This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
Maoist Internationalist Movement

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  MIM Notes 162                  May 15, 1998

MIM Notes speaks to and from the viewpoint of the 
world's oppressed majority, and against the 
imperialist-patriarchy. Pick it up and wield it in 
the service of the people. support it, struggle 
with it and write for it.


* * *


The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) is a 
revolutionary communist party that upholds 
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, comprising the collection 
of existing or emerging Maoist internationalist 
parties in the English-speaking imperialist 
countries and their English-speaking internal 
semi-colonies, as well as the existing or emerging 
Spanish-speaking Maoist internationalist parties 
of Aztlan, Puerto Rico and other territories of 
the U.S. Empire. MIM Notes is the newspaper of 
MIM. Notas Rojas is the newspaper of the Spanish-
speaking parties or emerging parties of MIM.

MIM is an internationalist organization that works 
from the vantage point of the Third World 
proletariat; thus, its members are not Amerikans, 
but world citizens.

MIM struggles to end the oppression of all groups 
over other groups: classes, genders, nations.  MIM 
knows this is only possible by building public 
opinion to seize power through armed struggle.

Revolution is a reality for North America as the 
military becomes over-extended in the government's 
attempts to maintain world hegemony.

MIM differs from other communist parties on three 
main questions: (1) MIM holds that after the 
proletariat seizes power in socialist revolution, 
the potential exists for capitalist restoration 
under the leadership of a new bourgeoisie within 
the communist party itself. In the case of the 
USSR, the bourgeoisie seized power after the death 
of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao's 
death and the overthrow of the "Gang of Four" in 
1976. (2) MIM upholds the Chinese Cultural 
Revolution as the farthest advance of communism in 
human history. (3) MIM believes the North American 
white-working-class is primarily a non-
revolutionary worker-elite at this time; thus, it 
is not the principal vehicle to advance Maoism in 
this country.

MIM accepts people as members who agree on these 
basic principles and accept democratic centralism, 
the system of majority rule, on other questions of 
party line.

"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is 
universally applicable. We should regard it not as 
dogma, but as a guide to action. Studying it is 
not merely a matter of learning terms and phrases, 
but of learning Marxism-Leninism as the science of 
-- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208

* * *


by a MIM comrade

Washington, D.C., the U.$. capital city and the city with 
the greatest number of police officers per capita in the 
country, has had the highest (illegal) murder rate of any 
large city over the past 10 years. Police-state zealots 
conclude from this that D.C., like other cities, needs more 
and more pigs policing the streets. Revolutionaries know 
increased numbers of police are not the answer to crime. In 
fact, the proliferation of Amerikkka's police force only 
increases the violence which is committed against the 

Amerikkka is at war with its internal semi-colonies. 
Amerikkka systematically denies oppressed nations the right 
to self-determination and control over political, economic 
and military affairs. The Amerikkkan police state enforces 
the oppressive relationship between the white nation and 
internal semi-colonies through its illegitimate INjustice 
system. Amerikkkan domination depends on its ability to 
control the oppressed through massive round ups by the 
Amerikkkan pigs into the ever-increasing prison system.

The high number of illegal murders mostly result from 
current systematic poverty and inequality. And it is the 
occupying settler police army which enforces national 
oppression. Above all, more pigs does not mean that the 
causes for crime are eradicated. Increasing the number of 
agents of Amerikka's police state will only strengthen 
Amerikkka's war against oppressed nations.

The total number of illegal murders fell in D.C. last year, 
but the rate per capita was more than five-times as high as 
New York City's. There are still many more murders each 
year than there were in the early 1980s. According to a 
government study, a Black man in D.C. who turned 18 in 1989 
had a 1 in 24 chance of being murdered by 1995 -- the worst 
odds in the country. All that is despite the fact that, 
with seven cops on duty for every 1,000 residents, D.C. is 
the most heavily policed city in the country. Obviously the 
police are not helping to prevent illegal murders, so the 
push for more can only be taken as a push to increase 
oppression of the masses, not solution of society's 

D.C. is also one of the most imprisoned cites in the 
country. According to a study by the National Center on 
Institutions and Alternatives, in 1997 50% of Black men in 
D.C. ages 18-35 were in prison or jail, probation or 
parole, out on bond or being sought on a warrant. That 
number was increased from 42% in 1992. This mass 
persecution by the INjustice system is a vast crime of 
national oppression perpetrated in the name of the law and 
democracy. Notably, the vast majority of murders that are 
not being prevented by this police state are committed 
against young Black men.

MIM refers to "illegal murders" in this case because the 
biggest murderers -- the imperialists, their corporations 
and their armies -- aren't doing anything illegal by 
bourgeois standards, and their crimes go unreported in 
official crime statistics.

Washington, D.C. is the murder capital of the world in more 
ways than one. Besides the illegal murder rates, D.C. is 
the seat of power for the most murderous imperialist power 
in the world:  the United Snakes of Imperialism. Amerika's 
armies killed more than a million Vietnamese, hundreds of 
thousands of Iraqis, and unknown numbers of murdered and 
disappeared activists and revolutionaries throughout Latin 
America. Beside direct military invasion, Amerikkka 
continues its long history of propping up puppet comprador 
regimes, as in Peru and the Philippines, which carry out 
systematic torture and war against the masses.

This is also the police state that murderously crushed the 
Maoist revolutionary Black Panther Party of the late 1960s, 
whose plan for self-reliance and self-determination for the 
Black nation would have blocked the importation of heroine 
and cocaine, and countered economic isolation of the urban 
lumpenproletariat, all of which fuel today's illegal murder 

Just as all nations oppressed by imperialism throughout the 
world, oppressed nations within the illegitimate U.$. 
borders need self determination and national liberation. 
These are the products of revolutionary struggle, not a 
stronger occupying army of police.

NOTES: Murder and police statistics from Washington Post, 
19 April 1998, p. A1. Prison statistics from "Hobbling a 
Generation: Young African American Men in D.C.'s Criminal 
Justice System Five years Later," National Center for 
Institutions and Alternatives.

* * *


In April, another one of the criminal injustice system's 
unjust convictions reached the supreme court of 
Massachusetts. To the surprise of the defendant, his lawyer 
and his family, the judge asked the important questions 
about the laws that were broken in the course of the murder 
trial. The verdict from this hearing is not yet in but the 
course of this entire case demonstrates why MIM says that 
all imprisonment is political and why we call this a 
criminal INjjustice system

In 1993, XX was extradited from Georgia and convicted of 
murder within four months of the beginning of his trial. 
His lawyer, a public (defender) pretender, cooperated with 
the prosecution in rushing the trial, ignoring evidence and 
neglecting cross examination of witnesses. The criminal 
injustice system intimidated XX's family and friends and 
continues to harass and torture XX in prison as he appeals 
this unjust conviction.

Shortly after the murder, XX went to the police station. 
Thinking that he had nothing to fear, he decided to clear 
himself as a potential suspect by submitting to testing for 
blood. The murder was a very bloody one, but nothing was 
found on XX or in his car. XX was seen at his printing shop 
at 9:15, a half hour away from the murder which took place 
between 9 and 9:30. In spite of the lack of evidence 
against XX, the prosecution succeeded in convicting him by 
suppressing important evidence. In just one example of 
this, the witness who was to testify at the trial was told 
to leave the court by a police officer who intimidated him 
and said they didn't need him.

One of the prosecution's witnesses against XX was a known 
drug addict who changed his story at least once. Another 
man who testified knew the murder victim and worked as a 
special officer. He threatened a womyn, saying that he 
would kill her "just like I killed [the murder victim]." 
This womyn filed a complaint against the officer but this 
was not disclosed to XX before the trial. The womyn who 
filed this complaint came forward to tell the defense team 
after reading about the case in the newspaper.

XX's original public pretender solicited the case, lying to 
XX and his sister. He told them that a wealthy benefactor 
wanted him to represent XX. But the lawyer was being paid 
for by the state as a public pretender. It is not clear why 
this man wanted the case but his complicity with the 
prosecution suggests that this case was fixed from the 
beginning. The lawyer was eventually brought to court where 
he denied lying about the wealthy benefactor but admitted 
calling to solicit the case.

Before XX was even arrested, some people showed up at the 
house of a cousin of his and tried to question her, telling 
her they were going to get XX. She never found out who 
these people were. During the trial the prosecution had 
XX's sister followed. And his family was threatened by the 
officers of the imperialist court.As a part of the ongoing 
harassment of XX for maintaining his innocence, he has been 
moved four times in prison and there have been a number of 
attempts on his life. Most recently, in the middle of the 
night a few days after the appeal at the Supreme Court, XX 
was moved again.Other than being a member of the Black 
nation, there's no clear reason why XX was set up for this 
case. He was not a political activist or any particular 
threat to the imperialist system except as another Black 
man in white Amerika. The criminal injustice system is used 
as a means of social control by the imperialist state. 
Oppressed nations within u.s. borders are the particular 
target of the criminal injustice system. This is why the 
u.s. has a greater proportion of Blacks in prison that even 
Apartheid South Africa.

MIM writes about cases like this one for two reasons. 
First, we hope that the publicity will put greater pressure 
on the political system which has convicted XX as we 
support his struggle for freedom. And secondly, we use 
cases like this to demonstrate the injustice of the overall 
system of imperialism. People interested in supporting XX's 
fight or in taking part in the struggle against the 
criminal injustice system in general should contact RAIL.

* * *



Comrades of MIM and RAIL,

We were reading MIM Notes 153, Feb1, 1998 edition, an 
article in the 'Under Lock & Key' section entitled: "A Plea 
for Help' from a Michigan prisoner that begs our attention. 
However, though all the articles in Under Lock & Key are 
deserving of comment and analysis, this one article gains 
our attention because this comrad spoke of having feelings 
of 'suicide' and we do not want any comrad to feel this 
way, or to feel as though they are at such a low state that 
there is no other alternative or that there is no one in 
this struggle that care. Therefore, we respond as follows:

In this prisoners missive he states that he is 25 years old 
and that he is writing on behalf of (PDTRT). We of 
Political Prisoners of War Coalition (PPWC) have not heard 
of PDTRT, what their political line is, what they represent 
etc. But, that is not a big deal because we are sure there 
are many who do not know who PPWC is or have not heard of 
us. However, we do know that this brave comrad sounded as 
though he was giving up giving up at a time when he nee to 
stand firm and defy the odds. To refuse allowing the MDOC's 
actions to cause him, or any other prisoner in struggle, to 
feel weak and broken-spirited, or have desires/thoughts of 
wanting to commit suicide. That will not accomplish 
anything other than the MDOC prisoncrats a hearty laugh and 
a good subject to discuss while they sit on their fat lazy 
asses feeling victorious, as they call you a 'weak ass 
piece of shit.'

You, my brotha, need to affirm your position in the 
struggle for political/social change by staying alive, 
studying the principles of Chairman Mao, Marx, Lenin and 
the Black Panther Party (BPP) so that you and other comrads 
you talk and study with will become strong vanguard 
soldiers (souljahs).

In your missive you spoke of staff writing "fake tickets" 
and you somehow feel they are wrong for doing this. But if 
you come to true revolutionary overstanding then you would 
accept the fact what the prisoncrats do is done 
purposefully. That what they do is designed to break your 
resistance down. To kill the revolutionary spirit that is 
rising up against their imperialist domination over the 
working class. The proletariats. That what they do is meant 
to cause ones such as yourself to develop suicidal 
thoughts, and a defeatist attitude so they can continue 
fucking over the lot of us. But - when you refuse to allow 
prisoncrats or even their lack-dog prisoner agents to deter 
you from the job you are doing the mission you are on, 
which is to education others as you educate yourself with 
the proper principle revolutionary discipline, then there 
is NOTHING to destroy you, and the conscious seeds you've 
planted will grow to maturity and the roots from the tree 
of revolution will DESTROY the ignorance of the 

MIM offers, especially to prisoners, a line to follow from 
the examples of Chairman Mao, the Gang of Four and the BPP 
in which to formulate our goals, because MIM overstand that 
it is within these prisons a strong vanguard party can 
develop with the proper grooming and political re-education 
and discipline.

As you work with you comrade within PDTRT and give then 
strength, reserve some strength for yourself. And as our 
comrads of MIM have told you, "You have been organizing 
prisoners and explsing the truth about the atrocities of 
the prison system. Don't give up hope. You are not alone in 
this struggle against imperialist domination." Comrads such 
as yourself are valuable to this struggle. And this is why 
it is important for you and your comrads of the PDTRT to 
struggle and work with MIM and give MIM your support so 
that we can overcome the obstacles the bourgeoisie place 
before all of us.

--Political Prisoners of War Coalition March 25, 1998.


When I first said that I was interested in Books for 
prisoners I had no idea that the only books that you would 
be sending them would be books written by people trying to 
take over the world. I want prisoners to have books. I want 
them to be able to read real literature. If they desire 
philosophy let them read Aristotle, Plato, Wagner, Thoreau, 
Sartre. For history political, and or political inspiration 
consider Niccolo Machiavelli's, Prince. Thucydides, 
Herodotus, Aeschylus, Homer.

You don't want to offer these people the opportunity to 
choose their own path. You call them the victims and only 
permit them to believe that that is what they are and say 
that a revolution is the only course for a victim. A victim 
can, and sometimes does turn the other cheek. Ghandi, 
M.L.K., and most important Jesus all forgave their 
attackers. In these three instances they were made martyrs 
, but their efforts moved nations and in some cases worlds. 
I do not know, but I think that if you offer a prisoner in 
our prison system the opportunity to change one aspect of a 
city, and then you offer them the opportunity to change an 
aspect of a nation, which do you think they would change. 
Anger is sometimes healthy, but anger cannot propel and
motivate us.


Please take me off of your mailing list. Wishing you, and 
perhaps myself, more understanding of what we should really 
be fighting for.

MIM responds:

This letter writer has been duped by the Amerikan education 
system to believe that the world is presented in an 
objective way through bourgeois scholars. And so s/he 
believes that if only we could just offer everyone access 
to these scholars, they could have a complete education 
with all the options presented.

In fact, this writer is suggesting that we should give 
prisoners a very biased view. The examples of "real 
literature" and philosophers s/he presents include only 
people who have earned a reputation in the bourgeois world 
which means people who represent imperialism, fascism, 
feudalism and slavery. Among the list of suggested authors, 
the only person representing the perspective of the 
oppressed people of the world is Sartre. Perhaps this 
letter writer does not realize that Sartre was a communist 
since he also attained academic prestige. In imperialist 
society people already have access to all the well known 
bourgeois scholars and most of these do not offer the 
oppressed an analysis of society from the perspective of 
the majority of the world's people or a way to end their 

MIM fills a much needed hole in these educational 
opportunities when we send in political books to prisoners. 
We are responding to a demand from the prisoners and we do 
not force any ideology upon anyone. In fact, we encourage 
everyone we talk with to check out all of the ideologies 
and analyses out there. But at the same time, we have a 
responsibility to present the political line and strategy 
that we think is going to achieve the liberation of 
humanity. This is no different from what all historians and 
philosophers have done throughout history.

There is a reason that the revolutionary literature we 
provide is in demand in the prisons. Prisons are the most 
fascistic element of u.s. society. Prisoners have the 
opportunity to experience the evil side of imperialism 
first hand and their analysis of this society leads the to 
a revolutionary analysis. Apparently this letter writer 
would rather not fill this demand and instead limit 
prisoners to the one sided "real literature" that they have 
already had access to all of their lives.

MIM and RAIL are very honest about the fact that our Serve 
the People Books for Prisoners program does not include 
spending money to mail prisoners copies of the bible or 
literature classics or reactionary political history. We 
send in the revolutionary history and theory that prisoners 
must study to understand how to take on and defeat their 

* * *


by MC17

Antonio Camacho Negron, a Puerto Rican who was imprisoned 
for his part in the fight against u.s. colonialism, was re-
arrested by the FBI in Puerto Rico late Thursday night, 
April 16th.

He was released in February after spending 11 years in 
prison. He was arrested again for violating the terms of 
his release, particularly for not reporting to a Federal 
Magistrate in Puerto Rico and for associating with 
independentistas. The conditions of his parole required him 
to stay away from independentistas and required that he 
present himself to the Federal Magistrate every 72 hours.

Upon arrest he was refused access to his lawyers and he was 
shipped back to the united snakes of imperialism.

Negron's refusal to comply with the terms of his parole is 
a political statement that he does not recognize the 
legitimacy of the united snakes courts to deal with the 
criminal justice of the Puerto Rican people. 1998 marks 100 
years of u.s. colonialism in Puerto Rico. As an occupied 
island whose population is required to serve in the u.s. 
military but does not get a vote in elections, Puerto 
Rico's official status is a Commonwealth. But those who 
aspire to an independent Puerto Rico correctly oppose the 
imposition of the u.s. colonial injustice system on the 
Puerto Rican nation.

Negron, along with other Puerto Rican prisoners of war, 
stand strong in their fight against the illegitimate 
authority of the u.s. criminal injustice system. The fear 
that this strength puts in the imperialists is clear from 
the terms of Negron's release. Even after 11 years in 
prison they knew that Negron would continue the struggle 
for Puerto Rican independence and they tried to restrict 
his political activities on the outside.

These actions make it very clear that the u.s. criminal 
injustice system is nothing more than a tool for social 
control wielded against the oppressed nations. Those who 
take the most bold actions in the fight for national 
liberation are most severely punished. MIM stands with 
Negron and all of the Puerto Rican's in Amerika's gulags in 
the fight for Puerto Rican self-determination. Let us take 
advantage of this 100 year anniversary of u.s. colonialism 
by stepping up the struggle. Work with MIM to forge Maoist 
parties with the strength and resources to lead national 
liberation struggles in all of the nations colonized by 
u.s. imperialism.

Notes: Press Release from the Committee to Free Puerto 
Rican Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War, April 22, 

* * *


In MIM Notes 160 for 15 April, we ran a story about a 
hungerstrike by death row prisoners in Pennsylvania. The 
hungerstrike was in protest against a series of new 
restrictions imposed on the prisoners, of which the most 
draconian was one which restricted the total property 
allowed to what would fit within a 12"x12"x14" box. This 
restriction makes legal work very difficult and restricts 
the ability of death row prisoners to appeal their 
sentences is. As Mumia Abu-Jamal wrote, "the separation of 
the inmates from their legal materials is meant to hasten 
death. It is an attack on the last vestige of hope"(1).

MIM Notes called the hungerstrike a victory, based on 
initial reports that some restrictions were rolled back, 
and others were on hold pending negotiation. After MIM 
Notes went to press, we received word from Mumia Abu-Jamal 
via the internet that this was in fact not a victory. 
Mumia's statement was in part a response to the 
prisoncrat's media spin which we had not seen, but his 
fundamental point was that too little had been won by the 
prisoners to call it a victory.

MIM does not have a lot of specific information on what is 
going on right now, but current events bear out Mumia's 
statement. It's unclear to MIM whether the DOC reneged on 
its agreement to lift the restrictions on legal materials, 
or if the negotiations failed to reverse the March 
directive. Either way, legal materials were the main issue 
which brought about a second hunger strike. Again, Mumia 
joined the hungerstrike at the request of other prisoners.

As a result of the hungerstrike, the prisoners have been 
put on "layin" which means that they do not have the 
privilege of going to the yard, do not have access to 
showers, are in lockdown 24 hours a day, and cannot use 
library resources.

As of April 13, 17 prisoners were hungerstriking. Mumia 
wrote: "The key issue ... is legal material; I just want to 
point out that the situation of the Department of 
Corrections, vis-a-vis men on death row, has changed 
dramatically in the last few years. Under relatively new 
statutory authority, the DOC now may sign a death warrant. 
Thus, no longer are they neutral state agents they are 
active agents of death. In this context, the tampering, 
custody and control of a man's legal materials seems 
starkly and unquestionably malevolent."(1)

The law in question states that if the Governor fails to 
comply with the time restrictions on an execution, the DOC 
is to carry it out anyway.

The changes in DOC policy also extend to an upsurge in 
brutality against prisoners. After the initiation of both 
hungerstrikes, drastic shakedowns by the guards took place 
where cells were looted and prisoners beaten for reasons of 
retaliation and political activism. A recent compilation of 
Philadelphia news clippings exposes an increase in 
brutality at SCI. When taken to the hole [segregation 
cells], prisoners are fiercely beaten and the video tapes 
of the beatings are systematically destroyed. A progressive 
lawyer who does prisoner advocacy work around the country 
said "What they're running there is a concentration camp. 
It's like an Alcatraz mentality. It's horrible....I have 
never, ever, ever seen a place such as Greene. I have never 
seen such bigots in my life."(2)

Both the legislation and increased brutality are aimed 
specifically at the politically conscious prisoners and 
those prisoners who file suits against the DOC. SCI-Greene 
is a particularly brutal example of all incarceration 
within the U$ that aims to cut down all human and legal 
ties prisoners have to the outside world as a way of 
controlling the oppressed who, even if they were not 
politically conscious upon imprisonment, come to realize 
the nature of u.s. imperialism behind bars. The lack of 
rehabilitation programs and fair legal treatment are just 
two examples that expose the criminal injustice system for 
the system of social control that it is. The criminal 
injustice system is the most fascistic element of u.s. 
society and the fight against this system gets at the heart 
of imperialism. (For more on the criminal injustice system 
order MIM Theory 11, Amerikan Prisons on Trial, for $6 
postage paid.)

MIM hopes the comrades on death row in Pennsylvania will 
win this battle with minimal damage to themselves. We will 
continue to publicize this battle as we are sent 
information. In particular, we think that this struggle is 
not only a winnable battle, but a clear indictment of a 
system that has no interest in justice, just oppression.

1.Mumia  13 Apr 1998 11:58:41 -0400 (EDT) 
Hunger Strike Reinstated at SCI Greene DOC reneged on 
Agreement; SPG  16 Apr 1998 18:11:17 +0200, 
Mumia Joins Hunger Strike April 13th at SCI Green

* * *


The Minneapolis state court of appeals ruled in early April 
that animal rights protesters were not entitled to hold 
signs inside the shopping mall there even though public 
money was used to build the mall. The ruling reversed a 
lower court decision that said the protesters' free speech 
rights had been violated in 1996 outside a Macy's store at 
the Mall of America.

The Mall of America, which includes a college, police 
substation and two public schools along with an indoor 
theme park and more than 500 stores, was built five years 
ago for $700 million. The city of Bloomington provided $186 

The four protesters stood indoors in the courtyard in front 
of Macy's holding signs and distributing literature 
opposing the sale of furs. They were told to take the 
protest outside and when they refused they were arrested.

The protesters claimed that public funding of the mall made 
it a public place where such protests should be legal. The 
court of appeals ruled that there was an alternative spot 
where the protesters could exercise their rights.

This decision overruled Hennepin County District Judge Jack 
Nordby who wrote that the mall must allow protests inside 
because public money was used to build the shopping 
complex. But he also refused to dismiss the trespassing 
charges because the protesters didn't seek the mall's 
permission for their protest.

Larry Leventhal, the attorney for the four defendants, said 
they likely would appeal. He said: "The right of freedom of 
speech requires that people should be able to speak to one 
another where they're gathering, and overwhelmingly now 
people are gathering in malls."

This ruling also contradicts a previous ruling at the same 
level which means that this decision may end up in the 
Supreme Court. MIM fully recognizes the contradiction 
within bourgeois society that bourgeois laws generally only 
defend the bourgeoisie and its privileges. That is one of 
the many reasons that the masses must seize state power and 
create laws which serve the interests of the international 
proletariat and not that of the oppressor. Anti-
imperialists must carefully monitor increasingly draconian 
laws which overtly prevent progressives from organizing. At 
this point in time, MIM is waging a battle of building 
support for revolution through agitation and independent 
peoples' institutions, MIM is not engaged in armed 
struggle. So, we take seriously the legal means through 
which the state suppresses protest.

Note: Associated Press, 7 April 1998.

* * *

Down with imperialism!
Down with bureaucrat capitalism!
Down with feudalism!

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA -- Lualhati Abreu, a long-time national 
democratic activist from the Philippines, gave several 
public speeches here on the condition of wimmin and 
children in the Philippines from the perspective of the 
national democratic movement. She emphasized that the 
principal problems facing Filipino wimmin were feudalism, 
imperialism, and bureaucrat capitalism.

As she said, "Wimmin and children of the oppressed classes 
suffer the same forms of exploitation and oppression as 
their men and adult counterparts suffer." Wimmin and 
children also face particular problems which men, in 
general, do not face -- such as prostitution -- and feudal 
ideas continue to subordinate them to men. While the 
national democratic movement struggles against these evils, 
it mainly mobilizes wimmin on the basis of their class and 
national oppression. This is in direct contrast to 
bourgeois feminists, who seek to restrict wimmin's activism 
to so-called "wimmin's issues."

All issues are wimmin's issues!

The vast majority of the population of the Philippines and 
the vast majority of the 26 million wimmin and 22 million 
children in the Philippines live in the countryside as 
peasants. There they suffer under the burdens of high land 
rent, usurious loans, and all the other problems in a semi-
feudal society.

About 15% of Filipino wimmin are workers, and they are 
often the "last hired, first fired." In some export 
processing centers -- where Nike, Reebok and others have 
set up shop -- wimmin make up 80% of the workforce, because 
thanks to feudal discrimination they can be paid less than 
men. In some enterprises, wimmin and children workers are 
not paid at all for their labor.

Abreu linked the economic and political oppression of 
wimmin and children to their gender oppression. "We can say 
that gender oppression of wimmin, and sexual oppression of 
children, can all be linked to poverty, brought about by 
imperialist-planned, comprador greed on our social system, 
in all fields; [the] economy, politics, social and cultural 

Specifically, she linked the problem of prostitution to 
poverty. "Saddled in these miserable kind of conditions, 
wimmin and children more often than not find themselves in 
the landlord's home to pay for the debt incurred by their 
families. If not, wimmin are put into prostitution or mail-
order bride schemes and children into child labor working 
under hazardous conditions and even into prostitution. 
Today we have 600,000 wimmin prostitutes in the 
Philippines. In fact we rank second in Southeast Asia, 
second only to Thailand. A conservative estimate [of the 
number of child prostitutes] is 100,000." That figure 
(600,000) includes 200,000 wimmin involved in prostitution 
outside of the country.

Since the gender oppression of wimmin and children is so 
closely tied to their class and nation oppression, Abreu 
argued that gender oppression could only be overthrown by a 
movement to overthrow class and nation oppression. "There 
are different responses to these conditions. There are 
reformist NGOs (or Non-Governmental Organizations) on 
children or wimmin and wimmin's concerns, each dealing on 
one issue for the wimmin or children.... But then, they do 
not see the root of all these problems, they are just 
dealing on generalities or the result of poverty, and as I 
have said earlier, poverty results from the imperialist and 
feudal grip on our social system. But there are also 
progressive responses to these social problems. They see 
that wimmin's problems... are part and parcel of the 
overall national democratic movement."

This is the thrust of a slogan which MIM has long put 
forwards, namely, "All issues are wimmin's issues." Not 
only should wimmin struggle against those who restrict them 
to predefined "wimmin's issues" and imply that wimmin have 
no interest in or nothing to say about economics or 
military matters, but the majority of the world's wimmin 
cannot truly overcome gender oppression without 
overthrowing imperialism.

At another forum, Abreu described how certain sectors of 
the national democratic wimmin's movement came under the 
influence of bourgeois feminism, which was imported into 
the Philippines by First World "feminists" and the United 
Nations. For a time, the national democratic wimmin's 
organizations began to focus exclusively on so-called 
"wimmin's issues." At one point things got so bad that when 
the national democratic movement launched a campaign to 
free all political prisoners, some people only took up the 
call to free wimmin political prisoners. Over the last few 
years the national democratic wimmin's organizations have 
struggled to defeat bourgeois, reformist feminism and 
regain their founding principles.

Corrupting influence of super-profits in Amerika

Abreu pointed out that many of the former leaders in the 
national democratic support movement in the united states 
did not significantly integrate among the Filipino workers 
and peasantry. Evidently Walden Bello, now a hard core 
social democrat and anti-communist, only spent a few days 
in the countryside. Abreu went on to connect this lack of 
knowledge of conditions in the Philippines to the 
corrupting influence of decadent Amerikan culture: 

"Especially here in the united states, my god, the 
workers... their lifestyle is like that of the upper middle 
class in the Philippines. You have everything here. 
Education is not a problem for you people here because you 
can avail of loans... In the Philippines it's only the 
elite or the upper-middle, or those who have relatives 
abroad who can send them dollars who can study. But not the 
sons and daughters of peasants and workers... They cannot 
avail of loans because of their social conditions."

This is the correct perspective, one which MIM seeks to 
propagate among anti-imperialist activists here -- 
especially students. While we have tactical unity with some 
student demands -- like those opposing armed campus police 
or calling explicitly for money for schools, not guns or 
prisons -- we also recognize that these demands are in 
themselves not revolutionary.

We push students to use and frankly give up much of their 
privileges in order to lead the anti-imperialist struggle 
and temper their resolve. This is analogous to the calls 
made by the underground National Democratic Front of the 
Philippines for its supporters to integrate in the 
countryside and join the armed struggle. MIM, however, 
while asking its members and supporters to make sacrifices, 
does not ask them to make the ultimate sacrifice and risk 
their lives in the armed struggle, as that would be a 
futile waste at this time inside the imperialist countries 
- see MIM Theory #5 on the incorrect ultra-left line of 
armed struggle now inside of imperialist countries.

Abreu has been in the people's movement in the Philippines 
for the last 30 years. She organized, researched, wrote, 
and published materials about Filipino wimmin, most 
specially Moslem wimmin in the Mindanao-Sulu area.

* * *


by RC35

A KKKalifornia group, Children Requiring a Caring 
Kommunity, CRACK, is getting lots of attention for 
sterilizing drug addicted wimmin, and paying them for it. 
The program offers wimmin, with at least two children, $200 
if they get a doctors verification of sterilization, via 
tube-tying or the surgical contraceptive, Norplant. The 
mission statement of CRACK is to stop babies from being 
born to addicts, but they do so under the advertisement 
"Don't let pregnancy ruin your drug habit."(1)

The program is a blatant attack against the oppressed. This 
population control program against the poor destroys 
oppressed nation communities. The method of this genocide 
program is two-fold: 1)  by failing to use resources to 
eradicate drug addiction the program only helps to 
perpetuate it among the oppressed; and 2) by limiting the 
number of births of the oppressed.

The "K" in Kommunity is incredibly fitting to CRACK's Klan-
like practice. Also, a bill in the senate, 5278, is now 
under consideration in the Amerikkkan state of Washington 
which would require "involuntary use of long-term 
pharmaceutical birth control" for wimmin who give birth to 
drug addicted babies(2).

The founder of CRACK, Barbara Harris, says "our intentions 
are only good." But Hitler had what he called, "good" 
intentions as did the Amerikkkan government in pushing 
forced sterilization programs in Puerto Rico (and around 
the world.) The question that should be asked is not what 
people subjectively think they are doing nor what their 
propaganda states, but objectively who the program serves. 
Like the population control problems sponsored by the 
united states all over the world, this program, and the 
trend to start more like it, serve to mask the results of 
capitalism and serve to further genocide against the 

This program has no intention of addressing the problems 
that cause drug addiction. National oppression and poverty 
are in part not having the interests of the masses 
represented by the current dominating government. Without 
state power and representation of the masses, the oppressed 
have few options under imperialism. With the suppression of 
the right to forge self-determined paths, the oppressed are 
left with either buying into the system of oppression, 
escaping from it, or battling for revolution. With the 
strength of the imperialists as it stands, many escape from 
the alienation and oppression and use drugs.

Under socialism, the people will determine their own 
destinies and will gradually eradicate the problems of 
imperialism. The best path forward for the oppressed is to 
join with MIM and battle for liberation and end national, 
class and gender oppression. Once the masses have state 
power, we will be better able to address basic needs and 
eradicate drug addiction and other problems stemming from 
oppressive systems. In contrast, the CRACK program 
emphasizes punishing the oppressed for the problems 
Amerikan society created.

To truly address the problem, it is necessary to stop 
focusing on how to stop drug babies from being born, and 
instead focus on how to stop the current social 
inequalities that make drug addiction an response to 
oppression. MIM urges wimmin to put struggling for 
revolution first. And in many ways this means choosing to 
organize instead of starting a family - putting resources 
into the revolution instead of creating more people. 
However, this is not something that MIM forces wimmin of 
the mass base fighting imperialism to do. This is something 
that MIM advocates for the current period because expending 
resources on new children is costly and it is only bringing 
them up in a world of decadence and oppression. We'd rather 
see wimmin take hold of the future and fight with every 
resource to end imperialism. Asking wimmin to make this 
choice is fundamentally different than controlling the 
reproduction of wimmin who are predominantly of oppressed 

The U$ government and idolized pseudo-scientists like Dr. 
Laura, are perpetuating the coercive programs which offer 
money to the penniless. Why not oppose pennilessness? Most 
hard-drug addicts are addicted because of the system, not 
racial tendencies toward addiction or ignorance.

Addiction is a problem that can only be answered in an 
anti- imperialist context. Sex education is necessary, but 
it won't end the poverty that makes sterilization 
profitable. Needle exchanges help stop the spread of 
disease, but they won't stop the lack of access to 
expensive medications. No reformist programs are going to 
solve social problems. People must actively organize 
programs within an anti-imperialist context while building 
for the overthrow of the imperialist system.

Every law maker, CRACK member and sterilization doctor is 
working within and ultimately for an imperialist system. 
MIM calls on all of our readers to look critically at their 
actions and judge who these actions serve. Work with MIM to 
end society's social problems by attacking the fundamental 
basis for these problems:  imperialism.

1. Boston Globe 19 April 1998. A6
2. Valley Advocate 16 April 1998. p. 20

For more information, get MIM Theory #2/3 on Gender and 
Revolutionary Feminism and MIM Theory 12 on Revolution and 
the Environment. Also check out MIM Theory #9 on Psychology 
and Imperialism. Each $6.

* * *


Western Massachusetts, April 18 -- RAIL tabled at an Earth 
Day celebration organized by a local MASSPIRG chapter. We 
spoke with many people about the need for revolutionary 
environmentalism and the key role that national liberation 
struggles play in ending environmental destruction. Like 
the previous year, our presence at the event us made a 
significant number of allies as well as cemented previous 
casual relationships between the masses and RAIL.

RAIL gathered many signatures on its petitions to stop 
control units and to return the prisoners transferred to 
Texas. We also sent a number of postcards to the Dutch 
Prime Minister demanding that Jose Maria Sison and his 
family be granted political asylum in the Netherlands. RAIL 
explained to people why we choose to campaign around the 
issues of prisons and the Philippines. The prison campaign 
was of the most interest to the people at the rally. Many 
agreed with our position that prisons are an important 
battleground because the state uses the justice system as a 
key weapon in its war against oppressed nations.

Many people we met were interested in, but unable to join 
RAIL's contingent to the Jericho March Against Political 
Imprisonment and wanted a report. One womyn pointed out the 
irony that the same day the Jericho March was ignored in 
the mainstream media, Clinton was in the papers touring 
Robben Island with former political prisoner (and now 
President) Nelson Mandela. This media manipulation 
furthered Amerika's lie that political prisoners exist only 
in other parts of the world. Many people pledged to work 
with RAIL on future campaigns against the Amerikkkan prison 

The event was held in a public park and it attracted many 
random people. After being asked if she "would like to help 
end torture in Mass. prisons", one womyn identified herself 
as an employee of the local county jail. First, she denied 
that torture happens, then said control units weren't 
torture, but were a legitimate way to repress prisoners who 
disobey. In MASSRAIL, RAIL had previously published a 
letter from a warden to a prisoner that says the prisoner 
is being sent to the DDU (Department Disciplinary Unit) 
solely for his associations. The only way out of the DDU is 
to renounce your associations. When presented with a firm 
statement that the DDUs were used as such, and that 
international standards ban control units, her only 
response was "I'm just doing my job." RAIL explained -- but 
at this point she was no longer listening -- that the 
defense "It is just my job" was rejected at the Nuremburg 
Trials. Another person later added that the United Nations 
Charter explicitly forbids such an excuse and requires 
people to reject unjust laws and instructions.

RAIL thanks MASSPIRG for the opportunity to table at this 
event. Not all of the groups or speakers present were 
progressive -- like the "Free Tibet" organization, and of 
the Population Committee of the Sierra Club. But RAIL took 
the opportunity to talk with the masses about political 

State Senator Stan Rosenburg, gave a long speech about the 
importance of "Think Globally, Act Locally." Rosenburg 
argued that we need to think small, and lots of thinking 
and acting small will eventually add up to something 
sizable. At this, there was some grumbling within the 
crowd, including from a reformist older womyn associated 
with an organization opposed to the spread of multinational 
corporations. According to this womyn, Rosenburg was once 
more radical, but was corrupted by his position. RAIL 
doesn't know if that is true or not, but his reputation is 
far more liberal than his actual positions in the Senate.

Sometimes at events like this, that are more musical/social 
then political, RAIL has a difficult time convincing people 
of the relevance of revolutionary activism. However, these 
three reactionary nuggets -- and the political lines they 
represented -- were brought up in discussion with many of 
the most advanced people we spoke with. Often in fact, it 
was the masses who brought up these comparisons.

RAIL used the Stan Rosenburg speech in its discussions 
about Governor Weld's sick 1995 publicity stunt to expand 
prisons. Weld manufactured an overcrowding problem, and 
then shipped 299 prisoners to Texas when the legislature 
didn't respond quickly enough to Weld's pleas for more 
prisons. Weld got $585 million, thanks in part to Stan 
Rosenburg, but the prisoners are still in Texas.

RAIL also used the MIM slogan "Think Globally, Act 
Globally" to explain that imperialism is a global 
phenomenon and must be fought globally. The solution put 
forth by Rosenburg and similar reformists is to fight only 
the symptoms, which ensures that the root causes of 
injustice and environmental degradation continue forever.

The Population Control crowd take a similar approach. RAIL 
had a long discussion with one activist doing work to 
expand the Endangered Species Act. RAIL explained that the 
capitalist system is concerned only with profits, not with 
long term issues of bio-diversity or environmental 
sustainability. However, it's entirely possible that 
imperialist super-profits could be used to shore up the 
local environment through expanded export of polluting 
industries. This is of course a short sighted solution as 
the environment is a global system. RAIL warned this 
activist of the dangers of faking left but supporting First 
World chauvinism using the name of global justice to 
advance the interests only of the First World.

One key point in this discussion was the efforts of people 
like the Sierra Club to promote population control around 
the world. In fact, the Sierra Club is currently preparing 
for an internal vote about whether they should oppose 
immigration. During this discussion, the RAIL comrade asked 
the additional people who joined the conversation: "And 
just which planet does the Sierra Club think immigrants 
come from?" Later, RAIL extended its perennial -- and 
always declined -- offer to publicly debate the local 
Sierra Club Population Committee on whether the question 
for the environment was one of population size or of access 
and control of resources.

RAIL argues that it's obscene to discussion population 
size, or promote coercive population control practices in 
the Third World while leaving the disproportionate 
consumption of resources in the First World untouched. (The 
Sierra Club does polemicize against First World 
consumption, but their action revolves around limiting the 
number of Third World peoples.) Simply put, one white kid 
in the 'burbs does more harm to the planet than a whole 
village in Africa. 

There was some discussion about Tibet and the Free Tibet 
movement. One Free Tibet activist RAIL spoke to was unaware 
as to the Dalai Lama's role as the spiritual head of a 
slave society. She did create several distracting questions 
about "the meaning of slavery", but more significantly did 
not impress us with her willingness to research the cause 
she supports. RAIL argued that if the people of Tibet want 
to be free of China, they should; but under no 
circumstances should the Dalai Lama and his system of 
slavery be restored. A number of activists who are aware 
that Tibet under the Dalai Lama was slave society expressed 
to RAIL disgust that the pro-Dalai Lama movement passes 
itself off as progressive. As RAIL suggested to one Dalai 
Lama supporter, just because the Dalai Lama is a religious 
figure he shouldn't be exempted from criticism. After all, 
the Catholic Church and various Popes benefited directly 
from the trade in African slaves, and there the Church role 
was more subtle than in Tibet.

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League is a mass 
organization led by MIM to organize progressives to attack 
the principal problem - imperialism. RAIL struggles to 
build support for liberation of the oppressed - 
specifically to throw off the chains of imperialist 
domination. Tabling, handing out anti-imperialist 
propaganda and struggling with people attending progressive 
or liberal events helps to build this support. This is one 
of the many small tasks that anti-imperialist individuals 
can do to start up cells of progressive activism in their 
areas. Write to MIM and RAIL at the address on page two to 
learn more about the agenda of the MIM-led United Front 
against imperialism and the tactics RAIL uses to strengthen 
this movement.

* * *


April 15, Court House in Plymouth Mass., -- The Amerikkkan 
states of Massachusetts and New York kidnapped one of the 
24 defendants, an Onondaga Nation activist, at today's 
preliminary hearing. The activist rightly considers himself 
a prisoner of war.

Resulting from an police attack on peaceful marchers 
protesting the Thanksgiving myth and 400 years of genocide 
against the First Nations, the defendants are charged with 
disorderly conduct and assaulting police officers.

The United Snakes of Imperialism is currently waging a war 
against oppressed nations throughout the world and within 
its illegitimate borders. The Amerikan settler nation 
dominates internal semi-colonies just as an occupying 
military force in Third World nations. As the war of 
genocide, mass imprisonment, forced poverty, slavery and 
repression continues, the Amerikkkan imperialists have 
captured yet another prisoner of war. 

The Onondaga activist was arrested because he missed a 
court date in New York that he was never notified about. 
Despite trying to contact the NY court for information on 
this trial, and willfully showing up for the Plymouth court 
date, the judge accepted the prosecution's argument that 
the activist was a flight risk and the bail was set at the 
outrageous sum of $5000 cash. As of this evening, less than 
$1000 had been raised, and the activist is awaiting 
extradition to New York from Massachusetts. After the 
hearing, when the activist was brought out to the Sheriff's 
van in leg irons and a waist chain, he was met with many 
raised fists and loud cheers.

MIM Notes has received word that the activist is on a 
hunger strike until he is released.In 1784, the Onondaga 
signed a treaty with the white nation called the Two Row 
Wampum. This treaty allowed for each nation to live 
together "like two canoes on a river," separately without 
disturbing each other. The treaty expired in 1984, and due 
to Amerika's violation of the treaty, no efforts have been 
made to renew it.

This activist, arrested for walking in Plymouth, is part of 
the First Nations dominated by Amerika which have a far 
greater claim to land than Amerikkka. In addition, he is a 
diplomat of his nation sent to contact other nations and 
build support for self-determination. The white nation 
courts regularly grant diplomats immunity, but not in this 
case. In a broader sense, MIM argues that the white nation 
courts should have no jurisdiction over other nations. 
Justice can only be accurately served when people are tried 
before a jury of their peers. MIM has no doubt that the 
activist's nation would consider his activities to be 
patriotic, not criminal.After the arrest, one defense 
attorney requested that his arrested client be returned to 
the courtroom for the Plymouth-related hearing. The judge 
ruled his presence wasn't necessary, since this was only a 
preliminary hearing. However, the judge ruled against 
defense motions for this hearing and the next one, asking 
that the 24 defendants not be forced to commute back to 
Plymouth for hearings where they weren't needed. The judge 
in this case has no interest in justice, but in further 
repressing people who stand up for their nation.

Note: See MIM Notes 153, 1 January 1998, p. 1, 4 for 
information about the pigs assault on the marchers at 

* * *


On March 16, the negotiating panels of the National 
Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the 
Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) signed 
the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and 
International Humanitarian Law in the Netherlands. The 
agreement includes provisions protecting non-combatants 
from attack, torture, forced relocation and other acts of 
violence; defending the rights of the victims of human 
rights violations during the Marcos regime; calling on the 
GRP to repeal repressive laws authorizing warrantless 
searches, paramilitary death squads, etc.; and many other 
provisions "relevant to the current situation on human 
rights and international humanitarian law and responsive to 
the needs and demands of the people," according to the 
NDFP.However, there are already signs that the U.$.-Ramos 
regime will not abide by the agreement or pursue its goals 
in good faith.(1) On March 27, only eleven days after the 
agreement was signed, wounded New People's Army member Ka 
Ritchie was tortured and summarily executed by elements of 
the Philippine National Police. This blatantly contradicts 
the international standards for treating prisoners of war 
and wounded laid out in the comprehensive agreement and 
agreed to by the GRP panel. (See the statement from the NPA 
on Ka Ritchie's death in this issue).

(2) The U.$.-Ramos regime still refuses to admit there are 
political prisoners in the Philippines. The NDFP had asked 
for a release of prisoners as a sign of good faith before 
the official signing of the agreement by the principals in 
the Philippines. Last year, the U.$.-Ramos regime reneged 
on its promise to release 29 political prisoners after the 
New People's Army released several prisoners of war.

(3) Ramos will not approve the agreement himself, despite 
the fact that NDFP chairperson Mariano Orosa approved it 
"in toto, without any condition, qualification or 
reservation whatsoever" on April 10. Ramos will not approve 
the current agreement unless the NDFP agrees to rush to 
sign the Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic 
Reforms before he leaves office. The NDFP holds that unfair 
and unrealistic position to be a breach of earlier 
agreements.The NDFP negotiating panel worked hard to ensure 
that the agreement was truly consistent with the demand of 
the people for a just and lasting peace (for example, the 
U.$.-Ramos regime initially did not want to include an 
article recognizing the fact that human rights abuses 
occurred under the Marcos regime) and was consistent with 
the NDFP's own principles. The NDFP engages in these talks 
as an equal, and will not accept pre-conditions such as 
recognizing the GRP as the legitimate government of the 
Philippines or unilaterally laying down its weapons.

The NDFP was founded and is led by the Marxist-Leninist-
Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines. Recognizing that 
the imperialists and their lackeys are armed to the teeth 
and will not give up their stolen booty without a fight, 
the NDFP has waged armed struggle (via the New People's 
Army) as the principal form of struggle. The legal mass 
movement and the on-going talks in the Netherlands play an 
important, but secondary role.

A copy of the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human 
Rights and International Humanitarian Law as well as other 
pertinent documents are available on the World Wide Web at:

* * *



by Isagani Silang NPA-ROC Political Officer 27 March 1998

The entire revolutionary movement in Central Visayas mourns 
the untimely death of comrade Reynaldo Millan, known to the 
peasant masses of Bohol as Ka Ritchie, a day after his unit 
was ambushed by elements of the 1st Provincial Mobile Force 
of PNP last March 19 at barangay Bagtic in Catigbian town.

Through the New People's Army Regional Operational Command 
(NPA-ROC), we also condemn the cruel and inhuman treatment 
inflicted upon Ka Ritchie who, as our investigation shows, 
died after more than five hours of heavy torture and 
maltreatment by his captors even as he had repeatedly 
pleaded for medical attention for the gunshot wound in the 
leg he got from the ambush.

While we condemn the cruel and inhuman treatment of our 
fallen comrade, we challenge General Fidel Ramos and the 
GRP peace negotiating panel headed by Ambassador Howard Dee 
to address this latest violation of international 
humanitarian law by the elements of its reactionary armed 

For while the NPA, Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) 
and other revolutionary organizations belonging to the 
National Democratic Front (NDF) have been vigorously waging 
the national democratic revolution since 1968, it has 
consistently adhered to existing human rights and 
international humanitarian law standards in the course of 
its protracted people's war.

This latest ambush of the PNP fascist forces against the 
NPA unit in the guerrilla zone happened amidst the Red 
Army's ongoing campaign on the reactionary May 11 elections 
and the heightening land problem among the peasant masses 
in Catigbian and in many areas in Central Visayas.

Ka Ritchie was hit in the leg right at the start of the 
brief firefight at around 7:30 in the evening of March 19. 
Captured and rendered incapable of further resistance, the 
NPA fighter by then had become a hors d' combat (non-
combatant) under the Geneva Conventions and its Additional 
Protocols of 1977. International humanitarian law dictates 
that the GRP armed forces accord him the rights due of a 
prisoner of war, including immediate medical treatment and 
humane treatment.

Instead, as a number of peasant masses in barangay Bagtic 
and in Catigbian poblacion have declared, the fascist PNP 
chose to remain deaf to the persistent request of Ka 
Ritchie for immediate medical attention. Worse, he was for 
several hours subjected to torture and maltreatment as can 
be proven by rib fractures, facial hematomas, contusions in 
the skull and other evidences of cruel and inhuman 
treatment upon Ka Ritchie's person.

The 19-year old Ka Ritchie was of peasant class origin. 
Having become familiar with the lingering land problem and 
military abuses in Bohol province, he was among those who 
joined the Red army early last year. As an NPA fighter, he 
organized peasants and performed several other 
revolutionary tasks to advance the interests of the 
oppressed classes in Catigbian and neighboring towns. He 
was also involved in the imposition of revolutionary 
punishment against the notorious criminal element "Maymay" 
Lamoste of Catigbian town last December 7, 1997.

It is ironic, even tragic, that the inhuman treatment and 
untimely death of Ka Ritchie came just a few days after the 
Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and 
International Humanitarian Law was signed by the peace 
negotiating panels of the GRP and the NDF in The Hague, 
Netherlands. The breakthrough agreement binds both parties 
in the civil war to respect the rights of all civilians 
(those not directly taking part of hostilities) and 
protected individuals (including, but not limited to, 
wounded and captured combatants rendered incapable of 
further fighting).

The NPA has repeatedly proven its seriousness in observing 
international humanitarian law as it periodically launches 
military tactical offensives. The Red fighters' conduct 
during its ambush of a PNP patrol last November 13 in 
barangay Villaflor in Carmen town is its most recent proof. 
In that successful military action, the people's army 
spared the lives of the PNP men who surrendered their high-
powered firearms.

The fascist PNP, on the other hand, exposes through its 
brutal pacification drive the continuing insincerity of 
General Fidel Ramos in the ongoing peace talks. In August 
15 last year, it salvaged the wounded and already hors d' 
combat NPA fighter Ka Benzar and then senselessly shot 
civilians Felix Pamat and his three children in barangay 
San Roque, Sagbayan town. This time, its torture and cruel 
treatment of our brave comrade Ka Ritchie led to his 
untimely death.

The New People's Army Regional Operational Command (NPA-
ROC) will not let these international humanitarian law 
violations go unaddressed. As in the past, we shall elevate 
this incident to responsible comrades involved in peace 
talks. More importantly, we shall ourselves seek out and 
punish the GRP elements responsible for this latest 
incident of international humanitarian law violations.

Authenticated By:

(Sgd.) Isagani Silang NPA-ROC Political Officer 27 March 

* * *


by MC17

In early April, 1998 Pol Pot died. The leader of the Khmer 
Rouge ruled in what was previously called Cambodia from 
1975 through 1978. Pol Pot has become infamous as a symbol 
of the supposed genocidal actions of communists and Maoists 
specifically. But as with all history, it is important to 
examine the perspective of the information we are fed in 
imperialist Amerika. Although Pol Pot was no Maoist, he did 
lead a group that considered itself communist in a war 
against the u.s. imperialists and the reactionary Cambodian 
government. While MIM does not defend Pol Pot or the Khmer 
Rouge as any kind of model for revolutionary struggle or 
state power, it is important to dispel the imperialist lies 
upon the death of Pol Pot so that we can learn from the 
true history of Kampuchea.

u.s. devastation of Cambodia

By 1975, an estimated 10 percent of the Kampuchean 
population -- 600,000 -- had already died as a result of 
the Vietnam War. Those 600,000 deaths were caused by u.s. 
efforts to track down Vietnamese communists. According to 
the Peter Jennings documentary "The Killing Fields", 
Cambodia specifically absorbed 500,000 tons of u.s. bombs 
in the early 1970s. 

Nixon's ordering of the bombing of Cambodia, and u.s. troop 
forays into Cambodia, were a turning point in the movement 
against the Vietnam War in the united states. The national 
guard killed four students at Kent State on May 4, 1970 
because of a protest against the u.s. war in Cambodia.

Today, however, many people who never opposed the u.s. role 
in Indochina are complaining about Pol Pot's violence. That 
hypocrisy is increasingly easy to get away with as people 
forget about the u.s. war in Indochina.

The u.s.-instigated war -- and the bombings in particular 
-- also caused the creation of 2 million refugees, who 
flooded the cities. The cities then came to depend on the 
u.s. food aid to live because of the war and the 
inefficiency of the right-wing Lon Nol regime.

Hence, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge seized power from Lon 
Nol in 1975 in the worst possible situation: The people 
were starving, Kampuchea was the poorest country in the 
world and one-third of its people were refugees.

Executions and other deaths

The Boston Globe coverage of Pol Pot's death contained the 
typical characterization of the Khmer Rouge: "When the 
Khmer Rouge marched into the capital on April 17, 1975 to 
establish their agrarian society, they chased out city-
dwellers at gunpoint, killed anyone suspected of being an 
intellectual, forced millions into labor camps, and 
demanded that children inform on their parents. People were 
often arrested simply for wearing glasses or knowing a 
foreign language. Money and private property were 
abolished, schools and temples were shuttered, and medicine 
and food became scarce. During a nearly four-year reign, as 
many as 2 million people died of starvation, execution, 
illness or overwork."(1)

Imperialists like to suggest that Pol Pot had two or three 
million people executed so the above is slightly more 
accurate in that it does not claim all of these people were 
executed. Pol Pot did execute between 75,000 and 150,000 
people between 1975 and 1979. Vietnam invaded in 1978 and 
threw the Khmer Rouge out of power.

The commonly heard but unreliable figure of 2 or 3 million 
comes from counting all deaths in the 1975 to 1979 period 
based on estimates of population. A Finnish inquiry 
commission concludes that 1 million or fewer people died in 
the Pol Pot period. The commission documented that at least 
several thousand of those were because of direct military 
battles with Vietnam. Part of the discrepancy in death 
figures comes from those who fail to account for the 
decrease in births that inevitably happens when a 
population is lacking adequate food and fighting a war. 
These missed births get counted as deaths in population 
projections that assume the birth rate did not change.

Indeed, most of the Pol Pot executions were committed in an 
atmosphere of war (if not actual battle). The famous skull-
pile pictures from Kampuchea come from a policy especially 
aimed at the Vietnamese. Today the newspapers and 
television stations reprint such photos without historical 

Serious famine followed again after the final Vietnamese 
invasion of December 1978, and by the time international 
aid started it was too late for many. A total of 2 million, 
or 30 percent of the population, died in the 1970s from the 
u.s. war, the Pol Pot period and Vietnamese invasions.

One of the main charges from imperialist critics is that 
Pol Pot oppressed the people by forcing them out of the 
cities. It is true that Pol Pot had Phnom Penh emptied; 
however, given that these people were starving and that the 
economy was in a shambles, it was not a bad move, 
economically. It seems likely to have saved lives, 
something not usually considered by Khmer Rouge critics. 
Even so, the Khmer Rouge admitted that 2,000 or 3,000 
people died in the process of migration out of Phnom Penh.

Had Pol Pot come to power and allowed his people to starve 
to death in Phnom Penh, and allowed his people to be 
slaughtered by the Vietnamese, no one would be calling him 
a draconian, psychotic, genocidal, former dictator as the 
press does today. What Lon Nol did was right, say the 
Amerikan liberals and conservatives: let the people starve 
and beg for u.s. aid as a solution. Certainly Pol Pot's 
strategy was debatable. Unfortunately, the u.s. media does 
not allow for that debate of how to save lives. Instead it 
propagates simplistic lies about communism.

Pol Pot was not a Maoist

Pol Pot never called himself a Maoist while Mao was alive 
nor did Maoist china recognize the Khmer Rouge as Maoist. 
In fact, Pol Pot only took up the banner of Maoism after 
Mao died when he needed aid from China to fight the 
Vietnamese invasion. This opportunism has confused many who 
only look at the labels and ignore the practice of Maoism 
as a measuring stick.

It is true that there was a relationship between the Khmer 
Rouge and China under Mao. The Maoist press at various 
times praised the efforts of the Vietnamese, Cambodian and 
Korean peoples to struggle for self-determination and the 
rebuilding of their countries, but never called their 
communist parties Maoist. 

China also gave aid to Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea and other 
governments -- like Tanzania's in Africa, which did not 
even claim to be communist. The only government that Mao 
recognized as genuinely communist was Albania's.

Anyone who want's to condemn Mao's aid to the Khmer Rouge 
will have to condemn the u.s. government in the same 
breath. The united states aided the Khmer Rouge in the 
1980s, because they were enemies of u.s. foes, the 
Vietnamese, who had invaded and ousted them in 1979.(1)

Imperialist reaction 

The imperialists seem saddened by the death of Pol Pot, 
expressing dismay at the lost opportunity to capture him 
and put him on trial for all of the deaths during his brief 
rule in Kampuchea. Many people, particularly imperialist 
historians, say they feel robbed of a tribunal to hold Pol 
Pot and others accountable for their actions.

The Khmer Rouge is still in existence but its size and 
strength are significantly diminished and many believe they 
are close to total defeat. This prediction from the 
imperialists must be taken with a grain of salt as the same 
people have been predicting the imminent defeat of 
revolutionary movements around the world even as some have 
maintained strength and even gained ground over the past 

Last year, Pol Pot's officers turned against him after he 
ordered deputy Son Sen and his family murdered. Pol Pot was 
condemned in a show trial and given house arrest, but not 
turned over to outsiders.(1)

According to bourgeois sources, just a few weeks after Pol 
Pot's death, the Khmer Rouge radio station called for 
national reconciliation with the government. They declared 
the Khmer Rouge dead with Pol Pot and renamed themselves 
the National Solidarity Party. Noun Nou, a spokesperson for 
the Khmer Rouge said after Pol Pot's cremation: "The Khmer 
Rouge ended today at 9:52 a.m." According to Nou, the 
reason for the new party "is the change from being a 
dictatorship to a democracy. We believe in democracy and 
freedom." If this new party means that the Khmer Rouge or 
even just a section of the group is joining the bourgeois 
political machine this is not progress. The imperialists 
have not brought prosperity or democracy and freedom to the 
Third World. They have brought dictatorship and death. 

The fight goes on

The united states war in Southeast Asia killed 600,000 
people in Cambodia according to the Finnish Inquiry 
Commission. The total u.s.-caused deaths in Indochina run 
into the millions. But the imperialists still evaluate that 
as a legitimate war while calling Pol Pot a genocidal 
killer. These double standards come from Amerikan's failure 
to analyze history from the perspective of the majority of 
the world's people: the proletariat and peasantry. If it is 
assumed that the imperialist's actions are always justified 
in the name of capitalism and democracy, history will 
always be written from the perspective of the imperialists.

This is why alternative media and alternative history is so 
important. Where else will the people learn the truth about 
history and gain a different perspective on events? MIM 
encourages everyone who is serious about the study of 
history to support the people's media by financing and 
writing for MIM Notes and MIM Theory.

1. Boston Globe April 17, 1998.
2. Many of the facts are taken from MIM Theory printed 
inside MIM Notes 41, May 18, 1990. For a complete copy of 
that issue of MN send $5 (rare back issue price).

* * *


movie review by MC17

Lost in Space is a takeoff of the 1960s scifi TV show comes 
with the latest in special effects, movie stars and action 
packed adventure, but it sticks to the reactionary plot 
common to many science fiction movies: subversives and 
aliens = evil;  humans not working with subversives (who 
are always only Amerikans) = good.

The earth has reached the point where it will no longer 
sustain human life within two decades as a result of all 
the environmental destruction and the only solution is to 
find another inhabitable planet. The closest one located is 
a 10 year journey away and the only way to shorten the trip 
is to build a hyperspace jump gate at both ends:  earth and 
the new planet. The Robinson family sets out to the new 
planet to do the construction work on that end.

The nice nuclear family of the Robinsons comes complete 
with the problems of Amerikan decadence and patriarchy that 
does not value children. The parents are off at work 
"saving the world" while the kids are being ignored and 
feeling worthless. The tremendous abilities of the youngest 
Robinson (Will) who, still in elementary school, was 
building time machines, demonstrates the incorrect approach 
of the patriarchy towards children. While Will was being 
ignored and treated as a worthless chore by his parents he 
wasted a lot of time getting into trouble by doing silly 
stunts at school. Someone with his skills clearly could be 
of great value to society, regardless of age.

Giving him a position of usefulness on the spaceship was a 
much better model for treating children as people rather 
than as objects. Children do not have to excel in science 
to be treated as valuable members of society. But the 
patriarchy encourages parents to see children as burdens 
that they own. It is this ownership and worthlessness which 
makes child abuse and incest a rampant problem in Amerikan 

The underlying theme of conflict between individuals 
"saving the world" at the expense of "saving" their family 
ultimately came out on the wrong side for humanity as well. 
Both mom and dad Robinson are portrayed as bad people for 
giving up so much of their time to a project that would 
save the world from imminent destruction at the expense of 
spending time with the family. Their oldest daughter also 
devoted three years of her life to the project at the 
expense of a social life and she is criticized by one of 
the male heroes in the movie who asks what value there is 
in saving the world if they can't have any fun.

What kind of culture would not see saving the people of the 
world as a job of inherent value and enjoyment? A 
reactionary individualist imperialist culture that produces 
movies like Lost in Space is the obvious answer.

The portrayal of "subversives" is typically Amerikan as 
well. Subversives are attacking the space stations and 
attempting to sabotage the mission which will save the 
world. But we are never told why the subversives are 
attacking or what they oppose or what they would do 
instead. They are just made out as evil, ugly, crazed 
killers. The one subversive we meet up close gives some 
speech about his actions not being selfish but being a 
choice based on his analysis of the world. But this only 
makes the whole thing worse because it sounds sort of like 
stale dogmatic communist rhetoric, making the whole 
"subversive" movement look dumber and more evil and 
reflecting badly on communists everywhere.

The human (read Amerikan) centric approach of the movie 
meant that assuming the aliens are evil was, of course, the 
right decision. Even before the aliens attacked, the humans 
"knew" it was dangerous. As if it is possible to determine 
whether a species is good or evil from its smell, this 
approach tosses science out the window.

It is unfortunate that science fiction movies often only 
deal with science as a field that produces space ships and 
robots in a calculated and logical way. Communist science 
fiction includes the science of dialectical materialism as 
a way of analyzing the world. Some mainstream science 
fiction does a better job of this than others. Lost in 
Space is truly lost in individualist unscientific space.

* * *

Sports review by a MIM comrade

Pictures of Chairman Mao
310 Franklin St.,
DLD 335
Boston, MA 12110
[email protected]

Pictures of Chairman Mao (maopix) is "The fanzine by and 
for New England Revolution supporters." Attracted by the 
name and big Mao picture on the masthead, MIM checked out 
the March-April 1998 issue. The Revolution is the New 
England soccer team and considering how soccer has, so far, 
failed to really catch on in this country, it is no 
surprise that this fanzine is relatively low tech. Maopix 
contains more political content than most sports magazines 
including appeals by the (self-identified) white zine 
producers for the Revolution to get some Latino players to 
attract the Latino crowd at the games, discussions of the 
politics behind player trading and financing and calls for 
greater media coverage of soccer. But the only references 
to Maoism are the editors attempts to turn it into a joke.

Somewhere along the line the zine editors did catch enough 
info about the revolution in China to scatter references 
through the pages. They have a "Revolutionary Gang of Four" 
who are in charge and on the back page they print a quote 
from Mao:  "The strength of a revolutionary movement is 
best measured by its cadres' ability to step up and replace 
comrades wounded in the course of our glorious struggle."

On the letters page of this issue we find a Chilean soccer 
fan writing to say that s/he is a communist supporter and 
noticed the e-mail name (maopix) and wanted to know if 
these were like minded revolutionary soccer fans.

The response from the editors: "Sorry to disappoint you, 
but when you heard the Party was our top priority, I think 
you got the wrong idea. Cheer up comrade, we will continue 
the glorious struggle against the rightist oppressors and 
counter-revolutionaries. If you haven't heard, in a move of 
wealth distribution that would make the Chairman proud, 
we've stripped the running-dog lackeys at DC United of one 
of their prime assets, Raul Diaz Arce"

MIM's got no problem with a little humor, but the Pictures 
of Chairman Mao editors clearly don't take the history of 
communist China seriously. When we are talking about the 
life and death of a quarter of the world's population, we 
at MIM take history a little more seriously. Unfortunately, 
relatively apolitical zines like this one help to create 
negative public opinion about communism by treating it as a 
joke. In this way cultural influences help shape people's 
political views.

* * *


MIM has long experienced various forms of mail tampering - 
whether that has been pigs opening or snatching or damaging 
mail or whether that has been when some 
counterrevolutionary has posed as MIM incorrectly in 
correspondence with masses. It is always essential that 
comrades under lock and key struggle with MIM and RAIL 
about the content of letters which they disagree with 
because such tampering is always a possibility and more 
difficult to monitor with prisoners' mail than with mail to 
people out from under the spike of the oppressor's dagger.

In addition to malicious sabotage of MIM's work from 
outside of our circles, recently a prisoner brought to MIM 
and RAIL's attention that someone actually working with 
RAIL had written correspondence which does not correctly 
reflect RAIL's practice with prisoners and which, if left 
alone, has the potential of damaging RAIL's relationship 
with our valued comrades under lock and key.

Specifically, an individual posing as a friend of RAIL 
wrote letters to prisoners which genuinely represented the 
interests of the imperialist oppressors. The letters to 
prisoners sent monthly had comments which criticized prison 
comrades and told them to "stop complaining [about prison 
oppression]." In addition, the individual sabotaging our 
work with prisoners wrote that "prisons aren't really at 
all like concentration camps."

MIM and RAIL vehemently disagree with such statements, as 
they are directly counter to the work we do to bring down 
the walls of the corrupt and nationally oppressive 
injustice system. MIM and RAIL will continue to work 
against oppression through the prison system and continue 
to intensify the current campaigns to build support for 
prisoners' struggles against oppression. And beside our 
continued work, RAIL will make changes in the process 
through which prisoners' letters are responded to correct 
this problem and avert it in the future.

The comments perpetuating the bourgeois rhetoric were made 
by a person working with RAIL. RAIL organizes many liberal, 
progressive or anti-imperialist sympathizers to respond to 
prisoners' letters. Generally, this practice teaches people 
on the outside the importance of the struggles being waged 
under lock and key. And in general, this allows RAIL and 
MIM to build broader support for prisoners' struggles 
because people on the outside learn from the masses in 
prisons. This is one of the ways that RAIL leads people 
just joining the struggle to engage in mass practice.

Generally, prisoners and people on the outside can teach 
one another, learn from one another through things like 
setting up study groups or struggling over specific aspects 
of line. Having individuals help with correspondence has 
enabled MIM and RAIL to dive deeper into addressing 
specific battles of prisoners concerning censorship, 
brutality or release.

The general practice of RAIL working with people of varying 
political views and commitments is not the root of this 
problem. The real problem was RAIL's failure to oversee 
this work that was being done in RAIL's name. RAIL comrades 
in charge of our prisoner correspondence are charged with 
ensuring that these letters going out to prisoners 
accurately reflect anti-imperialist line and practice.

We encourage prisoners to struggle firmly against incorrect 
line or practice that are either coming from RAIL or people 
working with RAIL. We hope that those prisoners who may 
still have letters from this writer recognize that RAIL 
does not agree with the writers' perpetuation of national 
oppression through the injustice system, and we hope to 
hear from all prisoners in the future in such matters. RAIL 
and MIM will continue to provide a forum and agitation to 
expose all levels of imperialistic injustice and struggle 
to bring liberation to the hands of the oppressed.

*This was written and edited by the RAIL comrade making 
self-criticism and the MIM Prison Minister.*

* * *


by MC234

23 April 1998 -- James Earl Ray died today of liver 
disease. Ray was a white supremacist convicted of murdering 
Martin Luther King. In the past, MIM has written obituaries 
for heroes of the people who died or obituaries for 
revolutionaries who have sold out and have and become 
irrelevant. MIM has written obituaries for reactionaries 
who died, and even a few for reactionaries we wished were 
dead. This obituary is none of these.

MIM mourns the death of James Earl Ray only in that it 
removes a great deal of pressure on this imperialist system 
to examine its own role in the assassination of Martin 
Luther King.

James Earl Ray confessed to the killing and then recanted, 
saying he was set up by a shadowy man named Raoul. That 
Raoul was some kind of government spook who arranged for 
the murder (or carried it out himself) and then framed Ray 
is somewhere between plausible and likely. What is fact, 
however, is that the FBI openly wanted to get rid of Martin 
Luther King, and they had King under strict surveillance.

In the last few years, various King family members, 
including Coretta Scott King, have joined Ray's call for a 
new investigation and a new trial.

Legally speaking, much of this question is now moot. There 
are many unanswered questions about the assassination of 
Martin Luther King, but little chance the state will 
investigate itself or that the private attorneys (such as 
Ray's) will uncover new information.

The system could never successfully investigate itself, but 
useful information is often uncovered in the process of 
such charades. The death of James Earl Ray greatly reduces 
the chances such will happen.

More evidence is always useful to indict this system, but 
in this case the people may very well have to be content 
with the fact that the U.$ government wanted King dead. 
Whether James Earl Ray acted alone, or whether the U.$ 
intelligence services played a direct role is immaterial. 
There is certainly no evidence that says that the FBI would 
have tolerated King to live and work as an effective 
political leader of Black people for much longer, 
particularly as he was beginning to strengthen his 
opposition to imperialism and become more radical.

* * *



... On level 3 (the lowest level), we are not allowed to 
have the basic necessities of life such as toothpaste, 
deodorant, skin cream, hair grease, hair brush, shampoo or 
shaving products. We are not allowed to have our own 
personal drinking cups nor are we allowed to have reading 
materials other than a Bible or Koran, pornographic 
magazines, propaganda magazines and newspapers. We are not 
allowed to have regular reading novels (soft or hardback), 
educational books or dictionaries.

Can you imagine the torture of being confined in a 5'x8' 
cell 23 hours per day with no food to feed the mind or the 
soul with? Being issued a powder equivalent to AJAX to 
brush your teeth with? Which leaves the gums raw and 
bleeding? Unable to conduct regular hygiene and grooming 
habits? We are to live under those barbaric conditions even 
though a vast majority of us have not committed the types 
of offenses that constitute a level demotion to level 3 
(i.e., assaultive behavior, escape risk or chronic rule 

Many of us are currently on level 3 by way of so-called 
being "checked." I wish to make this known so as to get 
some outside support. You have several prisoners on level 3 
for such simple things as cursing, making excessive noise 
(yelling or banging to get an officer's attention) and many 
other "minor" infractions. In other words, if you are not a 
programmed nigger Charlie and speak out against this 
capitalist, oppressive administration, then you will more 
than likely be a level 3. So, should I mention that out of 
400 some add seg. prisoners only about 10 Caucasian are 
level 2 or level 3.

... Here in Tekkkas we are not paid "slave wages," we are 
paid in good time credits. Days credited each month for 
those who display "good behavior" (i.e., be a nigger 
Charlie or snitch). Being that we do not receive wages, we 
cannot purchase toiletries or pay the recently (Jan. 1, 
1998) imposed medical expenses. This unit alone grosses an 
average of $5 million per year. Prisoners don't see a 
single red cent.

... Another issue that I wish to address prior to closing 
out this notation is the excessive amount of brutality. 
These pigs have an obsession with "bashing heads." These 
pigs assault us while we have on handcuffs with our hands 
cuffed behind our backs or sending a 5-man "gang" in full 
body armor into your cell after they have sprayed you with 
a chemical agent to hinder your breathing, and irritate 
your eyes. I have organized a few brothers here at this 
slave plantation in Tekkkas to write families and 
organizations to bring some heat down at this site. But we 
need outside help/support in order to abolish this 
brutality that we are subjected to.

They always use the excuse that, "the prisoner made a 
threatening move towards me," "the inmate attempted to kick 
me," or "the prisoner tried to jerk away from me." 
Nevertheless, if a prisoner is simply "placed" on the 
floor, how can they explain the black eyes, busted heads, 
busted noses, busted lips, broken arms, dislocated hips, 
fractured jaws, etc...???

Struggling to Survive,

 -- A Texas Prisoner, 23 January 1998


I salute all of you in the name of THE BLACK STRUGGLE. 
First of all, I received a letter from MIM concerning 
questions about the brothers and sisters imprisoned in the 
Texas prison. Sir I will try to reveal to you all facts 
that are going on in this Kamp that I'm confined to. ...[The 
prison] is 95% White owned and White operated, with 
approximately 8% Black and 2% Hispanic. This Kamp is 
nothing but a lockdown unit, there is no factory, only a 
kitchen job, laundry job, SSI, and a few maintenance jobs 
given to privileged prisoners.

Since I have been in Texas Kamp, they have never paid a 
Texas inmate to do slave labor, or of yet I don't know, nor 
have I seen or heard anyone say that they have started 
paying inmates to work. Close custody inmates don't get to 
go to school, or go to the law library. We stay in the 
building all day and all night. We don't get to leave the 
building unless we have to go to the main clinic to get 
dental work or an X-ray.

Everything from food to shoes they keep us locked in our 
cells, and bring everything to us. There is no dayroom, no 
TV, only 2 hours of recreation daily and that's it. I'm 
receiving MIM Notes without any problems and hope it stays 
that way. I have to share my MIM Notes with others here, 
some act like, "so what is MIM gonna do for me or all our 
problems we have in all these U$A prison Kamps." A lot of 
brothers act like they have given up, and have joined gangs 
to rebel not against the prison authority, but against one 
another. It's the same old story, why young blacks have 
fallen off into this trend against one another is truly 
beyond me. I'm going to do my homework, and do a little 
research on my own, and in my next letter to MIM I will be 
able to give you all more information that might be 
worthwhile. Until next time. More power to the Struggle.

 -- A Texas Prisoner, 29 January 1998 


... As far as that 24 cents an hour, they don't do that no 
more. We don't receive no wages. All we get is good time, 
which we have to give back when we get out. They don't pay 
us but they charge $3.00 every time we go to medical. - A 
Texas Prisoner, 17 January 1998

... I don't know who told that lie, but no one in Texas 
state prison gets paid one red cent for their work -- if 
they work in an industry or in the hoe squad. And if you 
don't go to work you will lose class and good time, which 
will stop you from going home. We work 6 days a week for 
about 10 hours a day.

 -- A Texas Prisoner, 12 January 1998

... Labor is hard as hell --T.D.C. officers drive you to 
the point that is inhuman-- [they] call us names, talk 
about our families and we aren't allowed to talk back.

... No wages for work here-only $50 when we get out and 
another $50 when we see our parole officer. Prisoners work 
8 hours or more, usually more, 5 days a week.

... I'd like to know why so much happens in prison that the 
world is unaware of? Men and women dying or should I say 
being killed ... and thrown in the trunk or van like a dog!?

... How does this happen? Why doesn't anyone ever see or 
know? If enough get together, hell they can't all be 
killed. Are our brothers and sisters that selfish?

 -- A Texas Prisoner, 17 January 1998


Below are some letters and excerpts from prisoners' 
writings that were solicited by RAIL earlier in the year. 
RAIL asked prisoners incarcerated for their political 
beliefs and actions to write speeches or letters to be 
reprinted and used in RAIL's agitation against the prison 
system and specifically for RAIL teach-in on the Criminal 
Injustice System in Washington D.C.(See MIM Notes #161.)


To my Brothers and Sisters:

On a never-ending struggle we must stay strong (firm) and 
we will overcome through AmeriKKKa's mistakes. All people 
of color and poor people have the very same oppressors, no 
matter what their race is, creed, or belief. We got to keep 
coming together "by any means necessary" to overpower all 

These incidents join a long list of others which 
demonstrate that the legal system in AmeriKKKa is not made 
up of "natural law." Some of the human beings who are 
sometimes more human than humane are the authors of this 
Hodgepodge of codes and regulations, this system regulates 
every aspect of human behavior in ways that are arbitrary 
and capricious at best, and counterintuitive at the worst. 
The people who enforce it--police officers and judges--do 
often go beyond these laws, further compounding the 
situation. There is no shortage of individual cases lacking 
logic by judges, or lacking heart by cops. The criticisms 
deserve to go beyond and be directed not just at the 
individual perpetrators, but also at the legal institutions 
themselves. We must strive forward against being falsely 
accused of crimes/to have our culture/families/religion 
insulted, and forced to sit and watch our families 
tortured/to undergo several hardships, while we sit frozen 
in isolation and prisons.

Knowledge is the square root of power, though the noises 
have changed with the passage of time, the same penchant 
for 'local justice' (law meshed with outdated 
prejudices/racism) hangs thick in the air. It is incumbent 
on righteous and politically thinking peoples to recognize 
and take action to help in reversing the numerous 
violations that have and will continue to take place, 
whether against the laws or against common-sense decency.

Ona Move!

 -- Ibrahim Abdus Salaam(Mr. Terry G. Yant), A New York 
Prisoner, Feb. 06, 1998


Revolutionary Greetings,

...I've been a hostage of the state of Ohio's prison system 
for eleven years now, and during this whole time I have 
been constantly harassed by prison officials because of my 
revolutionary beliefs and activism, which according to the 
United State's constitution, is supposed to be my right. I 
am now in administrative control waiting to be transferred 
to Ohio's new super maximum political prison in Youngstown 
as soon as they can get it open.

Because of my belief in Afrocentricity and my willingness 
to serve the people, I was helping other prisoners to get 
their names legally changed and for this the prison 
administration accused me of "giving instructions," "trying 
to portray myself as a leader," and "trying to form an 
unauthorized group" which to them makes me one of the worst 
of the worst. They say it will take five years of good 
behavior to get out of the supermax and placed back into a 
lower security prison, and I go back to the parole board 
this year, but you cannot be paroled from the supermax, 
which of course is their true reason for sending me there.

Uhuru I Amandla to all political prisoners and prisoners of 

 -- Kunta Kenyatta, An Ohio Prisoner, 2 February 1998


"Know yourself, know your enemy. A hundred battles, a 
hundred victories" -Chairperson Mao Zedong

Fervent Revolutionary Greetings from the Bowels of 

Fascism in its most advanced form: is alive and well here 
in Amerikkka. With these unadulterated words I greet each 
and everyone of y'all with, and the most reverent words 
that I can muster.

Before I begin on this journey, I like to pay tribute to 
all the comrades that finds themselves fighting this war 
against "imperialist" oppressors.

To understand prisons in Amerikkkan society, it is not only 
necessary to make distinctions between right and wrong, 
good and evil, lawful and unlawful, we must also look at 
poverty and fear, politics and economy, and race and 
racism. It is clear that the root of crime lie deep in the 
social structure and kulture of this kkkountry. The current 
attitude is like a cancer in the blood, and like polluted 
water, is deadly to us all.

Prisons have become a big enterprise whose largest 
commodity is the poor and people of color. Prisons have 
become so profitable and demanding that most of the large 
corporations are beginning to invest such as Goldman Sachs 
& Co., Prudential Insurance Co. of Amerikkka, Smith Barney 
Shearson Inc. and Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. underwrite 
prison construction bonds, while Westinghouse Electric 
Corp., Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. and Alliant 
Techsystems Inc. adapt and sell their technology to fight 

The fact is prisons fit in with a master plan that is based 
on the limitation and complete genocide of the poor and 
people of color. The purpose of prisons nowadays is to 
isolate, exploit, and eliminate etc. Those who are here 
today, I am asking for each of y'all to help and support 
the fight in the kkkolonial arena that's founded on racist 
politics/white supremacy. If we are going to be successful 
in overcoming the many obstacles which we are constantly 
confronted with, we are going to have to start forming a 
united front and establish bases of support through which 
we can collectively support each other and combat enemy 

In closing, I would like to leave y'all with this thought: 
"We must continue to struggle together, because if there is 
NO struggle, there is NO progress, if there is NO 
resistance to oppression there will be NO progress towards 
revolutionary to overthrow this "IMPERIALISM." I request 
y'all here today become involved either in, or with the 
prison struggle. I commend all of y'all who came out today 
to support the POWs and PPs and to make Jericho 98 a 
reality and success, We thank each and every one of y'all.

Stiff resistance! All power to the people!


Michigan steps up its censorship of MIM Notes

MIM Notes allowed after Hearing

"After careful review of rejected item #2566, it does not 
meet the criteria for rejection as outlined in PD 
05.03.118. Hearing done in accordance with applicable 
policy, procedure and administrative rules."

--Hearing Officer Gorton


...The MDOC [Michigan Department of Corrections] rejection 
of MIM Notes was overturned. MIM Notes was allowed in after 
almost a full-month review to deny it by MDOC prison 

When I ran into this problem in the past, and it seems like 
an every month thing now to get MIM publications. 
Eventually they'll get tired of doing hearings, grievances, 
and costing them money to do all these hours of 

A little news from MDOC system, the MDOC plans on taking 
all our personal clothes by 5/13/98 in all levels from 3-6. 
As well as taking a lot of other personal property items 
like hobby, craft, etc. Of course this is an easy action 
for the MDOC to accomplish when we have our own sell-out 
brothers working for massa charlie in the prison system. 
They are sewing all our new clothes cause they want to get 
paid, and do their time, and all that soft stuff.

 -- A Michigan Prisoner, 11 January, 1998


I am writing to let you know that myself and ALL prisoner 
subscribers in Michigan received a rejection notice for MIM 
Note issues 1/1/98 and 1/15/98. MDOC officials in Lansing, 
Michigan have only placed these two issues on the 
restricted list. MIM Notes can be received by us captives 
in Michigan, except the individual papers the MDOC restrict

 -- A Michigan Prisoner, 12 February, 1998

As you may or may not know MIM Notes has been put on the 
MDOC's restricted list. On 3/2/98 my new issues were 
rejected and all past issues were taken from me in a search 
of my cell along with a letter I was at the time writing to 
MIM Notes.

...I don't know how legal the taking of this letter was 
since it wasn't in an envelope yet ... from what little I 
have heard, unless the letter violated a breach of security 
-- a planned act of violence or other criminal acts which 
it didn't -- then it shouldn't have been taken. If you know 
of any laws that explain this please let me know because as 
it stands now they're saying we can't even write to people 
unless the MDOC says it's okay which puts my reach to the 
outside world at 0. 

 -- A Michigan prisoner, 10 March, 1998

MIM responds: We had heard that MDOC Deputy Director Dan 
Bolden placed MIM Notes issues 149 and 150 on the statewide 
"Restricted Publications List." We think it's despicable 
that a single pig in a central office can decide that no 
prisoner should be able to read two issues of our 

While this is disgusting, it's not surprising given that 
issue 149 includes a letter from a Michigan prisoner whose 
MIM Notes was snatched in the yard one day, and issue 150 
includes a letter from a prisoner who won a censorship 
grievance regarding MIM Notes, but is still struggling for 
justice after being raped by a MI Koruptions officer.

As this prisoner points out, part of confiscating your MIM 
Notes was clearly an attempt at keeping you from 
corresponding with MIM since at the same time the guards 
snatched our address from you so you could not let us know 
what was going on.

MIM calls out to other prisoners who are receiving MIM 
Notes to make even better use of your newspapers than you 
have been: pass them around to other comrades in the 
struggle against imperialism. Exercise your rights to write 
to us and send us information about what's going on behind 
the walls. Help us to publicize the Department of 
Kkkorruptions' tactics of national and political repression 
ever more broadly. 

To people on the outside reading this, we say let this be 
your call to get involved in distributing MIM Notes to more 
and more people. Help the prisoner and us by showing the 
Michigan DOC that one censored MIM Notes or even a whole 
state prison system's worth of uncensored MIM Notes will 
only toughen our will to fight the system which attempts to 
deny prisoners their right to political struggle.


I am writing to inform MIM that one of the Pilgrims in the 
Mailroom has stopped my MIM Notes. However, I received a 
political book about one and a half months ago to write a 
review. I wrote the review and returned it to MIM and 
requested a few more books. I can still receive the books 
so I am requesting that MIM forward me some books for 
review. The Pilgrims will not derail my motivation for my 
Sisters and Brothers.

Bulletproof Love,

 -- An Ohio Prisoner, 4 February 1998 

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