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MIM NOTES 116       JUNE 15, 1996

MIM Notes speaks to and from the viewpoint of the world's 
oppressed majority, and against the imperialist-patriarchy. Pick 
it up and wield it in the service of the people. support it, 
struggle with it and write for it.


***The Peruvian comrades abroad who asked MIM to cease our work 
supporting the Peruvian revolution have retracted this request. 
While MIM works to reach greater clarity in our relationship with 
the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) and a better understanding of 
what work they would like done to support their revolution (aside 
from the most important task of building revolution in our own 
country), MIM prints the following statement and hails the 
development of this advance in the support for the peoples war in 


The undersigned reaffirm our most fervent support and solidarity 
with the victorious People's War that the Communist Party of Peru 
is leading since 1980. We are convinced that the Peruvian 
revolution is a first class contribution to the world proletarian 
revolution. The armed struggle taking place in Peru is an example 
of true combat against imperialism and revisionism. And in this 
context, we salute the great revolutionary condition and the 
fundamental role of Chairman Gonzalo, the leader of the PCP and 
the revolution.


Since 1993, the Peruvian regime in cahoots with US imperialism has 
intensified their misinformation campaign against the People's 
War, against the PCP, and against Chairman Gonzalo. The counter- 
revolutionary objective is to isolate the Peruvian revolution and 
create the conditions for their commission of barbarous crimes 
against the war prisoners, and to be able to destroy entire 
populations in order to kill in mass the militants and supporters 
of the revolution. This is a Psycho- social warfare strategy in 
which they have enlisted the support of capitulationists, 
infiltrated agents and groups and personalities disguised as 
"revolutionaries" and "big time Maoists". 

The present political situation, at the national and international 
level, compels all who are truly willing to lend their militant 
solidarity with the Peruvian revolutionaries, to unify our efforts 
under the common objective of defending the Peruvian revolution 
from the imperialist onslaught, and the activities of revisionism 
and opportunism. 

With this aim in mind, we submit the following document to your 


The forces of imperialism, revisionism and opportunism, have, in 
various occasions and using multiple strategies, attempted to 
destroy and wipe out all traces of good will towards the People's 
War and the Communist Party of Peru (PCP). In order to succeed, a 
revolutionary process needs favourable public opinion, and 
concretely, it needs a movement of support and solidarity from the 
revolutionary organisations and parties, as Chairman Gonzalo has 
already noted. This is one of the reasons why the enemies of the 
Peruvian revolution have dedicated ample resources to the 
infiltration and undermining the support movement for the Peruvian 
revolution. In foreign countries, a number of individuals and 
organisations appear from time to time claims themselves to be the 
"representatives of the PCP", and proclaiming themselves as the 
"greatest Maoists on earth", while in practice they carry out 
activities aimed at undermining this support while at the same 
time trying to exact capitalist profits from the revolution.

These enemies of the Peruvian revolution have adopted varied masks 
and draped themselves in different guises. At times, they perform 
their abject tasks in the open, and sometimes they work underhand 
without showing their true face. Here are two concrete examples 
illustrating these counter-revolutionary phenomena: The first 
relates to those individuals who played a role in making 
propaganda for the police fraud of "peace agreement" in 1993. The 
second, relates to those who claim to "support the people's war" 
and even express their opposition to the "peace letters' fraud", 
but who in practice are working for the same strategic designs of 
US imperialism. 

Revisionists and opportunists, together with those agents directly 
linked to the Peruvian police's Secret Services, share the same 

1. To depict the PCP as an organisation weakened by an acute 
internecine and "life or death" struggle centred around "two 
lines" regarding the "peace" fraud.

2. To deny that the "peace letters" plot is a police fabrication 
engineered by the National Intelligence Service of the Peruvian 
state (SIN), and supported by US intelligence experts. 

3. To depict Chairman Gonzalo as a vulgar capitulationist who, 
from inside his cell, is leading the "peace agreement" plot.

4. To deny and obscure the analysis and position of the Communist 
Party of Peru regarding the "peace agreement" plot which was from 
the word go repudiated and denounced by the Party as a counter- 
revolutionary fabrication engineered by US imperialism and its 
lackeys. They also try to slur over the spirited defence by the 
Party of Chairman Gonzalo's revolutionary integrity.

5. To promote the disorganisation of the international political 
movement in support of the armed struggle and the PCP, and to lead 
it into a quagmire.


A principle of Marxist theory teaches us that in order to fight 
imperialism with success and from a position of advantage, it is 
necessary to distinguish clearly between enemies and friends. That 
once the class enemy is clearly identified, we must fight it 
through to the end. It is true that the capitulationists and 
police agents (abroad) were represented by the heads of the Peru 
People's Movement (MPP), and they were fought against and smashed 
without qualms. They were unable to resist the burden of the 
People's War, and currently (in Peru and abroad) they have no 
longer any significance in the Peruvian process, existing only as 
figments of the imagination in Fujimori's plots. 

On the other hand, the revisionists and
opportunists were represented - and still are - by the leadership 
of the International Committee of the Revolutionary 
Internationalist Movement (Co- Rim), and by the heads of the 
International Emergency Committee (IEC). This current, isolated 
and despised by the true friends of the People's War and the PCP, 
are crawling like snakes loudly hissing their "support for the 
people's war" and even screaming that their "red flag is flying 
over Peru". Adopting this phoney revolutionist position, they are 
attempting to continue to profit from the People's War. This is 
precisely what now must be stopped. We must not allow vulgar 
opportunism to continue to capitalise and profit from the heroic 
struggle of the Peruvian revolutionaries. 

The opportunist leadership of Co-RIM, is the main cause of 
immobilism in the international movement of support for the 
People's War in Peru. Since October 1993 their nefarious 
activities have been geared to paralysing any show of support for 
the People's War and to cast doubts upon the revolutionary 
condition of Chairman Gonzalo. Both bureaucratic organisms, the 
Co-RIM and the IEC, are not in any way politically and morally 
capable to call upon the masses and political organisations to the 
defence of the Peruvian revolution.

No working class individual would listen to or follow the calls of 
an eclectic leadership who took a conciliatory position towards 
the police fraud for over a year and a half and kept during that 
time secret relations with the promoters of the police and 
capitulators' plot abroad, a leadership, moreover, that took steps 
to pigeonhole documents of the PCP.

No political organisation abroad can take seriously the 
proclamations of the International Emergency Committee (IEC), 
while the bureaucracy in charge of that organism is the same 
bureaucracy in charge of the Co-RIM. No one with elementary 
political sense would want to offer their support and solidarity 
to Chairman Gonzalo if this must pass through the IEC, an organism 
in whose "leading body", three individuals who are working and 
coordinating actions with the Peruvian government remain. 


Given the ideo-political considerations above, we issue this call 
to defend the Peruvian revolution. This organisation would be 
directed linked to the Peruvian process and will undertake the 
task of organising, guiding and promoting all activities in 
support of the Peruvian revolution abroad. Its tasks would be 
geared to the following objectives:

1. To defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo and his powerful 

2. To defend without reservations the People's War, the Communist 
Party of Peru (PCP) and its leadership.

3. To defend the life of the war and political prisoners.

4. To defend Maoism as the new, third, and superior stage of 
Marxism, within the context of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism taken as a 
unity in development.

5. To struggle against imperialism, revisionism and opportunism 
and all counter-revolutionary forces.

6. Work towards convening and implementing a WORLD CONFERENCE to 
congregate political parties, support groups, mass organisations 
and fronts, as well as personalities who sympathise with and 
support the People's War in Peru. To appoint an Organising 
Commission to this effect.


* * *


Over the past year, anti-First Nation violence has escalated in 
the First Nation territories that Canada considers its own. On 
paper, Ontario recognizes the rights of the Chippewa people of 
Nawash to exploit the fish in provincial waters. In practice, the 
settlers of Ontario are waging a campaign of terror to attempt to 
prevent the Chippewa from exercising those supposed rights. These 
incidents have included the stabbing of four First Nation youth, 
the sinking of a fishing boat, and the burning of a tugboat that 
was later sunk. Because the attacks have taken place off the 
reservation, Ontario has jurisdiction. It has yet to bring charges 
against anyone for last summer's crimes. MIM knows that justice 
will not come from Kanada; only when the Chippewa determine their 
own fate will the violence end.

The Nawash have attempted to bring attention to police inaction 
around these cases by issuing a call for help from Kanada's 
Minister of Indian Affairs. However, the Ministry declined to get 
into a turf war with Ontario, leaving the Chippewa to deal with 
the pigs they trust least.

Chief Ralph Akiwenzie of the Chippewas of Nawash has made a 
correct analysis of the situation: "Ontario's police cannot, or 
will not, protect the people or property of the Chippewa; and all 
actions taken against the Nawash will go unpunished." The 
Newspaper Indian Country Today correctly recognizes the 
internationalist connections of the Chippawas struggle. It 
paraphrases a lawyer who points out the similarities to the 
refusal of local law enforcement to follow the United Snakes' own 
laws toward its internal colonies in the South of the 1960s. MIM 
would add that no reference to history is necessary to see the 
similarities between the Black nation and First Nations. Both face 
constant violence from settlers that goes unpunished. 

Three years ago, a provincial court ruled in favor of a priority 
indigenous right to fish around the Bruce Peninsula. It was a 
reaffirmation of the Kanadian constitution, and directed the 
province to take a "new approach" to assuring First Nation rights: 
Ontario was to not only allot the Nawash a good share of the 
fishery but would also have input in how the fishing was managed. 
In lieu of an agreement, the waters have been chaos.

The Nawash want to reach a fishing agreement to avert more 
violence, but Ontario won't sit down at the negotiating table. The 
Nawash want an agreement that would favor species of fish that 
they traditionally use, rather than the current ones which favor 
hatchery species. But negotiation seems unlikely. Ontario recently 
notified the Nawash that they will be issued a communal fishing 
license which will greatly restrict their rights according to the 
Kanadian constitution.

The Kanadian constitution will not protect the Chippewa of Nawash 
or other First Nation peoples. Only real self-determination will 
be a defense. 

NOTES: Indian Country Today May 7-14, 1996, pp. 1-2 

* * *



Dear MIM,

i am a worker in the New Afrikan Independence Movement. i like 
your journals and am happy to find much unity in your literature 
and work. i disagree, however, with your assertion that "all 
prisoners are political prisoners". i had a nice letter all 
composed, but fell victim to a glitch, so forgive me for mixing my 
commentary with quotes from both "Injustice System Convicts 
Another Latino Youth" (MIM Notes, 113) and the NEW AFRIKAN P.O.W. 
JOURNALS. You say that "all prisoners are political prisoners" 
because, "The criminal justice system targets oppressed nationals, 
arresting them at a higher rate and giving them much harsher 
sentences than their white-youth counterparts..." (and) "No 
oppressed national can be given a fair trial in the United Snakes' 
court system. Every facet of law enforcement, from the pigs to the 
definition of crime to sentencing guidelines, is about protecting 
white-nation domination...".

All this is true, but it "simply point[s] out the objective 
colonial relationship" which New Afrikans and other oppressed 
nationals have to the u.s. empire. We cannot forget that "even 
reactionary and counter-revolutionary elements within the 
nation[s] are objective colonial subjects..." [BOOK TWO -- TOWARD 
CLARITY ON CC'S, PP'S, & POW'S, pps. 24-25] 

In BOOK SEVEN, "On Transforming the Colonial & "Criminal" 
Mentality", We see an attempt to "lay out the true, proper, and 
NECESSARY criteria for Political Prisoners: PRACTICE is that 
criteria. On the bottom line, Political Prisoners are 
revolutionaries; they are conscious and active servants of the 
people. Political Prisoners direct their energies toward the 
enemies of the people -- they do not commit "crimes" against the 
people." (p. 21)

Finally, " far as the struggle is concerned it must be 
realized that it is not the degree of suffering and hardship 
involved as such that matters: even extreme suffering in itself 
does not necessarily produce the PRISE DE CONSCIENCE required for 
the national liberation struggle." (Amilcar Cabral, REVOLUTION IN 
GUINEA, p. 63) 

again, i apologize if the tone of this is pedantic, dry, or 
academic, but i do think that it's important to enter into this 
dialogue with y'all. ...
in unity & struggle

(p.s. -- if you should choose to print this letter, please respect 
my use of 'i' & 'We', as this is an important aspect of our 
understanding that "the community is more important than the 
individual", and that We "believe in collective struggle" and in 
"fashioning victory in concert with our brothers & sisters".)

MIM RESPONDS: Thank you for writing to MIM. It seems we have much 
unity. We certainly understand that the relationship between 
Amerika and the oppressed nations within its borders is a colonial 
one, but are not content to let that (correct) analysis tell the 
whole story of prisoners. MIM says that all prisoners are 
political prisoners because we recognize the process by which some 
people are classified as "criminals" for stealing cars -- and some 
are classified as legitimate government leaders for stealing whole 
countries as a political process. We mean to call attention to the 
criminality of the oppressors in this formulation. So principally 
we are dealing with the difference between the giant crimes of the 
oppressor and the lesser crimes of the oppressed. 

But it's true that prisoners who've given or risked their lives in 
the struggle are in a different category still, and MIM recognizes 
that. It's why we agitate specifically about the frame-up and 
imprisonment of Mumia Abu-Jamal (for example) and support the 
movement to free him. We recognize that campaigns around political 
prisoners like Mumia are important for exploiting contradictions 
with the enemy and actually winning on their terms (unlikely). But 
also for the revolutionary movement outside of prison to learn 
from the examples and leadership of prisoners.

So we'll continue to insist that no matter what the "crime," the 
more than one million people behind bars in Amerikkka are there 
because of the political superstructure that supports imperialism, 
and are in that sense political prisoners. We also recognize that 
many ordinary prisoners who were not activists before they got to 
prison have become very political once they got there, which 
accounts for the high demand among so many prisoners for 
revolutionary study material. But all that won't stop us from 
acknowledging heroes of the people too. Keep in touch!


***This is part of a long theoretical letter. Part of it was 
printed last month and more is printed here.***

Dear Comrades,
[I]t is true that there are many reasons that Buchanan sucks, and 
I do not berate MIM for criticizing him, but his opposition (at 
least claim of opposition) to Zionism and international Jewish 
banking is not among them. It is one of his very few good 
qualities. These elements are prominent figures in the 
exploitation of the third world and ought not be defended by 
Maoists. Criticize Buchanan for the many things he gets wrong, not 
the few things he gets right.

Comradely Yours,
A friend in the south

A RAIL COMRADE RESPONDS: In this letter and your previous one, it 
seems like you've essentialized Jews and failed to differentiate 
between Zionists and Jews. For instance you write " Work at 
universities... mostly produces Jews, anarchists, 
environmentalists, pacifists, New Age scum and other elements 
which are not genuinely leftist..." 

In your list, you've included Jews who are defined by birth and 
not political ideology with groups that are entirely defined by a 
chosen ideology. While it is good to criticize individuals and 
groups according to their chosen ideology, it is wrong to 
criticize people by birth. You cannot choose to be born Jewish any 
more than you can choose to be born a man, a Palestinian or Black. 

Genuine communists criticize ideologies like Judaism or Zionism 
and not ethnicities. Also, while MIM and RAIL criticize Zionism, 
we do it with the understanding that U.S.-backed imperialism and 
not Zionism is the principal contradiction in the Middle East. We 
would criticize Amerikans as strongly as Israelis, and Amerikan 
imperialists as strongly as the "international Jewish banking" 
community which you separate for condemnation. Why do you make 
this distinction? Do you think Jews have essential or universal 
characteristics? Is Zionism worse than Amerikan imperialism? Are 
Jews less likely to join genuine communist movements than 
Amerikans, Europeans or Japanese?

It is improper for a communist to defend Pat Buchanan when it 
comes to opposing Israel or "Jewish banking" because Buchanan's 
slanders are anti-Semitic, i.e. based on criticizing Jews as 
people and not as Zionists, their chosen ideology. Since Buchanan 
is pro-imperialist when it comes to Amerika, his anti-Zionism is 
hypocritical and given his following most likely based on racist 
essentialization of Jews. What sins is Jewish banking guilty of 
that the Rockefellers didn't initiate? Why separate Jewish bankers 
out from Episcopalians?

* * *


At press time, the votes in the Israeli election for Prime 
Minister are almost all counted and Likud Party candidate Binyamin 
Netanyahu has declared victory in a very close race against 
current Prime Minister, Labor Party candidate Shimon Peres. Peres 
ran on a platform of continuing the bogus "peace talks" with the 
Palestinians, which would eventually mean giving up a small bit of 
land, butno real self-determination for the Palestinian nation. 
Netanyahu wants to keep all land, and take an even harder military 
line against the Arabs and Palestinians. Liberal Israelis are 
mourning the death of the sham peace process along with Peres's 

This is the first time that Israelis are directly electing their 
prime minister--it used to be that people voted for parties, and 
the prime minister would be the leader of the winning party. In 
this case, voters can vote for either Peres or Netanyahu, and also 
cast their votes for Knesset (Israeli parliament) members for many 
of the smaller parties in Israel, which is what happened on 
Wednesday, May 29. Both Labor and Likud lost about 10 seats in the 
Knesset, and those went to ultra-Orthodox religious parties and 
new Russian immigrant parties. These smaller parties vehemently 
oppose any "land for peace" deals, and the new prime minister will 
have to pander to these parties in order to gain the 61 (out of 
120) required Knesset seats to form a majority government. Israeli 
Arab voters turned out in record numbers, casting their ballots 
for the Labor Party. 

The bourgeois press is claiming that this incredibly close race, 
shows that Israelis are divided over the peace talks with the 
Palestinians. Ultimately Israel will win either way, even if there 
are more suicide bombings and if a small bit of land is given up 
for a Palestinian territory. But until imperialist Israel is 
smashed, it will have the financial and military support of the 
United Snakes, and will continue to control the Palestinians and 
their territory.

The majority of Palestinians live in the West Bank and Gaza, and 
are currently under the rule of the Palestinian Authority (PA), 
led by Yasir Arafat. The PA is negotiating with Israel, in the so-
called peace talks brokered by the United Snakes, over the land on 
which the Palestinians live, but have no real control. Israel 
holds the major cards as far as what happens to the West Bank and 
Gaza, and under the current talks those territories will never 
grow into an independent Palestinian nation. 

MIM knows that the division among Israeli voters is really 
meaningless for the Palestinians who want self-determination--
their own land, nation, government, and army--above all else. MIM 
supports Palestinian self-determination, and recognizes that only 
revolutionary struggle will make this happen. No matter what the 
outcome of the Israeli elections, Palestinians are the losers 
until Yasir Arafat is pushed out of the way and a true leader of 
the people rises up to struggle against Israel, rather than 
negotiate with it, and lead the Palestinians to freedom.

NOTES: Washington Post May 30, 1996. p. A1. 

* * *


The people have taken ever more committed steps to financing the 
MIM-led revolutionary movement. Several exciting projects await 
support. An interesting idea can be found in the Workers Party of 
Belgium's (PTB) newspaper called Solidaire. The PTB sponsors 
people's bonds in which the party borrows money for projects and 
pays back interest rates higher than what the masses can get 
elsewhere, but lower than what the PTB would otherwise have to 

Here at MIM we too have the need for gathering financial support 
for projects that require up- front financing.

*Approximately $3000 is needed to finance the reprinting of the 
Filipino book by Amado Guerrero titled Philippine Society and 
Revolution. This book examines conditions of the revolutionary 
struggle in the 1960s, most of which are still true today. It also 
connects the struggle in the Philippines to the Cultural 
Revolution and Maoism. MIM would like to give some of these books 
to the Filipino people, North American prisoners and also sell 
some ourselves.

*Another $3000 is needed to publish a book titled The Political 
Economy of Counterrevolution in China: 1976-1989. This book makes 
a factual examination of the revisionist restoration of capitalism 
in China.

*$500 is needed to purchase copies of a book by Indian comrades 
reprinted from 1963 titled, "The Great Debate: The Polemic on the 
General Line of the International Communist Movement." MIM is much 
inspired by the efforts of the Indian comrades to reprint this 
book and would like to do its share to sell it.

*$500 is need to buy a good quantity of the new selected works of 
Mao, beyond volume 5, also published by Indian comrades.

MIM would also like to assist with the purchase and sale of Ludo 
Martens's book "Another View of Stalin" which is coming out in 
English soon and which MIM hopes to help expedite. Other books 
including Ludo Martens's book the Velvet Counterrevolution may be 
appropriate for distribution to prisoners along with MIM's written 
criticism of it.

It is important not to let great books go out of print or sit 
unpublished. For this reason, MIM sees to its financial 
development. The more money we can muster up-front, the more we 
can see to timely distribution of revolutionary literature. In 
imperialist societies where we are not yet ready for armed 
struggle, we have a special
internationalist duty to finance the books of our fraternal 
comrades. Anyone interested in assisting with finance can write to 

* * *


We apologize to our Irish comrades for the following paragraph 
that appeared in the April, 1996 MIM Notes 111. "The bomb showed 
that with more than 2,000 officers from both MI5 and the police 
available for intelligence-gathering and infiltration, the British 
Security Forces have been unable to penetrate the higher levels of 
the IRA, or they are trying consciously to provoke discord in IRA 
ranks by claiming the ceasefire was still on." This paragraph 
should not have appeared in the story and is in error.

In MIM Notes 113, May 1, 1996, the article "Nisga'a land deal 
product of First Nation radicalism" made several errors of 
language that liquidated the nationhood of the Nisga'a. We should 
have referred to the Nisga'a nation as being geographically within 
Canadian borders, not as a "Canadian indigenous nation".

In MIM Notes 113, May 1, 1996, a sentence in the article "House 
votes to screw immigrant workers" read "As MIM Notes reported in 
November some farms prefer to employ welfare mothers, Mexicans or 
Puerto Ricans already within U.S. borders, while other growers and 
segments of the government prefer to import temporary laborers." 
MIM meant to say that the growers prefer imported workers, but 
that the government is split.

* * *


This May has marked unprecedented strides in the general movement 
toward repression of pig-defined sex offenders. "Megan's Law," 
registration of pig-identified sex offenders, notifying their 
neighbors, and making that information available publicly, has 
been the rule in New Jersey for a year and is now being made 
federal. Here in Massachusetts, the crusade to demonize this group 
has been overwhelming. Outrageously reactionary Governor Weld has 
been accused of being soft on pig-defined sex offenders by both 
his "liberal" opponent in the senatorial race, Senator Kerry, and 
the "liberal" Boston Globe.

All of this legislating and posturing will not stop the abuse of 
children, a group highly sexualized in this society. In a culture 
in which power is eroticized, children are common victims of 
sexual violence since they are the most powerless group in 
society. This sexualization of children is obvious in pornography 
and general media representation. The sex offender scare-tactics 
reinforce incorrect analyses of rape, including rape of children. 
This use of gender to beef up the police state is a trade mark of 
pseudo-feminism. Pseudo-feminists make gender the principal 
contradiction and ignore the ramifications the legislation they 
advocate has for oppressed national minorities.

The first sensationalist story in a recent series of the Boston 
Globe's campaign against sex offenders was printed on May 1. It 
told the tale of a man who had recently served a brief term for a 
sex offense who was accused of another, the rape of a fourteen 
year old girl. Never mind that he was not yet convicted, the Globe 
had already decided that he was guilty because he had a prior 
conviction. The bourgeoisie likes to pretend that the problem of 
child sexual abuse is one of deranged individuals who are destined 
for derangement their whole lives.

The neighbors of this man were convinced of his guilt, and of the 
primacy of past convictions in determining that. They were also 
quick to absolve themselves of any cultural unity with him. One 
man said "I had no idea he had a problem like that. I don't know 
what a man who did something like that is doing out." There is a 
great hypocrisy in a society in which child sexual exploitation is 
constantly portrayed in both pornography and mainstream media but 
people feel so uncomfortable talking about it that they use 
euphemisms like "a problem like that." It is an impossibility for 
anyone awake and alive walking down the streets of billboards to 
miss the fact that Amerika sanctions child pornography and 
unquestioned parental control. Those who uphold the system which 
protects speech for the powerful (which includes
pornography) but decry the products of that speech cannot avoid 

The man, a community leader, continued with his erroneous 
understanding saying: "We are very upset about the situation. I 
just want the tenants to know we're doing everything we can to 
make this a safe place to live."(1) News flash: the vast majority 
of children who are sexually abused are abused by their own 
parents or other family members. The vast majority of them, 
*especially* those who are white, are never caught. If the man 
really wanted to make the place safe, he would have no choice but 
to work for the abolition of the patriarchal family and create 
real social responsibility for the care of children. Instead, he 
invents monsters to target and avoids the ninety-nine percent of 
child sexual oppression. 

The Boston Globe used this story to support its conclusion that we 
need registration of pig- identified sex offenders here in 
Massachusetts. The director of the American Friends Service 
Committee Criminal Justice program, Jill Brotman, has pointed out 
that telling sensationalist stories of child molesters is a 
deceptive technique used to vilify all pig-identified sex 
offenders: "All these bills are sold as child molesters but the 
population affected is very heterogeneous."(2) That group includes 
men who have been convicted of soliciting prostitutes, raping 
their wives, or statutory rape just across the magic age line. 
None of these are really the "threat to society" that the Globe 
says they are: these actions are fully in accord with patriarchal 
society. Additionally, not all of these groups pose the same 
threat to women and children, even assuming they are guilty as 
charged. The issues are very distinct gender issues threatening 
different groups, though you would never know it from reading the 
Boston Globe. 

The second pro-registration piece in the Globe came the next day, 
this time accusing Weld of letting sex offenders out of prison 
eventually.(3) The Globe whined that Weld's scathing indictments 
of those incarcerated for these crimes did not jive with the fact 
that a minority of them do get parole.

Weld has no grasp of the real situation, and so his statements 
don't mean much anyway. For example, he says "There's quite a lot 
of evidence that the recidivism rate is so high for sex offenders, 
particularly child molesters, that you're almost better off 
concentrating on bars as the form of treatment."(3) According to 
the AFSC's Jill Brotman, however, the recidivism rate for those 
who participate in programs is just 15%, a very low rate relative 
to many other crimes.(2)

But Weld does not really care about decreasing recidivism. Crime 
is a big industry for him. So he just resorts to criticizing 
programs on moralistic grounds: "Philosophically, I don't think 
treatment programs are terribly effective for sex offenders, 
particularly for sex offenses involving children. That's not where 
I'd put the bulk of my money if I had a limited amount of 
resources."(3) RAIL activists know this well: Weld would rather 
spend millions of dollars on transferring prisoners to Texas and 
building super-maximum prisons than on preventing crime, however 

The programs are not without their problems. They still focus on 
individual offenders rather than social reformation. However, 
their biggest problem is that taking advantage of the programs 
dooms an individual to a life of registration and notification, 
thus a never-ending sentence. In order to take part in the 
programs, they must sign a paper declaring that they are sex 
offenders and have a lifelong illness.(2)

There are very real penalties for failing to sign on when programs 
are available. One mother of a prisoner who was convicted of a sex 
offense he did not commit explained that her son cannot get parole 
because every time his case comes up he refuses to sign the paper 
declaring that he has this supposed disease.(4)

The bill in Massachusetts is ex post facto, meaning that it 
applies to people convicted before it was passed. That means that 
the school officials would be notified that children in their 
schools have a parent who was convicted of a sex crime and signed 
one of these papers to get parole 20 years ago.(2) 

The third article in the barrage by the Globe was more of the 
same: using the boogey-man of the child rapist to justify big-
brother political ends.(5) A Democratic State Rep out to get more 
support from patriarchs "was outraged" and complained: "I don't 
know of a more vicious crime than the rape of a child."(5) Jill 
Brotman pointed out, and MIM and RAIL have long maintained, that 
this is a skewed understanding. She asks: "Is a pedophile more of 
a monster than someone who drops a bomb on Iraqi women and 
children?"(2) The political definition of crime prevents an 
objective ranking of monsters except by material analysis which 
makes Amerikan imperialism the biggest raper, child molester, 
murder, and general criminal.(6)

As society portrays children in a way that is increasingly 
sexualized and violent, their abuse will continue to be endemic. 
But following the reactionary tide toward the boogey-man stranger 
child-molester and away from the far more dangerous family would 
be a great disservice to children. Instead, we must get the debate 
about prisons back on track when reactionaries harp about child 
molesters. We must insist on looking at the larger issues of the 
incarceration of huge numbers of people acting just as pornography 
and advertising preach and the society allows.(7)

1. Boston Globe, May 1, 1996, p. 19.
2. Jill Brotman, director of the Criminal Justice Program at the 
American Friends Service Committee, May 22, 1996. She and the 
mothers of prisoners spoke to this reporter after a meeting of the 
Coalition of Prisoner Families, which meets on Wednesdays at 6:30 
PM in Cambridge. For more information, call (617)661-6130.
3. Boston Globe, May 2, 1996, p. 1.
4. Anonymous mother of a prisoner, speaking at the Coalition of 
Prisoner Families on May 22, 1996. 5. Boston Globe, May 3, 1996.
6. See the RAIL Prison Pamphlet, available for a dollar from RAIL 
PO Box 3576 Ann Arbor MI 48106. 7. See "The Oppression of Children 
Under Patriarchy" in MIM Theory 9: Psychology and Imperialism, 
available from MIM for $4.95. 

* * *


Amerikan Marines stormed a beach near Manila last month as part of 
military exercises conducted with the Armed Forces of the 
Philippines. Two U.S. frigates, a submarine and an amphibious 
landing ship with a total of 1,500 American soldiers took part in 
the exercises.

The Filipino people have made it clear that they will not allow 
the Amerikan military to use Philippine territory as a base to 
launch attacks against them or other peoples. A mass movement led 
by revolutionaries recently forced the Philippine Senate to evict 
the Amerikan military from its Clark and Subic Bay bases. The 
recent military exercises and the negotiations around ACSA (an 
agreement which would re-open the Philippines to u.s. ships and 
troops) show that Amerikan imperialists are willing to force their 
soldiers on to Philippine soil whether the people like it or not.

The United Snakes has had a major military presence in the 
Philippines since it invaded the Philippines and launched a bloody 
war against the Filipino people in 1899. After the u.s. granted 
nominal independence to the Philippines in 1946, several unequal 
treaties between the United Snakes and the Republic of the 
Philippines guaranteed a direct u.s. military presence in the 
Philippines as well as indirect u.s. control of the Armed Forces 
of the Philippines (AFP).

Amerikan imperialism needs its military in the Philippines both to 
control its Philippine neo- colony and to control the South 

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the National 
Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDF) are currently waging a 
Protracted People's War against the u.s. puppet regime in the 
Philippines and the u.s.-supported AFP. Both the CPP and the NDF 
see their struggle as essential to the liberation of the Filipino 
people and as an internationalist

NOTE: Reuters, May 6, 1996.

* * *


Cologne, GERMANY--Upon the 24th anniversary of the death of their 
founder-leader, I. Kaypakkaya, the Turkish Maoists of Turkey and 
T.Kurdistan (Turkish Kurdistan) showed the world a video of their 
organized armed struggle in Turkey. Over 5000 Turkish people 
attended the showing at a sports arena in Cologne on May 18th.

With CIA aid, the Turkish regime tortured Kaypakkaya to death on 
May 18th, 1972. The Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist 
(TKP/ML) holds a commemoration ceremony every year in Germany.

The TKP/ML unveiled a video of determined fighters of the army led 
by the TKP/ML fighting in the mountains against the Turkish 
fascist regime. We learn that what really looks like an ordinary 
hill of snow is in fact a TKP/ML base.

Fighters train in the snow and icy water. In one scene we see 
fighters swimming in an icy stream for the purpose of training. 
The soldiers also climb ropes, do somersaults, run through snow, 
lie face down in the snow to avoid detection, practice rifle 
formations, fire missiles, track the enemy and study politics. It 
is difficult to convey the determination of this army in words, so 
MIM asked for a copy of the video and we hope to see a version 
dubbed in English soon, so that the world may be informed of the 
armed struggle in Turkey. 

As in the case of apartheid South Africa where the state appeared 
heavily prepared and armed while widely hated, we believe the 
future of the Turkish fascist state is not very long. True, the 
Turkish revolutionaries cannot defeat the state in a frontal 
assault any time soon. On the other hand, whenever the hatred of 
the ruling class's state is so widespread and deep as it is in 
Turkey, it is only a matter of time before the regime finds itself 
with clay feet.

Stay tuned for more lengthy coverage of our Turkish Maoist 
comrades in an upcoming Maoist Sojourner. 

* * *



Greetings comrades,

Hope all is well for you on the front lines. Life inside is still 
a constant struggle to maintain the fight, but it only makes us 
stronger and more dedicated to rising above our oppression.... 

As for dealings at this camp, things are still on a downhill roll. 
As you can see from the enclosed memo, we now have even more 
hassles on
Administrative Segregation (ad-seg) status. 

[The memo reads in part: "Per the directive of Mr. William D. 
Catoe, Deputy Director for Operations, all solid steel doors and 
window flaps will be secured effective November 21, 1995" --MIM] 

They claim that all cell doors and window flaps are closed for 
security, but it's not true. This is simply an attempt to 
eliminate conversation between us, and to try to make us suffer 
with limited air- flow into our cells etc.

Because if we still desire to punish a pig it is not difficult. 
All we have to do is wait for chow, or get a roll of tissue or 
something, then do what you have to do, when they open the flap to 
serve you. So it's punishment for all South Carolina Department of 
Corrections lock-ups. But we can't be broken; we'll only get 

--a South Carolina prisoner, Feb. 28, 1996 

person is sitting in a position of authority does not make that 
person right without question. Frequently that person is more 
criminal and corrupted than the person he is sitting in judgment 

The Indiana Parole Board's favorite reason for denial of parole is 
"nature and circumstances, seriousness of offense". Yet recently 
the Indiana Parole Board released the following prisoners: a man 
convicted of murder and sentenced to life, who while serving that 
sentence was convicted of kidnapping the warden and the warden's 
wife and children in an escape attempt; a man convicted of killing 
a police officer and sentenced to life, who while serving that 
sentence escaped from custody; a man convicted of murder and 
sentenced to life who while serving that sentence was convicted in 
the death of another prisoner; and a man who was originally 
sentenced to death.

I was convicted of second degree murder for a shooting death 
during a robbery, carried out when I was 16 years old. I have 
served 23 years of my life sentence. I have never tried to escape, 
nor have I killed another prisoner. Yet I am continually denied 

To deny me parole while freeing the men I listed above is a 
mockery of justice and a slap in the face to any progressive and 
humane human being. I have been denied parole for "nature and
circumstances, seriousness of offense" for something I did as a 16 
year old. How have these men been granted parole? Did these men 
bribe the Indiana Parole Board? Is the attitude of the Parole 
Board that "the worst come first"?

Since my confinement I am virtually without biological family. An 
attorney sat in at my November 17, 1995 parole hearing and 
listened as the Indiana Parole Board members mocked me concerning 
one of the prisoners they had released, who earlier had stabbed me 
in prison. At this hearing, the Chairman of the Parole Board, 
Joseph Smith, was not even present. Since he is African American, 
and I am African American, and the victim of my crime 23 years ago 
was white, racism may be a factor in the behaviors and actions of 
these parole board members. Smith is no longer chairman of the 
Parole Board.

I request the assistance of any person or organization active for 
the cause of justice. You can assist by writing letters to the 
Chairman and Lt. Governor asking for a rehearing and parole: 

Indiana Parole Board
302 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Lt. Governor Frank O'Bannon
100 North Senate Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46218

In solidarity,
--an Indiana prisoner



My esteemed comrades in struggle, I am forwarding this communique 
to inform you that MIM Notes #110 was censored citing pages 1,5-7, 
& 12,

As you are aware, all material is now censored and this 
unauthorized institution exercises its discretion at determining 
what it appropriate or not. A consequence of struggle in which the 
beast seeks to suppress the undying voices of resistance. Please 
continue to forward papers until it becomes a futile endeavor. 
Continue to Build.

--a California prisoner, Apr. 17, 1996

Letters of protest can be sent to Pelican Bay State Prison, 5905 
Lake Earl Dr., PO Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95531.


My Brothers, Sisters, Revolutionary workers and Comrades-at-war, I 
greet you on this glorious day with the utmost respect and with 
the universal sign, "As-Salaamu-Alakium."

I just received my first edition of MIM Notes which, I truly find 
excellent, educational, resourceful and most of all very 
inspiring. But unfortunately and reluctantly, I must sadly report 
that the additional forward of MIM Notes will be confiscated.

The New Jersey Youth Correctional Facility claims, "It's not 
authorized and it poses a threat to security."

What they failed to mention was: "We are afraid that the prisoners 
will organize."... But nevertheless, reluctantly I must 
respectfully request that you discontinue to mail me MIM Notes. My 
spirit will always be with the struggle of the Revolution.

--a New Jersey prisoner, Apr. 26, 1996

Letters of Protest can be sent to:
State of New Jersey Dept. of Corrections, Albert C. Wagner Youth
Correctional Facility, PO Box 500 Ward Ave, Bordentown, NJ 08505. 
Clerk: W. Guest.

Dear MIM,

I'd like to inform you that I am no longer allowed to receive your 
publications, by reason of retaliation. The prison has stopped me 
from receiving MIM Notes....

These actions are due to another prisoner's suit that has not yet 
been to court/trial yet regarding the prevention of receiving 
anti-right/capitalist publications (at the prison).

I enjoyed MIM Notes and appreciate the news that you provided 
through MIM Notes. Thank you much. 

In struggle,
--an Iowa prisoner, Apr. 29, 1996.

Letters of protest can be sent to:
Iowa State Penitentiary, PO Box 316, Fort Madison, IA 52627.


Dear Comrades, your letters from Under Lock & Key in the Mid-April 1996, 
issue #112, I saw myself. I am the person that one of my comrades 
wrote about....The one doing two years ad-seg time for a bag of 
chips!! ["South Dakota: Passing Snacks equals two years ad-seg 

As you probably already know, this was only a cover excuse to lock 
me down.

My problems started in late July of 1995. When I was lifting 
weights. As my comrade said, I am a fairly large man and had done 
a lot of time on the iron pile.

An accident happened and 550 pounds fell on me, squashing me like 
a bug into the pavement. As a result of this accident I have two 
herniated discs that I know of. I have been refused even the 
simplest of treatments. It has been nine months now and I haven't 
even gotten a complete x-ray of my back.

Since the accident, I've been forced to live with the pain. Pain 
so bad that at times I've had to crawl around on my belly like a 
snake to get to the john. At one time the pain was so bad that 
every time I moved a certain way I passed out.... 

When I was able to make my way to Health Services to see the 
"Tylenol Technicians" and report my problems and the pain I was 
having, I was placed in Disciplinary Segregation.

Twenty minutes after seeing Health Service, I loaned a Brother-at-
arms a bag of chips! Boom! That was their excuse to throw me in 
the hole. 

I had been speaking out against the Health Services and the 
administration felt I was a threat to the security, but they had 
nothing to lock me up for. This is their "valid" reason to deny me 
medical attention and give me the proper treatment I need. 

If I am housed in the administrative segregation of the prison, 
which I am, then I am a security risk and not allowed to see the 
doctors like the general population.

I am in with the Death Row inmates and treated the same as, if not 
worse than any of them. For borrowing a bag of chips! My only 
crime in here or violation of their petty rules is having a voice 
against the wrongs I see, and helping out fellow brothers down on 
their luck.

Well that is about it here. Keep up with the good work you guys 
are doing and may the powers that wish to repress you Fall!!

--a South Dakota prisoner, Apr. 26, 1996 

P.S. My medical condition has not improved and as of Apr. 17, the 
day of my ad-seg review, I am still officially an unstable 
individual and security risk to the prison. I was told to do my 
two years in ad- seg.


Dear comrades,

I was really happy to hear from you and to have received my issues 
of MIM Notes. I'm very sorry that I have taken so long in replying 
to you. 

But I really have been going through some changes because of the 
"X" in my name. It is a political thing here in this prison. Since 
I have taken up the "X" in my name, prison officials have branded 
me a Communist, radical etc.

But through it all I remain strong in the struggle and will never 
give up. I had a talk with the warden and he has informed me that 
I may still receive my issues of MIM Notes as long as I remove the 
"X" from my name.

So please remove the "X" from my name, so I can keep getting my 
issues of MIM Notes. And know that I am always with you. Always in 
the struggle. 

--a Tennessee prisoner, Apr. 25, 1996


Dear friends,

...I have been seriously thinking of means to knock the prison 
industry off its foundation. And the only way I can see it, is for 
prisoners to quit working for UNICOR [Federal prison industries -- 
MIM]. This would have to be a plan implemented through out all the 
U.S. prisons. I'm sure that the results would be devastating to 
the prisons themselves in six months or less.

Prisoners would have to gradually quit the UNICOR. Unfortunately 
the ones who are paying for incarceration, assessment, FRP, etc., 
would be hit the worst. They could be subjected to segregation, 
put on refusal status, or face being shipped to another facility. 
But you could only do this with so many prisoners. Mass shipment 
to me is highly unlikely especially with the prison space growing 
more scarce each day.

The prisoner would also have to use a backup buddy system. The 
backup friend, if you can find someone you trust, would receive 
money on their account, small amounts, to buy for that friend his 
personal needs at the commissary. If a person tried to stock up on 
many items before quitting UNICOR, if that person was to be 
shipped, they would lose everything, since everything is now being 
shipped home to your family. We have been receiving many women 
from other institutions and their attempts to stock up on items 
and clothing has backfired. 

I realize that this would cause a lot of hardship for people. But 
as I see it, it would be a temporary setback, for a short time, in 
comparison to the many years that many prisoners have received on 
petty drug charges. I feel strongly that this plan will work. We 
need to pull together and knock the wheels off and take the money 
out of this slave labor operation.

Crack the foundation of the prison drug war. Quit UNICOR.

--a West Virginia prisoner, Mar. 18, 1996 


**Below is a Policy Bulletin from Vaughn Jackson, Captain at South 
Carolina Department of
"Corrections"' Kirkland "Correctional" Institution, to all Maximum 
Security Unit (MSU) prisoners:** 

"MSU is experiencing a shortage of toilet paper in the unit. This 
is occurring because the toilet paper is not being used for what 
it is designed for. The paper is being wasted by cleaning the 
sink, and wiping the cell down instead of one's backside.

"Effective Sunday 2/11/96 - 2 rolls of toilet paper will be issued 
to you. If you don't have any tissue. If you have one roll you 
will be issued one. If you have 2 rolls you will be issued none. 
If by chance you need more during the week, you must fill out a 
request form,
"--Signed, Captain V. Jackson, Feb. 7, 1996." 

RCG1 responds,

This "correctional" institution is punishing prisoners for trying 
to clean their sinks and cells with the only materials available 
to them, "because the toilet paper is not being used for what it 
is designed for." The pigs re punishing prisoners for the pigs' 
own failure to provide prisoners with the necessary and desired 
cleaning supplies. 


...While prison officials are not censoring material such as the 
MIM Notes, they are stealing legal documents with the same 
objective in mind: to keep the truth from as many as possible, to 
attempt to frustrate and discourage those willing to stand and 
fight by any means available, etc.

These prison officials allege that three pounds of legal documents 
sent to me on July 11, 1995 were misplaced (lost) due to a medical 
emergency. I say that is bullshit. But the United States District 
Court thinks that what said prison officials state is up to par 
and have dismissed my lawsuit as being moot....This shows the 
degree to which these pigs will go....

In struggle,
--a Maryland prisoner, Feb. 29, 1996


...Yes, the guards are corrupt. I remember one time three weeks 
ago where two inmates got into a fight, one was Caucasian and one 
was Black. The white inmate never got a chance to hit the Black 
inmate. But when they were taken to the hole, the Black inmates' 
face looked as if he was hit repeatedly in the face with five 
pound dumbbells....

Last week a Black inmate informed a guard that he felt an 
epileptic seizure coming on and need to see the doctor. The guard 
said, "that's too bad," and he said the inmate would have to write 
a note to the clinic and see the doctor tomorrow. At that moment, 
the inmate fell to the ground, eyes in the back of his head and 
shaking convulsively, meaning he started having a seizure.

The media does not cover these things. Why? because prison doesn't 
allow surprises. They know ahead of time who is coming to visit 
the concentration camp, and therefore, make preparations so 
everything seems just like it does when you are on the outside 
looking in. Inside prison, the prisoners are slaves, the warden is 
the slave master, the guards are the overseers, the jobs are the 
product that we slave over.

In prison one makes 25 cents an hour, some much less. This prison 
has contract with big
corporations. We make sofas, chairs, desks, nightstands, etc. for 
a quarter an hour. Then they are sold in stores for hundreds of 
dollars, but you wouldn't know this because you're on the outside. 
You probably don't believe that prisoners are slaves, but doesn't 
it make sense? I mean, we are treated like dogs. Matter of fact, 
if we were treated like dogs, it would be much better. 

But for those who refuse to believe that slavery still exists in 
the United Snakes of Amerikkka, the Thirteenth Amendment of the of 
the United Snakes Constitution states: Section 1- "Neither slavery 
nor involuntary servitude, EXCEPT as a punishment for crime 
whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist 
within the United States or any place subject to their 

Prison is wrong. It in no way helps an individual to stop 
committing crimes, but the opposite. Slavery is wrong....

--a Michigan prisoner, Apr. 5, 1996


If i could i would reach out
and touch the burning sun

i would glide across the moon
in slow motion...then run

i would gather up all my family
members under one roof

And share with them Afrikan
culture & stories that some
have forsook

At the wave of my hand i would
rid the crack from the ghetto

And i would reach out to the
Motherland and pull her under
my feet

i would chase uncle sam until
the murderer had tired

Place a tire around his neck
and set it on fire

Arrest oppression and continue
to educate to liberate

Break the prison gates for the
politically conscious prisoners'

And if i could i would bring
back all the great Afrikan
martyrs and encourage them to
lead the way

And allow our youth to enjoy
the beginnings of a new day

--an Indiana prisoner, Nov. 7, 1995. In memory of Ajamu M. Nassor 
8/12/51 - 12/8/94


...On Nov. 14, 1992, I was attacked and injured by [prison guards] 
Arthur Pina and Robert Vela. I was struck in the head and body, 
brutally lifted from the ground and dropped head first into the 
concrete floor during the conquest of these two attackers. 

I was injured and in great pain, to the point of mental shock to 
my mind. Also during this attack I was afraid and in fear for my 
life as well as permanent health, as both attackers verbally made 
known their intent to do such.

Not only did both attackers isolate me, but further caused serious 
mental stress and anguish by threatening to take my life and 
injure me further if I spoke a word of my attack to anyone. At 
which time, others arrived to aid.

Arthur Pina is a prison officer who out of personal interest and 
deliberate intent, attacked me. He attacked me in retaliation for 
a past conflict which was stopped by a warden due to my family's 
as well as my own complaints about his daily abuse. 

He has conspired with one Robert Vela to risk my life. I believe 
he has also attempted to take my life and intentionally cause 
serious bodily injury to me. Both to intimidate and punish me for 
"bad faith" and personal gain. Not only because of the out-of-duty 
actions against me, but also to ensure other friends of his attack 
and injure me. Because of his status and the intentional 
premeditated and trumped up story and investigation which he and 
Robert Vela used to hide the attack yet at the same time having 
me, after seeking help, attacked by several other of their 

Both of these attackers are shielding and falsely applying 
information to the records and going to find other friends who 
weren't present to write up incident statements.

But sworn to other officials on such, to insure me being locked 
away and isolated from witnesses and aid thereof because of the 
attacked nature and actions, treatments, punishments by others as 
well as other retaliation.

I've suffered mental anguish, physical abuse, segregation and lose 
of property, in which due to constant fear for my life I've been 
placed in such terror. To where I'm under psychiatric care and 
medication and constant counseling with weekly treatment, and 
daily fear for my life and safety. 

--a Texas prisoner, Mar. 5, 1996


Dear comrades,

I'm sending you a copy of the McCollum Report [Bill McCollum, U.S. 
Representative, Eighth District-- Florida, Campaign Newsletter--
MIM]. But best of all, I've posted through the Federal Security 
with evidence that Congressperson McCollum is violating the law by 
using prison labor in our print plant, a UNICOR Federal Prison 
Institute, to print newsletters for his political campaign. 
Friends, I am for the cause.

I can not risk mailing this to the press myself. Enclosed is a 
mail tag. The political campaign mails tags and prints transmittal 
forms showing the cost of the slave labor where federal inmates 
are printing for his political campaign. He is against Habeas 
Corpus and wants the death sentences carried out.

Please see that you print this and mail copies to CBS, NBC, or any 
newspaper which will print this. Federal prisons are working for 
the Congressman's political gain. This is the type of evidence the 
press is crying for. I could trust no one else to get the news out 
to the public. This information is high on the list of our 
struggle. These documents must get into the hands of the press.

--a Virginia prisoner, Apr. 16, 1996

MIM replies: We do not agree that the corporate media "is crying 
for" chances to expose corruption in Amerikkka's federal prison 
system. Instead, we build MIM Notes as an independent tool of the 
oppressed. Thanks for writing.

* * *


As we go to press, MIM has foiled a police plot conducted in the 
leadership of the "MPP-USA," which stands for Popular Movement of 
Peru, U.S.A. branch. In May, the misleaders of the "MPP-USA" made 
the public mistake on the INTERNET of calling for the overthrow of 
Luis Arce Borja, the editor of El Diario International and a 
genuine leader in the People's War in Peru, most known for 
interviewing comrade Gonzalo at length in a famous PCP document 
that MIM has been distributing for some years now. 

A year ago, MIM sent a message to the PCP (Communist Party of Peru 
or "Sendero Luminoso") through possibly defective channels to tell 
it that at least one of the leaders of the "MPP-USA" was a cop and 
that another one or two people had serious problems of honesty. 
MIM stopped reprinting New Flag articles in Maoist Sojourner and 
adopted a policy of total silence on the New Flag. We waited for a 
PCP reply in the meantime. Many honest people criticized MIM for 
adopting silence on the New Flag in the year from May, 1995 to 
May, 1996. 

MIM does not know how the PCP handled what MIM is trying to tell 
it, but a centrist Peruvian sojourner did get MIM's message 
without taking it seriously. Finally, on May 1st, 1996, various 
centrist and wavering elements working with the infiltrator leader 
of the "MPP-USA" received some information that started them 
wondering. Previously, they had all been working together on the 
"Marxism List" to set up a pole of support for the People's War in 
Peru--all in fact following the MPP-USA leaders in denouncing MIM.

On that day, a person in Malmoe, Sweden noticed that someone 
working for the revisionist Co-RIM (Committee of the Revolutionary 
Internationalist Movement) was distributing leaflets against Luis 
Arce Borja. This started a chain of events which caused the "MPP-
USA" leaders going by the name of"Luis Quispe" to attack various 
wavering, centrist and honest proletarian elements in the movement 
to support the People's War in Peru.

On May 3, "Luis Quispe" started a provocation by asking if someone 
in his own camp was a "a plant of the intelligence services"? The 
suddenness of this change of opinion shows in that weeks earlier, 
Quispe was trying to defend the same person in the camp to MIM. On 
May 10th, a bogus Maoist in Detroit spoke for the New Flag against 
Luis Arce Borja, and said to Luis Arce Borja that he should just 
learn to live with the idea that no one will support his Worldwide 
Mobilization Call (WMC) to support the People's War in Peru (see 
reprint of the WMC in this issue).

Yet, on May 11th, a New Flag supporter rose to call for self-
criticism from "Luis Quispe." Another New Flag supporter started 
referring to the New Flag as "lumpen"-led. At that time, some 
information about the financial support for the New Flag leader 
from pro-Cuban revisionists arose.

As of May 12, the centrist leader of the camp opposing New Flag 
leaders admitted he had only convinced two people of the error of 
their ways. At that time, he made a point of saying he was 
unwilling to "cry wolf" and call the MPP-USA leaders cops.

However, on May 15th, rhetoric heated up and lines started to 
harden. Another Maoist sympathizer lined up with Quispe, but so 
did a die-hard Trotskyist fool who criticizes all alliances. (He 
is the type who should note his collaboration with the bourgeoisie 
for having a bank account.) Quispe started becoming bolder, 
calling for the overthrow of Luis Arce Borja. Later he called Luis 
Arce Borja a "traitor" and said the "proof" was that Luis Arce 
Borja never distributed PCP documents from 1994 to 1996.

A little over a week later, MIM pointed out that Luis Arce Borja's 
job was never mainly to circulate PCP documents, and that was true 
in the years before 1994 as well. Quispe was simply trying to fool 
the newer supporters of the People's War who didn't know that Luis 
Arce Borja is a journalist first and foremost.

On May 22, we have a response from Quispe about MIM's stand, and 
from then on the battle-lines became increasingly clear. On the 
one hand is someone who called for the split of MPPs (ordered by 
Quispe not to support the WMC) and the overthrow of Luis Arce 
Borja for no new reasons of any political importance. On the other 
hand, we had the camp that recognized that Quispe was someone who 
had infiltrated the movement after the arrest of Gonzalo, at a bad 
moment for the PCP. Quispe had gained credentials by doing 
translating work and editing of the New Flag. Now he was using 
them to gather information on a wide variety of
organizations in imperialist North America, including Committees 
of Correspondence, CP-USA, SWP, PLP, WWP, RCP and MIM--while 
claiming to be buddy-buddy with all of them, unlike anything the 
real PCP would do.

It came to light that Quispe fabricated the positions of MIM for 
his own purposes, and created documents out of thin air for 
several people not in MIM, including CP-USA. For this kind of 
reason, MIM said it was important for the supporters of the 
People's War abroad to break with people like Quispe, whether they 
claimed to have PCP authorization or not. The PCP is not able to 
see everything that goes on abroad and so it's real supporters 
can't just sit back and watch its supposed representatives do 
things they hide from the PCP back home. People in the camp to 
support the People's War in Peru started to realize that despite 
our fundamental political differences, having cops in our midst 
could only cloud everything we were arguing over and that we had 
to unite to throw cops out, and then thrash out our differences 
and maybe even split over real (as opposed to cop-instigated) 
issues. For this purpose, the centrist leader spoke of MIM as part 
of "revolutionary unity." To unite with people even in revisionist 
organizations, MIM distinguished between "cops wearing revisionist 
masks" and revisionists.

There are many, many small things we should learn to overlook in 
each other for the purposes of unity in this movement and others. 
When it comes to fabricating positions, fabricating documents, 
double-dealing for the purposes of setting groups trying to 
support the People's War against each other while claiming to be 
for both by word-of- mouth and for gathering intelligence--at that 
point we have to say, such a person is a fraud, not a 
representative of the PCP. Then we must find a way to let the PCP 
know the damage caused but also the tempering experience gained 
from such struggle. 

As we go to press, MIM is happy to report that new converts have 
been won to the cause of smashing the police plot and only one 
person in the last week was remaining willing to put in a 
paragraph supporting Quispe. Some went so far as to say we should 
all ignore Quispe and continue talking about things like the 
national bourgeoisie, the labor aristocracy and theory issues 
generally, because "no one could possibly take him seriously." 

There remains much work to be done to crush the police plot in the 
"MPP-USA" however. This "MPP- USA" gained political prestige by 
working with MIM circles and among other supporters of the Peoples 
War in Peru and has done extensive work to infiltrate these 
circles, starting in 1993 by use of sugar-coated bullets. In fact, 
in 1994, Quispe named MIM a member of the "red fraction of RIM," 
which is the highest honor the PCP can bestow on MIM from the 
PCP's own political view. Fortunately, MIM never quite believed 
this character 100 percent, and discovered him as caught up in a 
host of un-Maoist activities, including denouncing MIM as 
"counterrevolutionary" when he needed to depending on what 
audience he was speaking to. 

MIM's Party Congress approaches this summer. MIM is already 
looking for greetings, ideological challenges and suggestions for 
its program for the middle-classes--semi-proletarians and petty- 

Now MIM would also like to hear from our comrades everywhere 
supporting the WMC and MIM's line. From our point of view, the 
main task of the WMC is to clear away some debris blocking the 
movement to support the People's War and also to be heard by the 
PCP-CC and then to follow the PCP-CC. Already the call has 
resulted in uncovering a major police plot lasting at least three 
years which was confusing the world's movement to support the 
People's War in Peru. More details will be forthcoming in Maoist 

If the only thing the WMC does is to mobilize the masses to carry 
through in clearing out the police plot and raise our voices in 
support of the PCP so that it knows it does have supporters 
abroad, despite the confusion cops have sown, then the WMC will 
have justified its existence as far as MIM is concerned. If we 
succeed in globally mobilizing people with the proletarian line of 
Marxism- Leninism-Maoism on questions of classes and international 
organization, the WMC may have a very bright future indeed.

(To reach the "Marxism List" with Netscape or some such browser, 
do an INTERNET search for "Marxism List." To reach it by gopher, 
go to under public discussions lists 
under "spoons.")

* * *


by MCB52

Back in 1984, Western soldiers returned from Vietnam won a $240 
million settlement for harms caused by Agent Orange. Soldiers sent 
from southern Korea, however, were not included in the suit and 
are still struggling for some compensation for their suffering as 
a result of Amerikan brutality. 

Amerikans have been aware for quite some time of the harms caused 
by defoliants used during the Vietnam War. But the extreme 
censorship under repressive military dictators in southern Korea 
has left those suffering from health problems including skin 
diseases, urological disorders, birth defects, and soft-tissue 
cancers in the dark until very recently.

Agent Orange was an herbicide sprayed on the forests of Vietnam in 
the late 1960s with the intention of destroying the foliage that 
hid communist troops from imperialist troops. In a spraying 
operation known as "Operation Range Hand," the US dumped more than 
a 11 million gallons of the poison on that tiny country. Its use 
was discontinued in 1971, but not before causing untold disease 
for Vietnamese people and the soldiers fighting there.

The country of "South Korea" was created by the United States 
following the Korean War fought to quell the communist revolution 
in Korea. This constructed country sent 312,000 troops to fight 
against the communist revolution in Vietnam. These troops 
constituted the second-largest foreign contingent in Vietnam, but 
those veterans were left out of the 1984 settlement for Agent 
Orange victims from the US, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. 

The right-wing newsmagazine *Far Eastern Economic Review* says "It 
isn't clear why the South Koreans were left out of the original 
settlement or why most veterans were not included in [the] 1984 
class action suit." What that magazine chooses to ignore is the 
fact that puppets of the US do not make demands of their boss. 
Korean people are not deemed worth of compensation by Amerika, 
which poisons them in innumerable ways on a constant basis through 
its companies' destruction of their environment.

The legal means Agent Orange sufferers are now using have 
successfully gained some health services from their government, 
but if they want real justice and freedom from poison they will 
have to overthrow imperialist domination entirely. MIM would focus 
on the suffering of the Vietnamese people who deserve compensation 
for the destruction of their health as well as their country. 
Agent Orange is just one example of the imperialists blatant 
disregard for human life and suffering. The Amerikan empire owes 
huge blood debts around the world and these debts will only be 
paid when imperialism has been overthrown.

NOTES: Far Eastern Economic Review, May 9, 1996, p. 30.

* * *


Military police in the state of Para, Brazil, fired on 2000 
peasants demonstrating for land reform on April 17, killing 23. 
The victims were members of the Movimento Sem Terra (Movement of 
Landless Peasants or MST). The Brazilian governmentŐs own 
investigator concluded that the victims were specifically targeted 
because of their organizing activities and executed.

Militant peasant organizations from around the world denounced the 
massacre. The Second International Conference of Via Campesina, 
with delegates from 40 countries, released the following 

"Once again, violence and assassinations are being used by the 
government in response to the just demands millions of landless 
farmers in Brazil, where land is more concentrated than 
practically anywhere else in the world. Barely 1% of rural 
landowners are in possession of 46% of the land, while 90% of all 
landholders possess less than 20% of all property. Furthermore, 
only a little more than 50% of all arable land is under 
cultivation, while some five million families of agricultural 
workers are landless.

"Since the concentration of land ownership brings with it the 
concentration of economic and political power, Brazil suffers from 
permanent conflicts between the landholding minority and the 
majority of the population, which has led to an unleashing of 
violence against rural women and men who are struggling to 
democratize the land."

MIM agrees with this analysis and would only add that Amerikan 
imperialism has an interest in defending the economic and 
political status quo in Brazil-in fact, Amerikan imperialism is 
responsible for the status quo. On the one hand, Amerikan 
agribusiness companies are themselves large landowners, exploit 
BrazilŐs natural resources and farmers, and depend on the 
political support of the large Brazilian landlords; on the other 
hand, Amerikan industrial concerns can hire the expanding "surplus 
population" very cheaply.

Amerikan imperialists also frankly admit that militarization of 
the Brazilian state and the repression of the masses are necessary 
to create a "stable investment climate." The CIA designed the 
fascist tactics of the Brazilian Military Police-- which include 
torture, "disappearances," and random terror--during the 1960s and 
70s, when Brazil was ruled by an Amerikan-backed military 
government. U.S. puppet regimes like the Philippines and El 
Salvador later implemented these tactics as well. 

The Peasant Movement of the Philippines (KMP) and the May First 
Movement (KMU) also denounced the massacre. The KMP and KMU are 
legal mass movements of peasants and workers respectively working 
to free the Philippines from the shackles of U.S. imperialism.

NOTE: Associated Press, April 24, 1996.

* * *


by MCB52

Since 1989, a new wave of terrorist attacks has struck Black 
churches across the South. One organization, the Center for 
Democratic Renewal, documents 57 cases of arson or serious 
vandalism at Black churches since January 1990. Half-ass and 
inadequate Federal investigations have been accompanied by the 
participation of Federal investigators in racist gatherings with 
local law enforcement. Though a couple of the overt racists were 
dismissed from the case, dozens remain. And the very notion that 
the United Snakes is solving the crimes against the oppressed is 
suspect as they deny the nature of the attacks as instruments of 
national oppression.

The head of the Congressional Judiciary Committee in charge of the 
investigations, Henry Hyde, says he is unsure whether the attacks 
are of a "racial" character. "You know, burning churches can be a 
statement by people who are angry at God, not necessarily trying 
to send a message to the parishioners or the pastor," he said.(1) 
He ignores the many cases which prove otherwise, for example the 
presence on a back door of a burned church the painted words: "Die 
Nigger Die!" and "White Is Right."(2) But Hyde invited plenty of 
white groups to testify at the Congressional hearing, for example 
the Kkkristian Coalition, and he excluded prominent Black groups 
like the National Council of Churches.(1) This shows his complete 
denial of the national character of the burnings. If the burnings 
are not anti-Black, why have no white churches been targeted?

Liberals have one response to that question. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery, 
president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, said: 
"We're not surprised by the feeble response to the church 
burnings. It just represents the 51st state in this nation: the 
state of denial."(3) What he fails to understand is the material 
basis of that denial: national oppression. The Amerikan government 
and the white-supremacist arsons are on the same side. 

Revolution for national liberation is the only way such violence 
against oppressed nation people will end. Malcolm X stated in 
1963; "How are you going to be nonviolent in Mississippi, as 
violent as you were in Korea? How can you justify being nonviolent 
in Mississippi and Alabama, when your churches are being bombed, 
and your little girls are being murdered, and at the same time you 
are going to get violent with Hitler, and Tojo, and somebody else 
you don't even know?

"If violence is wrong in America, violence is wrong abroad. If it 
is wrong to be violent defending Black women and Black children 
and Black babies and Black men, then it is wrong for America to 
draft us and make us violent abroad in defense of her. And if it 
is right for America to draft us, and teach us how to be violent 
in defense of her, then it is right for you and me to do whatever 
is necessary to defend our own people right here in this 

Falling far short of a revolutionary analysis, Jesse Jackson and 
other liberals are raising criticism of the Federal investigation. 
"There's a clear pattern and practice now, and there's not the 
vigorous pursuit of these arsonist terrorists that we deserve," he 
said.(1) MIM does not cheer-lead the investigators and urge them 
to do their job "better." Jackson is useful for exposing the 
hypocrisy of the United Snakes supposed devotion to "justice for 
all," but fails to understand that equal justice is not possible 
under imperialism. 

The alliance between the Federal government and the arsonists has 
been illustrated in this case by the conduct of the investigators 
in the South. Federal officials admit that twelve of the Federal 
agents now investigating arsons at Black churches in the South 
attended one or more of the annual "Good Ol' Boy Roundups," where 
even they admit that "racist" activities "sometimes" occurred.(5)

Two of the agents were symbolically removed, but what of the rest 
of them?(2) And what about the other racist scum who are 
conducting the investigation? There will be no real resolution to 
these crimes against the people until the people have their own 
courts and their own power of sanction.

1. The New York Times, May 21, 1996, p. 12. 2. Los Angeles Times, 
May 5, 1996, p. 1. 3. The New York Times, May 22, 1996, p. 14. 4. 
Malcolm X, Message to the Grass Roots, Nov. 10, 1963, Detroit, 
printed in Malcolm X speaks, George Breitman, ed., Grove 
Weidenfeld New York, 1990 p. 7-8.
5. The San Francisco Examiner, April 3, 1996, p. A- 13.

* * *


The Bagong Alyansang Makabayan or BAYAN (New Patriotic Alliance), 
a multisectoral alliance of people's organizations in the 
GLOBALIZATION on November 18-23 in Manila to counterpoint the 
Fourth Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leader's Meeting, 
which will be held November 25 in Subic Bay Freeport, site of the 
former u.s. naval base.

APEC represents Amerikan imperialism's attempt to consolidate its 
control in the Asia-Pacific region, which is the number one export 
market for the United Snakes. APEC pushes neo-liberal "free trade" 
policies, which leave Asian-Pacific neo-colonies backward, non-
industrialized, and poor.

The theme of the BAYAN conference will be "Strengthen 
International Solidarity and Advance the People's Struggle against 
Imperialism." It will highlight Third World peoples' continuing 
struggle against U.S. imperialism and will be a venue for anti-
imperialist organizations and individuals to learn from each 
other's experiences and struggles and identify areas of 

For more information, please contact:

People's Conference Secretariat
Attn: Dayling Java, coordinator
Rm. 214, FMSG Bldg., 1823 E. Rodriguez Ave. corner New York St., 
Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

* * *


"Oppose APEC and Imperialist Globalization: Land, Food, Jobs, and 
Freedom for the Toiling Masses of the Soil!"

Imperialist policies like liberalization, import- dependency, and 
export specialization have resulted in massive unemployment, 
chronic food crises, landlessness, the displacement of peasants, 
environmental destruction, and political rights abuses. The Asia-
Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a tool and symbol of these 

imperialism's offensive to conquer the world. 

STRENGTHEN LINKAGES with genuine anti-imperialist peasant 
organizations and people's movements and carry forward the 
struggle for a truly free, just, and democratic world.

PARTICIPATE in an historic international conference: The Anti-
Imperialist World Peasant Summit (AIWPS) will be attended by 
delegates from peasant movements and organizations in Asia, Latin 
America, Africa, as well as solidarity
organizations from Europe and North America. The program includes 
presentations and discussions on imperialist globalization and its 
effects on agriculture, the political and ideological offensives 
of imperialism, and case studies of peoples' resistance movements 
from around the world.

November 10-12, 1996
Quezon City, Philippines

For more information, contact:

AIWPS Convenors
c/o KMP
18 Alley 1 Road 6, Project 6
Quezon City, Philippines
Telefax: (632) 926-7449

The AIWPS was convened by the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas 
(KMP, the Peasant Movement of the Philippines), the All Nepal 
Peasant Association (ANPA), the Bangladesh Agricultural Union 
(BALU), the Bangladesh Agricultural Farm Labor Federation (BAFLF), 
the Asia Peasant Women Network (APWN), and the Movimento dos 
Trabalhadores Rurais sem Terra. 

## ## ### ## ## MAOIST INTERNATIONALIST MOVEMENT # # # # # # # 
P.O. BOX 3576 ANN ARBOR MI 48106 # # ### # # ---- 
[email protected] -----

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