This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
Maoist Internationalist Movement

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  MIM Notes 168                August 15, 1998

MIM Notes speaks to and from the viewpoint of the 
world's oppressed majority, and against the 
imperialist-patriarchy. Pick it up and wield it in 
the service of the people. support it, struggle 
with it and write for it.


* * *


The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) is a 
revolutionary communist party that upholds 
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, comprising the collection 
of existing or emerging Maoist internationalist 
parties in the English-speaking imperialist 
countries and their English-speaking internal 
semi-colonies, as well as the existing or emerging 
Spanish-speaking Maoist internationalist parties 
of Aztlan, Puerto Rico and other territories of 
the U.S. Empire. MIM Notes is the newspaper of 
MIM. Notas Rojas is the newspaper of the Spanish-
speaking parties or emerging parties of MIM.

MIM is an internationalist organization that works 
from the vantage point of the Third World 
proletariat; thus, its members are not Amerikans, 
but world citizens.

MIM struggles to end the oppression of all groups 
over other groups: classes, genders, nations.  MIM 
knows this is only possible by building public 
opinion to seize power through armed struggle.

Revolution is a reality for North America as the 
military becomes over-extended in the government's 
attempts to maintain world hegemony.

MIM differs from other communist parties on three 
main questions: (1) MIM holds that after the 
proletariat seizes power in socialist revolution, 
the potential exists for capitalist restoration 
under the leadership of a new bourgeoisie within 
the communist party itself. In the case of the 
USSR, the bourgeoisie seized power after the death 
of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao's 
death and the overthrow of the "Gang of Four" in 
1976. (2) MIM upholds the Chinese Cultural 
Revolution as the farthest advance of communism in 
human history. (3) MIM believes the North American 
white-working-class is primarily a non-
revolutionary worker-elite at this time; thus, it 
is not the principal vehicle to advance Maoism in 
this country.

MIM accepts people as members who agree on these 
basic principles and accept democratic centralism, 
the system of majority rule, on other questions of 
party line.

"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is 
universally applicable. We should regard it not as 
dogma, but as a guide to action. Studying it is 
not merely a matter of learning terms and phrases, 
but of learning Marxism-Leninism as the science of 
-- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208

* * *


July 25th 1998 marked the 100 year anniversary of the U.$. 
military invasion that landed in Puerto Rico through Guanica in 
1898. Thousands of people came out to protest the u.s. 
occupation in cities across the u.s. and in Puerto Rico. RAIL 
organized a contingent to attend several of the rallies in 
support of the struggle for independence and self-determination 
for Puerto Rico. The RAIL contingent focused on the anti-
imperialist struggle both within u.s. borders and on the island 
of Puerto Rico. RAIL also drew connections to national 
liberation struggles world wide.

The economy of Puerto Rico, where the average wage is far lower 
than in the u.s., suffers from high unemployment and low paying 
jobs. U.$. corporations control 90% of the Puerto Rican economy 
and the u.s. has important military bases on the island. To 
control its investment, the U.$. has set up a puppet government 
in Puerto Rico that does the bidding of their imperialist 

The u.s. government is attempting to co-opt the Puerto Rican 
people's desire for self-determination by offering a plebiscite 
on the status of the island. But under u.s. military and 
economic domination this plebiscite will do no more than put a 
democratic face on the u.s. occupation of the island.

RAIL joins the struggle for true self-determination for the 
Puerto Rican people. We demand that the Puerto Rican people be 
given immediate independence from u.s. colonialism and we will 
not stop fighting the U.$. imperialist occupation of Puerto 
Rico until independence has been won.

New York rally

In New York city thousands of Puerto Ricans and supporters of 
other nationalities joined a festive march to the United 
Nations to demand an end to the u.s. imperialist occupation and 
independence for Puerto Rico. The overriding message of this 
march was anti-imperialist and many speakers decried the u.s. 
occupation while calling for revolution.

The march took advantage of the U.N. resolution 1514 which 
recognizes the right of colonies to self-determination. Puerto 
Rico is recognized as a colony of the united snakes and so, if 
the U.N. were not controlled by the imperialists, principally 
by the u.s., this U.N. resolution would apply.

A large contingent of the Allmighty Latin King and Queen Nation 
participated in the march. MIM has done work with this 
organization and we support their moves towards increasing 
involvement in anti-imperialist political struggles. There were 
also organizations of Asians and Blacks and other Latino 
nations promoting revolutionary solidarity with the struggle of 
the Puerto Rican people. 

A RAIL contingent marched in the rally under a banner demanding 
an end to the U.$. imperialist occupation of Puerto Rico and 
distributed many copies of the RAIL Notes pamphlet on Puerto 
Rico and Notas Rojas. 

While many organizations claiming to be Marxist or Marxist-led 
showed up at the rally to distribute their literature, with the 
exception of RAIL, these groups were trying to connect the 
Puerto Rican peoples struggle with the so-called working class 
in the united snakes and promoting false solidarity between the 
white labor aristocracy and the Puerto Rican nation.

The speakers at the march drew attention to the general strike 
in Puerto Rico and the on-going phone workers strike, correctly 
calling for solidarity with the Puerto Rican people's struggle. 
But the so-called Marxists tried to claim that Amerikan 
workers' struggles for greater parasitism were linked to the 
struggle of the Puerto Rican people. As one RAIL comrade asked 
rhetorically in discussions at the rally: Just exactly when was 
it that white labor aristocracy struggles for greater wages 
ever turned into demands against u.s. imperialism? When was the 
last time white workers' struggles directly tagetted or in any 
way threatened capitalism? While the Puerto Rican workers are 
drawing connections between the U.$. corporate control of the 
economy and the U.$. military occupation of the island, the 
Amerikan workers are supporting u.s. military plunder around 
the world.

D.C. Rally

RAIL also participated in a rally in Washington D.C., at which 
about 4,000 people (according to the Washington Post) 
demonstrated in support of Puerto Rican independence. Speakers 
at the rally also paid special attention to Puerto Rican 
political prisoners and prisoners of war, who were featured on 
banners on the stage while family members wore flowers to 
identify themselves. RAIL found that many people were 
enthusiastic about reading the RAIL pamphlet on Puerto Rico, 
which includes a historical article about the Young Lords Party 
and its program from the late 1960s.

On the same day in Washington, pro-statehood supporters led by 
the lackey Gov. Pedro Rossello rallied for Puerto Rico 
becomming a U.$. state. Rossello said voting for statehood in a 
new referendum would be Puerto Rico's way of ending 100 years 
of colonialism.(1) In fact, statehood would only transform 
Puerto Rico from a direct colony to a neo-colony - despite 
offering some economic incentives to the middle class and labor 
aristocracy minority on the island. For the majority of Puerto 
Ricans, on the mainland and on the island, MIM agrees with the 
Young Lords Party of 1970 that independence and socialism is 
the real road to liberation.(2)

1. Associated Press in Washington Post, July 26, 1998, p. A10.
2. See MIM Theory 7 for an in-depth article on the Young Lords 

* * *


Revolutionary white working class?

Dear MIM,

After visiting your website, I just have to say that it's 
incredibly stupid. The white working-class is the enemy? Ha! 
And who the hell is your membership composed of? A bunch of 
rich college kids who are too busy discussing Marxism and 
sucking down cafe lattes at Starbuck's to actually do anything 
other than criticize the so-called elitist labor movement. The 
Maoist revolution is right around the corner - yeah, right. 
THE WORLD, UNITE!" ? Keep dreaming, jerkoffs!

-- an internet critic July, 1998 

MIM responds:

First we have to say that identity should be irrelevant to 
whether or not a political line is correct. This critic takes 
the same approach that detractors of so many great political 
leaders take by criticizing their identity rather than their 
ideas. But apparently this critic didn't even spend much time 
at our website or s/he would have the significant amount of 
work we do in Amerikan prisons where our supporters face 
tremendous repression for their political activism. Amerikan 
prisons are disproportionately filled with members of Amerika's 
internal colonies. Our comrades on the inside and on the 
outside work to end imperialism through revolutionary national 
liberation struggles. 

We fight for the liberation of the nations oppressed by 
imperialism both world wide and within u.s. borders. We do seek 
to break off any intellectuals and in fact members of any non-
revolutionary class and nation who can be united with this 
struggle. But we can see that the white working class does not 
have a material interest in revolution and in fact the 
revolutionary groups within u.s. borders are the oppressed 

Critics like the above should put a little time into 
investigating the basis of our position on the white working 
class rather than just making up criticisms about the imagined 
identity of our members and supporters. We have done extensive 
work documenting the economic situation of the white working 
class and demonstrating that they are not exploited and instead 
constitute a labor aristocracy. We have literature that places 
this in the context of the history of the u.s. and within the 
history of Marxism. For those who are actually serious about 
political line and it's consequences in strategy for the 
revolutionary struggle we recommend the following: MIM Theory 
#1 on the non-revolutionary nature of the white working class 
($4), MIM Theory #10, Coming to Grips with the white working 
class and the question of the Comintern ($6), and Settlers, The 
Mythology of the White Working Class by J. Sakai ($10).

Homosexuality and overpopulation


I do have questions on the MIM Party line concerning 
heterosexism and overpopulation. I don't think homosexuality 
should be encouraged in society and I think the world is about 
1/3 over-populated, though I agree with you on the consumption 

Also, your study pack on Stalin was excellent.

--A friend in the east 15 June 1998

MIM responds:

MIM does not encourage any form of sexuality under the 
patriarchy because we see that all sexual relationships under 
this system involve power differentials that make consent 
impossible. But we do not favor one form of sexuality over 
another. There is no basis for the belief that homosexuality is 
not natural or that homosexuality is somehow superior. In fact, 
homosexuality dates back as far as human history.

On the question of overpopulation, the earth does have 
sufficient resources to feed and support the entire population 
without any problem. The biggest problem the earth faces is 
over consumption and unequal distribution of resources. We 
challenge our readers to provide us with evidence of 
overpopulation because we are confident that you will quickly 
find it is all propaganda from the imperialists and their 

MIM cautions against the danger of the overpopulation theory 
because that is almost always used to refer to the Third World 
while the First World is seen as appropriately populated. This 
is because of the uneven distribution of resources that makes 
it appear (to the very well brainwashed eye) that people of the 
Third World just can feed themselves because there is not 
enough resources to go around. 

The imperialists said the same thing about China before the 
revolution in 1949. Then they revolutionized the way 
agriculture and industry was organized and suddenly they were 
able to provide more than enough for the entire population. 

Check out MIM Theory 12 "Environment, Society, Revolution" for 
some relevant articles on this very important subject. It can 
be ordered from MIM for $6.

* * *


Press Statement
Jose Maria Sison
Chief Political Consultant
NDFP [National Democratic Front of the Philippines] Negotiating 

3 July 1998

MIM Notes reprints the following commentary on the recent 
elections in the Philippines in order to give its readers an 
update on the political situation in the Philippines. The 
National Democratic Front of the Philippines is currently 
engaged in a protracted people's war against the reactionary, 
u.$.-puppet regime in the Philippines.

By its most important pronouncements, the Estrada regime is 
categorically against the people and  against the poor (i.e., 
the toiling masses of workers and peasants).

It continues the "free market" policies (denationalization, 
liberalization, privatization and deregulation) of the Ramos 
regime in subservience to the IMF, World Bank and WTO and the  
multinational firms and banks. It seeks to outstrip the 
preceding regime in betraying the Filipino nation by offering 
100 percent ownership of land, banks, retail trade, 
telecommunications and the  mass media to the foreign 

The Estrada regime is constituted and controlled by the worst 
possible big compradors and big  landlords, including the 
Marcos family and the most notorious cronies of the hated 
Marcos fascist  dictatorship.  In upper class circles, Estrada 
is described as the dummy president, who does not  read even 
executive summaries and major contracts, while Eduardo 
Cojuangco is referred to as  the real president, who is the 
chairman of the Laban ng Masang Pilipino and who has direct  
control over the office of the executive secretary and other 
key offices.

It is the crucial objective of the Estrada regime to reverse 
the historical judgment of the people  against the Marcos 
fascist dictatorship and to allow the Marcos family and the 
most notorious  cronies of the fascist dictator Marcos to enjoy 
and enlarge wealth illgotten through corruption and  violation 
of human rights.

The Estrada regime is poised to frustrate the demands of the 
victims of human rights violations for justice and 
indemnification.  It is also bent on manipulating and fixing 
the executive and  judicial processes of the reactionary 
government to ensure that the Marcos family and the cronies  
grab back the sequestered assets and evade their criminal 
liabilities and tax obligations.

What good can the people expect from a big comprador-landlord 
regime in the service of foreign  monopoly capitalists?  
Nothing but demagogic platitudes, false promises and some 
deceptive  tokens.  The regime offers no solution to but 
aggravation of the crisis of the semicolonial and  semifeudal 
ruling system.

It seeks to perpetuate a basically agrarian, lopsided 
semifeudal economy that is dependent on  imports and produces 
for export nothing more than low-value added semimanufactures 
and raw  materials.  It is all set to beg for more foreign 
loans to pay for debt service and cover budgetary  and trade 

It offers no way out of the economic depression arising from 
the [...] ravages of finance capitalism. The economists of the 
regime think that solving the  problem is a matter of lowering 
interest rates.  They cannot calculate that this can only 
accelerate  the outflow of foreign exchange.

No matter how much Estrada declaims that he is going to make 
sacrifices ahead of them, the  broad masses of the people are 
going to carry the burden of the announced austerity program of  
the regime.  Using Estrada as the task master, the foreign 
monopolies and the local exploiting  classes of big compradors 
and landlords will certainly intensify the oppression and 
exploitation of  the people.

The broad masses of the people will continue to suffer mass 
unemployment, rising prices of basic  commodities, the 
depreciation of the peso, the mounting foreign and local public 
debt, the  breakdown of production and the deterioration of 
social services and infrastructure.

The regime has announced that it adheres to the labor 
flexibility scheme of imperialism and that  will press down 
wage and living conditions of the working class in order to 
make local labor cheap  and "globally competitive".  The demand 
of the landless peasants for land is in fact laid aside by  the 
policy of the new regime to keep the land in the hands of the 
landlords, allow landconversions  and open landownership to 
foreign investors.

The new regime wishes to increase the revenues of the 
reactionary government by selling off  public assets at bargain 
prices and raising the tax burden.  At the same time, the big 
tax evaders  are assured of tax amnesty.  The regime wishes to 
reduce expenditures by trimming down those  on social services 
and by laying off large numbers of civilian employees.  But the 
expenditures for  the so-called modernization of the military 
and police modernization is being escalated.

The chief executive of the new regime wishes to monopolize the 
pork barrel and the concomittant  corruption by denouncing what 
is assumed as the innate corrupt character of the legislators.  
But  the crooks in both executive and legislative branches of 
the reactionary government will have  their compromise at the 
expense of the people.

Estrada has admitted that he cannot relieve the economic 
suffering of the people.  But he intends  to score publicity 
points by rounding up some petty criminals and by using death 
squads to  eliminate some of them.  Thus, the three infamous 
generals in the Kuratong Baleleng case are  back in business, 
with far more power than before.  Nevertheless the criminal 
syndicates of  Charlie "Atong" Ang and some military and police 
generals will thrive.

The people, the democratic forces and the revolutionary 
movement must be vigilant against the  demagogic popularization 
of "unclipped powers", legal shortcuts and death squads because 
these  can be turned against them.  The worst criminals are 
those who use their political authority to  oppress and exploit 
the people and violate human rights on a massive scale.

In view of the ever worsening crisis of the ruling system, the 
regime is bound to intensify military  and police campaigns of 
suppression against the people and the revolutionary forces.  
It will also  undertake massive campaigns of psychological 
warfare by combining the talents of US advisers,  military and 
police officers and some former "Leftists".

Shamelessly manifesting its puppetry to US imperialism in 
security matters, the Estrada regime  has announced its 
intention of approving the Visiting Forces Agreement.  Such an 
agreement  converts the entire Philippines into a US military 
base under the guise of transit access to facilities  and 
supplies and joint military exercises and gives up Philippine 
jurisdiction over criminal offenses  perpetrated by US military 

As the crisis of the ruling system worsens, the broad masses of 
the people suffer worse  oppression and exploitation.  But they 
are driven by the crisis to wage revolutionary struggle ever  
more resolutely and militantly against the evils of foreign 
monopoly capitalism, domestic feudalism  and bureaucrat 
capitalism, now chiefly represented by the Estrada ruling  


The complete text of this article is available at

* * *


Over one dozen prisoners on California's death row have 
exhausted their legal appeals, and the state may set their 
execution dates for next year. If all of these prisoners are 
indeed killed in the next year, it will be the first time 
California has executed more than 10 prisoners since 1963.

The reactionary "tough on crime" political climate in 
California has given the state the largest death row in 
Amerika. (Texas has the second largest death row, but leads in 
executions, with over 30 last year.) There are currently 508 
prisoners on California's death row, and every year California 
courts sentence 30-40 more people to die.

The increase in the number of executions is a result of the 
increase in the size of California's death row, as well as 
changes in the law. The "Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death 
Penalty Law" of 1996, for example, restricts death-row inmates' 
ability to appeal their convictions and sentences.

Numerous studies have shown that the death penalty - and 
imprisonment in general - is not correlated with the crime 
rate. This guts the tough-on-crime demagogues' argument that 
means the death penalty is a deterrent to crime. 

The Amerikan death penalty is a weapon of genocide aimed at the 
oppressed nations bound within u.$. borders. Members of 
oppressed nations are disproportionately sentenced to death and 
executed. For example, 54% of all people legally executed since 
1930 were Black, despite the fact that only 12% of the 
population in u.$. borders is Black.(2) 

As practiced by the Amerikan injustice cyst'm, the death 
penalty is a barbaric ritual of imperialism. We must oppose it, 
and spend our days and nights building a movement that will 
craft true justice for all people.

1. The LA Times, 15 Jul 98. 
2. MIM Theory 11, p. 46.

* * * 


Most of the people who criticize the Maoist Internationalist 
Movement's tactical policies on public co-sponsorship of events 
as "sectarian" do not recognize the ideological differences 
between MIM and other so-called Marxist groups - or they do not 
think that ideology matters. But some people, while recognizing 
these ideological differences, argue that self-identified anti-
imperialists should put aside their ideological differences and 
unite on the political (tactical) plane. These people encourage 
MIM and the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League (RAIL, a mass 
organization led by MIM) to join forces with the Gorbachevite 
Committees of Correspondence (CoC) and groups close to the 
Trotskyist Workers' World Party (WWP) and crypto-Trotskyist 
Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (RCP), in order to join 
together in the fight for "democracy and socialism."

While MIM knows that revolution requires proletarian 
revolutionaries to "shake hands with the devil" and enter into 
tactical alliances with representatives of other classes, MIM 
disagrees with this application of that truth. When we make 
deals with forces from other classes, we must make sure that we 
drive hard bargains, and gain at least as much as we give up. 
The differences between MIM and revisionists like the CoC are 
not yet crystal clear to the masses, and as Lenin wrote of 
Russia in 1903, "ideas of party organisation, of party 
consistency and honour, [and] of the party banner are still so 
immeasurably weak" here inside u.$. borders. Because of these 
things tactical unity with revisionists or their front groups 
will cause more problems in confusing the masses on the need 
for a party than they solve in gathering supporters to the 
party's basic goals.(1)

On the surface, it may seem ironic that MIM is more willing to 
unite tactically with explicitly non-revolutionary groups like 
the American Friends Service Committee than to unite with so-
called "socialist" groups. But the same principle underlies 
both practices. The party, as the representative of the 
international proletariat, must maintain its independence and 
initiative in the united front. The masses can clearly 
differentiate between MIM and its allies when the allies are 
non-Marxist, non-revolutionary. But the differences between MIM 
and other so-called Marxists are not so obvious. This is 
compounded by the fact that the revisionists themselves will 
take every opportunity to confuse the masses about these 
differences. Revisionism is always seeking to leech off of the 
prestige of genuine communist movements.

Why should MIM care if non-Marxists appropriate Marx's name? 
Because parties represent class interests. MIM represents the 
interests of the international proletariat; we seek to build a 
movement led by the ideology of proletarian internationalism. 
Parties claiming Marxism dress themselves up as representatives 
of the international proletariat, but represent the interests 
of the privileged classes. In imperialist countries, many of 
these revisionist parties actually represent the bloated petit-
bourgeoisie and labor aristocracy. This is a novelty for our 
sojourner comrades, since the labor-aristocracy does not play a 
large or independent role in their societies. But here in the 
imperialist countries it has done so, repeatedly pulling the 
anti-imperialist and socialist movement into the swamp of 
capitulation and reformism.(2) It is MIM's task to remain firm 
to proletarian principles, and try to pull elements of the 
labor aristocracy and petit-bourgeoisie from the swamp onto the 
firm road of anti-imperialist and socialist revolution.

Here's an example of the false logic used by amerikan advocates 
of "left unity:" The CoC promotes tactical "left unity," 
claiming, "we will have time to settle our other differences 
under a free, democratic and socialist world." But how do we 
get to that "free, democratic and socialist world"? MIM argues 
that the organizations that consistently hold high the banner 
of revolutionary proletarian internationalism and make the 
interests of the international proletariat their dividing line 
will be fit to lead a revolutionary movement into a free, 
democratic and socialist world. In scrapping the question of 
whose interests coincide with those of the international 
proletariat, the CoC line argues for capitulation to the enemy 

We cannot win democracy and freedom for the international 
proletariat by stirring up the reactionary nationalism of the 
labor aristocracy, or by promoting Gorbachevism and all other 
kinds of supra-class "humanist" clap-trap like the CoC. Such 
practices and ideas set the anti-imperialist and socialist 
revolution back.

For comrades who think that revolutionary or anti-imperialist 
sentiment alone can unite these disparate groups, we recommend 
that they read Lenin's article, "The tasks of the revolutionary 
youth." Parties represent classes and so their theory and 
ideology must be a genuine reflection of people's revolutionary 
anti-imperialist will and not some shoddy imitation that relies 
on sentiment and romantic notions of unity. Because the genuine 
anti-imperialist movement must be led by the international 
proletariat, it must be led by a party armed with the ideology 
of the international proletariat: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Finally, we must recognize that the revisionist parties and 
their mass organizations are small, and by no means 
representative of the masses. Indeed, the only thing that could 
keep MIM and its mass organizations from matching or surpassing 
their absolute size in short order is an unwillingness to 
resolutely lead or be self-reliant. False unity with 
revisionists will halt MIM and RAIL's growth. Genuine unity 
with the international proletariat will build our work beyond 
even the dreams of the revisionist capitulators.

1. Lenin, "The tasks of revolutionary youth," Progress 
Publishers (Moscow), 1970, p. 96.
2. See, "A law of degeneration: Blaming the United Front for 
labor-aristocracy revisionism," MIM Theory 6, pp. 78-81.

* * *


Is it not self-evident that one can speak of revolutionising 
the students only having in mind a perfectly definite content 
and character of this revolutionising process? To the Social-
Democrat [what we now call "Communist"], for example, it means, 
firstly, spreading Social-Democratic [Communist] ideas among 
the students, and combating ideas which, though called 
"Socialist-Revolutionary" have nothing in common with 
revolutionary socialism; and, secondly, endeavouring to broaden 
every democratic student movement ... and make it more 
conscious and determined ["Rely on the masses," as Mao would 

* * *


Tibet's 14th Dalai Lama has on occasion admitted some 
materialist thoughts despite a general image of spiritualist 
hokum concocted for Western hippie consumption. "Maybe I'm 
mistaken, but perhaps there is an element here that is really 
rhetoric in all this 'healing, healing, healing' talk. It 
creates false expectations. We sincerely should not 

It was an appropriate statement from the leader in self-imposed 
exile given while visiting children sick with cancer in New 
York City May 5th. 

Note: USA Today 6May1998, p. d1.

* * *


The U.S. Supreme Court has had 394 clerks hired by its current 
nine judges. Fewer than 2% were Black and none were "Native-

The current head judge William Rehnquist refuses to meet with 
Black lawyers on the question, but he has hired no Blacks or 
"Asian-Americans" since joining the court in 1972. One of his 
79 clerks was "Hispanic." 

Note: USA Today 10June 1998, p. 1.

* * *


Figures from the first quarter of 1998 showed that wimmin 
continue to make about three-quarters what men make. The 76% 
figure compares full-time workers. 

In 1993, the figure was 77%, so it is not always a story of 

Although wimmin in the U$A make less than men, they are not a 
class, and in fact the vast majority live with men and share 
the class outlooks of their male family members. Indeed, as we 
have shown in MT, wimmin are nearly equal partners within the 
imperialist class of the U$A.

Within the ethnic groups, we start to see a different picture. 
"Hispanic"  wimmin make 57 cents on the dollar that the white 
man makes according to a 1996 study.(2) There is a large Latino 
middle-class within U.$. borders, but there is also a 
proletarian element, especially in agriculture and textiles. 

1. Houston Chronicle 10June1998, p. 1c. 
2. USA Today 11May1998, p. b1.

* * *


by a Michigan prisoner
Member of the Political Prisoners of War Coalition
Theater of Operations Michigan Death KKKamps

20 June 1998

As a 'jailhouse lawyer,' I've built a rather substantial and 
impressive law library over the last nine years in the MDOC. 
Needless to say, my personal collection of specialty legal 
books and magazines consists of everything that should be 
stocked in the prison law library and isn't: The last thing our 
brutal oppressors want are *effective* jailhouse lawyers and 
writ writers.(1)

On April 1, 1998, the screws hit my joint armed with the MDOC 
equivalent of a search warrant(2) authorizing the seizure of 
any contraband; to wit: "legal material." My law library, case 
files and various documents were inventoried and impounded at 
1950 hours in eight duffel bags.

I immediately contact the Court Appointed Monitor in Cain v. 
MDOC, (3) explained my situation and inquired as to whether 
Monitor Order No 430 was still valid. I had no way to ascertain 
the answer for myself as all my documents pertaining to Cain 
had been seized along with everything else, and my written 
requests for materials from the MBP Law Library go unfilled 
with regularity. I guess that will teach me to have the 
temerity to file a grievance against the law librarian.

The Cain Monitor was helpful and informed me, inter alia [among 
other things - MIM], that the December 5, 1997, order in Cain 
at 97 13 specifically indicates that the Order does not Monitor 
Recommendation Nos. 218, 219, 233, 247, 259, 278, 279, 311, 
350, 382, 430, 462, 481, 516, and 521. Therefore, yes, Monitor 
No. 430 which mandates "if the Office of Policy and Hearings 
determines an *indigent prisoner* has necessary excess legal 
property, then the institution should loan the prisoner 
footlockers or provide other means of storage," is still 
valid.(4) She also advised me that "[f]rom [her] experience in 
reviewing Excess Legal Property Hearings, law books are often 
included as necessary materials," although she had "never 
see[n] 'legal magazines' included."

My primary concern was that the new PD-04.07.112 PRISONER 
PERSONAL PROPERTY (effective date 4/20/98) -- which at II, 97 
E, p.2 specifically declares what items are "legal materials" 
-- does not list personal law books or legal magazines at 97 
E.(1) To my way of thinking, a reasonable mind would conclude 
that law books or legal magazines would no doubt fall under the 
category of "any other written materials" as noted at 97 D (1). 
However, after nine years of imprisonment, I know full well 
that I've yet to meet an impartial Hearing Officer, let alone 
one with a reasonable mind. I decided to play it safe and 
conduct further research - I'm glad I did too!

On April 7, 1998, I was present and accounted for at the Excess 
Legal Property Hearing. The Hearing Officer looked positively 
sick when he eyed all those duffel bags and told me he would 
take my word for it that all the documents pertained to pending 
litigation, thus precluding the necessity of examining them. I 
observed that he didn't want to take my word for anything at 
any other time and insisted that he do his job in strict 
accordance with departmental policy. Five hours or so later, 
all my documents, pleadings, sample formats and the like had 
been duly examined. When we got to all the books and magazines, 
the H.O. initially took the position that I could have the 
books, but not the magazines.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because legal magazines aren't covered under the policy." The 
fine upstanding representative of his alma matter informed me 
tersely. "That's why."

"Yeah - but neither are law books." I replied. "Law books 
and/or magazines would meet the definition of "any other 
written materials." I then showed him a copy of the statue that 
PD-04.07.112 is based on; MCL 800.42(7) (a) (I), which states:

"(7) As used in this section: (a) 'legal materials' means 
either of the following: (I) Pleadings and other documents 
ordinarily filed with a court, letters, research notes, 
necessarily exhibits, books, periodicals, and similar items 
that are needed for litigation which the prisoner is currently 
pursuing on his or her own behalf." 

"This says 'books.' It doesn't say anything about magazines." 
He said.

You're probably wondering what the man's IQ is. I wondered what 
is LSAT scores were, where he received his JD degree and how he 
managed to pass the Michigan Bar Exam! "It is a matter of 
definition," I explained. "If interpretation is necessary, a 
court is restricted by MCL 8.3; MSA2.212 that 'all words and 
phrases shall be construed and understood according to the 
common and approved usage of the language.'" And in *Stowers v 
Wolodzko*, 386 Mich 119, 133 (1971), our Supreme Court 
reaffirmed the well-established principle of statutory 
construction: "Every word shall be given meaning and no word 
shall be treated as surplusage or rendered nugatory if at all 


"So, a magazine and a periodical are the same thing, which 
means I'm entitled my law books and legal magazines as an 
axiomatic matter of clearly established blackletter law." Love 
those old Perry Mason re-runs! "Read it for yourself." I said 
and handed him my paperback copy of The Merriam Webster 
Dictionary (1997) which defines 'magazines' as "a periodical 
containing articles, stories, pictures, or other features."

He really looked green - the color suits him. "You win."


1. Black's Law Dictionary defines "jailhouse lawyer" as "inmate 
of penal institution who spends his time reading the law and 
giving legal assistance and advice to inmates, especially to 
those who are illiterate."
2. A Notice of Intent to Conduct an Administrative Hearing. See 
3. Carolyn N. Koenig (P53112). Attorney at Law. Court Appointed 
Monitor. P.O. Box 19302, Lansing, MI 48901-9302 (your PIN# = 
her#) (517) 482-1129.
4. Emphasis supplied. PD-04.02.120 Indigent prisoners sets 
forth indigency requirements.
5. See MCI 791.252 et seq; R791.3301

From the author: "This article is dedicated to prisoners' 
rights attorney and ex-offender Daniel F. Manville, author of 
the Prisoners' Self-Help Litigation Manual, who has made his 
existence felt by every prison official in this country."

* * *


The economists providing analyses for the U.S. Federal Reserve 
bank are debating super-profits without knowing it. 

In the booming economy, the so-called "Fed" would like to know 
how much more efficient U.$. workers are becoming. If the 
bankers knew this, they would know what to do with their 
banking policies within bourgeois logic. Without this 
information, they are stumbling in the dark. The efficiency of 
workers is referred to by these analysts as "productivity." 

Some economists say U.$. workers must be increasing 
productivity 2.5% annually while others say 0.5%. If 
productivity is increasing rapidly, the bankers reason that 
incomes can rise rapidly without creating inflation. The 
bankers can then adjust their policies to allow such a rise in 

In reality, the boom in the U.$. economy is created by an 
increased flow of super-profits into the U.$. economy, 
especially from East Asia, but also Latin America in very 
recent years. What looks like efficiency gains of U.$. workers 
is really increased super-exploitation of Third World workers. 
Economists seeking to find the efficiency gains of the bloated 
paper-shuffling and administration of the U.$. economy always 
have a hard time. Consequently they must make up various 
stories about how electron-shuffling has increased so much 
along with the well-being of the people. The latest bourgeois 
stories show that productivity is increasing, not super-
exploitation of course. 

Most people in the imperialist countries calling themselves 
"Marxist" have abandoned Marx's labor theory of value. They 
have adopted the labor aristocracy view of itself that it is 
"working hard" and deserves its economic gains, seemingly 
created from paper-shuffling, which is what more than half the 
labor force does in the oppressor nations. In contrast, MIM 
continues to uphold the labor theory of value the way Marx did, 
because we continue to see a difference between farming labor 
and collecting dividend checks or having a job tallying the 
dividend checks. The world can live without some kinds of labor 
if it were reorganized. There will still be farming of some 
sort. Such basic facts of life are lost by the U$A's leading 
economists and bankers.

Note: USA Today 7May1998, p. b1.

* * *


The World Health Organization (WHO) is claiming that world 
health continues to improve under global capitalism. In 1955, 
68% of the world population had a life expectancy at birth of 
60 years or less, but by 1995, 86% had a life expectancy over 
60 years.

The WHO did admit that in 18 countries in Africa, life 
expectancy is still under 50. In fact, life expectancies in 
Africa are declining.

In 1997, infectious diseases killed 52.2 million people. The 
vast majority of such deaths are preventable with existing 
medical technology.

WHO claims that by the year 2025 only 4% of the world 
population will have life expectancies under 60. However, part 
of the reason for that would be that the oppressed will be 
dying off wholesale.

The WHO view presents a partial challenge to the MIM view of 
imperialism as a global system. While WHO sees progress under 
imperialism, MIM admits some medical technologies are 
advancing, while it finds environmental and militarist threats 

If the relatively optimistic WHO view of world progress is to 
hold up as true, it will be the result of class struggle in the 
realms of health, the environment and world peace.

Note: USA Today 11May1998, p. D1.

* * * 


As we announced in MIM Notes #161, the Maoist Internationalist 
Movement (MIM) is working with prisoners to develop an anti-
imperialist prisoner mass organization which is led by the 
proletariat. One of the largest revolutionary sections of the 
Amerikkkan population is found within the settler nation's 
gulags because our comrades under lock and key daily face the 
wrath of imperialism. Many prisoners understand the only 
possible path toward liberation is revolution. MIM is fiercely 
working to improve and increase the level of work that 
addresses the needs of prisoners specifically and that 
mobilizes the revolutionary spirit of comrades under lock and 
key. One of the recent ways we are increasing the level of 
revolutionary movement is the development of the prisoner mass 
organization and we will periodically use the pages of MIM 
Notes to help prisoners build their organization. 

First we list some general principles guiding the new prisoner 
mass organization. These comments are in part responses to the 
prisoner letters that follow.

The prisoner mass organization should help MIM and RAIL on the 
outside to educate and expose the cruelties of Amerikkkan 
gulags. And as prisoners' words are spread by those on the 
outside, there will be greater resources to aid specific 
struggles of prisoners against the cruelties. 

The prisoner mass organization should also help prisoners to 
deal with oppressive conditions until they can be changed. A 
Minnesota prisoner writes below about cruelties which are 
repeated throughout the United Snakes. MIM and the new prisoner 
mass organization cannot change these things in one fell swoop. 
But just as with oppressed masses on the outside, the mass 
organization can help direct prisoners into productive, 
revolutionary work which gives the comrades' lives more 
meaning. As an example, if you see a prisoner who is utterly 
frustrated with the way that a guard is treating him/her, then 
help the prisoner to expose the torture to assist in building 
more opposition toward systematic torture. Help other prisoners 
to use their anger and frustration in a productive way to help 
destroy oppression. This is far superior than attacking a guard 
even if he is a prime torturer.

The prisoner mass organization should also help prisoners 
strengthen revolutionary study groups. The offer from the East 
Coast prisoner below is what we need in each state and then in 
each prison. We need revolutionary leaders to help push others 
to study at the same time that they are organizing against 
oppression. The purpose of study is to understand the material 
and economic bases of oppression on a deeper level and to 
understand historical examples of successful methods to end 
that oppression. For instance, studying the lessons from Attica 
should help prisoners organize and improve from that battle.

The prisoner mass organization should be both proactive and 
patient. Prisoners should be patient in seeing larger changes 
which result from stronger organization of anti-imperialist 
prisoners. It takes time to build foundations that are strong 
and that are correct - correct meaning that they will achieve 
winnable battles and not achieve a long list of revolutionary 
martyrs. However, prisoners should not have to wait for 
supporters on the outside who have better material conditions 
and less of a material incentive to organize. Prisoners can 
immediately begin to fight and win battles for better 
conditions, fewer limitations on legal and educational 
resources, and less censorship.

For conditions of prisoners to improve, prisoners need strong 
organization, support from the outside and a correct analysis 
of what path to take. This is why MIM has launched and is 
leading the anti-imperialist mass organization - to meet these 

In turn, the development of the prisoner mass organization will 
aid the development of RAIL and MIM on the outside. It will 
also raise the political level of the masses in general, and 
thus aid in the development of proletarian-led united front 
against imperialism in u.$. borders. This is our main response 
to the comments of the prisoner from South Carolina below to 
the effect that there is not a strong movement which supports 

Our second response to comments regarding the absence of a 
large prisoner support movement is that the majority of 
Amerikkkans are not proletarian. Therefore our revolutionary 
task is quite difficult because we battle both the 
imperialists, but also the bought off lackeys of imperialism. 
Even within the oppressed nations there are class divisions, 
which leads some oppressed nationals to chase after scraps from 
Amerika's table. Another reason why MIM stresses that the 
united front against imperialism must be led by the 
proletariat: Non-proletarian classes will vacillate. We 
encourage our comrades behind lock who want to help build the 
new anti-imperialist prisoner mass organization to study the 
article on the united front printed in the last issue of MIM 
Motes (MN167).

Here are a few letters recently received by revolutionaries 
under lock and key.

Prisoner wants mass organization to fight repression

Dear Comrades,

Be advised that it is with a Spirit of Revolutionary effort, 
cohesion and dedication that I, X, greet y'all at MIM with de 
heart and soul of a Revolutionary Internationalist and as 
always I salute you and all de rades with a mailed clenched-
fist for being persisted in y'all quest to make a strategic 
difference in our struggle against IMPERIALISM.


I am very grateful to all de beautiful and wonderful rades at 
MIM and RAIL that has worked tirelessly for over a year around 
de Jericho '98 march and de Teach-in on de Criminal Injustice 
System (thanks.) Well, I am maintaining, to remain above de 
vile tide of my present environment. I've been dealing with one 
hassle on top of another. I have been in administrative 
detention (24 hour lock-up in seg) since [the beginning of 
December 1997]. I was given a bogus assault charge on a pig, 
but I already know that this latest attack is due to get me 
back in de high/max kamp, now I am awaiting transfer.

Last week, I received MIM Theory 13 and a cover letter. I stand 
totally in agreement with de forming of a Prisoner Mass 
Organization. We no longer have a strong prison movement like 
during de time of Attikkka.(sic) I will love to take part in de 
Prisoner mass organization. I will like to be de contact person 
for de prisoner study group at my front. I will like to propose 
that de name for de mass organization be "Prisoner Anti-
Imperialist Liberation Front" or "Prisoner Anti-Imperialist 
United Front."

Comrade, these are intense times. In tolerable things are going 
down against de poor people of color. We need to build a 
Prisoner mass organization that has no tolerance for prisoner 
suppression. There is lots of repression in these bowels and 
things are getting worse by de day and de only way that I see 
it getting better is an uprising. And when it do happen, we 
will need de outside to demonstrate on our behalf if not, it 
will be another Attikkka.


I will be sending y'all some articles on prison soon.

Stiff resistance!

In struggle,

-- a prisoner on the East Coast, 18 May 1998.

A revolutionary proposal for comrades in South Carolina

Revolutionary Salutes,

I address the following as my proposal to all revolutionary 
comrades throughout the region of South Karolina... Some of the 
rades and I were discussing the ideological struggle of re-
building, and the establishing of a network for outreach 
programs to help our people on the outside with transportation 
to and from these various kamps... Being a New Afrikan, and son 
of the ghetto-colony experience, I know we must form an 
outreach program where the out-side is constantly being 
connected to the respective revolutionary cadres. In doing so, 
we would regain the confidence of the New Afrikan people and 
community as a whole... At this moment there are no effective 
organizations (to my knowledge) in South KKKarolina carrying 
out the task of establishing committees which are aiding to 
expose Amerikkkan prison system, gain legitimate resources, and 
prepare for defense battles in the kkkolonial arena throughout 
the states...

I've asked myself a lot of times, "Why do we have to struggle 
inside these kkkamps to form our own bases when there should be 
one New Afrikan base which deals with revolutionary/political 
priorities in South Carolina?" One that deals with our concrete 
conditions as a people inside and outside the kkkamps...

We comrades on the inside are struggling to do our best, as I'm 
sure the comrades on the out-side are, yet I still feel that 
some where out there, there should be an establishment to aid 
various committees in the area of organizing book keeping, fund 
raising, typing, computer operations, etc... I'm asking each 
and everyone of the rads who are principled to respond to me in 
this area of ideological struggle concerning this proposal. The 
time has come for us here in South KKKarolina, New Afrikan 
brothers, and sisters to take it to a new level...

The floor is open for long term goals, criticism, ideas, points 
and encouragement's... people must move to advance our 
movements because if we don't, no one else is going to. I am 
just one of the many that has a thought or two to share. Power 
to all of us who strive for the new day in the hear of 


-- a South KKKarolina prison comrade, 26 May 1998.

Revolutionary exposes plantation gestapo

I'm a former Black Brotherhood, Culture Development 
Organization (BBCDO) member and Black Panther Party (BPP) 
member and present revolutionary freedom fighter for all 
oppressed and poor people of color. I'm doing time here in this 
Northern Plantation in [a Maximum Security prison in 

Here in this Northern Colony, the Gestapos rule with raw power. 
From a mental stand point this white fox is more cruel and 
vicious. And then there's help from the rats, or brothers who 
are happy being here by smiling and jeffing with this evil 

Up North here, its a pat on your back, smile in face, gotcha 
kind of thing. Most of the brothers here have given up as far 
as the struggle goes, a lot of these cats got life bits and are 
compromising their dignity and ignoring the fight for 

We are housed in a unit called SHU. We are locked down 21 hours 
a day, we eat in our rooms and are restricted work 
opportunities. In 1996, this SHU unit was established and 
implemented from an act of retaliation for some prisoners not 
going to work... The racist gestapo called it a work strike.

The more time a person spends in the SHU unit, the more of 
sensory and psychological deprivation... Prisoners are stripped 
of their individual identities in order that compliant behavior 
patterns can be implanted. A process of mortification and 

The severity of the living conditions in the SHU cause many 
prisoners to deteriorate from pre-existing disorders. Officials 
in the SHU unit intentionally antagonize and harass prisoners 
to such a degree that exacerbates tensions. We have no real air 
in our room, air and dust come through a vent which causes many 
respiration problems. There are windows in the room, but they 
are order-sealed by the warden.  We are living under very 
depressing conditions, from lack of visiting, to ... too many 
to write about.

I find that these brothers allow any and everything to be said 
or done to them by these keepers. For us, brothers in the 
struggle, not only do we have to watch out for the funky 
officials, we have to also watch out for the so called brother. 
It seems that their blackness has been confiscated, and they 
don't know what they are, or what they are supposed to do. We 
older brothers want to help but they act so standoffish and 
redneckish. Its very little talk of uplifting, but they run to 
great gestapo jobs for that $.25 an hour. They'll read fuck 
books with the quickness, but you won't see 'em with no black 
worth-while literature.

The same job they kiss gestapos ass for, he cans their ass the 
next day or two and they are right back at the SHU unit looking 
sick and confused. But I would like to say to all my fallen 
brothers in the North, or south, west or east... No matter what 
has taken place, we must bring unity back and do away with 
afraidness. There's nothing no longer to be afraid of, here in 
this racist [unit.] Help one another to build a vanguard to 
meet the chaos that bring us unopposing discrimination and 
rituals of racist pig brutality, along with denial of human 
rights and self-respect. Bring about a new demo, no longer 
should you remain silent to these practices because if it 
happens to him, it happens to you too.

My brother, no longer should you fight each other because 'he 
called you a bitch.' Sure it's a disregarding word, but if it 
doesn't describe you per se, don't you throw the first punch.

I say to you, what brother Haki Madhubut said to us all. He 
said: Resistance must be our call, structured activism our 
plan, conscious sharing our method, a working presence our 
model. Anything else is tantamount to surrender and certain 

Power to the People who don't fear freedom!

Keep up the good work MIM, I sho nuff appreciate the paper.

-- a Minnesota prisoner, 16 May 1998


All prisoners who are interested in developing the mass 
organization who have not yet received a letter which outlines 
the job ahead of us further should write MIM immediately. Any 
prisoner who has expressed interest or has shown revolutionary 
initiative and leadership should have already received the 
first mass mailing to prisoners involved in starting the mass 
organization. It could be that the letter was censored from you 
or it could be that you were not sent the original letter 
because we did not know that you were interested. So, please 
write immediately if you are interested in developing the mass 
organization. Additionally, all prisoners who are scheduled to 
see the parole board or for release within the next two years 
should have received a letter concerning MIM's Serve the People 
Re-Lease program. Any prisoner who is in this category and has 
not received a letter, please contact us immediately. 

* * *


DALLAS, TX--On July 17th, the capitalist newspapers blamed the 
record heat-wave in Texas for the death of the 19th persyn in 
Dallas County since the heat-wave began. There had been 13 100 
degrees (F) in a row and 26 for the summer by the end of the 
18th. Individual day records of 110 degrees have also been set.

The city government of Dallas ordered itself to tend to the 
crisis, but business went on as usual. The heat affects the 
poor without air-conditioning or the money to move. Even more 
likely targets of the heat are the elderly.

MIM asked the masses of Dallas their opinions of the causes of 
the heat wave deaths. An activist demonstrating in 100 degree 
weather to stop fur sales said, "people don't care about each 
other" and hence do not check on the elderly. MIM would add 
that the elderly without wealth are of no concern to 
capitalism, because the elderly have  finished their petty-
bourgeois or working-class lives and have no economic use 

A sales worker in "Forbidden Books" near Fair Park said, "a lot 
of people live in poor conditions" and hence he was not 
surprised by the deaths. An economic system built for all 
people and led by the proletariat would see to eradicating 
preventable deaths like those supposedly caused by heat-waves. 
As it stands now, preventable deaths are only addressed by the 
well-off and able-bodied.

Note: The Dallas Morning News 18July1998, p. 27a.

* * *


DALLAS, TX--On July 18th in weather over 100 degrees, seven  
people turned out to hold up grisly posters of a skinned fox in 
front of a department store named Nieman Marcus. Such 
demonstrations have gone on for a year once every week or two.

"We think it's ridiculous that here with 110 degree days, we 
have the third largest fur market in the United States," said a 
leader of the demonstration who had attended them over a long 
period of time. We give these activists credit for recognizing 
the decadent nature of luxury consumption in the United States.

The typical fur for $2000 has the bodies of 40 or 50 foxes or 
up to 110 other animals.

Super-model Cindy Crawford posed nude to draw attention to the 
cause of stopping fur sales, but her action also has the 
underlying message that fur will not impress her. We at MIM 
recognize that this underlying message is part of a struggle 
over leisure time dynamics - the dynamics of gender. Such 
gender struggles are secondary at this time and will not work 
to end fur production-for-profit.

Although Macy's stopped selling furs, even if Nieman Marcus did 
also, some other capitalist would make even more profits to 
fill in the void. Instead, we believe it should be the law not 
to produce fur for decadence just as we believe all producers 
should abide by environmental regulations enforced by the 
government, not by one-at-a-time boycotts. 

According to two demonstrators, one male and one female, the 
purchase of fur is by men seeking to "score" points with a 
womyn he wishes to impress. "There is no purpose for fur; it's 
purely a vanity thing," a demonstration organizer said. 

MIM would have to agree with that, but our usual disagreement 
with the PETA organizers is that such decadence goes much 
further than just fur.  There are many problems that are 
similar that would vanish if production for profit were 
illegal. Fur is actually a less than secondary problem, 
considering that millions of innocent children die of 
starvation in this profit-mad world every year. 

One demonstrator who said this was his first demonstration 
said, "there's not enough people behind this cause, not to 
downplay human causes. This is a place where I'm needed." 
Somehow the animal-rights movement has convinced people that 
its failed movement deserves help more than other failed but 
even more righteous movements. It's actually a measure of the 
degree of separation of the humyn species from itself by class 
that many can no longer feel the pain of the oppressed people 
more than that of a fox.


* * *


[Last August 6th and 9th were the 53rd anniversaries of the 
atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, respectively. These 
two amerikan atomic bombs killed over 200,000 civilians, and 
wounded and poisoned many many more. The Amerikan government 
claims to this day that the bombings were necessary to force 
Japan to surrender, but there is clear evidence that the 
Amerikan government knew that Japan was planning to surrender 
as soon as the USSR declared war on Japan � which was scheduled 
to happen several days after the bombings.(1)

The united $tates is still the only country to ever use nuclear 
weapons and still maintains the largest nuclear arsenal in the 
world. These facts expose the united $tates� brutality and 
hypocriscy to the rest of the world. How can the unites $tates 
prattle on about war crimes and nuclear proliferation when it 
refuses to take responsibility for two of the largest war 
crimes of this century? When it refuses to acknowledge its own 
nuclear arsenal?

But Amerika�s brutality and arrogance will actually help bring 
about her downfall, by isolating Amerika from the peoples of 
the world and stoking the fires of resistance to Amerikan 
imperialism. As Chairman Mao liked to say, the Amerikan 
imperialists �are lifting a rock in order to drop it on their 
feet.� To commemorate the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 
and to put forward a correct perspective on the imperialists� 
terrifying-looking nuclear weapons, MIM Notes reprints here 
several relevant excerpts from Chairperson Mao�s writings and 
speeches. � MIM]

Riding roughshod everywhere, U.S. Imperialism has made itself 
the enemy of the people of the world and has increasingly 
isolated itself. Those who refuse to be enslaved will never be 
cowed by the atom bombs and hydrogen bombs in the hands of the 
U.S. imperialists. The raging tide' of the people of the world 
against the U.S. aggressors is irresistible. Their struggle 
against U.S. imperialism and its lackeys will assuredly win 
still greater victories. --�Statement Supporting the Panamanian 
People�s Just Patriotic Struggle Against U.S. Imperialism,� 12 
January, 1964. 

The atom bomb is a paper tiger which the U.S. reactionaries use 
to scare people. It looks terrible, but in fact it isn't. Of 
course, the atom bomb is a weapon of mass slaughter, but the 
outcome of a war is decided by the people, not by one or two 
new types of weapon.

All reactionaries are paper tigers. In appearance, the 
reactionaries are terrifying, but in reality they are not so 
powerful. From a long-term point of view, it is not the 
reactionaries but the people who are really powerful. In 
Russia, before the February Revolution in 1917, which side was 
really strong? On the surface the tsar was strong but he was 
swept away by a single gust of wind in the February Revolution. 
In the final analysis, the strength in Russia was on the side 
of the Soviets of Workers, Peasants and Soldiers. The tsar was 
just a paper tiger. Wasn't Hitler once considered very strong? 
But history proved that he was a paper tiger. So was Mussolini, 
so was Japanese imperialism. On the contrary, the strength of 
the Soviet Union and of the people in all countries who loved 
democracy and freedom proved much greater than had been 

Chiang Kai-shek and his supporters, the U.S. reactionaries, are 
all paper tigers too. Speaking of U.S. imperialism, people seem 
to feel that it is terrifically strong. Chinese reactionaries 
are using the "strength" of the United States to frighten the 
Chinese people. But it will be proved that the U.S. 
reactionaries, like all the reactionaries in history, do not 
have much strength.

Take the case of China. We have only millet plus rifles to rely 
on, but history will finally prove that our millet plus rifles 
is more powerful than Chiang Kai-shek's aeroplanes plus tanks. 
Although the Chinese people still face many difficulties and 
will long suffer hardships from the joint attacks of U.S. 
imperialism and the Chinese reactionaries, the day will come 
when these reactionaries are defeated and we are victorious. 
The reason is simply this: the reactionaries represent 
reaction, we represent progress.  � �Interview with America 
Correspondent Anna Louise Strong,� August 1946.

The reactionaries are always boasting of their military 
strength which seems to be powerful. Among the people 
themselves, there is a certain number who, in varying degrees, 
fear the military strength of the reactionaries. This is the 
viewpoint that "weapons decide everything". In his well- known 
treatise On Protracted War written in May 1938, Comrade Mao 
Tse-tung made a profound criticism of this viewpoint:

This is the so-called theory that "weapons decide everything", 
which constitutes a mechanical approach to the question of war 
and a subjective and one-sided view. Our view is opposed to 
this; we see not only weapons but also people. Weapons are an 
important factor in war, but not the decisive factor; it is 
people, not things, that are decisive. The contest of strength 
is not only a contest of military and economic power, but also 
a contest of human power and morale. Military and economic 
power is necessarily wielded by people.(2)

In the editorial The Turning Point in World War 1I that he 
wrote for the Liberation Daily, Yenan, on October I2, 1942, 
Comrade Mao Tse-tung analysed the essential nature of the 
reactionary forces which are outwardly strong but inwardly 
weak, and reminded the revolutionary people not to be deluded 
by superficial phenomena. He wrote:

Historically, all reactionary forces on the verge of extinction 
invariably conduct a last desperate struggle against the 
revolutionary forces, and some revolutionaries are apt to be 
deluded for a time by this phenomenon of outward strength but 
inner weakness, failing to grasp the essential fact that the 
enemy is nearing extinction while they themselves are 
approaching victory. The rise of the forces of fascism and the 
war of aggression they have been conducting for some years are 
precisely the expression of such a last desperate struggle; and 
in this present war the attack on Stalingrad is the expression 
of the last desperate struggle of fascism itself. At this 
turning point in history, too, many people in thc world anti-
fascist front have been deluded by the ferocious appearance of 
fascism and have failed to discern its essence.(2)


atomic bomb exhibit],�
2. Quoted in: Comrade Mao Tse-tung on �Imperialism and all 
Reactionaries are Paper Tigers,� Peking: Foreign Language 
Press, 1966. Italicized text from editors of that booklet.

* * *


In May, a World War II movie opened in Japan that depicts 
General Hideki Tojo as a hero. This movie "Pride" has rightly 
outraged the Koreans and Chinese who suffered the Japanese 
invasion during World War II. 

In the movie, Tojo refuses to believe in the "Rape of Nanking" 
in which Japanese killed 300,000 Chinese in 1937.

The $11 million movie reflects the aspirations of some Japanese 
imperialist circles, who wish to be every bit as imperialist as 
the U$A in the same militarist way. At this time public opinion 
and history in Japan continue to be impediments to such 
circles, not to mention business ties with the Chinese and 

Note: Austin American-Statesmen 16May1998.

* * *


Texas law mandates that the top 10% of students from any high 
school will be admitted to public universities. This rule has 
helped oppressed nation middle-classes restore their image, 
which has been under attack in California public universities. 

The law goes into effect in 1998 and it appears right now that 
Texas oppressed nation enrollments are increasing.

An even better solution would be to take the top 10% of high 
schools and the top 10% of ethnic groups. If college must be an 
elite-skimming device, then it should skim from all ethnic 
groups.  Currently, Euro-Amerikans decide what is "fundamental" 
to education and gauge all others by their yardsticks. 

MIM recognizes that the entire college education system is an 
instrument of bourgeois rule and reproduction; however, we 
continue to favor affirmative action or quotas, as a secondary 

Note: USA Today 7May1998, p. 12a.

* * *


review by MC17

The Mask of Zorro is overall a progressive film for mainstream 
Amerika. It portrays the oppression of the Mexican masses by 
Spain as well as the greed of the landed Mexican aristocracy. 
Zorro, a hero of the people, defends the masses against the 
abuses of their rulers. 

But while it correctly picks the side of the people over the 
oppressors, The Mask of Zorro advocates a theory of revolution 
in which a few individual heroes save the masses from 
oppression. In keeping with this theme, the movie portrays the 
masses as incapable of fighting their oppression; instead, 
they can only wait to be saved.

The older Zorro is training a young criminal who wishes the 
avenge the death of his brother to take over as Zorro. The 
aging Zorro tells his enemy that there were many in Mexico who 
would have happily stepped up to the task of taking over the 
mask of Zorro. This correct point about the leaders coming 
from the masses was unfortunately not followed up by the 
participation of the masses in throwing off their oppressors.

In reality, the battle between the oppressors and the 
oppressed is not a sword fight between two men: one good and 
one evil. In the real world, oppression does not end when the 
person who leads the oppressive system is killed. It takes a 
revolutionary struggle of the people to overthrow the system 
of oppression. One oppressive leader  can be easily replaced 
by another, and one hero, no matter how well trained in 
fighting, can not take down an entire system alone.

By the end of the movie, the young Zorro is seen in a very 
nice, obviously expensive house. Just as the older Zorro had 
been wealthy, apparently the only change in Mexican society 
has been this one man's climb up the social ladder. The people 
who worked as slaves in the gold mines whose lives Zorro saved 
are nowhere to be seen. We can assume that once freed from 
slavery they returned to a life of poverty, since the only 
victory for the people was the elimination of one oppressive 
leader and the destruction of one slave plantation. 

* * *


by MC234

When MIM writes a review of a movie or other cultural work, we 
always ask: is the world better off with or without this work? 
In the case of Small Soldiers, a film about military toys 
called the "Commando Elite" that come alive, the world was a 
better place a few weeks ago before the film. It does have two 
redeeming qualities, however. First, the bad guys are neither 
people nor the peace-loving alien toys, but the toy soldiers. 
The soldiers are very Amerikan, and speak in Amerikan war 
movie clich�s to patriotic music.

Second, Small Soldiers has the kid movie clich� in which 
parents treat a kid like crap, and then get upset when he 
"acts out." After being sent to psychiatrists, the parents can 
just label their kid with fancy psychological labels and then 
ignore the child. Predictably, after the usual hijinks the 
parents learn the kid is can do things right and is telling 
the truth. Like most other Hollywood "kid movies", this never 
gets beyond a criticism of some temporary bad parenting into 
the systematic criticism of the patriarchal family that is 
required. If anything, the frequency of this plot device 
should suggest that parents lot listening to their kids is a 
common occurrence and a problem with the system.

In this film, Heartland Toys is acquired by Globaltech, a 
company with many divisions, including military. The CEO of 
Globaltech criticizes the upcoming soldier product of 
Heartland because the commercial features the toy speaking and 
breaking out of the box. Instead of asking "What role should 
toys play" he instead says "I want to make a toy that actually 
does what it does in the commercial."  He gives Heartland 
access to the Globaltech computer system so that they can in 
fact make a toy that moves and speaks.

The Heartland employees discover and order the most advanced 
chips in the Globaltech inventory, ignoring the fact that 
these chips were designed for a military application.

Also pitched to the Globaltech CEO was a separate series of 
toys named Gorgonites, peaceful lost aliens on a search for 
their home planet. The Gorgonites instead become targets for 
the Commando Elite. Heartland uses the military chips to 
process movement and speech, but are unaware that the chips 
give real intelligence and the ability to learn beyond their 
core programming.

Small Soldiers got some criticism in the mainstream press for 
being violent. Others defend the film "But what do you want 
soldiers to do?" Which gets back to MIM's point, in a more 
just society such as in socialist China (1949-76), the 
military exists to serve the people. In China, many movies 
were made about the People's Liberation Army and the 
sacrifices they made to serve the people. Here in Amerika, 
soldiers exist only to kill enemies and movies are made--
including for children--that glorify war against the oppressed 
or just senseless violence.

MIM doesn't oppose this movie on pacifist grounds, but because 
the violence in the film serves no purpose other than to make 
violence fun. While the "bad guys" are the soldiers, the film 
doesn't demonize them as they deserve to be. And the public 
relations folks in Hollywood saw fit to label the film after 
the soldiers and to make millions of soldier toys to 
distribute in Burger King.

A young teenager who works in his father's toy store gets 
early access to the Commando Elite and the Gorgonites. The 
toys come alive, with the Commando elite discarding their 
plastic weapons for ones they construct, and the hunt for the 
Gorgonites begins.  Humans are identified as the protectors of 
the Gorgonites, so they are targeted as well. As the Gorgonite 
Emissary, Archer, warns, the Commando Elite show no mercy. The 
Amerikan reluctance towards so called "humane" war is also 
shown, with the Commando Elite not accepting the surrender of 
a human and instead trying to kill him.

From the advertisements, MIM thought the violence in the film 
would be between animated figures. We were wrong. The Commando 
Elite use knives, fire, and a nail gun against the humans. And 
of course the humans fight back with equal force, with clubs, 
a garbage disposal, and a lawnmower.

Amerika leads the world in two kinds of violence: First in 
violence against the oppressed which is necessary to maintain 
the status quo. Secondly, Amerika also leads the world in the 
senseless kinds of violence, such as people shooting up 
McDonalds, Post Offices and schoolyards. The anti-oppressed 
violence and its media fanfare desensitize people to violence, 
and movies like this one take that several steps forward. 
Bringing it all together, the Burger King in Springfield, 
Oregon has stopped distributing Commando Elite promotional 
figure "Kip Killigan" because his name sounds very close to 
that of a local teenager accused of killing his parents and a 
number of schoolmates. 

Even Globaltech in the film recognizes that the two kinds of 
violence are not so far apart. At the end of the movie, 
Globaltech buys off all the witnesses and people who suffered 
property or physical damage in the Commando Elite assault. The 
CEO asks the Heartland employees: "What are we charging for 
the Commando Elite?" To the response, the CEO then adds: "Add 
a few zeros and transfer them to the military division. I know 
some South Amerikan guerrillas that are in for a nasty 
surprise." The Heartland employees, one of whom had serious 
misgivings about violent toys, don't object to this plan.

* * *


Friends of Animals, 777 Post Road, Darien, CT 06820 took out a 
half page ad to whip up anti-China chauvinism. The ad features 
two dogs in a cage. The headline is "The Good News Is They're 
Going to a Nice Family: The Bad News Is They're Being Served 
for Dinner."

"Shortly after this picture was taken, these dogs were beaten 
with a lead pipe, skinned and butchered for consumption," 
reads the ad. The organization justifies itself this way: 
"China is now a priority. Cruelty to dogs and cats is 
particularly distressing because, after thousands of years of 
being selectively bred as trusting companions, they are aware 
of being betrayed by humans."

The organization asks the reader to speak up for the animals 
of China.

Next, they will start taking out ads in China protesting U.$. 
practices of meat consumption, unless of course they are not 
clever, just chauvinist. 

Such ads whether reciprocated in China or not are a real 
contribution to the possibility of war, because they mobilize 
public opinion on an emotional and cultural level against 
another country. As is often the case, animal-rights activists 
in imperialist countries seem to have mixed up priorities.

Note: USA Today 18June1998, p. 13a.

* * *


Houston, TX--For the first time, an annual survey in Houston 
shows residents with a more positive attitude toward 
immigrants than negative.

48% said immigrant contribute more than they take away from 
the U$A and 39% said the opposite.

At the same time, there has been recent uproar from Houston 
residents along the usual lines. Recent comments in regard to 
the death penalty included one persyn who said of Hispanics:  
"they should all be killed." 

Blacks had the most negative outlook toward immigrants. As is 
often the case, those on the lower ends of the middle-class 
fight most desperately to stay there. A member of the American 
Friends Service Committee (AFSC) correctly speculated that 
Blacks and immigrants tend to compete at the lower end of the 
job scale. 

This emphasizes the importance of internationalist principles. 
The principal enemies of Blacks and Mexican immigrants is u.$. 
imperialism. Their struggles thus can and should be united 
against this common enemy. But narrow nationalism (looking to 
cut a special deal for one particular nation) and reactionary 
propaganda threaten such unity - to the detriment of the 
oppressed nations' proletarians.

Note: Houston Chronicle 20April1998, p. 9a.

* * *


Some Real Criminals Do get Caught

...For crying out loud, the warden is under investigation for 
embezzling  three million dollars. Now, just imagine how POW's 
are feeling the bulk  of this sadistic administration's 
malevolence. I see a lot of damage  control being conducted to 
minimize the effects of their latest scandal.  But with Bill 
Clinton's mishap they can suppress it in the media frenzy  to 
get Bill.

 -- A Michigan Prisoner, 3 February 1998

Warden Transferred and Demoted

...As a result of the brutal beatings inflicted upon prisoners  
(back here in the hole at SCI Greene) by guards, the grand 
wizard  warden, Ben Varner had been terminated from his 
prestigious and  luxurious position. Unfortunately the same 
people who removed him from  office decided to relocate him to 
another prison within Pennsylvania. So  now he's on the eastern 
side of the state implementing the same dirty  tactics. Only 
now he's been demoted back to Deputy Superintendent. 

Whether the ex-warden removal is a change for the better or 
worse is  uncertain. Whatever happens, conditions will still 
remain repressive. At  least he'll be making less money off our 
misery as well as the other  guards who were fired....

 -- A Pennsylvania Prisoner, 23 April 1998

Inhumane Practices Exposed

Dear Comrades,

This is an update on our fellow comrades, and POW's here at 
Snake  Corruption Institution [SCI] Greene. Well the shit has 
finally hit the  ceiling somewhat. These demons have been 
exposed for their corruption  and inhumane tactics. After an 
investigation and overwhelming evidence  the superintendent, 
Ben Varner, had been transferred and demoted. Plus,  according 
to the television news, 40 guards/predators are supposed to be  
FIRED! They have recovered videotapes of inmates being beaten 
down while  NAKED! The inmates/POW's never did anything to 
cause these pernicious  predators to assault them.

...The sad thing is, out of nine so-called comrades that were  
interviewed by Green County's District Attorney, only one 
comrade was  willing to press charges against the Demons who 
assaulted him. The other  eight were afraid they would not be 
paroled if they pressed charges  against the Demons who 
assaulted them....

[Here's a list of some of] the toy-ass cops/predators who were 
caught  treating prisoners here inhumanely: Ben Varner, Ben D. 
Ansell, Captain  Muccino, Captain Lantis, Captain Kingston, 
Lieutenant Grainy, Lieutenant  Tustin, Lieutenant Mathus, 
Sergeant Buckeye Grady, and CO [Correctional  Officer] 

 -- A Pennsylvania Prisoner, 30 April 1998

Officers Fired but Repression Remains

Dear MIM,

I am writing to ...give you a brief update on what has been 
happening  here at SCI Greene.  So far several pigs have been 
fired, suspended or  demoted. The head pig, Superintendent, Ben 
Varner was transferred to  another facility. I don't know if he 
was demoted to a deputy or not.  Major Sparbanie was demoted 
back down to a Captain. Lieutenants Kingston  and Tustin were 
fired. Lieutenant Grainey was suspended. Two CO's were  fired; 
one of their names was Powel. A lot of others officers are 
either  on suspension or still being investigated.

Although this may seem to be a victory to those on the outside, 
my  comrades and I know it to be a farce given to the media 
only to appease  society. There should be a lot more officers 
fired and brought up on  criminal charges....

 -- A Pennsylvania Prisoner, 18 May 1998

College Classes Denied to SHU Prisoners

...I am a prisoner here at the Secured Housing Unit (SHU) at 
the Wabash  Valley Correctional Facility. I always thought that 
prison, whether it  was level 1 or supermax, was to reform a 
prisoner. This theory was  proved to be false to me a few days 
ago. In the SHU, we have long-term  and short-term sentences 
for disciplinary means. The long-term prisoners  are allowed to 
get a TV and get their GED. That's good for those  prisoners 
who have not gotten their GED yet. However, those who do have  
a GED or a High School Diploma have no access to better their 
education.  What's wrong with wanting to better one's 
education? It's not against any  law or DOC [Department of 
Corrections] policy? 

I just recently spoke with the head ass, who is in charge of 
the SHU,  Mr. Bonner. He told me that in population college 
instructors come from  ISU [Indiana State University] and teach 
classes. The prisoners in  population can get grants and 
federal/state funds to help pay their way.  So I asked him if 
there was some type of program we could set up for the  SHU. He 
replied that SHU could take correspondence classes at their own  
expense. The downfall is that some classes require hardback 
textbooks,  which are not allowed in the SHU. Due to too much 
legal actions, the  prison will not allow officials to take off 
the hardcover backing, so  materials are very limited. 

The second downfall is money. On the average college one course 
costs  $250.00. Not everyone had the funds for this. Why should 
SHU prisoners  pay and not population prisoners? What happened 
to reform and right to  an education? Wouldn't it make sense to 
see us prisoners learning,  instead of sitting around all the 
time gambling, causing trouble?


-- An Indiana Prisoner, 21 June 1998

MIM Responds:

We agree with you that the goal of prisons is not to reform 
prisoners  but to control them. Often the most revolutionary 
prisoners are placed  in Security Housing Units [SHU's], for no 
other reason than for  continued repression. With this in mind, 
one can see how imperialists  benefit from denying these 
prisoners higher education.

Prisoners can gain important information from bourgeois 
education classes. But unlike correspondence classes, MIM 
Notes, and MIM Theory are revolutionary  sources of education. 
There are also many progressive texts that can  provide one 
with a greater sense of the world, which may not be covered  in 
more traditional education courses.

We encourage you to continue your struggle to educate yourself; 
and  concur that prisoners should spend more time educating 
themselves and  less time with escapist or destructive 
activities. We advocate that you  use MIM Notes and MIM 
literature to form a study group. Let MIM help you  educate and 
organize for revolution against imperialist oppression.

Prison is not a place of Rehabilitation

It is the one year anniversary of the uprising here at the 
Maryland  House of Correction Annex, and one would think that 
many things have  changed for the better. The Administration 
would have everyone on the  outside think so, but actually the 
jail is at a standstill. They've sent  money to build two new 
fences on the compound of the jail. They've added  new officers 
who are poorly trained, and almost all of them work double  
shifts. They still have the same officers here, which was one 
of the  reasons inmates started retaliating. They treat us like 
dogs. Well if  you keep treating a dog badly, sooner or later 
he'll bite back. The  population was cut from 1800 to 1200, and 
now it's 1500 and slowly  rising back to where we started.

With the '98 summer coming around us, you can surely bet their 
will be  more problems, because we are back to where things 
started. We are  locked in our cell all hours a day, unless you 
have a job or are in  school. Jail is not Jail anymore. Not 
that jail is a good place to be,  but at one time a person 
could get locked up and better him or herself.  But there are 
not enough jobs or means of education here. The  administration 
will not allow us help from the outside to start self- help 
groups. Our complaints go unheard. If the administration really  
wanted to change things to make it better, they could -- but 
they keep  putting us on promise street to better the jail. But 
that's a street we  will never see. The Administration has 
learned nothing. What will it  take, more officers to get hurt 
or killed? Who knows, but they must  start with the renegade 

 -- A Maryland Prisoner, 11 May 1998

Prison for Children

...The State of Wisconsin has completed the construction of a 
second  penal institution to Warehouse prisoners who have been 
waved into the  adult system, ages fourteen to twenty-three. 
Yes, the State of Wisconsin  had passed laws to place fourteen-
year-old children among adults [in  prison]. Such a law went 
into effect in 1996; the first child was placed  in Green Bay 
Correctional Institution in 1997.

There are two very significant things going down here in this 
dairy  state. One, the people in the aforementioned age bracket 
are the meat,  labors and fighter of this war. They are 
fearless and wild. If given the  proper education as to whom, 
what and where to fight within the movement  -- victory would 
be at hand!

Two, children in the aforementioned age bracket, are in a very  
impressionable stage. If they are educated by the enemy then 
they will  be as the enemy and turned against the revolutionary 
struggle. This must  be stopped if we are to prevail over this 
corrupt system.

If I were a parent of these children, I would camp out on the 
doorstep  and force them to teach my child with the great minds 
of Malcolm,  Martin, ... and the other great minds who are 
responsible for making  education, economic, political and 
social developments for everyday  folks like us.

...When Wisconsin split us from these youth, Wisconsin took 
control of  cultivating the mind of those youths. Thus 
controlling the future as  those youths carry on their 
shoulders the beacon of light, which  illuminates the future of 

 -- A Wisconsin Prisoner, 28 April 1998

Thanks from South Carolina

...I would like for MIM Notes to know the news you send out in 
MIM Notes  has really been a big help to our Culture Awareness 
and Revolutionary  class we hold here at Evans Correctional 
Control Unit every Saturday and  Sunday. All the Comrades here 
would just like to say, "Thanks" for the  news you supply us 
with about the comrades in the control units  throughout the 

In Struggle,

-- A South Carolina Prisoner, 18 June 1998

Restrictive Texas Parole Policy

...Upon my release my physical mobility will be limited. In 
September of  1997, the State of Texas passed a law stating 
that all violent offenders  released from TDCJ [Texas 
Department of Criminal Injustice] on parole  must wear a 
monitor for the remainder of their years on parole. So that  
means outside of church, home and work my mobility will be 
stipulated.  But by all means, I will give assistance to the 
cause as best as I can.  They may be able to limit my mobility 
but they have no control over my  mentality!

A young brother in the struggle,

-- A Texas Prisoner, 16 May 1998

South Carolina Shakedown

Dear MIM, 

I received the May 1st and 15th issues two weeks ago. I would 
have  written then but these pigs came through with a shakedown 
and took all  my paper and writing material and just about 
everything else that I  wasn't wearing or wasn't bolted to the 
floor or wall. Now, I actually  have to submit a request form 
to get back what I'm supposed to have.

Also I see that y'all like to know about the wages being paid 
to  prisoners. Well, South Carolina pays nothing to anyone who 
came to the  kamp after January 28, 1998. If you were a 
prisoner before that date,  they take your pay if you get 
written up.

 -- A South Carolina Prisoner, 20 May 1998

Politically Conscious Prisoners Targeted

I was recently transferred from X repressive prison. Where I 
was held  captive for five years, three of which were spent on 
(SMU) Special  Management Unit, aka isolation. Only to be sent 
to the infamous (MSU)  Maximum Security Unit, which is the 
highest security prison in the South  Carolina Department of 
Correction. The state and its agents decided this  clandestine 
move to heighten the level of their repressive Gestapo  tactics 
against all of those whom they feel are the most conscious and  
politically active. As well as those of us who represent the 
highest  expression of revolutionary consciousness and ideas in 
these prisons.

Upon arriving at the Maximum Security Unit in April 1998, I was  
immediately targeted as being a predator and the worst of the 
worst in  South Carolina's Department of Corrections. However, 
those of us who  have been targeted and placed in MSU, 
represent the highest expression  of revolutionary 
consciousness. We are legitimate targets because of our  
unbreakable commitment to fight against their injustices. But 
even this  has not broken our spirits, and the struggle 

In Solidarity,

-- A South Carolina Prisoner, 7 May 1998

Deep in the Woods Where Looks are Silent

Deep in the woods where looks are silent Are the worst crimes 
committed which are more violent The worst punishments ever 
seen But you won't know nothing 'cause you can't hear a scream

I live my life in shambles and pain Oppressed by those who are 
truly insane Up in a tree where they think no one can see I see 
a 30-30 rifle pointed at me

I can see it in his eyes, the Devil wants to shoot 'cause I'm a 
handsome, strong, intelligent man in a dark green suit He says 
don't worry, I'm gonna kill you one day I say you can shoot me 
any time 'cause I'm not afraid.

So I keep teaching those to go about a Righteous path 'cause 
truly one day can be my last the skill to kill and the heart to 
love The love for the Revolutionary in the skies above

Late at night when all seems calm The Devils up to no good 
preparing to cause harm Ring, Ring, Ring their goes the alarm 
now I stick a piece of glass out my cell and I see my fellow 
man get beat down

He can't even defend himself 'cause he's all in chains The RAGE 
in my heart causes me internal pain Three days later they 
finally let us out Scared of what they presume is coming about

But I go back out to the same spot to teach Hoping I can reach 
the minds of each Today's subject is our Rights Even if we have 
to stand up and fight.

But what sounded like thunder hit me so fast That it wasn't 
'till I was on the floor that I was blast I looked up in the 
sky and I saw a door I'm finally free, no problems no more

As my fellow men gathered around me in my final hour There was 
a smile on the face of the man in the tower I told my fellow 
men to unite and fight for their rights 'Cause what I see right 
now is a beautiful sight

Don't let this come to you as no surprise 'Cause Honorable men 
don't die they multiply I always knew my death would be violent 
'Cause I was deep in the woods where looks are silent

Power to the people People are the power Even in the final hour

 -- A New York Prisoner, 29 April 1998 

The South Never Let Slavery Go

...[T]he South have never let slavery go in the first place. 
Take here  in North Carolina for example. They have a thing 
called Community Road  Squad. Before going out you are 
subjected to a strip search, where as  you are told to bend 
over spread and cough. After that, you are loaded  onto the 
slave bus that is the size of a matchbox big enough to carry  
six people, with eleven other prisoners. Then you are taken out 
in the  woods to dig ditches in temperatures that reach 95 to 
100 degrees daily,  where the chances of being bitten by a 
snake is high. Refusal to this  barbaric and inhumane treatment 
results in segregation in the second  hole.

 -- A North Carolina Prisoner, 18 June 1998

"Free Speech" gets you a beating and solitary

...I must inform you that I was sent to solitary confinement 
for writing  to the President of this imperialist government. I 
filed charges against  him and two former Presidents. The CIA 
came to see me, making threats.  So I in turn stood up for what 
I believe in. The pigs here didn't like  what I said. After the 
CIA pig left. The pigs here jumped on me while I  was 
handcuffed. [During this assault] my tooth was knocked out. So 
they place me in confinement to hide what they had done.

 -- A Maryland Prisoner, 21 May 1998

A Dialogue on Unity

[In a previous letter from this prisoner, s/he crossed out the 
letter C every time s/he wrote a word with that letter in it. 
-- ULK Editor]

...You were correct in your speculation. Crossing out the C 
does mean  Crip Killa. However, I did it more out of habit then 
anything else. And  as you can see, I've worked my way out of 
that habit. I don't deny it  was a BAD habit. And I really 
don't have anything personal against  Community Revolutionary 
Inter-Party of Soldiers [CRIPS]. As a matter of  fact, I 
approve of that if they'll be "Bout it - Bout it". But not many  
are working with the same concern as I am, and are a bit 

I can teach only those who have this in their hearts. If 
Brotherly Love  Overrides Oppression and Destruction [BLOOD], 
then I'm going to live  that. However, unfortunately, those 
with no sense of direction totally  disregard what we are 
supposed to represent. If my nation turned their  hostility on 
these pigs, then they (the pigs) would have serious  problems. 
However, truth is a lot of us are still blind, but waking up  

One of my lil' brothers was just inviting a Latin King to his 
dick and  when I let the brother know that he was wrong [to say 
that] -- he took  it like I was against him. It's situations 
like these that keep us  under. And often make me wonder if I 
belong in this [BLOOD] nation. My  desire to wage war on the 
oppressors is sincere. I'm glad to know that  I'm not the only 

Stay Real

-- A New York Prisoner, 25 June 1998

NJ Gang Units

I last wrote to inform on Affiliation Lock Down, which was 
printed in  MIM Notes 160 - April 15th, 1998, page #10. Well 
the BEAST has put their  plan into effect as reported. On March 
13th, 1998, myself, and about 50 other prisoners at Rahway 
State Prison were taken out of our beds, and transferred here 
to Northern State Prison to the new so called Gang  Unit, know 
as STG, security threat group. Once here we were all separated, 
and remain separated, in whatever group you are affiliated 
with. Latin Kings with Latin Kings, Five Percenters etc. 

Now there are two parts of this so called Gang Unit. They have 
the part for those that are doing administrative segregation 
time, and the other part is for those that don't have no Ad-Seg 
time to do, but have been labeled STG. Once a  brother is done 
doing his Ad-Seg time, he is placed in the second part of the 
unit, where they are asked to denounce their affiliation to the 
family they belong to, and they are made to sign paperwork 
stating this. He who does not do this will remain in the Gang 
Unit for the rest of their  bids. They must stay in the unit 
for at least 9 months. Which by the way is locked down just as 
if they were in Ad-Seg, but even worse because they can't get 
food packages and the only visitor they can have is from 
immediate family. So all those brothers with girlfriends are 
hit, cause they won't be able to see them. 

Now it is not hard to see what these PIGS are trying to do, 
which is to break the spirit  of the prisoners, and I believe 
that many will brake, cause it is fact that pressure busts 
pipes and all that talk the talk will not walk the talk, which 
is shown  through actions. This is why it is said that many 
will come, but only a few will be chosen. As a member of the 
Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation, I refuse to deny my 
family and I will die before I do. Any person who denies his, 
or her membership to this Nation is a coward, therefore not  of 
my Nation. We will not bow down to the beast, not today, 
tomorrow or  ever. Brothers it is time to stand up for what you 
believe and fight these  PIGS whose abuse gets worse every day. 
It is not hard to see that they mean harm to our people, so why 
allow them to do as they please, and not  serve them justice? 

On April 14th, 1998, a member of the Neta organization died 
because these PIGS refused to give him Medical Assistance. I 
myself  heard this man calling the PIGS because he was pissing 
blood. The pigs did nothing and let this man die, then tried to 
say that he died of drugs, which is a lie, cause he didn't die 
of an OD as the PIGS claimed he did. This is just a cover up 
for letting him die. What hurts the most is that his Neta 
brothers have not even retaliated for these PIG's actions,  
which tells a lot. We the Kings told them we would stand by 
them if they retaliated against the BEAST, but they haven't 
done nothing. What is it  going to take to wake those who are 
asleep? Brothers, it is time to shed blood  for the true cause 
and be heard. Let's come together and let the Revolution begin, 
for it is time. 

Amor de rey, to my brothers and sisters and Peace to the Gods. 
Let us remember Unity is Power!!!! In us we trust.

La lucha Continua,

--A New Jersey Prisoner, 1 May, 1998

MIM responds:

We agree with the call for unity and recognize recognize that 
this unity is essential to overcoming imperialist national 
oppression. However, as part of the letter points out, even 
among those oppressed most, ignorance and the threat of further 
U$ repression pacifies people. That is why MIM says that now is 
not the time for armed struggle.

The oppressors are militarily stronger than the 
revolutionaries. Thus premature armed struggle will almost 
always get more of us killed. So instead, MIM focuses on legal 
battles to build public support for revolution, while 
simultaneously winning material concessions for the oppressed. 
History has shown that focoist errors of armed struggle now 
have ended up decimating the revolutionary movement. 

Our comrades in prison are in the most difficult situation 
because they are often faced with the choice of death when they 
organize legally or death when they resist violently. But even 
within prisons, resisting the urge to fight back with violence 
when the forces of reaction are far stronger than the forces of 
revolution is an important strategy that will save lives. 

We encourage prisoners to put the idea of unity into practice 
by setting up study groups to teach the truth about the 
oppressive society. Also to continue writing to MIM Notes to 
expose the injustices that take place everyday behind bars. 
Join us in organizing resistance to the criminal injustice 
system both behind the bars and on the outside as we build a 
movement that will overthrow this corrupt and murderous system.

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