This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
Maoist Internationalist Movement

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  MIM Notes 135             APRIL 1, 1997

MIM Notes speaks to and from the viewpoint of the 
world's oppressed majority, and against the 
imperialist-patriarchy. Pick it up and wield it in 
the service of the people. support it, struggle 
with it and write for it.



* * *


The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) is a 
revolutionary communist party that upholds Marxism-
Leninism-Maoism, comprising the collection of 
existing or emerging Maoist internationalist 
parties in the English-speaking imperialist 
countries and their English-speaking internal semi-
colonies, as well as the existing or emerging 
Spanish-speaking Maoist internationalist parties of 
Aztlan, Puerto Rico and other territories of the 
U.S. Empire. MIM Notes is the newspaper of MIM. 
Notas Rojas is the newspaper of the Spanish-
speaking parties or emerging parties of MIM.

MIM is an internationalist organization that works 
from the vantage point of the Third World 
proletariat; thus, its members are not Amerikans, 
but world citizens.

MIM struggles to end the oppression of all groups 
over other groups: classes, genders, nations.  MIM 
knows this is only possible by building public 
opinion to seize power through armed struggle.

Revolution is a reality for North America as the 
military becomes over-extended in the government's 
attempts to maintain world hegemony.

MIM differs from other communist parties on three 
main questions: (1) MIM holds that after the 
proletariat seizes power in socialist revolution, 
the potential exists for capitalist restoration 
under the leadership of a new bourgeoisie within 
the communist party itself. In the case of the 
USSR, the bourgeoisie seized power after the death 
of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao's 
death and the overthrow of the "Gang of Four" in 
1976. (2) MIM upholds the Chinese Cultural 
Revolution as the farthest advance of communism in 
human history. (3) MIM believes the North American 
white-working-class is primarily a non-
revolutionary worker-elite at this time; thus, it 
is not the principal vehicle to advance Maoism in 
this country.

MIM accepts people as members who agree on these 
basic principles and accept democratic centralism, 
the system of majority rule, on other questions of 
party line.

"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is 
universally applicable. We should regard it not as 
dogma, but as a guide to action. Studying it is not 
merely a matter of learning terms and phrases, but 
of learning Marxism-Leninism as the science of 
-- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208

* * *


by MC45

Between 1987 and 1995, Amerikkka increased its 
spending on prisons by 30% while decreasing its 
spending on higher education by 18%, says a study 
by the Justice Policy Institute.(1) In 1994-95, the 
U.S. Federal government spent less than one-quarter 
the amount of its military budget on Aid for 
Families with Dependent Children (AFDC, or 
welfare),(2) student financial aid,(3) and the 
Environmental Protection Agency (2) combined.

All this happened in a period when Amerikkka has a 
supposedly liberal president, who supports 
equality, whose wife is supposed to be a big 
children's rights advocate, and who is not supposed 
to be a war monger. These figures show that Klinton 
like any other imperialist leader is about making 
war on the oppressed in the form of the military 
and prisons, and denying the oppressed their basic 
human rights (food, clothing and shelter through 
AFDC, and education through student aid).

MIM writes this article to point our comrades who 
have already been won over to anti-imperialism in 
the direction of some potential further research 
and agitation areas. We also take this opportunity 
to call again on our more pacifist friends who 
believe that change is possible within this system 
to look seriously at imperialist priorities and 
tell us:  isn't it time you started doing anti-
imperialist political work with MIM and RAIL?


The Justice Policy Institute report is apparently 
researched and authored by liberals. The report 
demonstrates that in 1995, state spending on 
prisons increased by $926 million -- an amount 
almost equal to the decrease in building colleges 
and universities. Justice Department statistics for 
the period from 1980 through 1994 show the adult 
prisoner population tripling from 320,000 to 

While the number of students attending colleges and 
universities rose slightly during that same period, 
from 12 million to 14.7 million, priorities are 
clearly on repression rather than education. Since 
1984, the state of California has built 21 new 
prisons and one new university.(1)

MIM calls the study writers liberals, for 
researching and presenting this study in a way that 
makes the inequalities among people clear, and in a 
manner that clearly advocates greater social 
equality through more education and less 
imprisonment for non-violent offenders. But they 
are Liberals because their recommendations for 
improving the situation in Amerikkka say nothing 
about revolution, which means resting on the status 
quo of capitalist so-called freedom rather than 
working for genuine liberation.

Vincent Schiraldi, director of the Justice Policy 
Institute and first author on the study said of his 
research "these findings prove that, in the funding 
battle between prisons and universities, prisons 
are consistently coming out on top." The text of 
the report, which Schiraldi authored with Tara-Jen 
Ambrosio, states that "prisons are not only costly 
and ineffective for most nonviolent offenders, they 
also siphon funding from vital programs such as 
higher education."(1)

The report goes on to suggest that all new prison 
construction be stopped, and that the nonviolent 
prisoner population should be reduced by 50 percent 
over the next five years.(1) But this is sheer 
ineffectual liberalism, which studies and 
identifies a systemic problem and then fails to 
make useful recommendation for dealing with the 
problem because it cannot stomach systemic change.

Faced with these facts to back up what they know to 
be poor living conditions and daily repression, the 
oppressed who are living on welfare or living in 
prison can clearly see that the problem here is not 
that there are too many people in prison or that 
the balance between governmental charity and 
imprisonment is skewed. The problem with prisons 
and education is that the wrong people are in 
prison and imperialism has a genuine and desperate 
interest in denying education for the oppressed.


While Amerika is busy denying education to people 
who can't pay tens of thousands of dollars per year 
for it, its military feeds on 17 times the combined 
military budgets of Iraq, Libya and north Korea -- 
the countries with which the Pentagon says it must 
be prepared to go to war.(4)

A Boston Globe special report noted that Amerika is 
probably increasing the odds of war by spreading 
U.S.-made arms all over the world.(5) The U.S. 
imperialists are still spending 90% as much money 
on the military as they did from 1950-1990, during 
the so-called Cold War.(6)

MIM knows that these facts alone are not enough to 
convince anyone of which political party to join. 
But we do hope they will get some people thinking 
about which side of the struggle they should really 
be on, and that some folks will even come over to 
the side of the international proletariat as they 
read this issue of MIM Notes. A government and a 
political-economic system which prioritizes war 
over food, shelter and education is not worth the 
people's support or patience, it is worthy of being 
overthrown by revolution.

1. Washington Post 24 February, 1997, p. A12.
2. Statistical Abstract of the United States.
3. The Chronicle of Higher Education.
4. "World Military Expenditures and Arms 
Transfers," US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 
5. "Armed for Profit," The Boston Globe, special 
12-page report. 11 Feb., 1996.
6. "U.S. Military Spending, 1945-1996," fact sheet 
by Martin Calhoun, Center for Defense Information, 
2 April, 1996.

* * *


Prison guards woke up 140 prisoners in the middle 
of the night March 8th, put them in leg irons and 
handcuffs, and took them to the airport for a 
charter flight to Dallas Texas:  to a prison system 
with conditions even worse than Massachusetts, far 
from family and friends.

Back in 1995, Governor Weld took the first 299 
prisoners hostage in his budget publicity stunt to 
get more money to build more prisons. Weld sent 
these prisoners away from their families down to 
the Texas control units where conditions are even 
worse than in Massachusetts prisons. One has 
already died of AIDS (he was refused his medicine 
in Texas) and others developed serious health 
problems that went untreated. Meanwhile their 
families are left in Massachusetts wondering how 
they are going to afford to make visiting hours in 
a Texas prison.

The DOC manufactured the overcrowding crisis and 
claims it is so severe they had to send another 140 
prisoners to Texas "indefinitely." There are empty 
beds in Massachusetts prisons but because the state 
of Massachusetts classifies its prisoners into 
higher security units than necessary, they end up 
with overcrowded high security prisons. Add this 
over-classification to the ever increasing number 
of people put behind bars in the so-called war on 
drugs and it's no surprise that Amerika is number 
one in the world in incarceration per capita.

The undersecretary of public safety, Robert 
Krekorian, admitted that these transfers are bad 
for prisoners and their families. 80 of the 
original transfers were returned to Massachusetts 
over the weekend and Krekorian tried to claim that 
this was because of the kindness of the criminal 
injustice system: "We're trying to rotate the 
inmates down there, if you will, precisely for the 
reasons that people have suggested that when you 
send an inmate to Texas, for all intents and 
purposes you sever their family ties."

Conditions in Massachusetts prisons are not good by 
any standards, and the criminal injustice system 
does not work. While we fight to change the system 
we are also fighting for smaller reforms. We demand 
that these prisoners be returned to the state where 
their families live. The RAIL Prisons Activism 
Group held a petitioning protest on March 15th, put 
up copies of a protest flyer all over Boston and 
Cambridge and encourages people interested in 
fighting against this and other criminal injustices 
to get involved by contacting [email protected] or 
writing to the address on this paper.

* * *



Dear MIM,

I recently read the Feb. 15th edition of your 
newspaper. I agreed with the vast majority of the 
statements, but I thought I should write a letter, 
simply asking you to clarify a few issues addressed 
in MIM Notes.

My first concern of this kind was with the issue 
about the "amerikan envirobowl." What was printed 
was useful, but incomplete. Statements such as 
'eating fast foods' or 'healthier food without the 
preservatives' seem intentionally vague and 
unwilling to address a key issue; meat consumption. 

Regardless of your opinion on this issue, meat 
consumption (indeed in wasteful, environmentally 
harmful packages) is extremely common at mass 
sporting events. Secondly, it is mere fact that the 
production of animals for food is a major 
contributor to imperialistic environmental 
destruction. That fact could have helped forward 
your argument, yet you chose to ignore it.

On the opposite page was the article about youth 
empowerment which I enjoyed but did have to take 
exception to points concerning the materialist 
interest of revolution in white amerikans. It is 
stated that "Within the white nation, the youth has 
the greatest material interest in overthrowing the 
system." Though the case for this is extremely 
valid, it is somewhat lacking. You have forgotten 
some statistics about the make up of our society. 
50% of the world is female - they have an 
incredible material interest, no matter what nation 
they are from - in overthrowing the system. 10-15% 
of amerikan society is homosexual - they have no 
need for capitalism to alienate them for their 
sexual desires. Also, environmental concerns 
certainly affect each and every one of us.

Admittedly, many wimmin profit from imperialism, or 
do not recognize the nature of patriarchy. Many 
gays and youth could fall into the trap of amerikan 
indoctrination (skool) and yearn for a place in the 
imperialist workforce...etc. Well, perhaps the 
youth do have the greatest material interest in 

These questions of material interest aside -- must 
there always be selfish reasons to adopt 
compassionate revolutionary ethics? It is only a 
question, I don't know either way. 

 -- A comrade in struggle

MIM RESPONDS:  First with regard to the question 
about meat consumption, this comrade is correct 
that the wastefulness of meat consumption at 
sporting events bolsters the point in the article 
about the Amerikan Envirobowl. The production of 
meat products for first world consumption is 
environmentally destructive and wasteful both in 
packaging and in the quantity of grain used to feed 
animals when people are starving. Specifically it 
takes 16 pounds of grain and soybeans to produce 
one pound of beef. This example shows that catering 
to First World tastes for beef soaks up resources 
otherwise more useful to keep humans from 

This comrade raises an important question about who 
has an interest in revolution. MIM believes that on 
a global scale the majority of the world's people 
have an interest in revolution because they are 
exploited and oppressed by imperialism. We agree 
that the patriarchy places wimmin in an oppressed 
group and that the patriarchy also perpetuates 
heterosexism and the oppression of anyone who does 
not fit the "norm." But we have to look at the 
situation of groups of people in the world as a 
whole. For instance, First World wimmin overall 
benefit from the patriarchy and so they don't have 
an anti-patriarchal interest in overthrowing this 
system of oppression.

Within this country the majority of the workers and 
the majority of wimmin are benefiting from 
patriarchy and imperialism and currently do not 
have an interest in revolution, in fact these 
groups have a material interest in perpetuating 
imperialism. Within the united snakes, the main 
group of people with an interest in revolution are 
from the oppressed nations. Within the white 
nation, we believe that the contradiction between 
the youth and the destruction and alienation of 
imperialism means that youth as a group have the 
greatest interest in overthrowing imperialism. This 
is admittedly not as compelling an interest as 
exploitation or national oppression, but because 
youth are not yet tied down to imperialism, they 
are more likely to take action against 
environmental destruction and other aspects of 
imperialism that affect their future while also 
having the freedom to act on their conscience and 
against their economic, gender and national 
material interests.

There does not always have to be a selfish reason 
to take up revolution and MIM calls on all people 
to commit class, nation and gender suicide and join 
the majority of the world's people in fighting 
imperialism. But we do see from history that those 
who have a material interest in revolution are the 
ones who take up the revolutionary struggle. Join 
MIM in the fight against imperialism and for 

NOTE: Robbins, john. Diet For a New America. 
Stillpoint Publishing 1987.


In our response to the letter writer who questioned 
the article in MIM Notes "State attacks Brooklyn 
political activists" (MN128) there were several 
points that MIM did not address. We'd like to take 
on those points here. The article we are discussing 
involved government repression of activists in 
Brooklyn for having guns and MIM's exposure of the 
government's hypocrisy for not even upholding its 
own constitutional second amendment which gives 
citizens the right to bear arms.

In a discussion of the history of the second 
amendment, the letter writer agreed with MIM that 
(at least one of) the founding father's purpose 
behind the second amendment was to allow the people 
to protect themselves against the state. 

While it appears that the letter writer has some 
disagreements with MIM's understanding of this 
history, the federalist papers clearly point out 
that the people must keep the militia well 
regulated (i.e. so that the militia does not get 
out of hand). That's the people defending 
themselves against the power of the state. The 
founding men were clear that the citizens should be 
able to overpower the government, including the 

MIM neglected to address the letter's discussion of 
historical advances in the U$ and in particular the 
role of the Black Panther Party. The letter writer 
said "the Black Panthers, Branch Davidians, and 
drug dealers had guns and these guns didn't protect 
them from a tyrannical government. 

It will not affect the relationship between the 
State and the citizenry whether U.S. citizens allow 
each other to own any type of weapon anyone wants, 
or if we set restrictions based upon the type of 
weapons available." But in fact, the very ability 
of the BPP to carry guns was one of the things that 
scared the Amerikan government into making 
concessions to the civil rights movement. While the 
letter writer claims: "The greatest events in U.S. 
history -- African- American civil rights, women's 
rights, labor union, and the anti- Vietnam war 
movements -- got their strength not from armed 
struggle [but] from mass mobilization," MIM would 
counter that it was the radical left organizing 
that gave centrist movements their ability to 
negotiate concessions out of the government.

The letter writer said "I will go this far with 
MIM: armed struggle cannot be ruled out (I'm not a 
pacifist), but I can't say that it is inevitable." 
But MIM will go further and say that armed struggle 
is inevitable because we must pick up the gun in 
order to put down the gun: the imperialists will 
never put down their guns without a fight and it is 
the imperialists who are far and away the biggest 

* * *


Municipal elections in March in Nigeria focused 
media attention on the so-called democratic process 
in this country run by the brutal military regime 
of General Sani Abacha. The elections appear to 
have been won by the two parties supporting Abacha. 
A number of protests against election fraud 
propagated accusations that Abacha supporters 
rigged the elections. Vote fraud protests were 
dispersed by the army and students calling for the 
release of the jailed winner of the 1993 
presidential elections, Moshood Abiola, stormed a 
polling station.(1)

Since Abacha had no qualms about seizing power 
after losing the elections in 1993, there is no 
reason to believe that he would allow free and fair 
elections to take place now. And in the context of 
the military dictatorship and the control 
multinational corporations exercise over the 
country, it is not possible that Nigeria could now 
have suddenly turned to democracy.

Much attention in the past has focused on the 
struggle of the Ogoni people in Nigeria because of 
their vocal opposition to Shell imperialism. This 
struggle continues to this day although it is much 
less publicized. Daily the Ogoni people protest in 
the streets. Protesters are killed, tortured and 
jailed by the Nigerian dictatorship in its effort 
to make Ogoniland safe for imperialism.

Dr. Owens Wiwa, brother of Ken Saro- Wiwa, leader 
of the Nigerian Ogoni people's struggle against 
Shell imperialism, recently spoke in Boston. The 
Nigerian government hung Ken Saro-Wiwa to punish 
him for his leadership in the popular mass 
movement.(2) Dr. Owens Wiwa was forced to flee 
Nigeria after his brother's execution.

Many Ogoni activists are now in exile or 
underground but they are continuing the struggle 
and bringing it to a wider audience, both within 
their country and around the world.
March 12th, the Nigerian government charged Wole 
Soyinka, an exiled playwright critical of the 
Abacha dictatorship, and eleven other critics with 
treason in connection with a series of bombings of 
army installations. The critics arrested within the 
country are members of the National Democratic 
Coalition or Nedeco. Soyinka was exiled in 1993 
after organizing the people to stop paying taxes 
when election results were nullified by the Abacha 
dictatorship.(3) The dissidents asked a court to 
dismiss treason charges against them. The lawyer 
for these activists said that his life had been 


A documentary, Delta Force, about the Ogoni 
struggle against oil corporations which destroy the 
land and take away the people's livelihood was 
shown before Owens Wiwa's talk. Delta Force exposes 
multinational corporate ravaging of the environment 
and stealing of natural resources. It shows the 
military repression by the Nigerian comprador 
dictatorship and its complicity with imperialism. 
The movie shows how 35 years of oil drilling 
yielded $30 billion (or more) in revenue for Shell 
and destroyed the land of the Ogoni people.
Shell installed pipes running through the middle of 
farms and villages. On average, four oil spills a 
week destroyed crops and polluted the air and water 
on the Delta -- mostly as a result of the 
corporation refusing to repair equipment. Pipes 
would break and spill and waste the land, and gas 
flares close to the houses were burning all the 
time releasing poisonous fumes.

Delta Force shows soldiers repressing the non-
violent mass protests taking place in Ogoniland. 
The Movement for Survival of the Ogoni People 
(MOSOP) was founded to harness the power of the 
mass protests against the corporations and the 
government. (Ken Saro-Wiwa was the president of 
this organization until he was murdered by the 

In 1993 Shell was forced to stop oil operations in 
Ogoniland in response to the mass protests. The 
government of Nigeria has since stepped up 
repression of the people in an attempt to force 
them into accepting the exploitation and oppression 
of Shell imperialism.

One government tactic is the attempt to play 
neighboring villages against one another. Ogoniland 
is a small area in the South East of Nigeria. There 
are many other indigenous peoples who have taken an 
example from the Ogoni struggle but the activism 
remains strongest in Ogoniland. The government has 
been carrying out attacks on Ogoni villages 
pretending to be coming from neighboring villages 
in the hopes of getting the Nigerian people to 
fight one another. Then the government blames these 
attacks on MOSOP to justify more violence. To fund 
this increased repression, the military asked for 
money from oil companies to pay for repression to 
make Shell operations possible.


Dr. Owens Wiwa began his talk by pointing out that 
what is happening in Ogoni is not very different 
from what is happening to many oppressed nations 
within u.s. borders. Imperialism is destroying the 
lives and the environment of the oppressed nations 
both here and around the world. He stressed that 
"transnational corporations are supplying arms to 
leaders to kill their own people, destroy the 
environment and so subject people to the worse kind 
of poverty." And he reminded us that Senator Mosley 
Brown (the supposedly progressive Black womyn 
senator) supported the dictator of Nigeria in her 
visit there:  Amerikan imperialism does its best to 
support transnational corporations and imperialism 
around the world.

Imperialists claim that multinationals bring 
progress to Third World countries by helping with 
development. Owens Wiwa dispelled this myth. The 
main so-called development Shell has supported in 
Ogoniland involved building roads between oil 
wells. These roads are useless to the people 
because they do not connect villages or other 
travel routes of the people.

It cost Shell $3 to produce a barrel of oil in 
Ogoni which was sold at $18-20. The profit was $6 
more than in other countries because the metal used 
is cheaper (more likely to break) and because they 
don't have to do any environmental cleanup. This is 
an example of the "benefits" of multinational 
corporations to Third World peoples: the profits 
leave the country and the people get nothing but 
poverty and environmental destruction. There is no 
electricity or water in Ogoni for the people, yet 
the oil refinery and fertilizer complex used 
electricity. 70% of the population was unemployed 
while Shell was there. Schools closed for nine 
months at a time because teachers were not getting 

The United Nations has shown its complicity in 
imperialism when, after Ken Saro-Wiwa was hanged, 
they recommended the government pay compensation to 
the families of those who were hung. Owens Wiwa 
correctly condemned this token protest as 
meaningless smoke that attempts to obscure murder 
at the hands of imperialism.


In 1970 the first protests against oil took place 
in Ogoni after an oil well exploded spewing a 
fountain of oil into the air. People were told not 
to light fires to avoid increasing the hazard. The 
land is not cleaned up to this day. The villagers 
took the oil company to court and had to sell their 
land to pay for lawyers and still have not won 

In 1990 the Ogoni bill of rights was produced out 
of a meeting of intellectual activists. They 
demanded political autonomy within Nigeria. There 
are many organizations within MOSOP demanding their 
rights peacefully including the National Union of 
Ogoni Students, the Federation of Women's 
Association and the Council of Ogoni Professionals.

3000 Ogoni people have been killed (out of a 
population of 500,000)and 30 villages destroyed in 
three years. Two months before the talk many people 
were out on the streets protesting and more were 
shot, raped and imprisoned.

The repression in Nigeria certainly is not limited 
to Ogoniland. In 1993, Moshood Abiola, who was 
widely believed to have won the presidential 
elections, was locked in jail and remains there to 
this day. According to his daughter Hafsat Abiola, 
who spoke recently in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 
Abiola has been held in solitary confinement, he 
can't speak to anyone, and he has been tortured so 
that he lost the use of his legs. His wife was 
killed when she went on a tour in the country 
speaking against his imprisonment.

Owens Wiwa asked that people don't let the 
sacrifices of the Ogoni people go in vain. He 
pointed out that the media here just talks about 
"ethnic clashes" rather than exposing the evils of 
the Nigerian dictatorship; and, it is important 
that people work to get information out to the 
public about what is really going on there. He 
called on people to boycott shell stations because 
it is involved in genocide. Although Shell left 
Ogoniland in 1993, they continue to operate in 
other parts of Nigeria and are pressing to return 
to Ogoniland. The government of Nigeria is killing, 
jailing and exiling Nigerian people. Owens Wiwa 
said that the taking of oil is "armed robbery" of 
Nigeria and that Americans should not buy stolen 

Ogoni people want their land cleaned up and they 
want respect. "If the oil companies do not want to 
deal with us like human beings then they can go 
away." And calling for the Ogonis' right to self-
determination, Owens Wiwa said that "The Ogoni 
people may not want any more oil exploration on 
their land."

MOSOP is not against the oil corporations creating 
wells; and, this is a contradiction in their 
overall anti-imperialist analysis of the situation 
in Nigeria. Owens Wiwa correctly pointed out that 
the problem is not just the Nigerian military, it 
is also the transnational corporations. But his 
solution was to "change the behavior of the 
transnational corporations" to make them support 
the process of democracy.

If imperialism and multinational capitalist 
corporations continue to exist the achievement of 
self-determination and true democracy for the 
people of Nigeria is not a possibility. As long as 
there is a possible profit to be made from 
imperialism, the corporations and their lackeys 
will not back down unless they are forced. The 
situation in Nigeria demonstrates why it is 
necessary to overthrow imperialism in Nigeria. As 
long as foreign oil corporations create wells, they 
will not change their behavior to support 
democracy. This is not profitable. The Ogoni 
people's struggle for self-determination will only 
be won when imperialism is overthrown.

1. A.P. 17 March, 1997. 
2. MIM Notes 108 covers the November 10, 1996 
3. The New York Times, 13 March, 1997. p.A7.

* * *


by Otis

"We the CPP-NPA of the Cordillera condemn the 
attack on our comrades by elements of the 45th IB 
in Balbalan, Kalinga on January 29, 1997. This 
incident happened during the two-month unilateral 
cease fire or suspension of military operations 
(SOMO) declared by Ramos from December 1, 1996 to 
January 31,1997."(1)

State forces raided a revolutionary encampment 
around 3:00 a.m., murdering two (Ka Rayos and Ka 
Ren) and wounding two others (Ka Marshal and Ka 
Victor) who died eventually. Once again we see 
imperialist forces flaunt their violence and 

"The recent martyrs in Kalinga died at the height 
of their most productive service to the National 
Democratic Revolution. They have all been with the 
NPA for years, conducting revolutionary organizing 
and education work among the masses." This is 
undoubtedly the motive behind the state murder. The 
past shows that countless times the bourgeoisie and 
its lackey comprador regimes have resorted to 
violence or deception to dismantle successful 

The Filipino people are fighting for autonomy over 
their land; in opposition to foreign capitalists 
who are fighting for monetary profit. "Imperialist 
mining firms such as Newmont and Newcrest have 
already staked out mining claims on half of the 
Cordillera's total land area because of the Mining 
Act of 1995." No one, not the united snakes, not a 
U.$.-funded fascist, no one, is justified in the 
exploitation and theft of another's land. The 
peasants in the Philippines wish only to live with 
the right to self-determination and control of 
their own destinies and land. Despite this fact, 
the fascists are willing to kill during a cease 
fire, simply to maintain their economic 
stranglehold over the people of the Philippines.

The National Democratic Front (NDF) sees the 
current imperialist rape of their land as 
justification for armed warfare against the U.$-
Ramos regime. MIM agrees with analysis and offers 
full solidarity to the revolutionary movement. MIM 
urges people in the First World to recognize that 
the amerikan government is a brutal imperialist 
power that maintains world-wide repression and 
exploitation and to oppose the growing trauma that 
majority of the world's people now endure.

In the words of CPP-NPA spokesperson Ka llian Liga: 
"January 29 was a day for the fascist troops. 
Tomorrow shall be the victory of the people's war."
Note: ndf website:

* * *


by RC68

Beginning on March 5th the united snakes-backed 
Israeli settler government ordered the closure of 
four Palestinian offices in East Jerusalem. Israel 
claims the offices are run by the Palestinian 
Authority and therefore violate the interim peace 
agreements.(1) Redeployment of Israeli troops from 
Gaza and the West Bank is another condition of the 
interim peace agreements. Apparently Israel 
interprets this to mean redeployment to Palestinian 
East Jerusalem.(2) March 17th Israel moved heavily 
armed troops in to protect the construction of the 
new Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem.

Imperialist puppet Yasser Arafat expressed worries 
that if Israel continues with such outrageous 
provocations, the collaborationists in his clique 
will not be able to stop Palestinian resistance. 
The Palestinian people have every right to be angry 
about the Israeli invasion of East Jerusalem. The 
proposed 6,500 new Israeli homes to be built in 
Jebel Abu Ghneim(3) will create a barrier between 
the Palestinian populations of Bethlehem and 
Jerusalem.(4) This is a blatant divide and conquer 
strategy on the part of the Israelis.

It is outrageous enough that Israel was built on 
stolen Palestinian land. Israel has controlled 
Jerusalem since the 1967 war and claims the right 
to build anywhere in the city that it wants. But 
only the United Snakes government recognizes 
Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem.

French and Amerikan disapproval of these newest 
terrorist acts of Israeli expansionist aggression 
only serves to cover up their real intentions in 
the region. The imperialists do not support 
Palestinian self-determination. If that were the 
case, they would stop arming Israel. However, the 
empires of France and the United Snakes know well 
that if Israel persists in such outrages, intifada 
will come back to Palestine. Israel is already 
heavily extended militarily with invasion forces 
still occupying parts of Syria and Lebanon. Amerika 
and France are involved in many other conflicts. 
Neither wants to bail out Israel in the event of a 
renewed Palestinian resistance. The peace 
agreements and the cooperation of the sellout 
government of the Palestinian Authority had 
perfectly secured the interests of the western 
imperialists. Now further Israeli expansionism and 
Palestinian resistance could ruin it for the 

Even many Amerikans now admit that Palestinian 
resistance to Israeli expansionist aggression is 
completely justified.
RAIL knows that not only would revolution be 
justified, but it is necessary. Israel's most 
recent actions, as well as most previous Israeli 
actions, prove that Israel's greatest desire is for 
expansion and empire, not peace and stability. 
Israel will never voluntarily recognize true 
Palestinian autonomy. The United Snakes will 
continue to ensure that no amount of international 
pressure will stop Israel. The collaborationist 
Palestinian Authority is powerless to do anything. 
A self-sufficient highly organized armed 
revolutionary struggle for Palestinian national 
liberation is the only way Palestinians will put an 
end to Israeli occupation and move forward on the 
road to independence.

1. Los Angeles Times. 6 March 1997.
2. CNN 17 March 1997.
3. Jebel Abu Ghneim is the region of Palestinian 
land that Israel is invading and renaming Har Homa.
4. New York Times 6 March 1997.

* * *


Over one million people heard radio commentaries by 
Mumia Abu-Jamal on February 24th. Produced by the 
Prison Radio Project, the show included recordings 
of Mumia reading his essays and was broadcast daily 
for two weeks by Pacifica Radio's "Democracy Now!" 
program. This program was broadcast around the 
country but was censored in Pennsylvania.

Just moments before "Democracy Now!" was scheduled 
to air, Temple University's WRTI-Jazz FM canceled 
its subscription to all Pacifica programming. This 
cancellation eliminated all Pacifica broadcasts in 
Pennsylvania since this station serves as a relay 
for programming to the state's other affiliate 

The decision to yank the program came from the 
Temple University administration after WRTI staff 
ran public service announcements all week urging 
people to tune to the Mumia readings. The 
University's Vice President of Public Relations 
admitted that the inclusion of Mumia's commentaries 
was pivotal in the decision to cancel WRTI's 
contract with Pacifica.

It appears that the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of 
Police (a.k.a Fraternal Order of Pigs, FOP) lobbied 
heavily for this cancellation and because Temple 
receives much state funding, the FOP was successful 
in its pressure campaign.

MIM knows that there is no such thing as free 
speech under Imperialism. Speech is available for 
purchase from the imperialists who own and control 
it. The myth of impartial reporting is exposed when 
shows like "Democracy Now!" are yanked off the air 
in response to FOP lobbying and state and 
university politics. Because of this, MIM says that 
there are no rights, only power struggles. If we 
want the voice of the people to get out to the 
people, it is our responsibility to set up 
independent media that can not be controlled by the 
political and financial interests of the 

We applaud Pacifica's efforts to bring Mumia's 
words to its audience. The experience in 
Philadelphia only reinforces the need for the 
people to set up media independent from the 
bourgeoisie. We call on our readers to support 
MIM's work to set up independent newspaper, radio, 
Internet and television media. If you are 
interested in getting involved in supporting 
independent people's media, either financially, 
with technical skills, or as a contributor of news, 
information, art, or anything else, get in touch!
Note: Press release from Equal Justice USA and 
Prison Radio Project.February 24, 1997. Quixote 
Center P.O. Box 5206, Hyattsville, MD 
[email protected]

* * *


MIM Notes 132 (15 Feb 1997) contained a story 
entitled "Students: Seize the Time! Defend ability 
to organize independent of administrations." It was 
a general story about trends in the student 
movement with concrete examples from UMass Amherst. 
The story overall was correct, but the organizing 
behind this story was problematic leading to some 
incorrect statements in the story.

The article described efforts of RAIL supporters to 
get a student government to fight the 
administration for more freedom for student 
political organizing. The article said "The CCSUC 
is not cured of its lackey nature yet." The article 
also speculated on CCSUC motives for its retreat 
made against student protest of postering 
censorship, and called the CCSUC "a good puppet" of 
the administration.

As the article explained, First World students are 
a contradictory population. On one hand they come 
from a parasitic class position and will likely 
join that existence as they get older. On the other 
hand, they are not yet fully tied into parasitism 
and they have much to gain in terms of eliminating 
the patriarchal romance culture and ending 
environmental degradation, etc. The article 
correctly pointed out that within the white nation, 
youth are the group with the most revolutionary 

The article also correctly pointed out the reasons 
why student leaders may waver as they are offered 
numerous bribes from the administration -- from 
paychecks to prestige.

The error in the recent organizing behind this 
article was in expecting leaders of a parasitic, 
but contradictory social group (students) -- who as 
individual leaders are in the process of being 
bought off by the administration -- to act like 
committed proletarian revolutionaries. Instead of 
getting frustrated that the first open letters and 
articles didn't turn them into Maoists and then 
attacking CCSUC as hopeless, the correct thing 
would have been to turn up the pressure via open 
letters and an unleashed mass movement. As MIM 
Notes and RAIL Notes have reported in the past, 
such pressure works.

In addition, the organizers made the mistake of not 
seeking out other contacts within the student 
government who would be more receptive to 
independent student organizing. Labeling CCSUC as a 
complete enemy, as the article subtly did, was 
incorrect and premature. It is perfectly fine to 
call out individual opportunists by name, but 
damning the whole student government without 
adequate testing by fire is ultra-left and amounts 
to setting back the struggle.

To rectify this error, the RAIL supporters took up 
the struggle of "isolating the enemy, winning over 
the middle forces". The article correctly said that 
the only time such wavering forces as CCSUC will 
"serve students [is] when there is a bottom up 
pressure to counter that of the administration." 
The RAIL supporters took this idea to the streets 
of the campus with a petition that read simply:

"The ability of students to independently organize 
and communicate with each other should be a 
priority for student governments. In particular, 
the loss of Campus Center/Student Union bulletin 
boards in 1995 and 1996 was a serious blow to 
student power. We urge the Campus Center/Student 
Union Commission to return bulletin board space to 
at least the 1995 levels."

Easily, RAIL supporters (and group of people 
supportive of RAIL's position on this issue) 
gathered just short of 250 signatures, many of whom 
noted student organizational affiliations on the 
petition. The idea behind the petition was to make 
it clear to the CCSUC that it was more than just a 
few individuals who valued independent 
communication. The wording of the petition was 
deliberately written around a political point 
without specific instructions as to bulletin board 
placement so as to let the student leaders figure 
out themselves how to solve the various 
diversionary issues such as fire hazards.

To the knowledge of this writer, a grand total of 
five people refused to sign this petition. Three 
were affiliated with CCSUC or SGA (another student 
government body) and either objected to the process 
of educating the student body and using that 
mobilized force to pressure our student leaders; or 
claimed they wanted to remain neutral until they 
could "study" the issue more. While a definite 
minority (3%) of those we spoke to, this is a 
troubling response, especially in light of the fact 
that the petition is asking students to endorse a 
theoretical point about the importance of 
independence of the administration, and is asking 
our student leaders to provide leadership on 
applying this principle. When student leaders balk 
at organizing students, that's a problem.

RAIL comrades want not only remove impediments to 
RAIL's political work, but also spark a anti-
administration-control movement amongst the student 
body. Such a movement would give revolutionaries 
considerable space "within which to swim." RAIL and 
MIM publications will continue to inform the world 
about the local UMass struggles in the hopes of 
spreading such movements.

Don't get frustrated with wavering elements!
Unite all who can be united to defeat the common 

Written: 17 March, 1997

* * *


A student working on the government's nuclear 
projects at the University of Texas, Dallas 
confirmed the fact that there is only freedom of 
speech in Amerika for the bourgeoisie.

The student told a MIM distributor that s/he could 
not take a copy of MIM Notes or Maoist Sojourner 
because s/he had signed an agreement with the 
government to refuse any communist propaganda if 
offered. Furthermore, h research position would be 
at risk if s/he obtained communist materials 
inadvertently -- like finding an old issue on h car 
windshield -- and did not immediately report it to 
the FBI.

The student, from a Third World country, agreed 
that this was a type of censorship but that the 
censorship was necessary to protect Amerikan 
democracy and freedom. The flaw in this logic (read 
Amerikan propaganda) goes beyond the contradiction 
between freedom of speech for the bourgeoisie and 
repression of organization for the proletariat. 
Speech and organization that the government 
represses expose the economic exploitation and 
military domination of the vast majority of the 
world's people. Students like this one must study 
the reasons that the most educated leave Third 
World countries and provide intellectual services 
for the imperialists. They must question the 
hypocrisy this censorship shows as the Amerikan 
government justifies all of its actions with the 
rhetoric of democracy.

To distribute MIM Notes in your neighborhood or at 
your school write the address on page two and send 
$20 (or whatever you can afford) for a bundle of 
MIM Notes.

* * *


by an Ann Arbor RAIL comrade

10 March, 1997 -- A RAIL comrade found several 
fascist propaganda fliers posted all over Ann Arbor 
by the People's United Nationalist Council 
Hallelujah!(PUNCH!) and the Fascists Insurrection 
Student Tribe(FIST). The fliers called for people 
to open their eyes. The fascists opened their text 
with an apocalyptic quote from the book of 
revelation and express extreme anger at the left, 
mostly Maoist, propaganda which covers the campus 
at the University of Michigan. The nazis accused 
MIM and two pseudo-leftist trotskyist factions 
(SPARK and NWROC) of twisting the truth. Knowing 
that they could never win a rational debate with 
revolutionaries, the fascists ended their tirade 
with threats of violence.

MIM responded immediately and by the next day 
fliers had been posted all over the UM campus and 
town letting people know that our eyes were already 
wide open. It is no surprise that fascists openly 
recruit in the UM campus. This is an outgrowth of 
increasing militarism to support Amerikan 
interests. Fascist ideology grows from the 
perceived threat the oppressed people of the 
international proletariat pose to the white nation, 
especially the white working class. This myth was 
conjured up and propagated by the bourgeois media 
with the aid of fake revolutionaries in the 
numerous troskyist factions.

The fascists, in their flier, claim that the 
"Fasces of Justice is on our side!" As we point out 
in our flier, this is very true. Black people 
comprise 51% of the prison population while making 
up only 14% of the total population. Latinos are 
390% more likely to go to prison than whites. 46% 
of the female prison population is Black. 90% of 
the women in prison are single mothers. Within ten 
years of its founding, the Black Panther Party was 
nearly completely wiped out by police infiltration, 
assassinations, and imprisonment and the war 
against oppressed nations continues. Some Panthers 
are still interned in Amerikan concentration camps 
on trumped up charges.

On the other hand, the KKK has existed in Amerika 
for over 130 years and to this day holds rallies at 
government buildings with police protection. Unlike 
the trotskyists, MIM and RAIL understand that the 
rise in the characteristics of fascism -- like 
prisons run as industries or u.s. military support 
to fascist comprador governments -- constitute more 
of a threat than the white supremacists on the 
sidewalk quoting the bible. This is why we place 
building independent institutions of the oppressed 
to build revolution as a higher priority than high 
profile one-day-activism sensationalist anti-Klan 

On March 12th, an article pertaining to the 
fascists' fliers appeared in the Michigan Daily. 
This article was seriously flawed  which is not 
surprising since the Daily's claim of objective 
journalism leads it to serve the bourgeoisie and 
tail fake radicals to kept some foothold on its 
liberal appearance. Within the article, the heavily 
quoted NWROC never addressed the issue of Amerika's 
just-us system or the U$ creation of and support 
for fascist dictators. This is no surprise 
considering they never do organizational work 
against prisons and seem to think that revolution 
can be made by asking city hall for permission  as 
they did when led by kop escort in a march against 
the Klan last summer.

NWROC also said the fascists' threats were directed 
mostly at themselves because "NWROC is the most 
active of those organizations named in the flier." 
This is not even close to the truth. MIM and RAIL 
have four regularly published and internationally 
circulated newspapers as well as a theoretical 
journal. NWROC has no press at all. MIM and RAIL do 
organizational work with prisoners interned in 
Amerika's concentration camps, including providing 
them with free literature. NWROC has not even 
attempted to do such things. 

For years MIM has worked in the interests of the 
oppressed building Serve the People programs from 
agitation and organizing work, to books and release 
programs for prisoners, to a food program feeding 
the poverty stricken oppressed masses incorporating 
this with political education. NWROC has no such 
programs. And when their campaigns seemingly 
address the masses' concerns, it amounts to tailing 
reformist demands other liberals take up anyway.

The solution for the trotskyists' lies and national 
chauvinism, the fascists' threats, and Amerikan 
imperialism is all the same -- proletarian 
revolution. By working to build independent 
institutions of the oppressed, MIM and RAIL are 
building the mass base necessary for revolution. As 
long as we remain true to the people and continue 
to apply the revolutionary political science of 
comrade Mao Tse-Tung, we will continue to grow in 
numbers and strength until the great and powerful 
tide of proletarian revolution will sweep aside all 
reactionaries and enemies of the people. By 
crushing the forces of Amerikan imperialism the 
proletariat will finally eliminate the material 
basis for fascist organizing and permanently 
liberate the oppressed masses.

* * *


Santa Barbara, CA -- Over 200 people attended a 
special screening of "All Power to the People!" at 
the University of California sponsored by the 
Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League and 100 Black 
College Men. Director Lee Lew-Lee introduced his 
film, which documents the rise of the Black Panther 
Party and its subsequent repression by the FBI, and 
led a discussion afterward. The event was clearly 
inspirational. The film received a three minute 
ovation; Lew-Lee received a standing ovation after 
the discussion; and many people committed 
themselves more deeply to the struggle to defend 
Amerika's political prisoners and expose the 
genocidal Amerikan injustice system.

"All Power to the People!" tells the story of the 
FBI's bloody COINTELPRO campaign against the Black 
Panther Party and other Black nationalist 
organizations. The film consists almost entirely of 
contemporary footage and interviews with former 
Black Panther Party members, such as Bobby Seale 
and Kathleen Cleaver. Much of the old footage used 
is extremely rare. Lew-Lee has done a great service 
preserving it in this film.

To all those present (and those reading this 
newspaper), the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist 
League (RAIL) says: Get active and get organized! 
As Lee Lew-Lee made clear, important information 
like that contained in "All Power to the People!" 
is effectively banned from the Amerikan mass media. 
That means it's up to us to get this information 
out there.

Furthermore, we can't expect Judge Sabo or the 
Fraternal Order of Police to mobilize people to 
defend Mumia, nor can we depend on Gil Garcetti to 
defend Geronimo. We have to do it ourselves.

Beyond the struggle defend prisoners, there are the 
struggles of oppressed nations -- Black, Latino, 
First Nation and other oppressed communities -- for 
freedom from police brutality and for economic 
self-determination. And beyond Amerikan borders, 
there are the struggles of the vast majority of 
humanity, who demand freedom from an economic 
system which kills more than 10,000,000 children 
every year by denying them access to food and basic 
health care.

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League plans to 
expand its work exposing the crimes of Amerikan 
imperialism and militarism, and encourages people 
to see where they can fit in. Maybe you can help 
out by collecting signatures on petitions, or by 
putting up flyers, or by writing articles for RAIL 
Notes -- whatever, every little bit counts! Contact 
your local RAIL branch for information about 
upcoming campaigns and events.

NOTE: Review: "All Power to the People!," MIM Notes 

* * *


During a recent trip through the East Coast, a 
student leader approached a MIM Notes distributor 
as s/he was freedropping. The conversation quickly 
centered around the George Jackson Center.

The student leader was unaware that George Jackson 
was a Black revolutionary who was killed by guards 
in prison in 1971. The distributor explained a 
little about Jackson and explained that cultural 
centers on academic departments for oppressed 
nations within the u.s. grew out of revolutionary 
student struggles in the late 1960s and 1970s.

The student leader criticized the practice of 
freedropping, as "There are only about 20 people on 
my campus that are politically conscious." However, 
MIM and RAIL publications are not just for the 
politically advanced but for all people who are 
interested in struggling over politics and changing 
the current oppressive system. MIM publications 
have radicalized many people not previously 

George Jackson was not political before he went to 
prison for a $70 has station theft. In prison, he 
came to the conclusion that prison was one part of 
systematic oppression of Black people. He became a 
Communist and a revolutionary and joined the Black 
Panther Party. He wrote "Soledad Brother" and 
"Blood in My Eye". He strongly indicted Amerikan 
colonialism against Black people, although 
incorrectly supported a focoist line that raised 
armed struggle to a principle. 

Jackson supported starting armed struggle 
regardless of the conditions. History has shown 
that not building the necessary popular support 
first leads to unnecessary death, imprisonment and 
ultimately the failure of the revolution.

In 1969 he was charged with killing a guard in 
Soledad prison. The event of the guard's execution 
followed the murder three unarmed Black prisoners 
shot down by a tower guard. No evidence linked 
George and his co-defendants (collectively called 
the Soledad Brothers) to this murder. The three had 
previously been identified as revolutionary and 
were targeted for the empty charge. Shortly before 
the Soledad Brothers trial was to begin, Jackson 
himself was shot down and killed by prison guards.

It's not surprising that in the 1990s an 
influential student leader would be unaware of this 
important history. The bourgeoisie has an interest 
in sanitizing the history of the oppressed. We can 
not let this white-wash continue and so we use our 
publications to sum-up history for the oppressed so 
as to direct the struggles of the present and 

There is a similar re-writing of history at Rutgers 
University where the Black Cultural Center is named 
after Paul Robeson, who is not only a famous sports 
alumni, but also a famous actor, musician and 
political activist. Robeson lost his career to 
McCarthyite blacklisting of Communists and their 

According to the Daily Student Paper at Rutgers, 
Robeson is being considered for a postal stamp. The 
student newspaper interviewed the director of the 
Robeson Center, and asked about his radical past, 
and whether that should disqualify Robeson from 
being on a stamp.

The director replied that Robeson was a supporter 
of "the working class" but that he "never joined 
the Communist Movement." This is incorrect. 
According to both sympathetic biographers and the 
FBI, Robeson never joined the Communist Party, but 
we can definitely place him within the larger 
Communist Movement of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. 
Robeson openly supported the Soviet Union under 
Stalin and supported all oppressed people in their 
struggle against Amerikan imperialism. He opposed 
the McCarthyite anti-Communist witch-hunts, and 
lost his passport and career for refusing to answer 
the House Un-American Activities Committee's 
questions about whether he was a member of the 
Communist Party.

While he never joined the Communist Party, he 
worked very closely with them and did consider 
himself a Marxist and a scientific socialist. When 
the leaders of the Party were arrested under the 
anti-Communist Smith Act, he offered to publicly 
join the Party in defiance of the Smith Act. The 
Communist Party leaders turned down this offer as 
too dangerous.

MIM would like to see Robeson on a postage stamp, 
as he is an important political figure whose true 
legacy should be popularized. But in order to see 
Robeson's face on a stamp, we wouldn't be willing 
to sell out his history, nor are would we 
prioritize a struggle to put Robeson on a stamp. 
Postage stamps are, after all, Amerikkkan currency.

Help get MIM publications out to the people. Order 
a stack of new or old newspapers to distribute in 
your community.

Notes: Duberman, Marin Bauml, Paul Robeson. New 
York: Alfred A Knopf, 1988. See page 420 for his 
offer to publicly join the Party. For his support 
of Marxism, see page 489 amongst others. Soledad 
Brothers, the Prison letters of George Jackson

* * *


by MCB52

On March 6, as part of two days of massive protests 
across India, Indian fishers blockaded three main 
ports and demonstrated in the capital. They 
demanded that the government revoke licenses which 
allowed joint ventures between imperialist and 
Indian companies. The government eventually granted 
the demand.

The blockades took place in Bombay, nearby Kandla, 
and the southern city of Vishakapatinam, and were 
part of a mobilization of the 8 million fishers in 
India who are unionized.(1) This mobilization was 
the culmination of protests that have taken place 
since the government authorized the licenses in 
1991 as part of the liberalization of the economy.

The imperialist fishing ventures involve large-
scale fishing which depletes Indian deep-sea 
resources. According to a spokesperson for the 
demonstrators, "The depletion of the fish resources 
is posing a threat to (Indian) fishworkers and 
their families."(2) The Indian government -- a 
comprador regime which listens to the International 
Monetary Fund and other imperialist rule-makers 
rather than the needs of the Indian people -- was 
not going to revoke the licenses it had issued. But 
mass protests changed its tune.

Large imperialist corporations oppress the vast 
majority of the people of the world as part of 
their quest for profit. Mass protests such as this 
one show that oppressed people have an interest in 
leaving the imperialist system behind and are in 
fact struggling against imperialism. The most 
effective form of struggle against imperialism for 
oppressed nations is protracted peoples war for 
national liberation and socialism. Only under 
socialism will allocation of resources be made in a 
just way.

1. Inter Press Service, 6 March 1997.
2. Agence France Presse, 6 March 1997.

* * *


by an RC

The U$ Senate passed a resolution opening up $385 
million for family planning programs in over 100 
countries. The programs will include contraceptive 
distribution, family training and centers.(1)

This "family planning aid" boils down to greater U$ 
support and funding for population control of the 
Third World. The justification for this spending 
included a goal of "500 million fewer people" and 
an attempt to reduce the high mortality rate from 
child birth experienced in Third World countries. 
But the supporters of greater us patriarchy and 
imperialist hegemony failed to mention both the 
real reasons why wimmin are dying and how reducing 
the population of oppressed people benefits U$ 
foreign domination(2).

The major government rational is that this 
imperialist-labeled aid would save lives of both 
wimmin and children by providing people with family 
planning devices. They argue that if wimmin aren't 
having children, then they and their children can't 
die from childbirth. Rather then address 
imperialism, the root cause of poor medical care, 
malnutrition and a need for large families because 
of high infant mortality and economic security, the 
U$ places blame on birth rates and pumps the Third 
World full of IUD's, test birth control pills and 
sterilization. Though the reports mention 
distribution of condoms, the most effective, and U$ 
favored, birth control comes through forced 
sterilization and testing on oppressed wimmin.

The most effective way to improve the health of a 
population, provide medical care, and particularly 
to improve reproductive choice and health is by 
overthrowing patriarchy. But the U$ imperialists 
prefer to uphold the patriarchy by attacking the 
womyn in oppressed societies, forcing birth control 
and sterilization on them and as a result, the 
backbone of most Third World families, the womyn, 
frequently becomes either sterile or sick.

But given Amerikan imperialism, why would the U$ 
want to wipe out a wealth of cheap labor? The main 
reason lies in control. Family planning aid doesn't 
destroy entire populations, but attacks mostly the 
"unskilled", unemployable, and many revolutionary 
lumpen proletarians. By slowing down and limiting 
the births of the oppressed people in the world, 
the U$ tries to prevent revolutionary uprising and 
shrinks the number of mouths that would need the 
food and resources that U$ imperialism steals while 
still being able to use their cheap labor until 
they are destroyed.

Will more Democrat votes or wimmin in government 
help? The vote was disproportionately a Democrat 
sponsored resolution, initially presented by 
Klinton, with republicans only objecting to the 
possible use of funds for abortion(3). Also 
Madeline Albright herself supports the bill, even 
though she claims to be a feminist fighting world 
child abuse. This "aid" is clearly a case of U$ 
imperialism digging its fangs deeper into the lives 
and choices of the Third World with all sides of 
Amerikan politics supporting eventual genocide of 
oppressed people.

The answers don't lie in further U$ AID or 
imperialist involvement, but in the ability of all 
people to feed, cloth and house themselves without 
the oppressors hand on their throat or in their 
uterus. Through national self-determination 
struggles the imperialists will loose their control 
and choices affecting a society's people will be 
decided by and in the best interest of the people 
within that society. Support national self-
determination and the end to imperialist control.

(For more information on imperialist population 
control policies, see MIM Theory #12 "Environment, 
Society and Revolution")

* * *


On 3 March 180 students seized the financial center 
of the University of Massachusetts, Goodell Hall. 
The five-day takeover protested the failure of the 
administration to honor the 1992 ALANA agreements. 
Initial protest demands specifically included the 
agreement not implemented in 1992 that the 
percentage of oppressed national and minority 
students be raised to 20%. Other demands specified 
ways the administration should recruit and retain 
students to reach this goal. The students also 
added in more general demands for more financial 
aid and child care and the abolition of tuition 
late payment fees.

In 1992 the Black Student Union (BSU) led a series 
of protests against the administration's weak 
response to the racist beating of a Haitian 
Resident Assistant. The administration claimed it 
committed itself to a series of reforms designed to 
increase "non-white" enrollment and retention. The 
U.S. Justice department, having viewed the nearby 
city of Holyoke as one of the cities most likely to 
riot, was looking to decrease the number of racial 
sparks in Holyoke's vicinity and intervened at 
UMass. Despite the involvement of the Just-us 
department and a legally binding agreement, the 
administration did not uphold its side of the 

ALANA stands for "Asian, Latino, African and Native 
American." While we support oppressed nations and 
national minorities organizing together to achieve 
greater access to education, MIM does not lump all 
oppressed nations and groups of national minorities 
together as one political unit as the proponents of 
"people of color" and "ALANA" do. The ALANA 
formulation does not distinguish between these 
different groups with separate and sometimes 
opposing material interests and political 

MIM supports the demands to increase enrollment of 
oppressed nation and national minority students 
because more access to higher education for the 
oppressed is progressive. Using a formulation 
lumping all these different groups allows the 
university to pick-and-choose which populations it 
wants. Because university administrations are 
notorious for their treachery in implementing 
agreements that will advance the cause of the 
oppressed, it is important to be very precise in 
what we demand. Already some student activists have 
a glimpse of this based on the administration's 
number crunching since 1992.


Many of the student leaders of the takeover 
stressed over and over again that "This is not an 
ALANA issue!", reflecting many of the demands which 
were not nationalist and were new ground not 
covered in the 1992 agreements. MIM obviously 
supports oppressed nation students getting support 
from whites; but we disagree with watering down 
your own struggle to the point of feeding white 
self-interest in order to get that support.

Demands for all students need to be clearly 
designed to advance oppressed nation issues. These 
issues can include demands for greater ability to 
carry out political organizing on campus, 
increasing numbers of and funding for oppressed 
nation students, or increasing overall student aid 
at the expense of funding of prisons or militarism.

MIM views the principal contradiction -- the one 
struggle that resolving will do the most to resolve 
all other contradictions -- within the united 
snakes as that of imperialism: the Black, Latino 
and First nations against the white Amerikan 
nations. Struggles for more oppressed nation 
enrollment, against more cops or against the prison 
system are struggles against imperialism. Within 
the white nation, we see youth as the group with 
the greatest inclination to ditch parasitism and 
work for revolution. But it is important that 
struggles that involve calling for more privileges 
for white youth are linked to anti-imperialist 
struggles. With this anti-imperialist line in 
command, advancing the political position of all 
youth, or under some circumstances even just white 
youth, can increase the potential for splitting off 
large sections of the white youth for the 
revolutionary struggle.

MIM does not help students oink to the system for 
more gravy at the expense of the oppressed, as the 
system already trains them well enough to do that. 
But proletarian leadership can turn the demand for 
more student aid into something progressive. In 
many states, the leading competitor to education 
spending is prison construction and maintenance. If 
college students and bureaucrats start attacking 
the police state in order to shift imperialist 
gravy away from prisons, that's something that 
objectively aids the anti-imperialist struggle.

Such complicated trades can only be successful 
under clear proletarian leadership. How imperialism 
spends its stolen super-profits is not a zero sum 
game, and much care needs to be taken to keep such 
a movement from turning into "Fund education AND 
prisons!" Proletarian leadership of such struggles 
is vigilant against all attempts to compromise the 

In the past five years less complicated UMass 
struggles have failed to achieve their goals. Many 
struggles and victories have been erased by 
opportunist student leaders or anti-student 
administrators who take advantage of the high 
turnover of students to re-write the past.


The administration's reaffirmation of the 20% 
"ALANA" enrollment target as the most politically 
important outcome of this protest, and we salute 
the students who won this victory but warn students 
to beware of the problem they have created in using 
the term ALANA and allowing the administration to 
pick which nationalities from this group of 
students they want to increase.

MIM encourages students interested in ending 
oppression once and for all in the most effective 
way possible to work with MIM and RAIL. For those 
unwilling to move beyond reformism, there are many 
ways that we can work together to make a world 
that's better for the world's majority. We 
encourage students to get involved in MIM and 
RAIL's fight against the criminal injustice system. 
In particular students can help us get educational 
materials and programs into the prisons, greatly 
increasing the access to education for oppressed 
nations. Pushing public universities to set up 
education programs in the schools is an important 
way that we can take these struggles for increased 
access to education outside of the gates of the 


This story was written on 18 March 1997.

See MIM Notes 71, December 1992 for coverage of the 
struggle leading up to the 1992 ALANA Agreements. 
MIM Notes was the only publication to report on the 
hotel "rewards" given to the assailant's hosts. 
Available at: 

* * *



Dear MIM:

I'm writing in response to another e-mailer [MIM 
Notes 133, March 1, 1997] who had a problem with 
the use of the term "Third World." Usually this 
hysteria about semantics & word politiks is not my 
thing, but in this case I think its worth replying 
to. Use of "third world" has been accepted by many 
activists/scholars of anti-imperialism because it 
connotes a separate, functioning WORLD of its own. 
Like a world, this term makes clear that these 
super-exploited parts of the world are capable of 
functioning in an independent, self defined, self 
determined system, not dependent upon the 1st and 
2nd worlds. However, it is a world excluded from 
the power & profit of these other two. To say that 
using "Third World" implies that the 1st world is 
something to aspire to is to succumb to the 
vertical, hierarchical mindset of the Kapitalist 
mainstream of this kountry (besides, 3 IS the magic 

Fight the mind kontrol!


 -- Internet Reader

MIM RESPONDS: While MIM too defended our use of 
"Third World" we do so for different reasons than 
this reader. (We are also not aware of any anti-
imperialist literature that advances this "self-
contained world" argument.) Although MIM has 
criticized the "world systems" theory for denying 
any internal dynamic and contradiction within the 
oppressed nations, this letter writer goes too far 
in the other direction -- ascribing a self-
determination to the Third World that does not 
exist under imperialism. That self-determination is 
in fact the goal of proletarian revolution. The 
masses of the oppressed nations are not only 
capable of self-government but of moving mountains 
-- once imperialism, which holds back advances in 
production and social relations, is destroyed.


Dear MIM: Because I am a surrealist, I strictly 
oppose most of the positions in MIM Notes; many 
even when I can see to some degree the line of 
thinking behind them, I believe are 
flabbergastingly farfetched. Often, the premises 
are sensible but on slender foundations blanket 
structures are erected.

Nevertheless, I appreciate (as I have my own Web 
page) most of the article "Internet Crime Hype 
Fuels Government Repression" [MIM Notes 131, 
February 1, 1997]. I am not interested in the ins 
and outs of the bickering between the MIM, the CSRP 
and the RCP, but MIM has done a very valuable thing 
in attacking "the Amerikan media and U$ 
government"'s scheme to end all semblance of "free 
speech" on the Internet.

This kind of thing turns the stomach. The 
lickspittle Washington Post, which must never worry 
about "freedom of speech" because it is in bed with 
the Establishment, the government and the ruling 
class, obviously believes that everyone will have 
an allergic reaction to radical groups because they 
are radical (never mind a discussion of ideas, 
never mind they might be telling the truth), and 
that the government has a right to spew its 
"unfiltered propaganda" but all other statements 
should be cleared by the F.B.I.

Let the coy "State Department Staffer" discuss the 
governments terrorism (which is legal "in this 
country")! All these "concerned [international] 
citizens" propping up the fascist Peruvian 
dictatorship, with their "legitimate law 
enforcement concerns" (secret policy plots) can go 
to hell.

At this stage, the rulers attitude is motivated by 
sour grapes; they have yet to squash this new, free 
medium, and it will be difficult to do so. Their 
tactic is demonization of the Internet to the 
degree "it is so efficient a means of reaching so 
many people" -- they present it as principally a 
vehicle for exchanging child pornography.

Against threats like the Unites States Parole 
Commissioners restrictions, all revolutionists must 
unite in the defense of electronic communications 
against bourgeois interference!

--a reader in the east February 1997

MIM RESPONDS: We're glad to see that the forces 
opposed to government censorship and political 
repression are strong, and this reader makes a good 
point that talk of child pornography is simply a 
diversionary government tactic to strengthen their 
control of speech on the Internet. It is not that 
the government is afraid of an "allergic" reaction 
to revolutionary ideas -- but a revolutionary 
reaction! They are afraid of youth having access to 
communications and publishing, and to radical 
ideas. It's too bad, though, that this reader did 
not provide any argument or evidence that MIM is 
wrong or that our thinking is "farfetched" for us 
to respond to. We invite them to write a serious 
piece about surrealism vs. materialism for us to 
debate in the pages of our literature.



Greetings Revolutionary Comrades of the Maoist 
International[ist] Movement,

We have seen your publication MIM Notes and found 
it a valuable resource for information about the 
anti-imperialist and socialist struggle worldwide. 
Specifically, your coverage of the struggle by the 
Filipino people against American Imperialism is 
excellent. We also have seen your reviews of 
culture and cyberculture from a Marxist-Leninist-
Maoist perspective. We would appreciate your 
thoughts on our effort against imperialism on the 
world wide web at:

Revolutionary Information Project (RIP) is 
dedicated to educating people about anti- 
imperialism and socialism. Our slogan is, "ONE 

We provide an unofficial page on the Popular Front 
For the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and their 
people's war, an unofficial page on the Popular 
Revolutionary Army (EPR) and their people's war 
against imperialism in Mexico. We also provide 
information on the struggle by the Philippine and 
Kurdish peoples.

We provide links to anti-imperialist and communist 
struggles world wide. As imperialist capitalist 
globalization intensifies, so does the protest 
against it in cyberspace. We are dedicated to 
expanding our links to our sisters and brothers in 
struggle worldwide.

We provide a FAQ for the UNDERNET chat-channel 
#communism, an art gallery of cultural revolution 
posters, and a list of progressive mailing lists.

Thank you for your interest.

In Struggle,

Revolution Information Project, USA

MIM RESPONDS: Thank you for alerting us to your 
valuable site -- with news from and links to anti-
imperialist organizations around the world, and a 
great collection of Cultural Revolution artwork. 
RIP is indeed an excellent, non-sectarian, anti-
imperialist resource on the Internet, and we are 
pleased that you link to our site.

We do not know if you are familiar with MIM's 
struggles against the phony "MPP-USA" that you also 
link to. While MIM respects your desire to be non-
sectarian, we have published numerous articles 
explaining that the "MPP-USA" is not a sectarian 
issue -- they are cops pure and simple, attempting 
to split and wreck the international support for 
the People's War in Peru. One such article is 
available on our web site -- others can be ordered 
from Maoist Sojourner. We urge you not to lend them 
legitimacy by linking to their web site under the 
heading "People's War in Peru" as they claim.

We will be adding a link to the RIP site at MIM's 
web site that will include this review.

* * *


Subscribe to mim-news and get news and feature 
articles from MIM Notes, the bi-monthly newspaper 
of the Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM). mim-
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news coverage, letters from revolutionary prisoners 
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by MC5

Two frauds in Australia in March reveal the 
bankruptcy of prize-fighting for the bourgeoisie in 
academia and the arts.
For the last several years, a battle has raged in 
academia and the professional arts between post- 
modernists and conservatives. On the one hand, we 
have the post-modernists claiming who one is is 
more important than what one does and that science 
is a useless enterprise.

On the other hand, we have the conservatives 
claiming that their myopic Christianity and Western 
culture is the ultimate intellectual wisdom.

In this battle between King Kong and Godzilla, we 
look on with disgust. We would like to favor the 
post- modernists for pointing out how rich white 
men dominate the arts and sciences to the exclusion 
of legitimate contributions from oppressed people, 
but the post- modernists put forward the equally 
noxious neo-colonial view that wimmin and oppressed 
nationality people are incapable of universally 
accepted achievements in science and art. Hence, 
MIM says to hell with both the post-modernists and 
the conservatives. Two white people in Australia 
claimed to be oppressed peoples in painting and 
autobiography. The post-modern establishment --
a.k.a. prize- fighters for the bourgeoisie- -
promptly awarded the frauds for their excellent 
work in painting and autobiography. "My Own Sweet 
Time" fraudulently represented as the autobiography 
of an aboriginal womyn Wanda Koolmatrie won "best 
first work by an Australian womyn writer" in 1995. 

Another award followed in 1996. The real author was 
a white man. A painter who claimed to be an 
Aboriginal "Eddie Burrup" turns out to be an 82-
year-old womyn of Irish-descent. She had put her 
work successfully in museums and galleries. To 
cover their tracks, the post-modern establishment 
said the following: "As we now discover, it is a 
pack of lies because it is actually a fiction and 
not autobiographical, which I think immediately 
devalues its literary merit." In other words, the 
book stinks now that we know who wrote it according 
to the post- modern establishment. MIM pulls this 
trick on its opponents from time to time too. We 
will repeat something someone said to us only to 
find that the same person now opposes the statement 
because we said it. 

Communicating with people who only pay attention to 
who is speaking and not what is said is a waste of 
time. They do not appreciate science or truth yet. 
The bourgeoisie funds these prizes and allows all 
kinds of mysticism to pass as achievement, because 
it serves the rule of the capitalist class to keep 
the people ignorant. We follow Engels in his 
"Ludwig Feuerbach" on suspicion toward seeking the 
prizes of bourgeois academia. We need independent 
institutions of the oppressed and we must pursue 
the truth in spite of academia and the professional 
experts. "Only among the working class does the 
German aptitude for theory remain unimpaired. Here 
it cannot be exterminated. Here there is no concern 
for careers, for profit-making, or for gracious 
patronage from above. On the contrary, the more 
ruthlessly and disinterestedly science proceeds the 
more it finds itself in harmony with the interests 
and aspirations of the workers."

Not only are wimmin and oppressed nationalities 
capable of developing universal science and art, 
they are in a position to lead this development. It 
is within the struggles of oppressed nations for 
national liberation that we find the most fertile 
ground for non-compromising science.

NOTE: Boston Globe 14 March 1997. p. A2.

* * *


by MCB52

Revisionist China recently abandoned the formal use 
of the terms "political crimes" and 
"counterrevolutionary crime." The vice-chairman of 
the Congress Standing Committee who announced the 
new legal codes explained: "Revision of the crimes 
of counterrevolution is made out of consideration 
that China has left the era of revolution to enter 
the era of construction." MIM believes that the 
state-capitalists in charge of the Chinese state 
left the revolutionary path twenty years ago and 
turned terms like counter-revolutionary crime 
upside down long ago.

The capitalist-roaders overthrew the socialist 
"Gang of Four" in 1976. Since then Deng Xiaoping 
and his ilk overturned socialist structures in 
China and implemented capitalism. For example, Deng 
et al reversed the collectivization of agriculture, 
and have allowed imperialist exploitation of 
Chinese workers in special "Free Enterprise" zones. 
But for many years the Deng clique went to great 
lengths to justify their capitalist "reforms" in 
the name of socialism. The prestige of socialism 
was too great among the Chinese people. If Deng had 
said, "I am restoring capitalism," the people would 
have rebelled.

But keeping up a socialist facade hampers the 
capitalist-roaders efforts to fully restore 
capitalism. That is why the Chinese state has been 
steadily dropping socialist practices and 
terminology like "counter-revolutionary." MIM is 
happy to see the Chinese state drop its socialist 
pretensions, since it makes it clear to everybody 
that China today is capitalist, not socialist. Like 
Malcom X, MIM prefers wolves to foxes. The wolf is 
honest about the fact that he wants to eat you, 
while the fox tries to pretend to be your friend.

The discussion of this announcement in the Amerikan 
imperialist media deserves a couple of comments. 
According to the New York Times, 
"Counterrevolutionary crimes, widely used in the 
past to prosecute political categories, have been 
criticized for years by Chinese legal experts as a 
form that has no basis in modern legal theory." MIM 
says, well of course the anti-Communist, capitalist 
experts in legal theory find the notion of 
counterrevolutionary crimes ridiculous, even 
threatening. That is because the bourgeois law 
serves the capitalist class and justifies the 
capitalist mode of production.

In particular, liberal bourgeois legal theory hides 
the oppression of groups by other groups by 
pretending that all groups are equal. For example, 
the bourgeoisie claims that a worker in the 
Philippines freely chooses to work for $5 per day, 
never mind that she would starve if she didn't or 
would be beaten and thrown in jail for organizing 
for higher wages.

This idealist theory approaches the law as an 
abstract idea somehow above the people who write 
and implement it. There are some things which are 
intrinsically wrong, and anybody will be punished 
if they do them -- so the story goes. But 
materialists know that this is not the case. For 
example, Mumia Abu-Jamal is on death row for 
allegedly killing one person in self-defense, while 
warmongers like Bill Clinton, George Bush and 
Ronald Reagan prosper in freedom. But materialists 
know that this is not the case.

That is why MIM attacks the notion that the 
bourgeois courts measure crime using a non-
political, objective standard. Defining what is and 
what is not a crime is a political act.

NOTES: New York Times. 7 March 1997, p. 1.

* * *


***"Integrating Marxist-Leninist theory with 
Philippine practice is a two-way process. We do not 
merely take advantage of the victories achieved 
abroad so that we may succeed in our own 
revolution. But we also hope to add our own victory 
to those of others and make some worthwhile 
contribution to the advancement of Marxism-Leninism 
and the world proletarian revolution so that in the 
end mankind will be freed from the scourge of 
imperialism and enter the era of communism" -- 
Amado Guerrero***

MIM hails the publication of the new edition of 
Philippine Society and Revolution by Amado 
Guerrero. This is essential reading to understand 
the basic principles of the national democratic 
revolution in the Philippine. Philippine Society 
and Revolution is a shining example of concretely 
applying the correct principles of Marxism-
Leninism-Maoism to the specific characteristics of 
a society. MIM highly recommends this book and 
commends the Philippine Information Network Service 
for its work in getting the book re-published.

Amado Guerrero (the nom de guerre of Jose Maria 
Sison, founding chairperson of the Communist Party 
of the Philippines) wrote Philippine Society and 
Revolution in 1970. The book presents the main 
strands of Philippine history and the basic 
problems facing the Filipino people today: 
feudalism, bureaucrat capitalism, and imperialism. 
Philippine Society and Revolution also presents the 
basic tasks of the people's revolution, emphasizing 
(1) the leadership of the Communist Party and the 
struggle against modern revisionism, (2) protracted 
people's war and Chairman Mao's strategic line of 
encircling the cities from the countryside, and (3) 
the revolutionary united front.

This new edition of Philippine Society and 
Revolution also includes Specific Characteristics 
of our People's War, Our Urgent Tasks, and several 
contemporary articles by Jose Maria Sison. The 
first two works were written in the 1970's and 
expand the fundamental analysis of Philippine 
Society and Revolution, summing up the first few 
years of political organizing and armed struggle. 
The contemporary articles show that the basic 
analyses Philippine Society and Revolution apply 
today -- the Philippines is still semi-colonial and 
semi-feudal, and protracted people's war and the 
eventual development of socialism are still the 
keys to true national liberation.

In the late 80's and early 90's, "left" and right 
opportunist forces sought to derail the 
revolutionary movement by changing the basic 
analyses and perspective of the movement. The 
Second Great Rectification Campaign, launched in 
1992, largely succeeded in reaffirming the guiding 
principles laid out in documents such Philippine 
Society and Revolution. The publication of a new 
edition of Philippine Society and Revolution will 
help to thoroughly defeat the "left" and right 
opportunist lines and ensure that the revolutionary 
movement remains on the correct path.

Revolutionaries here inside Amerikan borders can 
learn several lessons Philippine Society and 
Revolution. On the one hand, we can increase our 
knowledge of the specific characteristics of the 
Philippine situation and better expose and combat 
the crimes of Amerikan imperialism in the 
Philippines. On the other Philippine Society and 
Revolution provides us with an excellent 
introduction to some of the basic principles of 
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and serves as an 
inspiration to take these principles and apply them 
to the concrete conditions here. Ultimately, we can 
best serve the revolutionary movement in the 
Philippines and all other societies by making 
revolution here.

***The new edition of Philippine Society and 
Revolution is available from MIM for $20. Write to 
MIM Distributors, PO Box 29670, Los Angeles, CA, 

* * *



The Committee to End the Marion Lockdown (CEML) has 
received letters from two Black prisoners at Marion 
who report that they have been set up by guards for 
fights with White prisoners. Once the fight takes 
place, then the Black prisoners are also set upon 
by the guards, and are then the only ones punished. 
CEML is requesting that all interested people 
immediately write, phone, or fax the prisoncrats 
listed below and demand that these practices be 
stopped immediately. One of the correspondents 
writes: "It is not only that the guards are beating 
black brothers constantly but they are allowing 
white racist prisoners to beat on us and jump on us 
while we are handcuffed. . . .

On January 2, 1997 the blacks and whites had a big 
fight on the recreation yard. They beat many of us 
with billy clubs but did not allow us to get 
medical attention until they were finished 
providing help to the white prisoners. Now the 
staff here has put brothers in a kill or be killed 
situation. . . . 

They are taking strong brothers off the tiers, and 
even putting single blacks on tiers with all other 
white prisoners. . . . Please let our oppressors 
know that we brothers have someone who will stand 
strong and let them know that their malicious acts 
will not be tolerated." The other correspondent 
writes: "The white boys in the population unit had 
the nerve to tell the brothers that they couldn't 
sit down on the bench, saying that this was a white 

Whenever you get into a fight with a white guy, the 
officers beat us but won't bother the white 
prisoner. When there was a fight on the yard on 
January 2 the police broke one brother's wrist and 
slammed another's head into the wall several times. 
These people are trying to kill us fast. We need 
your help. Our families do not even know what is 
going on. As soon as we try to tell someone over 
the phone, then the phone is disconnected. Please 
respond as soon as you can."

Protest to:  Kathleen Hawk, Director, Federal 
Bureau of Prisons, 320 First Street, NW, 
Washington, D.C. 20532, tel. (202) 307-3250, fax: 
(202) 514-6878
Patrick Kane, Director, North Central Region, 
Federal Bureau of Prisons, Tower II, 8th Floor, 400 
State, Kansas City, KS 66101, tel. (913) 612-3939, 
fax: (913) 551-1094
Mr. William Hendricks, Warden, USP Marion, Box 
1000, Marion, IL 62959, tel: (618) 964-1441, fax: 
none, we're told. Please make certain to report 
back to this emergency response network (ern) 
whether you have sent a message and whether you 
have received a response from the prisoncrats. This 
type of feedback to us is essential in 
understanding how the ern is working. You can email 
us directly or carbon copy us at: [email protected] 
Thank you. 


TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) is soon 
to be heard in Federal Court, the issue to get out 
from under the Ruiz v. Scott, et, al., No. H-78-
987, United States District Court for the Southern 
District of Texas. Donna Brorby is the Lead Counsel 
for us the plaintiffs.

I hear a lot of lip service. But now we have a 
chance to voice all the wrongs and how TDCJ 
violates their agreement with Ruiz. Write Donna 
Brorby at 390 Hayes St. Suite #2, San Francisco, CA 

Speak of the beatings you saw, the lock up with no 
court, tell of all medical care and how little we 
get. Speak up now or be ready for the old days to 
come back. I ask all in Texas Prisons to write 
Donna, not silly things such as Vita Pro, that 
issue is up in another suit.

This is the best notice I can give. I wrote Donna 
of medical threats that I have been subject to on 
this unit. Along with many other things that deal 
with Ruiz. If we don't speak up now, we will pay. 
You think TDCJ is bad now, you should see TDCJ's 
plan s for us if they out from Ruiz.
In the Struggle!! From Price Daniel Unit

--A Texas Prisoner, 11 November 1996


***The following is a composite of several letters 
written by a Missouri Prisoner and submitted to ULK 
by a MORAIL comrade***

Greetings Comrades, . I write this to respond to 
your letter which i received last week. First let 
me thank you for your concern and encouragement. It 
is assuring knowing there are those like your self 
who are fighting for the liberation of the people 
and who have not condemned brothers in prison.

Answering your letter, prison officials have me in 
the hole for "Out of Bounds" and "unauthorized 
Organizations" But what it is this, myself and 
others teach a class which aids other inmates to 
learn basic Constitutional Rights and how to 
protect them self! Also I been doing a of talking 
about how we (prisoners) need to stop fighting one 
another and focusing on our true enemy, the 
Administration. Are you familiar with the riots we 
had in Sept.? Well, myself and others, Brothers 
were able to wake a lot of people up. Crips, 
Bloods, Aryan Brotherhood, Muslim etc., united for 
13 whole days and terrorized these goons.

I believe that to be the true reason for me being 
in the hole. I have a lot of influence towards a 
lot of people and they (goons) are afraid I will 
cause a repeat of Septs. riot. Though they won't 
say this, I believe to be true.
(2) They have me on the following medication,  
THORIZINE 50 mg. x2 Daily  HALADOL 75 mg. x 2 Daily  
TRASADONE 75 mg. x 2 Daily

They say they are helping me stay calm, but I don't 
take that shit. When I refuse it, they refuse to 
feed me until I do though. Can you tell me what I 
can do on that?

(3)Yes, I'm a non-violent offender, stealing and 
fraud, serving 5 yrs. in a max. security Prison, 
the worst in Missouri. I have a "good" conduct 
record. So what sense does this make? I really want 
to do something that will expose what these 
assholes do to us. Especially in the hole. Here are 
a few things: I'M DENIED ALL VISITS. I haven't been 
allowed NO shower in almost 3 weeks. I have no 
light except daylight. No hot water. I DON'T get to 
eat unless I let them DOPE ME UP.

I can go on and on. Thank you for writing my mom-
... I will remain in touch- But I believe these 
people are going to try and set me up and have 
someone DO something to me- So if you don't hear 
from me next month, I ask that you contact 
investigators and check on thins.
I remain strong,

--A Missouri Prisoner, 1 December 1996

..."Ever since it has been said that my release 
from lock up was being considered, guards, even the 
associate warden has come to me asking "Are you 
going to keep your mouth shut, and stop causing 

Hell no! I will just be more careful. In fact, I'm 
determined to organize people, Black, Latin, etc., 
unite all of us together. And Help these people 
open their eyes and clean their ears out, and FACE 
REALITY. It is my duty to my people to help in the 
struggle in Raising awareness towards the 
oppressor, and support for the third world 
revolution, the struggle of the oppressed here in 
Amerikkka's prison system.
Ain't no lockdown cell, mind altering drug going to 
make me or my ideas submit in defeat. I will 
continue in our struggle as long as I have heart 
and air to breath....
I remain struggling,

--A Missouri Prisoner

MORAIL, To bring you up to date on things happening 
in reference to my struggle:

1.On Dec.19, 1996, I had a hearing in reference to 
my release from Administration Segregation (the 
Hole) and they did decide to let me officially go 
from the Hole.

2.On Dec. 20, 1996, I was informed that there is 
presently no bed-space available in population and 
I will remain in the Hole until bed space becomes 
available. So in conclusion to all of this, I have 
been released from the Hole because they have no 
"legal" reason to keep me, but as we know how these 
people are able to do some sly things and yet 
protect themselves. They have invented the story 
that there is no bed space available and therefore 
are able to keep me in the Hole and NOT RISK 
themselves to any trouble. In summary, my struggle 
continues as does my strength continues to 
increase. So that I may eventually be victorious in 
my struggle. I will not surrender my beliefs or my 
will. I will fight for however long it takes. For 
to give up is to admit defeat and agree to be 

In struggle,

--A Missouri Prisoner [Excerpt from letter 1 
January 1997]


...The Murder of a Mexican National, Daniel 
Avellaneda happened on July 19th, 1996, the Jones 
County Grand Jury was empaneled to hear the case 
against the prison guard Neal Harms who claimed 
that the Prisoner was "Running backward trying to 
escape". Over 40 prisoners witnessed the Murder and 
state that Harms ran a huge horse that he was on 
into the prisoner, the prisoner became frightened 
and ran approximately 5 yards. At which time Harms, 
fired a warning Shot. The Prisoner was already 
stopped and had both hands in the air when the 
guard rode up to the prisoner firing one shot form 
a .357 handgun striking the prisoner in head above 
the left eye.

All other Prisoners were ordered back to work while 
a utility van came. to the sight where the prisoner 
was taken "thrown in the van like a dead animal". 
The remaining prisoners refused to return to work 
and the unit was placed under emergency lock down. 
During the lock down the prisoners who were near 
the deceased at the time of the Murder were called 
out to talk to the Internal affairs division 
investigators and senior wardens and threatened and 
coerced. Witnesses were told to "Pick a Unit you 
want to go to and keep your mouth shut. If you give 
a statement you will go visit that fucking wet 

This information is developed by the Texas 
Prisoners Labor Union members and the Unions 
Committee On Human Rights established to 
investigate the Murder and the Brutality of the 
French Robertson Unit. The committee has also 
uncovered a lot of practices of unthinkable 
sadistic brutality by guards on the Unit called 
"Black Patches", as well as a Practice of Sport 
fighting Prisoners in a dried up pond that has been 
described as Terror Dome. [This is] where prisoners 
were forced to sit in a circle around a pond (The 
Terror Dome) with Guards on looking. The guards 
would "...ride up next to a prisoner and throw him 
a pack of cigarettes and then the same to the 
opponent. These prisoners would then descend into 
the dome and fight until there was a winner. Many 
times prisoners were beaten into unconsciousness, 
receiving no medical attention whatsoever, other 
than what was administered by other Prisoners." 
These sick bastards that call themselves "Public 
Servants" are the worst scum on the earth and 
should be placed in chains and whipped daily. These 
so-called public servants are responsible for the 
well being of prisoners, prisoners whom are 
allegedly being rehabilitated. Warden Hubert Scott 
was sent to the Unit to Transfer (Not Fire) the 
most "Obviously" brutal guards.

The Texas Prisoners Labor Union will not cease in 
our investigation until we have the whole truth and 
a Federal Grand Jury issues Indictments against 
these bastards. We are seeking your assistance. We 
need detailed information concerning all aspects of 
treatment, Brutality at the French Robertson Unit. 
We want to Present the Federal Grand Jury with 
enough evidence to send these bastards to jail. (I 
want Harms for my cellie, I will see how tough that 
bastard is without the pistol). There is an ongoing 
conspiracy to cover the Murder. This is a RICO 
violation and these bastards cannot hide behind the 
States Immunity skirts. And when called before an 
investigative body, will start snitching on each 
other to try to save their own asses. When you 
contact us with information send one copy of the 
"Sworn Affidavit" to the Mexican Consulate and one 
to me (via MIM) at the addresses below:

Mexican Consulate, General Counsel, 511 Ohio St, 
Suite 121, Midland, Texas 79701

Together we can make a difference. Don't allow the 
administration to divide and conquer using Race, 
political affiliation or religion which are their 
most common ploys.

 -- A Texas Prisoner, Founder & Chairman of the 
Texas Prisoners Labor Union, 1 January 1997


Sitting here in the Lucasville Maximum Security 
Prison....I would like for someone to tell me if 
this is a maximum security prisoner then tell me 
how is it possible that there are so many stabbings 
on the Rec. [Recreation] Chain of the 
Administrative Segregation [Ad-Seg] blocks?

I have never been afraid of anything in my whole 
like, not even death. But i'm like all men, i will 
not go out without a fight. But here in Ad-Seg 
there's no fighting for your life. You're just a 
target for the next man.

Let me make myself clear on what i'm talking about. 
Like i said, i'm in Ad-seg. That means you're hand 
cuffed everywhere you go. You are allowed one hour 
of rec. a day. You are stripped of everything you 
have on in your cell, in front of the rec. officer. 
He will then shake you clothes down then watch you 
put them back on. After this he will then cuff you 
behind you back, then put leg cuffs on you. Then 
you are put in a chain that runs through you arms. 
You might have 10-15 inmates on a chain with only 
two rec. officers.

...Now after all this is done, how is it possible 
for an inmate to come out of his handcuffs and have 
a razor or ice pick and attack you???

Now remember what i said, you were stripped and 
cuffed in front of an officer. So tell me, where 
are the razors and ice picks coming from? It makes 
you wonder? I don't go to rec. anymore because i 
refuse to get hit on this rec. chain and not fight 
back. I've been in Ad-Seg for one year now and I've 
seen six stabbings on this rec. chain.

It's never a black inmate hitting a white inmate. 
It's the whites hitting the blacks. There's not one 
black rec. officer working the rec. chain. We 
brothers have addressed this to the warden and 
Columbus. I'm trying to make it home alive.
--An Ohio Prisoner, 11 December 1996


...I also got something to say, about the KKK's 
Feds. You can print this in your MIM Notes (from 
Prison Life Magazine).
Looks like the Federal Bureau of Prisons has 
approved a new vehicle of torture: the Remote 
Electronically Activated Technology, R-E-A-C-T-STUN 
BELT. How long did it take them to make up that 
acronym? A program statement dated September 30, 
1994 from the US Amerikkkan Imperialist KKK's 
Department of Justice outlines the various uses of 
the device which is designed to prevent pri$oner$ 
from escaping while being escorted to court, the 
hospital or another prison. First the gory details 
as explained in the document.

The custody control belt discharges 50,000 volts of 
electricity by means of a remote transmitter. An 
attending officer has the ability to activate the 
stun package attached to the belt thereby causing 
the following results to take place.

1. Immobilization, causing you to fall to the 
ground. Possibility of self-urination. Only maximum 
custody convicts "requiring greater security than 
can be afforded through conventional restraints" 
can be forced to wear the stun belt. The document 
states that the officer in charge of the escort 
detail "must exercise sound judgment when making a 
decision to activate the custody control belt", but 
it goes on to say that "verbal orders are not 
required if the staff member reasonable believes a 
danger of death or grievous bodily harm is 
imminent". In addition prisoners can be stunned if 
they tamper with the belt, fail to comply with 
staffs' verbal order to halt or if the officer in 
charge experiences "any loss of visual contact with 
the prisoner". 

Hmm, Guess the days of handcuffs and shackles are 
over. What a toy, America people think that violent 
punishment is the solution. I mean the system is 
fucked up. Really these people enjoy to see others 
in pain just for entertainment, like the shows, 
amerikkka's most wanted, cops, and crimestoppers. 
Yeah, right, they are straight up killers - the 
only thing different is they have a license to 
KILL. Permission to do it from the KKK. ...The real 
criminals make the laws...

--A Michigan Prisoner, 5 January 1997


...I recently received your publications of No. 125 
and 126. I was not surprised by the article about 
the St. Louis police beating a former prisoner to 
death. Since my incarceration in ^90, I have been 
part of and witnessed plenty of my unconscious 
brothers [correction officers] beat [prisoners] 
into a state of comotose for simply protesting the 
actions of the Ferguson Units' Tom and his hired 

The Texas prison system prides its-self on 
brutality on prisoners, just a Chief Williams does 
of the LAPD. The way that it thrives is to send 
hired hands out against its own race. And if the 
brother [prisoner] lives to make it to court, then 
they send [one of] your own race into that snake 
den to discredit any type of defense that you [the 
prisoner] have. [The Uncle Tom discredits the 
prisoner] by saying that you have a history of 
attacking them or inciting riots, and they are only 
trying to do their job and serve the public.
However, it may be the Brothers of the struggle 
will continue to fight the powers that be and make 
this kkkountry a real land of the free. And a home 
to the brave Brothers and Sisters who have the 
vision to overthrow this government and institute a 
true government of Marx-Lenin-Maoist ideology. 


A true Brother of the Struggle,A Texas Prisoner, 11 
December 1996


Free Lunch Arts Alliance, A California Not-for-
Profit Corporation, is planning a publication of 
poetry from prisoners in U.S. correctional 
institutions. This will be either a special issue 
of the magazine, or a larger chapbook of about 36 
or more pages. We have not yet determined a 
publication date, but it will probably be in late 
1997 or early 1998. We hope to have poetry from 
inmates from across the U.S.

Guidelines for Special Free Lunch Issue of Prisoner 
Prisoners should submit up to three previously 
unpublished poems. The poems can be hand printed, 
typed, or computer-generated. If the submission 
includes more than three poems, it will be 
discarded and the poems will not be considered. For 
this special publication, prisoners do not need to 
include a self-address, stamped envelope. If we 
wish to get in touch with the prisoner regarding a 
submission (for correction, clarification, or 
possible revision) we will supply the postage for 
this. Please place the letter I on the envelope you 
send, or indicate in a cover letter that the 
submission is for the special Inmate Issue. Cover 
letters are not necessary, however, although it is 
always interesting to receive them.

Submissions will not be returned. So original 
copies of work should not be sent. If a poem is 
selected for publication, we will notify the 
prisoner. To this end, we ask that you provide an 
alternate name and address where you can be 
contacted. Often prisoners are moved around and 
mail is not always forwarded. So an alternate name 
and address is helpful. All those whose work is 
published will receive two copies of this special 
issue and a free on-going subscription to the 
magazine. Additional copies will be available to 
contributors at a cost plus postage basis.

As for what type of poetry we are looking for, we 
are not interested in traditional greeting card 
verse, which is typically rhymed and contains some 
kind of moral or message. On the other hand, we are 
not opposed to traditional rhymed poetry. We like 
poetry that relies on figurative language image, 
simile, metaphor, rhythm, sound, etc. We do not 
care for flat, prosy work that is really prose and 
is chopped up into lines to look like poetry. There 
is no limitation of subject matter or the type of 
poetry (experimental, protest, lyric, narrative, 

We look forward to seeing your work.

--Ron Offen, Editor of Free Lunch, 29 January 1997
Submissions can be sent to: Free Lunch Arts 
Alliance, PO BOX 7647, Laguna Niguel, CA 92607- 

MIM ADDS:  We also encourage prisoners to keep 
sending poetry and art to MIM as well as news and 
theoretical articles.


*1. Struggle with, work with, finance and join MIM. 
The best way to support prisoners is to overthrow 
the system under which capitalists profit from the 
exploitation of prisoners. History shows that the 
best way to do this is to build a Marxist-Leninist-
Maoist party. The oppressors will not give up their 
power without a fight.
*2. Finance MIM's prison work. Our biggest bill 
each month is postage. Most of the prison comrades 
who read MIM Notes have no way of paying for it. So 
if you have money, send what you can afford. Every 
cent helps, and stamps are as good as cash to us.
*3. Distribute MIM Notes and Notas Rojas. Bring the 
voices of prisoners and their supporters to as 
large and wide an audience of people as possible. 
Contact MIM for bulk rates and distribution tips.
*4. Start or join a prison support group. MIM can 
provide advice and resources to help you build 
public opinion for prisoners and their struggles.
*5. Fight censorship, beatings, torture and other 
fascist outrages. Under Lock and Key often features 
the addresses of prisoners' friends and enemies. 
Work with the friends and let the enemies know 
you're watching. (Don't expect to win the fascists 
to the side of humanity, however. See #1 in this 
*6. Stay in touch. Keep us informed of pro-prisoner 
work you do. Our readers might find it educational 
or inspirational.

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