This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
Maoist Internationalist Movement

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  MIM Notes 173               NOVEMBER 1, 1998

MIM Notes speaks to and from the viewpoint of the 
world's oppressed majority, and against the 
imperialist-patriarchy. Pick it up and wield it in 
the service of the people. support it, struggle 
with it and write for it.


* * *


The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) is a 
revolutionary communist party that upholds 
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, comprising the collection 
of existing or emerging Maoist internationalist 
parties in the English-speaking imperialist 
countries and their English-speaking internal 
semi-colonies, as well as the existing or emerging 
Spanish-speaking Maoist internationalist parties 
of Aztlan, Puerto Rico and other territories of 
the U.S. Empire. MIM Notes is the newspaper of 
MIM. Notas Rojas is the newspaper of the Spanish-
speaking parties or emerging parties of MIM.

MIM is an internationalist organization that works 
from the vantage point of the Third World 
proletariat; thus, its members are not Amerikans, 
but world citizens.

MIM struggles to end the oppression of all groups 
over other groups: classes, genders, nations.  MIM 
knows this is only possible by building public 
opinion to seize power through armed struggle.

Revolution is a reality for North America as the 
military becomes over-extended in the government's 
attempts to maintain world hegemony.

MIM differs from other communist parties on three 
main questions: (1) MIM holds that after the 
proletariat seizes power in socialist revolution, 
the potential exists for capitalist restoration 
under the leadership of a new bourgeoisie within 
the communist party itself. In the case of the 
USSR, the bourgeoisie seized power after the death 
of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao's 
death and the overthrow of the "Gang of Four" in 
1976. (2) MIM upholds the Chinese Cultural 
Revolution as the farthest advance of communism in 
human history. (3) MIM believes the North American 
white-working-class is primarily a non-
revolutionary worker-elite at this time; thus, it 
is not the principal vehicle to advance Maoism in 
this country.

MIM accepts people as members who agree on these 
basic principles and accept democratic centralism, 
the system of majority rule, on other questions of 
party line.

"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is 
universally applicable. We should regard it not as 
dogma, but as a guide to action. Studying it is 
not merely a matter of learning terms and phrases, 
but of learning Marxism-Leninism as the science of 
-- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208

* * *


On September 30th the state of Massachusetts opened a 
new 1000 bed supermax prison in Shirley. This prison, 
featuring state-of-the-art technology to torture and 
isolate inmates, was filled within days of opening 
through the transfer of prisoners from lower security 
facilities around the state.

This new prison is part of the trend of overclassifying 
prisoners. Inmates who are in low and medium security 
prisons are being moved into maximum security cells even 
though they have done nothing to deserve this security 
increase. This is important to the prisoners because 
maximum security prisons involve at least 22 hour 
solitary confinement and many other restrictions on the 
prisoners. These cells are filled with the most 
politically active prisoners:  those who protest against 
the constant and brutal repression behind the bars. 

In the other maximum security facility in Massachusetts 
at Walpole over 90% of the prisoners are Puerto Rican. 
This kind of systematic lock up is tremendously 
disproportionate to the number of Puerto Ricans in the 
prisons not to mention the general population in the 
state. One of the reasons for these outrageous numbers 
is the policy of locking up suspected gang members. This 
status is decided by the guards who use criteria like 
who a prisoners is seen talking to and whether or not 
the prisoner has a tatoo.

Currently the state of Massachusetts criminal injustice 
department claims to have 3082 extra prisoners for whom 
they do not have adequate facilities. The vast majority 
of these prisoners are in medium security prisons (over 
75%) while only 9% are in maximum security.(1) But in 
spite of this the state has built a maximum security 

Commissioner of incorrections Maloney says that many of 
these medium security prisoners should be reclassified 
because the guards are not safe.(1) But over the past 
year 34 prisoners were killed in Massachusetts prisons, 
many at the hands of guards, others while guards stood 
by and watched. Seven people hung themselves, a strong 
statement about the conditions in Massachusetts prisons. 
It is not the guards who are unsafe, it is the 
prisoners. And a number of these deaths took place in 
the maximum security prison at Walpole: clearly these 
prisons do nothing to protect the prisoners from the 

Three years ago 299 prisoners were shipped to Texas in 
the middle of the night in a huge publicity stunt to 
force through a bond bill to fund the building of this 
new prison and the expansion of other prisons in the 
state of Massachusetts, adding a total of 3000 new beds. 
These prisoners have suffered even worse treatment in 
Texas than in Massachusetts while they live without 
contact with family or friends. But none of these 
inmates are being returned to Massachusetts now that 
this new prison in Shirley is open.(2)

This new 1000 bed prison will cost close to $1 billion 
after all the bonds are paid back. Even the state House 
admitted that this prison construction is a capacity 
driven business that will never solve the overcrowding 
problem. In a report reviewing the recent prison 
construction the House Post-Audit and Oversight Bureau 
wrote "Long-term solutions that reduce the numbers of 
inmates coming into the system must be developed'' 
citing studies showing that mandatory drug sentencing is 
one cause of the explosion in the prison population 
nationwide. At least 20 percent of the Massachusetts 
prison population is incarcerated for drug-related 

One Massachusetts DOC official told the Boston Globe 
that the new prison will offer educational and 
vocational programs. These programs have been entirely 
cut off at the other maximum security prison at Walpole 
so this statement sounds like an attempt to sound good 
in the media since there is no good reason to offer 
these programs at one prison but not at others in the 

Even if such programs are offered at Shirley they will 
not change the nature of the supermax prison which is 
the ultimate tool of social control in a society which 
uses prisons to control oppressed nations, youth and 
anyone who speaks out against the dominant order of 

In order to fund the expanding cost of housing prisoners 
in higher and higher security facilities many prisons in 
Massachusetts have recently begun charging inmates for 
the basics of living. The Plymouth County Correctional 
Facility is now charging all new prisons a $30 
processing fee. It's estimated that the fee will 
generate 60-65 thousand dollars a year.(3) 

Norfolk County Sheriff has been charging prisoners a $30 
fee for a year, generating $34,000 in revenue. The 
families of Bristol County inmates pay an extra toll for 
each collect call the inmates place. State inmates also 
pay an average of 15 percent more for toiletries and 

This trend in Massachusetts is similar to what's going 
on in other states. In Florida inmates are paying for 
their meals. In Pennsylvania some are being forced to 
pay for their own room and board. In Texas and in 
Massachusetts prisoners are required to pay a fee every 
time they visit the infirmary.(3)

In Massachusetts the prison population has skyrocketed 
from 7,500 in 1976 to over 24,000 in 1998. This reflects 
the trend throughout the united snakes. Meanwhile the 
crime rate has been totally unaffected. Prisons in this 
country are used to control and oppress segments of the 
population that the government sees as dangerous. 

The criminal injustice system is part of the united 
snakes' war on its internal colonies. This is not a war 
that will be won by the people if we sit by quietly or 
just beg the government for a few concessions. Only by 
tearing down the imperialist system which builds and 
uses the criminal injustice system can we win this war. 

Join MIM and RAIL in our fight against imperialism and 
its criminal injustice system. As we build a movement 
strong enough to wage the revolutionary battle we are 
engaged in many day to day battles within the system. We 
need help building our books for prisoners program, 
building our legal clinic, and building our education 
work and local campaigns on the outside. And behind the 
bars we need help building the prisoner anti-imperialist 
mass organization.

1. NPR, October 6, 1998.
2. Boston Globe, Sep. 30, 1998. P.B1.
3. Boston Globe, September 23, 1998.

* * *


In recent months MIM and RAIL members have run into 
activists in California who are encouraging all people 
who oppose CA's repressive "Three Strikes" law to spend 
all of their time registering people to vote for the 
Democratic candidate for governor, Grey Davis. They 
argue that Davis has a softer position on Three Strikes 
and, because he is a Democrat, will be more open to the 
reform efforts of a Democratic state senator, John 

MIM consistently argues that the systems of imperialist 
national oppression and capitalist exploitation -- that 
is, the systems which create the need for oppressive 
institutions like the California Department of 
Corrections -- must be overthrown in order to change the 
Amerikan prison system. Because of this, MIM (and MIM-
led groups like RAIL and the newly forming prisoners 
anti-imperialist masss organization) focus their work on 
building public opinion against the current prison 
system and building institutions of and for prisoners, 
such as the Free Books for Prisoners program or the 
prisoners' Self-help Legal Clinic.

Pepsi or coke?
Davis or Lundgren?
Big Mac or whopper?

Democrat Grey Davis supports Three Strikes, and milks 
that for all its worth while campaigning. He just 
supports a weaker version of the law, which would only 
count violent felonies as a third strike. (Currently, 
any third felony conviction carries mandatory hard-time 
sentence - which is why you hear stories of people 
getting life without parole for stealing a piece of 
pizza.) In fact, Davis is trying so hard to cloak 
himself with the reactionary "anti-crime," anti-prisoner 
mantle that Lundgren has to run ads saying that Davis is 
not really pro-Three Strikes.

It is true that Vasconcellos recently helped to launch a 
new state investigation into brutality at Corcoran State 
Prison and is also pushing a bill that would study the 
impact of Three Strikes, as part of an effort to reform 
it. But the many government investigations into Corcoran 
have resulted in either nothing, or in individual 
scapegoating. In order to save face after the abuses at 
Corcoran became public, the Republican Lundgren recently 
announced the indictment of several prison guards.

Any electoral strategy for prison reform will have to 
deal with the fact that the California Correctional 
Peace Officers Association is the second largest 
campaign contributor in California. The prison guards' 
union has been instrumental in stopping any 
investigation into systematic abuse in California 
prisons, and has also promoted the growth of California 
prisons -- and that union backs Davis in the election.

One supporter of the voter drive said that if Davis is 
not elected, "we are dead here for 4 years." A RAIL 
activists countered that it will be the organized masses 
-- especially the organized prisoners --  who will 
change the prisons system. If Davis loses, the masses 
will still be here. And if Davis wins, it will take 
pressure from the masses to force him to stick to his 

Bashing commies and oppressed nations gets you votes

A vocal supporter of Davis recently red- and brown-
baited any Californian prison activists not working to 
elect the Democrat Grey Davis. This individual, who goes 
by the name "B. Cayenne Byrd" on-line and maintains a 
mailing list related to prisoner issues, recently wrote 
that "[w]e will lose all the real fighters to the 
Communists if you don't get in gear on contacting 
individuals and groups out there who are going the wrong 
direction. The Mexican Communists are in full swing and 
what we are living under right now is just as bad as 
Communism. That direction is not a solution." S/he also 
wrote, "The Mexican Revol. Communists have heavily 
infiltrated our efforts." Byrd argues that self-
identified communists should check their ideology at the 
door when working on prisoner issues, because the 
mainstream press will red-bait the movement - of course 
s/he hself red-baits more than any of the mainstream 

As we explain in the article sidebar, reformist 
electoral struggles in the u.$. often include crowd 
pleasing anti-Communism and Amerikan chauvinism. Byrd 
certainly does not deviate from this rule. Ironically, 
Byrd, who prides hself on placing prisoners first (while 
licking Grey Davis' boots), will find hself alienated 
from many of the prisoners themselves because of this. 
As anybody reading Under Lock and Key will notice, many 
prisoners are communist sympathizers themselves, and 
many others respect the work communists undertake. 
Certainly Amerikan chauvinism does nothing to help the 
position of the majority of u.$. prisoners, who are from 
oppressed nations.

And many prisoners are dissatisfied with electoral 
prison reform. As one ex-prisoner said at the recent 
Critical Resistance conference, "You ask any inmate at 
Angola prison about prison reform, and they'll say 
'prison what?' It doesn't exist."

Reform and revolution

Single-issue work around prison brutality is important 
work. For people who are not convinced of the need for 
revolution, working to change repressive laws like the 
"Three Strikes" is good work. MIM and RAIL often work 
together with such groups. But we will not tolerate 
anti-communism and first world or settler nation 

The two ring electoral circus, grand juries, internal 
investigations, and congressional inquiries - the 
system's attempts to fix itself -- all fail to address 
the real problems. As long as the fundamental role of 
Amerikan prisons -- control of oppressed groups -- 
remains unchanged, there will be violence in Amerikan 
prisons. Prisons are on the front lines of Amerika's war 
against its internal colonies, where men and wimmin are 
confined against their will -- more and more often for 
crimes which their white counterparts get away with. 
Only by solving the broader problems of national 
oppression can the problem of brutality in Amerikan 
prisons be eradicated.

* * *


New readers of MIM Notes may wonder why MIM uses the 
term "social democracy" as an epithet. Here we sum up 
what social democracy is, and some historical examples 
of how social democracy has consistently sided with the 
imperialist against the oppressed peoples of the world.

Social democrats (a.k.a. democratic socialists) 
generally want a more equitable distribution of wealth, 
access to health care, education, and so on. They try to 
make these changes via the ballot box - so, 
strategically, they are reformists. The more radical 
social democrats talk about placing private industries 
under state control and abolishing profit for 
production, but many social democrats believe that 
capitalism can be made "more just." 

As MIM discussed in MIM Theory 5, the social democrat's 
ballot-oriented strategy has a dismal track record, and 
even the most radical social democrats don't talk about 
abolishing classes or the state in the long run.(1)

Social democracy is an ideology of the middle classes, 
e.g. the labor aristocracy and the petit-bourgeoisie. 
Relative to the capitalists, they are not doing so well. 
Relative to the proletariat, the lumpenproletariat, or 
peasantry (in semi-feudal societies), capitalism 
provides them some perks. So while they are discontent 
with the status quo, they are also not willing to risk 
their privileged social status or their higher standard 
of living to make a revolution and overturn capitalism.

Because the size of these middle classes is so very 
small in the oppressed nations (for example, less than 
10% of the population of the Philippines), the influence 
of social democracy has been small there. But here in 
the u.$., the middle classes are a majority, and the 
influence of social democracy has been large.

Social democracy becomes particularly pernicious inside 
the u.$. when it only focuses on spreading the wealth 
around within u.$. borders. Because the majority of 
those working within u.$. borders do not produce surplus 
value, this amounts to spreading stolen booty around. 
This kind of social democracy keeps the exploitation of 
the oppressed nations in the Third World intact and 
gives more people a bigger stake in continuing the 
exploitation of the TW. (There are internationalist 
social democrats here in the u.$., people who 
consistently talk about spreading wealth around the 
entire world. MIM views them as potential allies. But 
the overwhelming majority of social democrats in the 
u.$. are Amerikan chauvinist.)

So MIM strongly opposes social democracy not only 
because MIM upholds communism, but also because MIM 
knows that social democracy in imperialist countries is 
the surest path to abandoning the anti-imperialist 
struggle. This has been shown time and again in history.

 The social-democratic parties of the Second 
International endorsed WWI. Lenin developed his theory 
of the labor aristocracy to explain this treachery.

 The social democrats in Germany allied with proto-
fascists in order to put down a proletarian uprising 
after WWI. They also complained that Germany was 
deprived of its colonies.

 In the 20s, socialists in France argued that colonies 
were a fact of economic life and socialists in Holland 
argued that there were limits on the right to self 

 The French Communist [sic] Party turned against the 
Vietnamese and Algerian peoples, among others. The 
French CP dropped its support for the independence of 
the colonies in order to gain more popularity in 
elections. In fact, the head of the French CP was a 
vice-premier in the government which launched full scale 
war against the Viet Minh in 1946.

 The Democratic Socialists of America under Michael 
Harrington supported the war in Viet Nam throughout the 

 Wimpy bureaucrat capitalists like Jesse Jackson draw 
the support of social democrats - despite Jesse's 
support for the Gulf War and other Amerikan atrocities.

The list could go on and on... (For starters, see HW 
Edwards, "Labor Aristocracy: Mass Base of Social 
Democracy," pp. 33-46 (2))

Notes: 1. MIM Theory 5, pp. 83-85. 2. Edward's book is 
available from MIM ($10).

* * *

English-only schools = punishment for immigrants

Dear MIM,

I am writing to inform you that I have received the 
latest issues of MIM Notes and as always they were very 

However, I would like to expound on the article on 
Bilingual Education crushed in California (Proposition 

This forced language assimilation requires students to 
wait until they learn english before learning other 
subjects. If enacted however, it is doomed for failure 
and will hurt the ability of immigrant children to 
learn, isolate them, and punish the teachers who reach 
out to them. Researches of bilingual education indicate 
that when bilingual programs include small classes, 
qualified teachers, adequate funding, and full 
acceptance students learn more english and get higher 
scores on achievement tests than those taught without 
bilingual instruction.

The (Unz)? proposal, like other such policies throughout 
u.s. his-story, is another dogged effort to wipe out 
diversity of language and culture and will immediately 
affect 1.3 million children. This racism is our crime of 
the year.

Also, in my last letter I asked if you could send me 
some books on the Black Panther Party, George Jackson, 
and Malcolm X. I'm trying to start a study group and 
self-awareness class.

In Struggle From the Barricades, A PA prisoner

 Why no names in the paper?

Dear MIM,

Obviously you guys have some rather fervent opinions. 
However, after reading an issue of your paper, cover to 
cover, not once did I see the name of any writer, 
editor, or anyone. Why?

I will venture to give you this word of advice: A strong 
opinion is the sign of a courageous fighter. However, an 
unsigned, anonymous criticism of anything is the sign of 
a coward. Your paper is great, so stand behind it. Sign 
your name on your work, or it's worthless.

--a student in the midwest

MIM responds:

The reason that MIM does not use the real names of 
comrades, members or even friends working with us or who 
write to us, is because we see no need to reveal the 
identity of people who work to build revolution. MIM is 
an underground Party which supports revolutions which 
are fighting governments that are in turn funded by the 
United Snakes government. Similarly, RAIL, an anti-
imperialist mass organization led by MIM, supports 
struggles against imperialism and for genuine national 
liberation. These are not things that are looked upon 
favorably in this country. It would also be naive for us 
to ignore the history of COINTELPRO and severe 
repression, murder and imprisonment conducted by the 
government against individuals and groups which fought 
for the things that we currently fight for.

There are still hundreds of prisoners in Amerikkkan 
prisons who are in there specifically because of their 
political activities. In fact, RAIL recently showed 
showing a film which covers part of this repression in 
the city this letter writer wrote from. The movie, "All 
Power to the People", covers the development and work of 
the Black Panther Party, the American Indian Movement, 
The Young Lords Party and other revolutionary 
organizations. It also covers the FBI Counter 
Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) and how it was used to 
destroy these organizations. 

It would be self-defeating to add direct fights against 
pigs attacking our leaders and activists to the list of 
struggles we engage in. At this point in time, RAIL and 
MIM's main work is to build public opinion, to educate, 
to develop independent People's institutions. These are 
battles which take a lot of work. And we do not want to 
add to that list the defense of activists. As it is, 
there are hundreds of prisoners we work with who are in 
need of legal assistance. And many prisoners we work 
with face repeated denial of parole because they are 
politically active.

As for accountability that you imply or cowardess, in 
MIM Notes, you can hold the entire Party, as an 
organization, accountable to what is written in the 
paper. The Party works under the principle of democratic 
centralism. In part what that means is that individuals 
are part of the Party, and the Party is accountable to 
the masses. If people think that a MIM article is 
incorrect on something, it is not a matter of a single 
individual being incorrect, it is the Party as a whole.

As for RAIL, since its a mass organization with many 
different views, what you read in RAIL papers do not 
represent the views of every individual in RAIL per se, 
but you can still hold the organization accountable to 
what it says. You are welcome to challenge any of the 
political arguments that we make, and we can discuss it. 
You can write back or you can find us around town 

Police Terrorize Oppressed Nations in New York

...Have y'all heard the news about the fascist acts of 
Mayer Guilliani and his goon squads? Well, they raided 
the homes of the residents of the Bed-Styvensant housing 
in New York claming to be looking for a Bro. Shahid 
Muhammad for "assaulting a police officer" at the 
Million Youth March Saturday, September 5th. This was 
allegedly during the police, military actions of 
breaking up the march. Anyway, I only caught bits and 
pieces of it and maybe y'all can check into it and 
present it in your next MIM Notes?...

 -- A South Carolina Prisoner, 12 September 1998

MIM responds:

Thanks for keeping us posted on the latest from the NY 
pig squad. We are not up on all the news all the time 
and sometimes even prisoners, whose access to news is 
very limited, can help inform us and our readers about 
important issues. 

If you are aware of an incident of police brutality, 
criminal injustice, or other government repression or 
imperialist attack somewhere in the world, write it up 
for MIM Notes, or just send us the info so we can get 
our writers to do a story on it.

* * *


In honor of Indigenous Peoples Day (known by the 
imperialists as Columbus Day) RAIL in Boston showed a 
video about the Lubicon Cree and hosted a discussion 
about settler genocide within u.s. and canadian borders. 
The Lubicon have been fighting imperialist attacks on 
their land for years. Recently capitalists have 
discovered oil and valuable trees and have been working 
with the government to gain access rights to Cree land. 

"We're trying to protect our land and our resources and 
we certainly don't consider doing something that 
conserves the environment or the land in any way 
breaking any kind of law." Lubicon Chief Bernard 
Ominayak said at the Drumfest in Toronto in 1991.(1) But 
both the Lubicon and their supporters have faced attacks 
in the courts for their actions opposing imperialist 
encroachment on the Lubicon land. Earlier in 1998, the 
Toronto-based Friends of the Lubicon Cree, an 
organization devoted to defending the Lubicon Cree land 
rights, won a court victory in the ongoing battle 
against imperialist attacks on this First Nation's right 
to sovereignty and self-determination.

The Lubicon Cree have lived on territory in what the 
imperialists call Canada for hundreds of years. In 
recent years greedy corporations discovered that the 
Lubicon land is rich in oil and timber. After destroying 
the environment already stolen from First Nations, the 
capitalists moved to destroy the environment on land 
which, up until recently, they thought was worthless and 
hence was fine for the Cree people to occupy.

Daishowa Inc. is a company that produces paper products 
which has led the clearcutting of Cree forests land. The 
Friends of the Lubicon have been fighting a court battle 
over their right to boycott companies that purchase 
Daishowa products. Four years into the boycott, Daishowa 
sued, attempting to stop the effective protest being led 
by the Friends of the Lubicon. There is an ancient law 
on the books in both Canada and the United Snakes which 
states that such secondary product boycotts are not 

The boycott against Daishowa products had tremendous 
results: Between 1991 and 1994 all 50 companies 
contacted by the Friends of the Lubicon agreed to join 
the boycott. Most joined reluctantly only after the 
Friends' threatened to picket their store. Daishowa 
representatives recently estimated losses resulting from 
the boycott at $14 million. Unable to win on the 
streets, Daishowa decided to take their case to court 
and use the criminal injustice system to intimidate and 
repress anti-colonialist dissent.(2)

In April of this year the Friends of the Lubicon finally 
won the right to boycott Daishowa products and intend to 
take up the boycott again unless Daishowa agrees to 
respect Lubicon management of traditional territories 
currently occupied by Alberta. It was the Province of 
Alberta which granted the logging rights to Daishowa, 
bypassing all rights of the Lubicon people.(2)

This court victory is a legal victory for activists 
everywhere as the imperialist governments try to take 
away more and more of our so-called freedom of speech 
whenever we use it to speak out against imperialist 

During the discussion after the video showing in Boston, 
people raised the issue of the importance of First 
Nation's right to self-determination. One person asked 
if it was possible that First Nations, whose land and 
culture is being destroyed could regain their identity 
even if they were given new land. This underscored the 
urgency of the struggle. Speakers in the film talked 
about the forced assimilation of the Cree children who 
are attending schools that teach them to be white. The 
battle for self-determination for the First Nations is 
literally a race against time. With every generation 
more youth are assimilated into a white nation that 
offers alcoholism, drugs and unemployment. With every 
parcel of land stolen by the imperialists the First 
Nations have that much less chance of survival.

Since Columbus invaded over 500 years ago many 
indigenous nations have been wiped off the face of the 
earth. The few who retain small plots of land "given" to 
them by the imperialist governments of Amerika and 
Kanada face constant attacks by the government and 
corporations eager to take back the little wealth left 
on this land. Join MIM and RAIL in opposing 500+ years 
of imperialist genocide and support First Nation's right 
to self-determination.

1. "BEEDAUDJIMOWIN", Summer 1991
2. The Council Spirit, Volume 3, Issue 1 from the 
Council for Native American Solidarity. Reprinted from 
News From Indian Country, Mid-May 1998.

* * *


The Republican Congress versus President Clinton - some 
underlying conflict is driving the impeachment debate. 
Which conflicts are the key is the question we Maoists 
ask when we talk about "inter-imperialist rivalry." One 
way such questions manifest themselves is in asking, 
"why are they REALLY out to get Clinton?"

On October 7th, the New York Times published a special 
issue on inter-imperialist rivalry. Literally all four 
top stories on the front page were about inter-
imperialist rivalry.

Two old stories came up with new twists. The U.$. 
government wants to attack the Serbs in Yugoslavia, but 
Russia resists. Some of the U.$. government's usual 
imperialist allies are calling on the U.$. to wait for 
Russian approval. That is a typical inter-imperialist 
news story about deciding questions of war. It is true 
that historically the Russians have sided with the Serbs 
against enemies to their West.

Another typical story is the New York Times line on 
France, which is that France is quite independent with 
large business ties to Iraq. The question is whether or 
not French business ties to Iraq are strong enough that 
France is selling out its former ally in the war against 
Iraq -- the U.$. imperialists. We at MIM find it 
unlikely on the whole but true up to a point. In fact, 
the French found deadly nerve gas VX on Iraqi warheads, 
but France did not report it for fear of hurting Iraq's 
chances of getting UN sanctions lifted -- so says the 
New York Times.

Of course, the top far right front page of the New York 
Times October 7th is about the Lewinsky scandal. On 
October 9th, Clinton lost 31 House representatives of 
his own party to a Republican party resolution for an 
impeachment inquiry. That is the story everyone has 
heard about. Other stories may tell us more about the 
underlying conflict.

Story three in the New York Times accompanying the lead 
photo and the most column space is really new in the 
reporting of inter-imperialist rivalry. Apparently, 
European imperialists speaking as a whole in 
anticipation of European unity have attacked the U.$. 
imperialists as the bad guys for imposing international 

Only days earlier the New York Times had informed the 
world that Japan considered itself scapegoated by the 
U.$. imperialists. Now a picture arises of the U.$. 
capitalist class coercing the International Monetary 
Fund (IMF) to clamp down for austerity in the Third 
World and former state-capitalist countries like Russia. 
The Europeans are demanding a say at the IMF and France 
is criticizing the U.$. government for not stimulating 
its economy with tax cuts or government spending.

At the same time, Japan says the U.$. imperialists' 
penny-pinching caused the U.$. imperialists to look away 
when Japan suggested joint action on Thailand, when the 
problem there was still relatively affordable to fix. 
MIM believes it is true that the U.$. imperialists were 
consciously seeking to weaken the Japanese imperialist 
block, not so much as to cause global revolution, but 
enough for improved U.$. position. The risks of the U.$. 
position include the possibility that fractions of 
ruling classes would prefer full-blown crisis over 
greater U.$. dominance.

At this time, the World Bank also launched a public 
attack on the IMF for being pro-austerity and openly 
spoke for the world's poor "who can't wait" for the 
timid economic leadership of imperialism. Thus, the 
World Bank found it politically useful to improve its 
image by attacking another faction of the imperialist 
ruling class.

The IMF defended its policies by pointing to the 
Philippines as a success story! Anyone with even just a 
small amount of information about the Philippines can 
only consider it a success story for the ruling class. 
The IMF also says that Latin America has learned its 
lesson since the Mexico crisis.

Meanwhile, James Wolfensohn of the World Bank said, "If 
we do not have longer-term plans for solid institutions, 
if we do not have great equity and social justice, there 
will be no political stability and without political 
stability no amount of money put together in financial 
packages will give us financial stability." (1)

The World Bank comments, the election of Blair in 
England and the rejection of Kohl in Germany point to an 
ascendant left-center faction of imperialism globally. 
If the U.$. labor aristocracy becomes convinced that its 
well-being depends on global economic growth - and the 
current crisis is almost tailor-made to teach that 
lesson - the chances for the left-center bourgeois 
internationalist rule will improve. The World Bank is 
only expressing this conflict most ably at this time by 
going public with its disagreements with the U.$.-IMF 
strategies for austerity.

The left-center faction of imperialism seems to be 
converging on relatively upbeat (for imperialist) 
assumptions for economic growth possibilities. The World 
Bank in particular has the job of expressing the 
concerns of finance capital with no where to go. The 
nightmare of finance capital is a world where people 
will not borrow money, even at 0 % or close to 0 %. Such 
a world is also likely where there are no profits for 
businesses to make. If there are no profits to make, 
then there is no reason for businesses to borrow money. 
In such a world, the "coupon-clippers" Lenin spoke of 
will not be able to sit in cafes and drink cappucino all 
day by living off the interest from certificates of 
deposits, bonds or savings accounts. Thus, the coupon-
clippers may be lazy themselves but they might need a 
World Bank to urge that others have ambitions and a need 
for instant capital.

Imperialism is, by definition since Lenin, the 
capitalist system grown to a stage where it is 
characterized by export of capital. When Citibank, Chase 
or other banks go to the Third World desperately looking 
for loans to make, they have competing concerns. One 
concern is being paid back and having their payments 
take priority. This may lead banks to wanting the people 
of Indonesia or Russia to be poor while the banks are 
paid back. On the other hand, while waiting for 
payments, the bankers also feel an utter compulsion to 
loan out more money. It is one of the two most 
fundamental aspects of capitalism - overproduction - 
that is driving further imperialist loans. The political 
expression of finance capital with no outlet is the 
World Bank.

This political view of imperialism is that the world has 
many projects to undertake. It is good for the world to 
be busy and developing all the time, because the 
pressure to make more loans is always building in the 
imperialist system. If countries realize they have to 
get their poor taken care of, they realize why they need 
to borrow imperialist money and get business moving. 
Hence, the World Bank has always had a left-of-center 
facade, one that is coming into greater focus at this 
moment of crisis.

For the right-wing class-struggle oriented faction of 
imperialism, the World Bank view comes perilously close 
to socialism. The World Bank points to concrete needs 
and acts as if planning can accomplish positive economic 
goals. The right-wing prioritizes belt-tightening by the 
poor. Words like "readjustment" "stabilization" and 
"budget balance" are the key to this faction of 

The ultra-left idealist Progressive Labor Party offers a 
different view with its "masses-are-asses" line. It 
talks about Old Money versus New Money or oil interests 
versus other interests. According to PLP there may be a 
rift at this time because some oil capitalists wanted a 
harder approach to Iraq in recent months. In connection 
to the war on Iraq, PLP has made some mistakes. It has 
admitted: "The truth is that we don't understand all the 
ins and outs of the fights among the big bosses."(2) 
That is something MIM has already said about inter-
imperialist rivalry in recent years since end of the 
Cold War.

We also checked the Communist Party USA (CP-USA) view on 
the ruling class splits to see what the liberal 
reformists are thinking. The CP-USA is basically the 
James Carville of liberalism in being aggressive in its 
struggle for the labor aristocracy's soul: "Vote Nov. 3! 
Your life could depend on it" screams the headline on 
page one.

The CP-USA view should be taken as the inside view of 
the liberal wing of imperialism complaining about 
"unemployment growing, tons of wheat piling up because 
there are no buyers, finished steel rusting in open 
fields in Chicago because of imports."(3)As usual, the 
CP-USA has that patriotic twist to it, one step from 
Ross Perot's "sucking sound" discussion of jobs leaving 
the United $tates. In this, the CP-USA caters to the 
middle-class frightened by global competition and 
wanting a domesticated capitalism favoring the U.$. 
labor aristocracy. The CP-USA is not catering to the 
people with "nothing to lose but their chains," because 
such people are not threatened by global economic 
competition, trade or cooperation.

For this reason, the CP-USA adds nothing new to the 
analysis of inter-imperialist rivalry at all, content to 
"lend credence to First Lady Hillary Clinton's charges 
of a 'vast-right wing conspiracy' that targets her 

The bourgeois media has already reported on the 
political connections amongst the actors involved in 
trying to nail Clinton. The CP-USA points to Pittsburgh 
billionaire Richard Mellon - of Mellon Bank, Gulf Oil 
and Alcoa money - as the source of funds for lawyers 
digging dirt on Clinton and for avowedly conservative 
Pepperdine University which has offered Starr a 

The CP-USA does the spade work for Patrick Buchanan 
while openly leaving the backdoor open for the World 
Bank style of left-center imperialism: "Around the 
world, voters turn left" is CP-USA articles that openly 
credits Tony Blair in England and German Social Democrat 
Gerhard Schroeder. Listening to the CP-USA, one would 
think imperialism has already turned socialist except 
for the Republican Congress of course.

Capitalism is in perhaps its most severe manifestation 
of its underlying crisis in 50 years. We communists seek 
to avoid the fate of the CP-USA where all we talk about 
is how the petty-bourgeoisie faces austerity. Such a 
class struggle removed from international context is an 
easy plaything for the imperialists to manipulate via a 
patriotism strategy: keep capitalism but throw out the 
foreigners stealing jobs, buy Amerikan etc.

Defeating the left-center bourgeois internationalist 
imperialists will require connecting the anarchy of 
capitalist production to war and pollution. The Clinton-
Blair-Schroeder-Jospin face of imperialism is quite 
happy to speak for the poor and against austerity if the 
New World Order can be imposed globally that way. In 
contrast, we in MIM will stand with the Third World 
proletariat and for national liberation against the New 
World Order. 

1. New York Times 7Oct1998, p. a6.
2. Challenge 30Sept1998, p. 7.
3. People's Weekly World 10Oct1998, p. 12.
4. People's Weekly World 10Oct1998, p. 3.

* * *


MIM read the Starr Report (New York: Pocket Books, 1998, 
523 pp.) investigating President Clinton to find out if 
there were any additional clues to the intra-ruling 
class fight raging in Washington, D.C. With all the 
criminal actions of the U.$. government every day - 
especially the perjury of cops and lies of prosecutors -
- we wondered why one wing of the ruling class was 
attacking the other over Monica Lewinsky.

It turns out there is nothing new in the report not 
already discussed and re-discussed by the media prior to 
its release. Bourgeois analysts including Hillary 
Clinton believe there is a right-wing conspiracy against 
centrist Clinton. From reading the Starr Report, MIM 
cannot add anything new beyond what Hillary Clinton and 
others have said about the ruling class feud.

Bourgeois analysis of its own fissures

It is true that in Amerika, there were those lobbying 
Congressional Judiciary Committee head Henry Hyde for 
Clinton's impeachment all along. The extremist right-
wing Christians of the country are readily mobilized by 
the kind of simpleton adultery issues that Starr harped 
on in his report. For this reason, some bourgeois 
analysts believe that Republicans will benefit in 
elections by going along with the impeachment drive the 
way born-again Christians see it. While much of the 
country will be indifferent or cynical, the born-agains 
will activate themselves as a movement against Clinton. 
Perhaps the Christians will vote while others stay home. 

In response, the Democrats at the end of September 
started to attack Starr and the Republican House for 
spreading "smut" by dragging out the Monica Lewinsky 
matter. Democrats warned that the people would see 
through the Republican obsession with the issue. The 
Democratic Party attack had the potential of ripping 
away the Christians from the Republican Party by 
emphasizing that it was the Republican Party's fault 
that children were hearing about the Lewinsky matter on 

Lending support to the election-oriented theory of the 
right-wing is the Starr Report's factual account, mostly 
devoid of finer legal points. Indeed, much of the Starr 
Report includes information about what Clinton said 
politically to the public - including statements 
presumably off-limits for perjury and obstruction of 
justice concerns. The brief rebuttals of the White House 
contained more points of law than the Starr Report which 
was a readable account of the "facts." 

As we write this, President Clinton seems to be 
benefiting in the polls from Starr's attack. If the 
bourgeois polls are done correctly, the public seems to 
be making the logical distinction of Clinton and his 
persynal life and motivations as apart from his policies 
and government. Since the bourgeoisie and petty-
bourgeoisie gives credit to Clinton for filling its 
economic trough, the mental faculties of the Amerikan 
people have suddenly much improved. 

In the midst of intensified class struggle, the 
bourgeoisie being the minority class must seek to cause 
discord in the proletarian camp and it does so by 
instigating various persynal attacks and distractions 
that cause one-on-one fighting instead of class-against-
class fighting. Since the public has learned to 
distinguish perysnal motivations from professional and 
political action, it may be on a road to making greater 
scientific progress. 

From MIM's point of view, the ability of the two-party 
system to focus on the trivial and make it sexy is a key 
to its stability. Kenneth Starr and the right-wing money 
behind the Paula Jones case seek to discredit their 
pseudo-feminist enemies or at least cleave them away 
from the Democratic Party by connecting Clinton to 
sexual harassment. Yet even if the right-wing fails it 
will do so with no damage to the system and with the 
issue of sexual harassment discredited yet again. It 
seemed to be a win-win scenario for the right-wing. 

Starr Report: a dialectical product of pseudo-feminism

Kenneth Starr originally was supposed to be 
investigating the Whitewater real estate and banking 
deals involving Bill and Hillary Clinton. Starr's 
involvement in the Monica Lewinsky matter appears to 
have started on an illegal basis, (pp. 513-7) but the 
Paula Jones sexual harassment case in Arkansas would 
have brought the Lewinsky matter to the public anyway. 

While NOW and other pseudo-feminist leaders have opposed 
the call for impeachment, it is important to note that 
Starr and Paula Jones could not have gotten as far as 
they did without pseudo-feminism. In particular the 
peculiar notion that a court system supposedly devoted 
to individual liberties can illustrate "patterns" of 
sexual harassment is that unique addition of pseudo-
feminist theory that Starr took advantage of - perhaps 
with the intention of discrediting it from a right-wing 


Historically men were able to defend themselves against 
allegations of sexual misconduct by pointing to the 
sexual history of the wimmin accusing them. The notion 
was that if a womyn always said "yes" to men in the 
past, it was unlikely that the case in court was any 

Pseudo-feminists responded to this attack by pushing 
individualism. They argued that whatever pattern existed 
in the past, what mattered was what happened at the time 
of alleged sexual harassment or rape, not whatever 
sexual history the womyn might have had. With "shield 
laws," the pseudo-feminists succeeded in making 
defendants unable to use the sexual history defense, 
unable to point to patterns in the individual. This was 
victory number one for prosecutors and pseudo-feminists.

On the other hand, prosecutors and pseudo-feminists also 
turned the tide by making it legally acceptable to enter 
men's sexual history into court. To understand how 
Whitewater ended up being about Monica Lewinsky, we must 
understand pseudo-feminist and prosecutorial 
transitional "logic." "In an order dated December 11, 
1997, for example, Judge Wright said: 'The Court finds, 
therefore that the plaintiff [Paula Jones -ed.] is 
entitled to information regarding any individuals with 
whom the President had sexual relations or proposed or 
sought to have sexual relations and who were during the 
relevant time frame state or federal employees.'" (p. 

On the basis of Paula Jones related testimony that Judge 
Wright required of Clinton and on the basis of grand 
jury testimony, Starr found that Clinton perjured 
himself. Of the two testimonies, Clinton's Paula Jones 
testimony was more damaging in Starr's eyes.

Starr was seeking to discredit Clinton in other legal 
matters, so his interest in perjury was intrinsic if he 
had other cases against Clinton. Since Starr is still 
chugging along on other cases, we do not know fully how 
Starr will justify his transition from Whitewater to 


The system of private property makes no sense without a 
concept of privacy and this fact guarantees strife 
within the capitalist system. The Supreme Court 
guaranteed abortion rights based on an idea of privacy 
and Clinton and the majority of the public counter-
attacked Starr along privacy lines. Whether or not 
Clinton perjured himself, much public opinion centered 
on the fact that he never should have been asked the 
questions he was asked. 

Without privacy in a capitalist system, any evil 
government official may abuse the citizenry for his or 
her own profit or perverse persynal pleasure. Even those 
of us opposed to the system must uphold privacy at 
times. The 9th and 10th amendments to the "U.S. 
Constitution" address the limitations of government. The 
9th in particular might be read as saying keep out of 
the citizens' bedroom matters: "The enumeration in the 
Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed 
to deny or disparage others retained by the people." 

On the other hand, the contradictions of the system also 
ensure that privacy is used by the people to oppress 
other people in a system based on private profit. In 
particular, men oppress wimmin in private. Mail order 
brides would be a good example where men take advantage 
of privacy.

We find it typical that Judge Wright agreed with Paula 
Jones's lawyers that Clinton had to give testimony only 
to reverse herself and say that none of the testimony 
was admissible.(p. 28) Her justification of her own 
twisted reasoning was also pornographic: "The issue was 
one of discovery, not admissibility of evidence at 
trial. Discovery, as all counsel know, by its very 
nature takes unforeseen twists and turns and goes down 
numerous paths, and whether those paths lead to the 
discovery of admissible evidence often simply cannot be 
predetermined."(p. 37) In other words, it was better for 
the President to talk about these pornographic matters 
than not to, because who knows what we would have 

The Paula Jones related pornography is all the more sick 
because the judge also determined in the end that Paula 
Jones had no damages to claim. It makes one wonder, if 
there were no damages, then there was no reason to 
bother except pornographic interest. 

The individualist system of capitalism and its court 
system cannot be used except hypocritically to address 
wimmin's oppression. The search for group patterns in 
the individual is worse than futile: the end result in 
the Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton cases as in others 
is simply more pornography - whether the individual men 
in question lose their cases or not. The substance of 
feminism is sex, but not all driven discussion of sex is 

Gary Hart phenomenon: beauty and power

In the Starr Report we learn that Clinton's staff tried 
to keep Clinton away from pretty wimmin.(p. 92) In fact, 
Clinton seems to have opposed the transfer of Lewinsky 
to the Pentagon out of the White House, but his staff 
would not cooperate.

One ruling class persyn summed up the relationship 
between looks and government power aptly: "Monica being 
cursed because she's beautiful."(p. 92) Similar 
questions arose when Gary Hart lost his front-runner 
status in the Democratic Party's presidential politics 
over his contact with a beautiful young womyn while he 
was married.

At the time, MIM said that the press coverage implied 
that beautiful wimmin should not have interaction with 
men in power. In fact, no one caught Gary Hart "in the 
act." It was merely his spending time with a beautiful 
womyn that was so suspicious to the media. Likewise 
there were some wimmin in Clinton's White House who took 
the lead in getting rid of Monica Lewinsky - again out 
of suspicions. 

This is obviously a vicious cycle in which someone 
viewed as a sex object cannot escape that status. The 
Islamic veil would be superior to this kind of 
heterosexual segregation.

Politicization and access to power by wimmin is key to 
their liberation and hence overreaction to questions of 
sexual motivation at the expense of politics must be 
crushed. Just as it is ridiculous for the country to 
obsess about Clinton's extramarital life while he is in 
charge of a trillion-dollar machine, it is ridiculous 
for wimmin and men to obsess about such matters when 
they should be running their economy and government.

The only silver lining is that such decadence and 
trivial obsessions in the imperialist countries make the 
imperialist system less and less fit to rule the 
international proletariat. While the status quo seeks to 
dodge important issues, the proletariat and its 
oppressed allies will forge ahead with their political 
consciousness. If the proletariat learns to discredit 
psychological smears and persynal attacks in the midst 
of political struggle, the Lewinsky scandal will be a 
very favorable lesson.

* * *


At the same time as the imperialist International 
Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank were holding their 
annual conference in Washington, DC, the DC-RAIL 
contingent attended a "50 Years is Enough" rally and 
march across the street from the White House. The march 
was led by a left-liberal coalition calling for a 
democratization of the IMF's policies and decision-
making processes, a change of approach that they think 
would both include Third World countries as decision-
makers and lead to their genuine economic development.

But imperialism is not a policy - it's a mode of 
production. The IMF will not reform itself to be 
anything but an international loanshark, sent by 
imperialists into crisis economies to extract high 
interest for loans, allow open investment for 
international capitalists, and impose devastating 
conditions on the monetary policies of Third World 
countries. Fifty years is indeed enough - but the end 
will come from socialist revolution, not reform of 

Congress fights over terms of appropriation

The ruling class in Congress is split between Clinton 
and the Democrats on one hand, who want to immediately 
appropriate $18 billion to the IMF to "bail-out" Asian 
economies, and the Republicans, who want to make the 
appropriation contingent upon "lending reforms." The 
crux of the reform is the Republican condition that the 
IMF "lend" at market interest rates, so that it becomes 
more expensive to borrow. They claim this will provide 
an incentive for countries to follow sound economic 
policies that do not lead to crises in the first place.

But imperialist domination precludes independent 
development - and hence the ability to ever fully pay 
back the debt. So the fight is over the terms of the 
interest. MIM believes, by contrast, that Third World 
oppressed nations are owed a giant debt, to be paid as 
reparations, by the imperialist countries. And 
independent economic development can only happen if 
production is organized for internal consumption, rather 
than export.

IMF-World Bank meeting sees split over strategy in Asia

First World countries agreed this year (surprise) that 
open flow of capital and strict monetarism (the mantra 
of the IMF since its inception) remains a good strategy 
in the recessed economies of Asia. Representative 
bourgeois economists from China, the Philippines, and S. 
Korea at the meeting disagreed -- saying that the IMF's 
traditional approach only exists to "ensure that 
international creditors get their money back." (1) 

The IMF is a totally illegitimate international 
authority -- a body set up to police the economic 
policies of Third World countries so that they remain 
hospitable to imperialist investors. That it is 
undemocratic and damaging to the development of Third 
World economies is its structure -- not something that 
can be changed by policy. MIM says, No the IMF, No to 
the World Bank, Yes to Socialist Revolution!

Note: Reuters, "Asia cynical on IMF/World Bank" Oct. 9, 

* * *


October 14--The Republocratic candidates for Governor of 
Massachusetts were met with a counter-demonstration at 
their debate tonight. The Radical Student Union 
organized the demonstration against the candidates 
exclusion of students as well as the bankruptcy of the 
two party system. The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist 
League and MassPIRG also had contingents present to talk 
about the failures of the candidates to present logical 
responses to crime and the environment, respectively. 

RAIL displayed a banner attacking the anti-crime 
platforms of both candidates. Signs at the demonstration 
said things like "Democracy is the choice between two 
rich white guys", "Fuck your two party system" as well 
as huge fake ballots with "rich white guy #1" and "rich 
white guy #2" on them.

Acting Governor Paul Cellucci is running to retain his 
current job, and Attorney General Scott Harshbarger is 
running to move up into the top spot. Both of these 
swine have overseen huge increases in the Massachusetts 
prison machine, including the expansion of torture-cell 
control units. Both candidates support hiring more cops 
and building more prisons, despite evidence that more 
cops and prisons do not affect crime. The system's 
politicians ignore the facts, because the way to get 
elected is to appeal to the vicious white vote and 
capture the attention of potential financial backers so 
crucial to any individual campaign's chances. Rather 
than admit the flaws of the capitalist system, the rich 
blame problems on crime and disease.

Lesser of two evils is still evil

Earlier in the day, one Harshbarger supporter criticized 
RAIL's literature for taking on both candidates. This 
supporter enthusiastically called on RAIL to vote for, 
in his words: "the lesser of two evils." This is another 
of those bourgeois myths used to justify the system. The 
rich call on the poor to "pull themselves up by their 
bootstraps", which is physically impossible. And to vote 
for the lesser of two evils leaves you with, well, evil.

A RAIL comrade later made a sign to that effect which 
caught the attention of the Libertarian candidate for 
Lt. Governor. This candidate said "I like your sign", 
shook the comrade's hand and then moved on instantly. 
There was no time for the RAIL comrade to reply that 
"The lesser of THREE evils is still evil."

The Libertarian Party wants to free all prisoners 
incarcerated for drug offenses in order to free up more 
room for "real criminals." (Their words, not ours.) 

Masses denied access to the debate

The Mullins Center is a huge sports arena on the UMass 
campus, but the debate was held in a tiny interior VIP 
room that seats only 200 people. A number of tickets 
were initially promised to students and then withdrawn. 
The Mullins Center is paid for in part by the state 
government and in part by a $100 fee all UMass students 

Many students were rightly offended by the fact that the 
debate was held on their "home" and yet they were not 
allowed to attend. 

Not only does it require a tremendous amount of money to 
run for office in the first place, but these debates 
(like today's) often exclude candidates from parties 
other than the Repulicrats and Demopublicans who did in 
fact qualify to be on the ballot.

Once the debate got underway inside the Mullins Center, 
the Radical Student Union organized a rally outside. At 
this rally, representatives from non-Republocratic 
political movements spoke. And in true democratic form, 
and unlike the carefully packaged Republocrat "debates", 
questions from the audience were allowed. RAIL spoke 
about the Massachusetts criminal injustice system and 
why neither Republocrat party has an interest in 
representing prisoners. In fact, those parties are 
currently trying to take away the votes of prisoners in 

The current electoral process in Amerika serves to 
disenfranchise people from the limited choices they 
currently have in the voting booth. In a socialist 
society, political decisions will actually matter to the 
people and most will want to get involved. The masses 
will have a hands-on role in leading their own affairs 
and criticizing their leaders, instead of being preached 
at via the one-way medium of television. Important 
debates will be held in giant arenas, not in VIP rooms. 

MIM calls on all progressives, radicals and 
revolutionaries to:

"Don't vote, smash imperialism!"

* * *


On October 8, Congress approved something high on the 
FBI's wish-list: expanding wiretapping authority. In the 
past, the FBI had to argue to a judge for permission to 
tap specific phones. They could only get permission to 
tap all phones used by or near the suspect (called a 
roving wiretap) if they could demonstrate an intent by 
the suspect to switch phones to avoid surveillance. Now 
the pigs merely have the tell the judge that the 
suspect's "actions could have the effect of thwarting 
interception from a specific facility." This change 
removes the consideration of motive on the part of the 
suspect from the warrant charade.

This is a much easier standard to meet and can be 
expected to greatly increase the number of roving 
wiretaps granted. According to the bourgeois theory, 
judges serve as "checks and balances" upon overzealous 
police who would trample civil liberties. But in 
reality, the judges and police are on the same side of 
the barricades against the masses. If the system was 
interested in fairness, the judges would listen to both 
sides (police and the defendant) and not conspire 
against the masses in secrete. Since judges are not on 
the front lines, they often have a larger interest than 
the police in maintaining the rationality of the system. 
Now this whole charade is a lot simpler because the 
rules for wiretaps have been relaxed. 

Three years ago the Congress publicly rejected the 
expansion; this year's bill was passed without debate or 
notice. The provisions were added to a bill in 
Conference Committee (where the House and Senate work 
out differences in bills passed by each house) during a 
closed door meeting. The wiretapping expansion was not 
in either bill, but the CongressPigs stuck it in and the 
full House and Senate voted for it with no debate.(1)

MIM is not a Civil Libertarian organization. Rather, we 
oppose the United Snakes Criminal Injustice system. We 
don't want to see the pigs have any additional tools to 
use (or misuse) against their enemies:  principally the 
oppressed and revolutionary.


On October 13, the FBI launched a network of state 
databases of prisoner DNA. The network will match DNA 
material from "unsolved crimes" and future "crimes" with 
the evidence from the prisoner's DNA. 

MIM in this case has to put "unsolved crimes" in 
quotation marks to explain that the pigs have a 
subjective definition of crime. The importation of drugs 
into North America isn't a crime, nor is the U.$. 
bombing of Africa's largest pharmaceutical company. The 
crimes of the U.$. government and its allied 
corporations are far more dangerous than any anything 
else that happens in North America.

The database currently has 250,000 DNA samples and 4,600 
unsolved cases. Another 350,000 samples from various 
states will be online soon.

All 50 states passed laws authorizing the pigs to take 
DNA samples from at least some types of prisoners. Not 
all states have begun collecting samples, however, and 
Massachusetts' law has been recently struck down. A few 
states mandate that all prisoners, including those 
convicted of white-collar crime, give samples. The 
Federal government does not have such a law, yet.(2,3)


Groucho, that is. 

From 1953 through the early 1960s, the FBI kept detailed 
files on comedian Groucho Marx. The files were obtained 
by a history professor at the University of California, 
who had recently won a lawsuit to get a copy of the FBI 
files on John Lennon. Requesting Marx's file was "a kind 
of shot in the dark." Groucho Marx died in 1977.

Predictably, the FBI is holding back a few pages "in the 
interest of national defense or foreign policy." MIM 
suspects the pigs want to protect their legions of 
informants and/or the information on those pages shows 
even more clearly how overzealous the FBI was.

Groucho Marx's crimes? In 1934, he wrote an article in 
the then-revolutionary Communist Party paper Daily 
Worker, calling the "Communist support for the 
Scottsboro boys [Black youth framed for the rape of a 
white woman] an inspiration for 'Soviet America'". In 
the 1940s, "he attended a benefit concert for Soviet War 
relief ... and opposed United Nations recognition of the 
fascist government of Spain. He was also a member of the 
Committee for the First Amendment, an organization that 
opposed the House Un-American Committee and included 
among its members Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart and 
Lauren Bacall."

And Marx's other crimes? Cracking jokes about the FBI, 
the Establishment, and once calling this country the 
"United Snakes."

Sounds to MIM like this Marx was a hero too.(4)

1. October 9, MSNBC.
2. Boston Globe, 15 October 1998, p. A10.
3. Boston Globe 15 August 1998, p. B1, B8.
4. Boston Globe, 15 October 1998, p. A13. 

* * *


MIM prints the following regarding prison repression in 
India to underscore the use of the criminal injustice 
system by imperialists world-wide as a tool of social 
control. Protests against imperialism are met with 
severe repression.

The imperialists will not be convinced to play nicely 
with anti-imperialists, the imperialists and their 
criminal injustice systems will only be overthrown 
through revolutionary violence. MIM fights for Maoist 
revolution alongside our comrades throughout the world. 
Join the internationalist struggle against the criminal 
injustice system within u.s. borders and around the 

Growing and Increasing Repressions and Restriction upon 
Prisoners' Rights from Warangal jail to Chanchalguda 

A Dalit rickshaw puller, chandramouli died in the 
warangal jail on 14-5-98, due to the physical torture of 
the Intesar gunj, warangal police and the gross 
negligence of the warangal jail authorities. This heart-
rending incident sparked an immediate response among the 
general and political prisoners and they undertook an 
hunger strike demanding a judicial inquiry; payment of 
Rs. Two lakhs ex-gratia to the family of the deceased. 
The warangal jail resounded with these slogans. 

Instead of solving the problem, the jail authorities who 
feel that repression is the only solution to all jail 
issues, inhumanly Lathi-charged the prisoners on May 16 
1998 who were on hunger strike for three days. For the 
first time, 150 civil policemen under the leadership of 
warangal town D.S.P. Chandramouli entered the jail and 
lathi-charged the general and political prisoners. They 
subjected the leading general and political prisoners to 
severe physical torture. Blood flew like, water, the 
heads of many prisoners were severely injured. 
Critically and fatally injured prisoners were sent to 
the M.G.M. Hospital. Later 10 political prisoners who 
were leading the hunger strike were put into single 
cells separately. In order to ensure that news about 
this gory incident does not leak out the outside world, 
prisoners were not allowed interviews for one week.

The lathi-charge and physical torture was carried out by 
warangal jail superintendent Lakshma Reddy and Town 
D.S.P. Chandramouli on the instruction of under the 
supervision of D.I.G. (Jails) M.R. Alimed, M.R. Ahmed is 
a past master in such repressions. In 1986 this same 
M.R. Ahmed, was the superintendent of warangal jail and 
lathi charged the political prisoners and broke many 
heads. Then too, he put santosh (Mahesh) and Purushottam 
along with nine other prisoners who were leading the 
strike, into single cells. He tried to repress and 
suppress the remaining political prisoners. In the 
middle of 1986 he was transferred to central prison 

During 1986 to 1990, become a conniver of the 
intelligence police and tried to deny the political 
prisoners their rights. He placed severe restrictions on 
Nalla Adi Reddy (shyam) and other political prisoners in 
the jail.

In protest against the lathi charge in warangal jail and 
to stop the deaths of prisoners in jails, the prisoners 
of all the jails came forward to join the struggle 
requesting concrete and constructive steps to be taken 
for the same. Relay hunger strike, four at a time was 
started on May 17 1998 in Musheerabad jail and is still 
continuing: May 21st was observed as "Lack-day " in all 
the state prisons. On May 25th the superintendents 
"Request round" was boycotted in protest. On May 26th 
the general and political prisoners in different jails 
observed mass hunger strikes. Yet, when the government 
failed to respond to the problems of the prisoners; the 
prisoners of the central jail, chanchaiguda, the female 
prisoners of the women's jail and prisoners of other 
jails started relay hunger strikes from June 1st. The 
general prisoners of the chancaiguda jail have responded 
enthusiastically and have started relay hunger strike 
from June 3rd at the rate of five prisoners per day. The 
chanchaiguda jail is resounding with anti-establishment 

To date, instead of trying to find solutions for the 
prisoner's problems, the government and the jail 
authorities are trying to repress and suppress the 
prisoners. Mahender Reddy who recently took charge as 
the superintendent of chanchaiguda jail is exhibiting 
"Police Atrocities" upon the general and political 
prisoners of the jail.

When the general prisoners under took a mass hunger - 
strike on May 26 1998, the superintendent Mahender Reddy 
visited every barrack and threatened the prisoners to 
give up their hunger strike. He said that he would not 
grant furlough and would not allow them to go on role 
and would cut their remissions. He further said that he 
would inform the courts stating that the prisoners 
behavior was not good and that he had criminal 
tendencies and would get them punished. He also 
threatened the under-trial prisoners stating that would 
see that bails were not granted to them. 

The prisoners who were leading the hunger strike were 
called individually and threatened with dire 
consequences. A general under trial prisoner named 
Ravinder Reddy was dumped into the single cell to infuse 
fear psychosis among the prisoners, but the 
superintendent failed miserably. All the other hundreds 
of prisoners responded to this repression by raising 
thundering slogans. When all the prisoners demanded the 
release of Ravinder Reddy from the single cell, they 
were forcibly lock-up. When the political prisoners 
demanded the reason for locking up Ravinder Reddy in the 
single cell, the superintendent, along with a hundred 
security staff raided the barrack of political prisoners 
at 8 p.m. He tried to initiate another incident of 
lathi-charge upon the political prisoners in 
chanchaiguda jail. When the political prisoners refused 
to be locked up, until Ravinder Reddy was released from 
the single cell, the jail authorities had to give in and 
the same night Ravinder Reddy was sent back to his 

The superintendent in getting the barracks locked-up to 
restrict the movements of the prisoners. When grievances 
were being told during his rounds, the superintendent is 
threatening and intimidating the prisoners. The latest 
example for this is the beating of a prisoner for asking 
a drinking water pot. Severe restriction are being 
placed upon the political prisoners by locking them up, 
without an opportunity to visit even the jail hospital.

There exists a rule which allows the prisoners to meet 
their families and friends between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. 
The superintendent, Mahender Reddy is openly flaunting 
this rule and subjecting the prisoners to many problems. 
He has introduced his own rule, stating that political 
prisoners should meet their interviews (families, 
friends and lawyers) only between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Many 
people come to meet at any time during the day, the 
family members (from districts) usually come in the 
mornings, the lawyers visit according to the 
availability of time, but this new rule introduced by 
the superintendent is subject everyone including the 
political prisoners to various problems. 

A situation has arisen wherein, if the lawyers and 
family members visit at the same time, the prisoners are 
unable to talk to any of them properly, within the one 
hour period between 3 and 4 p.m. There are no interviews 
for the general prisoners between 1 and 4 p.m. If anyone 
comes to meet a prisoner between noon and 1 p.m. They 
have to wait until 4 p.m. in the scorching sun.

This superintendent takes the credit for introducing a 
rule, which is not there in any manual. He also has the 
distinction of being openly known as the corrupt person, 
while he was the superintendent of Nellore jail 6 months 
ago, where he was the cause of death of countless 
prisoners. When the issue was taken up by the Human 
rights commission and other bodies he was placed under 
suspension. Instead of action being taken against him, 
he was promoted and transferred as a superintendent to 
central prison, Hyderabad. This shows the concern of the 
Chandra Babu Naidu government towards the welfare of the 

Just like the much acclaimed democracy in the outside 
world, which is corrupt to the core, "jail reformation 
and rehabilitation" are just dreams and illusions. 
Besides following the now irrelevant 1894 British jail 
manual, the same, suppression, repression and oppression 
methods are being followed. Even to find out, what the 
prisoners rights are according to that manual, it 
remains a "Holy book" which is out of reach for 
prisoners. Even in our free India, interviews are held 
through a mesh. Such are the pitiable conditions in our 
democracy. Over crowding, water shortage and Lack of 
water, Sub-standard food, lack of proper clothing and 
medical facilities, cannot be provided by the government 

The endeavors of prisoners and other outside 
organizations have resulted in many commissions being 
set up and many suggestions being made, over the years, 
which have remained as mirages. Even the demands agreed 
upon during the Jan-Feb. 1995, historical jail struggle, 
are not being implemented by the jail authorities. 
Prisoners are languishing in jails for periods longer 
than what they would have been sentenced to, because of 
Lack of escorts to take them tot he courts. Paroles and 
furloughs are being availed and enjoyed only by rich 
prisoners with so influence. The reconstitution of the 
Advisory Board for release of prisoners is no where in 
sight. Repression, punishment and torture are common for 
prisoners who ask for their rights, the conditions have 
worsened to such an extent that civil police is entering 
prisons and subjecting prisoners to various atrocities. 

Prisoners are remanded to jails are being subjected to 
brutal third degree methods. Lack of proper medical 
facilities and medical diets is resulting in the death 
of countless prisoners. The deaths in jails and Lock-ups 
are on par with "encounter". The ruling classes and the 
media raised hell on the death of industrialist Rajan 
pillai, in Tihar jail. But, now when Dalit and poor 
prisoners are dying regularly in jail, there is not a 
wimp from any quarters.

In spite of the supreme court ruling and orders that 
prisoners are not to be handcuffed or fettered, those 
are being violated openly by the police and prison 
authorities. They are forcibly begin hand cuffed while 
being taken to courts and hospitals. It had been decided 
to place a complaint box in jails, to enable the 
prisoners to lodge their grievances to the sessions 
court. But, to date, such complaint boxes are nowhere to 
be seen. Thus, every jail is enmeshed in a web of 
problems. For the solution of long-standing problems and 
for the implementation of demands agreed upon; and 
because of the covert and overt, repression, suppression 
and oppression of prisoners, jails are yet waiting for 
their deliverance and are yet struggling.

Appeal to all :

We appeal to people of all walks of life to support and 
help the general and political prisoners of several 
jails who are struggling for the following demands.

1. Concrete and constructive step should be taken to 
halt jail deaths. The next of kin of the prisoners who 
die in jail should be paid an exgratia of rupees two 

2. Special medical escorts to be maintained in every-
prison. To be stationed, with in reach, 24 hours of the 

3. Judicial inquiry by a sitting High Court Judge, into 
the death of the genearl prisoners Chandra Mouli, in 
Warangal jail.

4. Immediate suspension of D.T.G. (Jails) M.R. Ahmed, 
Warangal jail superintendent Lakshma Reddy and Town 
D.S.P. Chandramouli, who were responsible for the Lathi-
charge in Warangal jail.

5. Ban of entry and interference by civil and 
intelligence police in jail affairs.

6. Provision of basic minimum amenities, Implementation 
of all demands agreed upon by JACDR and Government, jail 

Because of the economic policies of the government which 
are leading the bankruptcy and because of the obstinate 
and adamant attitude of the jail authorities and because 
of the repression methods, jail are degenerating day by 
day. Only the dalit, poor and political prisoners are 
the long staying prisoners in jails. Once in a blue 
moon, the rich and politicians cross the threshold of 
jails but, the very next day they are admitted into 
super specialty hospitals at government expense. This 
truth is known to one and all. Because of the support 
from people of all walks of life, the 1995 Jan-Feb 
prisoners struggle succeeded in securing many of their 
demands. Many of those demands are being implemented as 
rights. Hundreds of long term prisoners can be released.

In the same manner we appeal to various mass 
organizations, Dalit Associations, womens organizations, 
various parties, Human rights organizations, lawyers, 
ex-convicts, democrats, writers, poets, artists, 
intellectuals, journalist and editors, to support the 
peaceful on-going struggle in prisons by the general and 
political prisoners.

We appeal that the outside public be made aware of the 
problems of the dark world of the prisons and the 
struggle of the prisoners. We appeal for the 
highlighting of prisoners problems, the repressive 
atrocities of jail authorities through writings, 
signature campaigns, meetings, speeches, poems and 
discussions, focusing of prison and prisoners.

On behalf of All General and Political

Date: June 15 1998 Prisoners
Place: Central Prison, Hyderabad - 24.

* * *


Unify the energy and efforts of prisoners

Dear Comrades,

I received your form letter sent out proposing the 
creation of a mass organization of anti-imperialist 
prisoners. I must say I am elated to know that MIM is 
trying to unify the energy and efforts of prisoners 
struggling against oppression within the confinements of 
Amerikkka's Koncentration Kamps. It is my belief that 
these "pigs" only get away with their repressive ways 
because the lack of unified struggle. It is also a 
proven fact that it is harder to control the masses when 
they stand together for one common cause.

With that said, now I would like to address a few of the 
issues mentioned in the proposal. First, general 
goals/campaigns:  I believe the mass organization should 
try to adopt a program somewhat like MIM 10 point 
program of the Black Panthers'. (but not the exact 

One goal the mass organization can have is spreading 
revolutionary material and holding study groups by 
engaging in conversations which will strike the interest 
of the people (prisoners) then feeding off their 
interest and turning them on to the mass organization.

The need for oppressed people to become revolutionary 
conscience is great. It is absolutely critical, the 
events of repression will increase drastically in the 
near future. It is a necessity for oppressed people to 
learn the "snake"-like ways and actions of this 
government and its arms of in-Justice system.

Also, a campaign against censorship. New York State 
Department of Incorrection will not allow any anti-
government material. But my argument is communism is a 
form of government. Just because its not the form of 
government which the United "Snakes" uses does not 
qualify it to be labeled "anti"-government.

Another topic to consider is helping the brothers learn 
how to fight the system. It is becoming harder and 
harder to get out of jail. This is especially for those 
who do not know the law. The mass organization can help 
the brothers learn what the system can and cannot do. By 
exposing every flaw, loophold, and inconsistency know, 
what will happen is prisoners would be stronger when 
opposing the system by attacking the weak spots.

Second:  I would like to address the name issue. I agree 
with MIM about not using Revolution or Liberation, 
because this will give the administration of "pigs" 
something to pinpoint when retaliating against the mass 
organization. We don't want to give them anything which 
can be used against the prisoners. The mass organization 
must stay within the legal boundaries.

Third:  The reports on material conditions is an 
excellent idea. The Under Lock and Key section of MIM 
Notes has done a very good job presenting the "pigs'" 
abuse of authority, but there are a lot more cases which 
are not spoken about. Due to the fact a lot of prisoners 
are unaware of MIM Notes or refuse to take the time to 
write MIM to have their problems published in MIM Notes. 
But the mass organization can form a way to document the 
daily problems, the struggles against censorship as well 
as the outcome of such and the construction of special 
housing units  as well as many uprisings and 
demonstrations taking place in various prison kamps 
through Amerikkka.

Fourth:  I will like to address anonymity. It is my 
belief that this can go both ways. For the most part it 
will be best for the comrades to remain anonymous. It 
will be of no help to members of the mass organization 
for the administration of "pigs" to know who they are 
individually. In fact, it will cause more harm than not 
if they do know. Any organization unauthorized by the 
administration is considered to be gang related, and is 
subjected to disciplinary action. I do not believe the 
majority of koncentration kamps will give consent to the 
prisoners to form a mass organization united to fight 
repression and imperialism. This will be counter-
productive on their behalf unless they are allowed to 
infiltrate and control the progress of the peoples' 
movement they will always fight to surpress it. Whether 
its inside or outside of these indoctrination kamps. And 
being that this is a prisoners' mass organization, the 
"pigs" have more rules and regulations to govern the 
people with. This is why I feel strongly about 
maintaining anonymity.

But in those cases where work needs to be done for a 
specific comrade, then it should require the consent of 
that comrade. For it will be made known to him to 
possible problem he might come across for that single 
act. This situation can be kept at a minimum because the 
mass organization should only fight winnable battles 
above surface. Even though under the surface we can be 
looking for ways to make the majority of the battles 

And last, but not least, leadership  I myself will step 
up to be a leader in any field my qualifications are 
needed. At this moment I am being held captive (lock-up 
while being locked up) 24 hours a day. So, I am unable 
to accomplish a lot of things needed. But due to the 
fact I am locked down 24 hours a day, I have nothing to 
interfere with my reading and writing for the next three 
years. I will willingly devote my time to researching 
the topics which will be presented by the comrades 
within the mass organization. I will also use my time to 
help anywhere else I might be needed. The law library in 
my kamp is pretty sufficient plus I own a Jailhouse 
Lawyer manuel so I can help gather information 
pertaining to law.

-- a New York Prisoner, September 1998.

New Jersey Prison System is Sinking 

This is coming at you live from the dusty (Trenton State 
Prison) and on behalf of all the brotha's sista's caged 
up in this house of pain. I want to give it to you live, 
raw and uncut concerning the conspiracy here in New 
Jersey Department of Correction to put us back on the 
chain gang. 

We are living in the most critical period in the State 
of New Jersey Department of Corrections history. New 
Jersey is being run by Slave Masters. That Governor and 
new Commissioner of D.O.C., are Slave Masters in 3 piece 
suits who only concern us keeping you locked up for 
longer periods of time, and not giving you the tools 
that will enable you to make a productive transition 
back into society. That is if you're lucky or fortunate 
enough to get back out. These slave masters want us to 
come back to jail so they will have jobs, and be able to 
send their children and grand children off to college at 
our expense. Plus go on long vacations, buy all the real 
estate, and live a glamorous lifestyle off the blood, 
sweat pouring from our backs! 

As New Jersey Prison System (DOC) prepares to make a 
change, she is seen searching for new solutions to her 
plethora of problems. Every aspects of this system is 
suffering. The prisons are full to its capacity with 
younger/much older prisoners. Many who are never going 
to see the streets again. Her education programs has 
been reduced to nothing. Maintaining the health of the 
prisoners has proven too costly, forcing her to reach 
out and get an inferior CMS privatized contract to cater 
to the inmate population. We're forced to pay 5 dollars 
to see a nurse or doctor, and plus pay for whatever 
medication you received. 

A lot of prisoners' medical needs are being neglected 
and the death rate is climbing as a result of this new 
CMS medical staff. AIDS, T.B., and other diseases are a 
constant threat to us everyday in this mad house. 
Prisoner v. prisoner violence is rampant, their sense of 
priority seems to have been lost. Killing each other 
over a few packs of cigarettes, a basketball game, a bag 
of drugs, a seat in the mess hall, or over weights in 
the yard. 

The hole (lock up) is filthy and nasty and infested with 
nuts (crazy men on medication) who are forced to lock in 
a cell with no bed, no mattress, no sink or running 
water on the flats. They must scream and beg the pig to 
come down and turn the water on so he can flush his 
toilet or bring in a cup of water in this 104 degree 

Police brutality has skyrocketed in here. Prisoners 
handcuffed are being jumped and beaten into a pulp, and 
no one is doing anything about it. They're taking away 
our food packages from the outside. Food from home to a 
man who is never going to see streets against is the 
closest link to him holding on to his mama or loved ones 
special touch. 

They're taking away all personal clothes and sneakers 
and books, replacing them with all khaki attire and 
state boots, state no frill sneakers. All white 
everything (boxers, socks, bathrobe, and T-shirts) not 
other colors are allowed. Seems a bit extreme, 
especially when they're not going to give us bleach to 
keep these white garments clean. 

November last year (1997) they took our rights, our 
families' rights to make a collect phone call. We can no 
longer make a phone call in privacy or at a cheaper 
rate. They're subjecting our calls to recording, 
listening and monitoring. The prison is divided with 
some wings using the phone and some aren't but the so-
called struggle or solidarity bond been broken. That 
telephone is our only direct line of communication we 
have to the outside world...  ...Our regular 
toothbrushes have been replaced with a new security 
toothbrush that is not big enough for a five-year old to 
use. It's a health code violation because you are forced 
to stick your finger all the way in your mouth. God 
forbid if you happen to let the tiny toothbrush slip and 
go down your throat. It would be surely sudden death.

As of April 22, 1998 a new Zero Tolerance Drug/Alcohol 
policy has been put into effect, which will not only 
effect prisoners but also his loved ones and friends as 
well. If you're caught with drugs or alcohol, or given a 
urine test and it comes back positive, or you refuse to 
submit to a urine test, you are subjected to lost of 
contact visits for a year. The second violation of these 
new rules, your visits will be taken indefinitely. Your 
privilege to have a contact visit with you people 
shouldn't be measured by what you do as a prisoner 
inside one of these slave camps. Your visitors ...are 
being punished too. It ain't like we have conjugal 
visits here in New Jersey.

Now as of July 20, 1998, they're claiming, in accordance 
with Public Law 1997, Chapter 396 (S2082), all 
institutions under the control of the New Jersey D.O.C. 
will begin collecting a surcharge of 10% of the sale 
price of everything sold through the Inmate Commissary. 
This will fall under V.C.C.B. (Victims of Crime 
Compensation Board). But what about the prisoners who do 
not have a violent crime, why are they being taxed? What 
we have here is called highway robbery. First the court 
is forcing us to pay fines and penalties to Victims of 
Crime, and now the DOC is forcing us to pay them too. 
We're only paid $1.20 a day, if that much, for our 
prison labor. But when we asked for a state pay raise to 
help combat the constant rise in commissary prices, they 
are quick to say that they have no control over it and 
we must write to the legislator. 

They'd rather give us yard twice a day, instead of 
giving us more time and access to the Law Library. Good 
jailhouse paralegals are almost on the endangered list 
in these slave camps. The few we do have left are 
constantly under the threat of being shipped out to 
another state if they try to do too much on behalf of a 
prisoner or general population.

I need you to support the struggles of prisoners as they 
oppose the unjust prison system that targets prisoners 
with harassment and brutality. The inadequate access to 
legal resources, poor medical treatment, just to name a 
few. All of the above inhumane conditions in these 
prisons are all methods of war, which we are fighting 
against in solidarity with you.

A clenched fist salute to all brotha's and sista's 
imprisoned in New Jersey Gulags. 

_ A New Jersey Prisoner, 28 July 1998
Maryland Brutality

...Comrade the pigs here oppress, repress and suppress 
us so much that it doesn't make any sense at all. The 
pigs here will put you in this three piece 
[contraption], which is leg shackles, handcuffs and this 
black box with a chain around your waist. Then put you 
in your cage for 24 hours or more and will not take them 
off. Then sometimes they beat you in your head a few 
times with a nightstick or flashlight and refuse you 
medical treatment, whatsoever. But they say that's 

 -- A Maryland Prisoner, 24 September 1998

5%ers continue to struggle in South Carolina

Here's the deal with our lawsuit pertaining to the 
nation of Gods & Earth (5%) here in Slave City (S.C.). 
The defendants have given in to letting us keep our 
literature on lock-up once you have been designated as a 
(5%). They agree in short that this ban violates our 1st 
amendment (right) of the constitution (Freedom of 
Religion). I say this to our best effect, if they agree 
to this, they agree that we, the nation of Gods & Earth 
(5%,) are a religion!!! Now that this has happened we 
can finally appeal the decision that the judge ruled 
against us on last year. Strongly feel my brothers who 
are suffering hold your head. We will find peace!!

 --A South Carolina prisoner, 16 September 1998

 Prisoners Beaten for Blood

Well today the SCDC [South Carolina Department of 
Correction's] staff/security came around to every 
prisoner and just literally took our blood whether we 
submitted or not. I mean we don't have any type of 
privacy whatsoever! The blood work was to test for 
HIV/AIDS. And there was no refusal whatsoever.

At one time a prisoner could refuse, but now Michael 
Moore will get it any way he can. I have seen more blood 
spilled on the floor than would fill up one tube! The 
correctional beasts (c/o's [correction officers]) were 
having a ball while they were beating prisoners down 
just to get what they wanted.

I know this has to be some sort of violated act of this 
so-called constitutional amendment of Amerikkka, but 
what can we do? If a person doesn't want to know if he's 
positive or negative, that's his/her prerogative. 

I remember reading MIM Notes (beginning of this year 
/end of last year), Under Lock and Key and the Comrade 
stated that we are laboratory mice in a big ass 
laboratory, just being used for experiments. Next they 
will say we do not have the right to live. But the only 
logical reason for this HIV/AIDS this is to get a higher 
budget for an AIDS Fund, and in the end whoever is in 
need will receive the same old generic products...

 -- A South Carolina Prisoner, 24 July 1998

 South Carolina Brief

...As of June 24, 1998 the South Carolina DOC 
[Department of Corrections] began censoring all general 
outgoing and all incoming mail. No longer can we write 
brothers who have been shipped to other institutions 
around the state. The prisoncrats are still in the blind 
with the materials you provide. But when the snakes get 
word from their brothers in other states they will 
inform us of their disapproval, but now it's cool.

...Labor Sucks! 55% of the population works for free. 
The other 45 % still falls under the policy 8 cents per 
hour. We work 8 to 12 hour days, five days a week. We 
pay for mail and all commissary items plus restitution 
for any damages we do. We don't have to pay for any 
medical care of medicine, yet that's probably going to 
be changing soon....

 -- A South Carolina Prisoner, 29 June 1998

Pigs Plant Drugs on Latino Prisoner

I would like to share an incident that took place on 
8/29/98. When recreation is called in this Facility, my 
regular everyday thing would be my most favorite thing, 
watching some TV. But on that day, it was a living 
nightmare for me. While watching TV... I sat down and 
waited for the facility movie to come on. When the movie 
began everything seemed to be fine. 

[Then] two officers approached me and ordered me to 
comply with a pat frisk. When I stood up from my seat, 
the CO W. Burn performed his pat frisk. I thought that 
maybe it was a regular routine being that these officers 
do this for a living. But it wasn't a regular routine at 
least not for them, it wasn't. 

When W. Burn finished his pat frisk, another officer by 
the name of J. Edwards approached me and stated "I seen 
what you dropped on the floor." I asked, "What is it 
that you seen me drop officer?" He said a pack of 
cigarettes containing 36 bags of a controlled substance. 
At first, I laughed because I thought they were only 
playing. But when he showed me the drugs, I told him 
that wasn't mine, you are framing me. I never in my 
entire life thought that someone or anybody would ever 
frame me with drugs, especially in prison. 

However, they placed me in a special housing unit (SHU) 
where I awaited the outcome to this living nightmare... 
In my entire life I never thought anything so meaningful 
(sic) and so corrupt would ever destroy my entire life. 

These officers, W. Burn and J. Edwards, are lying about 
me having drugs in my possession. The truth to this 
matter is I was framed by both officers. I do have one 
officer claiming to see me not dropping anything or 
holding any pack of cigarettes... What makes me so 
afraid is that even with all these witnesses and I still 
got charged with two years in the box. The captain who 
held my hearing also claims to know who the drugs belong 
to and still he charges me with the drugs. 

I would like very much for your newspaper to add my 
story ... In my entire life I never held anything from 
anyone or my family. But in this case, I'm afraid to 
explain my outcome to this beautiful family of mine. 
It's hard enough to have 7 months to go home, then tell 
them that their brother, son, etc isn't coming home any 
time soon because he was framed. As a person with 
nothing but kindness and caring for his family, I prefer 
they wouldn't know. But as a Latin American, my dignity 
as a person was disrespected by the staff and if I have 
to make a choice to fight back, it would be a punishment 
they never had. They violated me and gave me something 
to think about for a long time, which is a sadness and 
misleading punishment toward me. 

--A New York prisoner, 10 September 1998 

Gulags Consider Study Group Unauthorized 

Revolutionary greetings,

Comrades at MIM, I am writing to inform you that I have 
been receiving MIM Notes without any problems. I have 
also set up a study group here in this kkkamp, but it is 
somewhat on the covert-side, being that most information 
discussed and received by MIM are considered anti- 
government. A study group dealing with such material is 
unauthorized organizational activity and labeled as 
"gang related". 

I've also been corresponding with various OG's from the 
Brotherly Love Overrides Oppression and Destruction 
(Blood) organization. I've been trying to correct their 
theories on the social conditions of the colonized 
ghetto's youth.

It seems that the Bloods are the fastest growing 
organization in the New York State (in)correctional 
system, as well as the most feared. My goal is to 
redirect their energy. Instead of fighting a horizontal 
war with other oppressed people, they should educate 
themselves as well as those of other oppressed 
organizations and fight on the side of the proletarian 
struggle. We should harvest the energy of the youth and 
prepare for the massive thrust in vertical direction 
against the oppressor....

 -- A New York Prisoner, 15 September 1998

Pig Harass Study Group

To My Beloved Comrades: MIM

Right now I'm currently being held at one of the most 
dehabilitating and dehumanizing Koncentration Kamps in 
Maryland, whose main objective is to destroy the minds 
of its captives, leaving them mentally deficient. A 
group of comrades have come together and tried to 
administer to the disease our people are suffering from. 
We propagate truth accurate information that'll liberate 
the minds of our people. We overstand that our people 
are bond in psychological handcuffs and for them to be 
free, knowledge of self is the only key. We are not 
Anti-White, but we are anti-white supremacy, and anti-
kapitalism. Our main target is the youth of our race and 
furnishing them with an Afro-centric thought pattern, as 
opposed to a Euro-centric thought pattern. We give these 
young brothers/sisters revolutionary love and dedication 
for the total liberation of Black people globally. This 
includes spiritually, physically, politically, 
culturally and economically. 

I'm writing to you to expose the very nature of this 
prison. We do not involve ourselves in any illegal acts 
and members of our organization will not indulge in any. 
All we have done is re-educate the mis- educated, and 
train these young brothers to become spiritual warriors. 
Youths in Maryland who were once considered to be the 
most dangerous in the state are being revolutionized in 
thought enabling them to go back out into society to 
fight for the betterment and upliftment of their people. 

However, since officials in this Koncentration Kamp 
found out about our existence, we have been attacked and 
mistreated. We have never spoken about riots, so they 
can't use that to justify this mistreatment. There are 
gangs inside the Koncentration Kamps, so this is what 
they use to justify this harassment. The thing is, they 
know that we don't indulge in those types of activities. 

Furthermore, the pigs have forcibly taken all of our 
organizational papers. These papers explain what we are, 
our mission, as well as rules and regulations. It's a 
very organized movement and they have the papers and 
know that all our actions are not contrary to who we 
profess to be. They know that we're not a gang, but they 
insist on stigmatizing us to further this harassment. 

This is a very racist prison.... Out of 44 prisoners in 
this isolation unit, only six are white. At least 15 of 
us are not being charged or convicted of braking any 
prison rules. Under prison rules, since we are not 
charged or convicted of breaking any prison rules, we 
are entitled to recreation and showers once a day, all 
of our private property, access to the phones, and 
access to the legal and educational library. However, 
myself and fellow comrades are allowed only 2 very short 
showers a week. We are not allowed a regular toothbrush, 
instead we have a plastic ring with bristles that fits 
over a finger. Most of our property has been taken or 
lost. We find bugs and spit in our food. Are mail is 
being censored.

Certain officials make racial remarks, "You niggers are 
in our neck of the woods!", "You'll never make it to 
Afrika from here." When we write ARP's (Administrative 
Remedy Procedure) it never makes it to the warden. If it 
does he dismisses it. We need support to end this 
injustice and we call on your organization to help us 
end it....

 -- A Maryland Prisoner, 5 August, 1998 

Oppressed Nations Segregated in New York

My cellie and I are here in the SHU [Segregated Housing 
Unit]. Not only are we subjected to racism. Now they 
want to tell us that we are not allowed hardback books 
anymore. Even though most of the brothers are trying to 
strengthen the mental powers. These pigs will try 
anything to hold us back. Most of the books we request 
from the library are hardback.

Also there aren't any white prisoners on our side of the 
block. It is completely segregated, which is not a 
problem. But things don't have to pose a problem to be 
wrong. Most of us down here are awaiting transfer, but 
for some reason brothers have been down here waiting six 
to ten months. This treatment is completely immoral and 

...Brotha's and Sista's it's time for us to unite. We 
are only as strong as our weakest link....

 -- Two Pennsylvania Prisoners, 12 September 1998


Pigs Censor Wisconsin Brutality Article

...Comrades, July 15th's publication ran an exposure on 
brutality in Wisconsin at the Racine Correctional 
Institution. I'm telling you, don't think for a second 
that these KKKlowns do not keep an eye on the "Under 
Lock and Key" portion of MIM Notes.

This imperialist intercepted, NOT the paper, ONLY the 
article. In it's place, and so neatly fitted in, was a 
plainly typed note that read, "Nobody loves you and 
nobody cares," an smiley face wearing a Wisconsin 
Department of Corrections cap. I know it was the article 
of how these imperialistic bastards beat me and strapped 
me down to a bed -- in another Wisconsin Unit. 

But out in general population another brother gets the 
MIM Notes. His was not censored. So the grapevine was 
juicy because isn't frequent that good-ole Wisconsin 
gets exposure.... 

 -- A Wisconsin Prisoner, 20 July 1998

Censorship Problems in Pennsylvania

...We are experiencing a great deal of problems in 
receiving your conscious-expanding newspapers, 
newsletters and magazines in a number of Pennsylvania 
Prisons. Specifically those prisons which are located 
near or around rural townships, where the prison 
employee workforce is 99.5% white. We are continuously 
being denied access to your publications on frivolous 
grounds. We are unable to challenge the official 
arrogance of the disapproval, as we've never received 
the publication to begin with.

...To file a grievance complaint is also a pointless 
effort, due to the fact that the (RRC) Reading Review 
Committee Chairman is also the Grievance Coordinator and 
the Superintendent's Assistant. Therefore we have no 
other recourse but to bring this matter back to you to 
seek your assistance in dealing with this serious 

Not only are these biased people denying us the First 
Amendment rights of this country. They are also refusing 
to reimburse the inmates who paid for the subscriptions 
to those publications which the institution is not 
allowing them to receive. They're confiscating 
publications at the front door!, withholding them for a 
month, then sending us a pink disapproval slip a with a 
check marking the alleged reason for disapproval. More 
often [literature is refused] because of something they 
disliked on some page of the publication.

It should also be noted that magazines on how to hunt 
down Bambi, kill him and slice him up into sections is 
permitted without any problems. So are Field and Stream, 
Guns and Ammo catalogs, Soldier of Fortune, and Rifle 
magazines. All or any publications which fit the script 
of the surrounding rural white townships. Prisoners of 
war kamps located in or near these like minded townships 
are overcrowded with young and elder Blacks and Latinos 
from urban cities who make up 82% of these prison 
populations in Pennsylvania. Where the employee 
workforce is 99.5% white. So porn magazines and any type 
of literature, which they approve of the savage images, 
is a permissible publication according to their mental 

I can't speak for the 200,000 plus incarcerated inmate 
citizens in these POW kamps across the country. Those 
sista's and brotha's have a voice of their own. However, 
I can speak for myself! I could care less about how to 
hunt down, shoot, kill, slice, dice and fry Bambi up for 
a family meal. What I do care about is having the 
freedom to choose to read any political or educational 
books, magazines, newspapers, etc. which I deem will 
elevate my social and political consciousness.

I have tried. WE have tried to appeal this matter at the 
Department of Corrections level. All to no avail. The 
only recourse I have left is to appeal the matter to you 
the people to assist us in securing the right to choose 
and read the materials which contribute to our conscious 
growth needs.

We cannot allow this beast to completely cut off our 
communication link with the outside world. Your help and 
assistance is needed to combat this serious issue.

Yours in Revolutionary solidarity and struggle,

-- A Pennsylvania Prisoner, 10 June 1998

Letters of Protest can be sent to: Superintendent, State 
Corrections Institution, Drawer K, Dallas, PA 18612-0286

Victory Against Censorship

Dear MIM,

I just wanted to report that I used your advice in 
fighting prison censorship and it worked! The 
Headquarters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ordered this 
KKKamp's administration to give me any and ALL 
literature from MIM Distributors.

Today I received the Black Panther Book, four MIM Notes 
newspapers and a MIM Theory magazine.

The Struggle Continues! Thanks from the Heart, 

-- A Pennsylvania Prisoner, 6 September 1998?

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