This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
Maoist Internationalist Movement

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   MIM Notes 152        DECEMBER 1, 1997

MIM Notes speaks to and from the viewpoint of the 
world's oppressed majority, and against the 
imperialist-patriarchy. Pick it up and wield it in 
the service of the people. support it, struggle 
with it and write for it.



* * *


The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) is a 
revolutionary communist party that upholds 
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, comprising the collection 
of existing or emerging Maoist internationalist 
parties in the English-speaking imperialist 
countries and their English-speaking internal 
semi-colonies, as well as the existing or emerging 
Spanish-speaking Maoist internationalist parties 
of Aztlan, Puerto Rico and other territories of 
the U.S. Empire. MIM Notes is the newspaper of 
MIM. Notas Rojas is the newspaper of the Spanish-
speaking parties or emerging parties of MIM.

MIM is an internationalist organization that works 
from the vantage point of the Third World 
proletariat; thus, its members are not Amerikans, 
but world citizens.

MIM struggles to end the oppression of all groups 
over other groups: classes, genders, nations.  MIM 
knows this is only possible by building public 
opinion to seize power through armed struggle.

Revolution is a reality for North America as the 
military becomes over-extended in the government's 
attempts to maintain world hegemony.

MIM differs from other communist parties on three 
main questions: (1) MIM holds that after the 
proletariat seizes power in socialist revolution, 
the potential exists for capitalist restoration 
under the leadership of a new bourgeoisie within 
the communist party itself. In the case of the 
USSR, the bourgeoisie seized power after the death 
of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao's 
death and the overthrow of the "Gang of Four" in 
1976. (2) MIM upholds the Chinese Cultural 
Revolution as the farthest advance of communism in 
human history. (3) MIM believes the North American 
white-working-class is primarily a non-
revolutionary worker-elite at this time; thus, it 
is not the principal vehicle to advance Maoism in 
this country.

MIM accepts people as members who agree on these 
basic principles and accept democratic centralism, 
the system of majority rule, on other questions of 
party line.

"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is 
universally applicable. We should regard it not as 
dogma, but as a guide to action. Studying it is 
not merely a matter of learning terms and phrases, 
but of learning Marxism-Leninism as the science of 
-- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208

* * *


Two white supremacist youth who savagely tortured 
and killed a Viet sojourner in California were both 
recently convicted for first-degree murder.(1) 
Normally when the murder victims are oppressed 
nationals, the bourgeoisie and labor aristocracy 
collude to free the white nation murderers or give 
them very light slaps on the wrist. In this 
particular case, two major factors pushed the 
convictions through:  the response of the outraged 
Asian community and the danger that these youth 
pose even to white Amerikan society.

On January 28, 1996, Gunner Lindberg and Dominic 
Christopher assaulted Thien Minh Ly, a Georgetown 
University medical student, as he was rollerblading 
at his former high school in Orange County, 
California. Encountering Ly alone at night on the 
tennis court, Lindberg stabbed Ly repeatedly while 
Christopher egged him on. They watched Ly bleed to 
death and then left. Lindberg later wrote to his 
cousin and bragged:  "Oh, I killed a jap a while 
ago I stabbed him to Death... I pulled the knife 
out a butcher knife... I stomped on his head 3 
times ... and stabbed him in the side about 7 or 8 
times he rolled over a little so I stabbed his back 
about 18 or 19 times then he laid flat and I slit 
one side of his throat on his jugular vain... then 
Domminic said 'do it again' ... so I cut his other 
jugular vain... [and] stabbed him about 20 to 21 
times in the heart... then I wanted to go back and 
look, so we Did and he was Dying just then taking 
in some bloody gasps of air ... [and then Dominic] 
kicked the fuck out of his face... [sic]" (2)

The pigs initially believed that Ly was murdered by 
an acquaintance because "[t]he multiple wounds 
indicate[d] a lot of hatred and anger was behind 
it."(3) When it was uncovered that hatred was 
indeed the prime motive --white supremacist hatred 
-- the pigs were quick to close ranks and deny any 
"unsubstantiated" "racial overtones" in spite of 
the fact that both men were "known white 
supremacists".(4,5) They then asserted that robbery 
was the only motive although Ly had no valuables 
with him at the time of the murder. The local 
bourgeois media parroted this line, calling the two 
men "alleged racists" even after the pigs raided 
their apartment and found Nazi, Ku Klux Klan and 
other white supremacist materials.(6)

Pressured by the Asian communities, the pigs and 
courts finally had to admit -- albeit in a gentle 
way -- that Lindberg had indicated his deep 
resentment and dislike for the Asian community."(5)

The bourgeoisie, its armed forces and media wings 
have it within their interests to deny that 
violence against the oppressed nations targets them 
specifically because they are oppressed nations. 
The Amerikan imperialists do not want oppressed 
nationals to recognize that their oppression is 
systemic and do something against that very system. 
White nation workers also benefit materially from 
hiding this fact. In particular, violence against 
Asian and Asian-descended nationals is less likely 
to be acknowledged as a racist act. As a Korean 
wrote in the Tustin Weekly: "The cover-up of the 
motive and the selective omission of words printed 
in the newspaper have made me realize the racism 
against Asian-Americans [sic] is not considered a 
serious problem."(7)

Amerikan imperialist wars in Asia have hardened 
Amerikan chauvinism against Asian nationals. In 
particular, the successful revolution in Viet Nam 
and the resounding Amerikan defeat there has 
embittered the settler nation against the recently 
established Viet and Southeast Asian communities in 
their midst.

Orange County in California has a large population 
of Viet nationals who have built a vibrant 
community, Little Saigon, in the middle of 
reactionary settler chauvinism. Police brutality 
and the criminalization of Southeast Asian youth 
have been two outgrowths from the antagonistic 
national contradiction between the dominant white 
nation and the Southeast Asians.

Anti-Asian sentiment is not a recent trend in 
Amerikan ideology. It is as Amerikan as slavery, 
oppression and genocide. During the 19th century, 
Chinese labor played an essential role in building 
the economy in the west while Euro-Amerikkkans 
waged land-thieving and genocidal wars against the 
First Nations and Mexico. When the white settlers 
swarmed west, they terrorized, massacred, and 
disenfranchised Chinese nationals under the banner 
of white chauvinism.

In the book Settlers:  The Mythology of the White 
Proletariat, J. Sakai points out that "the 
[Amerikan] Empire-wide campaign against the Chinese 
national minority played a major role in the 
history of Euro-Amerikan labor;  it was a central 
rallying issue for many, a point around which 
immigrant European workers and other settlers could 

This was as true in the 1800's as it was in the 
1980's, when Japan-bashing regained currency. Japan 
was becoming a competitive imperialist power to 
contend with during the eighties. As Amerikans 
became more restless and discontented with their 
perceived economic eclipse, Japan-bashing within 
the united snakes became a life-and-death matter 
for the internal oppressed Asian and Asian-
descended nations.

In June 1982, Vincent Chin, a Chinese draftsman, 
was brutally murdered by two unemployed white 
nation autoworkers because he was a "jap" 
responsible for "layoffs in the automobile 
industry."(9) In a broad show of labor-aristocratic 
support, a jury of their peers found these two 
crackers innocent in spite of overwhelming 
testimony and evidence of their guilt. The two 
murderers never spent a day in jail. MIM has stated 
before that the Vincent Chin case "demonstrates 
that it is often the white workers at the vanguard 
of reaction within u.s. borders while the 
imperialists generally take the lead in extremist 
reaction abroad. In this case, the imperialists 
were willing to put the heat on the white workers 
[by prosecuting them], but the white workers 
themselves turned out to be unwilling to live 
without racism."(10)

The murder of Vincent Chin and the acquittal of his 
murderers concretely demonstrates how white nation 
workers are reactionary national chauvinists. Their 
dominant economic and social positions of power 
makes the white nation as a whole opposed to 
genuine alliances with oppressed nation workers and 
to revolution. Because they are bought-off with 
imperialist super-profits, the white nation forms a 
labor aristocracy within the imperialist countries. 
They are willing to participate in and condone 
oppression and murder and will even themselves kill 
to maintain their privileges skimmed from the 
exploitation of the Third World.

In general the bourgeoisie and its injustice system 
go to great lengths to support white supremacy and 
settler terrorism against the oppressed. After all, 
in the hearts and minds of the white nation, the 
lives of three million "gooks" is insignificant in 
comparison to the lives of 200,000 crackers.

Amerika rarely punishes its own except when they 
present a danger to the white nation itself. In 
this particular case, one of the white 
supremacists, Gunner Lindberg, had shot a Missouri 
pig's son, showing himself to be a danger to the 
white nation as well. But if it had not been for 
the mobilization of the Asian communities, the 
bourgeoisie would have been content to lightly 
punish Lindberg and his accomplice Dominic 
Christopher for "attempted robbery" without 
acknowledging their racism.(11) It was the 
political pressure of the outraged Asian 
communities which forced the bourgeoisie to 
categorize the murder as a "hate crime" motivated 
by reactionary Amerikan chauvinism.

The overall white nation chauvinist tendency is to 
lump all Asian nationals together as a monolithic 
whole, in complete disregard of the historical 
antagonisms and material conditions between 
different Asian nations. White nation chauvinism 
reacts against Asians as a group and does not 
differentiate between "gook," "jap" or "chink." 
This common oppression lends itself to unity 
between the Asian-descended nations within the 
u.s., the growth of a pan-Asian political 
consciousness and ultimately, a revolutionary pan-
Asian nationalism.

In a letter written to Thien Ly after his murder, 
his mother writes. "It has been more than a year 
since you had to leave us -- your parents and 
siblings -- because of the cruel and discriminatory 
hands of two wicked people who destroyed our 
family, forcing you to leave us painfully, leaving 
us, your parents and two siblings in an immense 
sadness... I do not understand why their hearts 
were so cruel and wicked."(12)

MIM sympathizes deeply with the Ly family's pain 
and points to Amerikan imperialism as fundamental 
root of violence against the oppressed. The Asian 
masses in the belly of the beast have mobilized 
against this example of white nation chauvinism. 
MIM encourages the Asian communities to get angry, 
organize and take pan-Asian nationalism even 
further. Racist violence cannot be stopped until 
the system which underpins it is overthrown.

1. Daily Bruin (UCLA) 1 October 1997.
2. LA Times Orange County 4 March 1996. This letter 
lead to Lindberg and Christopher's arrest.
3. Tustin Weekly2 February 1996.
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6. Orange County Human Relations Commissioned 
reported that white supremacists committed the 
majority of local hate crimes in 1995: 102 out of 
175. In that year, crimes against Asians increased, 
while crimes against jews decreased. These figures 
are of course vastly underreported since it does 
not include the violence of poverty, starvation and 
disease against the oppressed. LA Times OC 3 March 
7. Tustin Weekly, Letters to the Editor.
8. J. Sakai Settlers: The Mythology of the White 
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10. "'Asian American' film review" by MIM, as yet 
11. MIM thinks Amerikan doublespeak is ironic 
because Amerika has robbed and is continuing to rob 
the oppressed nations of their resources and 
freedom but that is considered the Amerikan Dream.
12. "Letters to Thien" webpage 

* * *


On October 28, Radio Free Allston was shut down by 
the Federal Communications Commission for operating 
illegally. Radio Free Allston (RFA) is a low-power 
FM radio station that, "was formed to provide the 
greater Boston community in general and Allston-
Brighton in particular, with access to the 'public 
airwaves' access which is now prohibitive because 
of cost and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 
regulations." They broadcasted for eight months at 
106.1 FM without a license from the FCC. On October 
28th two agents from the FCC showed up at the 
station and ordered them to shut down or face fines 
and arrest. The station operator, Steve Provizer, 
decided to shut down in the short term while they 
fight the legal battle to reopen.

RFA was well known in the community for traveling 
to political events and providing live coverage 
where other media were conspicuously absent. The 
live coverage of political activism around Boston 
and its willingness to broadcast political 
commentaries and announce events along with the 
alternative play list and wide array of foreign 
language and other alternative programming 
distinguished Radio Free Allston from the 
mainstream radio on the rest of the dial.

The operation of RFA was entirely public. RFA 
publicized the station address and offered contact 
information on their web page. This was a political 
decision to fight for support for small watt 
stations. In July, it even managed to get the 
Boston City Council to pass a resolution supporting 
the station.

There was a complaint lodged with the FCC against 
Radio Free Allston by WROR-105.7. WROR is a 50,000 
watt station owned by Greater Media, a New Jersey-
based corporation that has 15 stations in five 
markets.(1) But there is no evidence that RFA 
interfered with WROR's broadcasting, this is just 
an excuse for the corporate controlled media to get 
the FCC to crack down on independent media.

In 1978, the FCC stopped licensing stations smaller 
than 100 watts. It appears that the FCC is stepping 
up enforcement. The day after shutting down RFA, 
the FCC shut down WDOA, a 60-watt pirate music 
station in Worcester that had been operating for 
almost two years. While the FCC is running around 
shutting down tiny community stations, corporations 
are allowed to own as many as eight radio stations 
in a market. And it is the pressure from these 
corporations that is leading part of the driving 
force behind the FCC crack down. According to the 
Boston Phoenix, "The National Association of 
Broadcasters (NAB), a powerful lobby that worked to 
weaken the ownership restrictions on radio stations 
two years ago, has been urging the FCC to crack 
down on pirate stations."

As RFA pointed out:  "Have you ever wondered why 
there are no stations that speak for communities? 
The answer, of course, is money." RFA's philosophy 
that they should be fighting the corporate 
ownership of media has put them in the leadership 
of this battle on the radio front. RFA's literature 
describes the monopoly of radio and offers 
compelling arguments for the importance of this 

"Last year, because of deregulation mandated by 
Congress, fully half of America's small radio 
station owners were swallowed up by a small, 
powerful group of enormous corporations. Didn't 
know that Disney and Westinghouse were in the radio 
business? Last year, these two corporations alone 
picked up radio stations worth 224 million dollars.

"If you're thinking about getting into the radio 
business -- aside from the cost of the station -- 
you'll have to fork over at least $50,000 to 
undergo the licensing process demanded by the 
Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This is 
big money for you and me, but chump change to these 
conglomerates, who pay each other the big money 
privilege of playing ring-around-the rosy with 
America's media." That chunk of money goes toward 
lawyers and engineers who are part of a small 
circle familiar with how the game has to be played.

"Because of this centralization of power, there's a 
lot of news that never sees the light of day. 
Knowing that information gets funneled through the 
news bureaucracies of GE, Fox, Westinghouse, 
Warners and company (owners of thousands of radio 
stations, CBS, NBC, etc..), how likely does it seem 
that these litigious companies will sanction news 
that may be controversial, let alone say anything 
bad about themselves?"

RFA estimates that there are about 200 illegally 
operated small radio stations across the country. 
MIM would add to this estimate of alternative radio 
stations the many small alternative newspapers also 
operated around the country. These alternative 
media sources are key to the fight against 
imperialism and need our support in the struggle 
against corporate media control. There is no free 
speech under imperialism, only power struggles. For 
this reason MIM supports RFA's struggle for greater 
access to free speech.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts 
is planning to fight on behalf of RFA to argue that 
the FCC's ban on low-power licenses violates free-
speech protections.(1) It is worthwhile to take up 
these battles in court whenever possible. There is 
a court battle going on in Berkeley, California 
over the operation of Free Radio Berkeley which is 
challenging the FCC on First Amendment grounds. 
These legal battles may force the FCC to change its 
rules. But these battles will always have to be 
fought as long as we live under imperialism because 
this political system allows for the financial 
control of the media. This is why MIM sees these 
battles for access to free speech as part of a 
larger struggle to overthrow imperialism and 
establish a system of socialism that is run by the 
people, not the corporations.

RFA is encouraging supporters to sign petitions and 
write letters to local newspapers. For more 
information or to sign a petition you can reach RFA 

1. Boston Phoenix, November 6 - 13, 1997.
2. All other information in this article was taken 
from the Radio Free Allston Web page.

* * *


***The following is excerpted from a letter 
responding to the article in the November 1st MIM 
Notes on the Serve the People Food Program 
(STPFP)"Repudiate 'charity' -- promote 

Dear MIM,

The MIM Notes article stated:  "The STPFP 
distributed sandwiches to homeless men and wimmin 
on an irregular and limited basis." By omission, 
this sets up a straw STPFP:  the STPFP distributed 
sandwiches and fliers containing MIM's program. The 
basis was irregular, but for a good while it was 
weekly. As for the limited basis of the program, at 
this point it would be good to publicize the actual 
numbers, which are an accomplishment MIM can take 
credit for even while backing away from the STPFP:  
over 500 sandwiches were distributed, each with a 
copy of MIM's program.

This article really begs the question of why MIM 
rejects the STPFP as charity work, while MIM 
criticizes those who say the same of the Black 
Panther Party's Serve the People Programs. It has 
been acknowledged that, bending to pressure from 
FBI poison-pen campaigns, the BPP made sure to not 
propagandize while distributing food. Another 
question begged:  what will create "an already 
vibrant political movement"?

A partial answer: "In short, all the practical 
problems in the masses' everyday life should claim 
our attention. If we attend to these problems, 
solve them and satisfy the needs of the masses, we 
shall really become organizers of the well-being of 
the masses, and they will truly rally around us to 
give us their warm support. Comrades, will we then 
be able to arouse them to take part in the 
revolutionary war? Yes, indeed we will." (Mao, 

Whatever the STPFP's shortcomings, it was not 
significant enough an experiment to justify your 
broad dismissal of its potential. What we can sum 
up are such things as what was ineffective about 
the flier used. And the fact that we can now better 
sum up the form propaganda work among drug-addicted 
homeless people should take is an accomplishment of 
the STPFP.

The question raised in the article is what kind of 
work the party should lead:  agitation and 
propaganda only? Organizing only the organs of 
revolutionary warfare and the future ruling 
PolitBuro? No, the party also needs to become an 
organizer of the well-being of the masses. Else, 
there will be no party to speak of, no army, no 
united front, no revolutionary war, no state power.

You wrote: "The [CCP] and the Red Army did not go 
into the countryside to hand out PB&J sandwiches, 
they went there to mobilize the peasantry to solve 
their pressing political needs themselves. In 
particular, the CCP organized the peasants into the 
armed struggle to seize state power." First of all, 
again here you flog a straw dog by omitting the 
fact that all sandwiches came with MIM's program 
and a call for involvement. Addressing the masses' 
needs via sandwiches does not preclude mobilizing 
the masses to solve their own needs; taking the 
lead in problem-solving is a necessary prerequisite 
for involving the masses. I am concerned about your 
use of the word "political." Are you trying to 
counterpoise sandwiches with politics, so that the 
sandwiches look like pitiful charity work?

Mao from 1934's "Be Concerned with the Well-Being 
of the Masses, Pay Attention to Methods of Work'' 
again:  "I earnestly suggest to this congress that 
we pay close attention to the well-being of the 
masses, from the problems of land and labour to 
those of fuel, rice, cooking oil and salt." More:  
"If we only mobilize the people to carry on the war 
and do nothing else, can we succeed in defeating 
the enemy? Of course not. We must lead the 
peasants' struggle for land and distribute the land 
to them, heighten their labour enthusiasm and 
increase agricultural production, safeguard the 
interests of the workers, establish co-operatives, 
develop trade with outside areas, and solve the 
problems facing the masses -- food, shelter and 
clothing, fuel, rice, cooking oil and salt, 
sickness and hygiene, and marriage." I recommend a 
careful re-reading of this essay, which opposes 
"bureaucratic leaders" who "talk only about 
expanding the Red Army, enlarging the transport 
corps, collecting the land tax and selling bonds 
[but pay] not the slightest attention to the well-
being of the masses. . . . We should convince the 
masses that we represent their interests, that our 
lives are intimately bound up with theirs. We 
should help them to proceed from these things to an 
understanding of the higher tasks which we have put 
forward, the tasks of the revolutionary war, so 
that they will support the revolution and spread it 
throughout the country, respond to our political 
appeals and fight to the end for victory in the 
revolution. The masses in Changkang say, 'The 
Communist Party is really good! It has thought of 
everything on my behalf.'" You are correct that 
armed struggle was the broad context of this Mao 
essay. But the particular context was the existence 
of the "bureaucratic" line which, in my opinion, 
yours resembles.

The article errs by incorrectly calling the STPFP 
"beyond our reach" -- again, it was a problem of 
collective will, not resources. As for a "concrete 
impact", on the one hand, 500+ sandwiches isn't 
much;  on the other hand, by similar standards, MIM 
Notes frequency, size, and distribution isn't much 
either. And I dare say that a sandwich will do more 
than a MIM Notes to address the practical problems 
in the masses' everyday life. (Dialectically, the 
MIM Notes will have its impact, but for concrete 
impact, the sandwich wins. And when the sandwich 
comes with MIM's program and contact info, it's no 
longer really a contest.)

 -- a comrade in the west

MIM RESPONDS: This letter does a good job of 
demonstrating how it is possible for a Maoist party 
to carry out a relatively large program that is led 
by incorrect political line. The letter also shows 
us how divorcing the study of theory from the realm 
of practice can make for lazy theory and ultra-left 
practice together.

The author is correct to raise the example of the 
Black Panther Party as the BPP was the Maoist 
vanguard in this country from 1966 through to the 
early 1970s. The BPP's Serve the People programs 
were carried out in the context of a vibrant 
movement to free political prisoners, oppose pig 
activity generally, and oppose the U.$. war in 
Vietnam among other things. MIM is building these 
same activities against prisons, police brutality 
and imperialism, but without such a movement, it is 
not the right time to initiate such far-reaching 
STP programs.

The article "Repudiate 'charity'" in MN149 made 
clear that propaganda work among drug-addicted 
homeless people is not a form of activism we have 
the resources to be taking on right now. Any 
lessons learned in the course of this project came 
at the expense of getting ahead of ourselves, 
devoting resources to this program instead of to 
programs we could follow-through on, and misleading 
the masses into thinking that this is the correct 
form of revolutionary organizing at this time -- 
all of these things point to the fact that this 
program was wrong for us in 1997. The letter writer 
promotes a lazy approach to theory in saying that 
even if we made avoidable mistakes, at least we 
learned something. MIM consistently struggles to 
apply the theoretical lessons of past revolutionary 
struggles and not to repeat errors.

Maoists do not pat themselves on the back for 
learning through ultra-leftism, we do not say "hey, 
we wasted the people's time and money for a few 
months but at least we got some practical 
experience doing it." We must take responsibility 
for understanding our material conditions well 
enough to not make egregious ultra-left errors. We 
will make honest mistakes at times but as the 
article in MN149 pointed out, this was not one of 
them. It was a mistake we could have prevented and 
we plan not to make similar mistakes in the future.

The letter writer wants to equate the 
"particularity" of a supposedly bureaucratic line 
existing in Amerika today with one which Mao 
struggled against in China in 1934 -- to argue that 
MIM harbors a bureaucratic line because it is not 
doing work in 1997 which Mao insisted the Chinese 
Communist Party do in 1934. Yet the letter writer 
wants to dismiss the Chinese armed struggle as mere 
context for the CCP's work! The background to the 
masses in Changkang saying "The Communist party is 
really good!" is that "when fire broke out in a 
poor peasant's house destroying one and a half 
rooms, the township government appealed to the 
masses to contribute money to help him. In another 
instance, three persons were starving, so the 
township government and the mutual-aid society 
immediately gave them rice."(Be Concerned with the 
Well-Being of the Masses, Selected Works Vol.1, p. 

Without the armed struggle defensible gains are by 
definition much smaller. The armed struggle is the 
only thing that can make a mutual aid society and a 
benevolent township government possible. It is also 
the prerequisite for making these things worth 
supporting because without it the township 
government is necessarily feudal or bourgeois at 
best. The method the CCP used to help the masses 
see that the party's interests were bound up with 
their own was to take leadership in work the masses 
could participate in.

On the question of "leading the masses to solve 
their own problems," the article on the STPFP 
argued that this program offered no such 
leadership. In the passage quoted by the letter 
writer, Mao refers to "heighten[ing the peasants'] 
labour enthusiasm and increas[ing] agricultural 
production," but the letter writer says nothing 
about how MIM handing out sandwiches and a copy of 
our program is even the beginning of mobilizing the 
masses to participate in caring for their own basic 
needs. Again, this represents the theoretical 
sloppiness of the ultra-left, which wants to take 
the spectacular and most public aspects of past 
movements while ignoring the years of arduous 
struggle which went into building those movements.

No one is disputing Mao on the necessity of paying 
attention to the well-being of the masses;  what we 
are arguing is the question of whether under 
current conditions such a program could amount to 
genuinely effective work for the masses' well-
being. Even in the Mao essay which you quote, which 
was written when the CCP was at a higher stage of 
struggle than MIM is today, Mao talks about 
mobilizing the peasants, not about mobilizing the 
lumpen to meet its own needs.

The STPFP was rightist in doing charity work rather 
than holding out for the vibrant political movement 
that would allow this work to expand into 
independent organizing for the masses' needs, it 
was leftist in asserting that the party public-
opinion building apparatus was sufficiently strong 
that this program could effectively organize the 
lumpen into meeting their own needs.

To call one sandwich per week addressing the 
practical problems of the masses' everyday life 
makes a joke out of hunger, especially when it is 
combined with an argument which guts the importance 
of building sustainable and expandable independent 
institutions of the oppressed. MIM does have many 
effective Serve the People programs including our 
revolutionary Free Books for Prisoners program, 
prisoner re-lease program, the educational work we 
do through literature distribution and organizing 
events, and the many struggles we carry out on 
behalf of the prisoners in Amerika. MIM now seeks 
to expand these programs as we build others. It is 
important that we don't get ahead of ourselves and 
waste resources on programs that we can not 
properly sustain or develop to effect the masses 
well-being. At the same time we need to think big 
and work towards the day in the not too distant 
future when we will be able to sustain programs on 
the scale of our Filipino comrades who provide 
medical care for the people, organize them to 
defend their land, and help them to become self-
sufficient while fighting armed revolution against 

* * *


We the prisoners, communists and progressive 
individuals, including some Quakers, fighting the 
unjust court system in Amerika generally have our 
backs against the walls. The U.$. criminal 
INjustice system churns out convictions without 
regard for the supposed principles of "innocent 
until proven guilty" or "beyond a reasonable 
doubt," while the white nation trails along with 
the tough-on-crime bandwagon. MIM calls on 
Europeans who have recently noticed Amerikan 
injustice in action, and to organizers within U.$. 
borders who oppose brutality and injustice, to take 
up our fight against the entire sprawling and 
oppressive Amerikan justice system.

The recent au pair court case has shown many 
Europeans that the Amerikan court system is not 
about justice. MIM urges those who are watching to 
look deeper into the Amerikan system and see that 
au pair's case is one in a system which does not 
bring about justice -- this is the one case which 
was turned around, but what about all the less 
famous ones? Many Amerikan whites have realized the 
same thing in the wake of Louise Woodward's 
conviction and release -- but what about Geronimo 
Pratt, what about Mumia Abu-Jamal, and what about 
all the captives whose words fill the pages of MIM 
Notes' Under Lock & Key? What about those prisoners 
who have not yet found such anti-prison forces as 
MIM Notes but who live under the thumb of the 
prison guards every day?

MIM directs its fire at the U.$. criminal injustice 
system as a whole and we call on all genuine anti-
imperialists to do the same. We call for sustained 
and increased opposition to the system which 
imprisons the oppressed nationalities at rates many 
times their percentages in the population, and 
which arrests oppressed nation youth for hanging 
out with their friends.

We call on all progressive-minded people in Europe 
to support and distribute MIM Notes, which is the 
most censored newspaper in the U$A. It is being 
censored in the U.$. prisons, because we report the 
real conditions of prisons -- including the crimes 
of wardens and guards. It is being censored because 
we consistently report many examples of injustice 
and even murder being carried out by the Amerikan 
legal system.


We know that many progressives in Europe can work 
with communists like us. Even if we disagree on 
important principles, we're pushing for the support 
of progressives in Europe to fight the battle only 
MIM and a few individual progressives are fighting.

In Europe, many people do not believe that being a 
communist is a crime. Here in the U$A, they ban our 
literature and invent charges against prisoners who 
read it. While MIM advances literacy by 
distributing free books, magazines and newspapers 
in prison, the state prison authorities often 
confiscate the literature and throw it out. Only 
sometimes do prison authorities follow the law and 
inform us that our literature has been confiscated. 
There is often no pretense in allowing prisoners to 
rehabilitate themselves by learning to read 
interesting and intelligent material. The 
reactionary view is that prisoners should leave 
prison as ignorant and sick as possible, to have no 
economic future and to spread infectious diseases.

Consistently, we have brought cold, hard statistics 
and reason to people within U.$. borders through 
publications, educational events, posters and other 
organizing. While we find some anti-prisons 
activists we can ally with, the majority of 
settlers only line up for more emotional responses 
to crime. They do not listen to communists or 
Quakers or the prisoners themselves. That is why it 
is so important for Europeans to work with MIM in 
the struggle to turn the tide against the largest 
prison state in the world. The presence of anti-
prison activism is stronger in Europe than in 
Amerika and we must add this voice to our own. MIM 
and Amerika's prisoners need more English and other 
Europeans to aid in the struggle to criticize the 
white settler nation of Amerika and build more 
opposition to the use of prisons as a tool for 

For every censored MIM Notes covering prison 
conditions in the U$A, let there be 10 new readers 
of MIM Notes in Europe! Then let there be 10 new 
signatories to petitions sent to MIM Notes to ease 
these conditions. Libertarian and anarchist 
friends:  distribute MIM Notes as retaliation until 
the censorship stops! The forces of reaction will 
be weaken as more unite with MIM against the 
Amerikan INjustice system.


On October 30, a jury in Middlesex County, 
Massachusetts found Louise Woodward guilty of 
second degree murder in the death of a baby. The 
prosecution claimed the baby's head was so damaged 
that the au pair must have thrown the baby hard 
enough to cause as much damage as a high-speed car 
accident. The defense brought medical authorities 
who argued that the baby had already been injured 
some days earlier and it did not take much for the 
baby to die. MIM claims no special knowledge on 
this case.

But this case of conflicting hard evidence only 
adds to our proof that Amerikans view criminal 
defendants as guilty until proven innocent, and 
that they will happily ignore a clear and 
reasonable doubt. Anything a cop says is worshipped 
in our sick society -- to the point where a 
videotape in Simi Valley could not convict cops of 
beating Rodney King while entirely circumstantial 
evidence put forward by cops can convince a jury to 
convict an au pair.

On this or that case, one might be wrong, but 
overall the statistics tell no lies:  the U$A is 
the world's number one prison state. While 
complaining about Jiang Zemin, the U$A is 
imprisoning more people per 1,000 than China is, 
and with equally lame excuses. While China executes 
more people than the U$A, the U$ prison system is 
still responsible for more total wastage of lives 
per 1,000 people.


In the Cambridge political region a spate of crimes 
has unleashed the mystic side of this liberal town, 
an emotional side open to rightist demagoguery. 
Even a concentration of tens of thousands of 
liberals in one place is no defense against 
reactionary demagoguery, only Marxist science can 
fully defeat reaction. Now with the defeat of rent-
control by a narrow state-wide vote, increased 
petty-bourgeoisification has pushed Cambridge 
politics even further into the mainstream.

It seems that in this area of approximately 100,000 
there has been shock after shock in the last few 
weeks. In September, Cambridge court handled the 
murder of a girl in neighboring Somerville, which 
is filled with ethnic whites of older ages and 
wannabe Cambridgeites of younger ages who could not 
find housing for rent in Cambridge.

Then there was the case of the 10-year-old boy 
Jeffrey Curley apparently killed and then raped. 
Post-modern liberal City Council member, Katherine 
Triantafillou has turned the murder into an issue 
of language. Triantafillou questioned whether we 
know for sure that Curley's killers were a gay 
couple, writing to the Cambridge Chronicle 
objecting that a womyn was verbally insulted on the 
street after the publicity surrounding the murder 
for being a "dyke child molester." This is typical 
of what infuriates MIM so much about post-modern 
liberalism. People are dying and these post-modern 
liberals are mostly concerned about language.

Triantafillou's knee-jerk reaction shows how 
shallow her support for lesbian and gay issues is. 
She implies that if Curley's murderers really were 
gay, then bigotry against gays and lesbians is 
justified. MIM does not deny that there are very 
sick people in this decadent society. No one social 
group has a monopoly on sickness because the 
sickness is systematic and so we do not condone 
bigotry except for bigotry against people defending 
the system.

This focus on language makes the struggle against 
oppression look hopelessly ineffective and skewed 
in its priorities. Triantafillou could be thinking 
of tactical things to do in the struggle and 
capturing the emotional energies of the people for 
effective action. The focus on Curley's death does 
nothing to aid the struggle for an end to 
patriarchal violence. MIM connects this rabid crime 
hype with patriarchal violence -- one form of 
oppression is aimed at the oppressed nationalities, 
the other at children. Whatever the sexual 
orientations of the sick people who killed Curley, 
the review of anti-death penalty law in 
Massachusetts is a reactionary outcome of the hype.

Today in Cambridge, there are city workers pulling 
down posters from utility poles around the clock at 
huge taxpayer expense. This hurts MIM organizing 
because we cannot afford television time or space 
in newspapers to publicize our public events. Yet 
the Cambridge Chronicle's only concern with this 
policy (October 30, 1997) is that it is affecting 
crime notices being posted.


MIM marveled when the au pair Louise Woodward 
gained the support of her whole hometown in 
England, including $22,000 for her parents. While 
this case is an exceptional one:  a white European 
convicted of murder in the white nation courts of 
Amerika, MIM is still glad for the attention it has 
drawn to the court system generally. The ease with 
which Woodward's charge was reduced and her 
sentence practically eliminated to time served 
should prompt those in Europe who were watching 
this case to investigate how many others could or 
should have the same outcome. Could this really be 
a one-time accident? Or is it true as MIM argues 
that all prisoners in Amerika are political 
prisoners, because the pigs who arrest them and the 
courts which convict them are thoroughly abusive 
and corrupt?

Such support is rather rare in the U$A, even in the 
Mumia case which has received such celebrity even 
in the liberal newspapers. The few disoriented 
socialists and communists in Amerika only get the 
courage up to speak out on a handful of cases 
already approved by the liberal bourgeois media. 
That is how impossible it has become to challenge 
the political climate, the climate MIM calls labor 
aristocracy politics. MIM looks to turn the 
criticism of the handling of the Louise Woodward 
case into prolonged criticism and attention on the 
criminal INjustice system generally.


Self-contradictory patriarchal reasoning led to 
much public criticism of the dead baby's mother, 
even from liberal Cambridge wimmin. They say the 
mother put her career above her child and none of 
this would have happened if it had not been for 

The U$A is just not set up to support two-career 
families with children. So fearful of communism, 
the public including the majority of workers 
opposes government handling of infants. Hard-core 
Christians easily invent stories about child 
molesters in day care centers as if there were none 
in Christian families where mothers stay at home.

Whether through private care or public care, 
children are currently victims of patriarchy. Under 
socialism, we will rid ourselves of reaction and 
move forward with careers for wimmin, public and 
collective care of children and ever-greater 
independence of children from adult authority as 
they are taught to care for themselves.


There is no question workers are getting jobs from 
a repressive political and intellectual climate. 
MIM says the white nation is privileged enough, 
without working directly in the service of 
imperialism. In Cambridge, people obtain jobs to 
pull down posters full time. Others get jobs 
turning college campuses into armed camps complete 
with barbed wire.

In nearby Hartford, Connecticut, a billboard for 
union politics stands. "Ah, finally the U$A is 
unionizing," says the social-democrat in Europe? 
No, this is a billboard showing criminals leaving 
prison if the public does not increase the prison 
budget to hire more union prison guards and raise 
their wages.

The traditional labor movement is behind the prison 
and crime hysteria here, as are rank-and-file 
workers. We must understand the economic interests 
of the labor aristocracy which fuel this class 
alliance of capitalists and workers. The hysteria 
is directed at an expanding group being turned into 
a lumpenproletariat -- immigrants, oppressed 
nationals and even a section of settlers. Even the 
white imprisonment rate in the U$A is far above 
European norms except in Russia.

The organizations in the U$A that must cater to 
workers -- who are mostly labor aristocracy as 
Lenin defined it -- these organizations cannot and 
do not take a firm stand against the prison craze 
and white crime hysteria. They are too worried 
about appeasing their chauvinist constituents and 
paralyzed themselves, by their own labor 
aristocracy connection.

MIM does not need our friends to agree with us on 
this issue. There is no need to understand 
Amerikkkan politics to know that the reactionary 
movement on crime in the U$A must be stopped. We 
know our European allies will realize that if they 
do not help to defeat the forces of the reactionary 
prison-state in the U$A, it will come for them 

* * *


By a rail comrade

Two California prisons infamous for their bad 
conditions and inhumane treatment of prisoners are 
being investigated by the white nation's Federal 
Bureau of Investigations. The California Department 
of Corrections (DOC) tried to cover up internal 
reports that guards were staging fights among 
inmates at Corcoran Prison in Kings County and 
Pelican Bay Prison in Crescent City.

At Pelican Bay Prison the guards instigated fights 
by passing rumors about prisoners who were 
convicted of molesting. The guards also bribed 
prisoners with alcohol and money, to start 
conflicts with those convicted of molesting in the 
white nation's courts.

At Corcoran the guards exploited racial and gang 
tension to bring about violence between prisoners. 
Prisoners from rival gangs were sent into the yard 
together and then the guards would shoot at the 
prisoners if they failed to stop fighting on cue.

According to the Kings County Chronicle, over fifty 
prisoners have been shot through this kind of set 
up since 1988, when the prison opened. In the 
1980's a prison edict issued the integrated yard 
policy which required yards to be integrated by 
gang and race affiliation, officials responsible 
for the edict claimed they wanted to teach rival 
gang inmates to get along.

In reality they saw this integration as the perfect 
scheme to cause prisoner on prisoner violence so 
that they could support their requests for billions 
of dollars in new facilities. Prisoner on prisoner 
violence became a source of entertainment to the 
guards, they bet money on who would win a fight.

One prisoner at Corcoran reported that the guards 
gave him extra sandwiches for winning a fight. 
These disgusting details have only been revealed 
after a prison videotape of such a staged fight 
where a prisoner was shot dead by guards, and 
reports from one guilt stricken guard.

Lieutenant Steve Rigg complained to the Warden that 
the integrated yard policy was not working. In 
response, Rigg was threatened by the Warden, who 
saw that the integrated yard policy was indeed 
working toward proving that there was a growing 
problem of prisoner violence.

The reports of prisoner violence were to be used in 
a request for more government funding for the 
prison facilities and staff at Corcoran prison. 
Lieutenant Rigg then turned to the F.B.I. with 
stolen prisoner files and prison log books in which 
there were many inconsistencies about the fights 
that preceded guards shooting prisoners. The DOC 
then tried to block investigations. The F.B.I. 
claimed they would investigate the issue. This 
means they will treat it as an isolated incident. 
The F.B.I. solution to this systematic problem 
might be to fire a couple of guards.

At Pelican Bay, one guard has been accused of 
giving alcohol to prisoners to bribe them into 
fighting prisoners convicted of molesting. The 
guard would make certain prisoners aware that 
certain other prisoners were convicted in the white 
nation's courts of child molestation, instigating 
fights, and even instructing prisoners how they 
could kill someone without a weapon.

The mainstream press, the DOC and the F.B.I. have 
tried to make this kind of atrocity look like an 
isolated incident. They charge one or two guards 
with something which is systematic inside the white 
nation prison system. According to California DOC 
reports, seven prisoners have died from shots fired 
by guards during prisoner fights at Corcoran. At 
Pelican Bay, prison officials have managed to put 
all the blame on one Latino guard by bribing 
prisoners to testify against him.

MIM does not believe that justice can be served in 
the corrupt injustice system of the United Snakes. 
These incidents of guards staging prisoner fights 
are just one example of the psychological and 
physical torture of the people incarcerated by the 
injustice system. The conviction of those 
responsible for supposedly isolated cases of 
misconduct can only help to partially expose the 
injustices inherent in this imperialist system.

We urge all who are oppressed by this imperialist 
system to understand the Amerikan history of using 
any justification to infiltrate and smash 
revolutionary or nationalist organizations. The 
current system is one in which the laws are not 
applied equally. So while MIM believes it is 
important to expose the DOC for breaking its own 
rules, we assert that revolution is necessary to 
achieve true justice. Only when the people obtain 
power over their economic, political, judicial, 
educational, and military systems can we truly have 
justice and equality for all people.

* * *


***Over the last two months, MIM and RAIL helped 
organize a continent-wide speaking tour for radical 
Filipino activist Rafael Baylosis to bring a deeper 
understanding of the national democratic struggle 
in the Philippines to a broad audience. BAYAN 
International USA, a legal, multi-sectoral national 
democratic organization based inside u.$. borders, 
initiated and co-sponsored the tour.

Rafael Baylosis is an experienced activist in the 
national democratic struggle in the Philippines. He 
participated in the "First Quarter Storm" of 1970 
which mobilized thousands of Filipino young people 
against the Marcos regime, and he later joined the 
revolutionary movement in the countryside.

He was arrested and imprisoned twice for his 
revolutionary political conviction and activities, 
for a total of more than eight years. First, in 
1973-76 during the Marcos regime, and second, from 
1988 to 1992 during the Aquino administration. 
Released temporarily on bail July 1992 with an 
inconclusive case in court for alleged "illegal 
possession of firearms and explosives in 
furtherance of rebellion."

Since his release, Baylosis has been giving 
political and theoretical education to mass leaders 
and members of progressive people's organizations. 
He is currently a consultant to the National 
Democratic Front of the Philippine (NDFP) panel for 
socio-economic reforms in the NDFP-Government of 
the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) peace talks 
and a consultant to BAYAN (New Patriotic Alliance), 
a legal, multi-sectoral national democratic 

The following article summarizes the political and 
economic situation in the Philippines loosely based 
on several of Baylosis' talks. MIM takes full 
responsibility for the editorial content.***


Philippine society is semi-colonial because it is 
politically and economically dominated by foreign 
powers, even though the Philippines is nominally an 
independent country. The dominant foreign power in 
the Philippines is u.$. imperialism, but Japanese, 
Australian, and European imperialism all 
participate in the exploitation of the Philippines.

Philippine society is semi-feudal because the main 
mode of production in the Philippines remains 
agrarian and backwards, and because the problems of 
landlessness and severe exploitation of the 
peasantry by a handful of big landlords persist. 
75% of the people in the Philippines are peasants 
and 70% are landless.

Because Philippine society is semi-colonial and 
semi-feudal, the majority of people of the 
Philippines face poverty, unemployment, lack of 
heath care, and exploitation. In general, the 
current political and economic situation denies the 
people of the Philippines their right to self-

The economy of the Philippines is an import 
dependent, export-oriented economy. The Philippines 
exports raw materials and semi-finished products. 
The products which are produced in the Philippines 
are heavily dependent on foreign inputs, such as 
steel and capital goods. The Philippines does not 
have a steel industry, chemical industry, or 
petroleum industry, all of which are essential to 
any modern economy. No steel means that the people 
cannot develop capital goods. No chemicals denies 
the Filipino people the ability to produce 
pharmaceuticals and fertilizers. No petroleum means 
that control over energy and transportation is not 
in the hands of the people. The lack of national 
industrialization is perpetuated by comprador 
Ramos' kowtowing to imperialist contracts which 
only send super-profits plumping the imperialist 
nation economies and line the pockets of the 
comprador bourgeoisie.


One of the clearest examples of u.$. imperialism's 
political dominance in the Philippines is the u.$. 
military's continued occupation of Philippine 
territory. Despite the fact that the Government of 
the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) terminated 
the u.$. military's lease on Subic Bay Naval Base 
and Clark Air Force Base in the early 1990s in 
response to a mass movement to kick the bases out 
of the Philippines, several current and proposed 
treaties give the u.$. military free rein in the 

For example, the Status of Military Forces 
Agreement (SOFA) grants u.$. soldiers immunity from 
prosecution during port calls and joint exercises 
with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). The 
proposed Access and Cross Servicing Agreement 
(ACSA) would grant u.$. troops, planes, and ships 
access to Philippine ports and airfields. The u.$. 
Navy is currently lobbying for access to 22 ports 
around the Philippines. This would give the Navy 
more access to the Philippines than when Subic Bay 
Naval Base was open. The u.$. military is also 
lobbying for a base in southern Mindanao, where 
both the New People's Army (NPA) and the Moro 
Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) are waging armed 
struggle against the GRP. The u.$. military already 
financed the construction of an airfield there.

The Philippines is important to the u.$. military 
because it gives them a base for operations against 
East Asia. The Philippines was used as a staging 
area for the predatory Korean and Vietnam wars.


The struggle against imperialism, feudalism and 
bureaucrat capitalism in the Philippines has made 
great gains in the five years since the second 
great rectification campaign. Baylosis explained 
that, since the CPP-led rectification, the movement 
has greatly expanded its influence in the 
countryside, expanded its mass base in the cities, 
and purged itself of the military adventurists and 
urban insurrectionists who had greatly weakened the 
movement, especially in the 1980s.

The adventurists had prematurely attempted to 
develop major military operations, without regard 
to the NPA's capabilities and mass base. This led 
to losses at the hands of the U.S-backed regimes. 
And the urban insurrectionists had attempted to 
turn every political action in the cities into an 
armed uprising, which resulted in needless 
destruction and alienation of the movement from the 

With these two tendencies purged, Baylosis said the 
movement has been able to make great advances, 
while the movement members who splintered off have 
degenerated into obscurity or outright 
collaboration with the reactionary ruling classes.


Baylosis also explained the role of the NDFP's 
legal strategy, including negotiations with the 
GRP. He was joined at the podium in Washington, 
D.C. by Arnedo Valera, the former main counsel 
regarding the Mediola Massacre of 1987, chair of 
the Washington Human Rights Forum, and also a 
consultant to the NDFP on international law and 
human rights.

Baylosis and Valera spoke at length about the 
NDFP's ongoing negotiations with the GRP. Baylosis 
explained that the negotiations where one part of 
the NDFP's legal struggle, which is secondary to 
the armed struggle of the people's war. The 
negotiations are taking place at a time when there 
is a power imbalance between the parties, with the 
government having an advantage over the people's 
forces. As long as that is the case, Baylosis said, 
the NDFP does not expect to reach a final 
settlement, and during this time the NPA does not 
suspend its military operations. At the same time, 
the negotiations can be used to win some 
concessions from the GRP that might reduce 
repression in the country, or lessen the negative 
impacts of the war on the people.

However, Valera described many instances in which 
the GRP has gone back on its word in the 
negotiations and has not lived up even to the 
agreements which have been signed by both panels at 
the talks. In the process, the GRP is exposed as an 
obstacle to a just and lasting peace in the 

Baylosis and Valera also reported on the recent 
capture of two military officers by the NPA in a 
tactical offensive. They said that the NPA was 
treating the officers humanely, as prisoners of 
war, and that they would probably release them 
after a formal request from the government in 
accordance with the Geneva Conventions on the 
conduct of war. The government has not yet made 
such a request, which would acknowledge that the 
conflict is a legitimate one, not a criminal matter 
or a case of government versus alleged terrorists. 
In the meantime, the GRP has said that it will not 
resume negotiations until the POWs are released.

Audience members, who were mostly supportive of the 
national democratic movement, asked several 
important questions, and a productive discussion 
followed the talk given in D.C. One audience member 
wanted to know what the NDFP hoped to finally 
achieve in the peace negotiations, suggesting that 
a sharing of power with the government or a 
division of territory might be reasonable outcomes. 
Baylosis explained that the NDFP does not expect a 
settlement with the government as long as it is in 
power and the people are not.

Another person asked why, if the government was so 
repressive, there were other candidates for 
president besides the U.S.-backed former-general 
Fidel Ramos. Baylosis explained that as long as 
there had been bourgeois democratic elections in 
the Philippines, the outcome had never been to the 
benefit of the people, because the candidates and 
the election process were controlled by the ruling 
classes, and -- increasingly -- by the military and 
former military officers now in civilian positions.

However, he added that the NPA does attempt to 
influence some elections, especially local 
elections in areas where the people's movement has 
a lot of support, and where the outcome might 
result in limited progressive developments for the 
people. Several people also asked for clarification 
of the rectification movement, and in particular 
the consequences of the errors by the revisionists 
and opportunists.

MIM considers this leg of the speaking tour a 
success because it contributed to a greater 
understanding of the national democratic movement 
in the Philippines among activists and potential 
activists who have an important role to play in the 
United States as well as in the Philippines.

The event also demonstrated the solidarity that 
exists between MIM and RAIL and the revolutionary 
movement in the Philippines, and provided MIM with 
an opportunity to do its internationalist duty in 
support of Third World movements against U.S 
imperialism and its puppet regimes. Exposing the 
atrocities of U.S. imperialism, in the Philippines 
and elsewhere, is an important part of MIM's 
principal task, which is building a revolutionary 
movement in the imperialist countries.

* * *


The u.s.-China summit held the first week of 
November was little more than a publicity stunt for 
both capitalist countries. One main summit goal was 
expanding economic cooperation that will increase 
the profits of the big capitalists and ruling class 
in both countries. Jiang and Clinton also used the 
summit to posture on human rights issues.

The United Snakes is most interested in relations 
with China for financial reasons:  representing a 
quarter of the world's population the country 
offers a huge potential market as well as a vast 
reserve of labor to exploit. This year, Amerikan 
exports to China hit an all-time high. The u.s. 
government and corporations view access to China's 
markets as a key point of negotiation.

Using admission to the World Trade Organization as 
a bargaining chip, Clinton said "We strongly 
support China's admission into the World Trade 
Organization, but in turn China must dramatically 
improve access for foreign goods and services."(1)

In a deal timed to coincide with the summit, 
Chinese officials signed a $3 billion order for 50 
jets made by Boeing Co. -- the biggest Chinese 
planes order ever. Clinton agreed to allow exports 
of u.s. nuclear energy equipment in return for 
Chinese assurances that China will no longer 
provide nuclear assistance to Iran. The Chinese 
also said they would join a global initiative on 
information technology that would cut tariffs on 
$1.4 billion in u.s. exports of computers and 
software to China from 23 percent to zero. Such a 
move would lower prices for u.s. high-tech exports 
to China, and result in higher sales.(2)

China went the route of state-capitalism in 1976, 
but unlike the plumped up labor aristocracy in the 
imperialist united snakes, the majority of China 
does not benefit from super-profits extracted from 
Third World nations. The moves to ease tariffs and 
trade for the Amerikan imperialists only means that 
the over one billion Chinese rural poor, the over 
100 million jobless masses in China will continue 
to be denied control over their nation's economy 
and development. When Amerikan capital-intensive 
goods flood the market without tariffs, the Chinese 
people are not able to compete and develop self-
sufficient industrialization as was one project of 
Maoist China. Though the big capitalists thriving 
after the sale of state enterprises and mutual 
imperialist deals will get fat off the Amerikan-
Sino diplomacy, the masses will continue to be 
subjected to super-exploitation and poverty.


Jiang Zemin's tour around the united states was 
marked with demonstrations at every stop as 
Amerikans, Chinese, Tibetians and others turned out 
to express their views. The majority of the 
demonstrations were protests against China's rule 
in Tibet and human rights violations in mainland 
China. But at each stop there was also a group of 
supporters who turned out to welcome Zemin.

Most of these supporters were Chinese nationals but 
in Cambridge, Massachusetts the Workers World Party 
was spotted with a large banner supporting "Chinese 
communism," demonstrating that some so-called 
communist groups are still hopelessly confused 
about the difference between communism and 

MIM calls China state capitalist to distinguish it 
from the free market capitalism of many imperialist 
countries. Under state capitalism the economy of a 
country is centrally controlled. But in both forms 
of capitalism a few individuals are getting rich at 
the expense of the majority of the people who are 
exploited. With state control this exploitation is 
often hidden under the guise of ownership by the 
people, but taking a close look at the economy of 
China reveals that it has been on the capitalist 
road since the death of Mao. Those who defend China 
as if it were not capitalist look more and more 
foolish as even the so-called communists in China 
admit that they are in fact implementing 
capitalism. (See MN148 article "Chinese leaders run 
from socialism" and "The Capitalist Roaders are 
still on the Capitalist Road.")

The summit included some verbal sparing over the 
question of human rights violations in China. 
Clinton obviously felt the public pressure to take 
a hard line on China while Jiang stood his ground 
and defended his government. The sum total of it 
was a lot of verbal posturing that made both 
leaders look good to the people of their countries.

Clinton told Jiang that they have "fundamental 
differences" over human rights and that China is 
"on the wrong side of history" by refusing to 
permit free expression. Jiang said that jailed 
religious leaders were law breakers and that Tibet 
lived in "happiness and contentment." Jiang's 
overall answer to criticisms:  "In terms of 
structural reform, we will expand democracy, 
improve the legal system, run the country according 
to law and build a socialist country under the 

Jiang made an interesting comparison between 
China's actions in Tibet and Abraham Lincoln's 
emancipation of Blacks from slavery in the u.s. 
civil war. "It was our democratic reform that 
emancipated some one million serfs and slaves."

While MIM does not support Jiang or the Chinese 
government which restored capitalism after Mao 
died, we agree with Jiang that Tibet under the rule 
of the Dalai Lama meant suffering for the majority 
of Tibetians forced to live as serfs and slaves.

The current situation for Tibetians under 
capitalist Chinese rule mirrors the situation for 
Blacks in the united snakes in that both 
governments do not offer the people self-
determination. MIM supports the right to self-
determination of all nations and we recognize the 
struggle fought by the Tibetian communists to 
overthrow feudal rule as a tremendous advance for 
the Tibetian people. The aid given by communist 
China helped the people of Tibet end feudalism in 
their country. But we recognize that state-
capitalist China is not operating in the interest 
of the people of mainland China or the people of 

Members of Congress pledged to adopt a prisoner of 
conscience in China or Tibet on Oct 28 in 
preparation for Jiang's visit. Senate Foreign 
Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms greeted 
dissidents expressing concern about the summit, 
saying, ''As we meet, hundreds and thousands of 
Chinese and Tibetan citizens are locked away by the 
Chinese regime, some in labor camps, others in 
prison, for exercising their rights. The treatment 
they receive is horrific.''(3) Helms pressured 
Clinton to use meetings with Jiang to push for the 
release of prominent Chinese dissidents.

But while there was much outcry over China's 
imprisonment of political activists and their poor 
treatment of prisoners, nothing was said about the 
situation in the prisons in the united snakes. The 
u.s. is number one in imprisonment per capita in 
the world. This country has a greater proportion of 
Blacks in prison than apartheid South Africa. There 
are a number of people in Amerikan gulags 
imprisoned explicitly for their political beliefs 
and activism.

And prison conditions in this country can only be 
described as torture. In a country where prisons 
are run for profit and used as a means of social 
control, the indignation expressed by government 
leaders and activists over Chinese prisons 
underscores the hypocrisy of these people as they 
ignore the more than million lives being wasted 
behind bars in Amerika.

1. Text of Clinton's speech from AP 25 October 
2. San Jose Mercury News 6 November, 1997.
3. San Jose Mercury News 18 October 1997.

* * *


by an MC

The united snakes just pulled off a deal to buy 21 
MIG-29 fighter jets from Moldova, a former Soviet 
republic. Neither country will say how much the 
u.s. paid, but Pentagon officials are reportedly 
pleased with the price. The deal includes promises 
of future so-called humanitarian aid to Moldova, 
among other things.

MIG-29 jets are single-seat fighter planes that 
launch nuclear and other missiles. The going rate 
is around $30 million per plane, but the secretary 
of defense claimed to have paid much less than that 
for the fleet of 21 (plus spare parts and more than 
500 non-nuclear missiles for the planes). The 
imperialist united snakes learned that Iran was 
interested in buying some of the planes from 
Moldova, and had apparently sent a team of 
inspectors to examine the planes. Pentagon 
officials said that while there were other nations 
who were interested in the MIGs, it was the Iranian 
interest that triggered the Amerikan purchase.

This massive purchase of weapons of mass 
destruction marks the second time in recent history 
that Amerika used this tactic of buying weapons 
before an enemy nation could. Defense secretary 
William Cohen defended the purchase by saying that 
not only that Iran should not have access to 
sophisticated weapons capable of launching nuclear 
missiles, but also that, "[w]e're going to analyze 
them. And I'm sure that the Air Force may come up 
with some utilitarian use of them."(1)

The united snakes has spent $1.8 billion since 1993 
helping Russia and other former Soviet republics 
dismantle nuclear weapons, so that Amerika could be 
sure that the weapons do not fall into the hands of 
alleged terrorists. Under the same program, the 
united snakes bought enough uranium to build 25 
nuclear weapons in 1994 from Kazakhstan, in order 
to prevent the uranium from falling into the hands 
of imperialist-labeled rogue nations.

MIM and its supporters know that it is the 
imperialist united states that is the rogue nation, 
and revolutionaries and progressives all over the 
world and in Amerika are most fearful of Amerika 
having weapons of mass destruction. MIM does not 
feel protected knowing that the Amerikan government 
now has 21 new fighter jets, and MIM does not 
believe that it is okay for people to starve while 
more than $50 million was spent on these MIGs.

1. The New York Times, 5 November 1997 p. 1.
2. The Washington Post, 5 November 1997 p. A23.

* * *


***MIM Notes prints the following excerpts from an 
article by the New People's Army of the Philippines 
(NPA) in order to refute the lies that communism is 
dead and armed struggle for national liberation is 
a thing of the past. Even the reactionaries have to 
admit that the NPA, which is under the absolute 
leadership of the Communist Party of the 
Philippines, is advancing. 

This is due to two reasons. (1) The basic problems 
of Philippine society persist. In particular, 
landlessness and armed reaction drive many peasants 
to accept that armed struggle is necessary to solve 
their problems. (2) The rectification campaign 
inside the NPA and the CPP have made great strides 
in rejecting all sorts of erroneous and anti-people 
ideas and reaffirming their adherence to Marxism-

MIM Notes will print the second part of this 
article in the next issue. The second part 
documents the increasing abuses of the reactionary 
armed forces in the Philippines.***

In the face of the isolation of the US-Ramos regime 
from the people due to the crisis created by the 
semi-colonial and semi-feudal condition of the 
country, the New People's Army is launching more 
vigorous tactical offensives and is continuing the 
expansion of its mass bases. Even the Chief of 
Staff, General Arnulfo Acedera, was forced to admit 
that the NPA is becoming more vigorous with its 
armed struggle.

Before this, on August 31, no less than the former 
Department of National Defense Secretary Renato de 
Villa admitted that "The movement was able to 
generally recover by the end of 1996 and in the 
first half of 1997. This is still the primary 
threat to the security of the country. The NPA was 
able to recover 597 villages (or 12% increase) and 
the NPA forces increase because of the 
Rectification Movement in 1996-1997. The NPA are in 
the Cordilleras, Central Luzon, Southern Tagalog, 
Bicol, Central Visayas and 3 regions in Mindanao."

Following the examples of his AFP [Armed Forces of 
the Philippines - MIM] Chief, Northern Central 
Luzon Command (NOLCOM) Major General Ismael 
Villareal employs psywar tactics with statements 
that "the military was able to confiscate 50 
firearms from the NPA in Isabela" to cover the 
tactical offensives of the NPA. Yet he also 
admitted that "there is an active expansion and 
strengthening of the NPA in Northern and Central 
Luzon. And the NPA is able to launch tactical 
offensives in the provinces of Abra, Apayao, 
Benguet, Kalinga and Ilocos Sur and it is able to 
expand in Tarlac, Pangasinan and Aurora." (PDI, 
April 11, 1997, p. 15)

This is also the tone of General Renato Aguda of 
the Cordillera Regional Command (CRECOM). He 
boasted that "the NPA in the Cordilleras is already 
crushed because their leaders are already coming 
down (from the hills) to surrender." But last May, 
NOLCOM formed and trained 2 companies of 
"Cordillera Indigenous Peace Keeping Unit" or CIPKU 
from the 176 troopers of CPLA of Conrado Balweg who 
are the "Special CAFGU" of NOLCOM against the NPA 
in the Cordilleras. [The CAFGUs or Civilian Armed 
Forces Geographical Units are paramilitary units 
infamous for their savage attacks on the people, 
especially political activists. - MIM]
Even in Central Luzon, the Philippine National 
Police (PNP) is using psywar propaganda in making 
such statements that "there is a split of the NPA 
due to unsettled issues about money collected from 
progressive taxation." This is done since to cover 
the frustrated military operations against the NPA 
in the Zambales-Pangasinan and Bataan since March. 
In the Visayas, the NPA continues to recover 
previous guerrilla zones that were neglected for 
one reason or the other. The tactical offensives of 
the NPA in the Visayas refuted the statement of the 
Visayas Command (VISCOM) that the "NPA is already 
crushed ion the Visayas."

The NPA in Mindanao is taking advantage of the 
sporadic fighting between the Moro Islamic 
Liberation Front (MILF) and the AFP that happens 
from time to time in Central and Southwestern 
Mindanao. On April 22, Jorge Madlos of NDF Mindanao 
made a statement that "since 1995, the areas 
recovered reaches to hundreds of villages, there 
was an expansion and increase to few hundreds the 
number of full time forces and an increase in 
thousands of the organized masses."

According to Madlos, "the territories in the 
provinces of Zamboanga, Lanao, Budidnon, Agusan, 
Surigao, Cotabato, and Sarngani have expanded and 
continue to expand. The support of the masses to 
the NPA continues to expand and also that of the 
sector of the professionals and the mass movement 
in the urban areas. These successes disprove the 
enemy propaganda that they are victorious. This 
also proved the bankruptcy of the contras and 
revisionist traitors."


The NPA launched more than 35 tactical offensives 
from March to October, 1997. The NPA killed or 
wounded 10 officers of the AFP and PNP which 
include 2 majors, 5 lieutenants among others. More 
than 50 enemy troopers were killed and dozens of 
them wounded. The NPA also confiscated several 
dozens of firearms and thousands of ammunitions as 
well as other military materials.

OCTOBER 12 - The NPA punished 1Lt. Bito Solima, 
Commanding Officer of the HQ Support Unit of the 19 
IB in front of the University of Eastern 
Philippines in Catarman, Samar. This was confirmed 
in the report of the Philippine Army HQ.


OCTOBER 5 - The 68 IB and the PNP Intelligence 
Group, "Spider," punched the air when they attacked 
an empty NPA camp in Barangay Batang, Infanta, 

SEPTEMBER 26 - A unit of the NPA was able to escape 
from the encirclement of the AFP-PNP troopers in 
Barangay Wangal, Kasibu, Nueva Viscaya. Because of 
this, 5 enemies including 2 soldiers of the 77 IB, 
Philippine Army, one PNP and two intelligence 
agents of MIG2 were killed in the ensuing mis-
encounter among them.

Last October 7, to avoid embarrassment, the AFP and 
PNP tried to conceal the incident by disseminating 
a statement to the bourgeois press and said, "the 
encounter happened between the AFP-PNP against a 
criminal syndicate and those MIG agents killed were 
criminals." The 502 Brigade of the PNP in RECOM 2 
intensified military operations in the borders of 
Nueva Viscaya-Quirino because of the present 
construction of the Casecnan Dam that started there 
last July 21.


AUGUST 26 - The NPA raided the police station in 
the municipality of Bansud, Oriental Mindoro. Two 
security guards were killed. Before this, on July 
30, the NPA punished and killed an abusive police 
officer, PO2 Faustino A. Reyes in Barrio Alag, 
Baco, Mindoro Oriental and confiscated his firearm.

AUGUST 10 - The NPA raided a PNP camp in Barangay 
San Jose, Antipolo, Rizal, and killed 2 abusive 
police elements and wounded another 2 policemen 
from the Regional Mobile Force Company. This was a 
warning by the NPA to abusive policemen in Antipolo 
and nearby towns who became instruments in land 
confiscation by big business companies in the 
provinces of Rizal-Quezon and Laguna.

AUGUST 5 - The NPA raided the municipal hall on the 
island of Jomanlig, Quezon and took away 2 M16 
Armalite rifles, 3 revolvers, and on communication 
radio. The NPA were in army uniforms so they were 
able to disarm the policemen without engaging them 
in a gunbattle.


JULY 31 - A patrol unit of the Regional Mobile 
Force of CRECOM was ambushed by the NPA and [the 
NPA] killed two policemen in Barangay Tumalunog, 
Flora, Apayao. The RMF CRECOM provides protection 
to STII and Taggat, logging companies partially 
owned by [former General] Juan Ponce Enrile in the 
Paco Valley.


JULY 15 - The NPA sabotaged a quarry company in 
Angat, Bulacan. This quarry business destroys the 
environment and scrapes gravel and sand along the 
river of Remedios Trinidad and Angat, Bulacan. The 
NPA destroyed the quarry equipment and burned down 
one back hoe, 3 bulldozers and 3 sand gravel 

JULY 5 - The NPA put a stop to the destructive 
project of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) 
Watershed Rehabilitation Project in the towns of 
Bulalacao and Puerto Galera that cost P40 M, but 
will only serve the tourists in Puerto Galera, 
Oriental Mindoro. The NPA banned the workers from 
going back to work so that the project cannot be 


MARCH 26 - The Alvarez Peralta Command of the NPA 
ambushed 5 policemen and 3 CAFGU in Palauig and 
confiscated their firearms. The Chief of Police of 
Palauig, Manuel Alop, was killed as well as 4 other 
policemen. Before this, the 703rd Brigade, 68 IB 
and PA launched military operations in the 
boundaries of the Pangasinan-Zambales which was 
highlighted by bombings, artillery and mortar fire 
as well as hamletting last March and June.

***New People's Army October 14, 1997***

* * *


London, ENGLAND -- A cyberspace mailing list based 
in England to discuss Marx and Lenin has fallen 
apart. The so-called "Leninlist" was an offshoot 
from the "Marxism List" administered by SPOONS at

The last straw for the split was apparently the 
question of Cuba. When the 1980s-style revisionists 
on the list found out that Maoism considered Cuba's 
Castro to be enemy, they kicked out some people, 
including Adolfo Olaechea based in London. Adolfo 
Olaechea apparently sped up the process by calling 
Cuba "fascist" and "social-fascist."

The Leninlist formed initially to avoid the social-
democrats and Trotskyists on the "Marxism List." 
Initially Leninlist invited MIM participation, but 
Adolfo Olaechea purged MIM that same month in June, 

The backbone of the organization is the so-called 
Communist Action Group. MIM held high hopes for the 
Communist Action Group as it initially formed, but 
as time goes on, it is clear that it is a warmed 
over version of 1980s revisionism. By holding up 
defense of Castro as more important than Mao's 
theory of class struggle against the bourgeoisie in 
the party, the Communist Action Group demonstrates 
that it has learned nothing from the evermore 
blatant restoration of capitalism in the old Soviet 

The duty of someone such as Castro who criticized 
Mao and Maoism on behalf of the Soviet Union is to 
look back and say honestly that Mao was right and 
Castro and his pro-Soviet line were wrong:  there 
really is a bourgeoisie in the party in this era of 
socialist revolution. Yet Castro goes on singing 
the same song as if nothing had changed in the last 
30 years. For this alone, Castroism is an enemy 
ideology. No amount of charity to the Third World 
or holding of international conferences gives 
Castro the right to avoid the fundamental duties of 
communist leaders today.

In England, Adolfo Olaechea has been associated 
with several failures of Maoist organizing. In this 
latest round, he offered the Leninlist to put a 
1990s face on revisionism. Adolfo Olaechea had the 
role of protecting the Khruschevites in Leninlist 
from Maoist criticism. To do this, he used his 
credentials of association with the Peruvian 
Revolution and banned MIM in June.

In a posting to marxism-
[email protected] on October 1, 
Adolfo Olaechea was so good as to make clear that 
he rued the loss of his pact with Castroite and 
Khruschevite revisionism. "It is now evident that 
he has opened wide the doors to all the caricatures 
of Maoism we had formerly kept out of LeninList by 
the legitimate moderators process." This is how 
Adolfo Olaechea points out to the revisionists that 
they are losing their cover by ditching him. Now 
surely MIM will attack he warns them.

Leninlist also long ago banned Paul Cockshott, 
according to an October 2nd, marxism-
[email protected] 
message. MIM does not find this surprising 
considering that Cockshott has an idea about the 
flow of surplus-value and agrees with MIM that the 
majority of English workers are not producing 

A November 8 statement by the practical owner of 
Leninlist re-iterated that there would be no return 
to the status quo, because of the issue of Cuba. It 
made favorable references to various revisionists 
and social-democrats including the CPI and CPI-M in 

MIM reiterates that it is the vanguard organization 
of England and other English-speaking imperialist 
countries. Comrades should stop wasting time with 
warmed over revisionists.


* * *



Before MIM launched its own web site in February of 
1996, a friend of MIM created a page for the Party 
which included the text of the Black Panther Party 
Program of 1966, something you can also find on 
MIM's current web site along with the full-text of 
some BPP newspaper articles and MIM's own party 
program. Of all our online materials, it is the BPP 
portion of the site that has prompted the steadiest 
flow of white supremacist hate-mail to MIM. In 
general, we simply delete such garbage from our 
mailbox, but occasionally we print examples of such 
mail with a response.

The following letter is the most recent addition to 
MIM's e-hate-mail bag. We reprint it here in order 
to expose, respond to and discredit it. It is a 
good example of the white supremacist national 
oppressor position, which claims that oppressed 
peoples have no history -- and hence no nation and 
no claim to national self-determination. It is 
fitting the BPP -- the vanguard of the Black 
struggle for self-determination in the late 1960s 
and early 1970s and avowed internationalists -- 
still inspires the white supremacists to write:
"Dear MIM: I understand you are interested in 
education on African History. First such a lesson 
is impossible do to the fact that your ancestors 
never developed a written language, the first 
factor in a peoples' having history. But I can tell 
you the African Negro never developed a road, a 
cart, a wagon, a system of numbers, an alphabet, a 
form of government beyond local tribary, pottery, a 
structure beyond the mud hut, agriculture, or any 
piece of technology (advanced or basic) that would 
bring any significance to the GREAT subject of the 
African History. :-) ... "I'm sorry but when I 
stated the African Negro never developed pottery I 
meant to say a bridge, a system of measurement, or 
domesticate a single animal (even though numerous 
docile beasts abounded him). :-)"

MIM Responds: It is the height (or depth) of 
cowardice to write this unsubstantiated filth in a 
private e-mail. Why won't you say it in a public 
forum, with an address that the masses can respond 
to directly, with some accountability! We are 
printing your letter in a continentally circulated 
newspaper to expose your lies and your agenda to 
the masses.

This writer upholds a theory that white Europeans 
introduced language, agriculture, government and 
manufacturing to Africa. This would mean that none 
of these activities existed before the 15th century 
(the first point of contact with European 
colonialism) -- a patently absurd proposition. The 
theory exists both to deny oppressed peoples' right 
to self-determination, and to claim that all 
progress in oppressed nations has come from their 

Readers who are interested in a good, brief history 
of African societies before the 15th century should 
pick up Walter Rodney's "How Europe Underdeveloped 
Africa," available from MIM for $11. The first 
chapter outlines developments in pottery, pre-
industrial manufacturing, trade and agriculture -- 
including advanced techniques such as crop 
rotation, terracing and mixed farming -- on the 
African continent before the arrival of European 
colonialists. Rodney is careful to demonstrate the 
uneven levels of development in different regions, 
and to insist on evaluating the concrete conditions 
of each.

Rodney's fundamental thesis is that European 
colonialism (later imperialism), actively under-
developed Africa by violently subjugating its 
people and setting up an economic system based on 
the super-exploitation of labor and the theft of 
resources. The practical application for 
revolutionaries reading this work is to organize to 
overthrow the system that created such global 
inequality and to build socialism.

l [email protected] PO Box 9606 North 
Amherst MA 01059-9096

Prison Connections is both a print and online 
publication of the Western Mass Prison Issues 
Group. It contains articles about prison struggles 
in Massachusetts and elsewhere, as well as 
information about political prisoners and prisoners 
of war. The publication's purpose is to "inform and 
connect people, while offering points of view on 
prisons from people not usually heard from. We are 
interested in printing material which actively 
combats the forces of oppression keeping us 
separated and offers life-affirming alternatives."

In the most recent issue, there are articles about 
sentencing disparities for cocaine and crack, the 
struggle of Massachusetts prisoners to establish a 
political action committee, and book reviews. The 
current issue of Prison Connections was among the 
first to bring to MIM's attention a new postage 
policy at Walpole Prison that greatly reduced the 
ability of prisoners to write letters.

The web page is continually updated with action 
alerts and events around North America, including a 
number of prison and POW-related events led by 
RAIL. Their link page is an extensively put 
together list of many different resources on 
prisons, from activist groups to the Department of 
Corrections in most states. There is also a search 
engine to search the site.

MIM and Prison Connections have a lot of practical 
unity in recognizing that the current incarceration 
craze doesn't affect the crime rate, and that the 
current system targets Blacks and Latinos. Our 
disagreements, however, are shown the most clearly 
in the article "Volunteers Sought: Alternatives to 
Violence Program."

Alternatives to Violence Program (AVP) (not 
associated with the Western Mass Prison Issues 
Group) started in 1975  when some prisoners in New 
York "working with youth gangs and teenagers at 
risk were having difficulty communicating their 
message about the consequences of violence," 
contacted the Quakers to conduct a workshop. Out of 
that organizing, a movement was born. Now AVP needs 
more volunteers from the outside to assist in the 
anti-violence workshops.

Masses-on-masses violence, as well as unfocused 
violence against the oppressor, sets back the 
people's struggle and so MIM opposes it. But the 
problem with the AVP approach is that it puts the 
focus on prisoners' individual actions. Instead, 
they should focus on the larger society that 
encourages violence among the oppressed for the 
sake of keeping the oppressed nations down through 
internal strife and selective prosecution.

Some of the other articles in Prison Connections 
support the formation of prison Political Action 
Committees as an effective way to make social 
change. In one book review, Prison Connections 
correctly criticizes a book for focusing only on 
the illogical Amerikan practice of incarcerating 
large numbers of people for non-violent drug 
offenses, but ignoring violent crime. However, 
Prison Connections also criticizes the book for not 
discussing "cost effective alternatives to 
incarceration for violent offenders," such as so- 
called "community-based" intervention programs or 
other forms of state surveillance.

MIM thinks the corporate and Amerikan government 
leaders are among the most violent criminals 
offenders in the world. As such, these pigs have no 
moral authority to condemn the perpetrators of 
smaller crimes as "criminals." Violent crimes 
amongst the people exist because we live in a 
violent society and there is nothing we can do 
within this society to change that. This is why MIM 
is organizing for a revolution to eliminate the 
roots of injustice and crime: capitalism, 
imperialism and patriarchy. The system's rules have 
proven themselves incapable of curing the ills of 
this system.

We publish this review to alert others to this 
useful web site, and in the hopes of opening a 
dialogue with Prison Connections about the most 
effective ways to aid prisoners and to stop crime.

* * *



by a Pennsylvania prisoner

You play with life, lost your heart and soul, When 
you can't take what you want, You use lies and 
manipulation to gain control.

Threats and Intimidation is the secret behind your 
power, Those you can't frighten, violence becomes 
the hour.

The existence of your system is coming to a close, 
Your treachery and deceit we the people begin to 

You pass unjust laws to lock a nation down, You 
assassinate the character of our leaders or plant 
them in the ground.

The man was naked lying in his bed, How was the pig 
justified shooting him in the head?

Nine MOVE members remain in prison and one on death 
row, Free our political prisoners let them all go.

You manufacture drugs for your own people and them 
give them time, Tell me who is the one committing a 

The East is gaining power the West is losing hers, 
Beware of the media for she plays colorfully with 

You sell poison as a means of birth control, You 
put guns in the hands of children to collect more 

Michigan subjects prisoners to neo-slavery

***The below excerpt was written in response to a 
RAIL May Day Pamphlet, "Celebrate May Day: Support 
Prisoner Workers", Factsheet of Michigan Prisoner 
labor, Thursday, May 1, 1997. For a copy, send 
s.a.s.e. to MIM.***

...Your Michigan factory pay information is a 
little misleading. Nowhere in the MDOC [Michigan 
Department of Incorrections] do prisoners earn 
$2.00 to $5.00 per hour at any job unless employed 
with some outside business. To insure the veracity 
of this statement, I have spoken with five inmates 
all employed at MDOC farms. They said they made 
$3.00 to $5.00 dollars per day for 8-10 hours of 
backbreaking labor and only in certain types of 
jobs, of which there are very few.

The majority of inmates have no job at all and the 
majority of those employed make about $20.00 per 
month. Once employed they no longer receive free 
over the counter medications or free cosmetics, 
thus they must purchase all their living needs, 
except regular, "meals". This does not include all 
the other financial burdens imposed upon us, such 
as laundry. If you want to get your laundry done 
right and to make sure you get it back, you do not 
send it out to the state laundry, but instead pay a 
worker to personally machine wash it for about 
$4.00 per month. Hope that clears up some confusion 
regarding Michigan slave wages.

With Strength and Wisdom in the Struggle,

-- A Michigan Prisoner, 9 October 1997


... I was transferred to this plantation in 
KKKolorado. The oppression and domination in the 
mountains of KKKolorado is basically the same but, 
more cynical at a higher altitude. The air is 
thinner, and so is the humanness of the treatment 
of the prisoners. The racial hatred and police 
tyranny pollutes the atmosphere. The Willie Lynch 
syndrome is in full effect on this plantation. 
Division and disorder is the rule among prisoners.

There are many gang members and gangs here. Many of 
which continually and perversely assault and injure 
each other over trivial and banal differences. As 
expected many fall into the genocidal trap created 
or put here by the oppressors. Many are mentally 
and spiritually dead and oblivious of the enemy 
devices and plantation plots.

In fact many of the prisoners in bondage here fail 
to realize exactly who the real enemy is. 
Especially, those who deem themselves as hardcore 
bonafide gang members. Their reasoning has been 
clouded with violence and ignorance, and obscures 
their ability to see who the real enemy is. Some of 
them see their fellow prisoners as the enemy, and 
yet the police as not. It is a strange situation.

Un[til] we deal with the ultimate enemy can we deal 
with each other, because when we are continually 
warring with one another, never will we be 
successful in defeating the enemy. ...

 -- A Federal Prisoner, 15 July 1997

MIM ADDS: The above letter describes how the lumpen 
proletariat can be confused about who are their 
enemies. The imperialist pigs are the real enemy. 
The pigs try to pit different groups against one 
another in effort to divide and conquer the masses. 
Prisoners should unite and work with MIM and RAIL 
toward revolution. Expose the crimes of the 
imperialists and organize to end oppression.


... I am in a Maxi, Maxi, Max Prison in New York 
State, Southport Correctional Facility. This 
facility, years ago, was turned into what is called 
the box or hole. This is the main isolation box for 
all the New York State prisoners who violate the 
co-called prison/slave rules.

We are locked down 23 hours a day. There are no 
contact visits with our families or friends. 
Whenever we step out of cells, we must be 
handcuffed and chained to the waist. The yard is 
nothing but a yard full of 1-man cages, which is 
where we have our 1 hour of recreation. There are 
prisoners who go against the next prisoner. All 
they are doing, without knowing, is helping the 
oppressors do their psychological torture.

It is very doubtful that there will ever be unity 
in the New York State Prison system, the way there 
was unity on September 13, 1971, "The Attica Riots" 
These Prisoners died to attain what we are losing 
today. Today the oppressors are taking back 
everything the Prisoners of the Attica Riots died 
for. Soon, little by little, we will not have 
anything at all. The sad thing is, we are letting 
the oppressors take everything, and do nothing to 
stop it.

The way things are going today in the New York 
State Prison system -- prisoners going to war 
against each other. So I may not sound like a 
hypocrite, this has included me in the past. Giving 
the real enemies a show to watch, as the oppressors 
sit and bet on which prisoner is going to stab or 
knock-out the next one first.

To all Prisoners in New York State locked down, in 
the box or population:  If you are reading this 
letter Please wake the hell up! And realize who is 
our real #1 enemy. I wear the same greens and have 
a state number just like you. You are not my enemy! 
The New York State DOC is our enemy! The Governor 
of New York State is our enemy. The Government of 
the United Snakes of Amerikkka is our enemy. They 
are the ones who do not want us to see light again. 
And if we are seeing light, freedom, want to lock 
us up like dogs.

Please, lets stop fighting each other and unify as 
one to overthrow our real enemy - the oppressors 
who oppress us morning, afternoon and evening with:  
their psychological mind games, playing with our 
food, disrespecting our visitors, letters and 

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not saying 
pick up the sword, No! Pick up the pens to fight 
the oppressors. ... Remember the pen is mightier 
than the sword. Let's wake up once and for all. ... 
Let's stop the war against each other, and unite 
against our real enemies - the oppressors. Remember 
Unity is Power. ...


 -- A New York Prisoner, 15 July 1997

MIM ADDS:  The legacy of the Attica Rebellion 
proves that prisoners have the ability to unify 
toward revolution. Exposing the pigs for the 
criminals they are and knowing your enemies are 
revolutionary accomplishments demonstrated by this 
letter. The masses outnumber the imperialists, so 
we are confident that victory is inevitable with 
time. Keep up the struggle.


Revolutionary Greetings Comrades,  This is the 26th 
year of Attica Assassination Day, and I have been 
fasting with two other brothers. And let me say 
this, I have never in the eight years that I have 
been down on this bid, be around the most cowardice 
people I have ever been around in my life. I 
explain to these punks what this fast is for and 
everybody says, "I'm with that." until the day came 
for us to fast.

What's important is that me and my Afrikan brothers 
stuck it out. I find it very sad that brothers are 
not willing to stand strong for brothers that died 
in the struggle for all prisoners. These crackers 
have these brothers so petrified that it's 
pathetic. What makes this even more sad is that 
this is the facility right next to Attica.

Some people tell me that I'm living in the past 
because of my rebellious ways, but that's just 
their justification for being a sorry ass Negro and 
having fear of this imperialist system that we live 
in. I never mind these cracker ass canines, because 
I am more concerned with my own kind.

This was not just a fast for the Attica brothers. 
It's a fast for all the brothers and sisters who 
stood up for us and struggle for us to make things 
better. It's also for my wife that I adore so much 
for standing by her husband all of these years. 
...So I will always be a revolutionary with the 
struggle for the rest of my life. 

 -- A New York Prisoner, 13 September 1997

MIM ADDS: Thank you for informing us of your 
commemoration of Attica Prisoner Struggle. It is 
essential to learn from our revolutionary brothers 
and sisters whose legacy we are carrying on. We are 
quite willing to help by sending MIM Notes and 
other materials so that you can educate prisoners 
around you. Organizing takes a lot of work to build 
strong foundations for acts of defiance, we must 
first educate and struggle. Don't give up on your 
fellow prisoners who are afraid of the pigs. You 
are leading by example and not living in the past.


... In 1996, i was personally refused treatment by 
an RN [Registered Nurse] at Ellis One Unit in 
Huntsville. Three days later, unconscious and near 
death i was sent to Sealy Hospital via Emergency 
Air ambulance.

i was rushed unconscious to surgery to remove a 
porta-cath device from my right pectoral. Not a 
life or death surgery, it had nothing to do with my 
diabetic keto-acidocious, or pneumonia, which were 
the causes of my illness. i had already refused 
previous attempted to remove it so prison doctors 
and nurses would not have to service it monthly.

During this minor surgery i died on the operating 
table. Was i too weak, had too much anesthetic, who 
knows? Records were altered, info left out. They 
covered their asses. i was on life support for four 
days, until someone read in my medical file that i 
had a no recessitation clause. Thinking here is a 
way out, to cover their asses, they disconnected 
the machine breathing for me, covered me up and 
pronounced me dead for good.

Fuck that said my brain. It's not time to go and i 
started breathing on my own, though still 
unconscious for three more days...

On the 7th day in intensive care i woke up. i could 
not move, and barely speak. In days to come i could 
not walk or feed myself, could not remember my 
family, etc.

...The Prison Chaplain told my family every day 
that i was fine, and recovering with no problems. I 
have scars at my Achilles tendon on both feet from 
leg shackles while unconscious in my coma state. 
Scars on my spine from whatever apparatus i was 
confined in also. 

I was in the hospital from August 96 to November 
96. Now I have to use a walker due to paralysis in 
right arm and leg. To date, 10 June 97, I have had 
no physical therapy, and not one treatment that was 
ordered by Sealy Hospital. I was sent to a unit (i 
am almost 50) where the average age is 25, for 
"Better Medical care than i could get at Ellis 

First thing the prison doctor told me was no pain 
meds or therapy are given here. So here i sit. In 
six months i have gained 40 plus pounds. Had no 
treatment other than basic diabetic needs. In 
constant pain, no care, no lawyer, no shit, with 16 
years to parole date.

Don't get me wrong. i'm not crying, even though i'm 
dying here. I just thought people should know 
what's going on. I didn't hear this shit somewhere, 
i am living and dying it everyday, Hell on earth in 
Texas, one day at a time.

 -- A Texas Prisoner, 10 June 1997


Dear MIM, This is a situation I went through within 
the confinement of Atlanta, USP [United Snakes 
On July 1, 1997 my celly was kicking on the door of 
our cell in administrative segregation. My celly 
wanted to be moved to another cell. But a Lt. 
Cortrette and 4 other officers came to the door and 
told my celly that if he kicks the door again he 
will chain both of us down.

I then asked the Lt. Why would he chain me down? He 
then said, "Shut Up!" I then told him to shut up. 
He told me and my celly to cuff-up. We both 
complied. After I was handcuffed and the door was 
opened, Lt. Cortrette and the other officers 
wrestled me to the floor and put feet shackles 
around my ankles.

Once I had handcuffs and feet shackles on lying 
face down, Lt. Cortrette gets on my back and bangs 
my head on the bottom of the bed leg, made out of 
steel, until my forehead was busted. I had to have 
3 stitches in my forehead.

Then Lt. Cortrette had me chained to the bed on my 
back for 5 days straight. Then wrote me a false 
incident report saying that I assaulted him while 
in handcuffs.

He did this to justify my injury. I presently have 
litigation in court against Lt. Cortrette. This 
same Lt. Cortrette has assaulted a very large 
number of prisoners, only after they were 
handcuffed. I believe that if we don't get rid of 
this sadistic animal he will soon kill a fellow 
prisoner. I'm asking the readers to write to:

Director of Bureau of Prisons, Kathleen Hawk, 320 
First St. NW, Washington, DC 20534

Ask for an investigation into the assaults at 
Atlanta United States Penitentiary, PO Box PMB, 
Atlanta, GA 30315.

Thank you,

 -- A Federal Prisoner, 12 August 1997

MIM RESPONDS:  We commend the above prisoner for 
exposing the brutality of the Amerikkkan injustice 
system. In addition we hope that your litigation 
may provide you with some temporary relief from the 
brutality. But remember that this Pig is only one 
minor cog in the huge machine of oppression. He is 
supported by the imperialists and most likely 
rewarded for his brutality.

Often imperialist pigs will try to single out 
individuals as bad cops or rogue officers to 
distract people from the criminal system that 
breeds these individuals. They want people to 
believe that police are good and just and only a 
few are brutal. This is not true. The cops and 
prisoncrats make up the social control branch of 
the oppressive imperialist system. It is their job 
to be brutal and to oppress the masses.

So file lawsuits, or write letters of protest, but 
keep in mind these are short-term reformist battles 
that must be waged in the context of revolution. 
The oppression will continue until the imperialists 
are eventually overthrown.


Dear Mao Comrades; ... The MIM Notes, in fact, have 
been such a great learning experience and 
inspiration that I was kidnapped and placed further 
in the belly of beast, called rats holes, cages or 
detention blocks. [This was] for sending out a 
letter to local authorities expressing the will and 
suffering of dead spirit-prisoners here in Adrian, 
MI. This letter was sent also to the Michigan 
Department of (IN)Corrections exposing the European 
Supremacy via the Guards wearing KKK Head garments; 
the constant subtle harassment, and unreasonable 
lockdowns with no explanation.

The letter was vague but it revealed all the 
tactics this facility has been using to mount 
tensions creating an atmosphere for an uprising. 
Mind you I am the Assistant Minister of an Islamic 
organization and I hold some very strong views 
which I conveyed to the modern day Roman 
Administration and they brought me up on some 
trumped up, bogus, insane charges of conspiracy to 
incite a riot. This was in February that I was 
placed in the death of hell, as a way of 
retaliating against me. Thus they sought to mind-
torture me for using what they consider 
unflattering words.

Well say not truth breed hatred and I will avoid 
it; dissimulation raise friends and I will follow 
it. Are the enemies made by truth better than the 
friends obtained by flattery? I can not please man 
and please my Creator. To displease man very often 
pleases the Creator-Allah. ... 

Using the phrase, "Possibility of a riot." was that 
which they used to write this major misconduct 
[report so] that [I] could have a traumatic 

... My statement did not imply a riot or was 
organizing a riot. But I forgot these fascist 
dictators are taught what to think and not how to 
think. Thus reason is not even a topic of 

After evaluation we concluded that this whole 
process was used as a tool to neutralize good bold 
effective leadership by targeting and labeling them 
as a "SECURITY THREAT GROUP". Which is a new policy 
in Michigan prisons. Basically its a policy program 
like the one created under J. Edgar Hoover who 
sought to destroy any courageous leaders "By any 
means Necessary."

They tortured my comrade and me for 10 days; 
knowing that we were innocent of these charges and 
never have been associated with be gang members.

... They thought they were going to break our 
struggling spirit by sending us to the torture 
chamber... However Allah teaches us that no weapon 
formed against the righteous will stand. Thus in 
March 1997 we were vindicated. But I am sure they 
are going to keep trying until we are in a secure 
maximum dungeon or dead. That still won't prevent 
me from exposing these repressive snake grawlers 
they are. Trying to put themselves up as some law 
living citizens when they are modern day Herod 
killers attempting to destroy the Afrikan 
leadership in these kkkoncetration kkkamps.

The families and the public need to know about 
these carpet-hidden truths of oppression that are 
overwhelming in prisons. And we, as the rejected 
and forgotten in prison, are not using this as a 
crutch for attention. This shit repression is real 
and I hope one day you begin to understand the 
nature and intent of these kkkoncentration kkkamps 
termed prison. Even if you do not understand our 
pain and suffering we still need your support.

Please help us here in Michigan prisons but 
particularly in Adrian, MI. Or all hell can break 
out and your uncles, sons, daughters, cousins, 
brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, etc will be 
altered mentally and spiritually from this 
experience or perhaps totally annihilated.

... The Roman Guard just brought a letter to me 
written by the inspector requesting for a re-
hearing. As he believes the charges should be 
sustained and wants us found guilty. I told you 
that they would not stop short of trying to kill 
our reputation as good leaders....

Yours in the Struggle,

 -- A Michigan Prisoner, March 9, 1997


***The call went out through Ohio gulags for all 
state prisoners to remain on their lock, or cells 
and to refuse to participate in any and all prison 
activities on November 1, 1997. Prisoners have 
organized this peaceful protest to oppose proposed 
legislation which does not halt 'multiple flops' 
handed down by the Parole board to force prisoners 
to endure "indeterminate sentences" to several 
thousand Technical Parole Violators (TPVs).

Since the call originated, prison officials have 
retaliated against individuals whom the prisoncrats 
claim organized the stoppage.

MIM fully supports the struggles of prisoners 
languishes in the Amerikan gulags to expose and 
organize against national oppression, social 
control and specifically, long, indefinite and 
purposeless sentences. We currently have limited 
information on the status of the Ohio work stoppage 
and resulting events. We urge prisoners to use the 
pages of MIM Notes to expose the atrocities in Ohio 
prisons and prisons across Amerika. The below was 
released by prisoner organizers of the stoppage.***


1. Prisoners want all prisoners who have been 
placed in isolation as a result of this work 
stoppage released from isolation, and any conduct 
reports for refusal to work removed from their 
records. We want an investigation into any use of 
force that results from this peaceful work stoppage 
by state legislators.

2. We want TPVs who have been back in the system 
more than 9 months, released on parole, as would be 
the case if these prisoners were under the new 
sentencing laws of S.B. 2, which became law in 

3. We want an end to multiple flops which extends 
the amount of time a prisoner serves far past what 
would be served if prisoners were serving time 
under S.B. 2.

4. In regards to "life" sentences, lifers want a 
meaningful halftime review, and not a meaningless 
"paper" review. Lifers want hearings where they are 
actually present. There is nothing in purposed 
legislation that would remedy the abuses from the 
parole board concerning life sentences.

5. In general, prisoners want sentences modified to 
reflect what we would have if we were under S.B. 2.

6. We want the phones turned back on so we can 
verify that the state government has agreed to the 
above. If the phones aren't turned back on we can't 
contact our outside representatives.


* * *


MIM seeks to build public opinion against 
Amerika's criminal injustice system, and to 
eventually replace the bourgeois injustice system 
with proletarian justice. The bourgeois 
injustice system imprisons and executes a 
disproportionately large and growing number of 
oppressed people while letting the biggest mass 
murderers - the imperialists and their 
lackeys - roam free. Imperialism is not opposed to 
murder or theft, it only insists that these crimes 
be committed in the interests of the bourgeoisie.

MIM does not advocate that all prisoners go free 
today; we have a more effective program for 
fighting crime as was demonstrated in China prior 
to the restoration of capitalism there in 1976. We 
say that all prisoners are political 
prisoners because under the dictatorship of the 
bourgeoisie, all imprisonment is substantively 
political. It is our responsibility to exert 
revolutionary leadership and conduct 
political agitation and organization among 
prisoners  whose material conditions make them an 
overwhelmingly revolutionary group. Some prisoners 
should and will work on self-criticism under a 
future dictatorship of the proletariat in those 
cases in which prisoners really did do 
something wrong by proletarian standards.


*1. Struggle with, work with, finance and join 
MIM. The best way to support prisoners is to 
overthrow the system under which capitalists profit 
from the exploitation of prisoners. History shows 
that the best way to do this is to build a Marxist-
Leninist-Maoist party. The oppressors will not give 
up their power without a fight.
*2. Finance MIM's prison work. Our biggest bill 
each month is postage. Most of the prison comrades 
who read MIM Notes have no way of paying for it. 
So if you have money, send what you can afford. 
Every cent helps, and stamps are as good as cash to 
*3. Distribute MIM Notes and Notas Rojas. Bring 
the voices of prisoners and their supporters to as 
large and wide an audience of people as possible. 
Contact MIM for bulk rates and distribution tips.
*4. Start or join a prison support group. MIM can 
provide advice and resources to help you build 
public opinion for prisoners and their struggles.
*5. Fight censorship, beatings, torture and other 
fascist outrages. Under Lock and Key often 
features the addresses of prisoners' friends and 
enemies. Work with the friends and let the enemies 
know you're watching. (Don't expect to win the 
fascists to the side of humanity, however. See #1 
in this list).
*6. Stay in touch. Keep us informed of pro-
prisoner work you do. Our readers might find it 
educational or inspirational

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