisoners, Prisoners of War, and 
politicized prisoners who cannot be here, and the 27-
years young New Afrikan Independence Movement - i give 
you our revolutionary greeting: FREE THE LAND! Now, i 
just want to talk to you briefly about this work to 
benefit political prisoners and prisoners of war. First 
of all, We want to look at the problem concretely; 
secondly, We want to work for their benefit in the 
ideological, theoretical, and political realms; thirdly, 
We want to do this work with some critical grasp of the 
past quarter-century of struggle to free political 
prisoners. Ruchell Magee has been in prison for over 30 
years! The New York Three have been down since 1971! 
Sundiata's been locked up since 1973! i could go on - my 
point is that We should try to learn the history of this 
work. Concretely

In their statements, the brothers made this aspect 
crystal clear! They want visits, cash, correspondence... 
and freedom. Freedom to come to programs like this; 
freedom to work on solving family problems in the middle 
of the night; freedom to hug their children and wake up 
next to a mate tomorrow morning. So it's our duty to do 
whatever We can to make these things happen. i think 
that We must also pound away at the question of "how 
long is long enough?" We've got to sharpen our critique 
of the politics of parole; where "seriousness of the 
offense" is used as an excuse to hide the fact that 
capitalist amerikkka places more value on first police 
life, then white life, than on the life of a colonized 
New Afrikan, Puerto Rican, Mexicano, or indigenous 
person. Not to mention that many of these brothers have 
been "rehabilitated" (if you want to go for that!). 
Ideo-politically Now, i wanna turn to the struggle to 
benefit these captured combatants ideologically and 
politically. We must give them voice; help to break down 
the state-imposed veil which comes down when folks get 
locked up. It has always irritated me to see a flyer or 
brochure urging support for a prisoner or groups of 
prisoners, with no indication of how to contact them 
directly. So, if you raise the issue, make sure you give 
a current address. Let them speak for themselves. Then, 
agitate, educate, organize and mobilize around the 
issue: amerikkka uses prison as a weapon against 
national liberation movements, and other movements for 
social change. Increasingly, amerikkkan imperialism is 
going to try to genocide these movements out of 
existence - giving the death penalty to freedom 
fighters. This is naked, terrified power; don't 
legitimize it by doing a lot of fence-sitting. After 
over 500 years of genocide, do you really think that 
amerikkka can sit in judgment of his victims? One more 
thing, educate yourselves! About our movements, about 
settler history, about scientific socialism and how 
capitalism works. i'll close this section with a quote 
from Le Duan, 1st Secretary of the Vietnamese Workers 
Party: "The goal of learning should not be limited to 
raising our level of knowledge. Rather it is to achieve 
the best results in our productive labor, our work, and 
our struggle." - Intensify your self-education efforts! 
Now, briefly, let me say a little bit more, then i'll be 
done. In our community, and in all communities, We've 
got to learn how to disagree without being disagreeable. 
This is of the utmost importance. i say this knowing 
that all of y'all don't accept this notion of Afrikans 
being a colonized nation and having a historical right 
to the southeastern portion of this rock We're on. 
That's not important; but this is: is my work, our work, 
our practice worthy of your recognition, and maybe even 
support in some fashion (however limited it may be?) 
This measure of respect is crucial; and whether folks 
want to accept it or not, revolutionary nationalism 
appeals to a lot of our people. The government, with the 
support of the masses of North amerikkkans, offers only 
crime bills, death penalties, workfare, lockdowns, 
control units, more prisons, and tokens. Which would you 
choose? ReBuild! 

 - Crossroad activist hondo t'chikwa, 3/5/95


STOP The Maryland Department of Corrections! A 
communique for an inmate who has been confined in 
Maryland's Supermaximum facility (Maryland Corrections 
Adjustment Center) for over 2 years: 

"Conditions here at the State of Maryland's Supermaximum 
facility are completely shocking. The warden continues 
to institute methods of punishment through physical and 
mental torture, some of which even the notorious Marion 
Federal Prison hasn't seen. Prisoners have resorted to 
very sick and disturbing practices as a result of Warden 
Sweall Smith's 'make it as he goes' policy. Prisoners 
use human waste (feces) as weapons. The method of 
throwing it or spraying it on other prisoners and guards 
is referred to as 'chemical warfare'. All the 
frustration and conflict are a result of being locked in 
99% of the time as no one is guaranteed walks or 
showers. Physical and psychological abuse is a daily 
part of this sick program. For example, one method of 
controlling out-of-line prisoners is to spray them down 
the chemical mace after which guards then beat them with 
sticks. Then, perhaps, you may end up in the hole where 
you are stripped naked and chained in what is called a 
'three piece'. A three piece means you are chained at 
your hands, waist and ankles. No sooner than you hit the 
hole, an order is issued for the blowers to be turned 
on. The blowers are extremely powerful. For instance, if 
the temperature is 40 degrees in the room, the blowers 
will make it feel as if it is 0 degrees. In the hole 
areas there are no mattresses, no blankets and no 
sheets. You are left chained like a wild animal for 1 to 
7 days." 

The Maryland Penal System headed by Secretary Bishop 
Robinson, Commission Richard Lanhan, and Parole 
Commissioner Paul Davis has earned a reputation as one 
of America's cruelest and racist as attributed to the 

* Over-crowded conditions due to Maryland's 20,000 
prison population - currently 60% over-capacity and 
increasing an average of 100 per month - resulting in 
health hazards such as record high outbreaks of 
tuberculosis, in particular, at a Hagerstown facility 
where 400 of 1,900 inmates tested positive. 

# Upscale inmate control mechanisms such as the modeling 
of a supermaximum facility, Maryland Corrections 
Adjustment Center (MCAC), after Illinois' infamous 
Marion Prison, where inmates are subjected to inhumane 
punishment such as 23 1/2 hour-a-day solitary 

# Escalated repression as demonstrated by removal of 134 
inmates serving life sentences from the work release 
program because of the actions of one individual 
involved in a murder-suicide. Please note that many of 
these individuals on work release had been at that 
status for years with no violations. 

# Decreased focus on education, drug treatment, 
vocational training and rehabilitation due to the 'law 
and order' punishment mentality of prison 

# Untrained and under-educated prison employees lack 
basic knowledge of Department of Corrections (DOC) 

# Biased grievance process due to an incompetent 
administrative board comprised of DOC staff members who 
oftentimes express prejudicial notions about the 
aggrieved, demonstrated by failure to acknowledge 

# Sexist dress codes formulated by wardens at each 
institution (no state-established visiting room dress 
code is established) implemented by guards at random. 
For example, Jessup Pre-Release Unit allows for no 
spandex pants which has been expanded to include NO 
cotton straight leg pants considered to be revealing or 
provocative as defined by guards. This results in denial 
of visiting privileges for family and friends who 
oftentimes must travel long-distances. Please write 
Maryland Governor Parris Glendening to encourage him to 
make new appointments for both the Department of Public 
Safety and Department of Corrections. TO NOT FOCUS ON 

Write to: Governor Parris Glendening State House 100 
State Circle Annapolis, Maryland 21401

For more information:

BlackWatch Grassroots Network c/o Jennifer Smith 3802 
14th St. N.W., #511 Washington, D.C. 20011 (202) 291-

 - Prison Activist Resource Center, 5/3/94


This man's parole hearing is set for Monday; instead of 
the thirty (30) days notice that We were supposed to 
have, his wife was notified yesterday of the hearing. 
Please send your letter(s) of support asap.

 - hondo for CR/SN (Crossroad Support Network)


Sekou Kambui is of Afrikan/Cherokee heritage, born on 
September 6, 1948, in Gasden, Alabama. He was raised by 
his mother/grandparents, and aunt in Detroit, Michigan; 
Harlem, New York; Chicago, Illinois; and Birmingham, 
Alabama respectively. He is presently 46 years old. 
Throughout the 1960's, Sekou participated in the Civil 
Rights Movement, organizing youth for participation in 
demonstrations and marches across Alabama and providing 
security for meetings for SCLC, CORE, SNCC and other 
programs. Sekou is a paralegal professional and active 
jailhouse lawyer and prisoner rights activist for more 
than 20 years.

Sekou became affiliated with the Black Panthers in 1967 
in Chicago and New York. While in Detroit, he became a 
member of the Republic of New Afrika, before returning 
to Birmingham. In Birmingham, Sekou coordinated 
community organization activity with the Alabama Black 
Liberation Front, the Inmates for Action (IFA), and the 
Afro-Amerikan People's Party in the mid-1970's.

Charges and trials:

Sekou was falsely arrested on January 2, 1975, and 
charged with the murder of two white men; (1) a KKK 
official out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and the other (2) a 
multi-millionaire oil man out of Birmingham. Sekou's 
first trial took place on May 22, 1975 in the Tuscaloosa 
County Circuit Court; the second trial took place on 
August 3, 1975 in , Jefferson County Circuit Court, 
Birmingham, Alabama. Sekou was convicted in both trials 
and sentenced to life in both cases, with sentences to 
run consecutively....

Issues at trial:

In both trials, witnesses were coerced and threatened by 
police officials; testimony was perjured; evidence all 
circumstantial and/or manufactured to implicate Sekou's 
involvement with person assumed responsible for the 
crime. Defense witnesses presented an unshakable alibi 
defense; However, coerced witnesses stipulated that 
"Sekou admitted to having killed two white men." Never 
was Sekou placed anywhere near the scene of the two 
murders; no murder weapon was found nor any direct 
evidence offered to connect Sekou to the murders.

The defense witnesses in the first trial were so 
terrified after continuous threats and racial 
intimidation by the Birmingham police for providing 
alibi testimony that they fled Alabama before the second 
trial, leaving Sekou without a defense to support the 
contention that he was not at the scene of the second 

In 1985, both trial counsels admitted to having 
destroyed all files regarding both murder convictions. 
The claim made at that time was that "law requires a 
trial counsel to hold files only seven (7) years. This 
may be true, however, it is accepted legal practice that 
any case which has not gone through the post conviction 
process is held, or at least, converted to microfiche 
for more permanent holding.

Major witnesses in both cases admitted during 
investigation in 1985 that they had been forced to 
testify against Sekou and had been repeatedly visited by 
certain members of the Birmingham Police Department as 
well as the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. 

Evidence presented during both trials was manufactured 
to make it appear that Sekou had conspired with the 
perpetrator of both murders, if not actually 
participating in the murders. In addition to the 
manufactured evidence, the Court clearly erred in 
dividing the trials, making it appear that there was no 
connection between the two murders and no issue of time 
constraints. These murders occurred within a very short 
span of time in two separate counties in December when 
the roads were terribly slippery and difficult to 

The physical impossibility of Sekou's having been in the 
locations in which he was placed by his alibi witnesses 
precludes his having killed two men in two different 
locations in the span of time the state alleges by its 
own testimony these two killings took place. None of 
this evidence has ever been presented properly in any 
court of law either at state or federal level.

The pre-trial publicity involving both murders was 
intense, including a story in a popular "crime" magazine 
of the time. The trial court, however, refused a motion 
for a change of venue; appeals court affirmed and cited 
that the defense counsel had failed to support his 
allegations of pre-trial publicity and had failed to 
answer questions regarding possible prejudice said 
publicity had upon the defense during trial ... upon the 
defense during trial.

The nature of the case itself remains so intense that 
during the 1985 investigation of the crime, persons in 
Tuscaloosa vividly recalled details of the murder, the 
accused (Sekou), and the entire issue of the killing. 
Even the time frame of the murders was still recalled. 
Finding evidence of pre-trial publicity was not 
difficult; considering further the racial nature of the 
case, the publicity was enhanced, even with photographs 
of the accused in handcuffs.

In the second case in Birmingham, the evidence at trial 
is even weaker than that offered in Tuscaloosa. The 
connections between Sekou and this crime so tenuous and 
convoluted that it is impossible to present the issues 

Continuing legal proceedings:

The legal challenge to both convictions has been 
continuously thwarted by the unavailability of both 
transcripts, the seizure of legal materials by the 
Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) over nearly 
twenty (20) years, and the repeated, retaliatory 
transfers which presently number four in only five years 
(between 1988 and 1993). The repeated seizures of legal 
mail resulted in a Civil Action in U.S. Federal District 
Court - C.A. No: 85-0795-P-M, which went to trial in 
March, 1989. The issues in this case included: 1. 
Confiscation of all legal-trial preparation materials; 
2. Confiscation of law books; 3. Denial of visitation 
with paralegal aide; 4. Threats to interfere with 
upcoming parole;

Upon trial, the State was forced to produce said 
documents they had labeled "security risks" and 
"contraband." The courty risks" and "contraband." The 
Court ruled that all such documents did not violate the 
DOC's security interests in prison order and discipline. 
Despite the victory in court, however, the wealth of 
legal documents and books already confiscated were never 
returned. All prison claims to have returned these 
documents to the outside paralegal proved false; no 
papers or books have ever been returned.

An interesting note in this trial occurred when the 
state was forced to show collections of writing they had 
obtained from political prisoner-type magazines from as 
far away as Canada with articles written by Sekou, which 
the ADOC claimed proved his security risk. Any and all 
forms of revolutionary rhetoric have caused severe 
paranoia on the part of ADOC officials, a few of them in 
particular, where Sekou is concerned.... Sekou has 
written numerous lawsuits against the Alabama Department 
of Corrections over his twenty years in the ADOC. His 
co-authorship of the James v. Wallace, Pugh v. Locke, 
and Newman v. State of Alabama, 406 F. Supp. throughout 
the early 70's - '76, '77, and '78, won a court order 
declaring the Alabama prison system unconstitutional.

A large number of inmates owe their freedom to Sekou's 
legal efforts on their behalf. He has won numerous other 
civil actions regarding medical malpractice, abusive 
treatment, abusive segregation, abusive prison 
conditions, all of which have earned him nothing but 
retaliatory transfers and continuing, unabated enmity by 
officials of the ADOC.

In the last ten years, the harassment pattern of the 
ADOC (in collusion with the Alabama Board of Pardons and 
Paroles) has been clear. Sekou has been "up" for parole 
in 1986, 1988, 1991, and 1993 - denied each time and set 
off. And prior to every parole consideration, there has 
been a seriously disruptive transfer and tremendous 
harassment, both physical, mental, and racial. Behind 
every transfer has been a legal action taken by Sekou on 
behalf of another inmate or against the institution 
itself for its pattern of abuse against the inmates or a 
particular group of inmates.... 

Prison records/files on Sekou

Despite a clear prison record of ten years, Sekou has 
never received the benefit of work release or more 
exercise of his minimum custody level. When he did have 
the opportunity to participate in the prison program 
Free By Choice, which permitted him to travel outside 
the prison and speak to church and youth groups, he was 
then transferred to Easterling which has no such 
program. Each time Sekou has won a case against the ADOC 
for any of its discriminatory policies and practices, 
the ADOC has then changed its rule to thwart this 
victory and deny Sekou the benefit of his own legal 
victory. This has happened so often that nobody close to 
him even considers this application of ex post facto 
laws "strange" anymore.

Despite repeated requests for the information used by 
the ABPP in considering Sekou for parole (and then 
denying same), the Board has never once provided such 
documentation.... Despite the issuance of Board 
guidelines for prisoners and their families to follow in 
preparing for parole, the family and friends of Sekou 
have been made aware that these guidelines don't apply 
to prisoners such as Sekou.

Sekou remains an innocent man in prison, a victim of the 
continuing racist conspiracy to silence the voice of the 
righteous and quell the movement for empowerment of his 
people. The twenty years of harassment, oppression, and 
abuse testify abundantly to the depths of hostility and 
acrimony generated by the tyrannical ADOC in response to 
the drive for human and civil rights by one man - Sekou 
Cinque Kambui.

Letters of support and petitions should be sent to the 
following address:

Alabama Board of Pardons & Paroles ATTN: Chairman John 
Nettles 501 Dexter Avenue Lurleen Wallace Bldg. 
Montgomery, AL 36130 334-242-8700; 334-242-1809 (FAX)

Sekou C.T.M. Kambui Defense Committee ATTN: Aysha 
De'Jenaba Kambui 2233 Second St., South Birmingham, AL 
35205 205-322-1047

Sekou C.T.M. Kambui (William J. Turk, AIS #113058) P.O. 
Box 10 (6A100) Clio, AL 36017

 - Crossroad Support Network, 5/3/95


The Rosenberg Fund for Children was established to 
provide for the educational and emotional needs of 
children whose parents have been harassed, injured, lost 
jobs, or died in the course of their progressive 
activities and who, therefore, are no longer able to 
adequately care for their children. Professionals and 
institutions will be awarded grants to provide the 
children with services at no or reduced cost. For more 
information, write to:

Rosenberg Fund for Children 1145 Main Street, Ste. 408 
Springfield, MA 01103


***Want to do something about the torture and oppression 
of prisoners in Amerika? The best way is to join MIM to 
help end the system. In the mean time, while we are 
building public opinion and organizing for revolutionary 
change, you can also take smaller actions that may help 
some of the prisoners in Amerika.***

The National Committee to Free Puerto Rican POW's and 
Political Prisoners-Boston Chapter is issuing an urgent 
call to action. Call the Florence, Colorado Federal 
Prison at (719) 784-9496. Ask for Warden William Storey 
or his assistant. Once he or his executive assistant is 
on line, tell him you are calling about Puerto Rican 
POW/Political Prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera (#87651-024), 
Thomas Manning (#10372-016) and Raymond Levasseur 
(#10376-016). Demand an end to sleep deprivation and 
strip searches immediately. Demand freedom for all 
Puerto Rican political prisoners unconditionally. Demand 
the closure of the ADX Florence Gulag for torture and 
sensory deprivation.

Callers should be aware that prison personnel have 
denied the torture. The following answers are 
recommended to such statements from prison personnel: 1. 
They are lying and we won't believe them. 2. They 
shouldn't speak as if they were friends, they are their 
jailers. 3. They should refuse to participate in the 
torture as some U.S. soldiers refused to massacre 
Vietnamese in the Vietnam war.

The dates for the calls are Mondays: June 26 and July 


Want to fight the fascist outrages covered monthly in 
Under Lock & Key? Well, you're in a perfect position to 
do it! Prisoners often ask us for legal help, so if 
you're a progressive lawyer, please write to us! We'd be 
happy to hook you up with ways to serve the people. Same 
goes for paralegals and law students. Write to MIM 
Distributors, P.O. Box 29670, Los Angeles, CA 90029-

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