This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
Maoist Internationalist Movement

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  MIM Notes 174     November 15, 1998

MIM Notes speaks to and from the viewpoint of the 
world's oppressed majority, and against the 
imperialist-patriarchy. Pick it up and wield it in 
the service of the people. support it, struggle 
with it and write for it.


* * *


The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) is a 
revolutionary communist party that upholds 
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, comprising the collection 
of existing or emerging Maoist internationalist 
parties in the English-speaking imperialist 
countries and their English-speaking internal 
semi-colonies, as well as the existing or emerging 
Spanish-speaking Maoist internationalist parties 
of Aztlan, Puerto Rico and other territories of 
the U.S. Empire. MIM Notes is the newspaper of 
MIM. Notas Rojas is the newspaper of the Spanish-
speaking parties or emerging parties of MIM.

MIM is an internationalist organization that works 
from the vantage point of the Third World 
proletariat; thus, its members are not Amerikans, 
but world citizens.

MIM struggles to end the oppression of all groups 
over other groups: classes, genders, nations.  MIM 
knows this is only possible by building public 
opinion to seize power through armed struggle.

Revolution is a reality for North America as the 
military becomes over-extended in the government's 
attempts to maintain world hegemony.

MIM differs from other communist parties on three 
main questions: (1) MIM holds that after the 
proletariat seizes power in socialist revolution, 
the potential exists for capitalist restoration 
under the leadership of a new bourgeoisie within 
the communist party itself. In the case of the 
USSR, the bourgeoisie seized power after the death 
of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao's 
death and the overthrow of the "Gang of Four" in 
1976. (2) MIM upholds the Chinese Cultural 
Revolution as the farthest advance of communism in 
human history. (3) MIM believes the North American 
white-working-class is primarily a non-
revolutionary worker-elite at this time; thus, it 
is not the principal vehicle to advance Maoism in 
this country.

MIM accepts people as members who agree on these 
basic principles and accept democratic centralism, 
the system of majority rule, on other questions of 
party line.

"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is 
universally applicable. We should regard it not as 
dogma, but as a guide to action. Studying it is 
not merely a matter of learning terms and phrases, 
but of learning Marxism-Leninism as the science of 
-- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208

* * *

MIM Notes 174
November 15, 1998


In a cynical move to give Amerika more excuses to 
attack Third World countries and their economies, the 
U.$. congress has passed a bill allowing the President 
to take a variety of economic actions against 
countries that do not uphold u.$.-style freedom of 
religion. The Senate unanimously approved the bill, 
which gives the President clearance to limit or 
withdraw aid and bank loans, and cancel business 
contracts with "offender" states.(1)

"The bill's sponsors say most of the abuses are 
occurring within militant Islamic countries and the 
few remaining Communist nations. They have cited 
Sudan, China, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Vietnam, Algeria 
and Vietnam as some of the worst offenders of 
religious freedom."(2) To MIM and the peoples of the 
world this bill means that Amerika is finding more 
reasons to exert its economic hegemony. In this case, 
anyone who does not uphold Judeo-Christianity can come 
under attack.

Enacting a law that allows Amerika to increase its 
imperialist repression of Third World peoples for the 
purpose of protecting religious freedom is the height 
of hypocrisy as the Amerikan prisons within U.$. 
borders continue and increase their repression of 
religious organizations under lock and key. The 
international and domestic policies are two sides of 
the same record: they both amount to repression of any 
nation whose religion does not include bowing to u.$. 

The principal contradiction in the world today is that 
between imperialism and the oppressed nations. This 
makes the first task of Communists the struggle 
against national oppression - to support the struggles 
of colonized peoples for national liberation. 
Liberation from imperialist domination is the only 
thing that will make it possible for the oppressed to 
freely choose their national destinies. When Black 
Muslim groups talk about whites as being the devil, 
they are describing in mystical terms the same thing 
that MIM describes through science. No nation has done 
as much to suppress the will of oppressed peoples 
internationally as the white nation in Amerika. 

Arguing for the passage of this new bill, Sen. Joseph 
Lieberman(D-CT) said: "[somewhere] right now, a man or 
woman languishes in prison, some on death row, because 
he or she did nothing more than choose faith in God It 
is a reminder to the executive branch of the American 
government, both now and in the future, that as it 
encourages human rights all over the world, it must 
consider freedom of religion."(1) It should be no 
surprise that the Senator did not include an explicit 
indictment of Amerikan policy towards prisoner 
religious groups.

Amerika continues to imprison more people per capita 
than any other country on the planet. MIM points the 
finger back at the United Snakes and says that a 
country as prison-happy as this one has no business 
telling other countries what they can imprison people 
for. In terms of religious imprisonment, prisoners all 
over the United Snakes are languishing in segregation 
cells because they "chose faith in god" yet the u.$. 
government does not see this as religious persecution 
because it sees only that these individuals chose a 
religion that includes speaking out against 

STG Policies: the "war on gangs" charade

In the past few years, prisons systems in many of the 
united Snakes have enacted Security Threat Group (STG) 
policies. The policies are used to attack prisoner 
religious and political organizations, but they are 
designed to trap nearly all oppressed nation prisoners 
under the STG label. STG policies let the prisons take 
extra administrative and disciplinary actions against 
individuals who are tagged as members of organizations 
that "pose a threat to staff or other prisoners or to 
the custody and security of the facility."(3) 

The majority of prisoners are oppressed nationals; 
they know that any religion or political ideology, 
support of national liberation and self-determination, 
celebration of non-whitebread cultures, or opposition 
to the disproportionate imprisonment of Blacks, 
Latinos and First Nations is considered a "threat to 
the security of the facility." This is necessarily 
true because the prisons' security relies on the 
premise that the white nation has legitimate authority 
over all other nations that occupy this continent. 

Currently the 5% Nation of Gods and Earth, an Islamic 
sect of which many Black prisoners are members, is 
fighting the gang label in several states. In a letter 
petitioning New Jersey state officials to drop gang 
charges against five percenters in the state's 
prisons, the organization wrote:

"The Department of Corrections (DOC) has built a gang 
unit intended to segregate inmates they have 
classified as gang members on a near 24 hour a day 

"Since its opening on March 4th, 1998, over one 
hundred inmates classified as five percenters have 
been placed in the gang unit. None of which received 
any disciplinary charges. These alleged inmates were 
all placed in the Security Threat Group Management 
Unit (STGMU) based on the prison staffs identification 
of them as advocates of the five percenters teachings. 
Once placed in the gang unit the only opportunity one 
has to be released is to denounce the five percenter 

"There has been no organized plans within the five 
percenter teachings to interfere with the security of 
any prison, so they should not be labeled as a 
security threat group. ... "The placement of five 
percenters in gang units has resulted in many inmates 
being unable to: * receive contact visits from family 
members * has hindered legal access to the courts * 
removed individuals from prison programs. * 
discriminatory treatment of inmates of five percenters 
* confiscation of all personal pictures, literature, 
letters, clothing, books, and any material associated 
with five percenters."(4)

Outside of these conditions in New Jersey, the Five 
Percenter web site reports that the New York DOC has 
been censoring the Five Percenter, the organizational 
newspaper.(5) Yet MIM understands from a NY 
corrections officers' website that the 5% has won the 
right not to be called a gang from the courts.(6)

MIM Notes Under Lock & Key has published articles in 
the past about the true nature of the STG policies. 
The policies are an extension of the prisons' goal of 
keeping the oppressed nations from organizing. They 
accomplish this first by putting huge numbers of the 
oppressed in prisons, separating prisoners from their 
communities. When prisoners succeed in organizing from 
behind the walls, the state makes laws to separate 
prisoners from each other. If you know of specific 
organizations or individuals targeted by STG policies, 
write to MIM Notes. We will continue to publicize and 
expose this pro-national oppression, anti-people 

1. Associated Press 14 Oct., 1998. 
2. Jewish Telegraphic Agency 14 Oct., 1998. 
3. "Identification and Management of Security Threat 
Groups and Members" Michigan DOC Policy Directive no. 
04.04.113, 16 December, 1996, p. 1. 

* * *


by a South Carolina prisoner

Preceding this prisoner's statement, s/he wrote the 
following: I received your missive and it was truly 
welcome as always. However, most important is the 
progress being made on your end in professionalizing 
support for prisoners. We do send our salute!

Please overstand that I am operating from a supermax 
control unity, a unit where we are in a cage 23 hours 
a day, where I/We plan to raise awareness of the 
violation existing on this unit in hopes of obtaining 
national attention. I/We are hoping the mass 
organization can get off the ground and become a 
resistance movement in building to call for an end to 
human rights abuses, and the use of control units and 
(General Administrative Segregation units) as tools of 
racism and political repression....

The enforcers of this war realize that they must 
develop the tightest control possible in order to 
prevent the inevitable insurgency of revolutionary 
self-determination moving to challenge their corrupt, 
illegitimate power. We all are isolated because of who 
we are and the beliefs that we share and our over all 
opposition to oppressive, racist prison violent 
conditions. So we will do our best to focus on 
programs indicative of this oppression.... 

I, X, do accept respectfully the challenge to 
contribute and put forth my best efforts and/or 
potential in unifying and rallying those conscious 
individuals, as well as revolutionary prisoner forces, 
into a collective effective unit of liberational 
thinkers, from all progressive groups, organizations, 
and oppressed people, for the benefit of the masses of 
oppressed people in the United Snakes of Amerikkka.

I also make the plea and challenge to you, my 'action 
speaks louder than words' revolutionize, intellectual 
brothers and sisters, to unite in this struggle 
against [our] historical common oppressors whom 
promote capitalism, division, classism and racist 
control of the masses of our people. Yes, less talk, 
more action. Let us formulate and construct a 
comprehensive informational action oriented network 
that will bring forth viable, pragmatic solutions to 
the imprisoned masses. We must combine our forces to 
crush and drain the resources of our common enemy. 
[We] are be[ing] subjugated to new forms of 
manipulation and genocidal slavery, going into the 
21st century. We must change and revolutionize with 
the times and expand our collective struggles or be 
forever subservient to our oppressors.

Each one of you must bring forth this message to your 
respective affiliates now! I make a call out to all: 
Kings and Queens, Netas, Bloods, Cripps, Vicelords, 
Disciples, Islamic revolutionary forces, political 
prisoners, Young Boys Inc., Ponydown, Propagandists, 
Anarchists, African liberation forces, anti-
imperialists, artists, strategists, tacticians, come 
forth Walk the walk that we have been individually 
talking for generations. Erase the artificial lines 
and racist capitalistic boundaries that allow the 
historical oppressors to keep their exploitative foot 
up [our] _____ and chains on our minds. I mentalities, 
to the rear!

Alright, we know this thing is simple as A-B-C. So, 
let's raze the walls of security and turn the tide 
against the common oppressors and those that support 
them. Our people, children, sisters and brothers have 
been waiting and wanting for too damn long!

Via a show of revolutionary voices, let's get it on 
and build this think tank of the incarcerated masses. 
Here's your chance to do the unthinkable and undoable. 
Take this article, use the enemy's duplication 
processes to your advantage and pass this around to 
your respective brother and sister-hoods. We await you 
the masses reply!

* * *


United front

Dear MIM,

You asked me to be more specific about what I liked in 
the MIM Notes united front articles. My reference was 
to "Join the proletarian led United Front" and "Anti-
imperialists, Join RAIL! Maoists, Join MIM!" These 
articles were simple and clear in explaining 
proletarian independence and initiative in the united 
front and made good use of practical, concrete 
examples to show how this comes down in practice. 
These concrete examples, along with the concise 
guidelines for building the United Front, seemed to me 
to make the articles very effective teaching tools for 
lessons about the united front, as well as reliance on 
the masses, the liquidationist nature of revisionism, 
and the limits of reformism.

--A comrade in the south September, 1998

Who's the vermin?

Dear MIM,

How dare you? Where do you people get off, unjustly 
maligning and defacing this great nation the way you 
do. Your twisted views of the world and the way you 
think it should be are both sad and tragic. Why do you 
hate the "united snakes" so? Don't you realize that 
you are in the greatest place you can possibly be? No 
place in the world is a better place to live than the 
united states. Deep down inside you know this is true, 
or else you wouldn't still be here.

Do you even realize what true anarchy would mean? A 
true anarchy situation would be so evil and brutal 
that a small time outfit like yourselves wouldn't even 
survive the first 6 months. Don't kid yourselves, you 
don't have the kind of power it takes to survive 

One ironic point is that, this good country is so 
great and fair that it actually protects maladjusted 
kids like yourself so you can spread your hate and 
deceit as you choose. Why are you so angry? Didn't 
your mother touch you enough when you were a baby? You 
are very fortunate that I am not President. I would 
have you tried under the Sedition Act.

You have no right to live in the United States. You 
are a cancer on society and you need to be eradicated, 
like so many vermin.

I would appreciated it if in the future, you could 
print something of substance in your newsletter. Why 
not print your plan of how the new system would work 
or whatever. Half you ingrates probably had your 
educations paid for by the U.S. government. Why do you 
continue to live here and reap the rewards you don't 
deserve? Go start your utopia somewhere else. If it 
works, give me a call, I'll come visit. You aren't' 
citizens of the united States - you are traitors and 
should at least by deported.

Authority exists everywhere in the world. You will 
never change that. Do you even bother trying to 
understand the American government? It is the fairest 
in the world. It also has the oldest constitution 
still in practice. You know why? Because no one else 
has figured out a better way yet. And your hate and 
anger trip sure isn't going to cut it.

I look forward to reviewing more of your lies.

--a capitalist supporter in Michigan. 

MIM responds:

This letter will strike most readers of MIM Notes as 
clearly reactionary. But in fact, many of the 
positions taken by this letter writer are very similar 
to positions of people who consider themselves 
radical. For this reason we are printing it with a 

Many people who oppose injustice within u.s. borders 
still call the u.s. the greatest country on earth and 
stress how free it is and how much better it is than 
other countries. MIM does not deny that we enjoy a 
considerable amount of freedom within u.s. borders 
relative to other countries. But first we'd point out 
that these freedoms are far more available to white 
people and particularly older white people. 

Secondly we ask people to think about where these 
freedoms come from. Why is it that the many countries 
around the world which the united snakes controls 
economically, militarily and politically do not offer 
their populations the same freedoms. The u.s. has the 
power to manipulate many governments to get policies 
enacted that favor u.s. corporations and the u.s. 
military so why not policies that favor the people of 
those countries?

The fact is, the u.s. benefits from the repressive 
laws in other countries which make it easier for u.s. 
corporations to exploit the people and steal the 
resources. And they make it easier to control those 
populations so strongly opposed to u.s. imperialism. 

It is no accident that the people in countries which 
are u.s. colonies have much less freedom than those of 
us in the u.s. This government offers its people these 
concessions because they can afford to. People in the 
Third World are constantly rebelling against 
oppressive working conditions, the tyranny of 
corporate landlords and government repression. In the 
u.s. the people may complain about not being able to 
afford a second car or they may be concerned about 
financing their children's education through college 
but these concerns are not enough to bring them to the 
streets in protest. The relatively high standard of 
living enjoyed by the vast majority of people within 
u.s. borders keeps them passive.

One further point about this "great" country. In 
reality it is not only this letter writer who would 
throw us in prison for sedition. There are hundreds of 
activists held in u.s. prisons specifically for their 
political activism. The government spends a lot of 
money and time building FBI programs to spy on, 
infiltrate, and set up activist organizations and 

Given that we are already living here in the belly of 
the imperialist beast, activists working in MIM 
believe that this is the best place we can be. Behind 
enemy lines, supporting our comrades waging 
revolutionary struggles around the world while 
building a revolutionary movement of our own. We don't 
expect to convince people like this letter writer but 
we do hope that others who might proclaim the 
greatness of this country will think twice next time. 

* * *


The extralegal right-wing continued its armed struggle 
by shooting an abortion doctor to death on October 
23rd, Dr. Barnett Slepian who lived near Buffalo, New 
York. Police believe the same sniper may have been the 
one to shoot three other doctors since 1994 (all of 
which survived). Two of the other doctors live in 

The shooting of the medical doctor came only 11 days 
after the death of Matthew Sheppard, a student at the 
University of Wyoming, Laramie. Bigots beat Sheppard 
to death in a world-renowned case that has resulted in 
widespread demonstrations.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) called for a 
candlelight vigil in memory of the deceased physician 
to be held October 24th. However, the NOW press 
release stressed a strictly through-the-channels and 
from-the-grasstips approach to beating back this 
recent attack. The NOW press release read as follows:

"NOW Executive Vice President Kim Gandy called on the 
Justice Department to take immediate action to stop 
anti-abortion violence. 'It's long past time for the 
Justice Department to file criminal conspiracy charges 
against the nationwide ring of anti-abortion 
terrorists, as NOW did in civil court,' Gandy said 
referring to the NOW v. Scheidler case. 'They need to 
put the same resources into investigating this kind of 
domestic terrorism as they put into terrorism at the 
World Trade Center and the Atlanta Olympics,' Gandy 

"'These terrorists have friends in high places. Their 
right-wing sympathizers in state legislatures and 
Congress give credence to their tactics by creating 
legislation to restrict or outright ban abortion. 
These measures will ultimately be as deadly for women 
as bombs or bullets,' Ireland concluded."(2) Patricia 
Ireland is the president of NOW.

>From MIM's point of view the parallels to the Weimar 
Republic that gave birth to Nazism though not complete 
are nonetheless present. In particular, with the 
mainstream organizations such as NOW calling for legal 
action while the reactionaries fight in the streets, 
we cannot help but remember how the Nazis and 
Mussolini-style fascists won it in the streets.

It seems to MIM that every time the pseudo-feminists 
have a problem in the U$A, they run to the Justice 
Department for help. They do not expose the Justice 
Department with the intention of increasing anti-
patriarchal consciousness. Instead, the pseudo-
feminists sincerely seek patriarchal state help and 
the sad part is that they do not seem to notice that 
passing laws and changing prosecutors' attitudes does 
not stop rape, battering or the murder of reproductive 
health workers. There could hardly be a better way to 
fail to challenge the system of class and national 
oppression while making weak noises about gender 

The abysmal failure of Amerikan feminism even to 
resolve gender oppression can be traced back to the 
decision of many white pseudo-feminists in the 1960s 
to split from the more radical anti-war and anti-
imperialist movements. At the time, the female 
activists claimed that the radical men were treating 
them poorly and that was their reason for forming a 
feminist movement that we call pseudo-feminist.

Today, we continue to see the fruit of the decision of 
white feminism to go mainstream. Candlelight vigils 
are not enough in this kind of climate where 
reactionaries are murdering people for being gay or 
giving abortions. The pro-life movement's willingness 
to treat John Salvi as a hero for killing reproductive 
health workers in Brookline, Massachusetts and the 
pattern of attacks killing gays and abortion doctors 
proves that there will be those who require to be 
fought through armed struggle for the slightest of 
social changes. Just as it may be hard for feminists 
to imagine that some fought to defend slavery, 
feminists must also realize that the patriarchy 
resists real change with force.

1. CNN Web site 
2. NOW web site

* * *


by MC5

Home Depot--a hardware and lumber chain of giant 
stores--was the target of Rainforest Action Network 
(RAN) protests during World Rainforest Week that ended 
October 25th. The activists attempted to stop Home 
Depot from selling "old growth" lumber, by which they 
mean wood from trees up to 2,000 years old.

RAN reported that Home Depot joined an organization 
(Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)) designed for 
corporate image cleanup, but most Home Depot stores 
don't sell any of the FSC products involved.

Back in June, RAN declared partial victory when a 
logger in British Columbia moved toward 
environmentalist certification of its logging 
practices. On the other hand, RAN noted that there was 
still no complete stoppage of old growth logging and 
other companies were continuing the practice targeting 
"old growth" forests.(1)

Meanwhile, the Greens' website put forward an explicit 
justification for its piecemeal approach titled, 
"Distinctions among Greens, Socialists, and Liberals" 
by Michael Christopher. According to Christopher, "The 
socialist response is to 'socialize' the waste-costs, 
i.e. to create a government program to clean up the 
wastes or regulate their disposal and then pass the 
costs on to the society as a whole with no regard for 
who benefited or was hurt by the unpaid waste-costs."

"The solution proposed by ecological economists is 
quite different. They argue that waste-costs (and 
unpaid or undervalued resource-costs, such as 
resources taken from forests, lakes, oceans, and the 
atmosphere) should be 'internalized' rather than 
'socialized.' This means that unpaid waste-costs and 
resource-costs should not be picked up by the 
community as a whole (which do not all benefit in the 
same proportion) but rather these costs should be 
internalized into the market prices of commodities, so 
that only those who purchase a commodity or profit 
from its sale pay the costs associated with it. The 
result is that cleaner and less socially disruptive 
forms of production end up being cheaper rather than 
more expensive (their current status) than polluting 
and socially disruptive forms of production. In other 
words, things like fossil fuel generated power could 
not compete with solar generated power. The goal of 
cleaning up the environment is therefore accomplished 
without government clean up programs that treat all 
tax payers as if they benefit equally from the 
programs. In this sense, internalization produces an 
emphasis on personal responsibility rather than the 
tendency to blame 'society.' The goal is a gradual 
transformation of society rather than the call for a 
revolution of society."(2) 

In practice, MIM would have to agree that the above 
paragraph by Michael Christopher is accurate about the 
Greens. The extensive emphasis on boycotts and 
lifestyle is the proof. Supposedly consumers will stop 
buying old growth wood products and then the loggers 
will be forced to stop their ways according to the 

The largest timber company in Canada is supposedly an 
example: "MacMillan Bloedel's president, Tom Stephens, 
told the company's annual meeting in April that many 
customers 'don't want wood from old growth clearcuts.' 
His comments attest to the changing attitudes and 
heightened awareness of the wood-buying public, and 
the extent to which Rainforest Action Network's 
campaign against old growth wood has penetrated the 

"Rainforest Action Network has run an aggressive 
advertising campaign stigmatizing old growth logging 
with the line: 'The oldest living things on Earth, or 
tomorrow's lawn furniture.'"(1)

The Greens are our friends because they organize the 
petty-bourgeoisie and bourgeoisie toward proletarian 
goals. The only difficulty is that their failures will 
frustrate the masses and clear the way to fascism. We 
must point out that they are uncomfortable with 
communism because of the prevalence of the deep-rooted 
labor aristocracy in this country, but there is no 
other way to be really Green than to be really Red.

The petty-bourgeoisie being the middle-class tends to 
believe there is no real class structure, just people 
who try harder or less hard. That is why that class is 
inclined to lifestyle approaches avoiding the 
existence or analysis of a powerful class that runs 
production for profit at the expense of the 

The real communists are greener than the Greens, 
because there is no way to individualize the 
environment--as if we could box up the air and water 
and put it on department store shelves. The Greens 
talk about tolerating polluting lifestyles without use 
of force or without "socializing" the costs of 
pollution clean-up. This latter part about 
"internalizing costs" is demagogy of the capitalist 
sort accepted even by George Bush. In practice, it 
does not happen and Green politics are a scientific-
sounding excuse for continued environmental 

"Internalizing the costs" to make consumers pay for 
their polluting lifestyles is not possible unless 
someone puts a price on the right to pollution. To do 
that requires a scientific argument. At the very least 
it requires planning out how much it costs to clean 
something up or restore something to its 
environmentally sustainable state. So if a persyn uses 
a car that causes so much pollution, then that persyn 
should also pay for the clean-up of that pollution by 
Green reasoning. But to know how much that clean-up 
will cost and then include it in the price of the car 
is an act of socialist planning.

Production guided by scientific planning for political 
goals and not for profit is socialism. Hence, 
production guided by scientific planning for the goal 
of ending clear-cutting of certain forests is a 
political goal and hence socialist. Similarly, setting 
the prices of fossil-fuels to include the price of 
cleaning up their pollution is socialist.

Either the Greens are academically quibbling with the 
socialists here out of imperialist country fear of 
socialism or they are leaving open that some or all 
consumers have the right to place no value on the 
environment and that costs will not be "internalized" 
in practice. We communists are not afraid of the word 
"ban" applied in production. We also see no individual 
right to pollute. In fact, if the Green position is 
capitalist it results in no inherent environmental 
progress, because if a corporation were wildly 
profitable and could afford to bid higher for the 
right to pollute than anyone else, it could go on 
polluting. Moreover the wealthy consumers--perhaps 
making their money by polluting--may by themselves be 
able to degrade the environment with the full approval 
of naive Greens focusing on individual lifestyles. 

The proof is in these boycotts the Greens run. Some 
loggers move out of the "old growth forest" business, 
but others may move in to make higher profits than 
ever. The only real solution is political and hence 



* * *


BERKELEY, CA - The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist 
League (RAIL) received a warm response from many of 
the three thousand people who attended the "Critical 
Resistance" conference at the University of California 
- Berkeley in September. The conference focused on 
what organizers called the "Prison-Industrial 
Complex." As MIM investigated at length in MIM Theory 
11, Amerikan prisons are part and parcel of national 
oppression in Amerika and are increasingly becoming a 
big business. 

Talks ranged from the musty corners of academia, to 
human rights reformism, to more revolutionary speakers 
who made the connection between imperialism, national 
oppression, and Amerikan prisons. Some speakers drew 
the important connection between white privilege and 
prisons, either by pointing out how rural communities 
profit directly from the prison-building craze or by 
explaining how imperialism benefits the entire white 

The Free Books for Prisoners program drew special 
notice at RAIL's table, and in the weeks following the 
conference RAIL has received several donations from 
conference participants. 

* * * 


CORCORAN, CA - Over 400 protesters gathered in front 
of Corcoran State Prison on October 17th in order to 
protest the brutal treatment prisoners receive in 
California prisons, as well as the continued unjust 
expansion of prisons in California. The protesters 
shouted their defiance to the prison's warden and the 
local cops and guards who blockaded the road to the 
prison. Some of the marchers' placards denounced CA's 
"three strikes" law - one had a photo of a man and his 
daughter with the words "Larry Olin - Sentenced 25 
years to life for two pairs of Levis." Others exposed 
the cruel and callous conditions in CA prisons, such 
as the poster which simply said "Alice Quihos was 
murdered by medical neglect."

Between 1988 and 1996 guards at Cocoran staged daily 
fights between prisoners, sometimes even betting on 
the outcome and reviewing the videotapes for their 
sick entertainment. Many prisoners were injured by the 
37mm wooden bullets used to break up the fights, and 
seven were killed by guards. Public pressure forced 
the FBI and the state Attorney General to launch 
investigations of Corcoran, but - although the 
gladiator fights have stopped - little has changed at 
Corcoran, let alone the 32 other state prisons.

Speakers at the rally included anti-prisons activists 
and family members of prisoners. Bill Tate, the father 
of one of the prisoners executed by guards during the 
spate of "gladiator fights" at Corcoran, reminded the 
rallyists that his son's case has received exceptional 
attention, but there are many more prisoners tortured 
and killed in CA's prisons who do not receive media or 
bourgeois political attention. Indeed, a recent report 
by the LA Times reported that CA remains the only 
state to officially condone the use of deadly force to 
break up alleged prisoner fights, despite outrage over 
the incidents at Corcoran. Dozens of prisoners have 
been killed as a result.

A speaker from the HIV/AIDS in Prison Project 
explained that Corcoran - one of CA's three control 
units, and referred to by prisoners as "the hole" - 
was recently designated as CA's AIDS treatment center. 
Supposedly all HIV+ prisoners were transferred there. 
However, the conditions of all of these 230 prisoners 
now allegedly receiving "special medical care" have 
worsened, and dozens of HIV+ prisoners in CA still 
receive no treatment at all. The protest was a mix of 
electoral reformists, human rights groups, and people 
who, like MIM and RAIL, view prisons as a part of a 
larger system of national oppression and genocide. The 
majority of protesters and speakers did not have 
illusions about either of the two mainstream 
candidates for governor reforming CA prisons or the 
criminal "justice" system. Republican Dan Lundgren is 
a big supporter of the get-tough status quo, and, as 
one speaker pointed out, his Democratic opponent Gray 
Davis wants to lower the age at which a person can be 
sentenced to death by the criminal injustice system to 

Prisons are on the front lines of Amerika's war 
against its internal colonies, where men and wimmin 
are confined against their will - more and more often 
for "crimes" which their white counterparts get away 
with. Only by solving the broader problems of national 
oppression can the problem of brutality in Amerikan 
prisons be solved.

The protest was initiated by the California Prisons 
Focus, a single issue organization which grew out the 
movement against California's first modern control 
unit at Pelican Bay. California RAIL chapters 
organized a contingent to participate as part of their 
ongoing campaign to expose the evils of California 
prisons and in order to build support for Serve the 
People programs like the Free Books for Prisoners 
program. For more information about anti-prisons work 
RAIL and MIM are doing in CA, write to the Los Angeles 
address on page 2 or e-mail [email protected] 

Note: LA Times, 18 Oct 98.

* * *


MIM Legal Notes is a publication of the Serve the 
People Prisoners' Legal Clinic. Contact MIM for 
information on getting involved with this program. 

MIM Legal Notes is researched and written by our 
comrades behind the walls. We publish these articles 
and briefs because we believe that the legal research 
and arguments will be useful to other prisoners. But 
comrades should be aware that differences in laws 
between states, changes in laws and legal precedents 
over time, and different case circumstances all mean 
that even something that was successful for one person 
might not work for others. We print the best legal 
writing available to us with the understanding that 
this program will only grow stronger with increased 
exposure and participation. We encourage all prisoners 
and non-prisoners to contribute to this program with 
research, writing, and funding.

There may be other legal arguments or cases or 
statutes which would better serve your purposes; what 
you find here should be useful as a starting point. If 
you can do your own legal work, you may choose to rely 
on a purely bourgeois legal argument, or also use 
political arguments to make your legal case. 

Double Jeopardy in Michigan: Double Standards

submitted by a Michigan prisoner, member of the 
Political Prisoners of War Coalition

The 1963 Michigan Constitution Art. I, 15 double 
jeopardy provision provides that: "No person shall be 
subject for the same offense to be twice put in 

Similarly, the United States Constitution Amendment V 
double jeopardy clause states "nor shall any person be 
subject for the same offense to be twice put in 
jeopardy of life or limb."

Supposedly, the Michigan Constitution double jeopardy 
provision provides greater protection from double 
punishment for the same offense than the federal 
constitution double jeopardy clause does,(1) however, 
where Michigan prisoners are concerned, the state and 
federal proscriptions against double jeopardy 
punishment are illusionary and amount to nothing more 
than meaningless prose; the worst kind of free-vers 
doggerel imaginable. The Michigan Supreme Court and 
Michigan Court of Appeals have all but admitted that 
prison disciplinary hearings are kangaroo courts. Of 
course they don't come right out and say so, but 
anyone with a fourth grade reading level can see 
through the hyperbole in their unjust decisions and 
arrive at the proper conclusion.

In People v. Powers, 272 Mich.303,307 (1935), the 
Michigan Supreme Court stated: "A person is in 
jeopardy when he is put upon trial in a court of 
justice charged with a violation of law." (emphasis 
supplied.) Twelve years later in the case of People v. 
Tillard, 318 Mich 619,623 (1947) the Court quoted the 
'court of justice' language from Powers, supra. 
Needless to say, such lewd language does not bode well 
for the convict. The Court determined that a prisoner 
is not subjected to double jeopardy when his good time 
credits are forfeited after a criminal prosecution for 
escape in In re Evans, 352 Mich 185 (1953). It is 
interesting to note that the Evans opinion does not 
reveal whether the Court relied on the Michigan double 
jeopardy provision or the federal double jeopardy 
clause in reaching its holding. Evidently, the Court 
just took for granted that a convict is not entitled 
to state and/or federal constitutional protections 
when he is twice punished for the same offenses: 
something it should not have done. The Court had long 
held that litigants could not make a mere statement of 
position without an argument or citation of authority 
to support the issue. (See Neilands v. Wright, 134 
Mich 77 (1903)).(2) A holding they should have applied 
to themselves.

In People v. Wilson, 6 Mich App 474 (1967), the 
Michigan Court of Appeals held that a prisoner who 
escaped from the State Prison of Southern Michigan and 
had his good time forfeited, who was then charged with 
the criminal offense of escape was not subjected to 
double jeopardy. The Court held that under either the 
1963 Constitutional Article I, 15 or the Fifth 
Amendment there are two elements in the prohibition 
against double jeopardy: (1) There must be successive 
subjection to 'jeopardy,' and (2) in each instance the 
offense must be the same. Id. at 476. The Court deemed 
escape as constituting a violation of prison rules 
evoking the relevant good-time statute forfeiture 
provisions in addition to being a punishable felony 
offense. "The Michigan Supreme Court has consistently 
held that 'jeopardy' requires criminal prosecution in 
a court of justice." Id. at 477 (citing Powers and 
Tillard, supra). The Court ruled that there was no 
successive subjection to jeopardy because "the 
defendant's good time was forfeited [as] the statute 
requires, in an administrative proceeding and not in a 
criminal proceeding in a court of justice." Id.

In People V. Shastal, 26 Mich App347 (1970), a 
prisoner who was prosecuted for escaping from the 
Michigan Reformatory contended that he had been 
subjected to double jeopardy because his good-time was 
forfeited as a result of his escape and he was later 
convicted at a jury trial of the "same offense." Id. 
at 349. The Court of Appeals relied upon its holding 
in Wilson at 477 and found the defendant's jeopardy 
assertion meritless. Id. at 350.

The Court of Appeals held in yet another prison escape 
case, People v. Alexander, 39 Mich App 607 (1972) that 
it was in complete accord with the Wilson, supra 
decision, i.e., good-time forfeiture and subsequent 
prosecution for the same offense do not constitute 
double jeopardy. Id. at 609. However, the Court also 
held that if the defendant was in fact illegally 
incarcerated due to an improper method of time 
computation at the time he escaped, then he should not 
have been prosecuted under People v. Hamaker, 92 Mich 
11 (1892) (holding that one cannot be convicted of 
escape if the incarceration is illegal,) and remanded 
the matter back to the trial court for further fact-
finding with respect to the "legality of defendant's 
incarceration." Id. at 610-611.

Once again, the People v. Browns, 39 Mich App 424 
(1972), the Court of Appeals relied upon In re Evans; 
Wilson; and Shastal, supra, in determining that 
defendant's contention that forfeiture of his earned 
good-time by Michigan Department of Corrections prior 
to his felony conviction for the same offense of 
escape amounted to double jeopardy was without merit. 
Id. at 425.

Being convicted at a bench trial for carrying a 
concealed weapon, to wit: a homemade knife at Jackson 
Prison subjected him to double jeopardy because his 
accumulated good-time was confiscated for the same 
crime at an administrative hearing was the contention 
in People v. Lewis, 42 Mich App 121 (1972). The Court 
of Appeals found that nothing in the record disclosed 
that the defendant had in fact had his good-time 
confiscated, or if it was actually confiscated, 
whether it was for possessing the knife. Nonetheless, 
the Court relied on Wilson and Shastal and stated that 
"the forfeiture of 'good-time' in an administrative 
proceeding does not amount to double jeopardy. In 
order to violate the constitutional prohibition 
against double jeopardy the double sentencing must 
occur in a criminal prosecution in a court of justice 
and not an administrative proceeding." Id. at 124. 
(See also People v. Bachman, 60 Mich App 682 (1973), 
Iv.den. 392 Mich 776 (1974) (same).

All of the foul decisions cited supra were decided 
prior to the landmark United States Supreme Court 
decision in Wolff v. McDonnell, 418 U.S. 539, 556-59; 
94 S. Ct. 2963 (1974), which held that prisoners are 
entitled to safeguards of due process in disciplinary 
proceedings. The Court ruled that procedural due 
process affords prisoners facing forfeiture of 
statutory good-time to minimal precaution and 
identified five basic requirements prisoners are 
entitled to before they can be punished for violating 
prison rules. Id. at 563-71. (See e.g. Manville, 
Prisoners' Self-Help Litigation Manual (3rd ed 1995) 
(3) Ch. IV, D, pp.260-76; Columbia Human Rights Law 
Review, A Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual (4th ed 1995) (4) 
Ch. 27, C, pp. 829-32. However, the Wolff decision did 
not change the scope of the double jeopardy 
application, nor did a series of Michigan cases which 
hold that state prisoners receive far greater 
procedural protections than those mandated by Wolff. 
See e.g., 1963 Mich Const Art. VI, 28 (requiring 
judicial review of admin. Agency decisions); MCL 
791.251 et seq.; MSA 28.2320 (51) te seq (statue for 
review of MDOC prison disciplinary hearings); Meadows 
v. Marquette Prison Warden, 117 Mich App 794 (1982); 
Campbell v. Marquette Prison Warden, 119 Mich Ap 377 
(1982); Tocco v. Marquette Prison Warden, 123 Mich App 
395 (1983) (standard of review requires "competent, 
material and substantial evidence on the whole record" 
to uphold prison disciplinary conviction), cf.with 
Superintendent v. Hill, 472 U.S. 445, 457; 105 S. Ct. 
2768 (1985). Federal due process clause standard of 
review only requires "some evidence" to uphold prison 
disciplinary conviction. As far as prisoners are 
concerned, based solely on Michigan jurisprudence, 
laissez faire is the standard the courts really apply 
when upholding prison officials' violations of 
prisoners' rights, as evinced by post-Wolff double 
jeopardy cases, infra.

In PFefferle v. Corrections Commission, 86 Mich App 
366 (1976), plaintiff sought a writ of mandamus(5) to 
compel the Commission to restore two years worth of 
accumulated good-time credits which had been 
confiscated after his escape from Jackson Prison. Nine 
months after the Warden entered an order forfeiting 
Pfefferle's good-time, Pfefferle initiated grievance 
proceedings and was granted a hearing. The Court of 
Appeals granted issuance of the writ on the basis that 
the procedures employed by the Warden to seize 
Pfefferle's good-time failed to comport with the due 
process requirements erected by the United States 
Supreme Court in Wolff 418 U.S. at 563-70 and ordered 
defendants to conduct a hearing which conforms to 
Wolff. Id. at 371-72. The Court also noted that 
"because the issue may arise again, we note that 
plaintiff's double jeopardy and/or equal protection 
arguments concerning loss of good-time have been 
previously rejected" and cited to Bachman, supra, and 
cases cited therein. Id. at 373.

Likewise, in People v. Bellafont, 105 Mich App 788 
(1981), the Court of Appeals depended on Pfefferle and 
Bachman, supra, in finding that defendant's bench 
trial conviction for assaulting a prison guard after 
having already been required to relinquish earned 
good-time as a result of the very same offense did not 
constitute double jeopardy. Id. at 790.

Prisoners George C. Couch and Ronald L. Jordan at the 
Marquette Branch Prison brought a tort action against 
prison guard Timothy P. Schultz, asserting that he 
defamed them when he filed a major misconduct report 
charging them with sodomy. See Couch c. Schultz, 193 
Mich App 292 (1992). The sole issue on appeal was one 
of first impression in Michigan; whether a 
disciplinary proceeding is a 'judicial proceeding' in 
which witnesses are afforded an absolute privilege 
from liability for defamation? Id. at 293. As would be 
expected, the Court of Appeals easily answered the 
question in the defendant's favor, holding that: "a 
prison disciplinary hearing is a 'judicial proceeding' 
and statements made in relation to such hearings are 
absolutely privileged." Id. at 294. The Court cited to 
a leading treatise, Prosser & Keeton, Torts (5th ed 
1984) 114 Defamation and footnotes cited therein at 
pp.816-21, as authority for the proposition that " 
'judicial proceedings' may include any hearing before 
a tribunal or administrative board that performs a 
judicial function." Id.

Further, the Court observed that the United States 
Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in Shelly v. 
Johnson, 849 F. 2d 288, 230 (6th Cir. 1988) held that 
in Michigan "prison hearing officers are in fact 
professional hearing officers in the nature of 
administrative law judges" and entitled to absolute 
judicial immunity. The Shelly decision was primarily 
based on five factors:

(1)the statutory requirements that hearing officers be 
licensed attorneys under MCL 791.251(5); 

(2)the hearing officer's duties and roles are 
explained in detail in MCL 791.252; MSA28.2320(52);

(3)at the request of a prisoner upon a showing of bias 
or for legitimate reasons the hearing officer is 
required to recuse (disqualify) himself pursuant to 
MCL 791.252(i); MSA28.2320(52)(i);

(4)a hearing officer's decision must be in writing and 
include findings of fact in accordance with MCL 
791.252(k); MSA28.2320(52)(k); and,

MCL 791.255; MSA28.2320(55) mandates that a prisoner 
is entitled to judicial review of a hearing officer's 
decision (as noted, this last determinant is required 
under the Michigan constitution.)

After reviewing MCL 791.251 et seq,; MSA28.2320(51) et 
seq., the statutory scheme concerning Michigan prison 
disciplinary hearings, the Court found it supported 
the proposal that a prison disciplinary hearing is a 
judicial proceeding.(6) Id. at 296.

If a prison disciplinary hearing is a "judicial 
proceeding" for liability purposes in the civil 
context, then why is it not "a court of justice" for 
double jeopardy purposes in the quasi-criminal 
context? Inquiring convicts want to know! The answer 
begs the question.

Like its federal counterpart, the Michigan 
Constitution is not and never has been a static 
document.(7) Further, Michigan - like the other 49 
states - is free to reject the method used by the U.S. 
Supreme Court and inferior federal tribunals in 
preference of a differentiated assay of its analogous 
constitutional guarantees, or to read its own 
constitutional provisions more expansively than the 
federal constitution is read by the U.S. Supreme 
Court.(8) Currently the Michigan courts make no 
pretense of being engaged in warfare on prisoners' 
rights as their vile published opinions indicate. One 
might justifiably assume the state tribunals are 
attempting to outperform the federal courts (who have 
long held there is no double jeopardy for disciplinary 
and criminal punishment for the same offense)(9) in 
divesting prisoners of their diminished constitutional 

Perhaps one day an outstanding jailhouse lawyer will 
be able to convince the Michigan Supreme Court to 
expand the Couch decision to encompass disciplinary 
hearings in prison to be "a court of justice" for 
double jeopardy purposes. After all, "justice must 
satisfy the appearance of justice." In re Murchison, 
349 U.S. 133.136; 75 S. Ct. 623, 625 (1955). In the 
meantime - don't hold your breathe!!(10)


1. See People v. Carter, 415 Mich 588,582, n. 26 
(1982) "Michigan unlike some other states, has its own 
specific constitutional protection against double 
jeopardy. Const 1963, art.1, 15. Although the language 
of the state provision is nearly the same as that of 
the federal constitution, there are certain important 
differences between the state and federal tests used 
to establish a constitutional violation. 
Significantly, the Michigan rules offer broader double 
jeopardy protection than do the federal standards. 
Compared to federal interpretations, Michigan is more 
protective of defendants' double jeopardy rights with 
respect to multiple prosecution as well as multiple 
punishment. See People v. White, 390 Mich 245; 212 
NW2d 222 (1973)."

2. See also Dolby v. State Highway Commission, 283 
Mich 609 (1938); Arrand v. Graham, 297 Mich 559 
(1941); Mitchell v. City of Detroit, 355 Mich 182 
(1959); Goolsby v. Detroit, 419 Mich 651, 655, n.1 
(1984); Kuzinski v. Boretti, 182 Mich App 177, 180 
(1989); Alpena FOC v. Durecki, 195 Mich App 635, 639 
(1992). On this point the list is endless.

3. The Prisoners' Self-Help Litigation Manual (3rd ed 
1995) costs $29.95 and is available from Oceana 
Publications Inc. 75 Main Street Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522 
USA (914) 693-8100.

4. A Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual (4th ed 1995) costs $13 
and is available from Columbia Human Rights Law 
Review, Box B-25, Columbia University School of Law, 
435 Wast 116th Street, New York, NY USA 10027.

5. See Michigan Court Rule (MCR) 3.305 and MCL600.4401 
et seq.; MSA 27.4401 et seq. for court rule and statue 
on mandamus. As a general rule, mandamus will issue 
only to compel the performance of a ministerial act to 
which the plaintiff has a clear legal right and the 
defendant has a clear legal duty to perform. See e.g. 
Pillon v. Attorney General, 345 Mich 536 (1956); 
Lundberg v. Corrections Commission, 57 Mich App 327 
(1975); Schweitzer v. Polygraph Examiners, 77 Mich App 
749, 752-53 (1977) (collecting cases). See also Khan 
v. Warden, Jackson Prison, 128 Mich App 224 (1983) 
(good discussion on difference between mandamus and 
habeas corpus.

6. It should be noted that Michigan courts are not 
bound by a federal court's decision construing a 
Michigan statute. See Continental Motors Corp. v. 
Muskegon Twp., 365 Mich 191 (1961); Hardy v. 
Maxheimer, 429 Mich 422, 432 (1987). Michigan courts 
are not bound by U.S. Supreme Courts decisions. The 
Michigan Supreme Court is the final arbitrator in 
purely state questions. See Paley v. Coca Cola Co., 39 
Mich App 379, 384 (1972). When there is no conflict, 
state courts are bound by the holdings of federal 
courts on federal questions; when an issue has divided 
the federal circuits, the state courts are free to 
choose the most appropriate view. See Schueler v. 
Weintrob, 360 Mich 621, 634 (1960); Kocsis v. Pierce, 
192 Mich App 92, 98 (1991); Abdur-Ra'oof v. Dept. of 
Corrections, 221 Mich App 585, 589, (1997).

7. See Scholle v. Secretary of State, 360 Mich 1, 107 
(1960) Black. J., dissenting).

8)See People v. Thompson, 424 Mich 118, 125 (1985); 
City of Mesquite v. Alladin's Castle, Inc., 455 U.S. 
283,293; 102 S. Ct. 74, 81; 100 S. Ct. 2035 (1980). 
cf. With People v. Nash, 418 Mich 196 (1983); People 
v. Collins, 438 Mich 8 (1991); People v. Bullock, 440 
Mich 15,30(1992); People v. Pickens, 446 Mich 298, 
308-27 (1994); Sitz v. State Police (On Rem), 193 Mich 
App 690, 696 (1992).

9)See Manville, The Prisoners' Self-Help Litigation 
Manual (3rd ed 1995) Ch. IV, D, 1(s) pp.311-12 
(collecting cases.)

10. See Couch, supra. I say this because there can be 
no doubt that a misconduct/disciplinary hearing which 
has been termed a "judicial proceeding" is not "a 
court of justice." See e.g. Trimble v. Morrish, 152 
Mich 624, 627 (1908) where the Michigan Supreme Court 
stated "[a] communication absolutely privileged - as, 
for instance words spoken by a judge in his judicial 
capacity in a court of justice - is not actionable, 
even though spoken maliciously." (emphasis supplied)

* * *


The u.$. supported the overthrow of its former puppet 
in the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, when it became 
clear that the dictator was isolated and an 
embarrassment. Despite all the praise the u.$. media 
heaped on Marcos' successor, Corey Aquino, for being a 
"true democrat," the fundamental nature of the 
Philippine government did not change under Aquino. It 
remained a puppet government of the u.$., beholden to 
foreign monopoly capitalists and local reactionaries. 
Human rights abuses even increased under Aquino, 
thanks to her declaration of "total war" in the 
countryside against the New People's Army led by the 
Communist Party of the Philippines. 

The following two articles show that even the facade 
of change is crumbling away, as former Marcos cronies 
openly retake positions of power in the government and 
the economy. But while the government in Manila is 
exposing itself as reactionary-infested, the Communist 
Party of the Philippines is leading a revolutionary 
movement to set up a state which truly serves the 
people, and brings them true justice. - MIM

The return of the Marcoses to Power

Reprinted from "Ang Bayan," the newspaper of the 
Central Committee of the Communist Party of the 
Philippines, April-June 1998. 

Accompanying Joseph Estrada to Malcanang [the 
Philippine presidential palace] as the new reactionary 
president is a flock of minions and cronies of the 
former dictator Marcos.

Leading the pack are his son Bongbong and daughter 
Imce who won as governor and congressional 
representative, respectively, of Ilocos Norte. 

Aside from them, Estrada plans to appoint prominent 
Marcos men to his cabinet. Estrada himself and Edgardo 
Angara who ran as vice president under Estrada's 
party, are other former Marcos minions. One of the top 
bankrollers and supporters of Estrada's candidacy is 
Eduardo 'Danding' Cojuangco, Marcos' number one crony.

The return to power of Marcos' minions paves the way 
for their recovery of wealth sequestered by the 
government in 1986. First in line are Cojuangco's 
shares of stock in San Miguel corporation (SMC), the 
recovery of which would give him majority control over 

There is also the looming possibility that the Marcos 
family will be able to recover its ill-gotten wealth. 
Plans are already afoot to withdraw cases filed 
against Imelda Marcos in court. Once the Marcos family 
recovers this wealth compensation for victims of 
fascist abuse during the dictatorship will certainly 
be jeopardized.

Despite fierce resistance from different sectors, 
Estrada insists on giving the fascist dictator a 
hero's burial. Not only does he want to bury in 
oblivion the fascist dictator's unprecedented crimes 
against the people and the thousands of direct victims 
of fascist abuse who have yet to obtain justice. He is 
also using the issue of the burial to revive and 
mobilize Marcos loyalists within and outside the 
military and civilian bureaucracy. - AB

Arrest the dictator's minions!

Reprinted from "Ang Bayan," the newspaper of the 
Central Committee of the Communist Party of the 
Philippines, April-June 1998. 

The Communist Party of the Philippines and the New 
People's Army condemn the incoming Estrada regime for 
honoring, through an official burial, the despised 
dictator Marcos. This is a grave insult to the people 
who were oppressed by and suffered tremendously under, 
the fascist Marcos dictatorship, especially the 
thousands of victims of human rights abuses, who have 
long been crying for justice but continue to be denied 

The reactionary government in Manila has long 
abandoned the quest for justice of the hated Marcos 
fascist dictatorship. But it is now evident that the 
incoming Estrada regime even intends to surpass the 
criminal negligence of the two previous 
administrations. Not only does it want to bury in 
oblivion the crimes and savagery of the fascist 
dictatorship without rectification. It also plans to 
place in the centers of power and privilege the 
relatives and minions of the fascist dictator who 
remain unrepentant and unwilling to accept 
responsibility for their crimes against the people.

Accordingly, the Party's Central Committee directs the 
New People's Army to form special units to undertake 
operations to arrest the relatives of Marcos, 
especially Imelda Marcos and Ferdinand Marcos Jr., 
along with the other minions of the late dictator and 
oblige them to face the people's justice and answer 
for their major crimes against the people. - AB

* * *


by MC5

In California, November elections include a vote on 
Proposition 5, whether or not to allow expansion of 
First Nation casinos. The governor is currently tied 
up in court trying to stop the First Nations from 
running gambling enterprises in what the white man 
calls "California."

As we go to press, some Indians are pandering to white 
stereotypes in order to win the vote. Ads for Indian 
casinos say that casinos will lift Indians out of the 
U.$. welfare system.

While it is true that casinos have the effect of 
lifting First Nation people out of the U.$. welfare 
system, we believe that what the First Nations do is 
their own business. The United $tates would not dare 
to stop Canada or Germany from having casinos.

The fact that white people will be the majority of 
voters on Proposition 5 shows what is wrong with 
imperialist so-called democracy. Democracy is 
majority-rule, but it ends up meaning a majority of 
white people decide what happens in all Third World 
and indigenous nations.

Surely the world vote would have gone against the 
Vietnam War, but the white democracy in the United 
$tates sent half a million troops to Vietnam. Hence, 
the current imperialist democracy doesn't really count 
all the people that should be counted under majority-

Moreover, there is no way that a majority of any 
people should have a say over what happens within the 
First Nations. This is the second flaw of imperialist 
democracy as it is today. Not only are the broad 
masses of Third World people in the world not counted 
when the United $tates decides to tell other countries 
what to do, but also certain questions should not be 
decided by majority-rule in the first place.

As soon as we think of white voters in the United 
$tates and the rights of small nations, it becomes 
clear why status quo democracy is an unstable system 
bound to lead to militarism and deathly strife. The 
system is logically incoherent. Deciding when 
majority-rule should apply and when "minority" or 
small nation rights should apply is an inherent 
conflict within a system of democracy.

Traditionally, political science has spilled tons of 
ink on the questions of "rights" versus 
"responsibilities." Large nations and small nations 
both have rights and responsibilities toward each 
other: that is all that political science and the 
concepts of bourgeois democracy can tell us. For us 
communists, this is beating around the bush. What 
there needs to be is a system of cooperation, a stable 
one. That system as it was for hundreds of thousands 
of years when everyone lived in tribes is communism. 
It's the only system capable of uniting all the people 
in peace.

In the short-run, we believe the First Nations should 
decide for themselves whether to have casinos on their 
territory. Moreover, under the socialist dictatorship 
transition to communism, we will see that the Amerikan 
people pay just reparations to the First Nations for 
the genocide against them carried out with majority-

The fact that this California vote is a choice between 
joblessness and welfare on the one hand and the evils 
of gambling on the other hand is a telling statement 
about U.$. capitalism. Under the rational system of 
socialism, everyone will have a job and we won't need 
gambling to provide for the people. 

Note: USA Today "California voters hold the cards on 
gaming initiative" 28Oct1998, p. 17a. 

* * *


MIM sent this message to a meeting of youth in 
Leningrad who uphold Lenin and Stalin.

Greetings comrades of the RYCL(b) on this occasion of 
your Congress, October 25th, 1998.

Across the world, the communists look forward to the 
re-constitution of a genuine communist movement in the 
ex-Soviet Union. Already there are many stirrings in 
that direction. Many have shaken off the influence of 
Khruschevite revisionism and the old nomenklatura. 
This gladdens the hearts of communists everywhere.

For this reason, any Congress of followers of Marx, 
Lenin and Stalin takes on exceptional importance. We 
bid you to hasten the ideological struggle.

The battle against revisionism will not reach its next 
stage until the comrades there establish a party on 
the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

In this regard, many see through Khruschev revisionism 
and few are fooled by Gorbachev or Yeltsin anymore. 
What remains to be done is reach a theoretical 
conclusion about the restoration of capitalism in the 
Soviet Union.

Crucial to re-orientation on a proletarian basis is to 
distinguish nationalism from communism. A recent 
speech by Victor Anpilov is an example. He correctly 
admits that revisionism is the key to understanding 
the debacle in the Soviet Union. He also gives Mao 
credit for being the first to try to stop Khruschev 
from going down the capitalist road and above all he 
admits that there were internal enemies of socialism 
in the Soviet Union. 

However, this is not enough. Victor Anpilov harkens 
back to 1977 in the Soviet Union. He gives credit to 
the revisionists in the GDR and Syria who opposed 
Gorbachev--as if opposition to Gorbachev were enough 
to establish one's credentials as a genuine communist!

There were many in the world who opposed Gorbachev for 
their own geopolitical reasons having nothing to do 
with communism. Some of these non-proletarian allies 
of Soviet nationalism even pretended to be communist--
both inside and outside the former Soviet Union.

Yet, if we look into the matter closely we can always 
tell apart the proletarian leaders from mere 
nationalist friends of the Soviet Union. The 
proletarian leaders aim their fire not just at U.$. 
imperialism but also at the internal class enemy. It 
is not just that Khruschev, Brezhnev, Gorbachev and 
Yeltsin sold out to imperialism: they also implemented 

Comrades, please check into this! There is still some 
confusion on this question internationally and if you 
disagree with us, you should enter into public 
polemics with us at once! We ask you to check: which 
of these, the Syrian "Communist Party", the GDR 
"Communist Party", Kim in Korea and the Workers World 
Party in the U$A, which of these admitted there was a 
bourgeoisie in the party? Quite the contrary, they all 
had a role in tolerating the world's Gorbachevs, 
Yeltsins, Alias etc.

Comrades, we must understand that Mao and the "Gang of 
Four" were called "ultraleft" for talking about how 
capitalist restoration could come about and how it had 
to be fought. It is only Marxism-Leninism-Maoism that 
talks about the bourgeoisie in the party. The reason 
for that is that only Mao and the "Gang of Four" came 
up with an understanding of the appropriation of labor 
under socialism, an understanding of the Law of Value 
under socialism and what it meant for political 
struggle. These other variants of revisionism are a 
tad "left" of Gorbachev, but they are the variety that 
would have tolerated Gorbachev and Yeltsin in the 
party. They are the variety of revisionism that 
opposed launching Cultural Revolution as Mao 

At this time, we must not allow a re-grouping of 
revisionism. The decaying corpse of revisionism still 
fouls the air! To clear the air, we must look at this 
corpse internationally and take up Marxism-Leninism-
Maoism as the solution.

This is no time to be hiding our differences in the 
international communist movement. We are still in the 
stage of explaining to the proletariat the huge 
betrayals that have happened. We must do this in the 
open, so we urge you to take up the question of 
summing up the history of the international communist 
movement on the question of internal enemies, 
specifically a bourgeoisie in the party. It is not 
possible to have capitalism without a bourgeoisie!

International Ministry 

Maoist Internationalist Movement 

* * *


Prisoners, pro-prisoners advocates and critics of 
prison Security Threat Group policies have argued that 
these policies are nothing more than a thinly 
disguised attack on oppressed people. The STG policies 
vaguely describe aspects of Black and Latino nations' 
body and spoken language, and describe these basic 
building blocks of national identity as proof of gang 
membership. Now the Michigan prisons have come out and 
said that a Black prisoner cannot receive his 
subscription to VIBE magazine, which is devoted to 
"the hip hop, rap and R&B communities, not gangs."(1) 

In the most recent example offered by the Michigan 
prisons, a prison's mailroom staff found that the 
October, 1998 issue of VIBE "contained gang signs" and 
that this made the magazine "a threat to the 
institution." The prisoner's quite constructive 
response to this ridiculous charge was to suggest that 
any pages seen as a threat could be removed by the 
mailroom staff before the magazine was delivered to 
him. This not being good enough for the prison hearing 
officer, the officer decided that the prisoner could 
send his copy of VIBE home at his own expense if he 
wanted to save it from being thrown away.(2)

The prison's decision on VIBE just goes to show 
exactly how rational the prisons will be when it comes 
to applying their STG policies: not at all. Before the 
October issue of VIBE ever showed up, the same 
prisoner's Fall, 1998 issue of Blaze was held up and 
censored for containing "gang signs, which are 
prohibited from entering the institution." On this 
earlier occasion, the prisoner attempted to enlighten 
the ignorant mailroom staff, and to dissuade them of 
the misconception that every pose a Black persyn takes 
is a gang sign. He answered the mail rejection notice 
quite simply: "these are not gang signs." But this 
wasn't good enough for the hearing officer who on this 
earlier occasion also told the prisoner he could send 
the magazine home at his own expense or have it thrown 

This case goes down on MIM's list as proof positive 
that the Security Threat Group Policy is nothing more 
than an attack on the majority Black population of 
Michigan prisons, as well as on the Latinos and all 
prisoners who dare to become active against the 
system. Culture is a fundamental aspect of national 
identity, alongside territory, language, history and 
economy. That the Michigan prisons are openly 
attacking Black culture shows that they recognize 
Blacks as a nation that is oppressed by and will rise 
against the prisons system.

If you are a prisoner who has had your literature 
censored under a Security Threat Group policy, write 
to MIM Notes and we'll publish your article about this 
censorship. Censorship is the oppressor's last resort 
-- a means of keeping people from organizing through 
physical restraint, and therefore a fundamental part 
of the prisons system. MIM works to expose censorship 
in prisons as we work to increase the flow of 
literature to and extend our work with prisoners.

1. A Michigan prisoner 19 October, 1998. 
2. Administrative Hearing Report 22 September, 1998. 
3. Administrative Hearing Report 4 September, 1998.

* * *


With the help of allies, RAIL has created a weekly 
radio program on prisons to be aired on one college 
radio station on the East Coast. We would like to 
distribute this program to stations across North 

If you can get this program on the air in your 
community, contact RAIL at the address on page 2. It 
will cost at least $5 to produce and mail a tape with 
4 shows on it. Checks should be made out to MIM.

The program consists of 15 minutes of news, commentary 
and prisoner letters. Contributions of money and 
equipment (tape decks, microphones, computer 
equipment) are needed to expand the program and make 
it self-sufficient.

* * *

Fall 1998 
PO Box 1134 
Lawrence MA 01842
reviewed by MC5

A newspaper called "Green Politics" came out in a 
Fall, 1998 issue. Naturally the paper totes its 120 
candidates in 22 states running in elections in 
November, 1998. We salute this periodical as 
progressive, especially because it does not claim to 
be Marxist. The same paper if it claimed to be Marxist 
would be too watery and reformist and would anger MIM 
considerably because it would mislead the people about 
the true nature of Marxism.

The Green Party correctly identifies many central 
problems of our time and seeks to fix them with legal 
reform and investor social responsibility campaigns. 
As such, the Green Party has a good sense of goals but 
a poor sense of political reality. It is 
unquestionably bourgeois.

Unlike some watery Greens, this publication makes the 
connection between militarism and the environment. It 
calls for a $198 billion cut in "defense" spending in 
the U$A in order to spend money to fix the environment 
The Greens point out that the U$ government spends 
$268 billion a year on the military while the next 
closest country is Japan with $39 billion. (p. 5)

According to the Greens, "public investments of $75 
billion a year for 10 years in ecological technologies 
would enable the U.S. to phase out almost all toxics 
in 10 years. Public investments of $25 billion a year 
over 20 years would enable the U.S. to replace fossil 
fuels with solar-based renewables in 20 years." (p. 3)

The Greens do not advocate any reparations to the 
Third World with the $198 billion cut in "defense," 
but there is no doubt that the Third World would 
benefit most from a reduced Yankee military presence. 
For this reason, MIM considers the Greens our 
politically foggy friends.

This issue of the paper correctly attacks the School 
of the Americas for its training of militarists and 
torturers and pointed to a Green resolution on the 
subject in July, 1998. 25 people received six month 
sentences protesting the School of the Americas, which 
has finally gained mainstream attention because Joe 
Kennedy in Congress sponsored a bill to close it. (p. 

On the legal front, the Greens seek to make it 
impossible to patent new forms of life. Biotech 
companies have taken up genetic engineering. Without 
patents they would not be able to make profits from 
owning various forms of life. A conference in St. 
Louis's Fontbonne College in July discussed this 

Companies seeking to produce alcohol have had the 
usual dialectically unintended consequence of mass 
producing a Klebsiella Planticola bacteria that kills 
all plants. (p. 7) Dr. Elaine Ingham is a soil 
ecologist who says that such bacteria can escape into 
the real world and destroy plants.

MIM believes that most environmentalists fail to draw 
political conclusions from their own work. Here we see 
small private interests attempting to make a profit 
producing alcohol. Yet the result is something that 
can adversely affect the whole public. That is why 
production for profit should be illegal.

However, the Green program called "Ten Key Values" (p. 
12) mentions "decentralization" as one of the ten. 
Even if a community has made production for profit 
illegal, it might still undertake production harmful 
to neighboring communities: that is why 
"decentralization" is a recipe for conflict and 
environmental destruction. If it is true that the 
Klebsiella Planticola means of making alcohol is 
harmful it should be banned internationally, not just 
in one community. Whether through production for 
profit or production for barter, it would still be 
wrong. That is what the Titoites in Yugoslavia and the 
Spanish anarchists and other anarchists never 
understood - that the humyn species is truly 
connected, not just on occasion when activists make 
grandiose speeches for unity.

What one community does affects others, as a matter of 
cause and effect and not some kind of spiritualist 
hokum. Acid rain is perhaps the best known proof of 
the environmental connectedness of the species. 
Recently, there has been much attention to how 
cigarettes are produced and marketed with global 
effects. There are many other aspects of production's 
organization that contribute to cancer. There are 
countless other examples that are a matter of 
environmental and production science.

All the capabilities of modern science and production 
bring forward ever more conflicts that involve the 
connectedness of the humyn species. Even production 
under old technologies also had global effects, that 
were only more or less consciously understood. In 
fact, many of the older technologies revered through 
centuries are even more environmentally destructive 
than some of the more recent production technologies.

In this day and age, there is no doubt about the need 
for the application of science to issues of biotech 
and the environment. Key production decisions should 
not be left in the hands of marketing executives. They 
should be the subject of socialist planning--openly 
politically determined production.

This is an area where the growth of the productive 
forces--as Marx called the advance of the technology 
and economy--is placing the Greens at the center of a 
dynamic political sector. How to produce alcohol 
should be a subject discussed amongst scientists hired 
for the public good. We are much closer to the Greens 
politically than the economic Liberals--people still 
advocating laissez-faire for dogmatic reasons 
completely unconnected to the real world. We believe 
the laissez-faire people being individualists should 
live without government regulation and take 
unregulated drugs, drink privately polluted water and 
eat unregulated food. Within a year, they would all be 
dead and we would have socialism.

The Greens have conceded to the Liberals with their 
"decentralization" plank. The Green plank for 
"personal and global responsibility" is also a dead 
give-away that the Greens still avoid the socialist 
implications of their work. The plank is for "personal 
lifestyles based on sufficiency and living lightly."

The middle-class often has the illusion that there is 
no class system--no proletariat and no capitalist 
class. In the environmentalist context it means 
avoiding the implications that some profit from 
pollution and that production for profit should be 
banned, just as slavery had to be banned. The next 
unpleasant implication is that just as some people 
fought to keep slavery, there will be retrograde 
elements that fight to keep their right to make profit 
higher than the right of others to unpolluted air or 
food. Just as dictatorship had to be exercised over 
the slaveowning planters in the South in the U$A, 
there will have to be organized force used to keep 
people from trying to go back to their ideas of how to 
make private profit. The School of the Americas which 
the Greens are aware of is proof that there is in fact 
an international center of retrograde politics--the 
U$A. Hence, the Green plank for non-violence is also 
hokum equivalent to wishing slavery to go away with 
spiritual means.

Instead, Greens like all petty-bourgeois activists 
talking about lifestyle believe change is a matter of 
individual choices. In essence, lifestyle movements by 
the Greens are a further concession to the laissez-
faire crowd. The Greens will persuade some people to 
give up environmentally damaging consumption, but 
other people will be allowed to go on as before and 
ever more new and dangerous lifestyles will arise with 
the progress of the productive forces.

In contrast, MIM does not believe in any hallowed 
right of the individual to introduce cancer-causing 
agents into other people's environments. Under 
proletarian dictatorship, such production will be 
minimized where irreplaceable and banned otherwise 
without regard to profit.

In fact, the notion of investor responsibility 
unconnected to the exercise of political power is a 
typically fatuous idea of the petty-bourgeoisie. It 
shows an inadequate consciousness of how the economic 
world works. Under capitalism, if one investor pulls 
out of an area of production out of Green scruples, 
that just raises the profit rate for others to invest 
in that sector. Because the species is truly 
connected, only dictatorship of the proletariat is the 
answer for environmental protection.

* * *


MIM sent this note to the Afghan Liberation 
Organization in connection to Martyr's Day, November 
12th, 1998. The Islamic Party shot the founding leader 
of the A-L-O 12 years ago. 

Comrades of the A-L-O!

For this November 12th of 1998, we remember your party 
and especially the blood sacrifices of your founding 
leadership twelve years ago.

In twelve years it has already become apparent that 
the struggle against Soviet revisionism will emerge 
victorious and relatively soon. Comrade Dr Faiz Ahmad 
did not live to see the collapse of Soviet social-
imperialism, but we followers of Lenin, Stalin and Mao 
all rest confidently that imperialism and social-
imperialism will die one way or another. All of us 
communists die knowing that this is so and that the 
work will be carried on by the next generation.

Even in the reactionary center of U.$. imperialism, 
this is true. The invasion of Afghanistan by the 
social-imperialists in 1979 created a pretext for 
President Jimmy Carter to re-institute the draft 
registration as a step toward conscription. Yet, such 
action had the dialectical consequence of politicizing 
the youth of the U$A. Thus the formation of our own 
organization and its predecessors owes very much to 
the invasion of Afghanistan. Not only did resistance 
arise in Afghanistan. The reverberations were global.

At the time when the Islamic Party killed your 
founding leadership, the chokehold of revisionism was 
very much in force in the U$A. When we criticized the 
militarist actions of Soviet social-imperialism in 
Afghanistan and Eritrea, we were told that these cases 
were exceptions or we met with stonewalling and 

The Trotskyists who never had anything good to say 
about the Soviet Union when it was socialist even 
said, "Hail the Red Army in Afghanistan!" We told them 
no Red Army invades another country, rapes its wimmin 
and imposes military-feudalism.

Since that time, some have admitted at least being 
partly wrong about Soviet social-imperialism. However, 
what is more important is that we can be sure that the 
judgment of the next generation of communists will be 
harsh. While the older people still under partial sway 
of revisionism may not break completely from the past, 
especially in the imperialist countries where the 
majority of people is labor aristocracy, the newer 
comrades will see clearly the nature of the 
bourgeoisie in the party--the Khruschevs, Brezhnevs, 
Gorbachevs and Yeltsins, along with Alia in Albania, 
Castro in Cuba and Kim in Korea--none of which 
provided the necessary ideological and scientific aid 
to unmask revisionism when it needed unmasking.

Equally certain is the destiny of Chinese revisionism. 
After the death of Mao in 1976, Hua Guofeng betrayed 
the international proletariat, ceased the campaign 
against Deng Xiaoping and eventually handed power over 
to Deng Xiaoping without a fight. Veteran Chinese 
comrades said they would like to ask Deng Xiaoping 
what he did that Chiang Kai-shek wouldn't have done. 
The blood of Chinese martyrs was not spilled to make 
China another capitalist country.

In the huge vacuum left by Mao Zedong's death, the 
torch passed to the so-called Gang of Four, who were 
four leaders of the Cultural Revolution. Before we 
communists call for armed struggle, the proletarian 
leaders worldwide must sum this up as well as the 
collapse of the Soviet Union. Only in this way can we 
prevent mistakes and successful infiltration of the 
party by the new bourgeoisie, in the likes of Hua, 
Gorbachev or Yeltsin. 

Here in the U$A, the pro-Deng Xiaoping revisionists 
did raise their voices against the invasion of 
Afghanistan. However, by the late 1980s they were 
dovetailing with Soviet revisionism and the main pro-
Deng organization dissolved in 1990. Thus, while there 
is a mountain of propaganda that communism is dead, 
there has never been a better chance to defeat 
revisionism since MIM formed.

Always our revisionist critics told us the choice in 
Afghanistan was between Islamic reaction and social-
imperialist reaction and always we told our critics 
that there were Maoists in Afghanistan and surely 
there is a proletariat which can provide the basis for 
emerging from all kinds of reaction. 

Today some of those who criticized us in the past on 
this question work with us. As Mao Zedong taught us, 
if the ideological line is correct, then success will 
eventually be ours.

The blood sacrifices of the leaders and the people 
demand that we communists constantly renew our 
determination to hone the science of Marxism-Leninism-
Maoism. It is by utilizing the science of revolution 
that the day of communism is brought nearer and the 
bloody sacrifice of the proletariat and oppressed 
people is reduced.

Were the process of reaching communism a peaceful 
road, we could afford to be indifferent to the 
experiences of the international communist movement. 
However, reality in these years of the death throes of 
imperialism is violent. Martyr's Day, November 12, 
1998 beckons us to hasten the end of imperialism and 

International Ministry 

Maoist Internationalist Movement

* * *


review by MC5

MIM attended the Hollywood movie "Soldier" at its 
debut in theaters in October. The premise of the movie 
is the high-tech future of militarism in which 
soldiers run amok killing defenseless wimmin and 
children throughout the galaxy as part of "training."

The premise of such an unmitigated evil allows the 
movie producers to come up with many excuses for gory 
action scenes. One retired soldier takes on 23 of the 
latest in high-tech soldiers and officers and wins 
thus saving the lives of refugee children on a planet 
used as a galactic dumping ground.

In the movie we learn that the future equivalent of 
the Pentagon has untrammeled power including the right 
to kill or abduct anyone on the spot. We do not learn 
any of the motivations for the creation of ever more 
scientifically perfect fighting machines and soldiers 
in the future.

Although such movies will be relatively clear even to 
the decadent thinking of imperialist country parasites 
because of the stark opposition of good and bad, the 
violence of the movie will not contribute in a 
straight-forward way toward the militarist climate in 
the United $tates. While the U.$. public is able to 
identify with the "rebels" against the "empire" in 
movies such as Star Wars, often the effect of violent 
movies is to justify violence in the minds of viewers.

Certainly in "Soldier" the main character is justified 
in his violence, but by seeing so many movies where 
violence is justified in so many contexts, the U.$. 
public is bound to ad-lib its own justifications for 
violence and see them as equally righteous as what 
happened in the movies. Since Amerikan movies in 
particular glorify the individual hero against the 
rest of society, Hollywood ends up contributing to the 
climate of serial killers and militarism.

The dialectical benefit of "Soldier" is that the only 
persyn capable of stopping the ultimate evil of the 
soldiers unleashed by the militarists was another 
soldier, in this case, an ex-soldier. "Soldiers 
deserve other soldiers" is one of the few things that 
the killing machine turned hero says.

After decades of brain-washing and after his 
retirement, a soldier ends up fighting for his own 
life against the militarist machine that he himself 
belonged to that is running amok in the galaxy. This 
conflict within the soldier's life is a redeeming 
benefit to a movie otherwise typical in a country 
where action-violence movies are so popular.

* * *


LOS ANGELES, CA - Students from Occidental College 
invited the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League 
(RAIL) to show the video "The FBI's War on Black 
America" and give a brief presentation on the Black 
Panther Party. The film showing was a success, 
introducing students to the history of the Black 
Panther Party and the FBI's campaign of violence 
against Black nationalists. The students also learned 
more about RAIL, its political agitation, and its 
Serve the People programs.

During the lengthy and active discussion which 
followed the film, several students earnestly debated 
the merits of multi-culturalism as a strategy for 
change. Multi-culturalism is the latest variant of a 
theory which says that bad ideas (e.g. racism) are 
responsible for oppression. So to end oppression, 
people need to throw away their bad ideas, use 
politically correct language, etc. 

But oppression is a fact of material reality. For 
example, the oppression of Black people in the u.$. is 
the legacy of 400 years of slavery and the colonial 
conditions which persist in the Black nation to this 
day. Respecting Black culture [and which culture is 
that? Frederick Douglass or Booker T. Washington?] 
will not, by itself, change the material conditions of 
Black oppression. As the Black Panthers said, "A slave 
in a daishiki is still a slave."

One student commented, "But if that's true, then 
everything we're doing here [at a university heavily 
influenced by multi-culturalism] is a waste of time!" 
Indeed, that's why political agitation and study are 
so important - history has shown that some strategies 
are better than others, and some strategies are 
complete failures. Choosing the correct strategy is a 
matter of life and death: To repeat past mistakes is a 
waste of precious time.

"The FBI's War on Black America" is one of many films 
which RAIL and the Maoist Internationalist Movement 
(MIM) show regularly in order to build public opinion 
against u.$. imperialism. If you are interested in 
hosting a similar event in your area, please contact 
your local RAIL or MIM representatives, or write to 
the addresses on page 2.

* * *

reviewed by MC17

Rush Hour was a reactionary movie about the virtues of 
Amerikan police officers with some good anti-British 
propaganda thrown in. The movie starts off with a 
scene in a conference room and the caption on the 
screen "Hong Kong prior to the end of British rule." 
This is a statement of fact but in the united snakes 
and throughout Europe we'd be more likely to see "Hong 
Kong prior to the beginning of Chinese rule" as if 
Hong Kong was a totally free country being taken over 
by China. 

But this promising beginning was quickly drowned out 
in the reactionary plot which pitted the FBI 
(portrayed as a bunch of bumbling idiots with fancy 
gadgets) and the LAPD (the only defense between the 
people and the criminals) against the bad guys. 

In another positive point to the movie, one high 
ranking British imperialist turned out to be the 
leader of the biggest illegal gang in Hong Kong. The 
imperialists are the leaders of the biggest legal 
gangs in the world. And their power far surpasses that 
of the the illegal gangs. The imperialist gangs have 
the power to steal, rape, plunder, exploit and murder 
with legal impunity.

To capture the illegal gang leaders and foil their 
kidnapping plot the LAPD hero teamed up with the Hong 
Kong police hero. Although the pigs win in this movie, 
we look forward to the day when the masses will defeat 
the imperialist gangs and make the world a place safe 
for humanity to develop a peaceful and just society.

* * *

reviewed by MC5

"Blade" has received some acclaim, because "we have 
our first universally popular African-American cartoon 
character 'Hero'." The notion is that there are no 
Black superheroes, especially none with martial arts 
skills. Along comes Wesley Snipes to play a physically 
buff superhero. Reviewer Dana Chandler also finds 
N'Bush Wright a convincingly sexy Black female in true 
Hollywood, superhero movie style. For MIM, however, 
tokenism is not enough of a reason to acclaim this 
movie, so we delve deeper.

The movie has some science fiction special effects 
that make it no "B" grade movie. However, despite the 
redeeming factor of having a Black superhero, the 
movie sticks to its vampires are evil premise to have 
an excuse for violence aimed at audience popularity.

By establishing unquestionably evil vampires as 
enemies, the producer or director created excuses for 
gory scene after gory scene. Blade is named for how he 
kills the vampires preying on the humyn species.

The movie does not make full use of its potential for 
political impact though. There is a pseudo-political 
struggle between the Black man and the Black womyn in 
the movie in which Blade must explain to the newcomer 
that the real world is ruled by vampire violence that 
requires a violent response.

Police are portrayed as pawns of the vampires. When 
they barge in on a struggle with the bad guys, they 
shoot the wrong side. Later a white male cop is seen 
running errands for the vampires and the Black womyn 
is caught showing sympathy for the white cop, which 
causes a struggle that Blade eventually wins.

Of course, what Blade must say to win the struggle is 
initially deemed as far-fetched, and in this 
communists see a glimmer of materialist self-
recognition. What we communists say should be grounded 
in materialist reality, but sometimes the more 
grounded in material reality, the more far-fetched 
something sounds to the masses. Blade teaches us that 
it is important to continue with the struggle if we 
are scientifically correct but unpopular. Certainly 
Blade is scientifically correct in the movie and the 
masses are living in a dream-world or political stupor 
in which the vampires are feeding on them and 
murdering them.

In fact, Blade also raises for us Maoists the question 
of People's War. Blade and his one old laboratory 
friend who makes vampire-killing weapons essentially 
fight the vampires alone. They have sealed themselves 
off from the masses, because the masses live in such a 
stupor. The vampires are so prevalent and powerful 
that trusting anyone simply leads to a chance for the 
vampires to kill Blade and his engineer ally. When 
Blade decides to trust the Black female character in 
the movie, he chides himself and his ally chides him 
for showing mercy to the enemy-presumably out of 
humanist concern for the injured female or highly 
repressed sexual drive. It turns out that the supposed 
mistake of trusting and struggling with the Black 
female hero was a good idea in the end, and so there 
should be some lesson in relying on the people.

In Maoism, there is usually more of an emphasis on 
preparing public opinion for People's War, not the war 
of heroes. The war of heroes idea is more prevalent in 
the works of Che Guevara and Regis Debray, focoist 
military strategists who promote a losing strategy.

In the context of the movie, Blade almost always has 
tactical military superiority over any combination of 
his enemies that he might come across. For this reason 
it is tempting to ignore the role of the masses and 
simply slaughter the vampire enemy. On the other hand, 
Blade and his friends both realize that the struggle 
would be lost if they were to die for some reason. 
Indeed, the engineer has cancer and Blade himself is 
getting older and is struggling with his own vampire 
side. Plus, there is always the chance that a vampire 
trick could result in the deaths of two or three 
fighters. Meanwhile, the vampire population is 
international and reproduces. Hence, ultimately, even 
in the fantasy situation where Blade has general 
tactical military superiority, he should have waged 
more of a People's War.

If cultural work should be subtle, then this movie may 
be counted as a success because vampires seem to be 
far removed from the real world and thus the potential 
political expression in the movie is muted.

The vampires control real estate and the city 
government, so the vampires can be taken as a metaphor 
for the bourgeoisie. The only problem is that all of 
this occurs at such a subliminal and fantasy-oriented 
level, that it becomes questionable whether it will 
offset its negative features in once again portraying 
"aliens"--this time vampires--as worthy of militarist 

There is a strong argument for this movie. The main 
counterargument concerns whether we believe that 
political cultural work should be directly and 
blatantly understood by the masses. The fact that the 
public views Archie Bunker as a hero and not as the 
object of satire in "All in the Family" should be a 
warning to cultural workers. What matters is not how 
Hollywood producers and intellectuals appreciate a 
movie but how the whole public viewing audience 
appreciates it.

We are afraid the public will see in "Blade" another 
excuse for individual heroes who come up with their 
own reasons for violence. While Blade has good 
reasoning for violence, many viewers will come up with 
their own justifications for serial killing. "Blade" 
is not as bad as a Black "Rambo" would be, but it 
walks on a fine line. Certainly wherever we communists 
manage to reach the people in connection to this 
movie, we can turn it into a good thing by discussing 
the issues in this review. 

Note: The Boston People's Voice 4Sept1998, p. 12.

* * *


Mail withheld 

The prison administration is withholding my mail. 
Letters I send out often never reach their 
destinations and my incoming mail is often withheld 
without my knowledge. They're trying to isolate me 
from the outside world. They're trying to cut me off 
from my sources of emotion support and inspiration in 
order to demoralize me. 

 -- An Arizona Prisoner, 7 July 1998 

Brutal coercion 

On July 9, 1998 at the Texas Department of Criminal 
Justice, Inst. Div., Estelle High Security Unit, two 
lieutenants and at least nine other officers conspired 
to spray tear gas on me while I was in my cell. They 
brutalized me because I refused to go to the Brasoria 
County District Court to voluntarily indict myself. I 
told them prior to being brutalized that if the court 
don't like my non-appearance they could issue a writ 
of attachment to my body and re-subpoena me. If I 
still refuse to appear they could sanction me. I told 
them to look in the law library for the subpoena 
doctrine or call the attorney general for advice on 
what I tell them. 

I told them I have law that shows I shouldn't be 
brutalized even if I was refusing to transfer to 
another unit. I told them I was not going to court 
until my ineffective assistance of counsel filed 
motion for a special appearance to determine no 
indictment has been served on me. They forced me to go 
to the Darrington Unit. The Darrington Unit's 
lieutenant and eight officers coerced me to get on the 
van to go to court. Under same [above] circumstances 
except I was not brutalized, just threatened to do so. 
I was later taken off the van and placed on a special 
van to be immediately returned to my permanent unit of 

United We Stand, Divided We Fall, 

-- A Texas Prisoner, 20 July 1998 

Denied medication, slandered, tossed in the hole 

I have been in the "hole" since June 30, 1998. I just 
got the hook-up yesterday from the brother next door 
to me. They took all my property and put it in 
storage. Everything! They claim I threatened to kill 
this guy that I know outweighs me by at least 100 

It all started around April 7 or 8. I can't say 
exactly what happened but I heard that a brother from 
LA sliced a guard's face up. They say he tore his ass 
up! On the same day, I heard another brother beat down 
a guard. So they locked the whole place down. Even the 
other 4 or 5 yards that nothing happened on. They 
stopped everything for ten or more days. Visiting 
included. Then they came and tore everybody's cells 
up. I noticed that they stayed at least 15 to 20 extra 
minutes in black convict cells. After they finished 
searching all 7 buildings, (about two weeks later) 
they said everyone is off lockdown but the blacks. 

While on lockdown I was given the yearly "TB" test. I 
tested positive and an appointment was made for me to 
see the doctor. May 8 came around and two guards 
escorted me to the clinic. I was stripped first, then 
shackled. So the doctor made me sign a consent form 
saying that I was going to take "TB" meds Monday and 
Thursday for six months starting on May 11, 1998. When 
the 11th came around, nobody brought the medication, 
so I asked a guard to call the clinic. He said he 
would. Nothing came of that. So the 14th came along 
and I went through the same thing as I did Monday. 
Nothing came of that. A few days after that I decided 
to write up a "602." That's what the "grievance" form 
is called. I filed it May 18, 1998. 

Around the 1st of June, the head guard gave an order 
to let all "non-affiliated" blacks off lockdown. In 
other words, keep all the "Bloods" and "Crips" 
lockdown! An M.A.C. (means "Mens Advisory Council," 
but they never do shit for no one but themselves. Some 
are o.k., but the rest of them ain't about shit!) came 
to my door and read a memo that the head guard wanted 
read to all black convicts. I don't remember exactly 
what he said, but basically it was saying that the 
reason all the so-called affiliated blacks are on 
lockdown is because they're all conspiring to stab the 
guards. Even if a guy was not affiliated but was in 
the cell with a guy that was affiliated, he was also 
on lockdown. The LAPD made sure it was known that I 
was in a gang on every document in my file. 

On April 9th and 10th the guards came around gaffled 
brothers up left and right, claiming they were 
conspiring to stab guards. I know of 20 personally who 
got gaffled and as I'm writing you now, 5 of them are 
within earshot! They have let a few go back to the 
main line but, the majority of them are waiting to be 
transferred or are waiting to go to the "S.H.U." (the 
hole of all holes!). I'm liable to be going to the 
S.H.U. too! It is so many brothers in this hole. It's 
a shame! They let us off around the 16th of June. But 
3 days later they locked the building down where I was 
housed at. They say this big ole guard's (he's over 
6'5'' and a good 270 pounds) life was threatened. They 
took ten more guys to the hole. Six brothers, two 
Samoans and two northern hispanics. They let most of 
them go, but some of them are still in here. 

They let my building off lockdown officially about 
8:30 a.m. June 25. Since I couldn't get my TB meds in 
the morning, I asked the sergeant guard to go get them 
for me. He went and got them and gave them to me. I 
was just about to take them but when I flipped them 
over, I found out that they had expired August 1997. 
So I gave them to this other guard and told him to 
exchange them up at the clinic. He came back and told 
me that whoever was in the clinic said that since I 
wasn't going to take the pills they were gonna write 
down that I refused treatment. So they did that. 

Five days later on June 30, 1998 I went down to the 
clinic and all hell broke loose. Basically, they 
started belittling me and when I responded verbally, 
they threw me out. Four hours later I was in the hole 
with nothing but state-issue clothing (1 set), 2 
sheets, 1 blanket, 2 pieces of paper, a tow-up 
penfiller, 2 state envelops, 1 toothbrush sawed in 
half, 1 cup, a palm brush (which I can't even use 
because my hair is too long!), a bar of soap, a towel, 
a pair of "karate" shoes and a roll of toilet paper. I 
feel I'm in the hole because of the "anti-black" 
atmosphere in here right now. The brother next door 
shot me some literature that you all sent him. 
Everything you all sent me is in my property and I 
can't get it until I get out of the hole. 

Keep up the struggle! 

-- A Prisoner, 14 July 1998 

State involved in petty theft 

The new law of deducting 22% from inmates pay numbers 
and trust deposits should be banned. For one, it is a 
burden for an inmate to make payments from his prison 
pay number when the average pay number is no more than 
$19.00 per month. Two, it is also a burden for an 
inmate's family to send extra money to make up for the 
theft of the state. Third, the sender of the money, 
whether on a fixed income or steady income pays taxes 
to the government from the start when the sender 
receives his/her income, and for the state government 
from the start when the sender receives his/her income 
and for the state government to tax the senders money 
a second time when it is in fact a gift to help 
support the inmate is unconstitutional. Another issue 
to focus on is the capitalism of the special purchase 
vendors that are owned by correctional officers and 
has developed into a monopoly of marked up prices and 
the only approved vendors that an inmate may order 

 -- A California Prisoner, 22 August 98 

Asian immigrants sentenced to life in prison for not 
having green card 

There is an issue that I really need help on and I'm 
kind of at a dead end. I'm an immigrant from Vietnam, 
and a lot of my Asian brothers who are locked up in 
Texas prisons are also in this situation. They had 
issued a detain for all those that don't have an 
American citizenship. Once we get released we have to 
go to one of them detaining facilities. A lot of my 
fellow Asian brothers wrote to me and said that the 
government will not let them go and they won't send us 
back to our country because our country won't accept 
us. So we have to stay there until our country change 
their mind or the law change. We are in a no win 
situation. I would like to know if you can help us or 
know something that we can do. Because it's hard for 
me and my people to just sit here and let these people 
do us any kind of way they want to. I really 
appreciate you taking your time to read this letter. 

 -- A Texas Prisoner, July 98 

MIM responds: The united snakes locks up many 
immigrants for the "crime" of not having Amerikan 
citizenship. Detaining facilities often have 
conditions even worse that prisons. While some legal 
battles can be won by immigrants in prison and 
detaining facilities, it is an even more difficult 
battle because they are not citizens. The illegitimate 
borders of the united snakes supposedly justify 
labeling immigrants as illegal. But this country was 
built on the backs of Third World peoples. The borders 
only serve to keep the white nation wealthy and the 
oppressed nations poor. 

One important way to fight this injustice is by 
exposing it. In addition we encourage our immigrant 
comrades to fight through the legal system and work 
with MIM's Prisoner Legal Clinic to share any legal 
information you have. We will also work with our 
immigrant comrades behind bars to engage the struggle 
from the outside. 

Ad-Seg hypocrisy 

Allow me to extend my revolutionary greetings and 
salutations. I would like to bring to you some news 
from deep within the belly of the rotten beast. I am 
in prison inside of prison, better known as ad.seg., 
and have been confined here for over six (6) years 
even though I am not an overtly violent person, gang 
related or on protective custody. My only problem is 
being outspoken and standing up for my rights--as any 
self respecting man should. Even though I am a 
prisoner, I refuse to lower my standards and morals as 
a man, much less a human being. This malicious 
treatment that I'm being subjected to is the most 
cruel and unusual that any man can endure because it 
not only affects me spiritually and physically, it is 
designed to destroy me mentally. All this talk about 
is a joke because recidivism means job security. 
[Without recidivism job security] becomes unstable for 
the hundreds of thousands racists peons who are 
willing to be pimped like whores by the state. 

How is it possible for a man like myself to get 
released from prison and keep from returning? I have 
no resources, I have no job skills, I have no college 
education, all I have is a bunch of pent up anger, 
hatred and frustration at the system for this 
oppressive treatment. 

I recently went to state classification on July 9, 
1998. Even though I have not had any type of staff or 
inmates assaults in over twenty-three (23) months and 
I am not displaying the same behavior that got me 
placed in seg. July 4, 1992, I am being forced to 
remain in ad.seg. doing absolutely nothing. I was told 
by the classification officer to give him "2 years 
without a disciplinary case and he would then consider 
my release." I discharge my entire 10 year sentence in 
29 months. TDCJ-ID policy states that ad.seg. is not 
to be used for punitive measures. If I am not being 
punished, then what do you call it? Giving me a 
vacation from working in the fields? At each and every 
classification hearing that I attend, my "past 
history" is brought up. Why am I steadily being 
punished for my past transgressions? I was punished 
when I went to disciplinary court. 

When you put a man in a position such as mine, he has 
no choice but to act out of desperation. For what 
other alternatives do I have? All that I have in the 
way of rehabilitation is seven and a half years of 
pent up hatred towards the system, its 
flunkies/subordinates and the government that controls 

The truth is that I don't want to return to prison. 
But what are my chances if I am kept confined to 
ad.seg. until my release? As a young black man the 
odds have been stacked against me since birth and are 
now being stacked higher. To prevent myself from self- 
destructing, I'm requesting you help. 

A Comrade in struggle 

-- A Texas prisoner, Summer 98 

Drugs detract from revolution 

First, I want to attack all drug dealers and users 
that are incarcerated in prisons through the world. 
Drugs play no role in a revolution, period! Drugs are 
a pure detraction of what a revolution soldier should 
be concentrated towards. When a soldier is using or 
involved with drugs, you have just compromised your 
immediate purpose of the cause; and you have placed 
yourself to be a potential provocateur agent! 
Regardless of what illusion or scenario you may 
conclude, you are a weak-link to the chain. Also, if 
you were in China you would be executed by the people. 

 -- A Prisoner, 3 August 1998 

MIM Responds: 

Actually, the policy in Mao's China was to remove the 
social roots of drug use and the drug trade in order 
to "cure the disease and save the patient." Of course, 
there were strong penalties for those who were 
obstinate and continued to try to sell drugs and 
profit off of misery. 

Hungry for knowledge, hungry for change 

As you well know, education here in Texas prisons is 
non-existent and I'd like to address that for a 
moment. I'm confined in segregation and unlike most 
others around here I would like to receive, if 
possible some political material on the Maoist 
Movement or on socialism to gain a better 
understanding. Like it or not from the first day we 
had the cuffs placed about our wrists and/or ankles we 
were thrust into the political arena of which our 
incarceration is a continuing issue. 

I'm 22 and I'm a college dropout. Although I've kept 
up with major political issues for years, I've only 
been really politically conscious for the past 3 
years. Of course it is impossible for me to obtain the 
literature I'm seeking by any other means and I have 
not read any comprehensive books on Maoism or even 
socialism; needless to say to sympathize with a 
certain political party or style of democracy is not 
the same as advocating the implementation of its 
doctrines. I really can't grasp the totality of those 
doctrines without having the vehicles that will lead 
me to the enlightenment which I seek. 

I'm part black, part Native American so of course I'm 
aware of our oppression. The reform, i.e., 
annihilation of capitalism must be completely 
understood as would its replacement and to be honest I 
don't have a clear understanding of everything this 
would entail. But I'm not ashamed to admit my 
ignorance and ask for clarification where it is 

Whatever you can send will be used , not wasted, and 
passed only to those who crave that knowledge. I owe 
it to myself as well as my race and nationalities to 
discover the imperatives at work behind various ruling 
forms of government. I want the best for the world, 
all races, all nationalities, by any means necessary. 

I'm outta here. Keep up the fight and remember that 
some of us are behind serious reform. Give us the 
education to put those reforms into action and 
ultimately make change a reality. Peace. 

In Struggle, 

-- A Texas Prisoner, 6 August 1998 

 Exposing the Segregation Circuit 

I am housed in the brand newly built Supermax Control 
Unit Prison called TAMMS, in southern IL. I was 
brought here from another Control Unit Prison in 
Trenton, NJ where I spent my last four years. Before 
that I was on the "Segregation Circuit" in Illinois 
prisons for three years. (The "circuit" is a system 
where prisoners of consciousness are forced to live in 
segregation units in all of the prisons in the state 
of Illinois for more than 45 days at a time. Being 
transferred from prison to prison, but going straight 
to isolation segregation.) Before that I was housed 
was housed in all of the maximum security prisons in 
Illinois at one time or another. 

 -- An Illinois Prisoner, 19 July 1998 

The oppressed are not represented here

There are over a million people locked up, and at 
every one's sentence there were three lawyers present, 
the judge, the district attorney, and the defendants 
lawyer. If you have a trial there are more lawyers 
involved, more judges, assistant attorney generals, 
and court appointed attorneys. 

The politician lawyers are the driving force behind 
all these changes. Most of these politician lawyers 
are former prosecutors and they are the ones who sit 
on the judiciary committees that make the 
recommendation, and actually write the law that is 
submitted to the rest of the legislative body. Who 
benefits? Why are there only a sprinkle of complaints 
by lawyer groups when these laws are being proposed 
and drawn up? What is the payoff for lawyers in 
general if hash laws are passed, if vague laws are 
passed, if rights are eroded? Who makes the money off 
the changes? Who are the ones who can interpret the 
laws? This is an area that the people need to look at. 

All the changes are lawyer driven. Governors are 
lawyers, the federal and state legislatures are full 
of lawyers. What is the payoff for a lawyer to run for 
a low level state office? What are the rewards? A 
judgeship, a governor. Look at all the lawyers in 
cabinet positions. What expertise does a lawyer have 
to be a transportation secretary? All the changes in 
the country are now lawyer driven. The treaty 
agreements with repressive regimes are made by 
lawyers. This is a mentality that is being passed onto 
their own citizens. 

I say they are using the unfortunate, the 
disenfranchised, the poor, the mentally ill, the 
illiterate, to feather their own beds. People are 
being sacrificed for the few. 

-- A Colorado Prisoner, 4 August, 1998 

MIM Responds: You are asking some important questions. 
Who in this country benefits and who suffers? You are 
correct in that lawyers are reaping the benefits from 
criminal injustice system. But keep in mind that it is 
the system of imperialism who is the main enemy. The 
lawyers are just tools of the larger system.

We as revolutionaries must work to build independent 
institutions of the oppressed. We need to educate and 
organize ourselves for revolution. Exposing the system 
of oppression is an important part of this process.

 Dear MIM Notes:

The letter entitled "Gang Label Used to Oppress 
Prisoners" clearly shows the inward frustration that I 
feel ...

The brother-man is right. We must set aside the small 
battles, for the bigger one. If we continue to fall 
prey to that century-old trick of Divide & Conquer, 
oppression will get deeper, and deeper, and deeper. So 
deep that they will no longer even attempt to mask it. 

Truly, it's time to unite and come together as one in 
this revolution. To that Comrade in Connecticut, and 
those everywhere, "I Feel Ya."

--A Michigan Prisoner, 10/12/98

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