This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
Maoist Internationalist Movement

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     MIM Notes 122               SEPTEMBER 15, 1996

MIM Notes speaks to and from the viewpoint of the 
world's oppressed majority, and against the 
imperialist-patriarchy. Pick it up and wield it in 
the service of the people. support it, struggle 
with it and write for it.

* * *


The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) is a 
revolutionary communist party that upholds Marxism-
Leninism-Maoism, comprising the collection of 
existing or emerging Maoist internationalist 
parties in the English-speaking imperialist 
countries and their English-speaking internal semi-
colonies, as well as the existing or emerging 
Spanish-speaking Maoist internationalist parties of 
Aztlan, Puerto Rico and other territories of the 
U.S. Empire. MIM Notes is the newspaper of MIM. 
Notas Rojas is the newspaper of the Spanish-
speaking parties or emerging parties of MIM.

MIM is an internationalist organization that works 
from the vantage point of the Third World 
proletariat; thus, its members are not Amerikans, 
but world citizens.

MIM struggles to end the oppression of all groups 
over other groups: classes, genders, nations.  MIM 
knows this is only possible by building public 
opinion to seize power through armed struggle.

Revolution is a reality for North America as the 
military becomes over-extended in the government's 
attempts to maintain world hegemony.

MIM differs from other communist parties on three 
main questions: (1) MIM holds that after the 
proletariat seizes power in socialist revolution, 
the potential exists for capitalist restoration 
under the leadership of a new bourgeoisie within 
the communist party itself. In the case of the 
USSR, the bourgeoisie seized power after the death 
of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao's 
death and the overthrow of the "Gang of Four" in 
1976. (2) MIM upholds the Chinese Cultural 
Revolution as the farthest advance of communism in 
human history. (3) MIM believes the North American 
white-working-class is primarily a non-
revolutionary worker-elite at this time; thus, it 
is not the principal vehicle to advance Maoism in 
this country.

MIM accepts people as members who agree on these 
basic principles and accept democratic centralism, 
the system of majority rule, on other questions of 
party line.

"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is 
universally applicable. We should regard it not as 
dogma, but as a guide to action. Studying it is not 
merely a matter of learning terms and phrases, but 
of learning Marxism-Leninism as the science of 

-- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208

* * *


* * *


August was a month of anti-imperialist protests and 
clashes with the government by students in southern 
Korea calling for the withdrawal of US troops from 
southern Korea, unification with the north, and 
repeal of the National Security Law which bans 
contact with the north. On August 20th a police 
raid of Yonsei University, the location of the 
biggest protest this month, ended in the arrest of 
thousands of students, but the demonstrations and 
activism by these anti-imperialist students are far 
from over.

The month of August is typically marked by pro-
unification demonstrations in southern Korea, and 
activism is strongest among the university 
students. These students are led by the outlawed 
radical Federation of Student Councils or 
Hanchongnyon. The leaders of the student councils 
are the most radical of the campus activists. As 
MIM Notes reported in July of last year, leaders we 
spoke to all professed their support for socialism 
and Marx. The elections of these student councils 
is a democratic process that expresses the support 
by the study body for these activists in positions 
of leadership.


The protests this August started as a peaceful 
three day festival at Yonsei University calling for 
unification with northern Korea and the withdrawal 
of the 37,000 U.S. troops stationed in the south. 
This festival was outlawed and after police troops 
tried to break up the gathering of thousands of 
students, the students took shelter in a University 
building. On August 15th over 6,000 students 
gathered at Yonsei to mark the 51st anniversary of 
the end of World War II that liberated Korea from 
Japanese colonial rule but led to the colonization 
of southern Korea by Amerika imperialism. Police 
again stormed the University and this led to a five 
day standoff between riot troops and students which 
ultimately ended in the arrest of close to 6000 
students over the course of the seven days of 
protests.(1) At press time 462 student activists 
were formally charged as leaders in the protests, 
most for violence, interference in police duties 
and unlawful intrusion. Thirty-six members of the 
Federation of Student Councils (an outlawed 
organization) received added charges of violating 
the National Security Law which bans contacts with 
northern Korea.(1)


Southern Korean President Kim Young-Sam attacked 
the student protesters saying "I will not tolerate 
pro-North Korean and violent student groups 
advocating communism." Kim, elected in 1993, is a 
former dissident himself who participated in the 
protests against the previous dictators of southern 
Korea but he makes a distinction between the "pro-
democracy" protests of the past and the pro-
unification protests of today which he now calls 
"pro-communism". While Kim may be among those 
lackeys of Amerikan imperialism who had an interest 
in overthrowing the previous rulers so that they 
could get some of the Amerikan privileges for 
themselves, the Federation of Student Councils has 
always led a strong radical student movement in 
favor of unification and against Amerikan 

Kim said "Their line is identical with North 
Korea's, their action is not considered pure campus 
activism but must be condemned as a violent 
revolutionary pro-North Korean guerrilla operation. 
Such pro-North Korean violence will be sternly 
punished."(2) It is no surprise to hear a former 
protester of the repressive policies of southern 
Korea become a repressive dictator himself once he 
has been offered the privilege and benefits of 
working for Amerikan imperialism. The perseverance 
and continued strength of the student protests 
speak to the true sentiment among many southern 
Koreans opposing imperialism and supporting 

Kim tried blaming the country's educational system 
for the protests and ideology of these radical 
students. He called on educators to correct the 
thinking of students who sympathize with northern 
Korea saying "those students follow north Korea 
ideology blindly..." ''Frankly speaking, some  
universities  have virtually given up  student  
guidance programs over the years.'' He said 
educators  should revise anti-communist education 
that is no longer effective, although he did not 
elaborate on how this should be done.(3) Kim is not 
saying that southern Korea needs to give more 
information to its students so that they can make 
informed decisions, he is saying that they need to 
step up their efforts to brainwash their students 
into believing that imperialism is great and 
communism is evil. But MIM has found that southern 
Korean students are very well educated, no thanks 
to the courses offered in the universities. They 
spend many hours studying communist theory and 
history and many of them agree with MIM that north 
Korea is not communist but that unification of the 
north and the south and the ending of Amerikan 
imperialist rule over the south is an important 
battle to fight.

Southern Korea underwent something of a democracy 
facelift after the overthrow of the U.S. backed 
dictator Roh Tae-woo and his military leader Chun 
Doo-hwan, most famous for their crackdown on a pro- 
democracy protest in 1980 remembered as the Kwangju 
Massacre. Kim, the new imperialist-backed leader, 
was supported as a more democratic President. Both 
Chun and Roh are awaiting the verdict of a trial 
for corruption and treason.(4) [They were convicted 
-ed] But this facelift clearly has not led to any 
substantive changes and the student protesters 
understand this and their demands correctly reflect 
what will be necessary to begin fundamental change: 
the expulsion of Amerikan imperialism and the 
reunification of the north and the south. The 
leaders of this movement will go even further and 
are clear about the need for revolutionary struggle 
to achieve the final overthrow of imperialism in 
the struggle for communism.


Two southern Korean students sent by Hanchongryon 
to Pyongyang began an indefinite hunger strike 
August 21st in the truce village in the 
demilitarized zone in north Korea. Before fasting 
Ryu Se-Hong and To Jong-Hwa issued a statement 
denouncing the Seoul government for "ruthlessly 
violating human rights." They said "(Kim's 
administration) should stop walking away and 
detaining the largest number of people ever in 
history and immediately release the students who 
fought a righteous fight."(2)

The large student protests and the strong 
repression by the southern Korean government speak 
to the lack of democracy and free speech for the 
people of southern Korea. In spite of Amerika's 
claims, southern Korea remains a dictatorship: a 
dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. This dictatorship 
is run by lackeys of Amerikan imperialism and the 
37,000 Amerikan troops stationed in southern Korea 
are a constant reminder of the continued occupation 
of this supposedly free country. MIM supports the 
radical students in southern Korea who are on the 
front lines of the struggles against imperialism. 
Alongside the proletariat they represent a 
formidable force that is a strong ally of the 
oppressed of the world.


1. Agence France Presse, 8/22/96.
2. Agence France Presse, 8/21/96.
3. United Press International 8/21/96.
4. The Guardian, 8/21/96, p.1

* * *


by a RAIL comrade

August 23  -- Bill KKKlinton signed a federal law 
modeled after 'Megan's law' to keep records of all 
pig identified sex offenders paroled and the 
locations of those individuals. This law exposes 
the fact that the Amerikan injustice system 
incarcerates prisoners but makes no pretense about 
attacking the root cause of child abuse.

Within six months, all police departments in 
Amerika will have a registry program tracking all 
prisoners convicted of sex crimes in every state 
they go. States will be required to inform each 
community when a person previously convicted in 
Amerika's kkkourts of a sex offense moves to their 
neighborhood. By mid-1999, the FBI will add the 
fingerprints and DNA of all "convicts" to this 
registry. Klinton supports the law "so that parents 
and police have the warning they need to protect 
our children"(1).

Rather than attack the root cause, Amerikan 
solutions are aimed at individuals. Furthermore, it 
isn't *all* sex offenders who go to prison, only 
those who benefit the system least -- oppressed 
minorities. This political farse ignores that child 
abuse happens within the family more often than in 
any other situation. The patriarchal system that 
eroticizes submissiveness and helplessness remains 
intact. The belief in domination and ownership of 
youth stays intact. Both perpetuate child 

The patriarchal family is the sacred institution of 
a patriarchal society. Within the overall power 
structure, the patriarchal family is supposed to 
mimic in small scale the ideology of the whole. 
Parents own their children like pieces of property 
and treat them like an investment. If you give the 
little heirs a good bourgeois education and instill 
the correct values, those values and the family 
name will carry on. Instilling bourgeois values 
ensures that the status of the Amerikan family will 
continue to rise within the ladder of Amerikan 
settler privileges stolen from the Third World.

Inherent to this ownership is the dehumanization of 
the children and the complete power dominance by 
the parents. Kids can't economically support 
themselves, have no organized mechanisms for self-
sufficiency and have to obey all that is passed 
down from their parents who have the entire system 
to back them up. In these ways what goes on in the 
family is no longer up for debate, it is a mirror 
of the entire system.

When parents force their children to have sex with 
them they are teaching children a real lesson about 
patriarchal society and the way that people are 
defined by their sexuality. Even while the majority 
of sexual abuse of children happens in the family, 
this patriarchal institution is being cherished and 
supported in society. No one out there is going to 
admit that just because children are powerless it 
is OK to molest them, but by the pure fact that the 
environment that the abuse takes place in, the 
patriarchal family, is cherished and supported in 
this society, then the acts within it are never 
even questioned.

Amerikans do not question gender oppression. It 
never comes to KKKlinton's or Amerikkka's arguments 
that our society eroticizes youth, submissiveness 
and powerlessness. Neither ever wants to answer to 
the contradiction between advocating that the 
patriarchal family is at one instant a furtherance 
of Amerikkka's good values while at the next exempt 
from its oppressive practices -this law is not 
aimed at parental abuse of children it is aimed at 
the mythological child molester lurking in the 

KKKlinton's advocacy of such a law is purely a ploy 
to get more votes from Amerikkkans. It instills the 
fear in people that anyone around the corner could 
be the one to get your kid. But does Amerikkka 
really care? Children aren't even considered human 
beings and are of absolutely no use to the system 
as youth. By supporting such a reactionary bill, 
KKKlinton and the rest of Amerikkka manages to 
expose itself one more time as oppressors of 
society. They support the physical, psychological 
and emotional torture that abused children endure. 
In the end the "get-me-re-elected" patriarchal 
Christian values talk that KKKlinton is spitting 
out is only going to give slack to all Amerikkkan 
parents who want to re-establish a "safe family 
environment" and imprison more poor men. Rather 
than look to the real culprits (mothers, fathers, 
uncles, friends) and the overall oppressive system 
that allows for such unmentionables to happen, 
white Amerikkka is going to applaud pseudo-
"protection" of our children.

If you really want to stop sexual violence and the 
overall oppression of groups, including youth, the 
system needs to be overthrown, not just a few more 
poor people thrown in jail. The youth of today have 
the ability to join with the oppressed masses 
because they can see what kind of future Amerikkkan 
decadence is creating for them. Youth rise up! 
Reject assimilation into decadent, rotting 
imperialist patriarchy!

NOTE:  Boston Sunday Globe, 8/25/96.

* * *


by MC12

In 1989 there were about 180,000 non-Israeli 
Palestinians with permits to work in Israel. But as 
part of Israel's increased oppression of the 
Palestinian nation, under the cover of the bogus 
"peace process," Palestinians are increasingly 
prevented from working within Israel's illegitimate 
borders. There are now only about 32,000 non-
Israeli Palestinians with Israeli work permits.(1)

But in a rich country like Israel, there are many 
low-paid jobs to be done, and few Israelis to do 
them -- like an Amerikan suburb. This shows 
Israel's parasitic settler character, like Amerika 
and South Africa, among others. So they 
increasingly rely on immigrants from outside of 
Palestine. The country issues about 100,000 legal 
work permits for immigrants per year, and there may 
be at least that many working on expired tourist 
visas. There are now up to 60,000 foreign laborers 
living in Tel Aviv alone. There are at least 74,000 
foreign construction workers in the country. 
Altogether, non-citizens make up almost 5% of the 

The greatest numbers of immigrant workers come from 
Asia and Africa, as well as Arab countries. Others 
are from Eastern Europe and Turkey, and South 
America. The immigrants have been brought into 
employment niches:  Filipinos work in elder care 
and other domestic work, Rumanians work in 
construction, Thais work in agriculture, and so on. 
In the Ghanaian community, families pool money to 
set up daycare so that the Ghanaian wimmin have 
time to take care of the children in Israeli 

The companies that hire these immigrants frequently 
take their passports, and then when they don't want 
them anymore turn them in to be deported, without 
paying their last paychecks, and with no punishment 
to the companies. Many workers also pay a deposit 
or fee for their jobs, but are legal hostages 
because if they leave the job - or are fired - they 
lose their legal status. Changing jobs also leads 
to the loss of legal status. The majority live in 
poor conditions without many basic services, in 
their attempts to make money to send home or save 
to bring their families.

Some Jews who want a more theocratic state and 
religiously-defined nation object to this trend, 
and opportunistically use the bad conditions and 
pay to beef up their reactionary case. What really 
bothers them is that the new immigrants sometimes 
bring their families, they have children, and, to 
quote the dramatic words of one magazine, "The 
Jerusalem Report has learned that groups of legal 
and illegal workers are forming to demand full 
social benefits -- including health coverage, and 
schooling for their children."(2)

One member of parliament was quoted as complaining:  
"We established a Jewish state, not a refuge for 
Africans and Asians" (apparently Eastern Europeans 
are not so bad, from his perspective).(2)

The Jerusalem Report (whose story appeared the week 
before the New York Times ran a story with the same 
facts and angle), described the immigrants as 
"phantoms," adding, "The phantom Israel will be 
non-Jewish. It's children may lack even basic 
inoculations. And it could, eventually, become very 
angry about its status." These "phantoms" and their 
"phantom children," the article says, have many 
Israelis and the government "spooked."(2) Children 
of non-citizen immigrants born in Israel are not 

Non-Jewish immigrants are "acting less like sort-
term guests -- and more like people who have moved 
in." The Israeli public was happy to see them come 
-- because Palestinians are feared and reviled -- 
but now they are upset that the religious basis for 
the nation will unravel. "I don't go out after 
eight at night anymore and I don't let my children 
out," one womyn is quoted as saying. "These people 
have to be removed."(2)

The case of immigrants in Israel shows the 
relationship between nation and class in settler 
societies, as nationalities work in separate jobs 
and sectors of the economy. The result is a labor 
aristocracy in the settler society -- separated 
from the proletariat by their privileges, pay and 
non-productive work -- and a proletarian class made 
up of oppressed nationalities. The government has 
made a public show of dealing with the "panic," 
promising to cut down the number of legal work 
permits. But non-Israelis will continue to be the 
backbone of the real workforce as long as Israel 
remains a parasitic settler nation. The 
imperialists will attempt to pacify the labor 
aristocracy with get-tough language on illegal 
immigrants -- whether in Israel or North America -- 
but they know they need these low-paid workers in 
the current economic structure. Their continued 
presence is thus guaranteed, and the only question 
is how much they will be made to suffer in the 
"host" countries.(2)

National borders used to enforce economic 
inequality are immoral, and as communists, all 
Maoists seek open borders as a step toward 
equality. In this case, we oppose the ejection of 
Palestinians from their jobs -- which increases 
economic deprivation in the Palestinian nation in 
the absence of their national self-determination -- 
as well as the exploitation of poor immigrants from 
other countries. In both cases Israel uses its 
power as an imperialist proxy to increase its 
wealth at the expense of the international 


1. The New York Times, Aug. 19, 1996. p. A7. Many 
details in this story are lifted without 
attribution from the Jerusalem Report article. 
We're glad to see that competition among the 
capitalist press leads to such innovation!
2. Jerusalem Report, Aug. 22, 1996, p. 20.

* * *



Dear Comrades,

I just wrote a few days ago to let you know I 
received MIM Notes and to let you know of my new 
address (I was transferred out of the Supermax 
control unit).

I am prompted to write again after reading your 
rape/sex analysis in the May Day issue in which you 
equate all sex with rape and do an interesting 
demonstration which shows just how blurry the lines 
can be between which people think they know about.

I just wish you would have included an age-based 
analysis as well. For example, while many people 
would consider an 18 year old boy and a 17 year old 
girl a "normal" boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, 
if they had sex the boy could be charged with 
statutory rape. If the girl did not want to testify 
against her boyfriend, the state could then move in 
with all its oppressive power and threaten to jail 
her for contempt of court, as has happened many 
times, or she succumbs to the pressure and the boy 
goes to jail for 5, 10, or 20 years. And it doesn't 
even matter if the boy is 18, he could be a minor 
himself, as you know from the current case in 
Calif. of the 6-year-old boy being jailed on 
attempted murder charges. He does not even have to 
be older than the girl, as I recall a case of a 7 
year old charged with attempted rape of a 12 year 
old. With 18 as the age of consent in most 
jurisdictions but average age at first intercourse 
in Amerikkka being 15 (meaning that many start at 
12, 13, 14, etc.), we are defining our average 
citizens as rapists and giving the oppressive state 
apparatus the means by which to go after just about 
whomever they arbitrarily choose. If you do happen 
to be in a state where the age of consent is 16 (or 
even 14 in a couple) and have sex with someone that 
age and take a picture of it, then the feds will 
come and get you for producing "kiddie porn" and 
you'll still go to prison for 10 years.

I know these law are applied in a racist way but I 
am a white man who was brought up as part of the 
middle class. I came of age in the 60's ever since 
I have considered myself a revolutionary. What 
many, especially white, people do not understand is 
that this can be used as a wedge to go after white 
people who understand and fight state repression. I 
have seen the need for revolution in this country 
for many years....

--A confused prisoner in CT
June, 1996

MIM REPLIES: Revolutionary greetings! It is fitting 
that we received your letter at this time, as we 
recently completed a congress in which we addressed 
the very issue of statutory rape. Age is indeed an 
important factor to include in a comprehensive 
analysis of rape, especially as Dole and others are 
rallying for renewed enforcement of the reactionary 
statutory rape laws to feed the fire of repression 
of the oppressed.

MIM opposes all rape and we are fighting for a 
society in which equality in relationships is 
possible and people are truly capable of giving 
consent. While doing this we recognize that under 
capitalism the rape laws are used to lock up the 
oppressed while ignoring one of the most common 
forms of rape (even by bourgeois standards) that 
happen in the home between parents and children. 
Under capitalism we concluded that supporting 
lowering the age of consent to 13 for statutory 
rape laws is a good way for MIM to expose these 
contradictions while fighting a potentially 
winnable battle that would reduce the number of 
people being locked up by the criminal injustice 

We do not recognize a consistent difference between 
16 year olds, 15, 14 and 13 year olds that should 
contribute to one age serving as the dividing line 
for inability to ever consent to sex with an 
"adult". A high age of consent serves the 
reactionary purposes of the state in several ways. 
It gives the imperialists one more justification 
for locking away even more people. And it 
encourages a paternalist view of teenagers by 
suggesting that maturity is impossible. A large 
proportion of youth, 13 and even younger, are 
already sexually active. MIM does not think that 
one or two power differentials should be given 
special consideration for these youth who are 
capable of thinking and acting as adults. We do not 
think that teenagers are qualitatively less capable 
of making decisions for themselves than adults with 
regard to sex, at least when the sex partner is not 
a parent or caregiver.

We also reject the fantasy notion that young 
people's first time having sex should be perfect, 
which the paternalists say the state must protect 
them for. Though MIM maintains that in an unequal 
society, real consent is impossible, we work to 
reform the notions of bourgeois consent to decrease 
imprisonment and illuminate gender contradictions 
more clearly.

MIM has pushed for an analysis of the problems of 
gender under imperialist patriarchy. Look to MT2/3-
-Gender and Revolution for a start. MT9--Psychology 
and Imperialism goes further into how age is 
related to gender. Use them and MIM Notes as tools 
to write your own articles dealing with gender, and 
help us chart new ground.


Dear Comrades,
I would like to join your Book Club. I don't have a 
million dollars so here's one book. "Solidad 
Brother" for the brothers under lock and key. I 
challenge the other MIM supporters to send 999.99 

Power to the people,
--A reader in the southwest.

MIM REPLIES: Thanks for the contribution! For MIM 
readers who are unaware, our Book of the Month has 
two options: you send us a book a month which we 
will send to one of Amerika's prisoners, or, 
alternatively, you send us a million dollars and 
we'll send a book to a million of the prisoners in 
Amerika's gulags. Choose from a wide variety of 
Maoist, Black nation, First Nation, Latino 
classics. Join today!


Revolutionary Greetings,
First of all, I would like to thank MIM for 
answering my letter and sending me the latest issue 
of MIM Notes. I commend your effort in establishing 
a media that reveals the truth about the constant 
enslavement of third world countries at the hand of 
the imperialist pigs. I recently wrote a letter to 
MIM regarding my interest in actively participating 
in your organization. I am a twenty year old 
college student with lots of opportunities to reach 
a young audience. Furthermore, I live in one of the 
countries largest Latino population. Being an 
immigrant myself, I am aware as to how the 
political slime in the disguise of republicans and 
democrats, ignore our needs and only show their 
lying, disgusting faces during election time. I am 
very fluent in Spanish, being my native language 
and would love to help with Notas Rojas. Please let 
me know if there is anything that I can help you 
with. In particular, I am interested in aiding in 
the translating of documents. I am not aware if you 
engage in any letter writing campaigns but if so, I 
would be interested in helping out. Once again, 
thank you for your time and I look forward to 
hearing from you.
 -- A comrade in the east

MIM REPLIES:  Thanks for the letter. We're happy to 
hear you want to get more involved in working with 
MIM. Here's some ways that you can get involved:

Your Spanish skills can be put to good use helping 
with Notas Rojas. If you see things going on in 
your community that should be reported, or anything 
in the media that you think should be reported on, 
please write stories for Notas Rojas. We need help 
covering more news, especially in places we are not 
yet covering. If you don't want to write stories, 
you can help out by translating any current stories 
in MIM Notes or Maoist Sojourner. Enclosed are 
copies of the latest issues. You can pick which 
stories you want to translate and just let us know 
which you are doing (anything but Under Lock and 
Key, poetry and letters is OK). If you are willing 
to take on bigger translation projects, MIM Theory, 
the theoretical journal of the Maoist 
Internationalist Movement, really needs help. We 
could assign you a whole journal (usually 100 
pages) and you could work at your own pace. Just 
pick which of the above interests you and dive 
right in.

We'd also like your help getting MIM's publications 
out to the people in [your state]. If we could send 
you a box of MIM Notes, Notas Rojas and Maoist 
Sojourners to distribute that would be great. You 
can leave these for people to pick up on local 
campuses, in stores (if they will let you), in 
laundry places, in the projects, in cafes and 
wherever else people will pick them up. You can 
also hand them out on the streets, or, if you want, 
you can sell them on the streets. If you can help 
us by covering the cost of producing the papers, we 
do ask for $20 for a bundle of 200. If you can't 
help we'll still send the papers if you will 
distribute them. Just tell us how many we can send 
and we will start mailing them out.

Another way to get involved is to start working 
with the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League 
(RAIL). This is an organization formed by MIM for 
anti-imperialists. People get experience doing 
organizing work and learning revolutionary theory 
while being organized on a continental scale 
through RAIL. People in this organization agree to 
RAIL's line and actions being led by MIM and agree 
with the need for revolutionary armed struggle. If 
this interests you, you are welcome to join RAIL 
and get involved. Among other things, RAIL now has 
it's own newspaper that is currently printed inside 
MIM Notes every other month (a copy of this is 
included). RAIL carries out campaigns that include 
petitioning and holding educational events and 
protests. One big project that many RAIL branches 
have taken on is the prisons campaign. This has 
involved campaigning against repressive conditions 
in prisons, trying to win small reforms while also 
educating people about why we think prison 
repression will not end until capitalism is 
overthrown. We have petitions and posters that we 
could send you so you could start doing this 
agitation in your city.

We also encourage you to subscribe to MIM Notes and 
MIM Theory. MN is $20 for a year (published twice a 
month) and MT is $5 per issue or $18 per year (4 
issues a year). These are great educational 
materials and MIM needs the financial support to 
continue the work we do.

Let us know which of the above things you want to 
get involved with or if you have other ideas, share 
those with us too. We look forward to hearing from 
you soon.

* * *



As regular readers of MIM publications know, MIM 
and others have been working to unmask a police 
operation aimed at disrupting the work of the 
Communist Party of Peru (PCP, "Sendero Luminoso" in 
the bourgeois press), its supporters, and its 
potential supporters.(1) This operation has 
operated under many names. The most widely used 
have been "MPP-USA (Peru People's Movement, USA)," 
"The New Flag/La Nueva Bandera," "Luis Quispe" and 
"Marcelina Ccorimanya."

Having noticed the silence of the Revolutionary 
Communist Party, USA (RCP-USA)'s newspaper, the 
Revolutionary Worker, on the question of this 
Queens, New York-based police plot, a MIM supporter 
recently asked an active RCP supporter, "Do you 
guys have a position on the so-called 'MPP-USA'?" 
The RCP supporter replied, "No."(2)

It is perhaps in the RCP-USA's interest to take 
this "non-position" position. Police provocateur 
Agent Quispe's entity serves as a second line of 
defense for the RCP-USA-led Committee of the 
Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (Co-RIM). 
The position of the RCP-USA and Co-RIM serves U.S. 
imperialism and U.S.-backed Peruvian fascism by 
treating capitulationists as though they were still 
part of Peru's vanguard party after they issued 
their call for capitulation. Agent Quispe sometimes 
wears a mask which criticizes the RCP-USA and the 
Co-RIM. But Agent Quispe's actual practice is to 
defend the Co-RIM by refusing to break with it 
organizationally, and by denouncing those who do 
break with it as glory-seekers, police agents, 
smelly, long-haired drug-users, and of course, 

MIM joins with others in support of the March 1996 
Call for a World Mobilization Commission to defend 
the Peruvian revolution, which reads in part, "The 
opportunist leadership of Co-RIM, is the main cause 
of immobilism in the international movement in 
support for the People's War in Peru. Since October 
1993 their nefarious activities have been geared to 
paralysing any show of support for the People's War 
and to cast doubts upon the revolutionary condition 
of [PCP] Chairman Gonzalo. Both bureaucratic 
organisms, the Co-RIM and the IEC [the Co-RIM-
affiliated International Emergency Committee to 
Defend the Life of Abimael Guzma'n (Chairperson 
Gonzalo's birth name)], are not in any way 
politically and morally capable to call upon the 
masses and political organisations to the defense 
of the Peruvian revolution."(1)

So with Agent Quispe acting as a second line of 
defense for the crypto-Trotskyist RCP-USA and its 
circles, it is perhaps understandable that the RCP-
USA would refuse to denounce Agent Quispe's police 
plot. It is not excusable, however. The RCP-USA's 
abdication is at best the worst imaginable display 
of sectarianism, placing the RCP-USA's narrow 
interests above that of the masses. The RCP-USA, 
for instance, has expressed its support for Julian 
Salazar Calero, a Peruvian citizen now living in 
the U.S. who is threatened with deportation to the 
hands of the fascist Peruvian government which 
accuses Calero of being a "terrorist."(3)

Calero, however, was apparently arrested as a 
direct result of snitch work by Agent Quispe. On 
May 10, only twenty days before Calero was 
threatened with deportation, Agent Quispe 
boastfully announced on the Internet's Marxism-list 
that one of his phony "MPP-USA"'s supposed members 
was wanted by the Peruvian authorities, and 
described the details of this supposed "MPP-USA" 
member's case:  the crime he was charged with and 
the location in Peru from which he came.(4) When 
Calero was thereafter arrested and the facts of his 
case became publicly known, it turned out that the 
facts of his case matched precisely those details 
previously announced by Agent Quispe.

Currently, Agent Quispe is fairly pathetically 
trying to cover his tracks by exploiting the fact 
that he didn't name a name when he fingered Calero. 
Agent Quispe's defense is essentially that it 
wasn't Calero he was fingering;  he was fingering 
someone else! In related news, Agent Quispe's 
friend Dan Axtell recently admitted that he had 
contact with Calero before Calero's arrest.(4) What 
this illustrates is that those like the RCP-USA who 
give Agent Quispe's operation continued life 
through their silence are doing great harm to the 
masses. The longer the RCP-USA goes without 
condemning Agent Quispe's police operation and 
without making self-criticism for tolerating it, 
the more the RCP-USA will earn suspicion that its 
positions have a material basis more sinister than 
extreme sectarianism.


Worse still, while the RCP-USA takes the 
abdicationist position of "no position" on Agent 
Quispe, it continues to follow its hegemonist logic 
(a logic contrary to Mao's theory and practice) 
abroad to new depths. As the Call for a World 
Mobilization states, "Since October 1993 their [the 
leadership of Co-RIM's] nefarious activities have 
been geared to paralysing any show of support for 
the People's War and to cast doubts upon the 
revolutionary condition of Chairman Gonzalo."(1) 
When this statement was written in March 1996, the 
Co-RIM's doubt-casting was veiled. But now it is 
out in the open. For no good reason, the RCP-USA 
and the Co-RIM now issue a poisonous weed. The RCP-
USA version of the weed reads:

"With the regime controlling all access, it is 
still impossible to confirm with certainty that 
Chairman Gonzalo is in fact supporting the Peace 
Accord line, but this possibility has increased and 
revolutionaries have to face up to it -- in order 
to really strengthen the correct political position 
of opposing this right opportunist line of ending 
the War.

"There have been developments since the Peace 
Accord proposal was first announced that cannot be 
easily explained by the analysis that Chairman 
Gonzalo's role in this is a "hoax". This "hoax" 
explanation was the initial sense of many 
revolutionaries, and this was a position announced 
in a document released by the Central Committee of 
the PCP shortly after the Peace Accord proposal was 
first made public by the regime....

"But while the final word is *not* in, the 
possibility is growing that Chairman Gonzalo has 
taken a wrong turn, away from the revolutionary 
direction he charted for the PCP before his 

"...We would be overjoyed if it turns out that, in 
fact, he is not supporting this Peace Accord line. 
Or, if he is supporting this line, we would welcome 
a change in his views. But we first and foremost 
have to deal with this line, and, as part of that, 
we have to be prepared for the possibility that 
Chairman Gonzalo is its main proponent."(5)

The Co-RIM version of the weed is essentially the 
same, except that it presents the supposed evidence 
that "the possibility is growing" that Gonzalo has 
capitulated. MIM does not have reliable information 
about most of the details of concrete conditions in 
Peru. As Maoists, we oppose hegemonism, and 
therefore do not claim to know better than the PCP 
about concrete conditions in Peru. (Conversely, 
activists in the imperialist countries should not 
wait for permission from Peru before breaking with 
the imperialist-country-based Co-RIM or Agent 
Quispe. The PCP cannot be expected to know the 
details of what is done in its names by police 
agents and opportunists in the imperialist 

Agent Quispe has been spreading the idea that MIM 
seeks to "traffic" in the revolution in Peru. Since 
this doubt spread by Agent Quispe has not been 
contradicted by the Central Committee which leads 
the PCP while Chairperson Gonzalo is in prison, MIM 
respects the possibility that the PCP might oppose 
independent reporting by MIM on conditions in Peru. 
Therefore, we do no such reporting, except in cases 
where universal questions of Maoism are principal 
over questions having to do with national 
conditions, such as our condemnation of the Canto 
Grande capitulationists who purged themselves from 
the PCP.

Our policy of not taking a stand on concrete 
conditions in Peru applies to conditions which the 
Co-RIM cite as their reason for spreading doubts 
about Chairperson Gonzalo. We will not take a stand 
on these questions without authorization from the 
Central Committee of the PCP, but we are perfectly 
willing to take a stand on the Co-RIM's 
presentation of the supposed facts.


In March 1995, "Margie Clavo was arrested in Peru 
along with a number of others accused of being 
leaders or members of the Communist Party of Peru. 
She was accused of being 'Comrade Nancy,' a leading 
member of the PCP Central Committee.

"Shortly after her arrest, Clavo was presented to 
the press. At that time she called on the party and 
the masses to 'Persist, Persist, Persist' in the 
People's War....

"It is thus a most unpleasant duty to inform 
comrades and friends that it appears that Margie 
Clavo has abandoned her previously correct position 
and has been won to support the call for a peace 

"An article appeared in the Peruvian press which 
quotes at length from her interview. Of particular 
note is Clavo's claim to have spoken on several 
occasions with Chairman Gonzalo whom she 'credits' 
with winning her to support the peace accords.

"In the aftermath of the Clavo interview, 
supporters of the right opportunist line in [sic] 
the PCP of seeking a peace accord have circulated a 
leaflet claiming that Chairman Gonzalo has issued 
another 'instruction' to supporters abroad 
commenting on the Clavo interview and including a 
paragraph quoting Clavo which did not appear in the 
press accounts in which she makes a 'self 
criticism' for allegedly 'deceiving the RIM' about 
the nature of the peace accords...."

"It is hardly necessary to point to the seriousness 
of this situation. First of all, the fact that a 
major leader of the Central Committee has changed 
her position and is now supporting the right 
opportunist line is itself a significant blow to 
the Party leadership. Moreover, her claim to have 
met with Chairman Gonzalo further strengthens 
suppositions that Chairman Gonzalo is indeed 
proposing the line of seeking a peace accord."

But are we sure that Clavo is a member of the PCP's 
Central Committee(CC)? And if a CC member (or 
"major leader") openly breaks with the CC on the 
major issue of "peace accords", can that person 
really still be referred to as a CC member? The Co-
RIM article fails to address these important 
questions. This is the surface problem with the Co-
RIM article. The supposed evidence as presented by 
the Co-RIM could be questioned as a possible 
psychological warfare operation. But while the Co-
RIM does not consider this possibility, they do 
consider that "the possibility has increased" that 
Gonzalo is a capitulationist.

As the Call for a World Mobilization Commission 
says, "Revisionists and opportunists, together with 
those agents directly linked to the Peruvian 
police's Secret Services, share the same 
objectives:...[including] 3. To depict Chairman 
Gonzalo as a vulgar capitulationist who, from 
inside his cell, is leading the 'peace agreement' 
plot...."(1) Objectively, the Co-RIM is spreading 
psychological warfare propaganda.

Subjectively, at best, the hegemonist line of the 
RCP-USA has led it to a new low. The line of the 
RCP-USA is that its Co-RIM is "the embryonic 
political centre of the RIM," while the RIM is the 
"emerging world centre" of the international 
communist movement. This notion is not consistent 
with Maoism. Mao Zedong spoke out against 
hegemonism in general, and in particular against 
the Comintern's hegemonism. It is not for no reason 
that he did not work to reconstitute the Comintern 
after it was dissolved in the 1940s. It is 
Trotskyism, not Maoism, which seeks to constitute a 
new International body with democratic-centralism. 
The RCP-USA should make self-criticism for its 
history of crypto-Trotskyism, including its 
hegemonist deviation from Maoism.


The RCP-USA's willingness to speculate about events 
in Peru about which they should not speculate -- 
and about which they admit they are only 
speculating -- makes its unwillingness to denounce 
the already-exposed police plot of Agent Quispe all 
the more galling. Likewise, the RCP-USA's 
willingness to abdicate on the question of Agent 
Quispe makes its willingness to speculate about 
events in Peru all the more galling. The RCP-USA 
needs to speak out against the New York-based 
police plot, shut up about concrete conditions in 
Peru, and make self-criticism for opportunism, 
liberalism, abdication, crypto-Trotskyism and 


1. See the June 1996 Maoist Sojourner and/or the 
June 15, 1996 MIM Notes, especially the former. 
Send $2 for either.
2. Los Angeles, Aug. 23, 1996.
3. RCP-USA's Revolutionary Worker, Aug. 11, 1996, 
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4. via world wide web: do a search for "Marxism 
List". via gopher: go to under public 
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* * *


by MC12

Residents of Albany, NY reported seeing police pick 
up Jhamel Clark and slam his head against the 
ground, causing him to lose consciousness. The 
attack occurred on North Swan Street in Albany on 
Sunday, August 18. Police reported that a crowd of 
some 100 residents jeered them and threw rocks and 
bottles at the pigs carrying out their assault.

One womyn who independently called the Albany Times 
Union to report on the beating said "they took this 
boy, beat him on the head, slammed him on the 
ground." Clark, 19, came to when revived by medical 
technicians. The pigs later accused Clark of faking 
his injury to draw attention, and said that 
residents exaggerated the story to play up police 

MIM is not interested in comparing the pigs' 
version of this story to the masses'. The important 
question is not whether or not anyone is playing up 
police brutality, but why there is police brutality 
in the first place. The Black Panther Party pointed 
out that the police occupy oppressed communities 
within U.S. borders "as a foreign troop occupies 

The pigs do not exist to protect and serve the 
oppressed, but to hamper and restrain national 
minorities from realizing national self-
determination. If the pigs' had only beat Clark and 
not knocked him unconscious, this incident would 
still be a product of the imperialist relationship 
between pigs and the oppressed nations, a 
relationship which is necessarily brutal.

Clark had been on probation for a drug charge, and 
was being arrested for possession of crack when the 
beating took place. So even though the so-called 
crimes Clark was accused of were nonviolent, his 
punishment is being beaten up by police, plus more 
jail time for "resisting arrest" and "disorderly 

While some drug dealers (including those who sell 
drugs that are currently legal) may need to be 
harshly punished, people who have drug problems 
need help. The oppressed have to deal with drugs in 
addition to poverty, inferior medical care and 
housing, inadequate employment and other mechanisms 
of imperialism. A people's government which 
recognizes the coincidence of all these problems 
will be the only authority fit to solve these 

The imperialists look in one direction to profit 
from running drugs, and then turn the other way to 
imprison oppressed people who use drugs. 
Imperialism has no interest in stopping harmful 
drug use, only in increasing state and capitalist 

MIM looks forward to the day when the Albany police 
force will receive its justice at the hands of a 
proletarian government. We work to expose the 
crimes and illegitimate authority of the state, and 
to organize for a revolution against the "order" of 

NOTE: The Times Union (Albany, N.Y.) August 19, 
1996, p. B1.

* * *


August 27 -- a federal judge overturned part of the 
victory members of the MOVE organization won in a 
legal battle against the government. In the legal 
battle MOVE sued for damages from the 1985 fire 
bombing of their Philadelphia home which killed 11 
people and destroyed their house along with 60 
other homes. This fire bombing was not provoked by 
an armed standoff, contrary to the report in the 
New York Times and those carried in many other 
reactionary bourgeois media sources. The MOVE 
members were unarmed and after the fire, no guns 
were found. The attack on MOVE was purely 
political:  this anti-imperialist organization of 
revolutionary nationalists fought against police 
brutality and other imperialist evils, threatening 
the state in a way that a few guns in a house could 
not have done.

The new ruling says that Philadelphia's former 
police and fire commissioners will not have to pay 
damages to MOVE bombing survivors or relatives. The 
June 24th federal jury verdict had ordered 
Philadelphia to pay $1.5 million to Ramona Africa, 
the only adult survivor of the bombing, and 
relatives of two dead MOVE members. In addition the 
jury ordered the former Fire Commissioner and 
former Police Commissioner (who were in charge and 
who ordered the bombing) to pay Ramona Africa token 
damages of $1 a week for 11 years.(See MIM Notes 
118, July 15, 1996). The judge overturned the 
latter part of the ruling, freeing the men in 
charge of paying even token damages for their 
murderous actions. As Ramona Africa said, this 
verdict "literally, let them get away with murder."

The judge who overturned the jury ruling said that 
the fire and police commissioners were legally 
protected from punishment as public servants unless 
"official misconduct" was found. This misconduct he 
defined as actions that were knowingly improper and 
he said they did not act maliciously or in 
violation of orders from superiors. MIM's not 
surprised by this interpretation of the law. After 
all, the fire and police commissioners were acting 
on orders from their imperialist bosses who put 
them in power in order to maintain order over all 
who fight against imperialism. And the actions of 
the fire and police commissioner were not 
"knowingly improper" because it is proper in this 
country to murder the enemies of imperialism as was 
seen historically in the destruction of the Black 
Panther Party, the American Indian Movement, and 
currently in the continued repression against 
members of revolutionary organizations. In fact, 
the nationality alone of the MOVE members was 
enough to merit this bombing by Amerikan standards 
which say that attacking and even killing oppressed 
nations is justified as a means of maintaining the 
great Amerikan way.

In spite of this set back, the publicity gained by 
this whole trial and the $1.5 million the City has 
to pay remain as victories for the MOVE 
organization and for the oppressed.

NOTES: The New York Times, 8/29/96, p A21

* * *


by MC53

French immigration pigs suited in riot gear rounded 
up 210 African immigrants and locked them in a 
military detention center August 23rd.(1)

The oppressed nationals from French neo-colonies in 
Africa had stayed at the St. Bernard's Church, 
which pigs raided in the middle of mass, since the 
end of June. Ten have been on a hunger strike since 
July 4 and continue to demand that the French 
government grant residence permits to 300 African 
immigrants. After the raid, the hunger strikers 
were forcibly taken to a military hospital.(1)

The oppressed nationals, including 68 children, 
were released within a couple days because the pigs 
did not have proper warrants for the raid.(2) The 
pigs did not have permission of the parish or the 
Archbishop of Paris to enter the church and capture 
the immigrants.(1)

The raid came one day after Prime Minister Alain 
Juppe's announcement that the government would 
continue to crack down on immigration and ignore 
the demands of the protesters.(3) Following this 
announcement, the protesters reaffirmed their 
dedication to continue the struggle.

The protesters continued their fight against 
deportation even after the hunger strikers were 
taken away by the pigs because of their protest 
earlier. Their struggle against deportation 
illuminates the contradictory interests of 
imperialism. Previously, French imperialism had 
welcomed immigration from its neo-colonies in 
northern Africa. On the one side, emigration from 
the colonies helped to disguise the unemployment 
and poverty caused by French exploitation. On the 
other side, immigration to Paris provided the 
French with the necessary cheap labor to maintain 
its status of wealth.

The government's crackdown on immigration in recent 
years has resulted from higher unemployment within 
France and pressure from the French labor 
aristocracy. Just like the Amerikan labor 
aristocracy's general support for attacks on 
immigrants, this reactionary sentiment is fueled by 
national chauvinism. The parasitic French masses 
support the immigration crackdown because they want 
to ensure maximization of their share of super-
profits from the African neo-colonies.

Following the arrests, immigration pigs flew four 
men from the group back to Mali along with 52 other 
Africans rounded up by immigration.(2) In the first 
half of 1996, over 7,000 Africans had been forcibly 
deported from France.(1) The French imperialists 
make no claim to take responsibility for creating 
the conditions which economically forced the 
Africans to emigrate in the first place, but will 
continue to deport a sufficient number until the 
labor aristocracy is happy and the number of 
immigrants balances out with the number needed for 
dirt cheap jobs.

The heightening of this struggle between the 
immigrants and the French government points the 
path to revolution and the death of imperialism. 
Imperialists cannot continue to mooch off of Third 
World labor indefinitely and cannot cover their 
parasitism through temporary liberal immigration 
policies. Deportation will further the 
contradiction between imperialist France and its 
neo-colonies in northern Africa leading the way to 
revolution. Just as with the borders of the united 
states, the borders of the French territory will be 
opened following revolution so that those who have 
built up the wealth of France will then have access 
to what has been stolen from them.


1. The New York Times, Aug. 24, 1996, p. A4.
2. The New York Times, Aug. 27, 1996, p. A4.
3. The New York Times, Aug. 23, 1996, p. A4.

* * *


by MC12

The FBI's relentless quest for greater power in the 
service of Amerikan imperialism goes on. The agency 
now plans to increase the number of special agents 
abroad from 70 to 129 -- in 46 cities, double the 
current 23. Under the plan support personnel would 
increase from 54 to 79. That's all in addition to 
Drug Enforcement Agency, CIA, and various other 
organizations running around the world in the 
service of empire.

The FBI says their work in the new cities will all 
be in support of U.S.-based law-enforcement 
investigations into terrorism or drugs. But we know 
that terrorism and drugs are also stand-ins for 
political persecution, whether within U.S. borders 
or not. In particular, the new offices will work 
with investigations into political ("extremist," 
"terrorist," etc.) groups that are connected to 
overseas organizations. The first four offices are 
scheduled to go into Beijing, Tel Aviv, Islamabad 
and Cairo.

Other cities to be added include: Seoul, Singapore, 
Lima, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Ankara, Copenhagen, 
Tallinn, Prague, Warsaw, Kiev, Bucharest, Tblisi, 
Lagos, Pretoria, Riyadh, Almaty, Tashkent and New 

They already have offices in: Hong Kong, Manila, 
Bangkok, Tokyo, Canberra, Mexico City, Ottawa, 
Panama City, Bogota, Caracas, Bridgetown 
(Barbados), Santiago, Montevideo, London, Brussels, 
Bonn, Madrid, Rome, Athens, Moscow, Paris, Bern and 

The agency wants $80 million for the expansion 
plan, and Congress has been receptive. President 
Clinton also supports it, as part of the effort 
against "forces of destruction that know no 
national boundaries." He should know. And despite 
some inter-agency squabbling over turf, the CIA and 
FBI appear ready to create a virtual merger in such 
operations, further consolidating the powers and 
reach of the repressive state. Maoists and all 
revolutionaries oppose expansion of the police 
state and its militarist expansions around the 

NOTE: Washington Post, 8/20/96, p. A1.

* * *


Oil companies in Colombia are buying the Colombian 
army -- literally -- to protect their investments 
from guerrilla attacks by the Revolutionary Armed 
Forces of Colombia and the National Liberation 
Army. Until a recent upsurge in guerrilla attacks, 
the oil industry was the target of an attack on the 
pipelines once every 8 days.(1)

MIM is not familiar with the armed movement in 
Colombia, although we can see why the oil companies 
make an obvious target. Petroleum products are the 
largest industrial export in Colombia.(2) 
Imperialists monopolize the ownership soaking up 
the resources of Colombia to export the profits 
back home. In addition to making the First World 
wealthier, the Colombian lackey government is paid 
out of the profits to bolster its military and 
repressive powers.

Colombia is the fifth largest oil producing nation 
in Latin America, but it is by far the fastest 
percentage growth. Last year's oil production was 
589,000 barrels a day, or 30% more than in 1994. 
With installations spread throughout the mountains 
and pipelines running for a total of about one 
thousand miles from Ca-o Lim-n and Yopal to the 
Gulf of Mexico, the oil companies are an 
appropriate target economically as well as 
politically for struggle against imperialist and 
comprador domination of the people.(1)

A special war tax funneled $250 million last year 
from the oil industry into the coffers of the 
comprador government. On top of paying the war tax, 
the oil companies also negotiate individual 
agreements with the Colombian military for 
protection. British Petroleum (BP), which 
discovered Colombia's largest oil reserves 
estimated at 3 billion barrels, "has just signed a 
three-year agreement with the Defense Ministry 
valued at $54 million to $60 million to create a 
battalion of 150 officers and 500 soldiers to 
protect expansion and construction of sprawling 
production sites."(1)

"Oxy Colombia, a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum 
of Bakersfield, Calif., is creating two platoons 
totaling 80 soldiers to bolster security.... The 
company expects its bill for military and police 
protection will increase to $7 million next year 
from $3.9 million this year."(1)

Last year BP spent $8 million on "development" 
projects along its pipeline to attempt to buy off 
the local populace and "stave off attacks by 
leftist guerrillas".(1) MIM does not know the 
specifics of these projects although we suspect 
that they are similar to other projects used by 
repressive comprador governments to disguise their 
true strategies from the people.

Florida political science professor Eduardo Gamarra 
summed the situation up well: "It's the 
privatization of the Colombian Army."(1)

Other oil companies which already pay for "housing, 
medical, food and logistical support for the 
military assigned to protect them" are complaining 
that the British Petroleum deal will not only 
siphon off the best trained soldiers from the 
portions of the Colombian army that serve the other 
foreign oil companies, but will inflate the prices 
charged to these companies for protection.(1) MIM 
suspects that this and not the unconstitutional 
nature of the agreement with BP, is the real reason 
that this article made it into the New York Times 
and earned the front page.

The New York Times noted that while the specifics 
of the BP agreement are secret, it would appear to 
violate a January ruling of the Colombian 
Constitutional Court, which declared the private 
hiring of police and military to be 
unconstitutional:  "It is intolerable for the 
legislature to establish categories of people who 
benefit from the essential services of the police 
to a special degree, according to their capacity to 
pay for a service that by its nature must be free."

This is an interesting ruling because the purpose 
of the police and the military under capitalism is 
to defend the status quo, and therefore the haves 
against the have-nots. The military do not defend 
the interests of the Colombian peasants against 
exploitation by landlords or defend workers from 
exploitation by foreign multinational corporations. 
The military and police instead work to defend 
foreign companies and the Colombian government 
itself from the wrath of the people.

The Colombian Constitutional Court is not attacking 
the bourgeois system, rather it is advocating a 
more equitable relationship among the bourgeoisie. 
According to the Court, it's not fair that really 
big capitalists can out-bid the slightly smaller 
multinationals when it comes to purchasing the 
government. According to the New York Times, rumors 
of a possible military coup have given greater 
leeway to the military to negotiate it's own 
practices, as the government fears provoking that 

While this greater infusion of cash into Colombia's 
general anti-guerrilla effort will no doubt aid it 
in the short run, such tactics taken by 
imperialists can only have a short term effect. 
Professor Gamarra exposed this well:

"I think a lot of people are going to be upset when 
you have BP's army killing guerrillas, killing 
Colombians. Take this to its extreme form, and you 
can say: 'These soldiers are BP's mercenaries. Who 
do they owe allegiance to -- BP or the Colombian 

As Lenin argued in *Imperialism: The highest stage 
of capitalism* as capitalism develops in the 
imperialist countries, capitalist enterprises merge 
with the state to form state monopoly capitalism. 
Ever more firmly united, the bourgeoisie and their 
executive committee (the state) can most 
efficiently carry out the exploitation of the 
working people. In the oppressed countries, the 
governments are controlled by compradors -- big 
bourgeoisie who control businesses who depend on 
the imperialists, or those who simply subsist from 
coordinating the imperialist exploitation of their 

In the oppressed countries, national liberation 
when it is not led by communists leads to neo-
colonialism. Colombia won it's independence from 
Spain in 1819, but it is not free of imperialism. 
The fight for national liberation and ultimately 
communism is the only way the Colombian people, and 
the rest of the oppressed of the world, will 
liberate themselves from monopoly capitalism.

1. The New York Times 8/22/96, p. A1, A16.
2. World Almanac and Book of Facts 1993, Pharos 
Books, New York, p. 744.

* * *


The United States Enrichment Corporation(USEC) is 
an Amerikan government owned corporation set up to 
buy nuclear material from Russian nuclear weapons 
and then resell it to nuclear power plants as fuel. 
The idea is to try and take as much nuclear 
material off of the market as possible, to keep it 
out of the hands of "terrorists" and "rogue states" 
(read: Third World countries not directly under the 
Amerikan thumb).

The problem is that the USEC -- which is about to 
be privatized -- "turned down repeated requests 
this year to buy material from Russia sufficient to 
build 400 Hiroshima-size bombs." The cause is that 
Russian nuclear material from dismantled weapons 
isn't as profitable to sell as fuel the USEC makes 
from Amerikan uranium.

While pressure from Senator Pete V. Domenici (NM-R) 
forced the USEC to buy all the Russian uranium 
offered, the incident shows the connections between 
individual members of the bourgeoisie, and way in 
which the relationship subsidizes the bourgeois to 
the detriment of its stated goal.

Instead of working to advance nuclear disarmament, 
the USEC is working to expand it's profit margin. 
The more profitable the company, the more money 
that can be made from it's initial public stock 
offering, and the wealth and power USEC executives 
will have from controlling the newly privatized 

A safer world without weapons of mass destruction 
will only come about when the laboring masses 
control their own futures. In the later stages of 
socialism and in communism, people will have no 
need to have weapons designed to obliterate 
millions of people from a different sector of the 
globe. Until then, the capitalists will preserve 
and expand these weapons -- while symbolically 
dismantling mostly inferior models -- as they 
continue World War III against the world's 

NOTE: The New York Times, 8/28/96 p. A1, D3.

* * *


by MC53

California Governor Pete Wilson and the California 
State Legislature are in the final stages of 
passing a law which will require forced injections 
of Depo-Provera into male prisoners convicted twice 
in the white man's courts of child molestation. 
These injections are considered "chemical 
castration" because they are supposed to reduce a 
man's sex drive. This law also applies to prisoners 
convicted of child molestation for the first time 
if the court decides that the crime is 
"sufficiently egregious." So if the court sees that 
a public lynching is called for in a given case, it 
will require injections for first-time convictions.

Governor Wilson has built up a picture of deviant 
horny bastards "who stalk our young" and must be 
stopped. Stopping molestation includes chemically 
controlling or castrating, and locking up men 
convicted of molestation. (Prisoners can 
"voluntarily submit to surgical castration.") The 
settler masses are thus assure that their governor 
is protecting their children's virginity and safety 
on the streets. But this law only amounts to 
covering one contradiction in patriarchal society 
with another, and in the process creating more 
extensive powers to control prisoners. 

Violence against children in Amerika is a product 
of unequal power in this patriarchal capitalist 
society. Children do not have political or economic 
power and are subject to adults' interests. 
Oppression of children is pervasive; incidents of 
violence and physical abuse are only the most 
obvious expressions of this power differential.

Bourgeois standards of abuse sanction many forms of 
children's oppression. The Amerikan bourgeoisie 
endorses the sale of young Filipinas as house 
slaves and sexual objects for Amerikan men. Is this 
violence simply acceptable against Third World 
children? The United Snakes military set up 
brothels during the imperialist conquests of 
Vietnam and the Philippines to satisfy Amerikan 
soldiers. Is the rape not repulsive if an Amerikan 
soldier is buying his victim? The most overt form 
of child abuse is pornography. Is this not 
repulsive abuse because the corporations are making 
enough money and the youth are in fashionable 

Drawing attention to molestation by strangers masks 
the overwhelming majority of child sexual abuse 
which happens within the family. While the majority 
of child abuse happens in the home, the pigs gloss 
over the patriarchal roots of this problem and 
champion the family as a sacred institution.

Castrating men convicted of molesting children is 
not principally a means of ending sexual abuse of 
children, but of exerting social control over the 
oppressed. Social workers and pigs patrol oppressed 
nation territories, making them much more likely to 
uncover criminals among the oppressed than in the 
white nation. As MIM reported in MIM Theory 2/3, 
"Gender and Revolutionary Feminism," the white 
nation also exhibits gross bias in reporting crimes 
-- making oppressed nationals much more likely to 
be accused, convicted and castrated for 

MIM supports any reforms in the bourgeois legal 
sphere which lower the age of consent to 13, as 
this will mean less people being put in prison. In 
considering chemical injections, lowering the age 
of consent would mean fewer prisoners being 
subjected to the experiment in California. It would 
at least mean that the bourgeoisie will have to 
face the masses and explain why a 15 year old is 
not capable of consent and in the same 
circumstances an 18 year old would be. MIM opposes 
all abuse of children, but we also know that 
patriarchy causes child abuse and so we work to 
destroy patriarchy rather than punish individuals 
who are convicted of abuse. 

Ultimately MIM works to create a society much like 
revolutionary China, in which violence will be 
punished in a way that attacks the root source of 
the violence. Individuals will be engaged in 
productive activities which teach them their 
importance in society as well the value of other 
humans. People will learn these lessons through 
productive and social activities and struggle 
against reactionary ideas like the eroticization of 
power. Because we are building revolution within 
the belly of the beast, we expose the fact that the 
bourgeoisie has no interest in ending the cause of 
oppression and we oppose any means that the 
bourgeoisie uses to further oppress the masses. 

NOTE: The New York Times, 8/27/96, p. A1 and A8. 
For a more extensive analysis of oppression of 
children under patriarchy, check out MIM Theory 9 
"Psychology and Imperialism" for $5 from the 
address on page two. For a detailed account of 
Maoist prisons, check out *Prisoners of Liberation* 
by Allyn and Adele Rickett.

* * *


by MCB52

For two weeks, a group of Bad River Chippewa called 
Anishinabe Ogitchida (Protectors of the People) 
have blocked the tracks of a train loaded with 
sulfuric acid headed for a waste sight near Lake 
Superior.(1) The Chippewa rely on the waters for 
their sustenance, fish, and therefore are refusing 
the highly corrosive acid's passage across their 
land to Ontonogan, Michigan.

The Ogitchida have tried legal strategies to stop 
the toxic trainload. According to one leader, 
Lawrence "Butch" Stone, "Through the 'paper war' 
between the tribe and the EPA [the Environmental 
Protection Agency], they haven't gotten anywhere so 
far, and it was time to take some action. 
Therefore, we're here."(1)

Dozens of First Nation people have gathered in a 
camp and are holding ceremonies on the train 
tracks, preventing the train from passing.

Remarkably, the Wisconsin masses are largely 
supportive of the blockade.(1) Less than three per 
cent of the Wisconsin population is employed in 
fishing, agriculture, and forestry combined, and 
for Michigan less than 2% are.(2) Still those small 
communities mobilize strongly against the fishing 
rights of First Nations. But unlike the Chippewa 
demands for fishing rights, where Amerikans in 
Wisconsin and Michigan compete with First Nations, 
they all stand to lose if Lake Superior is 

However, the fact that the Ogitchida are the ones 
taking action illustrates their greater stake in 
the waters and fish. According to Stone, "A lot of 
people are good at talking the talk. However, 
they've got nowhere. We have environmental 
organizations talking against mining, against these 
chemicals, against the destruction to out water, 
the air, the animal nations, the plants, but they 
don't take no action. We are a sovereign people. We 
have the inherent right to protect and preserve all 
that our Creator has given to us to protect and 
preserve. We are carrying out our duties as 

While MIM does not use this notion of "animal 
nations," or the concept of a "Creator" we agree 
with this sentiment as a whole. We look forward to 
local control over the environment on the part of 
the oppressed.


1. News from Indian Country, Aug 12-19, 1996, pp. 
A1 and A6.
2. US Bureau of the Census, 1990 Census of 
Population and Housing Summary CD-ROM, May 1993.

* * *



Review by a RAIL comrade

ani difranco 
Righteous Babe Records

The first thing to notice about Difranco's new 
album is the I'm-a-weak-womyn crouching on the 
front cover. Was this supposed to be a symbol of 
the position wimmin are unwillingly born into in 
society? Or is this what Difranco herself is 
advocating? After listening to the album, the 
latter is unfortunately the case.

In "Done Wrong" she takes the old love theme and 
metaphorically compares mending a broken heart to 
rain falling. "i guess that makes me the jerk with 
the heartache/ here to sing to you about how i been 
done wrong/i am sitting, watching/ out the window 
of the coffee shop/ and i'm waiting, waiting/ 
waiting for it to let up." Her creativity ends with 
the metaphor as she just rehashes the grief 
stricken womyn syndrome.

Wimmin don't have to be waiting around pondering 
the trials and tribulations of sex and romance, 
wimmin are quite capable of leading successful 
revolutionary movements. Revolution is not made by 
individuals indulging in self-pity, but by the 
oppressed using scientific analysis of history and 
present material conditions, and by taking that 
analysis and developing a revolutionary practice 
strong enough to topple the capitalist patriarchal 
system. Difranco only perpetuates the myth that 
wimmin are incapable of fighting for revolution. In 
doing so, she carries on the tradition of gender 
aristocrats whining about the status quo but doing 
nothing because in the end, the gender aristocracy 
benefits from patriarchal relations.


In "Untouchable Face" she sings about a one night 
stand with an already coupled person. She says "I 
see you and i'm so perplexed/ what was i thinking/ 
what will i think of next/ where can i hide". And 
in essence blaming herself for the pointless 
endeavor. The person supposedly won't recognize her 
if they meet again, and Difranco says "who am i/ 
that i should be vying for your touch". She is 
doing exactly what the patriarchy advocates for 
wimmin. She continues to look for perfect 
relationships that don't exist in a coercive 
system. She proceeds to blame herself, thereby 
individualizing the scenario and ignoring the 
systematic treatment of wimmin as sexual objects 
and the systematic passive reaction to 

When it comes time to face the problem what does 
she say? Simply, "so fuck you/ and your untouchable 
face/ and fuck you/ for existing in the first 
place". That solves absolutely nothing. Making 
herself feel better about the one night stand, she 
says nothing of changing her compliance with 
patriarchal norms. She is ultimately saying that 
the power differences that show their faces in 
society are beyond the power of change that wimmin 
hold, so she concedes to patriarchy.

When it comes time for actual action on her part, 
individual men become the blame for the power 
differences, not the overall capitalist patriarchal 
system. In "Going Down", talking about oral sex 
with men, she sings "you can't get through it/ you 
can't get over it/ you can't get around/ just like 
in a dream/ you'll open your mouth wide to scream/ 
and you won't make a sound/.../you can't believe 
you're here/ and you're not gonna get through it/ 
so you are going down". So just keep doing it until 
it really reaches the point when she's "just about 
done/ with the oh-woe-is-me shit". She is saying 
that she hasn't gotten everything she wants out of 
this servile relationship yet, so she'll stick 
around for a little while longer. She tries to 
preserve the sex that is benefiting her for the 
time being, then when it isn't she says "and i want 
everything back/ that's mine". That doesn't sound 
much like rocking the patriarchal boat to really 
gain power. Instead she is rowing right along with 

In "Outta me, onto you" she says "some people wear 
their heart/ up on their sleeve/ i wear mine 
underneath/ my right pant leg/ strapped to my boot/ 
don't think 'cuz i'm easy, i'm naive/ don't think i 
won't pull it out/ don't think i won't shoot". This 
shows the contradiction in her own line. At one 
instant she advocates looking and waiting for the 
perfect mate while also being prepared at any 
instant to shoot if they "push too hard" or "go too 
far." This reactionary and limited line is 
representative of the power that the patriarchy 
creates for wimmin. The system says wimmin have no 
choice or alternatives to complacency or individual 
reaction. There is another option though, the 
option to cease power through proletarian 
revolution where the entire system would be smashed 
and the oppression along with it.


Patriarchy and all of it manifestations will not be 
abolished unless wimmin organize for complete 
revolution. By what Difranco is saying, she doesn't 
seem to mind. Like most white wimmin privileged 
enough to make up the gender aristocracy in the 
First World, as long as she gets the revenge she is 
seeking on all the men who haven't given her the 
sex that was beneficial to her, she'll live just 
fine with the concession given to her on the backs 
of Third World wimmin.

With this reactionary position, she comes to 
conclusions like that of the song "Napoleon" where 
she says "i knew you would always want more/ i know 
you would never be done/ 'cuz everyone is a fucking 
napoleon/ yeah everyone is a fucking napoleon" 
implying that all the oppression of the world is 
rooted in the natural human inclination toward 
greed. Relying on such reactionary theories will 
obviously not end oppression and will for that 
matter only support it. If it is just human 
instinct to oppress other humans, why bother 
reforming your own practice and try to create 
change? The human nature approach protects her own 
anarchistic line.

Difranco's politics only lead young wimmin's eyes 
away from overthrowing the entire system with the 
power all wimmin do possess. In "Shameless", she 
proposes that the answer to unequal relationships 
is same sex relationships. Though her analysis is 
correct saying "they're gonna wanna know/ how we 
plan to get out" and "they're gonna be mad at 
us/and all the things/ we wanna do" and "i gotta 
cover my butt 'cuz i covet/ another man's wife", 
focusing on the patriarchy seeing a threat in 
homosexuality, she still fails to realize that 
power differentials exist in all relationships. 
Engaging in homosexual relationships is not wrong, 
but the belief that they escape the coerciveness in 
society is incorrect.

If totally equal relationships is what Difranco is 
seeking, she is going to have to work for communism 
which would abolish the oppression of groups over 
groups. If she really wanted to take a blow at 
patriarchy, she should advocate asexuality. The 
next best choice being forever monogamy which 
reduces the threat of someone leaving for a 
"better" sex. But to advocate either of these, 
Difranco herself would have to give up the fun in 
the power games she plays and can benefit off of. 
Instead of accepting the power that the patriarchy 
concedes to wimmin, wimmin should fight for real 
power. By siding with the proletarian masses who 
don't have the choices like birth control and 
economic self-sufficiency that First World wimmin 
do, wimmin can throw out imperialism and the gender 
differences that go along with it. Revolutionary 
feminism, real feminism, gains power that includes 
real determination over one's sexuality through the 
overthrow of the voyeuristic coercive society.

* * *


The Communist Party of the Philippines, the New 
People's Army, the National Democratic Front and 
the broad masses of the Filipino people, condemn 
the brutal actions carried out by the Suharto 
regime against the people in Indonesia in recent 
weeks, on July 27 and 28 and subsequently.

The current barbarities expose to the entire people 
of the world the rottenness of a long running 
regime built on the corpses of more than a million 
Indonesians massacred in 1965 and on the unceasing 
flow of blood and sweat of the broad masses of the 
Indonesian people who are subjected to intolerable 
oppression and exploitation.

The Indonesian people are seething with just anger 
at the unbridled reign of greed and terror of a 
military and bureaucratic clique that has a big 
comprador-landlord class character and that is 
subservient to US, Japanese and European monopoly 
capitalists. The "New Order" of Suharto is a regime 
of military fascists within the framework of 

The brutal suppression of democratic rights in 
Indonesia has allowed the Suharto ruling clique and 
its imperialist masters to plunder the oil and 
other natural resources of Indonesia and exploit 
Indonesian cheap labor in mineral extraction, 
plantations and export-oriented sweatshops (where 
the wage rate is US$ 2-3 per day).

We support all the Indonesian democratic forces and 
people for waging resistance against the Suharto 
regime. We congratulate them for the upsurge of 
their militant mass actions. We are deeply pleased 
with the increasing militancy of the toiling masses 
of workers and peasants. We admire the youth for 
striving to realize their revolutionary potential 
in the service of the people and under the 
leadership of the working class.

A broad legal democratic mass movement is necessary 
in order to arouse, organize and mobilize the 
broadest range of forces against the narrowest 
target, the fascist enemy. The broad masses of the 
people must shatter more than three decades of 
fascist terror. At the same time, the proletarian 
revolutionary party must grow in strength in the 
underground to serve as the core of the 
revolutionary mass movement.

True to its military fascist character, the Suharto 
regime employs the most barbaric and deceptive 
means to criminalize and suppress the legal 
democratic movement or to weaken it from within as 
in the case of the Indonesian Democratic Party 
headed by Megawati Sukarnoputri. The enemy himself 
reminds the entire Indonesian people that the way 
to national liberation and democracy is to wage 
revolutionary armed struggle and overthrow the 
Indonesian military fascists.

As in the case of the Marcos fascist regime in the 
Philippines, the Suharto ruling clique can be 
overthrown when there is a convergence of a grave 
social crisis, the advance of the revolutionary 
mass movement, severe contradictions among the 
reactionaries within the bureaucracy and the 
military and the decision of the imperialists to 
change puppets.

The launching of a protracted people's war in 
several islands in Indonesia is possible and 
necessary not only to induce a change of ruling 
clique within the social system but also to effect 
the change of social system ultimately. The 
revolutionary forces in the Philippines have 
demonstrated that they can keep up a protracted 
people's war in an archipelago with a smaller 
geographic scale.

Indonesia has much larger islands than the 
Philippines and therefore has a much larger scale 
for people's war. And the Suharto military fascist 
regime has already made the conditions favorable 
for this by having excessively exploited the 
Indonesian people and overused anticommunist 
hysteria to rationalize state terrorism, corruption 
and puppetry. The time for the Indonesian people to 
render final judgment on the Suharto regime and on 
dual-function military fascism is long overdue. The 
multitudes of victims of the 1965 massacre and more 
than three decades of extreme oppression and 
exploitation cry out for revolutionary justice.

The Indonesian people can achieve the new 
democratic revolution only through a protracted 
people's war and a broad united front of democratic 
forces under the leadership of the working class 
through the Communist Party of Indonesia.

Guided by proletarian internationalism, the 
proletariat and the people under the leadership of 
the Communist Party of the Philippines have a 
common interest with the Indonesian proletariat and 
people under the leadership of the Communist Party 
of Indonesia in the advance of both the Indonesian 
and Philippine revolutions.

We are confident that the Indonesian people and 
revolutionary forces will continue to push further 
the upsurge of the revolutionary movement as a 
result of the rapidly worsening crisis of the 
domestic ruling system, that of the world 
capitalist system and the new world disorder. We 
look forward to the day when the Indonesian 
proletariat and people win victory in their new-
democratic revolution and reclaim their prominent 
role in the global revolutionary movement against 
imperialism and for socialism.

Unite to isolate and destroy the power of the 
military fascists! Carry forward the broad 
democratic mass movement Down with the Suharto 
military fascist regime! Long live the Indonesian 
revolution! Long live the Communist Party of 


* * *



**Below are four letters from 3 different prisons 
in South Carolina. (The 3rd and 4th letters are 
from the same prison.) Each describes how new 
policies have increased the torture of our brothers 
in struggle. This does not mention the repression 
and torture that may be going on in KCI, in which 
prison officials have severed contact between MIM 
and prisoners there.**


Greetings Comrades

I'm an Afrikan confined in the belly of the beast 
at Evans Corruption Institutional, in the home 
states of one of the founding fathers of white 
supremacy, South Carolikkka! I would like to pass 
on to the people some information, concerning the 
situation in these gulags in South Carolikkka.

In January of last year the grand dragon of this 
state's governors, KKK David Beasley hired a New 
Director named Michael Moore, KKK from another 
great white supremacy, blood sucking state, Texas! 
Some of our comrades in the gulags of texas are 
familiar with his tactics while he was employed 

On arriving his first mission was to stamp out all 
conscious New Afrikan's who he felt would be in 
opposition to his programs, of oppression and 
intimidation. [He did this] by labeling us under 
the (STG) label or with non-compliance to his new 
grooming policy which says all hair must be cut 
short at all times.

These two policies were aimed strictly at the 
Rastafarians and the 5% Movement, who are at the 
forefront in the Afrikan Liberation Struggle in 
these gulags. Using these tactics the prisoncrats 
has moved to negate all opposite to his plan, by 
placing everyone in administrative segregation 
lockdown, no leadership, no opposition. 

Most of the New Afrikans were later shipped to a 
new isolation Kamp. These prisoncrats-gangsters 
have now implemented: (1) Control movement 
throughout the system, (2) No work release programs 
for violent offenders, (3) Mandatory work for 
everyone at slave wages. If you resist, [you get] 
23 hour lock down. 

We New Afrikans who are still in administrative 
segregation lockdown and continue to resist have 
now been charged with "substantiated security 
risk". This designation means that all "necessary 
and appropriate" restraints will be placed upon us 
whenever we are allowed out of our dungeon, which 
is only for shower and rec.

Plus we have been subject to a food embargo for the 
last seven days. It is called a new too-low diet. 
They don't understand this has only built 
solidarity among the New Afrikans and the 
resistance will be continuous. As Fanon said, we 
must ask ourselves three questions: Who am I? Am I 
really who I am, and Am I all I ought to be? These 
are questions of culture and history. I hope we as 
New Afrikans have now answer them for ourselves. 
Forward with the revolution with the Spirit of 
George Jackson, Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, 
Sojourner Truth, My Comrades....

--A South Carolina Prisoner, June 18, 1996.


I am currently being held hostage in a South 
Carolina prison. One of the most racial states in 
the U.S. The prison system in South Carolina is 
undergoing major changes due to a new commissioner 
(Michael Moore). Mr. Moore was once over in the 
Texas prison system, but he was run out of Texas. 
With him and South Carolina governor David Beasley 
the prison system here is nothing but a state with 
slave camps.

Mr. Moore is very racist and thrives on control. 
Upon coming here to head the prison system, he 
ordered all people a part of the Nation of Islam 
(5%) to be placed in lock-up. They have remained on 
lock up since May of 1995 for no apparent reason 
except their beliefs.

I am a white prisoner, but when I see brothers 
being oppressed for what they believe in, it makes 
me sick. Do or don't you have freedom of religion 
in this country? Apparently not in South Carolina.

Mr. Moore has already put his slaves to work, by 
bringing the chain gang back to the prison system. 
I'm not saying South Carolina has the worst prison 
system, because compared to some we have it good.

One of the worst things Michael Moore has done is 
take away college education programs. He feels 
South Carolina doesn't need smart criminals, or 
strong ones. That is why weights were taken away 
also. He does not realize weight release pressures 
inmates have. Nor does he realize without education 
ex-prisoners turn back to crime. But maybe he wants 
more people to control. [MIM believes prisoncrats 
do realize what they are doing. They want to 
control and break prisoners because it is 

When Mr. Moore first started here a riot broke out 
at Max. Prison. Some guards were assaulted and some 
were taken hostage. Mr. Moore stated he was not 
concerned with his officers safety, he wanted the 
inmates taken down. After the inmates surrendered 
and released the hostages unharmed the inmates were 
taken down. Three of the inmates have been to court 
an will be in prison the rest of their lives. For 
what? Standing up for their rights that were being 
violated. [Who is the real criminal?--MIM]

I hope to get MIM circulated through the whole 
South Carolina Prison system so that when it is 
time the oppressed will no longer be oppressed by 
the oppressor.

--A South Carolina Prisoner, June 20, 1996.


Peace, to everyone at MIM and I hope that you all 
have been maintaining in the struggle. Since my 
letter in March, I also sent along...a description 
of the New Segregation Program that has been 
implemented by the Director of the South Carolina 
Department of Corrections. This program is designed 
to physically torture those of us who are long term 
"ASU" Prisoners. I stipulated this in my last 
letter to you however it is very necessary that I 
explain in more detail the punishment we have 
endured in this ASU lock- up.

Well to begin with this program has purposely 
trampled the rights that are protected by the 
Nelson Degree (Substantive Human Rights) which 
protects the prisoner from arbitrary force, 
wrongful treatment and humane prison 
environment/living conditions. This program has by 
the enforcement of the officials caused many 
[prisoners] to become emotionally unstable. One has 
actually taken his life. Also there have been other 
attempts of prisoners trying to take their lives. 
This program and its Draconian rules were 
specifically enforced to break the prisoners' will 
as we are being locked down all day and night with 
only two to three to hours of recreation a week, 
which is in violation of the Degree herein 

The monitor's of the decree are not helping at all. 
They try to answer every question with their dry 
words but never change the immediate situation. To 
be honest, I think they really don't care, as they 
cast off this impression as though they are really 
trying to help. It has been nearly three months 
since this program has been in effect. One person 
has killed himself and many have attempted to [kill 
themselves]. There still has not been any change in 
the situation.

The CO's try to cause even more stress by the 
mistreating and disregard for prisoners' requests. 
We have to request paper, envelopes and pens nearly 
a week in advance before we are allowed any ... 
sometimes we don't get the materials, there is just 
not enough.

At this time I must let you know that I am limited 
to only two letters per week so sometimes my 
response letters may be late and even hindered by 
these nasty, CO's. Our condition here has not 
really changed in fact it has taken a turn for the 
worse. Now we have a "nurse" orchestrating our 
recreation, telling the official if it's too hot 
for us or not [to go outside]. Sometimes they only 
use this to their advantage just to treat us 
unseemingly. There is nothing that can be done when 
your behind the door, they are at liberty to do 
what they want. No one is doing anything to see 
that the ASU prisoners are getting what they are 
supposed to and not being mistreated. No one, I 
mean no one cares. I am saying this as if I 
expected someone to, even though I halfheartedly 
did, now I realize that there isn't anyone.

There is also another element of this program that 
has me even put on edge. That is the fact that we 
have to be up and out of bed by 7:00 am until 7:pm, 
which is five days a week, 60 hours per week. This 
has become a bother for me due to an accident I had 
in which...I injured my back. Now because 
of the twelve hour refrain from resting in the bed 
my condition has worsened. I am in constant pain 
and medical will not give me a bed pass. Nor will 
they assist in the proper treatment for my back 
under these conditions....

...I don't think that they are going to let any of 
the 5%'s into level three simply because we are on 
long term lockup. Our situation is the same as the 
level one prisoners, they are just selling us a 
dream. I can only hope that things change for the 
better for all of us, but somehow I know that it 
won't unless we stick together is struggle.... 

--A third South Carolina Prisoner, June 25, 1996.


... We continue to be repressed herein this 
putrid/forlorn component. In fact there have been 
three suicides since fascist Michael Moore started 
his control of prisoner movement program in all of 
the state's ad-seg units. Everyday they strip and 
place someone in the chair for eight hours....
In Struggle --A fourth South Carolina Prisoner, 
July 3, 1996.


**MIM has received a number of letters resembling 
the one following. MIM Notes is a tool to expose 
the repression by the state and its pigs, we are 
not surprised that the state has a double standard 
for 'free speech' - it is not the only double 
standard applied against the oppressed.**

Dear Sirs, 

I am currently incarcerated at the State 
Correctional Institution at Retreat in Hunlock 
Creek, Pennsylvania and recently subscribe to MIM 

The institution has confiscated the two issues that 
you mailed to me stating that your publication was 
disapproved because of the following reason:  
"Writings that advocate violence, insurrection, or 
guerrilla warfare against the government or any of 
its institutions, or which create a clear and 
present danger within the extent of the 
correctional institution."

Is there anything that can be done legally to stop 
the institution for confiscating my copies of MIM 
Notes? I would appreciate any information that you 
can provide me with because I would like to start 
receiving you publication here at the institution.
Your time and attention in this matter is much 

-- A Pennsylvania Prisoner, July 3, 1996.

MIM RESPONDS:  We get many of these letters every 
week and we rely on the prisoners and our allies on 
the outside to fight these battles through the 
legal system whenever possible. Sometimes these 
legal battles can be won and censorship is stopped 
temporarily in one prison. Filing an appeal is a 
good first step by any prisoner who has his or her 
mail censored. The Washington State ACLU has 
recently taken up a legal battle on behalf of MIM 
Notes and a few other publications frequently 
censored in the prisons and we hope that these and 
other efforts will win us some more access to the 


State Correctional Institution, R.D. #3, Box 500, 
Hunlock Creek, PA 18621-9580.
Indiana State Prison, PO Box 41, Michigan City, IN 
Utah DOC, Central Utah Correctional Facility, 255 
East 300 North, PO Box 550, Gunnison, UT 84634.
Elmira Correctional Facility, Box 500, Elmira, NY 
KCI-MSU, 4344 Broad River Rd, Columbia, SC 29210.


Dear Comrades,

Yesterday, I received a notice of publication 
restriction from the Pelican Bay State Prison 
mailroom for MIM Notes #115 and #116. This is due 
to the passing of Senate Bill 1260 (Presely) 
resulting in the changes to penal code section 
2600. As you may already know Pelican Bay has a 
history of racist violence and political 

The passing of this bill gives the authorities the 
right to stop any material that is deemed a threat 
to the safety and security of the institution. 
Euphemistically, this means any material that 
speaks about the oppression of Black people and 
other oppressed nationalities, or the state i.e. 
judges, police, and other civilian employees who 
help maintain the present order, etc. 

Whatever the case may be, the articles in the paper 
must have been good, because Pelican Bay will stop 
any publication that exposes their dirt and the 
dirt of other Federal, state and local law 
agencies. But I always say that dirt can't hide 
from intensified Tide. 

MIM keep up the good work in exposing the system. 
The main area you want to cover is those on the 
outside. These seem to be the people who can't 
quite understand that prisons are about profit and 
war on crime is about the state mechanism 
criminalizing the poor. 

When I see these publication restrictions, I do not 
get discouraged, although that is their [the pigs] 
sole purpose. One can not discourage a person who 
is class-conscious by stopping a publication. One 
only allow them to become fully aware again. You 
become fully aware that capitalism breeds a society 
where there are anti-socio-personalities. V.I. 
Lenin said, "When we go to hang the capitalist, 
they will sell us the rope." Keep struggling 
because eventually we will win through.

 -- A California Prisoner, July 17, 1996.


Pelican Bay State Prison, 5905 Lake Earl Ave, 
Crescent City, CA 95531.


**"Even if you can't throw the shot or synchronize 
swim, Massachusetts motorists can still help the 
US-Olympic team by putting on the new Olympic 
Spirit license plate on their cars...the 
multicolored special plates cost $80.00, of which 
$50.00 will go to the US-Olympic Committee to 
support athletes in Atlanta and future 
Olympics...The plates were unveiled yesterday at 
the State House by Governor William F. Weld."** 
(Boston Herald, "Bay State Plates Help Carry the 
Olympic Torch", July 20, 1996)

What this quote doesn't reveal is the fact that 
currently the prison:  MCI-Walpole, where these 
"Olympic Spirit" plates are manufactured is 
undergoing a Pseudo-lockdown, imposed by Larry 
Dubois, Massachusetts Department of Corrections' 
Commissioner and the self same person who 
implemented the locking down of USP-Marion. 

Out of the general prison population only 30 
prisoners are employed in the prison industry which 
has been curtailed down to only the plate-shop. 
Most other prisoners are confined to their 
respective cells 23 and one half hours daily. The 
rest are herded like chattel into the big grassy 
prison-yard. There is no shade...A set of plates 
cost $80.00; prisoners make $1.00 per hour (6 hours 
daily). There is a rate of 21,000 sets of plates 
made daily. Simple math shows that capitalism 
herein America is the "Olympic in Spirits" The 13th 
Amendment to the US Constitution lets Slavery 

-- A Massachusetts Prisoner, July 23, 1996.


Dear Comrades,

I am writing in response to the letter which 
appeared in issue #116, June 15, 1996 issue of MIM 
Notes from the "worker in the New Afrikan 
Independence Movement." and the definition of a 
"political prisoner". The writer utilized 
terminology like the "national Liberation struggle" 
yet failed to correctly analyze the role of 
prisoners in that struggle. I agree that we have 
Prisoners of War which dedicated their lives and 
liberty to waging war against the Capitalistic 
elite in this racist/capitalistic monster currently 
called "Amerikka". Yet, he/she failed to make an 
objective analysis of the prisoner and the role of 
the prisoner in the national liberation movement.

The prison front of the movement is just as 
essential as any other front. And you will never 
unify the lumpen proletariat by creating a lot of 
class distinctions among the prison class. Any 
intellectual and student of revolutionary science 
knows the difference. Therefore, you must utilize a 
broad definition of the term Political Prisoner 
(P.P.) which will incorporate those in that class 
into the prisoner front of the movement. 

I think that for the purpose of propagandizing the 
prison population that the MIM definition is broad 
enough to incorporate the entire prison class and 
define the relationship between that class and our 
common enemy which is "Monopoly Capitalism". All 
POW's in this country know who they are and the 
special status and relationship they enjoy among 
tendencies that share our common beliefs. They are 
to be emulated by the prison class and all in 
society. Yet, we do not need to create class 
controversies among the prison class because 
technically speaking, we are all "political 
prisoners" under the yoke of the same imperialistic 

Every different political tendency in this country 
has its own definition of P.P.'s and we shouldn't 
waste valuable time and resources in MIM Notes and 
other propaganda vehicles debating things which are 
trivial. In sum, let's stop bickering and debating 
b.s. and let's organize, agitate and educate so we 
can liberate. I am.

Yours in Solidarity,
--An Illinois Prisoner, July 28, 1996.

MIM RESPONDS:  We agree with this comrade that all 
prisoners are political prisoners. But we disagree 
that this is not worth debating in the pages of MIM 
Notes. The words we use are important because of 
the political meaning behind them. If some people 
do not believe that prisons are political 
institutions used to lock up people for politically 
defined crimes then this reveals a larger 
disagreement that is worth struggling over. It is 
through this struggle that we can all advance our 
political analysis and move forward in greater 
unity and strength.

"Class" as used by Marxists is a scientific term 
which does not accurately apply to prisoners as a 
single group. Prisoners in Amerikkka's gulags are 
in fact composed principally of two classes:  the 
proletariat and the lumpenproletariat. Marxist 
terminology refers to prisoners as a "stratum," and 
to the plural of such non-class, non-national, non-
gender groupings as "strata". For a more thorough 
analysis of this issue and more, check out MT11 for 
$5 from MIM in which we address the gulags in 


...I am currently trying to save the life of a 
death row inmate. His name is Mr. X and he is truly 
an innocent man on death row.

To find out more about his case, look for the essay 
"Until Justice is Served" under the Death Penalty 
section of the Bruderhof web site (I am not a 
Bruderhof member).

Recently Mr. X was transferred from Greene 
Correctional Institute in Pennsylvania to 
Pittsburgh because the guards there were caught 
torturing Mr. X. They poured acid on his arms, 
kicked in his rib cage and threw him repeatedly 
down a flight of 14 steps.

Why, you ask?

Because GCI was sued by Mr. X and he won. He 
charged them with deliberate indifference. He was 
born with Celiac Disease, a pre-existing condition 
that dictates a certain diet to remain healthy. On 
the street, you can stop it from ever rupturing. In 
prison, you have to have special foods not on their 
menu in order to sustain yourself.

Mr. X was denied medication and food by this prison 
to where he sued them and WON! But the prison 
guards decided to take matters into their own hands 
and they beat him. Luckily a warden was on duty and 
caught the guards. And now he is in another prison.

But his health his still in trouble and he is still 
in danger of being hurt...
I just wanted people to know that even on Death 
Row, there are still cruel acts being carried out, 
even in maximum security prisons like this...

-- A friend of a Pennsylvania prisoner, July 15 


I am currently a prisoner in the Michigan 
Department of Corrections (Chippewa KTF). I have 
become a true believer that these prisons are not 
designed to rehabilitate inmates. The prisons here 
in Michigan promote hostile atmospheres for the 
inmates to reside in, by stacking inmates (full 
grown men) on top of each other. For example, here 
at KTF, 120 men are housed in a pole barn, which is 
designed to hold only 60 inmates. 

These facilities offer hardly anything positive for 
the inmates to involve themselves with. Then, when 
an inmate joins an organization to give himself 
something positive to occupy his time with he gets 
harassed and accused of belonging to a gang! The 
institution does not allow these organizations to 
participate in any positive activities. All 
proposals submitted are being denied. It seems like 
the DOC is no longer interested rather if an inmate 
receives rehabilitation, nor the education he/she 
needs to become a productive member of society upon 
his/her release.

Instead, Governor Engler stopped inmates from 
receiving financial aid to further their education. 
An inmate is only allowed the luxury of obtaining 
his GED in this facility...and we all know that is 
only the beginning of the road to success 
concerning education.

They are constantly passing new policies which are 
making it more and more difficult for inmates to 
communicate with the outside world, which is a 
vital part of rehabilitation. They have restricted 
our telephone calls by giving us only 10 phone 
numbers to call. These numbers can only be changed 
every six months. These phone calls are being 
recorded and monitored. The have done the same 
thing with our visits. They have made us send our 
loved ones visitor applications which invade their 
personal lives with questions that are not 
applicable; although required to answer if they 
wish to visit.

These prisons in Michigan are nothing more than an 
economy saver. While us prisoners in Michigan are 
steadily working for slave wages. We are also being 
subject to all kinds of diseases by being forced to 
live in such crowded quarters. Then when an inmate 
request health services, he usually does not get 
the attention he needs until he has naturally 
recovered! If an inmate does not have financial 
support from the outside world, he is a lost cause! 
These people know this, that is why they are making 
it so hard for a person to have contact with the 
outside world.

--A Michigan prisoner, Mar. 11, 1996.


We have started a prison pen pal organization and 
would like your help in spreading the word. We are 
a pen pal service for prisoners. We are writing 
organizations like yours to let you know we are a 
new newsletter published quarterly, dedicated to 
information and enrichment and to helping prisoners 
help themselves receive daily mail. Seeking 
prisoners who would like a copy of our newsletter 
or prisoners who would like an application to place 
a free ad in our newsletter. For a free newsletter 
or an application for an ad in our newsletter, 
please send us a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope, 
(SASE) If you want both a newsletter and an 
application to be in our newsletter send two 
--Daily Mail, 8139 Sunset Avenue, Suite 190, Fair 
Oaks, CA 85628.


*1. Struggle with, work with, finance and join MIM. 
The best way to support prisoners is to overthrow 
the system under which capitalists profit from the 
exploitation of prisoners. History shows that the 
best way to do this is to build a Marxist-Leninist-
Maoist party. The oppressors will not give up their 
power without a fight.
*2. Finance MIM's prison work. Our biggest bill 
each month is postage. Most of the prison comrades 
who read MIM Notes have no way of paying for it. So 
if you have money, send what you can afford. Every 
cent helps, and stamps are as good as cash to us.
*3. Distribute MIM Notes and Notas Rojas. Bring the 
voices of prisoners and their supporters to as 
large and wide an audience of people as possible. 
Contact MIM for bulk rates and distribution tips.
*4. Start or join a prison support group. MIM can 
provide advice and resources to help you build 
public opinion for prisoners and their struggles.
*5. Fight censorship, beatings, torture and other 
fascist outrages. Under Lock and Key often features 
the addresses of prisoners' friends and enemies. 
Work with the friends and let the enemies know 
you're watching. (Don't expect to win the fascists 
to the side of humanity, however. See #1 in this 
*6. Stay in touch. Keep us informed of pro-prisoner 
work you do. Our readers might find it educational 
or inspirational.


*1. Start a study group. This is the best way to 
share materials and ideas. In groups, prisoners can 
better benefit from the limited resources MIM has.
*2. Get MIM Notes and MIM Theory into your library. 
This allows one copy of the paper to be seen by 
many comrades.
*3. Contact people on the outside. MIM needs 
comrades and allies everywhere. Maybe you know 
people on the outside who want to subscribe to MIM 
Notes or distribute it.
*4. Share materials. If MIM sends books or 
periodicals, please make sure that as many people 
as possible get a chance to read them.
*5. Write MIM at least every three months. 
Otherwise, you will be dropped from our mailing 
list. There are many cases where your keepers throw 
out MIM Notes, so we need to know that you actually 
get it.  Also, comrades are moved around a lot, 
especially those who are known to be political. 
Please let us know of any address changes as soon 
as you know them.
*6. Make MIM Distributors an official distributor. 
Many prisons require registration before MIM can 
send books or other materials. Usually we can 
comply with these bogus rules. It helps immensely 
to have someone there do the reasearch and send us 
the proper forms.
*7. Send money or stamps. Our biggest bill each 
month is postage. Most of the prison comrades who 
read MIM Notes have no way of paying for it. So if 
you have money, send what you can afford. Every 
cent helps, and stamps are as good as cash to us. 
Please make all checks payable to "MIM 
*8. Write for MIM Notes or Notas Rojas. Prisoners 
write almost all of Under Lock & Key.  We don't 
care if you know how to spell or write good English 
or Spanish. Write on any topic you like, it does 
not have to be a prison story.
*9. Translate. If you can read and write English 
and another language fluently, let us know.  Any 
translation work you do will help us make Maoist 
ideas accessible to more people.
*10. Fight censorship. When you know of censorship 
of books or newspapers, investigate.  Write to MIM 
to confirm what has happened, then see what you can 
do about it.
*11. Keep in touch after your release. Many 
comrades stop doing political work after their 
release.  Write to MIM as soon as you know where 
you'll be so we can hook you up with comrades on 
the outside.

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