This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
Maoist Internationalist Movement

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MIM Notes 120	AUGUST 15, 1996

MIM Notes speaks to and from the viewpoint of the world's 
oppressed majority, and against the imperialist-patriarchy. Pick 
it up and wield it in the service of the people. support it, 
struggle with it and write for it.



* * *


The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) is a revolutionary 
communist party that upholds Marxism- Leninism-Maoism, comprising 
the collection of existing or emerging Maoist internationalist 
parties in the English-speaking imperialist countries and their 
English-speaking internal semi- colonies, as well as the existing 
or emerging Spanish-speaking Maoist internationalist parties of 
Aztlan, Puerto Rico and other territories of the U.S. Empire. MIM 
Notes is the newspaper of MIM. Notas Rojas is the newspaper of the 
Spanish- speaking parties or emerging parties of MIM. 

MIM is an internationalist organization that works from the 
vantage point of the Third World proletariat; thus, its members 
are not Amerikans, but world citizens.
MIM struggles to end the oppression of all groups over other 
groups: classes, genders, nations. MIM knows this is only possible 
by building public opinion to seize power through armed struggle. 

Revolution is a reality for North America as the military becomes 
over-extended in the government's attempts to maintain world 

MIM differs from other communist parties on three main questions: 
(1) MIM holds that after the proletariat seizes power in socialist 
revolution, the potential exists for capitalist restoration under 
the leadership of a new bourgeoisie within the communist party 
itself. In the case of the USSR, the bourgeoisie seized power 
after the death of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao's 
death and the overthrow of the "Gang of Four" in 1976. (2) MIM 
upholds the Chinese Cultural Revolution as the farthest advance of 
communism in human history. (3) MIM believes the North American 
white-working-class is primarily a non-
revolutionary worker-elite at this time; thus, it is not the 
principal vehicle to advance Maoism in this country.

MIM accepts people as members who agree on these basic principles 
and accept democratic centralism, the system of majority rule, on 
other questions of party line.
"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is universally 
applicable. We should regard it not as dogma, but as a guide to 
action. Studying it is not merely a matter of learning terms and 
phrases, but of learning Marxism-Leninism as the science of 
-- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208 


by MC206

On July 18, the Dutch Ministry of Justice notified Prof. Jose 
Maria Sison that it had decided to expel him and gave Prof. Sison 
four weeks to leave the country.(1) Prof. Sison is currently the 
chief political advisor for the National Democratic Front of the 
Philippines (NDF) in its negotiations with the Republic of the 
Philippines and was the founding chairperson of the Communist 
Party of the Philippines (CPP). He has lived in exile since 1988.

The Dutch Ministry of Justice called Prof. Sison a "terrorist" and 
accused him of several crimes he supposedly committed while being 
held in solitary confinement by the Marcos government. These vague 
and untrue charges are based on falsified and secret "evidence" 
supplied by the Amerikan and Philippine governments.(2)

The decision by the Ministry of Justice contradicts earlier 
decisions by the Dutch Council of State, which gave Prof. Sison 
"political refugee" status. Prof. Sison is currently appealing the 
expulsion order, and his appeal effectively suspends the order.(3)

After the expulsion order was announced, Philippine president 
Ramos stated that Prof. Sison was welcome to return to the 
Philippines and offered him a place in the legislature.(4) Ramos 
is one of the main architects of the U.S.-sponsored "low intensity 
war" against the CPP, NDF, and the people of the Philippines.

Prof. Sison rejected both offers and called them "psychological 
warfare" (see press statement page 9). The U.S.-Ramos regime is 
vainly trying to move the negotiations with the NDF from the 
Netherlands to the Philippines, where it can more effectively spy 
on and harass the NDF negotiators. MIM also doubts the sincerity 
of Ramos' promises of safety for Prof. Sison, since the U.S.-Ramos 
regime already violated safety and immunity agreements it had 
signed with the NDF when it arrested Sotero Llamas last year. The 
Dutch Council of State also refuses to extradite Prof. Sison to 
the Philippines "for humanitarian reasons."(4)

Ramos' offers also inadvertently contradict the charges by the 
Dutch Ministry of Justice: Surely a "terrorist" would not be 
offered a seat in the legislature? Prof. Sison was arrested, 
heavily tortured, and detained for almost ten years by the Marcos 
dictatorship. President Aquino released Prof. Sison in 1986, but 
she canceled Prof. Sison's passport while he was abroad on a 
speaking tour in 1988. He applied for asylum in the Netherlands 
shortly after.

Send letters protesting the unjust decision of the Dutch Ministry 
of Justice to: The Ministry of Justice, Postbus 30127, GC S-
Gravenhage, The Netherlands.

* * *


by MC234 & MC206

On July 27, agreement was reached between hunger striking 
prisoners and the government of Turkey for improved prison 
conditions. Two thousand Turkish revolutionaries and 4,000 Kurdish 
took part in the hunger strike, and over 200 prisoners had pledged 
to hunger strike until death.(1) Twelve prisoners died in the 69-
day strike, and at least a hundred are in comas or critically 
injured. All demands of the prisoners were met.

Hunger strikers were protesting the transfer of roughly 100 
political prisoners to Eskisehir prison, 125 miles west of 
Ankara.(1) Prisoners also demanded an end to torture and beatings, 
and better access to legal defense and medical treatment. 

Eskisehir prison is a weapon of the Turkish state against the 
political organizing of prisoners. As one revolutionary Turk wrote 
on the Marxism list (an Internet discussion group): "Political 
prisoners actually control much of what goes on inside the wards. 
Yes, there is torture, there is indiscriminate killings. But, 
still the political prisoners continue to live a collective, 
political existence inside the prisons. They learn, they educate 
and teach to and from each other. In the words of the Minister of' 
Justice, Kazan, 'Prisons are Terrorist Education Institutes.' He 
went from interview to interview today, explaining: 'If we give in 
to their demands, they will just remain as militant, and they will 
continue to inflict all the prison population. If we don't move 
them all to the 'anti-terrorism' Prison in Eskisehir, we are just 
letting the next generation to take root. So, we have to stop 
them. We will intervene'.

"Now, intervention is no easy thing. They will kill hundreds if 
they intervene. The prisoners have barricades inside the prisons. 
For example, Bayrampasa Prison, the center of attention, has a 
350m corridor that is 7m wide that all the doors of the wards of 
political prisoners open to. They can't enter that corridor now. 
They will not be able to enter it without a big fight. This means 
more deaths, these people have been on a hunger- strike for 68 
days. The Minister claims 'They have cell-phones, faxes, their own 
medicine. They have their own rule book of how to behave, and they 
have their own representation system. They elect their own 
administrators, and they run the prisons. How do we let this go 

"Eskisehir is designed to put a stop to that. Single-cell layout 
is designed just for that. It has been about six years now they 
are trying to move prisoners into that prison. Each attempt has 
met with fierce resistance. They never managed it. They had to 
back down each time. This time they were really determined, but 
the prisoners were just as determined. This is about the most 
collective resistance since probably early 1980s, during the 
military coup. Many died then, but not a leaf was moving outside. 
Even the news wasn't getting out. Now, it affects everything."


Demonstrations in support of the prisoners were held across 
Turkey. According to the Anatolia News Agency, Kurdish 
revolutionaries set fire to a bus after emptying it of passengers 
in solidarity with the hunger striking prisoners.(1) The Turkish 
revolutionary on the Marxism list wrote: "The numbers in 
demonstrations reached a low in the third day after the deaths, 
because so many had been detained. Now, they are growing real 
fast. So, they detain thousands? Tens of thousands? Declare 
Martial Law?" He argued that the struggle of the political 
prisoners had a broad politicizing effect upon the masses while 
also bringing together different revolutionary organizations.

In response to the struggle by the revolutionaries, the government 
increased repressive measures against people both inside and 
outside the prisons. There have been reports that the Turkish 
government tried to chain prisoners hospitalized from the hunger 
strike in spite of a previous agreement that prohibited this 
action. The prisoners are well aware that they will have to 
continue their efforts to expose government treachery as they 
build up their revolutionary power.


Turkey is a neo-colony of Amerika and Germany, and the struggle of 
the Turkish and Kurdish masses is not just against their 
government, but against these imperialists. Germany is Turkey's 
largest trading partner, accounting for 15% of Turkey's exports 
and 18% of its imports. German tourists alone account for almost 
1% of Turkey's GDP.(2) 

The Amerikan government spent about $500 million in military aid 
to Turkey each year from 1988 to 1991. In 1988 Germany gave Turkey 
$45 million in military aid.(3) That's on top of Turkey's own 
military budget of $2-3.5 billion per year.

Turkey has one of the highest military spending rates of the 
countries in NATO, despite being one of the poorest.(2,3) NATO 
likes to think of the Turkish armed forces as "buffers" (read: 
cannon fodder).

Turkey occupies an important strategic position close to both the 
Middle East and the ex-Soviet Union. During the "Cold War," the 
United Snakes stationed nuclear weapons in Turkey and based much 
of its intelligence services there. There are listening posts near 
the center of Turkey-occupied Kurdistan, for example.(3) Now these 
military facilities are used to enforce the "new world order" in 
the Middle East.

Turkish fascism and militarism have been alternately encouraged 
and overlooked by these imperialist powers seeking to protect 
their interests. MIM hails this blow by the
revolutionaries against the lackeys of imperialism running the 
government of Turkey. The mass mobilization needed to achieve this 
victory and the ability of the revolutionaries to mobilize these 
people are both lessons and inspiration to our struggle.


1. Associated Press July 27, 1996.
2. World Economic Data, Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 1991, pp. 206-
3. Turkey Newsletter 3/89.
Also: DHKC information bureau Amsterdam
This story was written on July 31. Reliable 
information was several days older than this date.

* * *



Concerning the article: "Ojibwe protest sham election: Tribal 
dictator responds with violence." This is an excellent article 
about the dangers of casino gambling in any area of the country. 
Every American would surely want to know the results of this 
experiment. Is it working or not? If it's not working, then the 
government should put a stop to it, and not simply side with the 

-A reader in the East July 13, 1996.

MIM RESPONDS: Please see the correction in MIM Notes 119. MIM 
wrote a self-criticism for taking sides within the Ojibwe nation 
and portraying this struggle as the principal contradiction 
instead of exposing Amerikan imperialism. But we can address here 
why your conclusion that we oppose gambling is not correct. We 
have written extensively about gambling and its potential for 
economic self- sufficiency for First Nations. Much of it is summed 
up in MIM Theory 7: Proletarian Feminist Revolutionary 
Nationalism, available for $6. 

While gambling does not produce any value and its very 
profitability is a measure of its decadence, MIM does not oppose 
the First Nations setting up casinos on their land and inviting 
whites in to lose their money. Why does MIM support this First 
Nation capitalism, given that we are communists? First Nation's 
must build independent economic institutions. If gambling enables 
First Nations to achieve this type of independence the decadent 
nature of gambling turns into a method to strip the parasites of 
wealth once stolen from the First Nations. It would be reactionary 
to oppose national bourgeois development since First Nations exist 
in overwhelming capitalist encirclement and must build self-
reliance and independence from the
imperialists by any means. First Nation capitalism builds 
independent power and thus is progress. The national bourgeoisie 
can then be allies in the struggle against Amerikan imperialism.

As the articles in MIM Theory show, whether or not to open casinos 
is a bitter struggle within many First Nations. In particular, the 
contradiction is between the money brought in by casinos and the 
possibility that the nation will not have direct control of the 
profits from the casino or decisions made regarding it. How the 
casinos are run, and what type of casinos is a part of this 
struggle. We encourage you to read this journal and struggle with 
us over it.

We disagree with your conclusion that if gambling "is not working" 
that "the government," presumably the Amerikkkan government, 
should "put a stop to this." The First Nations should make their 
own decisions about how to develop, in whichever ways they see 
fit. Amerika has no more right to decide whether First Nations run 
casinos than it does to decide whether Germany does.


The June 10 issue of The Nation magazine, "In Fact..." section 
reprinted a correction MIM Notes ran in our February issue: 
..."Correction. On page 11 of MIM Notes 108 (January 1996) we 
wrote that MIM [Maoist International Movement] 'requires forever 
monogamy of our members.' This is incorrect. MIM upholds 
asexuality as the most advanced sexual practice under capitalism. 
We also have policies regarding divorce for spousal abuse." --"MIM 
Notes" 109 (February 1996).

MIM RESPONDS: The Nation credited this brilliant reporting to 
Marion Banzhaf, "MIM watcher". Any good "MIM watcher" wouldn't 
have lost the "ist" in Internationalist..

We took a while to notice this item in The Nation because the 
supposedly "left" weekly has become so meaningless to those who 
are still serious about progressive, radical change. It uses this 
blurb to mock us, presumably for taking sex seriously as part of 
gender and feminism, or for suggesting that the social relations 
of sex have a certain character under capitalism. (Or was it just 
so funny to have communists talking about sex?) 

If Banzhaf or The Nation would like to try a more developed 
criticism of our gender line-or if they wish to argue that 
analyzing gender is unnecessary- the pages of MIM Theory are open 
to their submissions. Write us at PO Box 3576, Ann Arbor MI 48106-
3576 or [email protected]


I'd just like to say I just ripped one of your signs off of a tree 
and I had a good laugh looking at it and then I had a very 
enjoyable long walk down the main street in Cambridge and ripped 
all the signs and threw them away and I noticed someone else had 
done that already on the other side of the street. Why don't you 
people take this whole thing seriously and listen to the debate? 
Have you paid any attention to the Weld/Kerry debate? You'd find 
out the honest truth about the man instead of hanging up your 
garbage all over the place. And if you have this meeting this 
coming week and no body shows up... [cut off by machine]July 17th, 

MIM RESPONDS: This message was in response to our poster "Don't 
vote for injustice" announcing an event which exposed the two 
Massachusetts candidates for US Senate, Weld and Kerry, as equally 
bad options on the questions of criminal injustice. The poster 
contained a lot of factual information about both Weld and Kerry's 
stands on prison issues. Weld, as governor, has obliterated 
education in prison and passed a $500 million bond issue for 
prison expansion. Kerry, as senator, voted for the 1994 Crime Bill 
which guts the rights of death row inmates to appeal and extends 
the death penalty from two to 58 offenses (while posing as anti-
death penalty).

MIM does not support either of these "choices" because we don't 
support imperialism or the criminal injustice system that supports 
it. Instead we work for justice for the oppressed of the world. We 
recognize that voting in one imperialist supporter or another will 
not change the system, imperialism has to be overthrown and this 
can only be done through revolution. Right now in this country we 
need to educate people and organize them to build independent 
power of the oppressed. 

We are forced to put posters on poles (we don't put them on trees) 
because we don't have access to advertising or bourgeois 
newspapers that come out daily so this is the only way we can 
inform people about our events. It is no surprise to us that 
someone who supports this democracy for the bourgeoisie, which is 
really a dictatorship over the proletariat of the world, would not 
even pretend to believe in free speech. Free speech in Amerika is 
only for those who can afford to buy it. This is why we need 
independent media and other independent institutions of the 

Someone who thinks they know the "honest truth" about Weld and 
Kerry is afraid of the facts in a MIM poster exposing their 
reactionary stands on the prison system and they are afraid of 
other people learning these facts and more by coming to our event. 
If the supporters of the bourgeoisie findour work so dangerous 
that they have to remove even the farce of free speech, we take 
this as encouragement that we are doing a good job of attacking 
and exposing our enemies.


**MIM received this letter describing the transfer of a prisoner 
from one prison to another** 

Hey MIM, Gosh did I have a terrible bus ride. It was torture! I 
was paired off with this religious fanatic who would go into these 
fuckin' fits everytime we passed a cemetery. He'd start stampin 
his feet (mind you my right leg is chained to his left leg) 
chanting and praying in Spanish and English, crossing his heart, 
kissin his rosary beads, clappin his hands and carrying on. I 
tried to let him know how annoying that shit is, and is there 
anyway he could keep that to himself, especially since our legs is 
cuffed to one another and every time he stamps his feet the leg 
cuffs cuts into my ankle and that shit hurts like hell. 

All I said was in vain. The next cemetery we passed he began one 
of his fits again. So I bent down and yanked the shit out of his 
leg chain. Now that shut him up. It's like I yanked him right out 
of his fit. He just stared at me like I committed the worst sin on 
the planet.

I thought that was the end of it, but I was wrong. Me and my 
bright ideas got me into some deeper shit. He pulls out his pocket 
bible and begins to read it in a low voice. He closes it and looks 
at me and starts tellin' me how I need Jesus and God in my life 
and I need to get rid of the bad spirits within me. I tell him I'm 
not interested but he keeps on. So we gets into a big argument. I 
cuss his ass out along with God, Jesus, that slut the "Virgin" 
Mary, Moses, Adam, Eve, Matthew, Mark, Luke and everybody else I 
could think of that's in the bible.

So he pulls out his bible and starts reading real loud "Devil get 
thee behind me". Now I'm pissed off beyond explanation and I knock 
the bible out of his hand onto the floor and starts spitting and 
stompin it. As soon as we get off the bus I snuff the shit out of 
him and we start fighting. They break us up and separate us. Thank 
goodness! But just my luck I get paired off to this other nasty 
muthafucka! He smell like he shat on himself. He tried to speak to 
me and his breath was awful. I just held my breath and nodded my 
head. I thought he was gonna shut up but he just kept right on. I 
finally told him "Listen money, you don't smell like the sweetest 
thing on the planet and your breath ain't exactly roses, I'd 
appreciate it if you said nothing to me". I felt sorry for him and 
I felt bad tellin' em this. But I had to.

I guess he gets highly offended and starts yelling and shit and 
his funk is growing stronger by the minute. I'm not even arguing 
back because I'm scared to breath around him. So I tell's him 
"just open that window, you could beef with me all you want, just 
open that muthafuckin' window, quick!" So he tells me "You open 
it, muthafucka. You the one complainin'" So I leans over him to 
open the window and while I'm doing, he starts pullin' all on my 
chain. I fell right back in my seat and we get in a chain pullin 

The bus stops and the bus driver (a C.O.) tells me and my mate to 
step off the bus. When we step off the bus driver starts yelling 
at ME! he says "What's your problem, boy!? Everybody we shackle 
you to you have a problem with!" I'm like "First of all I ain't 
your boy! Second of all I'M not the problem. The PROBLEM is 
everyone you shackle me to." The driver's like "You're a wise ass, 
huh?" I say nothing.

Anyway they unshackle me from my mate and put me in single seat 
all the way up front all by myself. As soon as we get here I get 
called out to see the shrink. I go in her office and sit down, 
wondering what's all this about. Finally after staring at me for a 
while she says "We've a report from the bus officers that you 
display an anti-social behavior pattern. Are you on meds? Or do 
you have anything to say about this?" Me: "Nope." I couldn't 
believe these people was actually serious! On top of that, all my 
property, well almost all of it, is gone. I still have all of the 
position papers you sent me and 2 of Lenin's books "State and 
Revolution" and "War and peace". All of my MTs are gone, all my 
Stalin books including "Another view of Stalin" and "Arms and 
Empire" I had notes all up in the margins of those books too....

-a New York Prisoner

* * *


by MC12

With every terrorist act against Amerikans, the state seizes the 
opportunity to increase its power. After the bombing of TWA Flight 
800 in July, and the bombing of the Olympic park shortly 
afterward, President Clinton jumped at the chance to justify more 
powers for the Federal government.

He proposed requiring explosive materials to be chemically 
"tagged" for forensic identification. He wants to allow wiretaps 
to be "roving," which means they follow a person instead of 
staying fixed on designated phone lines. He wants to increase the 
FBI's ability to collect hotel and telephone records, and storage 
site records. He also wants to be able to prosecute accused 
terrorists under broad racketeering laws.

Looks like there is a Federal wish list of repressive measures, 
and with each perceived crisis they try to bring them on. At such 
times, there is more public support. A CBS News poll released on 
July 30 showed that 80% of those polled agreed that "government 
should have more authority to investigate terrorists." On the 
question of wiretapping, there is less support. Only 52% agreed 
the Feds should have more wiretap authority.(1) 

The catch with all of these laws is that when it comes to expanded 
permission to repress based on terrorism, it is only the Federal 
government that decides who is a potential terrorist-so they set 
limits and then enforce them on themselves. As we reported in MIM 
Notes 118 (July 15, 1996, p. 10), the secret court that approves 
"national security" wiretap requests from the FBI has never 
rejected a request, while approving thousands.

In the forthcoming MIM Theory 11, we report that Federal wiretaps 
in criminal cases are increasing rapidly along with those for 
"national security," and Federal wiretaps are becoming a greater 
and greater proportion of all wiretaps.(2)


So, the state benefits from terrorism in one way: it gets greater 
legitimacy in its quest for more power. Private companies also 
benefit. In MIM Theory 11 we also report that private security 
firms such as Borg Warner and Wackenhut have seen big jumps in 
stock prices after such incidents as the World Trade Center and 
Oklahoma City bombings. 

Wackenhut, the world's largest private security company, also got 
a boost from the June 17 TWA bombing. The company's stock, which 
had fallen more than 40% since the second week of June, jumped 12% 
in two days, from June 16 to June 18. The turnaround brought the 
price of Wackenhut stock up to its highest level since the 
beginning of April.(3)

The Atlanta bombing might help the state win political battles 
with its militia-type factions, who oppose some expansion of 
wiretapping and chemically tagging explosives. White-nut type 
bombings help undermine NRA opposition to such measures. There are 
tactical splits among the bourgeoisie on security questions, some 
of which revolutionaries can use to good advantage. The militia 
types oppose wiretaps, for example, and with their powerful 
political base the government has to move slowly against them. 
Likewise, some big corporations oppose things like Internet 
surveillance and restrictions on encryption technology-also 
putting them tactically on the side of the people. We contribute 
our part to deepening these divisions and trying to get good 
results out of them.

Some would-be revolutionaries believe terrorist violence, outside 
of an organized armed struggle, brings on state repression in a 
way that turns more people against the state. History does not 
support this theory, however. When such acts of violence do not in 
themselves accomplish anything positive for the oppressed, 
revolutionaries have little ammunition with which to challenge 
increased repression in the battle for public opinion.(4) It is 
our job to expose the hypocrisy of such repressive measures, but 
in the current conditions the oppressed do not gain from such 


Reactionary ideologues are also seizing the moment to push their 
agendas. "How Do You Explain It to a Child?" asked the headline 
over David Broder's Washington Post column on July 30, about the 
Atlanta bombing. "How do you explain terrorism to a child?" he 
wrote. "Or violence? Or the presence of evil in the world?" Broder 
went on to compare his opposition to terrorism to Martin Luther 
King's opposition to white supremacist violence. 

Broder's six-year-old daughter is the victim of miseducation 
geared toward destroying her very humanity before she has a chance 
to figure things out for herself. With a real education, she would 
learn that a bomb disrupting the Olympic party is not an isolated 
act of "evil in the world." She would learn that her own 
privileged situation-in this case watching the Olympic party from 
the 7th floor of a nearby hotel-is a gift from the most evil and 
oppressive system ever known to humanity: imperialism. And she 
would learn that Daddy's columns prop up this system behind a 
guise of liberal humanism.

In a parallel act of hypocrisy, New York Times columnist A. M. 
Rosenthal has used the TWA bombing to repeat his call for bombing 
the countries whose governments he says support "terrorism." He 
also wants trade sanctions against such countries (presumably he 
means Syria, Libya, Iran, Sudan, etc.). Both of these measures are 
thinly disguised attempts at increasing Amerikan imperialism's 
economic and military hegemony in the Middle East, a permanent 
goal unaffected by terrorism. 

MIM believes that most international terrorism directed against 
Amerikan targets is a
strategically misplaced reaction to Amerikan imperialism, and thus 
may be blamed on imperialism itself. We do not support these 
attacks at present, but we continuously point out that imperialism 
is the greatest system of state-sponsored terrorism of all time. 
Militia-type terrorism, on the other hand, reflects insurgent 
white nationalism, angered by the internationalist approach (in 
the oppressive sense) of the big bourgeoisie and government. While 
there may be some divisions to exploit here, these white 
supremacists are vicious enemies of the people and their growth is 
a challenge to us to get moving! At present, we attempt to turn 
state repression into political victories for the oppressed 
through increased popular consciousness. 

1. CBS Evening News, July 30, 1996.
2. MIM Theory 11, "Amerikkkan Prisons on Trial," $6 from MIM, 
order now.
3. Stock information from, a free stock 
quote service.
4. Order "What Is MIM?" for $2 to read an essay on the pitfalls of 

* * *


by a RAIL Comrade

On Saturday July 27, protests broke out in the streets of Jakarta, 
Indonesia's capitol city. The protest size and intensity surpassed 
that of previous demonstrations. It was spawned by the 
government's raid of the Indonesian Democratic Party's 
headquarters. The headquarters were home to supporters of Ms. 
Megawati and the Indonesian Democratic Party. Megawati was ousted 
from her position as head of the Democratic Party by the 
government last month. Her supporters refused to leave the party 
headquarters, when the military warned them. Police raided the 
office at 7:00am Saturday morning and forcibly evicted 150 people. 

Police raids of opposition political parties and spontaneous mass 
protests for political reform are unheard of in Amerika. In the 
heart of imperialism, citizens enjoy bourgeois legal rights and 
most are complacent enough to ignore politics. MIM reports on 
these Indonesian protests to remind Amerikans of the gross 
hypocrisy of their own government, which self-righteously mouths 
off about democracy while supporting repression in its neo-
colonies. The Amerikan-supported comprador regime in Indonesia is 
well-paid for ensuring imperialist access to Indonesian labor and 


The Indonesian government engineered the replacement of Magawati 
with a man more supportive of the overtly repressive policies of 
the Suharto government. This is a case of a conflict between a 
repressive dictatorship and a slightly kinder face on an 
imperialist neo-colony. The slightly kinder face, Magawati and the 
Democratic Party, are not even allowed to remain in the 
government, exposing the so-called democracy for the farse that it 
really is. This democracy is just a dictatorship of the 
bourgeoisie which is making sure to crush even minor 
disagreements. Although opposition parties exist in Indonesia, the 
current president, Suharto, has never had an opponent run against 
him in his eight victorious elections in the past 30 years. 
Megawati is the daughter of Sukarno, the founder of so- called 
independent Indonesia. Indonesia is not independent from 
imperialist exploitation and control. The current president, 
Suharto, seized power from Sukarno in 1966. Suharto, Sukarno and 
Megawati are all part of the imperialist state that Indonesia uses 
to rule over it's people as well as the people of East Timor while 
giving up the resources and labor power to the imperialists and 
their multinationals.

It is the genuine desire for peace and liberty that has caused 
many people in Indonesia to turn to Megawati as an alternative to 
the repressive practices of the Suharto regime. Putting a kinder 
face on imperialism will not get rid of imperialism or the brutal 
repression that goes along with this system.

According to the New York Times, masses in the streets chanted 
Megawati's name and protested military repression-this includes 
chants opposing repression in East Timor. They also shouted "The 
military are killers!" and "Hang Suharto!" People threw rocks at 
the pigs and at one point launched a coordinated attack causing 
the military to temporarily retreat.(1)

Democratic reforms in Indonesia could definitely improve the lives 
of the Indonesian masses and the East Timorese. However, attaining 
real independence for Indonesia and for the East Timorese will 
require more than reforms. The U.S. and other imperialist powers 
have an interest in keeping the current government-or an equally 
subservient government-in power. Imperialist exploitation of the 
Indonesian land, labor and resources is essential for maintaining 
U.S. and other imperialist support-both military and economic. In 
exchange for Amerikan approved loans from the World Bank, the 
Indonesian economy has transformed to an export-led economy and is 
used for First World profit. The imperialists will not allow this 
to change without a fight. That is why independent power-
political, military, and economic-are necessary to gain real 
independence for the masses. The overthrow of Suharto by a 
bourgeois democratic party might bring some facelift improvements, 
but revolution is necessary for true and permanent change.

The United Snakes has provided Indonesia with a total $641 million 
in arms sales. In 1994, Klinton signed a $40 billion trade 
agreement with president Suharto, which included juicy contracts 
for General Electric and Exxon.(2) Putting pressure on the 
Amerikan government through exposing its role in supporting 
oppression and murder can make the imperialists' job more 
difficult. But pressure through exposure alone will not stop the 
profit- seekers. Most likely it would force them to support 
Indonesia covertly. Imperialism must be overthrown forcefully to 
prevent its continuation and growth. How about" "Imperialism must 
be overthrown forcefully by a party capable of maintaining self- 
sufficiency and defending against imperialist attacks." An 
estimated four to seven people were killed in the rebellion and 
about a hundred were injured. Eight banks were also looted and 
burned as were other buildings. With tension high in the 
aftermath, the military prevented further protests by threatening 
to shoot protesters on sight.(3) 

Most countries in the world do not allow the bourgeois freedoms 
which are generally allowed in Amerikkka. This comes as a result 
of the solid support for imperialism within U.S. borders. But 
don't let that fool you into thinking Amerika is 'free.' So-called 
freedom in Amerika comes at a price-which is paid by the majority 
of the world's people. Slavery brought a few people (comparatively 
speaking) the freedom to be parasites and now imperialism allows 
for whole countries to be parasites. It is our duty to exploit the 
bourgeois freedom of speech in Amerika to expose Amerika. Help MIM 
and RAIL build independent media of the oppressed. Write for, 
distribute and subscribe to MIM Notes and RAIL Notes.

1. New York Times July 28, 1996. p.5.
2. The Washington Post Jan. 10, 1995. p. C10. 3. New York Times 
July 31, 1996. p. A6.

In addition: The British Broadcasting corporation reported that 
the government blames the Democratic People's Party for 
orchestrating the unrest. The BBC analyzed this an attempt by the 
government to instill terror on the masses who remember the 
massacres of communists in 1965. MIM is interested in learning 
more about the DPP or other
revolutionaries within Indonesia, please send information to the 
address on page 2. [cite: BBC World Service, Newshour, July 31 

* * *


The Salvage Rider, a policy tacked on to a budget appropriations 
bill which legalized the destruction of protected forests and 
habitats, was signed into law by President Clinton on July 27, 
1995. One year later, MIM hosted a talk by an activist from anti- 
logging struggles in Oregon. MIM drew the connection between 
capitalism and the destruction of the environment while pointing 
out that both the Republicans and the Democrats are a part of the 
problem so the solution can not be found in electoralism.

The activist, a supporter of the Cascadia Forest Defenders, showed 
a short video on the recent removal of logging protections. The 
video exposed the government propaganda that it is necessary to 
cut down and remove trees before they burn as a lie. The video 
pointed out that burning is part of a natural ecological process 
but human destruction of the environment is not. The logging 
operations undertaken as a result of the Salvage Rider have 
produced cheap timber for logging companies and the destruction of 
vast stands of forests.

The speaker pointed out that timber companies give huge amounts of 
money to politicians. The history of the spotted owl is a good 
example of companies' power. In 1991, a judge stopped the sale of 
forests which were spotted owl habitats because the owl is an 
endangered species. Between 1991 and 1994, the timber industry 
paid off politicians until in 1994 Clinton introduced his forest 
plan that allowed much more cutting of forests, removing previous 
protections. The timber industry opposed this license to destroy 
while holding out for a carte blanche. It got that in 1995 with 
the Salvage Rider.

This point about pay-offs led to a discussion of what it will take 
to stop the destruction of the environment. One person suggested 
that we need to make it profitable to save forests. Others 
saidthat we're not able to fight the logging companies dollar for 
dollar. The speaker said that the timber companies are not looking 
for alternatives to cutting trees. MIM said, instead we need 
people organizing and seizing control of the resources of the land 
away from the capitalists and using these resources for the good 
of the people with an eye towards the future. History shows us 
that this can only be done through communist revolution. 

Some asked why it was possible to get protective legislation 
passed in 1991 under a Republican president while in 1994 and 1995 
it was repealed under a Democratic president. Others suggested 
that this was a result of the environmental activism in 1990 and 
the focus of this activism on one cute little owl. The discussion 
brought out the problems with electoral activism. Politicians can 
proclaim to be environmentalists (like Clinton) yet continue to 
take money from the logging industry and further the interests of 
the bourgeoisie. People at the event pointed out that the few 
protective legislative changes that have been made resulted from 
activism and not lobbying.

Another important point raised by the speaker was the inefficient 
use of trees and the anarchic nature of logging under capitalism. 
He explained how the logging companies are currently exporting 
wood to Japan. Japanese capitalists store it in anticipation of 
the soon-to-arrive day when Amerika will run out of trees to cut 
down. When that happens Amerikans will need to import more wood 
for the paper industry and Japanese capitalists can then make a 
profit. MIM pointed out that problems like this can only be solved 
by social planning where both production and distribution are run 
by a state that is run by the people.

MIM raised the importance of not seeing the environmental movement 
just in the context of Amerika. We want to broaden people's 
understanding to include multinationals that destroy the 
environment. We emphasize the importance of righteous struggles 
waged by the people. In the Philippines, people are laying down 
their lives to enforce a logging ban to save forests on which 
their lives depend.

While the speaker pointed to the Earth First! tactics of civil 
disobedience to stop logging immediately, MIM emphasized that we 
can't just consider First World forests and we can't just think 
short term. Several audience members agreed that the system is the 
problem and this is not merely an issue of a few bad logging 
companies or a few bad bills being signed into law.

One recent victory in the struggle to save forests in Amerika was 
achieved just a few days prior to the event. The government cut a 
deal with activists who had enforced a 300+ day road block at 
Warner Creek forest in Oregon to stop the logging. The government 
was so embarrassed by this situation and afraid of even greater 
activism that they agreed to leave the forest alone. This is a 
victory that is possible in the First World while activists in the 
Third World would be killed by the government before it considered 

The speaker also pointed out that some of the forests being 
destroyed are the homes and sacred lands of First Nations. The 
government breaks treaties with First Nations in order to 
strengthen Amerikan corporations. Broken treaties regarding land 
and the environment expose the opposing interests between First 
Nations and the white nation.

The issue of education and Earth Day was raised in the discussion. 
The corporate curriculum for Earth Day that teaches consumerism 
that is "friendly" and argues that we should purchase one kind of 
product over another is only an attempt to co-op the environmental 
movement while encouraging the decadent consumerism possible in 
Amerika. People agreed spreading information about environmental 
and anti-imperialist struggles is very difficult and that events 
like this are important. In addition, environmentalist struggles 
are not covered by the main stream media. As one person pointed 
out, radical coverage is not profitable for the media because 
companies would cease
advertisement in publications that expose environmental 

This event was well-received by those in attendance because they 
learned a lot about the concrete things going on in the Pacific 
Northwest, as well as the analysis of both the speaker and of MIM. 
We encourage other activists looking for a forum to contact your 
local RAIL or MIM branch. Ideas won't be presented without Maoist 
analysis along side it, but we can all gain from the discussion. 

* * *


by a RAIL Comrade

Governor Engler of Michigan, potential running mate of Bob Dole, 
was hit with a law suit by the ACLU in May. The state illegally 
transferred incarcerated youth from Michigan to detention 
facilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Colorado, and Texas. One- 
hundred youth were transferred out of state, some of whom had no 
prior criminal record. The state admitted that it erred by not 
holding required hearings before the youth were deported and 
agreed to hold hearings before transferring more. The suit was 
filed by the ACLU on behalf of four youth who were moved and their 

Others were shipped out of state without their parents' knowledge. 
None were given hearings to determine whether the move was in 
their best interest. Being held in captivity is not in the 
interests of these young people. Nevertheless, the bourgeoisie 
creates the pretense that Amerika is not a perverse prison empire 
maintaining social control through force and that prisoners are 
held in a humane manner. The bourgeoisie will not make decisions 
based on the interests of these youth, but should be exposed when 
they inflict further brutality against prisoners. In addition to 
determining what is in the best interest of the prisoner, the 
legally required hearings for out-of- state placement are supposed 
to ensure that the move does not impose undue hardship and that 
there are no other adequate facilities within the state. 

Lutz exposed Republican Party "pro-family" hypocrisy. She argued 
that families should be part of rehabilitation and thus youth 
should stay close to their families. She asked "...what kind of 
family values are these?" It's true that youth should have the 
opportunity to see their family (if they want) and being close to 
them is a possible advantage. In fact it is often family members 
that mobilize to pressure the system to give proper medical care, 
etc. to their loved ones.

As a revolutionary Party, MIM does not support the patriarchal 
family structure, which treats children as the personal property 
of their parents. We also recognize the contradiction in the 
injustice system deciding what is in the best interests of the 
oppressed. The best interest of the oppressed is revolution, but 
you won't see prison hearings suggest that. But in this case, 
Engler is in trouble for skipping the rubber-stamping. It is a 
positive step to expose contradictions within the current system 
to illustrate the true interests of the bourgeoisie. It is 
progress to win better conditions for the oppressed even if they 
are limited under imperialism.

ACLU attorney Sharon Lutz stated that overcrowding in Michigan 
juvenile facilities was a "manufactured crisis.." Manufacturing 
overcrowding in prisons can help expand prisons in a state, as 
Governor Weld of Massachusetts proved with his shipment of 299 
prisoners to Texas due to "overcrowding." In return, he received 
almost half a billion dollars to expand Massachusetts prisons (see 
MIM Notes 112). Detention centers may fall into a different 
category for state funding, but the actions show there was a 
motive beyond lack of space. The lawsuit brought some successes 
almost immediately. Two weeks after the lawsuit was filed, 68 beds 
were reopened at facilities in Michigan.

Exposing the state for violating its own guidelines is useful in 
mobilizing people to stop trusting the state. While the state does 
not have the interest of the youth in mind, transfer hearings 
would make trampling incarcerated youth's lives more difficult. 
Such winnable battles strike blows against imperialism in addition 
to creating favorable public opinion for the oppressed in the 
process. For liberation youth need revolution to change their 
position in society.

* * *


University of Massachusetts basketball coach John Calipari 
recently left UMass to coach the New Jersey Nets. He took the 
profitable "Refuse to lose" slogan, which he had borrowed from the 
UMass football team while still at UMass, with him. Calipari now 
hopes to profit from licensing the slogan. According to one of his 
agents, Calipari is now negotiating a $1.5 million deal with 
Champion, a maker of athletic t-shirts and sweatshirts. The fact 
that some jock can make millions off owning the rights to a slogan 
without lifting a finger to produce anything of value highlights 
the parasitic existence of the petty- bourgeoisie in Amerika. 
Besides not coming up with the slogan, Calipari wasn't even the 
first person to try to get the slogan trademarked. A small 
sportswear company owner named Hyden came up with the idea in 
1988. Hyden produced only small quantities of t-shirts with the 
slogan because he was afraid someone would steal it. In four 
years, he made a thousand dollars and got the slogan trademarked. 
When Calipari started to market the slogan, Hyden cited his own 
earlier use of the slogan and demanded some piece of the 
profiteer's pie. Calipari's lawyers successfully argued that 
because Hyden wasn't using it enough commercially compared to 
Calipari, the trademark on the slogan should belong to Calipari. 
Not able to compete with Calipari's high-powered lawyers, Hyden 
sold the trademark for $3,500. 

MIM doesn't care which petit-bourgeois collects more, since all 
these profits are stolen from the Third World proletariat. We do 
see this as yet another indictment of imperialism that the 
imperialist-country bourgeoisie and petit- bourgeoisie waste time 
and money haggling over dumb slogans while their government 
concerns itself with pursuing exploitation internationally. 
Neither Hyden nor Calipari is claiming to have earned money by 
producing any sportswear. Their argument was over who should 
profit from selling gear made by other people who work sewing 
machines. This case simply illustrates the role of the state in 
aiding First World individuals in their parasitic pursuits.

UMass, a state institution, doesn't mind that its former coach is 
making a bundle off of something associated with the University. 
The school only wants payment for 200 long-distance phone calls 
the basketball team's academic advisor made while running the 
marketing campaign for the slogan out of UMass offices. This case 
also illustrates the ridiculous nature of ownership of ideas. Laws 
protecting individuals' ownership of their ideas needlessly slow 
the development of new ideas, and this hurts the international 
proletariat. Harm done to the proletariat is not immediately 
apparent in this case, because the slogan is useless. But these 
types of laws also apply to technical innovations such as 
efficient car engines which are impounded by competitors.

Under socialism, we will eliminate the ownership of ideas. While 
individuals of the petty-bourgeoisie squabble to gain profits off 
of old ideas, the proletariat continues its struggle to destroy 
capitalism and build a society in which innovative ideas will be 
shared. The masses will use innovative technologies to improve 
their own standard of living, and use innovative ideas to 
overthrow the governments which help parasites like Calipari to 
profit from the ownership of ideas. 

NOTE: Boston Globe July 18, 1996, p. A1, A23. 

* * *



Dear MIM Notes: No one can say that Governor Fob James has not 
kept his promise that chain gangs will decrease the prison 
population and curb overcrowding. It is simple and guaranteed to 
work. Just arm prisoners with deadly weapons and chain them 
together, and if they don't kill each other fast enough, not to 
worry, the guards will simply shoot them down where they stand.

On Wednesday, May 15,1996, one of the chain gang prisoners here in 
Alabama was shot and killed by one of the guards. This shooting 
took place at Staton Correctional Facility near Montgomery, 
Alabama. The DOC has already "determined" that the murder of this 
prisoner was "justified". 

No one will ever know what actually happened, but the official 
story is pretty straight forward. Two prisoners began fighting. 
One of the prisoners had a bush ax. The prisoner with the bush ax 
went after another prisoner who was unarmed at the time. The guard 
fired a warning shot, but the prisoner with the bush ax kept going 
at the unarmed prisoner. The guard then shot the prisoner with the 
bush ax supposedly to protect the other unarmed prisoner. 

A bush ax is a tool with a handle similar to, and about the same 
length as a shovel handle. There is a curved knife-like steel 
blade on the end of the handle. However, the steel blade is about 
eighteen inches long and five inches wide. You could easily slice 
a person's head off with one swing of it. Each prisoner on the 
chain gang is usually given a bush ax or some other weapon just as 

Common sense leads to the conclusion that it was unnecessary to 
shoot to kill this prisoner. The guard was armed with a piston and 
a shotgun, and was at close range, within ten or fifteen feet of 
the prisoners. The guard could have just as easily shot the 
prisoner in the lower body to wound him instead of just murdering 
him. They have "justified" this murder but the real reason for it 
was a sadistic desire to kill.

This will not be the last murder to take place on the chain gang. 
Fights are routine on the chain gang between the prisoners there. 
Whoever heard of giving prisoners deadly weapons and chaining them 
together, and then thinking everything is alright? Things are not 
alright. Will the guard simply gun down both prisoners the next 
time there is a fight and both prisoners are armed instead of just 
one of them being armed? It sounds like something from the days of 
the Romans and the reign of Caesar. This practice is medieval in 
the worst way.

The DOC had previously been considering extending the time that a 
prisoner spends on the chain gang to one year from its present, 
six months. However, a couple of week before this recent murder 
they were already considering reducing the time spent on the chain 
gang to three months.

If the DOC does decrease the amount of time a prisoner must spend 
on the chain gang, it will not stop these kind of murders from 
happening. It will only increase each prisoner's individual chance 
of not being murdered on the chain gang because he will be there a 
shorter period of time.
Nevertheless, someone will be on the chain gang and someone will 
be murdered again and again, for just as long as the chain gang 
continues, for just as long as prisoners are chained together and 
given deadly weapons in such a medieval practice. 

Ironically, the name of the mascot for the Limestone Correctional 
Facility's sports teams is the Gladiators. The DOC is making this 
pretty realistic by arming these prisoners with deadly weapons and 
chaining them together. They are Gladiators in every sense of the 
word and they will continue to be murdered in one way or another 
until the chain gangs are stopped.

By condoning the murder of prisoners on the chain gangs in 
Alabama, Governor Fob James tells us that it is a time to kill. 
This summer in Alabama is the season for killing young Black men 
on the chain gangs. We are left to wonder: When will be a time to 

-an Alabama prisoner, May 20, 1996


From: Inmate Appeals, PBSP (Pelican Bay State Prison)

Subject: The enclosed publication has been GRANTED by Second Level 
decision. Please return the publication to the inmate.

"MIM NOTES" (Sep. 95)

Please return the enclosed memorandum with the inmates signature 
to the Appeals Office. Thank You. 

-J. Briddle, CCII, Appeals Coordinator, June 11, 1996
Greetings- I wrote you a couple of letters over a year ago 
offering some debate on several issues such as National Socialist 
Revolution, "anti- racist" contractions of National Liberation, 
etc. I don't know if you received my letters or publish any 
replies. The pigs were prohibiting your papers, but I just 
received the September 1995 issue with the enclosed notice 
[printed above - MIM]. 

I want you to know, I would like to continue receiving MIM Notes 
and MIM Theory, and I am open to further correspondence and debate 
with MIM. 

Nationalist Revolution is the only solution! Our race is our 
nation! Self-Determination for all! -A California Prisoner, June 
25, 1996.


Dear MIM, I hope this finds you well. As you know, the pigs 
continue to reject MIM Notes. I did recently receive the latest MT 
[MIM Theory] though. Anyways, the ACLU is going to litigate the 
matter. They just sent the snout director a six page letter on the 
censorship of PLN [Prison Legal News] and MIM Notes, with a 
February 29, 1996 deadline to resolve the problem....

I think it's unlikely the pigs will back down at this point. So 
litigation is pretty much assured....PLN's publisher will be a 
plaintiff. With me as a party to the MIM censorship we should do 
just fine. I have litigated and won the communist literature issue 
twice before in this state. So it looks like the snouts just want 
to give me more money. On the last one I settled for $300 and 
expungement of the infraction. I donated $50 of it to the PFLP 
[Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine] in Damascus, which 
really got the snouts going. (smile) Anyways, we will eventually 
make Washington safe for communism. So far no political 
publications other than MIM Notes and Black Autonomy have been 

Needless to say, keep sending me MIM Notes and we'll see what 
happens. I am sending the rejected issues on to the ACLU after the 
snouts deny my appeals....

In struggle,
-a Washington state prisoner, Feb. 11, 1996 


Dear MIM, Please remove may name from your mailing list. This 
institution has a "S.T.G. Policy" All mail is open and read- both 
outgoing and incoming. I attempted to return all the newspapers 
and the MIM Theory and the book by John Reed, but they have all 
been confiscated.

Thank you for understanding.

-a South Carolina prisoner, May 31, 1996 Letters of protest can be 
sent to: SCDC, PO BOX 2951202, Bennettsville, SC 29512.

MIM Adds: In addition the K.C.I./M.S.U. (Kirkland Correctional 
Institution / Maximum Security Unit) in Columbia, South Carolina 
has been rejecting all MIM correspondence in recent weeks, 
claiming they are unauthorized items. This includes MIM Notes, 
Maoist Sojourner, Notas Rojas, MIM Theory, censorship letters and 
political books.

Letters of protest can be sent to: K.C.I./M.S.U., 4344 Broad River 
Rd, Columbia, SC 29210. 


Comrade, Received June issues of MIM Notes today. Still on 
lockdown, since January 12. All three max joints (Pontiac, 
Stateville and Menard) in Illinois are on indefinite lockdown 
under direct order of Illinois Governor faggot-ass Jim Edgar. The 
elections are November 2 and his coward-ass know what time it is 
when ever they roll these doors.Keep them comin' (MIM Notes).

In Struggle
-An Illinois Prisoner, July 16, 1996.

MIM adds: MIM agrees with the thrust of the prisoner's letter, but 
disagrees with the prisoner's use of faggot as an epithet. There 
is nothing wrong with being gay. In contrast, there is something 
wrong with being a fascist pig and making prisoners' lives more 
hellish in exchange for more political power.


As an inmate here in the Texas Prison System. Living in oppression 
each and everyday after I was ordered by Co III Officer Barry 
Goins to come with him to the unit infirmary to sign a refusal for 
medical care, all in the wee hours of April 13, 1995. As the 
officer and I were walking toward the infirmary on said date, my 
life took a drastic change. Within the next thirty to forty-five 
minutes, it was conspiracy, deception and "terror" because my use 
of the Prison Grievance Procedure her in "Texas". I was brutally 
beaten, kicked and smashed by Sargent Kirkendall, Sargent Tomlin, 
Officer Goins, Officer L. Asher, and Officer Bearden. I was beaten 
for utilizing the Greievance on Sargent Kirkendall on the 7th day 
of April 1995. All said officers retaliated with a major use of 
force that was totally unneccessary. All above stated pigs were 
white. After they depensed the physical pain, the mental torture 
was seeing a Black female (reject) official with the video camera 
and she didn't even bother to turn it on to witness the beating. 
Her name is officer Shaawanna Allison. I never got a chance to 
sign a refusal, but I did make it to the infirmary, after 
experienceing Texas Terror. Revolution is the only Solution.

-A Texas Prisoner, June 10, 1996.


The California State Legislature has repealed large portions of 
Penal Code section 2601, removing statutory protections afforded 
prisoners. The provisions deleted include rights to workers 
compensation, to make a will, and to receive personal visits.

Workers compensation has proven to be an important protection. It 
has provided at least some measure of relief for prisoners who are 
seriously injured on prison work assignments. However, the biggest 
impact of the bill is the deletion of the right to visit. 
Visitation has never been recognized as a constitutional right. 
However, California law has long-protected it. Under former law, 
visits could only be restricted as required by prison security or 
public safety needs -- and the prison had to use the least 
restrictive alternative. (This alternative could include full body 
searches or noncontact visiting as less restrictive than complete 
suspensions.) The new law will reduce visiting to a privilege. The 
Department will be free to restrict visits as long as it is not 
done in an arbitrary fashion. This could have enormous impact on 
friends and families of prisoners throughout the state.

SB 1221 is now before Governor Wilson, who is expected to sign it.
-Prison Law Page, July 1, 1996


Recently the administrators within the death kkkamp at the Charles 
Egeler Correctional Facility, placed a fellow comrade in a 
perilous situation by attempting to have him "labeled" as a 
"snitch" among the prisoner class. These
administrators/officials made a claim that a comrade made a 
statement accusing another prisoner of giving him drugs. However, 
the comrade who have been accused NEVER made such a claim. The pig 
who created this "lie" made this statement in writing and the 
prisoner ended up receiving a copy of this pig's statement, thus 
placing this innocent comrade's life in (possible) danger and 
ruining his name and reputation.

PPWVC (Political Prisoners of War Vanguard Coalition) condemns 
this type of cowardly act of "divide and conquer" tactics being 
employed by pig- shit administrators.

Not long ago we recall when the FBI and their COINTELPRO acted in 
such a manner to destroy the Black Panther Party and other
revolutionary/progressive liberating, militant groups, 
organizations, and individual comrades from speaking out against 
the government. Some of the acts regarding COINTELPRO were/are: 
(1) Prevent a coalition of political groups, especially those of 
black nationalist; (2) Prevent the rise of a powerful spokesman 
who could unify and electrify a coalition of groups/movements; (3) 
Prevent violence on the part of coalition groups, black 
nationalist and other political movements.

(4) Prevent coalition groups, black nationalist and movement 
leaders from gaining respectability by discrediting them; (5) 
Prevent the long-range growth of coalition groups, black 
nationalist, an other movements, especially among the youth; The 
national COINTELPRO program adapted various tactics to 
destroy/neutralize the BBP and discredit them among the "liberal" 
whites, and among Afrikans, as well. (This is still going on today 
with mostly, if not all, revolutionary groups and individuals on 
political paths. I should be mentioned that many people fell for 
this type of intelligence attack and are still falling for it, as 
one of our comrades have been targeted by the administrators of 
the Michigan Department of KKKortuptions at the Egeler 
KKKroruptional Facility in Jackson, Michigan.

Comrades, we need to be careful of this and not allow pigs to put 
out lies on another so that "you" will act upon their lies and do 
their dirty work, i.e. "assassinate". Be mindful that the tricks 
of government (whether state or federal) are always trying to 
disrupt, confuse and destroy.

-a Michigan Prisoner, May 21, 1996.


Dear MIM, Enclosed find the latest crock of administrative 
bullshit being inflicted upon us prisoners at the new wave bus'em 
in "state of states prison" [printed below - MIM]. Down here in 
the South the oppressors have appropriately named its system to 
Texas department of criminal justice -- institution division. 
Which means the criminal acts carried out here are always 
justified no matter what, at the institution divisions. The latest 
is on your knees, hands locked behind your head (Hitler 
assassination style) or no food will be served to your been-slot, 
Plexiglass covered cell (all administrative segregation cells). 

My personal defiance against the oppressors have resulted in 
delaying, tampering and intercepting my personal mail. This 
doesn't faze me. It's a compliment of accomplishment that can not 
be stopped.

Staying down 4 Revolution
-A Texas Prisoner, Jun 26, 1996.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice: Institutional Division 
Inter-Office Communication May 28, 1996 

To: Captain R. Tarver, Ad Seg Captain, Stiles Unit Thru: Lt. B. 
Forrest From: Sgt. C. Perrio Re: In Cell Feeding Revised: June 7, 
1996 Effective June 1, 1996, During feeding procedures, all 
offenders assigned to Level III status in Administrative 
Segregation will be required to do as follows: 1) Officer will 
instruct the offender to retrieve his cup, face the back of his 
cell, back up to the cell door, kneel down and cross his feet, 
place his cup in front of him, and place his hands behind his 
head, interlocking fingers and not to move. 

2) Officer will open food tray slot and move back a safe distance 
(3 feet minimum).

3) Officer will instruct the offender to place his cup in the food 
tray slot (while still kneeling down).

4) Officer will place the food tray in the food tray slot and 
serve the beverage. The officer will then step back a safe 
distance (3 feet minimum). 

5) Officer will instruct offender to pick up his tray and cup and 
place it on his table in the cell. 

6) Officer will instruct offender to pick up his tray and cup and 
place it on his table in the cell. 

7) Once the offender is in the prior position, Officer will then 
step up, close and secure the food tray slot.

8) After slot is secured, the Officer will instruct the offender 
to move as the Officer proceeds to the next cell.

Retrieving the food tray:
1) Officer will instruct the offender to retrieve his food tray, 
face the back of his cell and back up to the cell door, kneel down 
and cross his feet, place his tray in front of him, and place his 
hands behind his head, inter-locking fingers and do not move.

2) Officer will open the food tray slot and step back a safe 
distance (3 feet minimum).

3) Officer will instruct offender to place his tray in the food 
tray slot (While still kneeling down.) 

4) Officer will instruct the offender to assume the prior position 
(face the back of his cell and back up to the cell door, kneel 
down, hands behind head, inter-locking fingers.)

5) Officer will then step up and retrieve the food tray, close and 
secure the food tray slot. 

6) After the slot is secured the Officer will instruct the 
offender to move as he proceeds to the next cell.

Each offender who is to be served a meal the Officer will repeat 
steps 1 thru 8. At any time an offender fails to comply with any 
instruction of the above steps given by an Officer during the 
feeding procedure the offender will automatically FFP-Failure to 
Follow Procedures, thus terminating feeding and result in a 
disciplinary action, the Officer will go to the next cell.

These procedures will be enforced, no exceptions. Failure to 
adhere to will result in Disciplinary action.


Revolutionary Greetings,
ŠOn June 16th of this year, a fellow prisoner was murdered. The 
circumstances surrounding this incident is still being 
investigated. Also I've just been informed that another prisoner 
committed suicide in the seg. [segregation] unit. This happened 
June 23, 1996. From what is being passed on is that this 
individual could not take the pressure of being locked in the seg. 

Pressure is being placed on the inmate population on all sides. 
There is no release an some units take the pressure that is being 
placed on them by this fascist establishment. Most inmates will 
not strike out against those who are applying the pressure, 
instead this is turned on other inmates or themselves. Such is the 
case of the two deaths that have occurred (my thoughts). We have a 
new warden here who has turned this institution upside- down. I 
believe this guy supports the ideology of Wisconsin's Governor and 
his prison reformation system. Many of the things that he says are 
already being instituted here in the Feds [Federal Prisons]. If a 
weight is broken it is taken off the yard, never to be replaced. 
In October, Prisoners (we) will lose cable television. At one time 
the inmate population had videos, no longer do we have these here 
at FCI Florence [Federal Correctional Institution at Florence, 
Colorado] And the population is becoming more violent. Instead of 
making this joint better it is becoming the worst. 

I get into many debates with other prisoners over the issue of 
what means a revolution should take place in this country. Some of 
these Dudes profess to have an understanding of this country and 
its political system. Yet I don't think they know the history of 
this country or how it became so powerful because they say that 
change in this country can not come about through the barrel of a 
gun, yet that is what they use to keep the people suppressed. I 
believe in what Malcolm X believes, the ballot or the bullet, but 
in different word usage, (the ballot and the bullet). I believe it 
is going to take armed struggle as well as a diplomatic process to 
bring about a true government for the people by the people, that 
represents all the people in this country....

-A Colorado Prisoner, June 24, 1996.

RCG1 responds: Your letter clearly demonstrates how prison is used 
as social control. The pressure builds up and prisoners can become 
violent toward others and themselves. It seems that political 
study and the study of revolution has become a positive outlet for 
you, instead of lifting weights or watching television. We suggest 
you continue your study of politics and start a study group to 
help others deal with the pressure of prison. In Struggle. July 
27, 1996.


i'm getting letters this week from folks caged in Indiana asking 
me how i was feeling last wed/thurs during Ziyon's murder and i 
want to tell them that it re-lit a dying flame - did it? will it? 
i cried on wednesday night for Ziyon, but more for Our collective 
inability to see him again on the weekend. i was able to see Ziyon 
a few days before they murdered him - he's alive and strong - his 
hands were solid and firm as he clasped with mine thru black-boxed 
cuffs behind his back.

i got a letter today that reads in part: "you know man, We can 
never allow Ourselves to forget days + times like these. Days like 
these are a time for reflection, introspection and reaffirmation 
as well as action (when one is in a position to engage in such) As 
my days have been filled with Ziyon. i have also been thinking 
about you and other folks out there. Wondering what yall are 
thinking right now, doing, feeling, etc. On one hand i feel 
powerless and on the other i know i've got power. why else would 
men with bombs, guns and clubs be so freaked? Feel so 
stand by my grave and cry, i'm not there i never died" ZIYON IS IN 
-a BCAC (Brew City Anti-Authoritarian Collective) Activist, July 
23, 1996.


We have started a prison pen pal organization and would like your 
help in spreading the word. We are a pen pal service for 
prisoners. We are writing organizations like yours to let you know 
we are a new newsletter published quarterly, dedicated to 
information and enrichment and to helping prisoners help 
themselves receive daily mail. Seeking prisoners who would like a 
copy of our newsletter or prisoners who would like an application 
to place a free ad in our newsletter. For a free newsletter or an 
application for an ad in our newsletter, please send us a Self-
Addressed Stamped Envelope, (SASE) If you want both a newsletter 
and an application to be in our newsletter send two SASE's.

--Daily Mail, 8139 Sunset Avenue, Suite 190, Fair Oaks, CA 85628.

MIM REPLIES: We are happy to print items like the above which 
advertise services provided for the benefit of prisoners. We 
occasionally get requests to print similar-appearing items from 
organizations which describe their work as a service for 
prisoners, but which in fact are clearly aiming to profit off of 
prisoners and their plight. The difference between providing free 
or low-cost services to prisoners like the above and selling 
similar "services" to prisoners is the difference between serving 
the people on the one hand and being an "imprisonment pimp" or 
profiteer on the other.

* * *


MIM reaffirms its support for its 1995 Congress Resolution called 
"Reject the Outdated Idea of an Emerging International Center." 
Already in the past year, the application of that resolution in 
struggle has proved fruitful in varied and numerous circumstances.

The reorienting of the international communist movement on the 
basis of Maoism and its unification within those parts that 
already uphold Maoism turns on questions of varying degrees of 
universal significance.

Those questions of absolutely universal
significance include Deng Xiaoping, Hoxhaite, Khruschevite, 
Brezhnevite, Gorbachevite and Hua Guofeng revisionism. Also, the 
earlier generations of revisionism and social-democracy including 
Trotskyism in the imperialist countries remain of absolutely 
universal significance. Regardless of national or local 
conditions, Maoist party members must be unanimous in their 
opposition to Chinese and ex-Soviet revisionism. MIM refers to 
this as a matter of its first two cardinal questions, one each for 
the Soviet Union historically and the Cultural Revolution in 
China. We refer to these questions as absolutely universal because 
they do not vary by national conditions.

As Mao explained, there is no Marxism-Leninism that is not 
integrated with national conditions. Hence, it will not suffice to 
be fully Maoist by taking the correct stand on questions of 
universal historical significance within the international 
communist movement. The first two cardinal questions are a very 
important first step to make and likewise, those comrades most 
able to integrate Maoism with national conditions are more likely 
to have the stand on the first two cardinals correct. 

Restating Mao, the Peruvian Maoists employ the concept of "Guiding 
Thought" as a convenient phrase to refer to the integration of 
Marxism-Leninism- Maoism with concrete national conditions. While 
comrade Gonzalo was still free, the PCP Central Committee wrote: 
"Thus, each revolution must specify its own Guiding Thought, 
otherwise there is no application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, nor 
development of a revolution." MIM's third cardinal on the white 
working class of the imperialist countries is an example of 
"Guiding Thought." At the first level, the question of class 
formation is a universal one. All Maoists must use the same 
definitions of classes. However, in the end, the breakdown of 
classes in a society and what to do with them is a question for 
the formation of a Guiding Thought.

In Volume One of the Selected Works, Mao sets forth definitions of 
the classes he will analyze in Chinese society in the first essay. 
The second essay in Volume one is already the application of those 
definitions in an analysis of Chinese society.

Such questions as the breakdown of society into classes, the 
existence of a class as opposed to scattered elements of a class, 
the particular class content of the national question, whether or 
not a society is still semi-feudal--these are matters of the 
Guiding Thought and cannot be answered by way of quotation from 
the classic works of Marxism- Leninism-Maoism. As an example where 
attention to particular detail is necessary, we can point to 
Ancient Rome, where Marx said there was a still- born property-
less proletariat. Likewise in Ancient China of almost 1000 years 
ago, there was a manufacturing sector and a proto-capitalist 
class. Yet though the definitions of proletariat and capitalist 
might apply to some elements of society in Ancient Rome or China, 
we cannot really say that the proletariat as a class existed, 
especially in the way we understand that term scientifically as a 
class today. That is a matter of integrating Marxism-Leninism-
Maoism with the concrete conditions.

In the imperialist countries, there is not a single organization 
other than MIM that seeks to apply the definitions of proletariat 
and semi-proletariat. Hence, there can be no question as yet as to 
whether any but MIM is a Maoist organization in the imperialist 
countries. There is no point over arguing which Guiding Thought is 
correct for which imperialist country when there is no 
organization other than MIM starting from definitions appropriate 
for the era of imperialism that Lenin analyzed and named.

We can name the major obstacles to taking up the universal aspects 
of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in the imperialist countries. In order 
of declining importance they are bourgeois democratic prejudice, 
post-Modernism, hegemonic dogmatism and populism. 

The significance of bourgeois democratic prejudice is that many 
who set out to conduct a scientific analysis of classes in the 
imperialist societiesrecoil when they learn that the proletariat 
can only be a tiny minority in the imperialist countries. They 
then turn around and alter the definition of proletariat or take-
up outright social-democracy in order to achieve a "majority" as 
the vehicle for progress within imperialist countries, 
conveniently by omitting the question of opening borders to obtain 
a majority of
proletarians or former peasants. Social-democracy has not vanished 
as a trend in the world today, principally because it is based in 
an actually existing class, the semi-proletariat. Over time, the 
task of separating from the social-democracy of the Second 
International in the imperialist countries has become more urgent 
and more difficult, not less.

The second major obstacle seen is post-Modernism, which is often 
mushed together with bourgeois democratic prejudice. Where post-
Modernism is not merged together with bourgeois democratic 
prejudice, it does not seek a majority for its own sake, but it 
takes advantage of Marx's process of defining the proletariat to 
redefine the proletariat to include white-collar workers, "pink- 
collar" workers and other such inventions of the intelligentsia 
including those related to environmentalism, feminism and anti-
racism. Such post-Modernist attempts to change the definition of 
proletariat are anti-Leninist in that they deny that imperialism 
is an historical era that we are still in and that the definition 
of proletariat remains unchanged since Lenin's day. Post-modernism 
is also counter to the MLM understanding of the world as divided 
into nations, and the fact that today the principal contradiction 
is between imperialism and the oppressed nations--a contradiction 
of utmost violence and not just a matter of language reform or 
tolerance psychology instruction for instance.

Hegemonic dogmatism is the third obstacle to a correct development 
of Maoism in the imperialist countries. Dogmatists take up 
quotations from the classics of MLM without regard to concrete 
conditions. They quote Mao on the united states and other 
societies in a way that Mao abhorred. They escape an analysis of 
concrete conditions by quotation. Such dogmatism by itself is 
nothing new, but gains dangerous force when backed by the prestige 
of Maoist revolutions not in the imperialist countries. Hegemonic 
dogmatism is then the denial of the need for a study of concrete 
conditions combined with the denial of a need for a Guiding 

Finally, there is populism as a roadblock to development of Maoism 
in the imperialist countries. Often indistinguishable from 
bourgeois democratic prejudice, it becomes distinguishable when 
those comrades who define and apply the definitions of the classes 
correctly, nonetheless never seek to mention them again. Instead, 
such populists always speak of the "people" and their just demands 
via the environment or education, where there might be a 
congruence between the interests of the proletariat and the 
middle-classes combined which form the people. In practice, this 
is a way to lead comrades into being swamped by middle-class 
concerns and drag us back to the Second
International. The way to separate from populism right now is to 
put the principal emphasis on setting up the proletarian pole in 
the imperialist countries. That entails as its corollary the 
destructive side of attacking revisionism and social- democracy as 
principal over allying with the middle-classes- -until that time 
we can be sure there are Maoist parties with the four cardinals 
set up in the imperialist countries. This does not mean we do not 
"walk on two legs," but we must be sure to ensure proletarian 
leadership by carrying out the destructive phase of clearing out 
revisionism and social- democracy as a higher priority for us now 
than allying with the middle classes.

-Unanimously adopted at 1996 Congress

* * *


In response to Indian Health Service (IHS) disregard for First 
Nation women's interests, health care workers on the Cheyenne 
River Reservation are calling on the tribal council to ban birth 
control that has had bad effects on women there. The idea is 
currently being investigated by the tribal council, and brings up 
sovereignty issues. The council seems to be able to ban Norplant 
and Depo-Provera, but the federal government could decide to 
overrule that and distribute them anyway.

According to Charon Asetoyer, executive director for the Native 
American Women's Health Education Resource Center, the IHS does 
not usually inform women of the drawbacks of Norplant and Depo 
Provera. Side effects include: hair loss, prolonged and irregular 
menstrual cycles, weight gain, depression, and severe headaches 
and stomach aches. Risks include: increased chance of breast 
cancer, osteoporosis, and cervical cancer. Serious side effects 
are ignored as the products are recommended uncritically. On 
paper, women who want either Norplant or Depo- Provera are 
required to take a pregnancy test and sign a consent form. In 
practice, First Nation women are not tested for pregnancy. And, 
according to Asetoyer, the IHS assumes that any woman who shows up 
at the clinic shows her consent.

Women on the reservation who want to have their Norplant devices 
removed are "strongly encouraged" by IHS workers to leave them in. 
Some First Nation women have been refused treatment when they go 
to the clinic, and are told by the IHS that the government has 
their best interests in mind. But, as Asetoyer points out, "You 
don't give a healthy woman a drug that will make her unhealthy and 
say you have her best interests at heart." The heart of the issue 
is reproductive choice as a reality for First Nation women. 
According to Colleen Brown Wolf, tribal health educator at 
Cheyenne River, "When it comes to birth control, women don't 
really have a choice. I think women should be able to control 
their reproductive freedom." While the Lakota at Cheyenne River 
cannot control their own health care for now-only those with 
Medicaid or private insurance can even get Norplant or Depo- 
Provera from HIS-they are doing what they can to prevent harmto 
First Nation women. First Nations should be able to decide for 
themselves which drugs present too high a risk, and not just be 
subjected to the federal government policies.

Notes: News From Indian Country, July 22-29, 1996, pp. C1, C3.

* * *


Press Statement by Jose Maria Sison July 27, 1996 

I cannot accept any offer of position from the Manila government 
for the simple reason that to accept it is to violate my 
principles and my firm position to stand for the people's struggle 
for national liberation and democracy.

Such an offer is insulting and is a vain attempt at psychological 
warfare. However, those officials of the Manila government who 
make such an offer unwittingly run counter to the Dutch justice 
ministry which tries to depict me in the most unflattering terms.

As I have earlier pointed out, my asylum case in the Netherlands 
is quite strong because of the February 21, 1996 decision of the 
Dutch council of state that I am a political refugee and that I 
cannot be sent back to the Philippines. It is a negative decision 
of the Dutch justice ministry that is baseless and weak. Thus, I 
have the confidence to fight it in court.

It is a matter of duty for me to stay on for a while in the 
Netherlands, if only to pursue the asylum case to its conclusion. 
Were I to give up this case, then I would be allowing the false 
claims and arguments of the Dutch justice ministry to go unopposed 
and look as if they were true. 

Another strong reason why I must stand my ground is that I must 
frustrate the scheme of the Manila government to separate me from 
the NDFP negotiating panel and then to lure the panel to Manila. 

I observe that some of those who express the wish that I return to 
the Philippines have long tried to demonize me. These few elements 
do not really wish me to return to the Philippines. They think 
that they have found one more occasion to make snide remarks 
against me and against what I stand for. 

Let me remind everyone that the revolutionary movement and its 
collective leadership in the Philippines are steadily 
strengthening themselves, especially because of the rectification 
movement. That is why the Manila government is compelled to 
negotiate with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.


Press Statement by Luis Jalandoni Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating 
Panel July 24, 1996

The Ramos regime dishonors its own signature by seeking to ride on 
the unjust decision of the Dutch justice ministry re Prof. Jose 
Maria Sison's asylum application and attempting to draw the GRP- 
NDFP peace talks to the Philippines.

On February 24, 1995, the GRP and NDFP negotiating panels signed 
the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG), 
which stipulates that formal meetings between the two parties 
shall be held in a neutral foreign venue. This was approved by the 
principals of the two panels, Mariano Orosa for the NDFP and Fidel 
Ramos for the GRP, in April 1995. This latest attempt of the Ramos 
regime to undermine the JASIG under the pretense of welcoming 
Prof. Sison and the NDFP Panel is most condemnable. 

The NDFP has consistently upheld the significance of a neutral 
foreign venue for the formal meetings of the GRP- NDFP peace 
negotiations. Our experience in the 1986-87 peace talks with the 
GRP, wherein General Ramos and Ileto boasted they had greatly 
increased their "intelligence stocks", proves the importance of a 
neutral foreign venue. Moreover, the NDFP has opposed the GRP's 
attempt to depict the 27-year-old civil war as a mere internal 
police problem. The NDFP has upheld its status as a co- 
belligerent in a civil war, whose prolonged character and 
intensity necessitate the application of the Geneva Conventions, 
the Protocols additional thereto and other international 
humanitarian law. 

The Dutch justice ministry decision is unjust and self- 
contradictory. It admits that Prof. Jose Maria Sison has the right 
to thestatus of political refugee according to the Geneva 
Convention on Refugees, as the Dutch Council of State declared in 
its decision of Feb. 21, 1995. Yet it denies him the right of 
entry as refugee and stay in The Netherlands. Its accusations 
against Sison have already been declared unfounded by the Dutch 
Council of State. The NDFP stands firmly behind Prof. Sison's 
appeal, confident that his strong legal position will be upheld. 
In the meantime, the appeal effectively suspends the Dutch justice 
ministry decision.

This unjust decision to expel Prof. Sison if carried out will have 
enormously negative effects on the GRP-NDFP peace talks. Since 
1989 up to June 1996, there have been fifteen formal and informal 
meetings between the GRP and NDFP. In all these meetings, which 
have resulted in the signing of five agreements and one additional 
document, Prof. Sison has played a crucially important role. 
Moreover, his presence in the Netherlands, where the NDFP 
Negotiating Panel is based, is essential to the peace talks. 
Twelve of the fifteen GRP-NDFP meetings have taken place in The 
Netherlands. The resumption of the formal meetings in the GRP-NDFP 
peace talks, after a one-year disruption due to the GRP's 
unilateral suspension, was in fact held in The Hague. It was 
officially hosted by the Dutch Foreign Ministry.

*** DID YOU KNOW? ***

*.. that the Philippines has been a colony or a neo-colony of the 
United Snakes for the last 100 years?
*.. that the Amerikan military supplies
intelligence, training, and supplies to Armed Forces of the 
Philippines, which are waging an anti-people "low intensity war," 
which has displaced more than one million people?
*.. that U.S. puppet regimes in the Philippines kow-tow to 
Amerikan and other foreign monopoly capitalists, encouraging them 
to exploit Filipino workers and allowing them to produce goods for 
export while the majority of Filipinos live in poverty and hunger?
*.. that the peoples of the Philippines have a long history of 
resistance to oppression, culminating in the protracted people's 
war being led by the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines?
NO? Well isn't it about time you found out? READ: "Support the 
National Democratic Front of the Philippines," an 8 page RAIL 
pamphlet. $1. 

"The Philippine Revolution: The Leaders View," by Jose Maria 
Sison. $10.

"Philippine Society and Revolution," by Armado Guerrero. Classic 
application of Marxism-Leninism- Maoism to the Philippine 
including an excellent brief history of Amerikan imperialism in 
the Philippines. $7.

All available from: MIM Distributors, PO Box 3576, Ann Arbor, MI, 

* * *


MIM knows all about having limited access to distribution of our 
speech because we lack the funds. Republican presidential 
candidate Bob Dole doesn't. He said: "I'm the only person in 
America who's denied my First Amendment rights." He claims that 
because he does not have enough money, he cannot get his message 
out. Actually, he is using every trick in the book in order to get 
around the hurdles of campaign spending limits and in the meantime 
absolutely inundating Amerika with his garbage.

For decades, progressive people who believe in electoralism have 
been pushing legislation to limit the amount of money used in 
political campaigns. They think that if the government tinkers 
with the way campaigns are financed, the senators won't be as 
beholden to corporate interests and will not have large 
disparities between amounts spent on campaigns. The limits are 
also intended to allow folks with less money in their coffers to 
run for office, presumably to change the world.

These progressive groups have successfully enacted policies that 
provide public funds for campaigns and limit the spending of those 
who accept those funds. The policies are rife with loop-holes, 
which is only logical when you understand that the people in power 
have no interest in limiting their own speech, even as they 
accepted sham laws purporting to do so. All they do is prop up a 
pretense of equal-access democracy.

MIM and the international proletariat know that whatever money is 
spent by candidates-Republican, Democratic or Independent-in 
imperialist elections it is meant to bolster public opinion for 
imperialist Amerika. The millions of dollars spent on Amerikan 
election campaigns are plundered from the Third World proletariat, 
and whoever is elected will continue to uphold imperialist 
policies that devastate the Third World.

Campaign finance policies were established in the face of strong 
judicial support for the idea that since political speech deserves 
the highest protection under the constitution, it should not be 
regulated by laws limiting the money one can spend on making 
speech. In 1976, the Supreme Court ruled in Buckley v. Valeo that 
money is a form of speech when it struck down a law limiting 
campaign expenditures. It said that amount of money you spend 
spreading your speech around cannot be limited by the government.

Dole is lying about being forced to limit his pre- convention 
spending to $37 million. He only has that limit imposed because he 
is accepting federal matching funds-$10 million for now, $62 
million plus to come after the Republican convention-to pay for 
his campaign. That aside, by charging all sorts of TV time and 
travel to organizations other than his campaign (for example, the 
Republican National Committee), he is spending several times more 
than he is "in theory" limited to.

Dole thinks he is shortchanged relative to Clinton because Clinton 
also gets $10 million from the federal matching funds before the 
convention, despite the fact that Clinton has no real primary 
challengers. So Dole spent lots of dough defeating Buchanan, 
Forbes, et al., while Clinton gets to aim all his attacks at Dole. 
He thinks he should be able to both get federal funds and raise 
more than Clinton, a combination which he is not allowed to do 
openly because of the pretense of campaign finance controls.

Of course, Clinton and Dole are spending all this money saying the 
same thing. The cash comes from a combination of the imperialist 
federal government and imperialist corporations and individuals, 
and is spent propping up imperialism.

Dole has probably never heard of MIM. We can challenge neither his 
reactionary agenda nor that of Clinton on TV. We criticize both of 
them instead in media we can afford: newspapers, fliers, and 
talks. We are still building for the day when the people can watch 
MIM TV to learn about what's going on in the world from a Maoist 
perspective. We gladly rely on the people's finance to spread our 
messages, including "Don't Vote! Smash Imperialist Capitalist 
Patriarchy!". So MIM readers, give generously: we're up against 
some big opposition. 

NOTE: Boston Globe, July 14, 1996, p. 7. 

* * *


POWNAL, VT-July 9 MIM expected Lollapalooza would be reactionary, 
but not quite as bad as it was. Lollapalooza is an annual tour of 
an all-day musical outdoor concert. Once part of the "alternative" 
music scene, Lollapalooza has gone mainstream and started 
attracting an even more decadent crowd than usual.

One driver en route to the show pledged to run over an elderly 
womyn if she wasn't out of the road when the light turned. 
Obnoxious disregard for other people should be expected at 
gatherings of large numbers of Amerikans. Despite this, MIM 
attends concerts or other opportunities with large crowds to raise 
funds for political work and spread revolutionary propaganda to 
young people. We'd like to win a few away from the escapism of 
drugs and alcohol and to convince white nation youth that they 
should side with the international
proletariat. While we did make a significant amount of money, the 
masses were so hostile and dangerous, MIM would think twice before 
going again. 

The crowd was disproportionately white males. MIM counted nine 
Blacks the entire day, and one of those was in police custody. (We 
saw no whites under police custody.) The people at Lollapalooza 
were explicitly anti-communist and patriarchal as well. Many 
people yelled at MIM for being communists, and the two 
distributors-a man and womyn-had vastly different experiences. The 
womyn had many more positive encounters and made five times as 
much money as the man in the same time period. The man received 
threats he considered serious enough to decline ideological 
struggle. The masses made it explicit that the womyn was getting 
money because she was "cute" and a "chick" but that the male 
distributor should be killed or tossed in a dumpster or river. 
Both distributors had a difficult time getting the attention of 
the men away from a womyn who was conducting a strip tease for 
money on top of a car.

A surprisingly high number of people objected to the cover graphic 
on MIM Notes 117, which pictured a collage of Tweedledum and 
Tweedledee Clinton and Dole in front of an Amerikan flag with a 
Klansman where the stars used to be and a sign saying "Don't 
Vote." As expected, there was objection to MIM insulting Amerika 
by calling it one with the Klan. A picture serves a thousand words 
and so the graphic was useful. But we weren't prepared for so many 
people to object to MIM Notes by expressing open support for the 

At one point a confederate-bandanna-wearing-white male started 
waving his arms and yelling derogatoryremarks at one of the 
distributors after finding out that MIM was against the Klan. Many 
other masses objected to the Black nationalism expressed in a t-
shirt about the Amerikan lockdown a distributor was trying to 
sell. One distributor tried selling only t-shirts and sold a "Fuck 
the Vote" t-shirt to a man who turned out to be some kind of white 
power fascist, judging by the cassette tape he gave the seller.

In spite of the incredible amount of alcohol, and soft and hard 
drugs, MIM did manage to have some good conversations. Some of the 
best of those conversations centered on exposing the decadence in 
Lallapooloza and the hypocrisy of the Amerikan justice system. One 
person started to agree with MIM on all sex being rape, but the 
conversation ended early when a large drunk male jumped off his 
truck and pushed the distributor out of the way saying "We don't 
want to hear any of your shit!" This shows just how far the 
patriarchy will go, attacking anything or anyone trying to take 
that sexual power away. At other times the paternalist attitude of 
the white males toward the female distributor manifested itself 
through asking personal questions about her own sex life. One man 
even offered to buy all the MIM Notes in her hand for a kiss and a 
beer! Though she didn't take up his offer and was completely 
bombarded by patronizing remarks, she collected large sums of 
money from the sexist pig population to fund political work.

MIM however did find some unity with people by explaining the 
inherently political and nationally oppressive nature of 
incarceration. Blacks and Latino communities are under incredible
surveillance and are sent to prison in
disproportionate numbers to their population or even their drug 
use. But whites can smoke or get high in the suburbs, the 
bathrooms of Wall Street or at outdoor concerts and be totally 
immune because they are not targeted by the state. 

One group of people-who turned out to be law enforcement officers 
from Maine-agreed with this contradiction. One thought the 
situation was purely military, that the young people would riot if 
the cops stopped the drugs. Had the Vermont State Police set up a 
roadblock at the entrance, they could have cut down significantly 
on the illegal drugs and alcohol consumption at the concert. But 
the Vermont State Police were not interested in hassling white 
youth. This is in sharp contrast to the road blocks and pig 
surveillance present in Black, Latino and First Nation areas.

The other officer said that he thought it was wrong for police 
officers to hassle young people for partying and hanging out-
especially if it was because they were not white youth. He said 
that even a simple arrest or police citation can ruin a person's 
life by staying on their record. Therefore, it's not fair to 
punish people for life for having fun for one evening. He implied 
that he didn't target minority youth for such harassment, but 
readily agreed that the allocation of police patrols and police 
priorities is beyond his individual control and in the control of 
the system. While we don't think we made any change in this 
person's consciousness, the conversation has given MIM a useful 
example about how the unjust political system directs the actions 
of individual cops and it doesn't matter if they are liberal. 

MIM didn't make as much progress with a man who turned out to be a 
guard in the Massachusetts Korrectional System. He thought that 
Blacks and Latinos were naturally hostile to whites for no reason. 
He thought it was unbelievable that Blacks at his college would 
object to him calling them "Boy" when he sees Black students call 
each other that, or even "nigger." He strongly argued that Blacks 
commit more crimes. MIM had this man all caught up in his 
contradictions, but he ran from them by turning on the air 
conditioning and raising the window to his car.

We hoped to make progress with his drunk female friend who argued 
that we should stop concerning ourselves with Clinton, Dole, and 
prisoners and instead focus on ourselves. We were trying to 
explain that there was no difference between Clinton and Dole and 
the parasitism inherent in such individualist analysis when the 
conversation with this friend of a correctional officer was 
interrupted by her need to approve a cocaine sale. 

Overall MIM's experience can be summed up in the catch phrase of 
the concert, "We're going to la la land!" In essence that is 
exactly what Lollapalooza was, a total escape from the reality the 
rest of the world has to live in everyday. The decadent lifestyle 
inherent to today's "alternative" culture was in full 
concentration and completely unwilling, and most of the time too 
drugged up to be able, to struggle over any political issues 
facing the imperialist affected world. Most agreed with how "good" 
we have it here as compared to the rest of the world, but believed 
Amerikan's deserved it. Those few who thought this whole system 
should be changed thought sitting on their butts, like good 
bourgeois imperialists, was all they should/could do.

MIM would have to say that Lollapalooza is just an example how 
fully the imperialists have bought off today's youth. Until 
imperialism and the bourgeois ideology that runs with it is 
overthrown, decadent culture will be an absolute and a breeding 
ground for future world oppression. If you want to end the power 
of groups over groups, reject bourgeois culture and work with MIM 
to create a society and culture that serves the masses of people 
and not solely the interests of the police, drug dealers, 
pornographers and oppressive white nation. 

* * *


The movie Independence Day contains surprisingly little flag 
waving and relatively large amount of internationalism. That is, 
once the principal contradiction had shifted from imperialism vs. 
Third World to Planet Earth vs. The Space Aliens, a lot of old 
enemies saw themselves working together against the new enemy. Of 
course, in typical Amerikan chauvinism, this Hollywood, made in 
Amerika movie makes it clear that the Amerikans are the smart ones 
who have to lead the fight against the space aliens, figure out 
how to destroy them, and do most of the work.

This movie opens up the interesting question for proletarians of 
what strategy to pursue in a situation of war like this. Sometimes 
inter- imperialist rivalries provide the proletariat with the 
opportunity to ally with one imperialist to overthrow their 
principal enemy before turning the struggle against other 
imperialist forces. The same could be true of the struggle between 
the world's military forces (controlled by imperialist or neo- 
colonialist powers) and the invading space aliens. 

But in this movie, the aliens are clearly bent on the annihilation 
of all humans and are not willing to negotiate with anyone over 
anything less than complete destruction. In this situation, the 
proletariat will need to ally with the imperialists (and with all 
humans) against the principal enemy: the space alien invaders. 
Proletarians with fighter planes at their disposal should join in 
the air war against the space invaders rather than trying to use 
this opportunity to turn against the imperialists. Turning against 
the imperialists when defeating the space aliens, which is the 
principal contradiction, would be the same counter revolutionary 
strategy that Trotsky advocated when he called for the overthrow 
of the socialist Soviet state on the eve of the invasion of 

Once the aliens are defeated, the principal contradiction would 
likely again return to that existing between the imperialists and 
the oppressed nations. This may be a potential revolutionary 
opportunity because the space aliens in ID4 focused all their 
forces on the major cities of the world as well as the military 
bases. This would have decimated most of the imperialist military 
forces and infrastructure clearing the way for communist 

While it was correct for proletarians to unite with the Earth 
imperialists under this circumstance of space alien invasion, we 
should ask: Who wrote this scenario? Right now, aliens are 
imaginary cultural beings created by the bourgeoisie to serve 
their ends. If this was a movie written with proletarian politics, 
technically advanced aliens would likely be communists, not evil 
imperialist scum. Or in a different-as yet unwritten revolutionary 
alien attack movie-the aliens are potentially good, and the 
proletariat unites with the space aliens behind the bourgeoisie's 
back. Then, at the crucial moment, when the bourgeoisie is totally 
committed in one direction, they realize they have been outflanked 
by the combined forces of the space aliens and the proletariat. 
Then, the aliens and what's left of humanity peacefully coexist. 

While we support the message of ID4 about the principal 
contradiction, we aren't willing to concede the potential of 
proletarian imagination producing revolutionary culture. MIM hopes 
to see revolutionary film makers put out ID4 part 2 where the 
proletariat seizes power from the imperialists and achieves 
independence for the oppressed of the world. But they won't do 
this because the film makers are just bourgeois internationalists. 

Under their bourgeois internationalist system of imperialism, it 
will take a super space alien invasion to bring unity, including 
unity of the proletariat with the bourgeoisie. That's the only way 
that imperialist system can bring peace to all peoples. By itself 
this is a strong damnation of the system we live in, which profits 
again and again from militarism, including this movie which broke 
the record for grossing $150 million in the shortest amount of 
time since release.

The bourgeois internationalists are dreaming of such unity under 
their leadership and no doubt their professional opportunists are 
scheming the equivalent of super alien hoaxes to get the 
proletariat to go along with bourgeois
internationalist rule. Under socialism, we won't need an invasion 
of superior space aliens to bring about unity.

* * *



by MC49 & MC44

In the Under Lock and Key section (pages 6&7), we responded to an 
item with the following comment: "We are happy to print items like 
the above which advertise services provided for the benefit of 
prisoners. We occasionally get requests to print similar-appearing 
items from organizations which describe their work as a service 
for prisoners, but which in fact are clearly aiming to profit off 
of prisoners and their plight. The difference between providing 
free or low- cost services to prisoners like the above and selling 
similar 'services' to prisoners is the difference between serving 
the people on the one hand and being an 'imprisonment pimp' or 
profiteer on the other." An example of an outfit which pimps off 
of prisoners is Inmate Classified:, 9710 
Zelzah Avenue, Ste. 105, Northridge, CA 91325, 818-829- 1250. We 
received a letter from this organization asking us to print 
something about their "service", along with a pamphlet describing 
their work. 

The pamphlet reads in part, "INMATE Classified is a World Wide Web 
site dedicated exclusively to publishing prison inmates['] home 
pages on the Internet....

"You can use your home page to: publicize your case look for a pro 
bono lawyer look for new friends that can either write you 
directly or mail electronically (E-mail) to your private E-mail 
box advertise your skills to potential employers that might want 
to hire you upon release publish your writings or art work ...the 
only limitation is your imagination....

"E-mail contents (if any) are printed and mailed to you once a 

"Circle your selection Plan A. Price: $70.00. Plan B. Price: 

"Please include one picture or art work and text of your Home 
Page. (for additional text, art work or photos ask for a quote)"

This price gouging itself should tell the reader that Inmate 
Classified is not a "service", despite its claims to the contrary. 
But it was by refusing to live up to the agreement in its own 
pamphlet that Inmate Classified earned public exposure here in MIM 
Notes. The pamphlet reads: "E-mail contents (if any) are printed 
and mailed to you once a week." But it turns out that this only 
applies to e-mail that Inmate Classified chooses to send. We tried 
to send copies of the electronic version of MIM Notes to the 
prisoners whose e-mail addresses we found at Inmate Classified's 
website. But instead of forwarding them on, Inmate Classified's 
webmaster John  started the following 
John: If you want to send your newspaper to inmates please do so 
by regular mail. You can get their addresses from their home 

MIM: Our newspaper is available electronically, and we would 
prefer to send it that way if possible. Is there a limit to the 
size of the messages that prisoners can receive at this site? Will 
the first issue we sent be forwarded to them? John: Inmates don't 
have access to Internet. Once a week we download their e-mail 
boxes and send the contents via regular mail, and that is max 3 
pages. We did not forward the first issue. You'll have to do it by 
mail. Also, we don't forward advertising ... only personal 

[MIM adds: None of the above caveats are mentioned in the pamphlet 
advertising the "service."] MIM: Precisely because the prisoners 
do not have independent access to the Internet, we think your 
policy of censoring their mail by denying them free literature or 
an advertisement for our free literature is deplorable. Are you 
willing to defend this policy in public? Because we plan to write 
a story about "services" like yours.

John: What is deplorable is your attitude. If you really want to 
send your message across the prison system do it in a professional 
manner with a professional mail package. But, it looks to me that 
you are too cheap to do that so I won't waste my type responding 
to any of your messages. 

MIM happily takes webmaster John up on his offer to let us get in 
the last word. For the past decade, MIM Notes has sponsored free 
subscriptions for prisoners who request them. We also run a free 
Books for Prisoner program, sending as much free political 
literature to prisoners as our resources will allow. We publish 
"Under Lock & Key"- news from prisons and prisoners twice monthly. 
Each issue contains two pages worth of writings by prisoners and 
about their struggles. Finally, we run a web server including much 
of this material electronically. We do all this for free and with 
donations of stamps or cash from prisoners and individuals 
sympathetic to their struggles. Compare that to webmaster John and 
his homepage plus 12 pages of e-mail per month for $70 and tell 
us: who's cheap and who's the imprisonment pimp? 

* * *



The Afrikan Frontline Network(AFN) is a "not for profit collective 
of communicators working to utilize today's resources to provide 
accurate, timely, and uncensored information to tomorrow's 
leaders." Full color, interactive and graphical, the AFN site is 
hard to access without a 28,800 baud modem or other high-speed 
Internet connection. If you can get such access, it is well worth 
a visit for up to date information on important struggles of the 
Black nation.

The page has a strong collection of Black anti- imperialist 
articles, cultural reviews and statements from organizations like 
the Malcolm X Grassroots Coalition and MOVE. Frontline news 
articles denounce police brutality and the expansion of the prison 
system, among other things. 

African symbolism and a large photograph of Marcus Garvey decorate 
the red, green and yellow homepage- putting cultural nationalism 
out front. Garvey's enduring appeal as a symbol of Black 
nationalism is his success in mobilizing, by some counts, millions 
of Blacks to build institutions and economic independence from 
white Amerika. But as a communist Party supporting revolutionary 
nationalism, MIM struggles to move forward with the most advanced 
examples of activism which supersede Garvey. MIM takes its lessons 
from the Maoist vanguard of the Black nation of the 1960s-the 
Black Panther Party, not the capitalist Garvey.

The AFN's electronic newsletter, Dread Times, is updated weekly. 
The issue we review here included an article about the July Mumia 
events (see MIM Notes 119 for our coverage), the formation of the 
Los Angeles Coalition Against Racist Child Experimentation 
(LACCARE)-which is confronting a research study in which oppressed 
nation children were injected with deadly experimental measles 
vaccines. Other articles encourage people to participate in 
protests against the Olympics which take place in a city with a 
high homeless population, massive policy brutality and in a region 
with growing prison populations, low wages and disproportionate 
infant mortality. Dread Times is a current and informative 
resource that includes important agitation material.

A portion of the site is dedicated to efforts around the defense 
of Mumia Abu-Jamal, including announcements of upcoming activist 
events and reports on recent legal news. This aspect of the site 
shows most clearly the coalition approach of the AFN-which 
enthusiastically reports the participation of "Pan Afrikanists, 
Animal Rightists, Ecologists, Liberals, Friends, Social Reformers, 
etc." in the pro-Mumia camp. The site also provides a link to 
Amnesty International with no criticism of that organization. 
Maoists believe in uniting all who can be united against 
imperialism, and we welcome the participation of liberals around 
clearly defined goals, but leadership means asserting the most 
correct path, which means criticizing the pro-imperialist aspects 
of Amnesty's work.

The AFN also provides information about the cases of and activist 
efforts around Eddie Conway, Khalfani Khaldun, Leonard Peltier and 
Sundiata Acoli "because we have to save the lives of our 
warriors." MIM agrees wholeheartedly with proletarian defense of 
revolutionary warriors in prison-but not to the exclusion of the 
important work of organizing all prisoners. We do not agree with 
the AFN, for example, that there are only about 150 political 
prisoners in the United Snakes. We see more than one million and 
growing, since we see that all prisoners, no matter what the crime 
they've been convicted of, are political prisoners of 
imperialism.(Stay tuned for MIM Theory 11, Amerikkkan Prisons on 
Trial. Order now, $6, from the address on page 2.)

There are other resources for prisoners in general, such as the 
proposal from the Prison Issues Desk calling for the formation of 
the New Afrikan Prisoners Militia Network (NAPMN). The NAPMN 
proposes to monitor legislation and protest anti- prisoner bills-
with the reformist aim of ridding the criminal injustice system of 
specific individuals who draft and vote for repressive 
legislation. The injustice system cannot be reformed. Small 
victories can and should be fought for, but we cannot settle for 
anything less than revolution to bring justice to Amerikkka's 
imprisoned. MIM builds public opinion and independent power on the 
outside and organizes support among prisoners to smash imperialism 
and its prison system altogether.


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P.O. BOX 3576 ANN ARBOR MI 48106 # # ### # # ---- 
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