This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
Maoist Internationalist Movement

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     MIM Notes 125                NOVEMBER 1, 1996

MIM Notes speaks to and from the viewpoint of the 
world's oppressed majority, and against the 
imperialist-patriarchy. Pick it up and wield it in 
the service of the people. support it, struggle 
with it and write for it.



* * *


The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) is a 
revolutionary communist party that upholds Marxism-
Leninism-Maoism, comprising the collection of 
existing or emerging Maoist internationalist 
parties in the English-speaking imperialist 
countries and their English-speaking internal semi-
colonies, as well as the existing or emerging 
Spanish-speaking Maoist internationalist parties of 
Aztlan, Puerto Rico and other territories of the 
U.S. Empire. MIM Notes is the newspaper of MIM. 
Notas Rojas is the newspaper of the Spanish-
speaking parties or emerging parties of MIM.

MIM is an internationalist organization that works 
from the vantage point of the Third World 
proletariat; thus, its members are not Amerikans, 
but world citizens.
MIM struggles to end the oppression of all groups 
over other groups: classes, genders, nations.  MIM 
knows this is only possible by building public 
opinion to seize power through armed struggle.

Revolution is a reality for North America as the 
military becomes over-extended in the government's 
attempts to maintain world hegemony.

MIM differs from other communist parties on three 
main questions: (1) MIM holds that after the 
proletariat seizes power in socialist revolution, 
the potential exists for capitalist restoration 
under the leadership of a new bourgeoisie within 
the communist party itself. In the case of the 
USSR, the bourgeoisie seized power after the death 
of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao's 
death and the overthrow of the "Gang of Four" in 
1976. (2) MIM upholds the Chinese Cultural 
Revolution as the farthest advance of communism in 
human history. (3) MIM believes the North American 
white-working-class is primarily a non-
revolutionary worker-elite at this time; thus, it 
is not the principal vehicle to advance Maoism in 
this country.

MIM accepts people as members who agree on these 
basic principles and accept democratic centralism, 
the system of majority rule, on other questions of 
party line.

"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is 
universally applicable. We should regard it not as 
dogma, but as a guide to action. Studying it is not 
merely a matter of learning terms and phrases, but 
of learning Marxism-Leninism as the science of 
-- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208

* * *


HARTFORD, CT., 6 October -- A group of 
organizations calling itself the Coalition for a 
Real Debate held a rally in Hartford, outside the 
Civic Center where Clinton and Dole held their 
first presidential campaign debate. RAIL attended 
the event, distributed literature and struggled 
with the people present.

The organizations endorsing the event were mostly 
community peace-and-justice groups, plus two 
political parties -- the Connecticut Labor Party 
and the Caucus of Connecticut Democrats. Although 
the organizers stated that the event was not to 
promote any political party and that speakers were 
prohibited from endorsing any party, there were 
large contingents with signs and banners from two 
of the main "alternative" imperialist parties, the 
Green Party and the Libertarian Party.

A succession of speakers at the microphone 
delivered messages that ranged from strongly anti-
imperialist, opposing police, prisons and foreign 
intervention, to blatantly pro-imperialist. In the 
middle were many Amerikan-chauvinist single-issue 
politicians, calling for various groups within 
white Amerika to claim more power in the u.s. 
government and Amerikan society.

RAIL found unity with many of the participants, 
mostly youth who were not carrying party insignia. 
Some youth were with a contingent from the 
anarchist Food Not Bombs group who gave out free 
food. RAIL's flyer's with the slogan "DON'T VOTE, 
Organize for Revolution" prompted many serious 
discussions with these youth. Many agreed with RAIL 
that the u.s. government is illegitimate and we 
should not support it by participating in its 


A member of the Libertarian party suggested that 
RAIL and the Libertarians could find unity in 
"getting the government off our backs". When RAIL 
inquired what that meant to the Libertarians, it 
became clear there was no basis for unity. The 
Libertarian wanted "less taxes on the middle 
class", but more cops, more prisons, and more 
military, "to protect my property". S/he stated 
that there are some purposes for which a government 
is needed, and named protection of person and 
property from other individuals as first among 

Protection of the bourgeoisie's property is, in the 
Libertarian view, the correct function of 
government. Libertarians differ from the 
Demopublicrat group in calling for less spending on 
expensive window-dressing to hide that function.


Members of the Green Party, supporting their 
presidential candidate Ralph Nader, espoused a 
random sampling of ecology and "social justice" 
causes. All the Greens that RAIL talked to parted 
ways with RAIL over the correctness of pursuing 
power through elections. The Green Party 
participates in electoralism because it agrees with 
the imperialist practice.

Although the Green Party pamphlet cites "Grassroots 
Democracy", "Global Responsibility" and "Post-
patriarchal values" as among the party's ten key 
values, nowhere in the lengthy paragraphs titled 
"Ecology" and "Social Justice" does it mention the 
plight of the majority of the world's people who 
are the source of Amerika's wealth, either the 
Third World or the internal colonies.

The Green Party does not oppose imperialist 
brutality either domestically in prisons and police 
expansion, or internationally in wars and economic 
exploitation. Nader quotes Thomas Jefferson as 
saying "the function of representative government 
is to 'counteract the excesses of the monied 
interests.'" So the Greens and Nader, demanding a 
better deal for the "middle class", line up 
opposite the Libertarians who think the government 
is already doing too much to counteract excesses.

RAIL disagrees with both because we oppose 
imperialism and national oppression no matter what 
face it puts on, no matter how broadly it spreads 
its net of bribes to the bought-off public at home.


RAIL has unity with those speakers who demanded 
winnable reforms that give some relief to the 
oppressed without taking it away from other 
oppressed people. Especially when struggles for 
reforms expose the true nature and purpose of the 
Amerikan state, the struggles help to build 
revolutionary unity among the oppressed.

A list of "things to oppose" that was printed on 
the rally flyer provides examples of both 
progressive and reactionary reforms. Among those we 
would agree with were opposition to "aggressive 
u.s. foreign policies", "attacks on affirmative 
action", and "undermining civil liberties under the 
guise of fighting 'drugs' and 'terrorism'".

Another "thing to oppose" was health care cuts. It 
is important to remember that most government money 
going into health care is part of the standard of 
living bribe paid out to the pro-imperialist white 
working class in Amerika. Some of the money, 
however, certainly does find its way down to the 
truly oppressed. Agitation for redistribution of 
health care money toward the really poor is a 
reform effort that RAIL can endorse, although its 
ability to be successful remains in question.

Usually reformists make demands on behalf of the 
truly oppressed more winnable by attaching them to 
demands on behalf of privileged people who are 
demanding a bigger piece of the pie. Recall that in 
the "great health care debate" of Clinton's first 
term no one advocated simply shifting health care 
spending to serve those who had none. Even a 
"single-payer" plan, the nearest thing to such a 
shift, with its promise of services available to 
everyone was weighed down by the demands of the 
already privileged that it bring them better 
services also.

RAIL actively supports agitation for prisoners' 
health care;  it is a winnable struggle because it 
can be posed as a "human rights" issue and used to 
embarrass the state into living up to its own 
humanitarian propaganda. As such it can help 
alleviate some especially brutal oppression, and at 
the same time exposes what is really going down -- 
mass murder because of inadequate medical care for 
HIV infected prisoners is one example.


RAIL will not support agitation for increased legal 
protection of unions which was another point on the 
rally flyer. 99% of unionist power in the u.s. 
(AFL-CIO, etc.) is not a progressive force. While 
there is a struggle within the imperialist ranks 
between the white working class and the capitalist 
bosses, revolutionaries do not need to expend 
resources in taking sides.

The Amerikan unions are demanding a bigger piece of 
the stolen imperialist pie, have no interest in 
revolution or freeing the truly oppressed, and have 
never been a worthwhile ally to those who suffer 
under the yoke of imperialism. What needs exposing 
is not the unions' disagreement with the bosses, 
but rather their underlying alliance which the 
"labor-business" conflict serves to conceal.


Despite the rally organizers' stated rule that no 
parties were to be endorsed from the podium, a 
Democratic party activist held forth at length. At 
first s/he disguised their message, running down a 
litany of left issues and making stirring 
statements about how the people have to take back 

It became clear who s/he meant by "the people" when 
s/he launched into the usual Democratic Party 
speech about how dangerous the Republicans are 
("children will starve, homosexuals will burn", 
etc.) and how "a vote for Clinton isn't a vote for 
all his policies". The Democrat Party speaker 
suggested that people can support Clinton with 
conditions attached, and make deals during the 
campaign to influence his policies.

When RAIL remarked that the speaker should be 
inside the Civic Center, one of the rally 
organizers agreed and began complaining loudly 
behind the stage, saying that "there were supposed 
to be no party endorsements!" They did not pull the 
plug on the microphone, however, and so this 
Democrat continued.

S/he used the standard good-cop/bad-cop 
Demopublicrat trick:  threaten people with the evil 
deeds the Republicans will do if they don't elect 
the Democrats. The purpose of this trick is to pull 
into the Clinton camp those who are actually hurt 
by Clinton's imperialist racist policies. It is a 
stark reminder that for the oppressed, voting is 
not an act of choice but of being thoroughly 
coerced. It could be paraphrased: "Elect the 
liberal or we'll starve these children".

The successful infiltration of the Democratic party 
activist into this "alternatives agendas" rally 
shows that there is only one answer to the question 
posed on the rally flyer:  "Are you fed up because 
there is no REAL debate on issues of peace and 
social justice?" RAIL gives the answer:  DON'T 

* * *


by a comrade

On October 12, more than 25,000 Latinos marched on 
the Ellipse in Washington, D.C. The march coincided 
with the Columbus Day weekend, and denounced the 
anti-'immigrant' fervor among Amerikans.

Many attending the rally after the march had a 
correct analysis and nationalist consciousness 
which the organizers attempted to subvert. When 
announced they should sing "our national anthem," 
young people with Puerto Rican flags draped over 
their shoulders shouted "Of which nation?!?" and 
started to sing a Puerto Rican song as the 
Amerikkkan anthem blared over the speakers.


The message presented by the organizers was 
integration, not self- determination. In an 
interview on NPR a few days before the march, one 
march organizer said they were encouraging 
participants to carry Amerikan flags rather than 
the flags of their own country.

He said they wanted to avoid what happened at the 
Proposition 187 rallies in California -- implying 
that the revolutionary nationalism of the masses at 
these events was a disaster for the movement.

He also said that the principal aim of the rally 
was to encourage people to participate in electoral 
politics. As one woman speaking at the rally said 
"vote, vote, vote...if you don't like someone in 
office, vote them out of office."
This exposes electoralism for what it is:  dead end 
politics. If you don't like someone in office and 
you don't like their opponent then what choice does 
voting give you?

MIM does not think the revolutionary nationalism of 
the proposition 187 rallies was a disaster, on the 
contrary we stand with the many people who attended 
this rally in Washington DC and were disappointed 
by the reactionary capitulationist message of 
electoralism and Amerikan patriotism.

When the first of the marchers arrived on the 
Ellipse they were told to be patient and calm while 
waiting for the program to officially begin. 
Tranquillity was the message, not anger focused on 
organizing for revolution. In the meantime, there 
was Latino music and a sizable crowd for MIM and 
RAIL to talk to about revolutionary nationalist 
politics. MIM got there before the rally began but 
the crowd was already oozing with sectarian groups.

MIM explained the differences between MIM and other 
so-called communists. One distributor had many 
conversations in Spanish about the labor 
aristocracy in Amerika, and the masses in these 
conversations thought that MIM's line on the 
reactionary nature of the white working class was 


MIM and RAIL set up a table without a permit, and 
were harassed by the Park Police. One pig came out 
and said he thought we did have a first amendment 
right to distribute literature, but not to have a 
table. He blathered about littering and other 
irrelevant issues, and then told us that if we 
found a regulation march table that was not being 
used, we could set up our literature and t-shirts 
on that.

When MIM engaged the pigs in a debate about the 
first amendment and their attempts to restrict our 
supposed right to free speech, several people 
gathered around to support us and encouraged us to 
harass the pigs right back. These people got a 
first hand lesson on how there are not really 
rights under imperialism, only power struggles.

The cops also shut down the LaRouchites and other 
sectarians for a short time, but the pigs 
eventually gave up and ignored the tables. This 
seemed to be a result of all the people who were 
not willing to just leave quietly and who kept 
setting their tables back up after the pigs walked 
away. MIM was among those who did not leave quietly 
and after we set up our stuff the second time the 
pigs did not come back or give us any more trouble.


There were seven official demands of the march, 
including a minimum wage of $7 per hour, free 
education for all children, health care, and 
amnesty for all undocumented or "illegal" workers. 
Some of the masses held pro-Zapatista banners, and 
chanted in Spanish "We didn't cross the border, the 
border crossed us!" Others had t-shirts, buttons 
and banners with messages like "I survived the 
March on Washington -- I wasn't deported!" and "No 
human being is illegal!"

The masses had a range of political views, but the 
organizers' theme of the rally was integration and 
acceptance by mainstream Amerika. One speaker said, 
"We are Americans because we believe in the 
Constitution, in equality and justice before the 
law for everyone." There were cheers from the crowd 
in response to that and "We are all Americans" from 
other speakers.

Several people asked MIM if we were sponsoring this 
rally. We responded that the organizers and the 
purpose behind the rally were not things that we 
could support and this rally did not represent an 
event led by the proletariat.

MIM knows that Latinos, undocumented or not, will 
continue to be targets of police harassment and 
brutality. Latinos are not considered Amerikans by 
the imperialist state; and voting for Latino and 
liberal candidates, as many speakers were urging, 
will not make them more Amerikan. Such reformist 
strategies delay the inevitable victory of the 
people and do a disservice to the struggle for 
power for 'immigrants'.

MIM urges all its Latino readers to check out MIM 
Notes, Notas Rojas and Maoist Sojourner to get the 
revolutionary nationalist perspective on issues 
like immigration, borders, and citizenship. Order 
MIM Theory 1 ($3) and 10 ($6) for our position on 
the labor aristocracy in Amerika. Order MIM Theory 
7 ($6) on revolutionary nationalism.

Note: The Washington Post, 13 October 1996 p. 1

* * *



Letters to the Editor
The Village Voice
36 Cooper Square
New York, NY 1000
[email protected]

October 6, 1996

Dear Editor,

In regard to Richard Gehr's Cyber column of August 
27 ("The Flaming Path"):

Your column described the sinister role of the man 
who goes by the name of Luis Quispe on the 
Internet's Marxism List. You correctly explained 
that his statements in that forum "may well have" 
led to the arrest of Julian Calero, who is accused 
by the Peruvian government of being a "Shining Path 
terrorist," and is being threatened with 
deportation from his isolation cell in New York to 
the U.S.-Fujimori death-squad regime in Peru.

Quispe, who poses as a leading supporter of the 
revolution in Peru, boastfully announced on the 
Marxism List that one of his phony "MPP-USA"'s 
supposed members was wanted by the Peruvian 
authorities, and described the details of this 
supposed "MPP-USA" member's case: the crime he was 
charged with and the location in Peru from which he 
came. When Calero was thereafter arrested and the 
facts of his case became publicly known, it turned 
out that the facts of his case matched precisely 
those details previously announced by Quispe. 
Currently, Quispe is fairly pathetically trying to 
cover his tracks by exploiting the fact that he 
didn't name a name when he fingered Calero. 
Quispe's defense (reflected in your column) is 
essentially that it wasn't Calero he was fingering; 
he was fingering someone else!

Your article erred by treating Quispe's behavior as 
an example of "loony leftism" and sectarianism 
turned deadly. In fact, Quispe has a three-year 
history of splitting and wrecking, intelligence-
gathering, forgery, double-dealing, snitch work, 
political inconsistencies, and attacks on proven 
defenders of the revolution in Peru. Quispe is no 
leftist. He is clearly an agent provocateur. 
Enclosed is evidence exposing Quispe's COINTELPRO-
style police plot, which we will make available to 
your readers upon request.

In struggle,


(MIM Notes readers, send $1 to MIM for the in depth 
look at Agent Quispe's tactics in June 1996 Maoist 


Dear Sir/Madam:

I read your flyer on a light pole on North Charles 
St., Baltimore. Although the statistics you 
reference, as well as the overall tone of the 
message are not novel I do have an interest in 
reeling in the Federal Government which is totally 
out of control. By the way, your spelling of 
America as Amerika smacks of the jaded, self- 
serving, hedonist masquerading as souls processing 
a higher social consciousness crap that manifested 
in the 1960s. In addition, before you go ga ga on 
the Maoist Communists, I suggest you check out the 
track record of the Shining Path. They had/have a 
particularly unique form of political repression. 

Specifically, if someone was suspected of "aiding" 
the imperialist enemy (read U.S.) the entire 
village was murdered. I think the term I am 
searching for is genocide. By the way, I was there 
so save your breath trying to say otherwise. With 
that out of the way, and just so we understand each 
other, i.e., your side also has some real shit bags 
on it, I would like to request any additional 
information you have with respect to the crushing 
repression we are experiencing in this country. 
Whether or not any given political system can 
provide relief is doubtful at best, but I am 
certainly interested in considering alternatives to 
what I perceive as the inevitable crash of America 
as it currently exists. In the meantime remember, 
it is not what you say, but what you do.

 - A Baltimore lamppost reader July 25, 1996

MIM RESPONDS: We aren't sure which flyer you are 
responding to, but recently RAIL and MIM did a 
flyer series in Baltimore as part of the End the 
Amerikkkan Lockdown campaign to expose the prison 
and injustice systems, so it must have been one of 
those. In between invective anti-communism, you 
express a few vague views of your own: you are 
interested in "reeling in" the government, and you 
refer to the "crushing repression" in the country, 
and your interest in "alternatives" to an 
"inevitable crash."

You are no doubt aware that the Republikans and 
Demo-rats all say they want to "reel in" the 
government. The National Rifle Association says 
"we" are experiencing "repression," and lots of 
religious sects think there will be an "inevitable 
crash." So, if you are this anti-communist, why 
write to us instead of one of these groups? Anti- 
communism runs so deep in some groups that even 
people whose aspirations can only be fulfilled 
through communist revolution often disclaim 
themselves profusely. You may be in this category, 
but you may not.

We use "Amerika" to point to the illegitimacy of 
the Euro-Amerikan settler state. This is not "self-
serving" except insofar as it serves the oppressed, 
whom true revolutionaries are sworn to serve 
regardless of their personal origins. (If you think 
this is "self-serving" in terms of profit, well, 
all we can say is you've got to be kidding!).

We certainly have "check[ed] out the track record" 
of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP, a.k.a. Shining 
Path) and have worked to support the revolution 
they lead for years. At present our principal task 
in that effort is building public opinion for 
revolution in North America and other English- 
speaking areas. Crucial to that is our work to 
influence the international communist movement so 
that it can best support the revolution in Peru. 
The charges of "genocide" and other such 
fabrications against the PCP are commonplace and 
have been dealt with extensively in the literature 
of the PCP itself, as we have reported. You may 
have "been there," but of course so have the PCP 
comrades, the CIA, and so on. President Bush was 
ambassador to China - he was "there" for years -- 
but that doesn't mean we believe him that Mao was 
bad. This is a substitute for real facts and 

If you would like more information, as you say, we 
suggest you order the latest issue of MIM Theory, 
"Amerikkkan Prisons on Trial," and a literature 
list. Special issues of MIM Theory that may 
interest you include number 9, "The Anarchist Ideal 
and Communist Revolution," and number 4, "The 
Failure and Success of Communist Revolution." 
Issues of MIM Theory are $6. You should also 
subscribe to MIM Notes and get 26 issues for $20 
per year. Order now and also get the quarterly RAIL 
Notes included.

**Note: MIM has no official tie to the Communist 
Party of Peru (PCP). MIM does not claim to follow 
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought for the 
imperialist countries, but MIM does support it for 
Peru. Articles from MIM on Peru should be taken as 
MIM's best attempt to print genuine articles in 
support of the People's War in Peru.**

* * *


by a RAIL comrade

Boston Latin Academy has been the subject of 
controversy after Julie McLaughlin, a white girl 
who had gone to a private elementary school, was 
refused entry to this public exam school for 7-12th 

Her father sued the school, accusing it of unfair 
entry policies because her test scores were higher 
than some of the Black and Latino students 
admitted. Boston Latin, a public school which 
requires an entrance exam, had a policy of 
affirmative in place until a judge declared this 
unconstitutional in September. The judge ruled that 
Boston Latin must stop using racial quotas and must 
allow Julie McLaughlin to attend.

This attack on affirmative action has followed 
similar trends towards increased national 
oppression across the country. In California, 
during the months after the passage of proposition 
187, hate crimes and large-scale fights against 
immigrants increased significantly.


The last week in September, a brawl broke out 
between Black students from Latin and a white youth 
from South Boston(Southie). Four Black senior 
wimmin said that William Rae, a white Boston Latin 
student from South Boston, went around school with 
his friends asking "hey, you gonna be at the 
rumble?" and laughing. The whites were building 
support for a rumble with the Black students after 
Rae and a Black student fought in school earlier in 
the day.

Most of the 40 white youth were from local colleges 
or other high schools who came to Latin in several 
cars when school was getting out. They were armed 
with chains, hockey sticks, metal poles, baseball 
bats, and mace, according to a group of Black 
senior girls.

One senior from Dorchester, a poor Black 
neighborhood, said:  "We've had fights in school, 
but this wasn't a fight -- this was an all-out 
war." The undercurrent of fascist ideology in this 
fight was reflected by the fascist attitudes of 
some of the white youth who showed up wearing 
"Southie Rules" shirts. This slogan is a clear 
statement of white supremacy and is recognized by 
Boston residents for its racist implications 
because South Boston is a mostly white community 
where a significant number of fascist supporters 

The administrators of the school and the city of 
Boston tried to deny that this brawl was motivated 
by the atmosphere of tension and institutional 
support for national oppression that exists in 
Boston Latin and in the Amerikan school system in 
general. Marcia Garcia-Aaronson, headmaster of 
Boston Latin said "This wasn't a Latin Academy 
incident." Yet the four central students in the 
conflict were summoned to the assistant 
headmaster's office that day. Superintendent Thomas 
Payzant and Mayor Thomas Menino both said the fight 
was not racially motivated.

We don't live in a "post-racist society" as Pete 
Wilson has claimed. Conditions are still much worse 
for Blacks and Latinos relative to whites. This 
includes financial, cultural, and structural 
oppression that means oppressed nation youth have a 
much harder time getting a good education.


The set-asides (affirmative action quotas) are what 
allow many Blacks and Latinos to get a step up 
after having been pushed down so many steps by 
society. Most whites at Boston Latin are from 
private schools. For these whites, money allowed 
them to get into this good school. Blacks and 
Latinos don't tend to have this kind of money not 
to mention the other societal factors working in 
favor of whites and against oppressed nationals.

An acceptance policy that is race-blind would end 
up being just a free ride for the wealthy whites -- 
merely a publicly funded private school similar to 
those that exist in wealthy neighborhoods across 
the country.

Affirmative action is part of Amerika's neo-
colonial way of minimizing the threat of rising 
national liberation struggles among Amerika's 
internal colonies. It allows small numbers of 
people of oppressed nationalities to "integrate" 
more easily with their national oppressors, while 
the majority in the internal colonies remain 

However, allowing small numbers of oppressed 
nations to receive an education that they may use 
against their oppressive is a positive thing. Along 
such lines, RAIL supports the defense of 
affirmative action.

RAIL supports the anger of the Black students who 
took part in the fight against the Southie whites. 
This was not an isolated incident and this anger 
needs to be turned into systematic organizing to 
fight against the wealth and power of a school 
system and a whole society that has been built on 
the oppression of nations both inside and outside 
of us borders.

NOTE:  Boston Globe, 27 September, 1996. p.A1.

* * *


by RAIL comrades

October 1, 1996 -- RAIL and MIM co-sponsored a 
showing and discussion of "A Rustling of Leaves:  
Inside the Philippine Revolution" on a central 
Californian campus together with a local mass 
organization, ASIAN! (Asian Sisters for Ideas In 
Action Now!). This event was part of the campaign 
to promote solidarity for the ongoing Maoist-led 
Filipino revolution.

The Canadian-produced film provided a general 
overview of the political situation in the 
Philippines circa the Aquino regime and the MIM-led 
discussion brought the situation up to date.

The filmmakers deftly expose how Aquino's political 
ascendancy was firmly rooted in military might 
rather than "people power" as she espoused. RAIL 
adds that real people power lies in arming the 
masses with M-L-M theory and practice, and 
overthrowing imperialism.

The anti-Communist death squads roving the 
countryside in Mindinao -- Alsa Masa and The Holy 
Christians-- are warmly acknowledged (by the 
American consulate no less!) to be organized by the 
military with Aquino's heart-felt blessings, for 
the express purpose of oppressing and terrorizing 
the masses. These right-wing para-militaries use 
terror tactics and propaganda techniques which Alsa 
Masa leader and radio DJ, Jun Pala, proudly 
announced are modeled after Goebbel, Hitler's 
minister of propaganda.

RAIL agrees with the filmmakers that Aquino and 
Amerikan's warm support of the military-backed 
right-wing death squads further demonstrates the 
illusory nature of the "democratic" process. 
Protracted people's war is the only way to 
guarantee a government which truly represents the 

The film touches upon the struggles of the New 
People's Army (NPA) in Mindinao, as they build 
independent institutions of the oppressed in the 
liberated zones. The left and right opportunist 
lines developing within the party and their failure 
are also highlighted (to the exclusion of the 
correct line and its success) although the 
filmmakers did not conclude as RAIL and MIM do that 
those lines are inherently flawed and that the only 
way to have real change is to work with the masses 
and make scientific revolution guided by Marxism-

The major criticism of this film is its neglect of 
the CPP's political ideology. That the NPA is led 
by Communists is only cursorily mentioned by the 
filmmakers; the significance of CPP leadership 
itself is ignored beyond general and brief mention 
of the ultimate goals of the revolution.

In order to truly understand the Philippine 
people's war, one must understand the ideology and 
practice at the heart of it, which is why RAIL and 
MIM sponsor events such as these. 
Following the film, MIM spoke of the CPP's 1992 
Rectification campaign and the struggle against 
Dutch expulsion of Professor Jose Maria Sison, 
founder of the CPP.

After the discussion was opened up, one member of 
the audience insisted that revolutionary struggle 
was futile because of imperialism's vast resources 
and superior military technology.

MIM addressed the criticism by pointing to the 
successful people's wars waged in China and Viet 
Nam despite their military "inferiority";  true 
superiority lies within having the correct 
political line. MIM further noted the vast 
numerical superiority of the Third World where 80% 
of the world population lives.

When the critic continued in that nihilistic vein, 
s/he was spontaneously refuted by the masses who 
retorted that because of the gross imperialist 
oppression and exploitation the Filipino people 
must endure. Their best and only choice is to pick 
up the gun. RAIL wholeheartedly agrees. 
Imperialists won't relinquish their stranglehold on 
the world's peoples without a fight. Armed struggle 
is the only way to overthrow imperialism. And it 
can and will be done!

When another member of the audience proposed Martin 
Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi as model 
leaders, MIM vigorously countered with a 
materialist comparison of post-independence India 
and post-revolution China. The living conditions in 
India remained basically unchanged, but in China, 
the life expectancy rate doubled and literacy 
rocketed from a rate of 20% to 80%.

Prompted by an supportive comment of an audience 
member, the topic of discussion then shifted to the 
merits of the NPA in their relationship to the 
masses as commended in the film by Comrade Dante. 
The NPA and the CPP strive to be scrupulously 
honest and forthright in their dealings with the 
masses. They, unlike the military, do not rape, 
steal, and murder.

At this point, a former resident of Mindinao in 
exile interjected with some comments about 
civilians caught in the cross-fire, and condemning 
violence. To this MIM responded that it was the 
imperialists and their lackeys who first initiated 
violence and as Mao said "in order to put done the 
gun it is necessary to pick up the gun."

The positive role of Filipino wimmin in the 
revolution was the final topic discussed. MIM 
emphasized that Filipino wimmin are essential in 
making and maintaining revolution and commented on 
their unfortunate exclusion in other revolutions to 
the detriment of the struggle itself. The 
mobilization of every oppressed person is necessary 
to defeat imperialism.

RAIL supports the Filipino people's (and all 
oppressed nation's) right to self-determination and 
freedom from capitalist exploitation. The ongoing 
people's war in the Philippines is crucial in 
achieving this. RAIL concretely recognizes that it 
will take armed struggle and not electoralism to 
end the imperialist rape of the Third World. 
Democrats and Republicans alike benefit from the 
superprofits sucked from the Third World and 
therefore have a stake in maintaining imperialism.

Events like this one help to build public opinion 
in support of anti-imperialist struggle. If, like 
the Filipino people, you too demand justice, then 
take action and unite with RAIL! We challenge you 
to rip the false mask off the face of capitalism.

* * *


**Not surprisingly, RAIL's Don't Vote for 
Imperialism campaign has met with opposition and 
misunderstanding, especially from the pseudo-left 
who want to elect Clinton. Here a RAIL comrade 
refutes criticisms and outlines our argument not to 
Vote, but instead organize for Revolution. 
Excerpted from MassRAIL.**


RAIL: There's nothing wrong with voting in general. 
People should have structured ways (voting is one) 
to make decisions together. Voting in United $tates 
government elections is a vote of confidence in a 
thoroughly unjust repressive system.


RAIL: There are different kinds of democracy. The 
current "democracy" in North Amerika is really a 
dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie, 
swelled by the ranks of the white working class, 
dominate all aspects of the political, economic and 
social decisions in accordance with their material 
interests of perpetuating imperialism. The 
currently ruling Demopublicrats will win all these 
elections. Maintaining imperialist domination of 
both Third World nations and internal colonies is 
the job of the government. Settler masses will 
continue to elect them as long as they do that job.

True democracy allows all people to make the 
decisions that affect their lives. Within North 
Amerika, the oppressed nations are simply 
outnumbered in "national" elections -- these are 
white-nation elections! Blacks, Latinos and First 
Nations will never have a meaningful voice in this 
government. True democracy necessitates self-
determination of oppressed nations. Self-
determination is a necessary prerequisite in 
guaranteeing that all people participate in 
decisions affecting them.


RAIL: To answer this question, we must consider the 
government in more detail -- What is the function 
of the state under bourgeois rule? How is the power 
maintained? How does the current government oppress 
and exploit the masses as well as control social 

The current state is an instrument of control. The 
groups which benefit from the imperialist economic 
system employ the state apparatus to protect their 
interests and to repress resistance, rebellion and 
change. The groups that are oppressed and exploited 
under imperialism resist the oppression, and so are 
subject to brutal repression by the police state.

In North Amerika, the wealthy capitalist 
bourgeoisie and their lap-dog white working class 
enjoy the protection of the United $tates 
government. The police state includes more kinds of 
cops than just the well-known baton-wielding donut-
snarfing pigs in blue and the armed forces. The 
D.A.'s, judges, lawyers, legislators, and 
bureaucrats all have the job of maintaining the 
social order.

Maintaining the social order is a simple job 
because it means suppressing the proletariat and 
protecting the bourgeoisie. Is it any surprise that 
the most brutal and vicious arm of the government, 
the Criminal Injustice System, imprisons Blacks, 
Latinos and Indigenous Nationals at grotesquely 
high rates? You won't see a predominance of wealthy 
whites behind bars. The police state is armed 
apparatus of the imperialist nation, projecting 
domination over the internal colonies.

There is an even broader part of the state 
machinery of control. This is the machinery of 
culture and ideas. Whether they are directly on the 
government payroll or not (and many are), the 
psychological workers, social workers, teachers, 
professors, writers and other entertainers crank 
out philosophy to support imperialism and undermine 
resistance to it. Bourgeois philosophers chant that 
communism can't work. They proclaim that the 
suffering of oppressed people of the world isn't 
related to the wealthy's decadence. They suggest 
that we beg for tiny scraps of justice from the 

If you believe that groups of people should not 
wield power over other groups, then you should not 
support this imperialist system with your vote. Its 
blood-stained history is matched by its hideous 
present. From the settler wars of conquest in which 
it stole the continent from the First Nations, 
through the enslavement of millions of Africans, 
the ruthless exploitation of generations of Latinos 
and Asians, the genocidal wars of "national 
interest" in the Third World and today's continued 
war against First Nations, Latinos and Blacks 
within North Amerika -- this is a regime whose 
brutality cannot realistically be cajoled, 
reformed, or turned into something else by playing 
within its rules!


RAIL: We don't advocate sitting on our hands as an 
alternative to voting. Oppression must be actively 
and directly opposed through campaigns exposing the 
system for what it is. Such campaigns of agitation 
can win concrete concessions such as release of a 
framed prisoner or disciplining of a cop who got 
caught on videotape. In conducting this agitation, 
it is not helpful to build the legitimacy of the 
very system we oppose, by voting in it or calling 
on people to vote. Instead, we must build 
independent power.

At all stages, we must build organizations and 
institutions separate from and in opposition to the 
government, and that can neither be defused by 
concessions nor crushed by police repression. 
Building revolution isn't easy. That is no reason 
to slow it down by digging in our heels and 
defending the legitimacy of the Amerikan state by 
voting for it. It's time for a change. DON'T VOTE. 

* * *


MIDDLETOWN, CT, 12 October -- A small crowd of 
people gathered to protest the dedication of a new 
statue honoring Christopher Columbus. The counter-
demonstrators silently distracted the participants 
with signs bearing statistics of Columbus' 
atrocities. Onlookers were shocked and surprised to 
see that anybody would object to their symbol of 
settler and Italian nationalism.

One Mohawk womyn explained that her problem was not 
with Italians, but with the glorification of 
genocide via the statue. The statue was purchased 
with $55,000 in private funds and donated to the 
city to form the centerpiece of a new park on the 
river. The statue bears the inscription dedicating 
it to the "triumph of human spirit over adversity." 
The adversity which Columbus faced was the Taino 
and Arawak peoples who were annihilated by Columbus 
and the following settlers.

After the dedication, many participants had looks 
of terror because they had to walk past the 
counter-demonstrators to leave the park. Many 
people decided to brave the mud to avoid people 
carrying signs such as, "17,000 raped and 

The mayor of Middletown asked counter-demonstrators 
for facts about Columbus. One of the public-
pigficials came up to one counter-demonstrator and 
said, "There is room for everybody's opinion, 
right? Heh heh." One RAIL member commented that if 
he had really meant that statement he would have 
invited the counter-demonstrators to speak.

Columbus didn't have room for the opinions -- or 
the existence -- of the Arawak and Taino nations 
either. The speakers at the dedication repeatedly 
said that the "United States is a nation of 
immigrants". This clearly exposes the apartheid 
nature of Amerika, as it leaves out the initial 
inhabitants of the land mass who were staring them 
right in the face.

One First Nations activist explained to RAIL and 
other protesters that even on the issue of the 
"discovery" alone, Columbus wasn't the hero that 
white ideologues make him out to be. For example, 
he wasn't the first European to come to North or 
South America. Additionally, Columbus makes a 
pretty poor "discoverer" since the place he "found" 
wasn't what he thought it was. This serves to show 
the ideological role of history under imperialism. 
The history of Columbus has been changed from the 
reality of the blundering pirate and oppressive 
murderer that he was to an adventurous hero for 
settler masses to hail. Columbus serves as a symbol 
of the European conquest of the Americas, and 
history has been rewritten to make selling Columbus 
as a symbol easier.

One supporter of the statue, and of Democrat Party 
candidate for State Senate, Suzio, challenged a 
RAIL comrade in his/her opposition to Columbus. 
According to him the First Nations were also 
responsible for genocide because the four nations 
near Plymouth in the 1600s were planning to attack 
the Pilgrims and wipe them out. RAIL didn't know 
whether this was historically accurate, if it were, 
it would be an example of the indigenous struggles 
to survive and retain their sovereignty. The tale 
shows the imperialist perspective of this critic. 
Once again creating the myth that settler masses 
faced hardships instead of creating a society off 
the backs of oppressed nations.

A womyn from the Mohawk Nation interjected in this 
exchange and took this critic to task quickly with 
the question:  "Are you free? Are your people 
free?" He tried to tell her that "This is a free 
country, we both are."

The Mohawk womyn explained that she isn't free 
because her people have been forced onto 
reservations and as someone that now doesn't live 
on the reservation, she can't practice her 
religion. Freedom is only a privilege given to the 
oppressors. When she told him that Amerika 
"destroyed her culture" the Suzio supporter moved 
closer and angrily snapped back:  "I didn't do 
anything! You killed my ancestors."
Another Mohawk womyn attempted to set this man 

"That's where the education system has failed you."
Imperialism and colonialism are systems of 
oppression where one nation extracts wealth from 
another and denies the weaker nation the ability to 
determine its own destiny. Imperialism erases the 
history of the oppressed and replaces it with a 
sanitized history that justifies the corrupt 
system. This imperialist rule is often 
characterized by wars of extermination against the 
oppressed, as the imperialists recognize that the 
raw numbers of the oppressed is one of their 
greatest strengths.

Successful struggles for national liberation will 
bring about new societies where people will be 
educated about the old society and role models will 
be drawn from truthful accounts of selfless 
sacrifice, not mass murder.

* * *


by MC45

While the East Timorese struggle for independence 
from Indonesian occupation continues and the 
Indonesian masses toil under imperialism and the 
brutal Suharto regime, the New York Times has 
reported on some of the more intimate and 
financially involved ties between the Amerikan 
government and the Indonesian comprador 

The October 11 edition of the Times carried an 
article about an Indonesian of Chinese descent who 
has spent much of his life traveling to and living 
in the United $tates -- especially doing business 
in Arkansas where President Klinton used to be the 

While doing business in Arkansas, this Indonesian 
businessperson became friends with Klinton and has 
since done fundraising for the President's 
campaigning, and some behind the scenes diplomatic 

MIM remarks on this personal/business/political 
relationship because Third World compradors' close 
ties to Amerikan government officials and big 
bourgeoisie are a snapshot of the agreements 
between First and Third World exploiters. These 
agreements -- to protect capital export and sustain 
repressive governments -- are the basis for the 
continuing superexploitation of the Third World 

A Maoist class analysis of imperialism demonstrates 
that the comprador class of a Third World country 
is the sworn enemy of the proletariat -- because 
the comprador class is by definition dependent on 
the imperialists for its continued existence.

In Indonesia, the comprador government enables 
plundering of that country's natural resources, and 
employment of Indonesian workers at a rate of $2-3 
per day.(2) MIM seeks to consistently expose the 
close partnership of the First and Third World 
bourgeoisies, and to build public opinion in favor 
of the just struggle of the oppressed against this 

1. The New York Times 11 October 1996, p. 11.
2. "In support of the Indonesian people and in 
Condemnation of the Suharto Regime," by the Central 
Committee of the Communist Party of the 
Philippines, reprinted in MIM Notes 15 September 

* * *


by a RAIL comrade
On the first day of Anti-Columbus Week, MIM and 
RAIL showed the film "Incident at Oglala". This 
film depicted the climate and events surrounding 
the shoot-out between AIM members and FBI Agents at 
the Lakota, Pine Ridge Reservation South Dakota. It 
was this incident that resulted in the death of two 
FBI agents for which Leonard Peltier was framed and 
is being held captive for two life terms.

This movie shows the FBI's support and military 
influence on the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). 
During this time period (1970's) the BIA and FBI 
together used goon squads to terrorize and murder 
progressive First Nation activists on the 
reservation. The violence was so great on the 
reservation that the homicide rate there was higher 
than the rest of the state of South Dakota.

The discussion following the film included a range 
of topics from the details of the events of the 
murder and subsequent trials to the systemic 
oppression of imperialism.

Another member of the discussion felt that the 
shooting of the FBI agents was not necessarily 
something that someone should be punished for as 
FBI pigs are agents of repression who must be 
opposed. MIM and RAIL are building a united front 
against imperialism because it is the most 
successful way to oppose agents of repression. We 
cannot expect that rebellion, retaliation and self-
defense by the oppressed will go un-punished in the 
white man's courts.

Another added that many indigenous people were 
terrorized and murdered before and after the FBI 
agents were killed, and nobody was accused of these 
murders of non-FBI agents. The Amerikkkan injustice 
system only prosecuted for the deaths of two white 

Another point brought up was that Mr. X., 
supposedly the person who actually killed the FBI 
agents, is not known. Leonard Peltier and others 
present on that day know who Mr. X is but are not 
willing to expose him to the pigs because it is not 
in their interests to turn others over to the 
enemy. Revolutionaries do not act based on 
individual interests, but must make decisions based 
on the interests of the proletariat.

One purpose of Anti-Columbus week is to educate 
people about the history of national oppression. 
Columbus was not the first Amerikan murderer and 
his legacy has continued. Imperialists use the same 
tactics of terror which the barbaric first settlers 
used. The righteous struggles of the oppressed must 
be spread through independent means in order to get 
the story straight and build a correct analysis of 
the path forward.

* * *


CALUMET, IN. -- On September 2nd, an employee of 
one of the largest malls in the Chicago area 
ordered MIM to stop leaving newspapers on cars in 
the parking lot. The River Oaks employee told MIM 
"it's against company policy."

Told later that courts have already upheld the 
right to hand out literature at malls, the employee 
said, "no they haven't." Later he changed his mind 
and said, "all right, then you should sue us."

On October 2, 1995, the Supreme Court refused to 
hear an appeal of mall-owners in New Jersey who 
said they should have the right to do as they 
pleased on their property. No Supreme Court judge 
dissented on the refusal to hear the case. New 
Jersey courts had already rejected the argument of 
mall-owners that people handing out leaflets in 
1990 to oppose the Gulf War could be stopped.

Since malls are the modern-day equivalent of Main 
Street, lawyers and judges have held that mall-
owners must allow leafletting. In practice though, 
as MIM has experienced across the united states, 
such rulings are on paper only. Only arduous 
struggle creates the reality of freedom of 
operation for the proletariat that doesn't own a 
media conglomerate.

Malls, universities and other places that invite 
the public or host public officials have no 
business restricting the "free speech" of the 
public. The example of our case in Calumet again 
proves that it is private property that stands in 
the way of the just expression of opinion. People 
who think there is "free speech" in this country 
haven't tried using their "free speech" as a poor 
person. Bourgeois scholars and journalists may 
manage to give their limited views, but the poor 
and oppressed nation peoples face ferocious 

In Mao's China in the Cultural Revolution the 
government gave out paper for the creation of 
poetry and also political posters to criticize 
government officials. True, those who attacked 
Chairperson Mao were seen as attempting to set up a 
bourgeois dictatorship. Such people -- a tiny 
minority -- were punished, but the vast majority 
managed to express more divergent opinions than 
exist in u.s. political process. Contrary to 
bourgeois propaganda also, the percentage of people 
in prison is higher in the repressive united states 
than it was in Mao's China.

(See MIM Notes #123 for a details to organize 
against the free speech hypocrites.)

* * *


by MC45

In a stunning example of how Amerikan workers are 
not exploited, the union which represents the New 
York Times' mailers won a lifetime employment 
agreement from the Times in exchange for being more 
flexible in where they work.(1)
Amerikan workers live in an international economy 
in which Indian trade union leaders are arrested 
for leading strikes and the consumer price index 
for Indian agricultural workers rose 60 percent 
from 1991-94; Filipino agricultural workers make 
anywhere from $1.50 to $4.80 per day compared to a 
government-determined $9.60 cost of living;(2) and 
immigrant workers in Israel pay fees to get their 
jobs and are regularly deported without their final 

Compared to these conditions for workers outside 
the imperialist countries, the Amerikan New York 
Times mailers are paid a base salary of $50,000 per 
year and now have their jobs for life.(1)

Revisionist activists -- those who claim the mantle 
of Marxism but revise Marx's idea fundamentally -- 
respond to these numbers saying that the cost of 
living in the United $tates is higher than in the 
rest of the world and therefore these outrageous 
wages are what Amerikan workers need to sustain 

MIM says: hogwash. Third World people cross U.S. 
borders legally and illegally every year in 
desperate search of jobs which will pay a fraction 
of what the average white Amerikan takes home. If 
the cost of living within the belly of the beast 
were really so high as the economist labor 
aristocracy organizers claim, how could these 
migrant workers survive?
MIM builds its revolutionary theory and organizes 
from the vantage point of the Third World 
proletariat, those workers genuinely oppressed and 
exploited by imperialism. We expose the brutality 
of Amerikan imperialism abroad and the inequalities 
between First and Third World peoples perpetuated 
by imperialism in the name of building public 
opinion in favor of liberation of the oppressed.

1. New York Times 12 October 1996, p. 16.
2. Maoist Sojourner #9 March 1996.
3. MIM Notes 15 September, 1996.

* * *


BOSTON -- Cardinal Law knows the secret of 
capitalism today: "Unless we find a way to show 
respect for the worker as a worker, then I think 
the whole system is going to go. . . I think that 
if capitalism doesn't correct itself from within, 
capitalism as we know it is going to be in 

This opponent of abortion and the idea of having 
wimmin as priests knows very well what preserves 
the system. MIM only thinks it's too bad there are 
so many people masquerading as radicals who say the 
same thing as the Cardinal. It's very safe to be 
pro-labor aristocracy these days.

NOTE:  Boston Globe 11 July,1996, p. 1.

* * *


by MCB52

The most famous of the racist pigs in this 
kkkountry got away with attempted murder with just 
a $200 fine and three years of probation. The fact 
that Fuhrman, the police officer who lied on the 
stand in his effort to convict O.J. Simpson of 
murder, was prosecuted at all is an exceptional 
case in the criminal injustice system where pigs 
lie to prosecute people constantly. The pigs were 
mad that a big one got away, and decided to 
prosecute the routine behavior to retaliate for 
Fuhrman's getting caught. But the light sentence is 
hardly justice for a man whose lies included 
inventing evidence to convict someone of murder. 
What Fuhrman did, and what pigs do routinely when 
they lie and invent evidence on the stand, is 
itself attempted murder. Black men are killed and 
jailed constantly because of pigs' lies. A mere 
$200 is not justice for that crime against the 

* * *



President Klinton recently pledged to spend $100 
million in federal dollars to expand the Internet 
in Universities, "national labs and other federal 
institutions." His new plan also calls for the 
communications industry, including cable and 
telephone companies, to collectively fund free 
basic Internet telephone access to every 
elementary, middle and high school and every 
library in the United $tates. The 
telecommunications bill passed in February, which 
lifted restrictions on cable and other 
communications companies involvement in the 
Internet market, called for discretionary 
discounted access rates for schools.(1)

Our first priority as communists is not that all 
First World people have access to the Internet. MIM 
recognizes that pumping more money into schools can 
mean exacerbating the inequality between rich and 
poor schools here -- so that those born with class 
and nation privilege will be further subsidized by 
the government to protect and enhance that 
privilege. For example, Clinton's Internet 
expansion plan covers private schools as well, and 
it provides additional credit and support for 
schools that already have basic Internet access -- 
for improved access (video conferencing or higher 
speed connections).(2) It says nothing about 
providing computers to poorer schools, which means 
that schools in oppressed nation areas which 
currently do not have computers would not be able 
to benefit from discounted phone lines. They will 
also be less likely to provide the extensive funds 
and time needed for training teachers in using and 
teaching the technology.

But we also recognize that the Federal role in 
education is small compared to local taxation -- 
which is where the heart of the inequality lies. So 
while the plan will definitely expand Internet 
access for Amerikan youth, it may also reach more 
oppressed nation youth as well. MIM anticipates 
that youth will take advantage of this legislation 
and seek avenues online for their rebelliousness 
against the corrupt Amerikan system.

MIM too will take advantage of the window of 
opportunity to reach Amerika's youth through online 
agitation as long as their access is still 
relatively unimpeded. We will offer free six-month 
subscriptions to the electronic edition of MIM 
Notes to any high school (or younger) student who 
writes to explain their interest in the newspaper. 
Just write to [email protected] and tell us why you are 

**MIM got the following letter at our Web site from 
a high school student, and we hope to see more like 

"I found your page on the Internet while doing a 
search for info on the BPP [Black Panther Party], 
after I saw the excellent movie 'Panther.'"

"I am a Marxist and definitely agree with all of 
your politics, except those about bourgeois 
counter-revolution, which I just don't know enough 
history to evaluate. I think you are dead on-target 
about the unrevolutionary character of most 
American whites, though I think there are 
definitely more than economic reasons for it. As a 
high school student, I see the entire educational 
system permeated with crypto white-supremacy on all 
levels, from courses that focus on, if not GLORIFY, 
the destruction of peace on earth by white 

"I see this same system making non-WASP kids feel 
culturally, intellectually, 'morally' religiously 
and personally inferior. Not only that, this is 
ENFORCED by grading kids on subjective honkey 
values on TESTS, bringing down their grades and 
reinforcing bullshit ideas of wasp supremacy. I see 
this day-to-day. I am forced to keep my political 
views silent and my behavior stilted in order to 
get a good grade from the predominantly white 
racist teachers. I have been discriminated against 
in English class for my thick accent, having it 
called 'pidgin English (ANGLish)' by blond blue-
eyed Aryan teachers, and threatened not to 'debase' 
my role in Sophocles' 'Oedipus at Colonos' AS IF 
Sophocles spoke English, let alone with a stilted, 
artificial white bread midwestern accent. This sort 
of crypto-racism helps keep cultural minorities' 
grades and self-esteem low, even in an 'ethnic' 
dominated high-school like my own.

"I am saddened by the whole situation. It seems 
like the capitalist-destroyers will always win, and 
that I risk wasting my life by affiliating with 
communist or even liberal political organizations, 
or even voicing my opinions. In school, Communism 
is deceitfully presented as some sort of 
totalitarian regime of oppression, akin to Nazism, 
resulting in reactionary youth who cringe at the 
word's very mention, and support the instrument of 
their own oppression. Many poor black kids in the 
ghetto become drug users or dealers, destroying 
their own communities and fostering hate from other 
people, which means potential comrades live in 
mutual hate and fear. If I were to wear a Power to 
the People fist to school, most kids would think it 
either meant a gang or a 'seig heil.'

"Money for college and career advancement 
opportunities are given to those who join ROTC, 
which is the training grounds for imperialist 
bullying. It seems to be a hopeless situation.

"I am very interested in your organization, which 
seems to be down-to-earth and practical, unlike 
most armchair bourgeois wannabe-Marxists I see on 
the Internet. ...Please send me more info on how to 
get involved in your cause."

MIM RESPONDS: Thanks for writing. We hope you got a 
chance to read the article that probably came up in 
your search and led you to our site -- about the 
Black Panther Party's Maoism during their early 
years. Whether the Panthers were really communists 
is now a point of dispute, especially among ex-
Panthers trying to remake the Party's image. But a 
reading of their early literature and documents 
leaves no room for doubt. The BPP was the *Maoist* 
vanguard of the Black nation in the late 60s.

On bourgeois counter-revolution and capitalist 
restoration after the socialist revolution, we 
recommend studying Mao's "A Critique of Soviet 
Economics" and the textbook "Fundamentals of 
Political Economy" published by the so-called Gang 
of Four in China. Both are available from MIM -- 
and we encourage you to build a revolutionary study 
group and examine these with others or online with 

You are definitely right that white supremacy goes 
beyond economic motive -- that is, there is a 
powerful culture (which Marxists call the 
superstructure) supporting the material 
substructure -- or class and national oppression. 
Your observations about education supporting the 
system of national oppression are very true. ROTC 
is a stark example.

There are many ways to work with MIM and the 
Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League (RAIL). RAIL 
is a mass organization of anti-imperialists led by 
MIM. MIM publishes a newspaper twice a month, and 
RAIL publishes a newspaper every two months. We 
encourage you to distribute and contribute articles 
to these publications (back issues are on the Web 
site). We also need comrades and friends to submit 
revolutionary art to illustrate the oppressive 
tactics of imperialism.

Our principal task is building public opinion for 
proletarian feminist, socialist revolution and 
independent power of the oppressed. Two issues we 
organize around are the pitfalls of electoralism 
and supporting the Maoist-led revolution in the 
Philippines. Specifically now, we are fighting to 
block the deportation of the founder of the 
Communist Party of the Philippines, Jose Maria 
Sison from the Netherlands. If he is deported back 
to the Philippines he will face certain persecution 
under the U.S.-Ramos regime. We printed a copy of 
the petition we need copied and signed as well as 
additional information. We also do lots of work 
around exposing national oppression and social 
control through the prison system. We publish 
letters from prisoners describing oppressive 
conditions and exposing the imperialist motive for 
the crazed prison expansion over the last 20 years. 
We also publish articles pertaining to the 
righteous struggles being waged by prisoners. 
Writing articles, handing out the paper in cities 
and on campuses, hanging up fliers, organizing 
films and speakers -- this is all work we urge you 
to get involved in. Keep in touch.

1. Washington Post 11 October, 1996. p. 1. For 
MIM's analysis of the telecommunications bill and 
the concentration of capital in the communications 
industry, see M-L-M Online, MIM Notes 110, March 
1996, p.4.
2. Washington Post 11 October, 1996. p. 11.

* * *


**A volunteer attorney working with the American 
Civil Liberties Union(ACLU) has taken on the case 
of censorship in Washington state prisons. This 
case is likely to cover MIM Notes, several other 
publications and bulk mailing censorship. The ACLU 
told a MIM Notes reporter that a complaint should 
be filed this month. Right now only one Washington 
state prisoner has contacted the ACLU about MIM 
Notes censorship. If there are others in Washington 
having problems with censorship, please contact the 
ACLU to take part in this case. MIM reprints below 
excerpts from the letter sent by the ACLU of 
Washington to the Department of Corrections in 


The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington 
(ACLU-W) has received many complaints from 
Department of Corrections (DOC) inmates alleging 
unconstitutional interference by DOC with their 
receipt of mail. []

[]We urge you to promptly revise DOC policies as 
recommended below, on a statewide basis, in 
conformity with the legislature's commands to 
provide "uniform" policies "consistent with 
constitutional constraints."[]


We have received numerous complaints from Airway 
Heights and Washington State Penitentiary (WSP) 
inmates and from publishers of publications sent to 
inmates regarding rejection of publications sent 
via nonprofit bulk mail permit. Indeed, issues of 
our own ACLU National Prison Project *Journal* have 
been rejected at Airway Heights and destroyed, all 
without notice to the inmate or to the ACLU as the 
publisher. The National Prison Project newsletter 
conforms to each and every postal regulation for 
nonprofit bulk mail and clearly satisfies the 
United States Postal Service requirements for 
delivery to the DOC institutions.[]

Yet, inmates at Airway Heights who have filed 
grievances in response to these rejections have not 
received any valid explanation for the rejection of 
all bulk mail. [] We fail to see how rejection of 
all nonprofit bulk mail satisfies either RCW 
72.09.530 or constitutional requirements that 
restrictions on inmate mail be tailored to serve 
"legitimate penological objectives."

[] DOC has not articulated a rational 
justification for rejection of this mail sent via 
nonprofit bulk rates, much less proven the need for 
such a rule.

With respect to the rejections of nonprofit bulk 
mail of which we are aware, we have checked the 
applicable postal regulations and can identify no 

[]It is interesting to note that the grounds 
asserted to support the rejection keep changing. 
Director Rolfs initially informed inmate X that WSP 
allowed offenders to receive free publications sent 
via bulk mail provided they had been approved in 
advance and the publications did not violate the 
DOC mail policy. A few weeks later, the same inmate 
was informed by Director Rolfs that this position 
was erroneous and that, instead, WSP "does not 
accept bulk mail for offenders unless the bulk mail 
stamp indicates a Bulk Rate Endorsement." In 
response to our inquiry, the postal service stated 
that it did not recognize such a term.

[]Another publication was rejected from WSP the 
first time because it was allegedly not pre-
approved, the second time because it was allegedly 
free rather than paid-for, and the third time 
because it allegedly was not published by a 
recognized non-profit organization. Now we have 
heard a fourth rationale offered, the lack of a 
"Bulk Mail Endorsement." And, we heard a fifth 
rationale in correspondence with WSP earlier this 
year, in which WSP demanded a federal tax 
identification number be provided before an inmate 
could receive a free publication. Just recently, we 
learned of a sixth rationale: an alleged need for 
an "address correction" or "return postage 
guaranteed" endorsement on the mail (which costs 
extra money for the nonprofit sender) because the 
publication has to be "forwarded" from the prison 
mailroom to the inmate's cellblock. The second, 
third, fourth, fifth and sixth rationales appear 
nowhere in DOC Policy 450.100. Instead, DOC appears 
to fall back on language in Policy 450.100, 
Procedure A.2.k. and E.3.b., (also appearing in WAC 
137-48-040(1)(1)), which simply recites that mail 
or a publication can be rejected if it is "deemed 
to be a threat to legitimate penological 

We appreciate that in some circumstances an 
institution must retain the discretion to decide 
when mail or a publication actually threatens 
legitimate penological objectives. But the ongoing 
inability to provide a *consistent* rationale for 
rejecting mail and publications demonstrates the 
impermissible vagueness of the above two policy 
provisions. The frequent recourse to ever-changing 
"legitimate penological objectives" has a chilling 
effect on free expression rather than promoting the 
free exchange of ideas as required by RCW 
72.09.530. The frequently changing rationales 
described above appear to prove the type of 
arbitrary, "exaggerated" response to prison 
concerns that would not survive scrutiny under 
*Turner v. Safley*, 482 U.S. 78 (1987) and 
*Thornburgh v. Abbott*, 490 U.S. 401 (1989).

While *Turner* and *Thornburgh* grant substantial 
deference to prison officials to determine what are 
"legitimate penological objectives," the mere 
recitation of these magic words does not 
necessarily satisfy the courts. Washington's DOC 
has lost a significant number of inmate lawsuits 
regarding rejection of mail. [Letter continues by 
citing court cases in which the DOC's arbitrary 
application of this was criticized. -ed.]


Our most pressing concerns are those relating to 
the apparent abuses of the prior approval policy 
and rejection of "bulk mail" as described above. 
However, there is an additional inmate mail matter 
on which we have received complaints which we 
believe is in violation of RCW 72.09.530 and 
constitutional provisions as well. DOC has issued a 
statewide order rejecting the publication *MIM 
Notes* (published by the Maoist Internationalist 
Movement). Mr. Rolfs has ruled that each and every 
issue of the publication violates DOC policy 
450.100E.3.b. because it incites violence and is a 
threat to legitimate penological objectives. [] 
[W]e believe the rejection is an "exaggerated" 
response to prison concerns.

There is no evidence the strongly expressive 
political language used in *MIM Notes* would 
actually incite violence in any Washington state 
prison. The courts have required strongly-worded 
political material to be accepted in prison mail. 
[court cases cited - ed.] As the Court in *Nichols* 
noted, an inmate's opportunity to read a political 
publication may serve to "nourish the prisoner's 
mind," [] Whatever one's views may be about the 
content of *MIM Notes*' message, it does not 
present a direct threat to order or security of the 
institution when a publication urges building 
public opinion about armed struggle, not the armed 
struggle itself.

Our interest in the rejection of *MIM Notes* was 
increased because just this past year we received 
complaints that Washington prisons had rejected the 
publication *Black Autonomy*. We were given 
conflicting rationales as to the reason this 
publication was rejected. []


* Enact a statewide policy prohibiting DOC 
institutions from rejecting nonprofit bulk mail;
* Enact a statewide policy making clear that 
publications including *Prison Legal News* and the 
ACLU National Prison Project *Journal* shall not be 
rejected as inmate mail;
* Enact a statewide policy clarifying that the 
policy referring to a "threat of imminent violence" 
does not include strong political statements but 
instead is limited to threats of actual imminent 
violence, and cannot be used to reject publications 
such as *MIM Notes* or *Black Autonomy*.

As noted above, several inmates are already in the 
process of exhausting administrative remedies 
preparatory to filing lawsuits on these matters. We 
plan to assist such litigation if we cannot resolve 
these matters promptly. [..]

American Civil Liberties Union of Washington, 705 
Second Avenue, Suite 300 Hoge Building, Seattle, WA 

MIM appreciates the ACLU's efforts on behalf of MIM 
Notes and its readers. MIM supports fighting 
winnable reformist battles within the context of 
building public opinion for socialist revolution.

The ACLU approach correctly takes on winnable 
battles and we unite with the ACLU on these battles 
but we go further to also build independent power 
of the oppressed, so that we will not have to rely 
on the oppressors' courts. Reformist approaches can 
win important gains, but reformism as a strategy is 
a dead-end for the oppressed.

The ACLU's charge that censorship of MIM Notes is a 
"violation" of MIM's "rights to free speech" is a 
useful tactic to take within the imperialist 
courts. We must expose hypocrisy and double 
standards when it comes to so-called rights. MIM 
believes that under the dictatorship of the 
bourgeoisie free speech does not exist. Instead, 
speech is won through power struggles. Similarly, 
the letter above states that Amerikkka's prisons 
should be allowed to exercise their "legitimate 
penological objectives" as long as they don't 
overstep their legal bounds. MIM says the system 
itself is criminal. Imperialist war-mongers and 
oppressors must be stopped in exercising their 
"penological objectives" against the oppressed.

While we have these ideological disagreements with 
ACLU, we understand the importance of these legal 
battles to expand MIM's ability to reach our many 
supporters in the prisons. We do not have the 
resources necessary to fight all the legal battles 
we would like to take on and we encourage other 
prisoners currently engaged in these fights against 
censorship in Washington to contact the ACLU to 
offer support and evidence of censorship of MIM's 

* * *


by MCB52

In the basically all-Black Chicago suburb of Ford 
Heights, the police have finally been indicted for 
their complicity of the drug trade on the streets. 
According to the indictment, six present and former 
officers took bribes to look the other way as 20 
dealers sold heroin and crack. They also tipped off 
the dealers about the actions of other law 
enforcement agencies and blocked the drug deals of 
rival gangs. All this for more than a decade.

The residents of Ford Heights are glad that the 
pigs are being reprimanded. They are unmoved by the 
fact that the pigs are poorly paid in this 
impoverished town. One man in the community said "I 
don't care if they were only making $5 an hour, 
that doesn't give you the right to break the law."
This is half correct. The law itself is not what 
people should use to judge the correctness of an 
action, since the laws are made be the people in 
power to control, not to serve, the people. But 
what the officers did was a crime against the 

Another resident told the New York Times: "It's so 
hard to raise kids here. We need the police to be 
helping us, not helping the drug dealers." In the 
abstract, she is correct. Under socialism, the 
police should serve the needs of the people, but as 
long as the police are the arm of the imperialist 
state, rather than the oppressed nations, her wish 
will not be fulfilled. The people need to control 
the police if they want them on the right side.

Note: New York Times, 13 October, 1996, p. 14.

* * *


According to the US Constitution, citizens get due 
process and are not punished merely for whom they 
associate with. In the reality - like at Walpole 
prison -- Latino prisoners are being systematically 
denied these "rights" as they are categorized as 
being in "security threat groups" (gangs) with 
scant evidence of membership and no evidence of 

September 1996 marked some legal progress and 
setbacks in challenging the oppressive status quo. 
Anti-imperialists should support these legal 
struggles while also building public opinion and a 
mass movement for a thorough-going critique of the 
prison system.

The Department of Corruption's crusade against 
gangs is all about increasing repression. 
Selectively targeting Latinos for special lockdown 
units -- between 90-95% of those in the units are 
Latinos -- it is a particularly clear case of 
prisons as an instrument of national oppression.

The gangs targeted are the Latin Kings, la Familia, 
and la Nieta. La Nieta is considered by many not to 
be a gang in the traditional sense at all, but more 
of a prisoner rights group. Regardless, all three 
groups have potential as base areas of support for 
Latino liberation.

There are no hearings to determine who is a gang 
member. There is simply a questionnaire-type form 
that is filled out by the pigs. It has a point 
system, with each "criterion" having a set amount 
of points. If a prisoner gets ten or more points, 
he is considered a gang member. A "known group 
tattoo," for example, is 8 points. Obviously the 
pigs don't have a good grasp of the subtleties of 
tattoos, and one on any Latino can be perceived as 
a "known marking." Never mind if the prisoner got 
it ten years ago, it's supposed evidence of current 
association. That plus something small like 
possession of some gang documents, a "secret 
handshake" or association with pig-identified 
members, and the prisoner is doomed to never go 
below minimum security for the duration of his 

Those labeled gang members receive extreme sensory 
deprivation which has been shown to cause mental 
problems and is internationally recognized as a 
method of torture. They are only out of their cells 
for one hour for four out of every five day cycle, 
and if they work out they cannot shower the same 

Two items of litigation by the Massachusetts 
Correctional Legal Services (MCLS) are challenging 
these injustices at Walpole. Last year, the case of 
Haverty V. Dubois challenged the original lockdown 
at Walpole, and won, stopping the official 
lockdown. But the lockdown has subsequently entered 
a new phase, transforming Walpole from a 
temporarily locked-down prison-in-crisis to a 
permanent lockdown facility.

MCLS has extended that case, a class action on 
behalf of all prisoners serving time now or 
potentially at Walpole. Further, it won a case 
recently against the "gang blocks" (lockdown 
units). The judge granted the Department of 
Corruption a stay, so the torture continues as the 
state prepares its appeal.

As progressive lawyers are fighting within the 
system, we should be doing all we can from the 
outside to agitate people on behalf of prisoners, 
especially those in gang blocks and segregation 
units. We need to shift the public discourse from 
the current bickering (between Kerry and Weld, for 
example) on how best to torture prisoners, to one 
where the whole notion of punishment for crimes as 
politically defined is challenged. If you'd like a 
petition against control units to circulate, RAIL 
has already written them up. Drop us a line and 
we'll gladly send you a copy. Better yet, work with 
RAIL on the prison campaign. There is a lot of work 
to be done, from writing, editing and distributing 
this newspaper to organizing public revolutionary 

* * *


NORTHRIDGE, CA., 25 September -- The arrival of 
fascist politician David Duke to California State 
University at Northridge prompted protest from 
leftists and revisionists. The cops as usual came 
to protect the fascist from the 'wrath of the 

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) deployed 
over 150 of its Metro Division officers, including 
20 horse-mounted officers and members of the strike 
force. The helmet-clad pigs used rubber bullets, 
tear gas and batons on the anti-fascists and 

Several protesters were injured, including a man 
who was hospitalized for head wounds caused by a 
baton blow.(1)
Brutality and defense of fascism are the norm for 
the LAPD. Ask the police chief, Willie Williams. 
Says Williams, "Yesterday, at Cal State Northridge, 
you saw the LAPD at its best....I am extremely 
pleased with our response."(2)

1. UCLA Daily Bruin, 27 September 1996, p. 1.
2. Los Angeles Times, 27 September 1996, p. A3.

* * *


Some libertarians are beginning to notice what MIM 
has been saying all along--that the united states 
is not a bastion of liberty but the leading prison 
state in the world. Recently the publications 
director of the National Organization for the 
Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) noted this as well 
in an article about his pet cause.

"America's jail and prison levels have skyrocketed 
due to zero-tolerance and mandatory minimum 
sentencing. The United States now incarcerates a 
larger percentage of its population than any other 
country . . .

"The Supreme Court ruled that the property of an 
individual who has been deemed innocent of illegal 
activity can still be forfeited to the state."(1)

We applaud NORML for working successfully to 
release 1000 prisoners from federal prison with an 
argument about more consistent sentencing. However, 
the fact that the united states leads the world in 
imprisonment based on an average of the last ten 
years should be more alarming to Paul Armentano 
than the middle-class's inability to smoke pot 

Given that being the world's leading police state 
did not impress Paul Armentano to the proper 
degree, we are not surprised that he also said, 
"Essentially, we have done a full reverse from a 
society founded on the concepts of individual 
liberties and limited government to a country that 
treats its population as a nation of suspects."(1) 
Actually, it was never true that the united states 
was a land of liberty. Perhaps in the past there 
was once a time when white settlers individually 
had the liberty to kill Indians and enslave slaves, 
but we cannot say there was ever a time of liberty 
in the united states. It was always just a myth of 
middle-classes, first those who settled land and 
ran their own farms and now that of the petty-
bourgeoisie and labor aristocracy generally. These 
classes like to believe they are above the class 
struggle between the bourgeoisie and the 
proletariat and that everything is a matter of 

Armentano, like many other libertarians, needs to 
kick the dogma: the united states was never a free 
country. The land of individualism always meant the 
land of gun-toting genocide.

We are with all of NORML's very rational arguments-
-that other legal drugs do more damage and we have 
way too many people in prison for drug use. To find 
a comparable imprisonment rate we would have to 
look at other countries during war time.(2) Such a 
rational train of thought should lead one to 
communist politics in the same way that pro-life 
Christians who really care about infant deaths 
should check out the record on which system starves 
them to death by the 14 million each year.

When the imprisonment rate is this high, the 
society needs to be reorganized. In a communist 
society, people would not seek drugs to escape the 
powerlessness of their lives, because class, 
national and gender oppression would be eliminated. 
We believe that pot is indeed a drug used for 
decadent reasons and that we need our comrades to 
consciously avoid escaping reality by any means 
necessary. We also can't create legal reasons for 
the state to arrest our comrades and this means our 
comrades must avoid illegal drugs. If that means 
that they have to use legal escapism -- video 
games, movies and even alcohol-- then so be it, 
because we want our comrades on the streets, not in 

NORML is a typical middle-class organization with 
great influence in Amerika. It holds the illusion 
of individual liberty in Amerika, but it is still 
our friend as part of the united front against 
fascism. We invite the followers of NORML to 
scrutinize the rest of society as thoroughly as 
they do the issue of pot.

1. What's the Point: The Magazine for Your 
Generation, (603) 465-3423, September 1996, p. 7.
2. Write to MIM for a RAIL pamphlet on imprisonment 
statistics. For more on Amerikan prisons, order MIM 
Theory 11: Amerikkkan Prisons on Trial ($6).

* * *


The number of men and wimmin in Amerika's gulags 
approached 1.6 million last year. One out of every 
167 Amerikans were locked up in prisons or jails. 
The total incarcerated within the Injustice system 
increased by 113% since 1985.(1) As Amerika resorts 
to imprisoning more people to control its internal 
colonies and to hide its poor, MIM organizes to 
stop the repression both inside and outside the 
walls. And we need your help.

As many prisoners know first hand, our ability to 
send revolutionary literature to prisoners is 
limited by available funds, not by interest from 
the prisoners. Based almost entirely on word-of-
mouth within Amerika's dungeons, the number of 
prisoners requesting free subscriptions to MIM 
Notes, Maoist Sojourner and Notas Rojas has been 
growing by leaps and bounds each month.

The masses across North America stepped forward to 
help the proletariat advance towards producing 
English-language Maoist publications weekly. In 
April, MIM Notes began to come out twice a month. 
RAIL has stepped up production of RAIL Notes to 
once every other month and is looking forward to 
making this new publication a monthly. The organs 
are necessary to expose the atrocities committed 
under imperialism and to organize to put a stop to 

A shortage of funds keeps us from sending out the 
publications in a timely manner to the prisoners. 
RAIL Notes is not yet consistently sent to the 
prisoners at all. To be able to send MIM Notes, 
Maoist Sojourner and Notas Rojas to our current -- 
let alone growing -- mailing list, our goal is to 
solicit sustaining contributions totally $150 a 
month. Smaller amounts and one time contributions 
would also be helpful in meeting this important 

NOTE: Los Angeles Times, 19 August, 1996.

* * *



Dear Comrade,

My situation at this time is one of repression. I 
nonetheless, have survived worse, I certainly will 
survive this. I have been framed and put on lock-up 
for a small amount of time. I believe [they have 
done this] to let me know that they 
(Administrators) can do whatever they want and get 
away with it. However, my path is unchanged! I will 
try to give you a brief history of the events that 
led to my present situation (lockup).

I first wrote a Letter/ARP listing the complaints I 
had/have with this administration (E.C.I.) and sent 
it to several places, anticipating no response from 
the warden. But the Maryland Commission on 
Correctional Standards, one of the organizations I 
sent the letter of complaints to, forwarded it to 
the warden, making him respond and angry.

I had a brief discussion with one of (the warden's) 
lackeys. Then another [conversation] accompanied by 
another lackey. It was then that the second lackey 
decided to put me on Ad. Seg. [Administrative 
Segregation] pending an investigation. The reason 
for this was because he decided that I have 
something to do with the disturbance that took 
place, in the unit I resided, on July 13, 1996. The 
letter/ARP was written and sent in on June 26, 1996 
and some of the language, according to lackey #2, 
was troubling to him, therefore, my being placed on 
lockup justified.

They have 96 hours to take you up for 
Classification Team Hearing when on Ad. Seg. It was 
during this hearing that it was decided they were 
going to show me something (their power over me) 
because I wouldn't back down from them. They 
fabricated a ticket, which stated "If I stay here, 
I'm going to start a riot." and "I helped start the 
disturbance a few weeks ago in unit #3."

I only received 30 days on lock-up mostly because 
all the other tickets I had within the last few 
years, I beat, therefore giving me a good 
adjustment record. During my discussions with these 
people (all of them white) I never lost my temper 
even slightly. As a matter of fact, I sort of 
laughed at them, because I knew they were angry not 
so much about the complaints themselves, but 
because I had sent them out to various places of 
which they still don't know them all. Because of 
this they felt the need to retaliate against me, 
violating my first amendment right, to access 
without retaliation, therefore the fabrication and 
unjust imprisonment.

It was during my Adjustment Hearing that this tom, 
bootlicking, white ass kissing ... told me that I 
should learn to keep my composure because he was 
going to find me guilty of those rule violations 
cited on the ticket. It was then that I started to 
lose my composure, but only a little. It was how he 
said it, the way he said it that irritated me. It 
also told me that this guy has assimilated so well 
in the mainstream (white culture) that he doesn't 
live in reality. This reality is that white people 
(white men in particular) have always conspired 
against other people, especially those of color. 
but he (the hearing officer) wouldn't believe 

It is funny in a sad way, that people like him 
believe that because they have assimilated so well 
that [they believe] all Black people should 
assimilate. I proudly say that I am not that kind 
of man.... It is fine, however, that I have to 
experience this ordeal, because I know that nothing 
or something doesn't come without sacrifice and 
struggle. This serves to make me stronger... I 
realize that life is a culmination of experiences 
upon which one is supposed to learn from, extract 
the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that can be 
gained from the them and apply it to oneself. I am 
always trying to gain that knowledge, wisdom and 
understanding, ... so my experiences serve me well.

--A Maryland Prisoner, 12 August, 1996


...I have finally received your newsletter.... I 
greatly appreciate this because it helps me to 
broaden by input on certain subjects happening here 
at the Pontiac Correctional Center. Well I am sorry 
to report that we have lost a few battles here at 
Pontiac. As of Jan. 1, 1997, inmates at all IDOC 
[Illinois Department of Corrections] Facilities, 
will not be supplied with 3 state envelopes. This 
means that the indigent individuals will not be 
able to write home or to their attorneys, unless 
he/she has money in the trust fund account. [Which 
they won't since indigent means without funds. --

I felt that they were really going to make more 
money on the phone calls, but then they hit us with 
a new bomb to try to disable us. About 2 weeks ago, 
they took the phones away, stating that we cannot 
use the phone if we are in C-grade. (The majority 
of the Brothers in Pontiac are in C-grade ) I found 
out that the reason they are doing this is because 
they are scared to death that we will contact the 
media about the going-ons that are happening at 
Pontiac. Here are three prime examples:

(1) No state pay allowance given to inmates is 
segregation even though state legislators approved 
an allowance for "All" prisoners in the Illinois 
Department of Corrections.

(2) Poor medical treatment given to prisoners in 
the IDOC. (I have had an injured hip for 5 months 
now and have still not been given medical treatment 
. All they have given me is their medical cure for 
everything, which is 400 mg of ibuprofen. They give 
you this even if you are dying of a heart attack.)

(3) Staff here are provoking prisoners to assault 
them [by] calling them Bitches, punks, spicks, 
wetbacks and other racial slurs, knowing that it 
will make a person react negatively toward them. 
Then they give you disciplinary reports and throw 
you in the segregation unit, sometimes even 
assaulting you after they handcuff you and throw 
years at you to serve in segregation!

Well as I said before, Thank you.. I appreciate 
receiving your paper. Keep it coming as it is an 
inspiration and helps me keep fighting.

Respectfully submitted,
 -- An Illinois Prisoner, 16 September, 1996


Dear MIM,
Every time you send me Notes, I couldn't have them 
because the media review committee here at this 
facility fells that they are too violent. So what 
I'm saying is until I leave this facility, stop 
sending me Notes that promote violence 'cause they 
are not going to let me have them. Thank you.

The name of the person who wouldn't let me have 
them is Larry Woodward, Chairperson. MIM Notes # 
119 and #120 were the Notes I couldn't have.

--A New York Prisoner, 22 September, 1996

Letters of protest can be addressed to: Larry 
Woodward, Chairperson of Median Review Committee, 
Box 500. Elmira, NY 14902-0500.


***In the past month MIM has received several 
letters from prisoners being held at Pelican Bay 
State Prison in Crescent City California. The all 
have reported extensive and virtually complete 
censorship of MIM Notes.

 -- RCG1, 9 October, 1996.***

I am writing to inform you that your last 4 issues 
of MIM Notes have been deemed a "threat to the 
security of the institution". Therefore prison 
authorities have refused to deliver them to me.

I wrote you not long ago requesting an affidavit or 
letter which I could use on my litigation which I 
started last year when your publication was first 
denied to me. Anyway, I guess it would be best to 
take me off your mailing list, to save costs, until 
I can resolve this legally. I could still use a 
letter or affidavit though or any information in 
this area. Gracias.

In Struggle,
 -- A California Prisoner, 22 September, 1996.

Dear MIM,
...You asked me to send you the names of other 
publications that have been denied because of 
censorship. There are several I can think of right 
off hand, well at least a couple. First, Black 
Autonomy... and Second, Raze The Walls...

-- A second California Prisoner, 26 August, 1996

Letters of protest can be addressed to: Pelican Bay 
State Prison,, 5905 Lake Earl Dr.,, Crescent City, 
CA 95531.

To Whom it May Concern
I am in regards today of your recent 
correspondence, I received in light of your 
publication. The prison here at Gander Hill, 
Wilmington, Delaware has sent back the literature I 
was supposed to receive. Point is this place ain't 

Presently I have 3 pending lawsuits against this 
institution for various reasons, that publicly need 
to be addressed once and for all. This recent 
thing, as far as censorship is concerned, only adds 
fuel to the fire, on my behalf. This whole 
institution, for the Sentencing Commission on down 
to the ordinary Correctional officer who oversee 
funding and operations as far as keeping the place 
functional, is totally illegal.

Point is, this Department of Corrections here still 
gets away with entirely too much shit. The old 
saying goes, "Inmates run the jail!" Well come to 
this shit-hole and the inmates do not.... I have 
been housed on the Maximum Security Unit for almost 
7 months now, because I am the one who stands up 
for my rights and other prisoners as well.

The Classification Board will not classify me to 
another facility because I have been labeled, "a 
threat to the rehabilitating society", and a very 
"high security risk" because I've been labeled an 
anti-social political prisoner. Heck even Governor 
Thomas Carper of the State of Delaware is seeing to 
it personally that, "I am fine where I'm at."
I take it that "too much knowledge of one's self" 
is against the Correctional Process an inmate has 
to endow upon before his or her release into 
today's society. People are crazier than me on the 
streets. What gives? These politicking ass 
lawmakers come up with some very structural laws, 
but when it comes to enforcing them, they go 
against the grain so to speak....

I personally thank you in addressing the problem 
that has occurred. I will see to it that a 
political force will win a non-frivolous lawsuit, 
in the State of Delaware.

Your Brother in Struggle,
 -- A Delaware Prisoner, 30 August, 1996

RCG1 responds:
This letter clearly demonstrates the oppressive and 
controlling forces in prisons. Censoring political 
literature and putting leaders in segregation are 
pig tactics use to weaken and divide the masses. 
Remember the prison system is imperialism's way of 
controlling people. Delaying release dates due to 
political beliefs is part of this control. When 
laws are enforced in Amerikkka , they are used to 
keep the internal colonies oppressed. It may seem 
"against the grain", but it is intentional because 
oppressed nationals and politically active people 
are seen as a threat to Amerikkka's current system 
of imperialism.

10 October, 1996.


Governor John Engler
Office Of The Governor
State Capitol Building
Lansing, MI 48913

Dear Governor Engler:
I forward this letter to you out of concern for the 
state of affairs that is taking place within the 
Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) and that 
which I will undoubtedly face upon my release from 
prison. First I'd like to address the problem of 
"accountability" within the MDOC. This is a very 
big issue and it is something prisoners are always 
upheld to. However, corrections officials are 
routinely doing various acts that assumes no 
accountability and when a prisoner happens to file 
a grievance (which is a joke within itself) nothing 
is ever done and almost always the grievant is told 
higher grievance is frivolous. No matter how much 
factual material presented. Here is an example of 
lack of MDOC accountability:

In July 1995, Six Corrections Officers (C.O.) 
tackle a prisoner by the name of Frank McBride, at 
the Michigan Parole Camp, in Jackson, because he 
was suspected of swallowing drugs. During the 
struggle he was handcuffed and ended up dying. 
Prisoners who attempted to report the events; 
prisoners who attempted to gather information for 
Mr. McBride's family were transferred from Parole 
Camp (a level 1 facility) and transferred to other 
leveled facilities, some being transferred to 
higher secured facilities. No administrative 
hearings, no formal reasons given. No one has been 
charged for this death and it has been "covered-

Another example is what took place at the Scotts 
Correctional Facility in July 1995, when a female 
prisoner by the name of ..., was found hogged-tied 
and beaten into a coma in her room. A room where 
she does not have her own key to get in but must be 
let in by an officer. There is no one being held 
accountable in this action, though it is being 
investigated by the U.S. Justice Department.

Another case in point; when one Officer R. McGill 
punched a prisoner in the face and attacked him at 
the Egeler Correctional Facility in August 1995. 
The officer was laid off and the prisoner 
transferred, only for the officer to resume working 
at the same prison. Yet a prisoner who is simply 
"horseplaying" will receive a Majored misconduct, 
thrown in detention, found guilty, given more lock-
up time, loss of good time, added security points, 
security (possibly) raised and (possibly) flopped 
by the Parole Board. And finally, the latest 
irresponsible acts of C. O's at the E.C. Brooks 
Correctional Facility: one officer busted bringing 
drugs into the prison and fired, the other fighting 
the case...

My point is this...prisoners are held to standards 
that are above and beyond the average human being 
and prisoners are expected to never question 
authority, even if that authority is in violation. 
Which brings me to this next issue.

Earlier this year the full House and Senate 
approved housing authorization bills (H.R. 2406 and 
S. 1260), which rewrite large portions of the 
public housing and Section 8 programs. Though this 
legislation is in conference committee now, but 
when enacted will dismantle the Brooke Amendment. 
Under the amendment a family living in subsidized 
housing and had to pay 30 percent of their yearly 
income for rent will pay more.

Removing the 30-percent cap provided by the Brooke 
Amendment will cause monthly rents to skyrocket for 
most people, especially prisoners returning to 
society with little or no real income. What 
provisions have been made for the ex-prisoner upon 
his/her release for obtaining adequate shelter, 
employment and job-skills? Since welfare is no 
longer available for able-bodied" persons, that 
leaves the ex-prisoner in a very vulnerable 
situation. The attack on welfare by President 
[K]linton and with "your" approving endorsement, 
not only are non-offenders hurting as a result of 
this, but those coming out of prison will be really 
hurting and in need. No one has mentioned this and 
no one seems to care. And this is what I mean (in 
principle) about "accountability". Naturally the 
poor are the ones being targeted and the most 
vulnerable but so to are ex-prisoners. 
Where do we go for help? Where do we go for the 
opportunity to make change: effective and 
responsible change and become a productive citizen 
and taxpayer? Where do we get jobs?
As an Afrikan Amerikan, this hits me even harder 
because I come from an urban area. The recent 
signing by [K]linton of the Dole welfare bill will 
have an especially devastating effect in Michigan. 
"Your State". The most hard hit by this will be 
African American cities and Detroit is definitely 
one of the cities that will be hit. For example; 
the Michigan unemployment rate in July 1996 was 5.4 
percent. But in Detroit (to my understanding) the 
'official' rate was 11.1 percent, Flint 13 percent, 
and Benton Harbor 26 percent. So where will the 
jobs be for those coming out of prison? And without 
jobs how are the prisoner suppose to pay the costs 
for being on parole supervision? These questions 
are basic and fundamental and have not been 
addressed by "any" politician. Not even "your" 
office. Again, we are talking about 
"accountability", and we can even add 

Since my incarceration I have made many inner 
changes and have dedicated myself towards the re-
educating myself and my community. But somewhere in 
this process...the leadership...the political 
leadership will and must take a strong position. 
Somewhere within this process the problem has to be 

In conclusion, the MDOC has not worked. It has not 
worked to improve the thinking of its incarcerated. 
It has not worked to ensure prisoners returning 
back into society will be forthright citizens and 
not burdens on the system. The MDOC has not 
provided anything remotely related to "Correcting" 
deviate behaviors and have effectively made sure 
that education is all but destroyed within the 
prison system. Until and unless these fundamental 
changes are addressed, "your" administration will 
not escape histories frown.

I thank you very much for your time.

-- A Michigan Prisoner, 10 September, 1996

RCG1 Adds,
This article shows the repressive and controlling 
nature of Amerikkka's prison system. Prisoners are 
held to a different standard than pigs. Prison 
officials are encouraged and rewarded when they are 
brutal, while prisoners are punished for trivial 
things. Just remember that is "lack of 
accountability" is an intentional part of the 
Amerikkkan system. All the above examples show how 
the prison system is used to control the lives and 
livelihoods of people, especially oppressed 

How can one "become a productive responsible 
taxpayer?", We suggest that this is not a desirable 
goal. The best way to become productive and 
responsible is to educate and organize against 
imperialism. Help build Maoist revolutionary 
communists organizations. Don't support the system 
that is torturing and murdering human beings, work 
to overthrow it.

11 October, 1996


Revolutionary Greetings:
Clenched-fist!/All power to the People!
I am a New Afrikan politically conscious prisoner 
being held kaptive in one of united states' most 
racist and repressive kkkoncentration kamp known as 
united state penitentiary in Florence, Colo.

There is widespread racism and discrimination that 
exists within the hierarchy of this administration 
and the chain of command of pigs. During the past 
10 months, New Afrikan prisoners are criminally and 
sadistically assaulted (physically attacked) for no 
justifiable reason whatsoever. This cycle of 
brutality continues today.

The pigs involved in these incident covered up 
their unlawful conduct by making it appear as 
though the New Afrikans had assaulted them first. 
(a tactic) commonly used when pigs want to cover up 
their use of excessive force against a New Afrikan 

One of the primary reasons why these criminal and 
sadistic assaults are taking place here at this 
kkkoncentration kamp is that this racist warden 
here flatly refuses to take proper action against 
his subordinates whenever they abuse New Afrikan 
prisoners. This lets the pigs know that whatever 
they feel like doing to the New Afrikan here at 
this kkkoncentration kamp will be covered up and 
justified. Many more New Afrikans will be attacked 
for no reason whatsoever. These pigs here have set 
out to systematically harass publicly chastise, and 
try to intimidate New Afrikan prisoners by using 
intimidation tactics.

I am seeking the support of all who read this 
article and requesting that you write or fax 
letters of protest to the below listed people and 
demand that they vigorously investigate the 
criminal and sadistically assaults. And demand a 
end to this blatant brutality. Please write or fax 
letters to the following:

Warden Joel H. Knowles, USP/High, 5880 State Hwy 67 
So., Florence, Co. 81226, Fax No. (719) 784-5150
Director of Prisons Kathleen Hawk, 320 1st Street 
N.W. Rm. 645, Washington, D.C. 20534, Fax No. (202) 
Office of Internal Affairs, 320 1st Street N.W. Rm. 
670, Washington, D.C. 20534, Phone No. (202) 307-

If we are going to be successful in overcoming a 
lot of the obstacles which we are constantly 
confronted with, we are going to have to start 
forming united fronts and establish bases of 
support through which we can collectively support 
each other and combat enemy aggression.

Those who is reading this article, I'm asking for 
your help and support to end this brutality that's 
being inflicted upon New Afrikan prisoners here in 
this desolated area. For more information, please 
contact me personally. [Write to MIM, we'll 
forward.] All power to the People who don't fear 

Freedom Now,
--A Colorado Prisoner, 13 September, 1996


*1. Struggle with, work with, finance and join MIM. 
The best way to support prisoners is to overthrow 
the system under which capitalists profit from the 
exploitation of prisoners. History shows that the 
best way to do this is to build a Marxist-Leninist-
Maoist party. The oppressors will not give up their 
power without a fight.
*2. Finance MIM's prison work. Our biggest bill 
each month is postage. Most of the prison comrades 
who read MIM Notes have no way of paying for it. So 
if you have money, send what you can afford. Every 
cent helps, and stamps are as good as cash to us.
*3. Distribute MIM Notes and Notas Rojas. Bring the 
voices of prisoners and their supporters to as 
large and wide an audience of people as possible. 
Contact MIM for bulk rates and distribution tips.
*4. Start or join a prison support group. MIM can 
provide advice and resources to help you build 
public opinion for prisoners and their struggles.
*5. Fight censorship, beatings, torture and other 
fascist outrages. Under Lock and Key often features 
the addresses of prisoners' friends and enemies. 
Work with the friends and let the enemies know 
you're watching. (Don't expect to win the fascists 
to the side of humanity, however. See #1 in this 
*6. Stay in touch. Keep us informed of pro-prisoner 
work you do. Our readers might find it educational 
or inspirational.

*1. Start a study group. This is the best way to 
share materials and ideas. In groups, prisoners can 
better benefit from the limited resources MIM has.
*2. Get MIM Notes and MIM Theory into your library. 
This allows one copy of the paper to be seen by 
many comrades.
*3. Contact people on the outside. MIM needs 
comrades and allies everywhere. Maybe you know 
people on the outside who want to subscribe to MIM 
Notes or distribute it.
*4. Share materials. If MIM sends books or 
periodicals, please make sure that as many people 
as possible get a chance to read them.
*5. Write MIM at least every three months. 
Otherwise, you will be dropped from our mailing 
list. There are many cases where your keepers throw 
out MIM Notes, so we need to know that you actually 
get it.  Also, comrades are moved around a lot, 
especially those who are known to be political. 
Please let us know of any address changes as soon 
as you know them.
*6. Make MIM Distributors an official distributor. 
Many prisons require registration before MIM can 
send books or other materials. Usually we can 
comply with these bogus rules. It helps immensely 
to have someone there do the reasearch and send us 
the proper forms.
*7. Send money or stamps. Our biggest bill each 
month is postage. Most of the prison comrades who 
read MIM Notes have no way of paying for it. So if 
you have money, send what you can afford. Every 
cent helps, and stamps are as good as cash to us. 
Please make all checks payable to "MIM 
*8. Write for MIM Notes or Notas Rojas. Prisoners 
write almost all of Under Lock & Key.  We don't 
care if you know how to spell or write good English 
or Spanish. Write on any topic you like, it does 
not have to be a prison story.
*9. Translate. If you can read and write English 
and another language fluently, let us know.  Any 
translation work you do will help us make Maoist 
ideas accessible to more people.
*10. Fight censorship. When you know of censorship 
of books or newspapers, investigate.  Write to MIM 
to confirm what has happened, then see what you can 
do about it.
*11. Keep in touch after your release. Many 
comrades stop doing political work after their 
release.  Write to MIM as soon as you know where 
you'll be so we can hook you up with comrades on 
the outside.

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