This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
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  MIM Notes 178               January 15, 1999

MIM Notes speaks to and from the viewpoint of the 
world's oppressed majority, and against the 
imperialist-patriarchy. Pick it up and wield it in 
the service of the people. support it, struggle 
with it and write for it.


* * *


The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) is a 
revolutionary communist party that upholds 
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, comprising the collection 
of existing or emerging Maoist internationalist 
parties in the English-speaking imperialist 
countries and their English-speaking internal 
semi-colonies, as well as the existing or emerging 
Spanish-speaking Maoist internationalist parties 
of Aztlan, Puerto Rico and other territories of 
the U.S. Empire. MIM Notes is the newspaper of 
MIM. Notas Rojas is the newspaper of the Spanish-
speaking parties or emerging parties of MIM.

MIM is an internationalist organization that works 
from the vantage point of the Third World 
proletariat; thus, its members are not Amerikans, 
but world citizens.

MIM struggles to end the oppression of all groups 
over other groups: classes, genders, nations.  MIM 
knows this is only possible by building public 
opinion to seize power through armed struggle.

Revolution is a reality for North America as the 
military becomes over-extended in the government's 
attempts to maintain world hegemony.

MIM differs from other communist parties on three 
main questions: (1) MIM holds that after the 
proletariat seizes power in socialist revolution, 
the potential exists for capitalist restoration 
under the leadership of a new bourgeoisie within 
the communist party itself. In the case of the 
USSR, the bourgeoisie seized power after the death 
of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao's 
death and the overthrow of the "Gang of Four" in 
1976. (2) MIM upholds the Chinese Cultural 
Revolution as the farthest advance of communism in 
human history. (3) MIM believes the North American 
white-working-class is primarily a non-
revolutionary worker-elite at this time; thus, it 
is not the principal vehicle to advance Maoism in 
this country.

MIM accepts people as members who agree on these 
basic principles and accept democratic centralism, 
the system of majority rule, on other questions of 
party line.

"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is 
universally applicable. We should regard it not as 
dogma, but as a guide to action. Studying it is 
not merely a matter of learning terms and phrases, 
but of learning Marxism-Leninism as the science of 
-- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208

* * *


The governments of Amerika and England launched four 
nights of air strikes against the Iraqi people 
starting December 16. The recent air strikes continue 
the decade long war against the Iraqi people. The 
bombings will bring about increased death and 
destruction in the name of expanding U.$. imperialist 

To defend the continued genocide and recent military 
campaign, the imperialists pointed to the UN weapons 
inspectorís report on the status of UNSCOMís 
operations. The report stated that Iraq did not 
cooperate with Amerika. The imperialist report -- 
written with the advice of the $tate Department -- 
stated that Iraq "compromised" UN inspections of 
alleged weapons of mass destruction.

The inspection process and its underlying premise of 
Amerikan authority are bogus. The deployment of 
weapons of mass destruction has overwhelmingly been at 
the hands of Amerikan imperialism. The imperialists 
attacked civilians under the guise of destroying 
Iraqís hypothetical future use of weapons of mass 

Because Amerikan imperialism relies on being the most 
powerful economic and military force in the world, the 
u.$. is willing to use its weapons of mass destruction 
any time a country does not bow to its will. And in 
this case as others, the imperialists create a show to 
justify genocidal military attacks. Beyond the number 
of direct deaths (estimated at 75 civilian), the 
bombings increase the deaths from preventable health 

World War III continuesImperialist military strikes 
are only the shooting aspect of World War III waged 
against the Third World. Since 1990, the U.$., with 
the blessing of its puppet U.N., has enforced an 
economic blockade against Iraq. MIM recognizes these 
economic sanctions as an act of war.

It is no surprise that the Iraqi people oppose the U$. 
So far more than 800,000 civilian Iraqi people have 
died from starvation and lack of medicine and adequate 
water treatment facilities. (This total is in addition 
to the number of civilians killed during the Gulf War 
bombings.) More than half of the dead have been 
children born after the Gulf War.(2) Every ten minutes 
an Iraqi child dies from malnutrition, preventable 
disease or other effects of the sanctions. When 
sanctions result in massive deaths and destruction, it 
is impossible to rationally reject the analysis that 
this is genocide.U.$. imperialism benefits from 
continued economic sanctions. The sanctions keep Iraq 
from upsetting investments in other parts of the 
region and keep Iraqís commerce out of commission. 
With the current low oil sales due to the economic 
crisis in Asia, more Iraqi oil on the market would be 
unwelcome competition for Amerikan companies and 
client states.

The military attacks strengthen the imperialist hand 
against Iraq. The ruse surrounding weapons inspections 
helps to ensure prolonged implementation of the 
sanctions. The military campaign and economic 
sanctions as well as the tripling of imperialist 
ground troops in the region aid the long term 
imperialist goal of installing a puppet dictator that 
will kowtow to Amerikan demands. Until a U.$.-puppet 
is installed, the U.$. will continue its attempts to 
control Iraqi participation in the oil market through 
its current methods.

Amerikan hypocrisy & hegemony

Because Iraq has given up Kuwait, the blockade is 
illegal by UN resolutions. (Not that blockades were 
ever legal.) Now, the United Snakes of Imperialism 
uses Resolution 687 to justify the bombings and 
continued sanctions. U.N. Resolution 687 calls for 
Iraq to destroy its alleged weapons of mass 
destruction and to commit to inspections.

Even taking for granted the U.$. claim that it was 
right to bomb Iraq if it violated the inspections, it 
is instructive to look at the Butler report. UNSCOM 
chief Richard Butler complains that Iraqi compliance 
with resolution 687 is "unacceptable." Since November 
17, 1998, there have been 427 inspections of Iraqi 
sites. According to Butler's report, there have been 
only 5 "disruptions.":

1) a 45 minute delay, 2) an Iraqi rebuff to UNSCOM 
attempts to interview undergraduate science students 
in Baghdad, 3) restricting access to the small office 
of a Ba'ath party leader, 4&5) delays in getting 
access to buildings on the Muslim sabbath.

By many accounts, Iraq has destroyed its weapons of 
mass destruction. It is not in the interests of U.$. 
imperialism to admit that Iraq has met the terms of 
Resolution 687. To do so would mean that the u.$. 
would have to lift economic sanctions against the 
Iraqi people, stop its strategy of genocide and lose 
the prospects of controlling Iraq to protect U.$. 

Whether or not the accounts are accurate, MIM opposes 
the bombing of Iraq or other forms of coercion to 
control its military capacity. MIM opposes imperialism 
entire, including the imperialist power to act as 
world kop.

Just as white pigs occupy the territory of oppressed 
nations within the u.$., the imperialists act as world 
pigs ñ in both cases, the pigs implement rules which 
benefit the economic, military and political interests 
of imperialist Amerika. MIM opposes the imperialist 
power to dictate the political, economic and military 
systems of other nations. We support genuine self-
determination of oppressed nations and see this is the 
only way oppressed nations can negotiate with others 
on more equal terms and internally develop the best 
means to meet the needs of the people ñ proletarian 
dictatorship.The United Snakes would never allow 
another country, especially an enemy, to inspect its 
weapons systems. The Senate Foreign Relations 
Committee attached provisions to the implementation of 
the Chemical Weapons Convention that are like Saddam 
Hussein's protests to UNSCOM inspections. One 
provision says:  "The President may deny a request to 
inspect any facility in the United States in cases 
where the President determines that the inspection may 
pose a threat to national security interests." It 
further states that "any objection by the President to 
any individual serving as an inspector shall not be 
reviewable in any court."(11)

Amerikan citizens are even denied the right to 
document illegal Amerikan weapons. Six members of the 
Citizens Inspection Team, a pacifist group, were 
arrested for trespassing during attempts to inspect 
Davis Monthan Air Force Base for the presence of 
depleted uranium ammunition. This armor piercing 
ammunition is dangerous because of its radioactivity. 
Since its effects last for a long time and can cause 
high rates of death, it is illegal under international 
law.(8) These are simply a few examples that the 
United Snakes of Imperialism expects and enforces 
maximum protection of its military activities while 
simultaneously invading (what are supposed to be) 
sovereign nationsÖ to inspect and destroy weaponsÖ and 
to murder civilians.

Who uses biological, chemical and nuclear weapons?

When Iraq used poison gas against the Kurds and Iran 
in the 1980s, it was defended by the United States and 
UN. Gassing the Kurds in their fight for independence 
wasn't original to Iraq, it was first done by Great 
Britain in the 1920s.(4)

The United Snakes is the only country to have actually 
used nuclear weapons, and did so against civilians. 
Additionally, the key ingredient in pepper spray -- 
used daily by police and prison guards -- is banned by 
the United Nations Biological Weapons Convention in 

Current warnings of the threat of biological weapons 
from Iraq continue to tell only the imperialist side 
of the story. In the Persian Gulf War, Amerika used 
such weapons as napalm and fuel-air explosives against 
both military and civilian targets, in violation of 
the Geneva Convention.

A fuel-air explosive releases a "shockwave" whose 
"concussive force would surely rupture internal organs 
or eardrums of Iraqi soldiers pinned down in their 
bunkers. This is not even to mention incineration and 
asphyxiation, as the fire storm of the bomb sucks all 
of the oxygen out of the area."(5)

According to the CIA, Iraq did not use or deploy 
chemical and biological weapons in Kuwait.(7)

Even after the war was over, Amerikan armed forces 
used both biological and chemical weapons on the 
"Highway of Death," a road from Kuwait to Iraq along 
which retreating Iraqi troops and Palestinian, 
Jordanian, and other war refugees traveled at the end 
of the 1991 war.(6) Again, these are only a sampling 
of imperialismís attacks against the masses of the 
world. This is why MIM organizes against U.$. bombings 
and sanctions within the context of building 
revolution against imperialist control entirely.

Masses protest bombings

The bombing may have stopped after four nights, but 
evidence points to a renewed military campaign. One 
key factor is that Amerika has been increasingly 
quicker to jump into military enforcement of 
imperialism in the past year. Amerika uses military 
force at times during the current World War III to try 
and scare the masses back into obedience. But from the 
long-term perspective, it has the opposite effect of 
exposing Amerika for the genocidal murderer it is. 
After the bombing began, demonstrations were 
immediately organized around the world.

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League (RAIL) 
organized rallies, video showings and teach-ins.

In the West Bank, thousands of Palestinians 
demonstrated against the attack, and one was shot and 
killed by Israel police.(9) Palestinians chanted 
"Death to America" and "Death to Clinton".

Indonesian protesters were photographed with signs 
such as "Clinton=Hitler" and "Clinton is mass murderer 
of the year."

The Iraqi people know that Clinton's claim to oppose 
not the common people but only Saddam Hussein to be 
false. The December attacks merely teach the new 
generation why they should oppose imperialism.

One Iraqi told a reporter: "Last night my daughter 
asked me, 'What is it?" when the bombs started," ... 
describing how his three children cowered in fear and 
cried next to him n bed as the missiles rained down.

"I told her it was America. She asked me 'Why does 
America do this to us?' And I told her it is because 
they have hatred for the Iraqi people.... There is no 
factory, no presidential palace, no weapons site here. 
There are only people. So why do you bomb us?"(10)

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* * * 


Score one imperialist pseudo-feminist point for 
Amerikan wimmin in Operation Desert Fox. Aboard the 
USS Enterprise (yes, thatís the real name of the 
aircraft carrier) several female pilots were the first 
to drop bombs in combat during this latest attack on 

This is the kind of "progress" that pseudo-feminists 
across the U.$. fight for:  The right of wimmin to 
participate actively in the mass destruction of 
nations that refuse to bow to every demand of the U.$. 
government. In fact, many pseudo-feminists are upset 
that wimmin still are not allowed to participate in 
ground combat. These people believe that it is only by 
fully participating in imperialist domination and 
murder can wimmin achieve equality to men.

MIM has an alternative. We fight for wimminís equality 
through their full participation in the revolution to 
overthrow imperialism and end class, nation and gender 
oppression. We do not want full equality with men on 
the level of equal rights to oppress and exploit the 
majority of the worldís people. We demand the right of 
all wimmin around the world to be free of imperialist 
domination. Only by recognizing the principal enemy, 
imperialism, can we take on the battle against gender 
oppression on the side of the oppressed.

Note: Associated Press, 23 December 1998.

* * * 


On December 9, the television show "20/20" aired an 
half hour presentation on Mumia Abu-Jamal's legal case 
and openly scorned the protesters seeking his 
release.MIM hopes that many people who have read about 
this case saw the "20/20" show with Sam Donaldson. It 
was a case of concrete proof why we must insist on 
building independent institutions of the oppressed, 
including media.Many people naively beg or pull stunts 
to attract the major news media's attention. They 
don't understand that coverage is not the same thing 
as truth. Even if begging for coverage works, there is 
no guarantee on what the result will be. In the whole 
half-hour show, "20/20" found no place to mention that 
all major prosecution witnesses have been uncovered as 
being coerced by police. It just so happens that the 
prosecution's witnesses had charges against them 
outstanding. In 1996, one signed an affidavit to this 
effect. Yet no new trial has been granted. Hence, on a 
strictly legal and narrow journalistic basis, "20/20" 
exposed itself to the public as another vile 
imperialist media organ. Even more importantly, we 
must have independent media of the oppressed built 
from scratch, because after arguing with Sam Donaldson 
and Judge Sabo type reactionary morons, we ourselves 
will become reduced to their level. We must discuss 
amongst ourselves the full range of issues of right 
and wrong. The fact that Mumia had a trial with 9 
whites on the jury, and not his peers -- this is 
something that we need to discuss in terms of national 
liberation struggle. We can let the lawyers talk about 
what they think is important to the white man's 
judges, but in the end, there is the question why 
Daniel Faulkner was patrolling in the first place. 
Faulkner was white and even Philadelphia cops and Sam 
Donaldson admitted he was beating up a Black man, 
Mumia's brother, when Mumia came on the scene. If the 
Black nation had its own police and courts, that never 
would have happened. Despite the fact of Mumia's 
arriving in the midst of a beating, Maureen Faulkner 
says he was a "cold-blooded" killer. As demonstrated 
in the first Rodney King trial of the white officers 
beating him on video-tape the Euro-Amerikan nation 
does not get it. The simple idea that criminals are 
criminals even if they are wearing blue does not occur 
to the crackers populating Amerika. They are oh-so 
proud to win a case in which the system gave Mumia's 
lawyer $150 to conduct his defense. They think it 
grand to count as "truth" the verdicts from cases 
involving testimonies from people about to go on trial 
themselves. If good samaritans came across Rodney King 
getting beat by four officers along the side of the 
highway and decided to aid Rodney King by shooting the 
officers, they would be righteous. MIM opposes armed 
struggle at this time, but we must not think as the 
crackers do -- that it's an automatic given that cops 
should do as they please. White cops in contact with 
Black people should be treated as an occupying army.

* * *

by David S. Landes
New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 1998 650 pp.
reviewed by MC5

David Landes is a retired Harvard professor aiming 
squarely at an issue we Maoists see underlying what we 
call the "principal contradiction" between oppressor 
nations and oppressed nations. He claims to examine 
the last 1000 years of history and finds that Europe 
is the main contributor to economic and technological 
progress, modernity.

Review of reviews

MIM's glee over the publication of this book is also 
connected to all the ivory tower leading lights 
willing to go down with Landes' imperialist chauvinist 
sinking ship. As Reason Magazine's contributing editor 
Deirdre McCloskey practically admitted in a review of 
the Landesí book, the field of economic history is 
dominated by Marxism even in the ivory tower. Rarely 
do we find anything that the bourgeois economists (and 
Landes claims to be one) will hoist as their banner 
and be accountable for.

In the case of this book, we have Nobel Prize winners 
Robert Solow and Kenneth Arrow in addition to John K. 
Galbraith lined up to champion Landes' book. In 
addition we have the New York Times, Wall Street 
Journal and Los Angeles Times singing the praises of 
Landes. As such, the book is irresistible target 
practice for us Maoist scientists.

Generally, Landes received favorable but lightweight 
reviews. We will add a few remaining points of 
agreement with these reviewers. Landes indeed has 
launched a very lucid attack on post-modernism and 
Marxism. Partaking in frequent sentence fragments, 
Landes clearly indicates a willingness to pay the 
price for clarity. We agree with him and his reviewers 
who pointed this out.

However, we find it regrettable the Kirkus Review 
could only say the book borders on the chauvinist. 
Landes has long been about as conscious an imperialist 
chauvinist as there can be.

Third World anecdotes, not systematic evidence

What Landes does say about Third World societies is 
either stereotypical or ad-hoc. It takes little 
analytical effort to say that Third World culture must 
be holding back industrial development, because the 
Third World is relatively underdeveloped compared with 
Europe and Amerika. Such becomes a circular argument 
when the details of Third World society are either 
unknown or not gathered up in systematic ways.

J. Bradford De Long points out that Landes talks about 
China being the most scientifically advanced in the 
earlier part of the millenium but fails to offer a 
convincing reason for why China lost its edge. Relying 
on the academic work of others, Landes puts forward 
that China's Confucian culture vested business and 
state power in one place and thwarted the efforts of a 
potential business class to innovate.

In contrast, Marxism does not attempt to explain 
development by timeless cultural arguments. Marxism 
refers to modes of production that change over time. 
We Marxists also do not feel compelled to justify 
European superiority on the basis of evidence that 
does not exist.

Landes and many others in the tradition of "cultural" 
explanations cannot explain why Confucian culture was 
the most advanced scientifically at one time, because 
Confucianism is a constant and China's global 
scientific leadership role has been a variable. 
Furthermore, since Landes believes that Taiwan, Hong 
Kong and southern Korea have "made it," he has no 
explanation there either. They should still be 
stifling under Confucian mores against profit.

Other reviewers gave Landes credit in the sense that 
we are "all postmodernists now." He admits that 
European civilization was inferior to Egyptian and 
Sumerian civilizations for thousands of years. The 
reason he gives is that Europeans didn't have the 
tools to handle Europe's dense forests (p. 19) and 
today many tropical countries still do not have the 
tools to deal with their environment. Landes does not 
tell us whether other societies were ahead in their 
forest-chopping technology, but he only asks to be 
accountable for the last 1000 years of history anyway. 

Also in the everyone-is-post-modernist-now spirit, 
Landes trots out a story about a fabulously wealthy 
African king (p. 73-) without ever explaining the 
details of how this African king and his culture 
failed along the criteria that Landes say are 
necessary for development.

In the case of India, Landes tells us that Hindu 
religion saw no need to minimize the use of labor.(p. 
227) He does not connect that to anything specific in 
the culture, so it is a fairly circular argument 
buttressed by ad-hoc arguments, such as that India had 
no screws.(p. 228) What is more he misses a chance to 
discuss diversity within Hinduism along the lines of 
his own concepts of "openness" and "tolerance" of 
discussion. Instead, what Landes does is explain the 
trivial with the trivial on an ad hoc basis.

He admits that when it comes to India and its 
relationship to British imperialism, he found 
published works lacking. "Almost no written 
documentation comes down to us from the Indian 
side."(p. 163) It seems to Landes that even Indian 
scholars base their books on Western documents.

While Landes bashes the post-modernists, he is simply 
the twin evil of post-modernism. Landes conducts poor 
science or pseudo-science in the name of not having to 
study or know much about Third World society. The 
post-modernists point to those like Landes and 
conclude (correctly) that we must study Third World 
society as part of "diversity." Yet on account of poor 
science by the likes of Landes, post-modernists reject 
all science.

Accelerating inequality

"The difference in income per head between the richest 
industrial nation, say Switzerland, and the poorest 
nonindustrial country, Mozambique, is about 400 to 1. 
Two hundred and fifty years ago, this gap between 
richest and poorest was perhaps 5 to 1, and the 
difference between Europe and, say, East or South Asia 
(China or India) was around 1.5 or 2 to 1."(p. xx)

Landes himself raises the fact of accelerating 
economic inequality, but none of his arguments address 
that acceleration. He contents himself with pointing 
out differences, differences that have been more or 
less constant and hence not useful to explain larger 
and larger gaps. In fact, the differences Landes 
notices have gotten smaller over time while the 
economic gap between imperialists and oppressed 
nations has gotten larger.

Readers can judge for themselves whether or not 
Landes' own criteria have become more true or less 
true in the time that acceleration of inequality took 

"If I had to single out the critical, distinctively 
European sources of success, I would emphasize three 
considerations: (1) the growing autonomy of 
intellectual inquiry; (2) the development of unity in 
disunity in the form of a common implicitly 
adversarial method, that is, the creation of a 
language of proof recognized, used, and understood 
across national and cultural boundaries, and (3) the 
invention of invention, that is, the routinization of 
research and its diffusion." (p. 201)(italics removed)

In other words, Landes says Europe took up science and 
engineering and had the openness and freedom to do so. 
Science led to overall economic leadership, he says.

Readers need to ask themselves if it is not true that 
more of the world has been exposed to science and even 
the Anglo view of things than ever before. Yet just as 
Anglo "openness" and media and demonstrations of 
science and engineering reach more people more often 
in faster communication than ever before, the gap 
between rich and poor continues to widen. 

Ironically, Landes does acknowledge the obvious facts 
of the situation. Science has made the rounds globally 
now. He derides those who believe China still needs to 
be cheer-led into science.(p. 349)

Even more telling is some evidence he presents from 
Africa in 1962: "Without significant exception, all 
African leaders . . . share the passionate desire to 
acquire all the good things which western civilization 
has produced in the two millennia of its history. They 
want especially to get the tehnological blessings of 
American civilization, and to do so as quickly as 
possible.(pp. 499-500) Despite this fact, Africa is 
where the most countries with negative income growth 
can be found. Once again, if it is true that 
scientific method and Anglo influence are global now 
more than ever, why is the gap between rich and poor 
expanding if Landes is right?

For us Marxists with the labor theory of value, it is 
not difficult at all to come up with a theory about an 
exponential growth rate in one group of countries and 
stagnation or regression in another group. Quite 
simply, the surplus-labor of one society contributes 
to the wealth of another. Even only a few percentage 
points of the total labor being appropriated from the 
Third World will explain European growth the same way 
a savings account grows exponentially in size over 
decades and centuries.

In addressing similar arguments from the "dependency" 
school of thought in Latin America, Landes said that 
even if foreign interference is the real reason for 
poverty, it would be better to "stow" the theories 
that were true and concentrate on self-improvement.(p. 
328) On the last page of the book, he returns to this 
theme talking about the need for an optimistic and 
striving culture and not a pessimistic one.(p. 524)

To the extent that talking about imperialism is an 
excuse for whining, MIM has to agree with Landes. 
However, his remark on this in all italics shows an 
improper understanding of the importance of science. A 
bleak theory blaming foreign influence of imperialism, 
if it is true, means that development can only occur 
by destroying the link to imperialism. In other words, 
there are practical implications of "science" and they 
cannot just be "stowed." An accurate view of a problem 
is necessary before one solves it with the least waste 
of energy.

Social-democratic view of imperialism

In reply, Landes says that the imperialists already 
withdrew from the colonies. The reason they leave is 
that the cost of administration of colonialism became 
too expensive.(pp. 393,423)

Social-democrats have always differed with Lenin's 
theory of imperialism. According to the social-
democrats, when imperialism becomes too costly, policy 
changes. Landes accepts that view.

>From the Leninist view, the imperialists only withdraw 
when the cost to them is too great. The imperialists 
hardly care if the exploited or the oppressed bear the 
costs of empire. A war may be very expensive, but if 
the imperialists are not paying the taxes, then they 
see benefit in that war for colonial plunder.

It is also important to point out in this context that 
Lenin never said a system had to export capital 
steadily without crisis to be imperialist. If a 
society is characterized by export of capital but more 
capital flows back as accumulation from foreign 
investments, then that is exactly what we Leninists 
believe. Lenin's theory of imperialism is a theory of 
crisis. Certainly there is much capitalism that never 
reaches the multinational corporate stage, but once it 
does reach that stage, we Leninists never claimed it 
would be stable or successful.

Pre-capitalist militarism

Although Landes does discuss the genocide committed 
against indigenous peoples, he is untroubled by the 
possibility that militarism might have been the real 
reason some societies failed or ceased to exist while 
the Europeans went ahead. Perhaps development has not 
much to do with protecting private property and quite 
the contrary many societies more advanced perished on 
its account already.

The discussion of militarism by Landes is totally 
lacking. He is irked that some progressive historians 
treat European military superiority as an accident of 
history.(p. 89) He knows that all of European progress 
can be linked to the use of force against Third World 
peoples, so he goes to great lengths to show that 
Europe was already more advanced than the Third World 
and that is why it had military superiority.

His own story on the Chinese undercuts him. The 
Chinese invented gunpowder; yet they did not plunder 
the world with the invention. In fact, Landes implies 
the Chinese didn't really understand their invention 
and mystified themselves with war as if it "were a 
display of recipes."(p. 53)

This observation and many similar ones did not stop 
Landes from saying later that imperialism "is the 
expression of a deep human drive."(p. 63) A mere 12 
pages later, he quoted Columbus on how the natives of 
North America did not covet property and "they know 
nothing of killing one another."(p. 75) So much for 
Landes's "deep human drive" idea.

Landes admits that the white man was baffled by the 
indigenous people and that contributed to genocide, 
but Landes seems unwilling to consider the possibility 
of peoples more restrained than Europeans and also 
perhaps less restrained in militarism and now gone 

On the other hand, Landes also never tallied up all 
the imperialist military aid from Anglo-Amerikan 
imperialism to pre-capitalist ruling cliques. Even 
mentioning the global military aid of U.$. imperialism 
to repression would have undercut the European 
tradition he wants to credit for economic progress. 
Thus, if openness is crucial to development as Landes 
said, then U.$.-backed military repression throughout 
the world is a perfect explanation for lack of Third 
World development.

No Soviet Union treatment

It appears that at least in the case of the Soviet 
Union, the more Western openness, the slower the 
economic growth. Economic growth was fantastic under 
Stalin and has steadily decelerated since his rule. 
The more capitalism the Soviet Union took up, the 
worse its economy became. Now in this last bit of 
Yelstin-era capitalism, the economy has shrunk 40 

The success of Stalin and 
the failure of Yelstin is something Landes does not 
even attempt to address. What little he says treats 
the Soviet Union as one thing from 1917 to 1986.(p. 
497) We Maoists say it went state-capitalist after 
Stalin died in 1953.

Points of unity with LandesDavid Landes is an 
historian who attacks Marxism as "too simple." When he 
needs to use a little Marxism, he uses it, but in an 
explanation with several other chains of reasoning as 
well.David Landes rejects Marxism as too simple 
essentially because he rejects the discipline of 
science. That is why he is unable to sustain his own 
comparisons and analysis throughout the world and the 
book he wrote.

Thanks to his deliberate eclecticism ("Monocausal 
explanations will not work." (p. 517)), it is 
necessary to point out those snippets of work he did 
that we do agree with. Examples would include his 
admission of genocide by the white oppressor nation 
against the indigenous peoples of America and his 
admission that slavery also killed millions even just 
in the voyage over. This kind of thing that is 
impossible for the slightly-read historian to ignore 
anymore without looking dumb in front of the masses -- 
Landes is inclined to concede.One of his theses going 
along with Western Liberalism is that societies with 
religious restrictions fell behind economically. 
Landes's message is tolerance of Jews and Protestants. 
Islam and the Inquisition and other religious 
intolerance cut into business and technology. 
According to Landes, religious bigotry is such a 
problem that Portugal and Spain started out leading 
the quest for empire in the last several hundred 
years, but they lost on account of their reactionary 
religious views.(e.g., pp. 134-5)MIM agrees with 
Landes on this point. He serves as the memory of the 
bourgeoisie and we agree that capitalism is superior 
to pre-capitalist modes of production, so his pointing 
to pogroms holding back economic development -- we see 
this as a case of the superstructure holding back the 
mode of production. Historically the bourgeoisie is 
correct about its struggles against pre-capitalist 
societies in which religious authority was higher than 
business authority.

Landes did not discuss British intolerance of 
Catholicism. His book is solidly pro-Protestant and he 
admits to adhering to Max Weber's theses on the 
Protestant Ethic; (p. 177) although they have been 
disproved specifically with regard to Protestantism 
many times since Weber wrote his theses.

Overall amongst religions and cultures, the book is 
most favorable to the Jews, Anglo-American imperialism 
and Zionism as contributors to modernity. He notes 
correctly that the Catholic Church squelched the 
famous scientist Galileo 400 years ago and is only now 
getting around to rehabilitating him. (p. 181) For the 
Germans, he mentions their racial intolerance.(p. 467)

Thus, the typical bourgeois view includes tolerance -- 
gender, race and religious tolerance. Another 
important thing is "openness." Japan ordered its 
people not to travel in the 1600s.(p. 356) Ocean 
vessels have been put under restriction many times in 
history. Yet opposing immigration, emigration or 
foreign travels is just another way inquiry falls down 
and contention of views is diminished. According to 
Landes, and we believe he is correct in the transition 
from pre-capitalist to capitalist, lack of openness 
will lead to lack of development.Another area we agree 
with is Landes's attacks on post-modernism in defense 
of science:  "One must reject the implication that 
outsideness disqualifies; that only Muslims can 
understand Islam, only blacks understand black 
history, only a woman understand women's studies, and 
so on. That way lies separateness and a dialogue of 
the deaf."(p. 417)

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by MC12

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has 
finally, really finally, abolished the radical parts 
of its charter at the demand of Israel and Amerika. 
The step, timed to coincide with President Clinton's 
historic visit to Gaza, marked another big step on the 
road to Palestinian neocolonialism.

The back and forth between Israeli leaders -- in which 
Likud party leader Netanyahu is currently on the ropes 
-- is a relatively small distraction from the overall 
movement toward Palestinian integration into the 
imperialist fold as a dependent neocolonial state.

Clinton's trip and the PLO capitulation signal the 
possibility that Palestine may eventually end up as an 
"independent state," after all the real independence 
has been driven from its liberation movement, and its 
economic and political dependency on imperialism has 
been fully ensured. The main task of Amerika and the 
Israeli government now is to ensure that the 
Palestinian state not end up under the leadership of 
the radical Islamic movement, which makes 
neocolonialism more difficult to administer.

MIM takes this opportunity to repeat:  formal 
political independence is not necessarily liberation, 
it is not necessarily victory for a national 
liberation struggle. This is the case even if the 
achievement of an independent state is itself positive 
compared to the failure to achieve such a state. 
National liberation for oppressed nations is only 
possible through breaking the bonds with imperialism, 
politically and economically, that prevent full self-
determination. Such an achievement has so far in 
history only been won by proletarian-led national 
liberation struggles, principally China, which lead to 
socialism as well.

Clinton pressed hard for the formal PLO capitulation, 
and he is also pressing hard to influence the Israeli 
government in the direction of accepting bogus 
independence for the Palestinian people to weaken the 
Islamic movement's base of support, reduce tensions in 
the Middle East, and get the economic gravy train up 
and running for imperialist economic interests. The 
intransigent Israeli government has stalled the 
process, leading to what the imperialists see as 
unnecessary conflict; Netanyahu and the extreme right 
wing in Israel don't share Clinton's long-term 
confidence that the Palestinian movement can be co-
opted. Now Clinton's former campaign consultant James 
Carville, and his pollster Stanley Greenberg, are on 
the case to help the Labor party take power from 

The Palestinian people, despite the lure of Clinton's 
political and economic attentions, showed that their 
militancy remains intact, turning out for protests of 
the U.$. bombing of Iraq, in solidarity with the 
oppressed nations of the Middle East.(2)

Others did celebrate Clinton's visit, on the promise 
that the Palestinian "Authority" will soon have what 
the Washington Post generously called "full or partial 
administrative control of 40 percent of the West 
Bank." At the moment, Israel is reneging on that deal, 
which was also supposed to include the release of 750 
Palestinian prisoners.

But Clinton's visit was also greeted as a symbol of 
the U.$. willingness to back the creation of a 
Palestinian state. "We are profoundly affected and 
touched by the sincerity of the respect he professes 
for the Palestinian people, and his readiness to 
support us," wrote the Palestinian newspaper Al-Hayat 
Al-Jadida. "We perceive in your visit a great symbol 
of hope in the future."(3)

During Clinton's visit -- while Clinton was plotting 
the bombing of Iraq -- the PLO leadership voted to 
reaffirm a letter Chairman Yasser Arafat had 
previously sent promising to nullify parts of the PLO 
charter that deny Israel's right to exist. The vote 
nullified 11 clauses, and parts of 18 others, out of 
33 total articles in the charter.

These four articles were among those cancelled:

Article 7: "That there is a Palestinian community and 
that it has material, spiritual and historical 
connections with Palestine are indisputable facts. It 
is a national duty to bring up Palestinians in an Arab 
revolutionary manner. All means of information and 
education must be adopted in order to acquaint the 
Palestinian with his country in the most profound 
manner that is possible, both spiritual and material. 
He must be prepared for the armed struggle and ready 
to sacrifice his wealth and his life in order to win 
back his homeland and bring about its liberation.

Article 9: "Armed struggle is the only way to liberate 
Palestine. Thus it is the overall strategy, not merely 
a tactical phase. The Palestinian Arab people assert 
their absolute determination and firm resolution to 
continue their armed struggle and work for an armed 
popular revolution for the liberation of their country 
and their return to it. They also assert their right 
to normal life in Palestine and to exercise their 
right to self-determination and sovereignty over it.

Article 19: "The partition of Palestine in 1947 and 
the establishment of the State of Israel are entirely 
illegal, regardless of the passage of time, because 
they were contrary to the will of the Palestinian 
people and to their natural right in their homeland, 
and inconsistent with the principles embodied in the 
charter of the United Nations, particularly the right 
of self-determination."

Article 22: "Zionism is a political movement 
organically associated with international imperialism 
and antagonistic to all action for liberation and to 
progressive movements in the world. It is racist and 
fanatic in its nature, aggressive, expansionist and 
colonialist in its aims, and fascist in its methods. 
Israel is the instrument of the Zionist movement, and 
a geographical base for world imperialism placed 
strategically in the midst of the Arab homeland to 
combat the hopes of the Arab nation for liberation, 
unity and progress."(4)

Acknowledging the existence of a Jewish nation is not 
itself wrong, but the language struck from the PLO 
charter also nullifies the liberatory aspects of the 
Palestinian movement altogether.

White House national security adviser Samuel Berger 
told the press that the voting PLO members, who also 
heard a speech by Clinton, "felt validated as human 
beings ... as Palestinians, as a people, by virtue of 
the fact that the president of the United States came 
to Gaza and spoke with them."(5) Besides the personal 
"validation," Clinton also said he would ask Congress 
for "several hundred million dollars" to secure 
Palestinian dependency and reward the capitulationist 

But the meeting at which the vote was held was 
boycotted by a number of PLO factions that object to 
the leadership's capitulation.(5) These included the 
Popular Front for the Liberation of 
Palestine, the Popular Front for the Liberation of 
Palestine-General Command, the Democratic Front for 
the Liberation of Palestine, the Sa'qa Group, the 
Popular Palestinian Struggle Front, and the Palestine 
Liberation Front. Together these groups had only about 
100 votes out of the 730 on the council that passed 
the vote.(6)

Unlike a United Front in the Maoist sense, the 
Palestine Liberation Organization was one of a 
generation of oppressed nation movements that sought 
to unite anti-imperialist groups without insisting on 
proletarian leadership. Like the FMLN in El Salvador 
and the African National Congress in Azania (South 
Africa), these groups sought a strategy that would 
permit them to receive aid from the social-imperialist 
Soviet Union. To secure that aid, they couldn't have 
genuinely communist leadership. When the Soviet Union 
collapsed these groups were left high and dry because 
they had chosen dependency rather than self reliance. 
The PLO is one of the last of this type to capitulate 
completely, seeking to substitute one dependency for 

In contrast, a genuine Maoist-led United Front, such 
as the National Democratic Front of the Philippines 
led by the Communist Party of the Philippines, seeks 
true self-determination, practices self-reliance in 
the struggle, and depends on the strength of the 
people rather than the kindness of imperialist super 
powers. There is no easy road to liberation and self-
determination for the oppressed nations under 
imperialism. But the example set by the Chinese 
liberation and socialism (1949-1976), and carried on 
today by comrades such as those in the Philippines, is 
provide examples of successful paths forward. The 
example of the PLO, like the many before them, should 
be a warning to those who believe otherwise.

1. Washington Post, December 21, 1998; Page A26.
2. Washington Post, December 20, 1998; Page A45.
3. Washington Post, December 16, 1998; Page A33.
4. Jerusalem Post Internet Edition, December 15, 1998.
5. Washington Post, December 15, 1998; Page A01.
6. Reuters, December 8, 1998.

* * *


The Atlantic Monthly feature article on the "Prison-
Industrial Complex" in the December, 1998 issue is the 
latest proof that the petty-bourgeoisie is starting to 
be shaken by the facts of the U.$. prison-state. The 
movement is gaining ground outside the tiny 
proletarian political leadership and the 
lumpenproletariat -- in the petty-bourgeoisie.

In recent months, a new publication dedicated just to 
exposing the prison-state on the drug issue arose that 
MIM already reviewed. Also Amnesty International is 
making solid progress in crawling out of its redneck 

When MIM used to confront Amnesty International on 
humyn rights abuses, its members would often tell MIM 
that the U$A is a free country. Local meetings in 
Michigan featured the U.$. flag as a rallying symbol 
on publicity posters, in the very arrogant way of 
saying that humyn rights are something to bring to 
other countries.

It was nice to see the Northeast Regional Director of 
Amnesty International write for the Quakers in the 
"December 1998/January 1999" issue of "Peacework" on 
U.$. prisons. On the whole, the article is a good 

MIM and a handful of sociologists publishing textbooks 
have been citing the statistics of the "Sentencing 
Project" and Marc Mauer for some time to show that 
except for a brief time under Boris Yeltsin's "state 
of emergency" the United $tates has been the world's 
leading prison-state per capita. The rednecks are 
always quick to tell MIM that communists are wrong 
because the United $tates is a "free country." These 
rednecks either lie or live a life of delusion.

The Amnesty International article still only admits 
that "the country now has one of the largest prison 
populations in the world." Well, Amnesty International 
does not believe MIM, government statistics, the 
Sentencing Project or the UN statistics that MIM has 
been making a stink about. Now Amnesty International 
can listen to the Atlantic Monthly, which says that 
the United $tates has perhaps half a million more 
prisoners than social-fascist China does. That's 
correct: even though China has more than four times 
more people, the United $tates imprisons more people. 
We also leave India in the dust. China and India are 
the two largest countries population-wise. The United 
$tates is third. Whether it be total numbers of 
prisoners in the world or the prison rate per 1000 
people, the United $tates is number one. 

On the whole Amnesty International is also correct to 
draw the international connection and point out that 
the United $tates plays a big role in talking about 
humyn rights law without applying it. In fact, 
although the United $tates is the world's leading 
prison-state itself, its largest contribution to 
repression is through military aid to lackey regimes 
in the Third World, including the sale of weapons and 
torture equipment. 

MIM takes the Amnesty International article as 
vindication of its line. There is no question that the 
petty-bourgeoisie in the imperialist countries has to 
be mobilized by the proletariat. The question is how. 

Many seek to encourage the petty-bourgeoisie into 
reformist struggles for salary increases. In contrast, 
MIM's focus on the student-prisoner alliance and 
issues of national oppression calls forward a 
reformism forced to educate the public about politics. 
The facts about prisons in the United $tates are a 
very quick political lesson, one most damaging to the 
system at this time out of all the issues we can focus 
a campaign on domestically. In prison the issues of 
poverty, national oppression, torture and the U.$. 
global role all intersect and now even Atlantic 
Monthly can see someone making a profit in prison-

This article is by a former Amnesty International 

* * *


On December 19, 1998, President Bill Clinton became 
the second president in history to be impeached by the 
House of Representatives. Andrew Johnson was the first 
130 years ago.

Impeachment is not conviction for a crime. It is a 
charge of crime. The House charged Clinton with 
perjury and obstruction of justice. It rejected the 
idea of his influencing others to perjure and the idea 
of his abusing his office.

We Marxists refer to this as an intra-ruling class 
conflict. The impeachment is a sign that there is a 
serious crisis in the system. It is unclear at this 
time whether Clinton will be able to continue with 
"business as usual." It seems unlikely the Senate will 
convict Clinton next year when it raises the question, 
but breakdown of intra-government relations may 
increase pressure for resignation in the meantime.

What the real reason for getting rid of Clinton is 
appears to be political. Some House representatives 
said that Clinton broke too many promises in his 
dealings with the Republicans. MIM would have to 
concur that the Republicans are not used to dealing 
with a Democrat with political skill and the ability 
to fight and with the help of people like James 
Carville, who runs campaigns. Generally, Democrats 
have been pansies so long -- losers like McGovern, 
Mondale and Dukakis -- so the Republicans perceive 
this president to be a radical threat.

The New York Times of December 19th also mentioned 
further sexual evidence to come out against Clinton 
and the fact that 76 percent of conservative 
Republicans favored impeachment (and only 49 percent 
of other Republicans).

The perjury charge received the most votes, and five 
Democrats supported the charge against Democrat Bill 
Clinton. Five Republicans voted against. Otherwise, 
the entire Republican Party voted for impeachment and 
the entire Democratic Party voted against with two 

Sexual politics

On the same day, the incoming House Speaker Bob 
Livingstone resigned his House Speakership, because of 
the news reports uncovering his marital infidelity.

The major media has reported the concept used by some 
that the whole thing is a matter of "sexual 
McCarthyism." Instead of obliterating communists, the 
sexual McCarthyists ask "are you now or have you ever 
engaged in adultery?"

What we are seeing is the victory of sexual politics 
unleashed by pseudo-feminism and supported in what is 
now seen as a direct way by the Christian Right. 
Clinton is being charged in connection to perjury in 
relation to a relatively new pseudo-feminist legal 
theory that says Paula Jones and other plaintiffs have 
the right to dig into men's sexual histories to 
advance their own cases. It is the bastardization of 
radical politics into some new reformist fowl that has 
resulted in the shame Amerika is in now.

Most mainstream "feminists" are now complaining 
bitterly about how their baby is being used against 
Clinton, who stands for their causes against the 
Republican Right. Typical is the founder of the 
National Organization for Women (NOW), Betty Friedan:  
"It might be grounds for divorce, but not grounds for 
impeachment. . . . Clinton's policies and programs 
have been very good for women. He stood up for family 
leave, right to choose and affirmative action, and he 
had Hillary give a wonderful role model of a marriage 
between equals."(2)

Open anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly said the 
"feminists' mistake in standing by their man, despite 
his lies and crimes, has cost them all credibility. 
They are just a shrill subset of the left wing of the 
Democratic Party. If they were truly for women's 
rights, they would have stood up for Paula Jones' 
civil rights and against the big CEO having an affair 
with a very junior subordinate."(2)

Nonetheless, MIM sees no obligation to defend Clinton 
or oppose only "sexual McCarthyism" and not Liberal 
Freudianism of the Friedan sort. MIM seeks 
transformation of gender relations at the 
institutional level and we let the Christians, petty-
bourgeois radicals and pseudo-feminists argue amongst 
themselves on whether Livingstone should remain as 
Speaker or not. Within their own logic, the only time 
they "do something" to "reform" patriarchy is by 
scrutinizing individual behavior at a pornographic 
level. In this case, it was hard-core pornographic 
magazine Hustler providing one million dollars as a 
reward to those who exposed the Republicans by 
unearthing the details that nailed Bob Livingstone. 
That should be a clue to these reformists what the 
real basis of their politics is, that Hustler could 
ever hold the balance of power.

Hustler's role in bringing down the second most 
powerful man in Amerika (and third in line to succeed 
the president after the vice-president) -- House 
Speaker-elect Bob Livingstone -- is proof of what MIM 
has been saying all along about pornography's 
pervasive role in imperialist patriarchy. Under 
socialism, production for profit is illegal and 
pornography disappears to a great extent.

It was a true coup for Hustler magazine to nail 
Livingstone. Forever the openly pornographic magazines 
have said that they should not be censored because 
they have a right to "free speech." The surprising 
truth is that these pornographers and many in the sex 
business do play a critical role in supporting the 
political media, especially by the purchase of ads for 
everything from models to escort services. Many 
slightly out of the mainstream publications have 
relied on such money since the 1960s.

In Amerika as it stands now, repressing the 
pornographers is repressing "free speech." That is why 
it is impossible to use the Catharine MacKinnon 
strategy of reformist change for progress. The 
Christian Right uses MacKinnon with ease, so we have 
to modify our MacKinnonism for revolutionary use.

Under a socialist dictatorship informed by Mao's 
theories of Cultural Revolution, it will not be 
necessary to have pornographers funding the media. The 
masses will have direct access to the media. 
Production will not be for profit, so the masses will 
be able to express themselves with free government 

What Friedan said about the conservatives is true and 
what Schafly said about Friedan and the rest is also 
true. Individualism is so weak as an approach in 
contrast with Marxism, that "doing something" about 
patriarchy results in absurdity within individualism's 
framework. Pseudo-feminism is not progress;  it is a 
sign of the decay of imperialism. The current 
paralysis of the U.S. Government is great proof of the 
logic of pseudo-feminism. Pseudo-feminism can express 
the divisive decadence of the system but it cannot 
provide relief. Even in the single case of Clinton, 
the result is prolonged pornography.

Prosecutionism and the principal contradiction

MIM will say that what the Republicans have done to 
Clinton is less than what well-paid prosecutors with 
large budgets have done against underfunded defense 
lawyers with poor clients on a daily basis. If the 
charges against Clinton seem exaggerated in their 
importance, it is a dialectical result of the war on 
the oppressed nations. Since the United $tates is 
prosecuting oppressed nationalities at rates exceeding 
that of the many fascist states in the world, it is 
not surprising that some of that attitude rubs off 
within the oppressor nation.

MIM realizes that comrades globally would like some 
sense of the intra-imperialist rivalry from MIM. The 
theory that this impeachment was really about Iraq was 
undercut when Clinton bombed Iraq and he still got 
impeached. The Progressive Labor Party had said it was 
Big Oil behind this, but Clinton bombed Iraq harder 
than ever in his administration and he still got 
impeached the next day.

MIM would say that the impeachment reflects the 
tension within the United $tates which is moving 
toward the birth of several new nations. The oppressor 
nation finds its unity in born-again Christian 
fascism. Other varieties of oppressor nation politics 
show too much tolerance for other nationalities to be 
a true root of white identity.

The minority that supports the Republican Party 
through thick and thin is composed of irrational 
settlers. These are like the settlers so crucial to 
reactionary politics in colonial situations 
everywhere, including the Zionist entity and in the 
situations of white-ruled South Africa and Rhodesia to 
name the most recent historical examples.

According to Marx, the masses get the leaders they 
deserve. The leaders cannot be historically much more 
advanced than the masses and they can also be as bad 
as the masses let them be.

Although it will appear laughable to many of education 
and differing culture, the impeachment is a genuine 
reflection of the people, the hard-core minority of 
the white oppressor nation and the rest of the white 
nation that is unable to stop them from carrying out 
their "coup" against an elected president.

The cracker Christians of Amerika were behind this 
impeachment all the way and lobbied for it well before 
the perjury happened. The mass basis of the right face 
of U.$. imperialism would settle for nothing less than 
impeachment of Clinton, just as much as the hard-right 
in the Israeli oppressor nation is able to call the 
shots to the extent of assassinating the Labour 
Party's leader and the Zionist entity's fifth "prime 
minister," Yitzhak Rabin in 1995.

The desperate politicking by the right-face of 
imperialism at this time is a reflection of the global 
beating it has taken. Without the United $tates under 
its control, the IMF-style faction and those to its 
right in the capitalist class have nothing. Neither 
European nor Japanese imperialism is likely to go down 
the neo-liberal road of imperialism unless the United 
$tates does. The left-face of imperialism remains in 
power and generates the desperate efforts at a "coup" 
from the traditional right-wing authoritarians.

Whether or not it succeeds in reining in the U.$. 
government, the right-wing of imperialism has raised 
the stakes and the political consciousness of the 
masses. The furor surrounding impeachment is a small 
taste of the kind of civil war to come in the United 
$tates. A large portion of the masses are alienated at 
this moment by the direction one brand of reactionary 
politicians is leading them.

The born-agains behind the impeachment drive strive 
for the creation of a pure white nation, some 
consciously, others unconsciously. If they could be 
isolated to a small area in Idaho it would be a small 
matter, but in fact, the oppressor nation nationalists 
are not sure they shouldn't be running the United 
$tates. The oppressor nation's unity leaves open the 
possibility it would rather be yanked along by the 
chain in the nose into ousting Clinton and similar 

The success of impeachment ensures that many white 
nationalists will be encouraged and continue to try 
imposing their agenda on a country they are not sure 
will respond to their call. At the same time, the risk 
to the oppressor nation is that a good hunk of the 
country will realize it does not have much in common 
with the forces for impeachment. It will shake the 
integrationist illusions of the oppressed nations 
within the U.$.A. and force a majority of whites to 
decide where they really stand politically.

It is not likely that impeachment in itself will 
result in the kind of clarifying political crisis that 
would result in the creation of several nations or a 
tendency for such. Nonetheless it is now a part of the 
background thinking of the masses.

1. If you live in the United $tates and you need a 
source for this story, you need to consider getting a 
life and pulling your head out of the sand. 
Concentrate on learning research skills.
2. USA Today 18 December 1998, p. 27a.

* * * 


On December 13 a plebiscite was held in Puerto Rico 
which gave Puerto Ricans a choice between the status 
quo or a new slant on its status as a colony of the 
U.$. The big winner:  "none of the above." Puerto 
Ricans were given a choice of four options:  current 
territorial status under the U.$., "free association" 
under a treaty with the u.s. government, independence, 
statehood, and none of the above. 

With about 75% of the eligible population voting, over 
50% voted for none of the above. The second victor was 
statehood with 46.5%. The "none of the above" vote was 
supported by the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) which 
opposes statehood but supports the status quo and did 
not like the definition of commonwealth used on the 
ballot.(1) Based on results of recent similar votes, 
it is likely that most of the people who voted for 
"none of the above" support the current colonial 
relationship with the u.s.

As the 100 year anniversary of the U.$. invasion of 
Puerto Rico draws to a close, there is significant 
support for some kind of colonial relationship between 
Puerto Rico and the u.s., whether in the current form 
or as a state. Puerto Ricans who earn an average per 
capita income of $8,000 are significantly poorer than 
Amerikans with the average U.S. income at $25,660.(2) 
But the country has benefited from its neocolonial 
relationship with u.s. imperialism. U.$. citizenship 
makes Puerto Ricans eligible for welfare and Puerto 
Rico enjoys far more wealth than most u.s. neo-
colonies. Because of its proximity to the u.s. as well 
as its unusual status which allows for u.s. 
citizenship, the U.$. has put enough money into the 
country to buy off a segment of the population.

In response to the vote President Clinton said he said 
he remains "committed to implementing a majority 
choice for Puerto Rico's future status."(3) Of course 
the U.$. is not willing to remove u.s. political, 
military and corporate control of the island and then 
let the people really have a free choice. Since the 
Puerto Rican people have never had the opportunity to 
develop a self-sufficient economy, their livelihood is 
dependent on the many foreign (mostly Amerikan) 
corporations that set up shop for the cheap labor and 
good tax deals.

As an amerikan colony, Puerto Rico has provided the 
u.s. a very strategic military base, a source of cheap 
labor for manufacturing plants, and a vacation resort 
close to home. U.$ corporations control 90% of the 
Puerto Rican economy.

The PDP opposition to the way the commonwealth status 
was phrased is ironic:  the PDP claimed that the 
definition was a "colonial" one. But the definition on 
the ballot was an accurate description of the current 
status. The PDP wanted to add a few benefits to the 
status which the U.$. has already rejected. Included 
is the provision that Puerto Ricans acquire the 
ability to make treaties with other nations and veto 
federal laws.(3) In reality the PDP supports the 
status quo, with or without these enhancements. Their 
push for "none of the above" seems like more of a 
political maneuver than a real attempt to gain more 
autonomy and move away from a colonial relationship 
with the u.s.

As a "Freely associated state" or commonwealth, the 
Puerto Rican people have u.s. citizenship but if they 
live in Puerto Rico they can not vote on u.s. ballots. 
Puerto Rican's can and are expected to fight in u.s. 
wars, and Puerto Ricans sustain combat causalities in 
u.s. wars in numbers far exceeding their proportion in 
the population.

Rosello' acknowledged that the "none of the above" 
option was being used as a protest vote by many who 
oppose his administration, the privatization of the 
island's telephone company as well as his position on 
statehood.(3) The plebiscite was called for by Puerto 
Rican governor Pedro Rossello' in an attempt to 
pressure the u.s. congress to admit Puerto Rico as a 

MIM supports the Puerto Rican peoples right to self 
determination. And for true self-determination the 
u.s. must first end its imperialist domination of the 
island. Join MIM and support the Puerto Rican national 
liberation struggle.


1. Washington Post, 14 December 1998, Page A02.
2. Reuters, 13 December 1998.
3. Washington Post, 15 December 1998, p.A10.

* * * 


Dear comrades,

P.R. is being forced by Violence to accept statehood. 
So far, 2 days ago, everyone has voted for the [none 
of the above ballot option], which means that the 
people are not sure what they want. No one in the U.S. 
were informed of how the elections were going. 
Everything was being censored from the very beginning.

Our people are being fed this big lie that being a 
state is the best thing for us. I have met a lot of 
people that believe that Puerto Rico should stay the 
way it is.

But the funny thing about this bullshit is that the 
people that want P.R. to stay the way it is 
(commonwealth) are the very people that want 
Imperialism to keep on plundering Third World 
Countries. They want to benefit from the 
superexploitation, alienation, & oppression; because 
to these people, in which I am ashamed to say that 
they are my fellow countrymen, that means more jobs, 
security, privilege, status, prestige & more hand-

Personally again, I cannot stand a person or a group 
that wants P.R. to become a state or, to continue it's 
present course into hell! As a Maoist, I know that 
these kind people are brainwashed &, that they are 
also cowards for not being able to come to their own 
senses. For years, as far as I can remember, we (MIM, 
RAIL & I speak for those that feels the same way as me 
& the nationalists) have been trying endlessly to 
educate, organize, politically mobilize the Latino 
nations within the U.S.; Puerto Ricans in particular.

For more that 500 years, the P.R. people have been up-
rooted from our original existence, reshaped & molded 
to fit a specific purpose & reason. No consideration 
has been given concerning our interests. Could it be 
that we as a people, don't know what we want, what our 
interests are &, that we need U.S. imperialism to 
guide us? Bullshit! Only we can know what we want if 
we only had the courage to do so.  We don't need 
Imperialism to guide anyone because they have always 
guided us into war, poverty, international oppression 
& starvation. They have always cared about their own 
interests, which is to continue being a tyranny, a 
monster, an enemy of humanity, international 
proletariat &, the world it self!

Only a true Maoist political revolutionary 
organization, such as MIM, can led us out of the 
capitalist wilderness & into the promise land!!! If 
worse comes to worse & P.R. becomes a state, I hope 
that there will be bloodshed, civil war, revolution; 
because if it becomes a state, we as a people will 
have no flag of our own, our culture, history & 
language will vanish forever... I know &, I speak for 
everyone that feels that same way I do, concerning 
P.R., that we have a duty, an inescapable, sacred duty 
that cannot be neglected -- for the sake of communism, 
true freedom, & Third World proletariat. If blood 
needs to be spilled in order to save more blood in the 
future, so be it! 

But for now, all I can say is that if P.R. becomes a 
state, I really don't know what I will do. I really 
don't know what my reaction will be, knowing that I 
have no country, flag of my own. I will truly be a 
shame to be called a Puerto Rican. I will deny my race 
if I have to...No, I don't think a have the courage to 
do that, I will always be what I am: a Boricua 
revolutionary Maoist! Not even U.S. Imperialism will 
change that. But I will make it a life mission to 
destroy Imperialism, even if it takes 5, 10, 15 or 
even 20, 30 years. I will dream & think of only 
destroying our enemy: Imperialism.

* * * 


Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti continues 
attempts to re-imprison former Black Panther Party 
leader Geronimo ji Jaga (Pratt). Geronimo was framed 
and convicted for a murder he did not commit in the 
early 70s. He spent 27 years in prison before the 
Orange County Superior Court overturned his 
conviction. Garcetti appealed this decision earlier 
this year and presented oral arguments to the 
California Court of Appeals on December 15.

The FBI and Los Angeles law enforcement framed 
Geronimo with the help of an FBI informant, Julio 
Butler. Butler claimed that Geronimo confessed that he 
had killed Caroline Olsen on December 18, 1968. This 
lie formed the basis for the original indictment and 
played a key role in Geronimo's trial.

Last year, conservative Orange County Superior Court 
Judge Everett Dickey called Butler a liar and found 
that the prosecution had withheld important evidence 
from Geronimo's defense attorneys. Among the 
information withheld were the facts that Butler had 
been an FBI informant for three years and was an 
informant for the LA District Attorney's office at the 
time of the original trial. Dickey threw out the 
original conviction and freed Geronimo on bail.(1)

Garcetti claims that even without Butler's testimony 
the evidence against Geronimo -- eyewitness testimony 
of Olsen's husband and ballistics on the alleged 
murder weapon -- is "overwhelming." 

Olsen's husband originally identified another innocent 
man as the killer on the basis of his voice, and later 
(two years after the murder) switched to accusing 
Geronimo on the basis of his "intensive eyes." Recent 
scientific studies have shown that eyewitness 
testimony is frequently swayed from the truth because 
of human error and suggestions by police and 

The ballistics testimony of LAPD investigator DeWayne 
Wolfer equally shows the madness of a system 
controlled by imperialist pigs instead of the people. 
A California appellate court earlier ruled that Wolfer 
had "negligently provided false demonstrative evidence 
in support of his ballistics testimony." Another 
forensic scientist said Wolfer's testimony lacked 
"credibility in the minds of most forensic 
scientists." The LAPD and FBI will stop at nothing to 
ensure that revolutionary leaders are stopped from 
organizing. Garcetti's claims of overwhelming evidence 
against Geronimo are bogus. MIM will work to expose 
the current round of lies, but genuine justice is only 
possible when the oppressed masses control the laws, 
enforcement and the trials as part of the dictatorship 
of the proletariat.

In addition, there is clear evidence that Geronimo was 
in Oakland attending Black Panther Party meetings the 
night Caroline Olsen was murdered in Santa Monica. 
Oakland is more than 300 miles from Santa Monica. 
Kathleen Cleaver testifies that Geronimo was in 
Oakland at the time of the shooting, and retired FBI 
agent Wesley Swearington said the FBI knew that 
Geronimo was there because the Panthers were under 
surveillance and their phones were tapped. When 
Geronimo's defense requested the logs of the FBI's 
phone taps, however, the FBI reported that the logs 
from the night of the murder were "missing."(3)

We present these facts to illustrate in detail the 
political nature of the case against Geronimo. The 
original trial was not about discovering the truth 
about Geronimo's innocence, and neither is Garcetti's 
appeal. Rather they are about providing a 
justification to take a revolutionary activist off the 
street and try to break his will to resist. 
Representatives of the injustice system admitted as 
much during Geronimo's many parole hearings. Despite 
no major desciplinary actions against him, Geronimo 
was consistently denied parole, because in the words 
of one parole board member, "he remains a 
revolutionary man."(2) Consequently the innocent 
Geronimo spent 27 years in prisons for a crime for 
which the average time served is under eight years.

The FBI's framing of Geronimo was part of their covert 
war on the Black Panther Party and other revolutionary 
organizations during the 60s and 70s, called the 
Counter Intelligence Program or COINTELPRO. COINTELPRO 
involved intimidation, phone taps and surveillance, 
active efforts to create suspicion and hatred within 
organizations, false convictions of activists for non-
political crimes, and assassinations, as in the case 
of Black Panthers Fred Hampton, Bunchy Carter, and 
John Huggins. For more information about COINTELPRO, 
we recommend "Agents of Repression" by Ward Churchhill 
and Jim Van der Wall, available from the address on 
page two for $20. MIM has also published numerous 
articles on COINTELPRO and current covert operations 
against activists inside u.$. borders. Ask your local 
MIM Notes distributor for more information, or write 
to the address on page two.

1. Los Angeles Times, 15 December 1998. Unless 
otherwise cited, the information reported here can 
also be found in this article.
2. MIM Notes, no 140. June 15, 1997.
3. "Framed: The story of Geronimo Pratt," video.

* * * 


December 7 was the start of a new trial for Albert 
Woodfox. Albert Woodfox, along with Herman "Hooks" 
Wallace, started the Angola chapter of the Black 
Panther Party in 1971. In 1972-73, these righteous 
revolutionaries were framed, charged and convicted of 
the killing of a white prison pig. They were portrayed 
as racist killers and sentenced to life in prison by 
an all white jury. Known as the ëAngola 2í, both have 
served more than 20 years each in solitary confinement 
because they organized for revolution within one of 
the most heinous prisons in Amerikkka.(1)

In 1992, a state court overturned the conviction of 
Woodfox, though he has remained imprisoned. Wallaceís 
conviction has not been overturned and he remains in 
solitary confinement in Louisiana State Penitentiary 
at Angola. Woodfoxís re-trial is an important 
opportunity to free a revolutionary within the 
confines of bourgeois white nation justice. MIM 
supports Woodfoxís struggle and build public support 
for his release as we continue to expose the political 
imprisonment throughout the Amerikkkan prison 

The battle to free Woodfox takes place within the 
kkkorrupt white nation justice system. MIM organizes 
masses to fight against the system in its entirety 
because that is the only definitive way that we will 
be able to free the thousands of brothers and sisters 
in similar situations to Woodfox and Wallace. The 
prosecuting attorney for the current re-trial is proof 
that no revolutionary will get justice in Amerikkkaís 
Injustice system.

"At Woodfoxís upcoming trial, the prosecution intends 
to place the Black Panther Party on trial. The 
Louisiana authorities do not acknowledge the Panthersí 
history of establishing childrenís breakfast programs, 
working for safer neighborhoods, and inventing the 
practice of "copwatching." Instead, Assistant Attorney 
General Julie Cullen believes the stabbing of Miller 
was a hate crime. "I think it was a racially-motivated 
Black Panther murder," she said. Cullen intends to 
introduce evidence of political statements Woodfox 
once made, such as spelling "America" as "AMERIKKKA," 
and denouncing "fascism" and "pigs." To Cullen, such 
statements constitute evidence that Woodfox committed 

Kkkullen has used fictional dung as evidence against 
Woodfox as a means of criminalizing his political 
activity. She used an unsigned, undated "statement" 
that an Angola pig official "took down" from an 
inmate. This so-called evidence couldn't be otherwise 
admitted because it was blatant hearsay, but Kkkullen 
was able to oink it in through a legal back door.

The Woodfox trial is being held in Amite. Amite is a 
small rural town dependent on the prison industry and 
is the hometown of the slain guard. A nearby bar 
proudly displays huge crossed Amerikkkan and 
Confederate flags to attract the local settler 

Kkkullen oinked it up in her cross examination of 
Woodfox, where her intent was to play to the mainly 
white jurors' well founded fears of the Black national 
liberation movement. She repeated several times that 
Woodfos had used the term "pigs" in referring to 
prison guards, that he had written that "pigs should 
be killed", and that he had once raised his shackled 
hands, shook his chains, and said, "I want you to see 
what these racist, fascist pigs have done to me."

It is clear, that the Black Panther Party and 
revolutionary politics are on trial. Kkkullen knows 
that the continued imprisonment can be achieved by 
proving that the Panthers and revolutionaries are 
threats to the system of white nation hegemony. She 
knows the conviction is not dependent on proof that 
Woodfox killed the guard.

In the first week of the trial, Kkkullen introduced 
several righteous statements from Woodfox regarding 
the revolutionary Black national struggle. 
"Revolutionaries "should constantly reevaluate the 
lines between being a liberal or being a 
revolutionist." "It is the job of the revolutionary 
forces in this country to manufacture revolution 
instead of trying to avoid it, to do otherwise is the 
act of an opportunist."

Woodfox's supporters in the courtroom became 
noticeably agitated as Kkkullen "accused" Woodfox of 
writing letters "spelling America (sic) with three 
k's." "Order!" was immediately called by a pig 
enforcement official as supporters shifted in their 
seats -- it was clear that the "order" of the white 
state was what was at stake in this trial.

Albert Woodfox's testimony under these conditions was 
riveting and inspiring. He was not intimidated by the 
massive weight of the state apparatus against him. 
Time and again he answered Kkkullen's attacks with 
firm statements of the facts of the case and 
explanations of the Panther's prison organizing 

Kkkullen's efforts to trip up or agitate Woodfox came 
to nothing as he remained defiantly resolute in his 
testimony, once sending kkkullen oinking to the judge 
for protection as he looked at her intently and said, 
"You know I didn't kill that guard. And you know that 
I passed a lie detector test." This was clearly a 
comrade steeled in the struggle against white 
Amerikkka and all the Kkkullens of imperialism.

After 20 years in solitary, where he is allowed out of 
his cell only 1 hour a day, Woodfox remains a leader 
by revolutionary example and a testament to the fact 
that leadership of the proletarian revolution will be 
forged in the heat of the struggle against the white 
settler oppressors.


* * *


Directed by Jonathan Frakes 1998

review by mim

Film number nine from the Star Trek dynasty is about 
the modern miracle of a highly advanced, supposedly 
idyllic 24th century society that somehow has not 
managed to eliminate the patriarchal concept of 
gender. The Baku have reached great technological 
advance, but rejected technology for the sake of 
happiness and isolation on their own planet. The Star 
Trek crew stages its Insurrection to defend this 
idyllic society from forced relocation. In doing so, 
the crew briefly rebels against its own government and 

The guiding principle of the insurrection is that 
"every forced relocation in history has been 
disastrous for its victims," and its premise is that 
this forced relocation is being made to steal natural 
resources from its victims. It is true for example 
that Europeans forcibly relocated millions of Africans 
to steal their labor; and that settlers throughout the 
Americas, Pacific islands, parts of Asia, Africa, etc. 
have forcibly relocated Indigenous people to steal 
land, labor and other natural resources from them. And 
MIM generally supports even bourgeois renditions of 
struggles to defend people from these forms of 

But MIM rejects the universal moralizing of 
Insurrection. Forced relocations can be to the benefit 
of the people being moved, as when Stalin internally 
deported Jews in the Soviet Union to move them away 
from the advancing German troops. MIM would rather see 
Jews moved to undesirable locations within the USSR 
than worked into disease in concentration camps and 
then gassed or shot. We also generally oppose the 
fiction that liberation will come from a segment of 
the conquering army.

While it is true that occupying troops are often won 
over by the strength and correctness of an Indigenous 
liberation struggle, the officers of an occupying 
force tend not to be the leaders of any liberation 
struggle. In truth, the strength of the people's will 
can win over segments of the opposition, but this will 
must originate with the people who liberate 

Even though the Baku society in Insurrection has been 
living in tranquility for 300 years, it retains such 
stone age constructs as marriage, ownership of 
children, and feminization of wimmin. In Star Trek 
style that hasn't changed since the Cold War episodes 
of the 1960s, part of the attraction of this ideal 
society is beautiful wimmin who never age and wear 
revealing clothing.

The neat thing about science fiction is that it can 
play with modern social constructs by stripping away 
all their structural baggage. Ursula Le Guin's book 
The Left Hand of Darkness for instance gets rid of 
gender by taking the premise that men and wimmin work 
the same jobs, have the same level of importance in 
government and social life, and have all differences 
in appearance eliminated by living in a very cold 
climate that requires wearing so much clothing that 
one's body shape is hidden. She winds up with people 
who have no biological sex for most of their lives, 
but occasionally mate with whomever they happen to be 
around when the time comes.

MIM likes books like Le Guin's because we also think 
of gender and other superstructural divisions among 
people in terms of what will come of them once we have 
completely replaced the capitalist substructure. This 
is the only correct way to approach thinking about 
futuristic social relations because it understands 
that human nature and relations are not fixed or 
static. In failing this test -- in terms of how it 
sees relations between oppressors and the oppressed -- 
Star Trek: Insurrection is a pretty boring movie.

* * *


Review by MC17

The movie Enemy of the State tells the 
story of a man who accidentally stumbled on evidence 
of corruption and murder by a congressman who was 
trying to get legislation passed to expand the 
surveillance powers of the government. He used the 
power of the Nationall Security Agency (NSA) to try to 
destroy all evidence of his actions. The movie 
actually paints a pretty realistic picture of the 
powers of the government to conduct surveillance and 
track individuals without their knowledge.

Although MIM does not have access to details about the 
specific tools used by the NSA, FBI, CIA and cops, we 
know from the information that leaks out that these 
organizations keep close tabs on activists. They can 
easily monitor phone conversations, can scan the 
general phone lines for key words like revolution, can 
use voice recognition technology to pick up individual 
voices from any phone and they can plant listening 
devices in buildings, cars and even on people without 
their knowledge. It does not matter if all the details 
of Enemy of the State were precise, the general 
capability of the government to carry out operations 
like those described in the movie exists and they do 
use this technology illegally and against anyone who 
is considered a threat (which places anti-imperialists 
high on the list.)

We don't just speculate about this, we have concrete 
evidence. The prosecution in the case against Leonard 
Peltier worked with the government to bug the defense 
team and listen to the lawyersí discussion of strategy 
to have a better shot at convicting an innocent man. 
And for those activists not convinced of the power of 
the state, anyone who has been an activist more than 
10 years can request their FBI file through the 
Freedom of Information Act and will see details that 
could not be known without heavy surveillance.

The biggest problem with the movie was its portrayal 
of the corrupt congressman and his flunkies as a few 
bad apples. And of course, its lack of solution to the 
problem of government powers and corruption. The wife 
of the main character, an ACLU lawyer, kept 
criticizing the legislation that would give the 
government greater surveillance powers but in the end 
when the legislation was defeated she just sounded 
like an anti-power nihilist. In response to a news 
report that the government would have to set up an 
oversight committee to get surveillance powers 

she asked the rhetorical question "who will oversee 
the oversight committee." This underscores the real 
problem: The government can't be trusted to watch over 
itself. With the power in the hands of the 
imperialists, the less power they are given the 

Only with power in the hands of the people will the 
people be able to control the government. This is why 
MIM calls for a dictatorship of the proletariat. We 
want a society where the majority, the oppressed 
exploited people of the world, controls the government 
and forcibly keeps the

minority from stealing power and wealth for 
themselves. Only with this power will the people be 
able to build a truly just society where the 
government does not need to spy on people who are 
politically active as enemies of the state. And with 
this power the people will be able to build a 
communist society where all people truly are equal.

* * *


Dear Comrades,

I received the issues of MIM Notes dated November 1st and 15th, 
and I distributed primarily in a neighborhood in southern Phoenix 
consisting primarily of oppressed nationalities (primarily Blacks 
and Chicanos). I had noticed that the front page of the November 
1st issue began with the headline "End the Amerikkkan Lockdown" 
and that the November 15th issue had a picture of an American 
flag, crosses, and a klansman. At first this didn't seem unusual 
to me, because I am used to your paper and understand that these 
things are to associate the U$ government with white supremacy and 
to associate Christianity with white supremacy. These are, of 
course, correct associations.

Unfortunately many of the oppressed nationalities are not well 
educated and are not sophisticated enough to read into this 
symbolism, and to them seeing the name of the country spelled with 
three K's or seeing a picture of a klansman with the American flag 
indicates that the newspaper is a publication of the Ku Klux Klan 
or some other racist group allied with the Klan. I overheard one 
person to whom it was distributed say to someone next to him, 
"This is a white supremacist newspaper." I corrected him and 
suggested that he read the statement on page two to learn what MIM 
is about. Another fellow asked me if I was a racist after I gave 
him the newspaper. I explained to him that I was not and that 
neither was this newspaper.

While it was gratifying that I explained matters to these two 
people and perhaps they will seriously consider MIM's message, I 
am certain that there were many others who seeing the KKK and the 
klansman on the front page simply threw the paper away, convinced 
that I was a klansman distributing racist literature. These may 
have been people who would be with us if they had overcome the 
first impression and read the paper. For this reason I think it is 
a mistake for us to use such symbolism and to spell the country's 
name with a K. I believe that we can make our point without such 
potentially deceptive references. Perhaps it would be better to 
just use "United $nakes" instead of "Amerika" or "Amerikkka", and 
perhaps we should show an American flag with a skull and 
crossbones in the field where the stars go instead of a klansman.

Comradely Yours,
--A supporter in the south November, 1998

MIM responds:

This reader raises a good point about art. Art is an important 
tool to convey messages in MIM Notes. Some of the messages we 
publish involve condemnation of Amerikan prisons, imperialism, the 
Klan and religious hegemony. We do not want to conceal the 
intended messages in our art, or hide behind abstractions or 
ambiguous subtleties. For example, the image that the writer 
mentions is now on the MIM art web site 
(, where it is 
clearly titled "Religious repression of prisoners in Amerika" as 
it was in MIM Notes. The other issue cover was titled "Advance the 
Struggle against the Amerikkkan Lockdown." We state this slogan 
proudly and clearly as part of our work to end oppression. Some 
people won't get or will misinterpret the message. Still, the 
majority of oppressed masses understand and appreciate the 
critical art which we publish. And feedback from members of 
oppressor groups also shows that our art generally depicts the 
genocidal nature of the current system.

Beyond initial clarity, the best way to ensure that the art as 
well as the written content of the paper is understood is through 
conducting mass work to raise the level of revolutionary political 
organizing. Through discussion and organization with the masses, 
it is clear that MIM's publications reflect criticism of the 
imperialist system and the need for revolution - including control 
of culture by the oppressed. We suggest that distributors leave 
papers where the masses will pick them up, but that distributors 
also make themselves available for discussion of revolutionary 
politics - either through educational events or through 
distributing the paper in person.

MIM strives to make art clear and to make it depict the evils of 
imperialism. Our ability to improve this depends on mass work and 
organizing which then utilizes the creativity of the masses. In 
general, we need anti-imperialist art as well as art on specific 
topics, i.e. massive imprisonment of oppressed nationals. Artists 
can obviously contribute but even if you can't do better than 
stick figures you can make art. Cut out pictures from newspapers 
and magazines to make revolutionary collages and send 'em in.

* * *


With the help of allies, RAIL has created a weekly radio program 
on prisons to be aired on one college radio station on the East 
Coast. We would like to distribute this program to stations across 
North America.

If you can get this program on the air in your community, contact 
RAIL at the address on page 2. It will cost $5-$10 to produce and 
mail a tape/CD with 4 shows on it. Pay more if you can, as we 
needs funds to do some initial promotion. Checks should be made 
out to MIM Distributors, not RAIL.

The program consists of 15 minutes of news, commentary and 
prisoner letters. Contributions of money and equipment (tape 
decks, microphones, computer equipment including a CD-burner) are 
needed to expand the program and make it self-sufficient. For more 
information contact RAIL PO Box 3576 Ann Arbor MI 48106 or email 
[email protected]

* * * 


A RAIL branch has offered to match all new contributions to RAIL 
Notes up to the amount needed to fund an expanded, more frequent 
paper. So send your money ASAP. 
Make checks payable to MIM Distributors, not RAIL to the address 
on page 2.

* * *


"The Making of Black Revolutionaries" by James Foreman. [$15]

"Seize the Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party and Huey P. 
Newton" by Bobby Seale (before he sold out). [$15]

"The Black Panthers Speak" by Philip S. Foner [$12]

"Maoism and the Black Panther Party" by MIM. [$2]

"Soledad Brother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson" by George 
Jackson. [$7]

"Agents of Repression: The FBI's Secret Wars Against the Black 
Panther Party and the American Indian Movement" by Ward Churcill 
and Jim Vander Wall. [$20]

"Revolutionary Suicide" by Huey P. Newton. [$10]

"To Die for the People" by Huey P. Newton [$10]

The above prices reflect increased printing costs as many are 
photocopied books. The prices include postage inside the United 
Snakes. If received before December 15th, orders for above 
literature will be sent within one week upon receipt.

PRISONER: these are among the most requested books by prisoners to 
MIM and RAIL. Better yet, you can buy the book for yourself and a 
comrade under lock and key and study together.

* * *


Exposing Maryland Torture 

...There are some issues that need to be addressed 
with urgency by the Committee to End the Marion and 
Control Unit Lockdown! We Brothers need help. As of 
last week, the Pigs here have begun a new humiliating 
torturous tactic that is to put prisoners in a hog-
tied position. Meaning we are being hog-tied with 
mechanical restraints, handcuffs, black box lock, and 
leg irons. The cuffs are put on backwards, in this 
cruel and torturous act. You cannot eat, sleep or use 
the bathroom. Prisoners are kept like this for hours 
and days. This is barbaric to say the least! As I 
write this there are prisoners on my tier in this 
brutal condition. If you refuse, you are gassed and 
physically assaulted by these pigs.

 --A Maryland Prisoner, 21 July 1998

SC segregation kills

At Allendale Correctional Institution in South 
Carolina, the torture chamber is called lockup or 
officially called Segregation Management Unit. On 
October 27, 1998, at 2:41 p.m. an inmate tried to hang 
himself. Luckily, other inmates were able to let the 
CO's know the man was hanging. If it had left up to 
the officers he would have died. This goes to prove 
this torture must stop! Not all human beings can take 
the isolation and sensory deprivation of lock-up, 
especially for months or years. The dumb ass pigs 
asked the inmate why he attempted suicide. Isn't it 

Here at Allendale the staff doesn't even follow proper 
procedures according to the department of corruptions 
policy OP22.12 (OP). Officer are to check inmates 
every half-hour, they don't. Each inmate is supposed 
to be checked daily by medical staff, they're not. 
Nurses come around and give out medication to inmates 
who are on it. They don't check all inmates according 
to policy. Basically every three months inmates are 
supposed to be reviewed by mental health 
professionals, they're not. Caseworkers are supposed 
to come around at least once a week, again this 
doesn't happen. All this violates SCDC policy, but 
nothing is done about it! In fact I don't even believe 
these specialized staff are even professionally 
trained. They are just given these titles to make a 
job position. If they were truly professional, 
wouldn't they know the effects of these torture 

The worst thing about this situation is that the man 
will be back after a couple of days of observation, 
only to suffer the torture again, instead of being 

 -- A South Carolina Prisoner, 27 October 1998

Prisoner Murdered in Texas

... On October 18, 1996 at about 10:00 p.m. a 25 year-
old Black man was murdered by the Harris County Jail 
officials in Houston, Texas. His name was Willy Watts. 
His death was written off and covered-up as just a 
heart attack. His family was told that he died of 
natural of causes, this may be true, but he could have 
been saved. I was there and saw it all!

Harris County Jail officials killed this man because 
they refused to give him any medical treatment. I 
tried for two and a half years to get the medical 
staff to help this guy. The pigs almost beat me up 
because I refused to stop trying to get this man help.

This man struggled for his life for two and a half 
years in a medical holding cell and died right in 
front of me and about 25 other prisoners.

I filed a sworn statement with the Harris County 
Internal Affairs Division on November 11, 1996. I am 
having it copied so I can send it to y'all. I beg that 
anyone, with any knowledge of the whereabouts of any 
member of Mr. Willy Watt's family to please contact me 
through MIM Notes. This is very important, so show 
that you care.

 -- A Texas Prisoner, 3 November 1998

Medical Negligence Kills Prisoners

...At this point here in NJSP [New Jersey State 
Prison], we prisoners are undergoing yet another 
transformation imposed upon us by the Department of 
Corruption. In July new rules went into effect. As of 
the month of October we will not be allowed to receive 
clothing packages, food packages or appliances. We are 
already paying for inadequate medical services.

In the month of April, three prisoners were allowed to 
die because of the negligent practices of the medical 
staff. Since then two more inmates have died because 
of inadequate services. In 1994, Governor Whitman 
allowed the Department of Corruptions to give CMS 
(Corrupt Medical Services) a contract knowing that 
this company had failed to re-sign contracts with 
other states' Department of Corruptions because of 
their negligence. This company had also requested to 
NJDOC that they no longer allow us to receive books on 
medical terms and health care.

This tells me not only do they want an illiterate 
population in here, but they want to continue killing 
us without being held accountable. 

What irks me the most is the fact that we have no 
unity as prisoners. There is no trust or loyalty to 
our struggle in here. Without these qualities as a 
whole, I don't think we can survive. Fact of the 
matter is we need more support that people are willing 
to give. I commend your paper, for your intentions are 
pure but for us, we need people who will sacrifice 
more that what they're giving.

I read how people in other states come out in masses 
to confront the DOC and show strong concern for their 
friend and relatives who are held kkkaptive. We need 
that kind of support here in New Jersey to engage in 
physical confrontation with those who interfere with 
their act of support would be even stronger as it 
would expose the vindictiveness of this injustice 

Your Comrade in Aluta,

 -- A New Jersey Prisoner, September 1998

MIM responds:  We agree there is a need to organize 
and unite more masses to fight against oppression and 
toward revolution. The best method to do this is 
expansion of the peopleís independent institutions 
like MIM Notes. We must expose the pigsí injustice and 
arm the masses with tools necessary to fight winnable 
battles and eventually revolutionary armed struggle. 
An essential prerequisite for successful revolutionary 
armed struggle is independent institutions built 
through intensive mass work. MIM does not currently 
organize physical confrontation against the oppressor 
because of the need to organize stronger mass bases of 
support for revolution. The masses must be well 
organized and armed to avoid unnecessary defeat. 
Physical confrontation for comradesí defense for 
survival is sometimes necessary, but this remains the 
decision of individuals. And in these situations, we 
urge prisoners to learn from the successful lessons of 
Maoism to make an informed and correct decision. We 
also recommend MIM Theory #5 which outlines correct 
political decisions concerning armed struggle and 
fighting to win.

Murder and Medical Neglect

...I have been caged on the Mark W. Stiles Plantation 
for over two years now. In that time I have witnessed 
two prisoners die due to straight up medical neglect. 
One of my Muslim brothers had an asthma attack at 2:00 
p.m. Security refused to authorize him to go to 
medical for treatment. Five hours later, while still 
trying to make it into breathing treatment, this 
brother collapsed and died on the sidewalk in route to 
the infirmary, unescorted!

This unit has been deemed a Chronic Care Facility for 
PWA's (Prisoners with AIDS) and I too am infected with 
the plague. Though I am healthy and as strong as a 
bull, I have no disillusions whatsoever about the 
plight of Pharos's blind sheep here who are suffering 
a storm that seems unending. Recently a couple of 
redneck KKKlansmen assaulted a Hispanic Comrade who 
later died of head trauma, which as you may have 
guessed, was of a serious nature. 

I was assaulted myself, back in February of '98 for no 
reason, other than my willingness to unite with other 
brothers against oppression. My assault fortunately 
was not fatal, but there is a pattern of brutality 
here that goes beyond your wildest nightmares. They've 
assaulted people in wheelchairs, people on crutches, 
and even one dude with a missing limb. They have no 
qualms about letting it be known that they despise 
people with AIDS and practice racial hatred and bias.

The whole is on week one of institutional lockdown. 
Today makes day number 5 of a 30 day affair. They 
informed us that it would be this way until our 
conduct shows improvement. Problem is, nothing 
happened to warrant this extremely drastic measure. No 
one has been killed, stabbed or assaulted and no one 
has escaped. They did the second major shakedown in as 
many moths this week, and still came up clean, no 
guns, knives, etc. The previous cell search cost me my 
prayer rug and kufi, which they threw away in the 

I'm in the Control Unit section of this slave camp. We 
too are being fed cold Johnies, which consists of a 
cheese, meat or peanut butter sandwich three times a 
day. No showers, no recreations, and no visitation. 
This is the consequence of being sick and being housed 
in a death camp whose sole purpose is to breakdown the 
spirit while killing the body. They practice 
psychological oppression here as well as physical 
abuse, oppression and tumult. They even sprayed gas on 
one man who was having an epileptic seizure.

They have a repetitive routine that they use. If one 
were to examine all the facts, their offenses would be 
obvious. For instance, after they assaulted me, I was 
charged with attempting to assault a Lieutenant. Then 
when my comrades who witnessed my assault, spoke out 
against it and unified to oppose it, the pigs 
systematically eliminated all these prisoners by 
planting shanks, framing and sometimes straight up 
brutality and assault. At this time, we are all in the 
control unit. When I say all, I speak of my Nubian and 
Islamic brothers who stood up against this madness....

In Struggle and Solidarity,

 -- A Texas Prisoner, 10 October 1998

No wages in Texas

...Prisoners here in Texas do not get paid at all for 
working. The (TDCJ) officials give us good-time credit 
for working, which they take back the first time you 
get a major disciplinary case, which is as easy as 
breathing. If you have a short sentence, once you lose 
that good-time credit it will hurt your chances on 
release or parole because you can not get that good-
time back. If they take three years good-time and you 
got a six-year sentence, you start over.

Inmate abuse by plantation's guards is widespread and 
well covered up by the prison's Internal Affairs and 
Grievance Official. Half of the officials are related 
to one another. We are charged $3.00 for sick calls 
(whether or not you are treated). If you are 
outspoken, as I am, then you are considered a violent 
gang member or some other kind of threat the TDCJ uses 
to silence you. 

I appeal to all my black and brown brother and sister 
Comrades to bond with MIM and unite in this struggle! 
It's the only way we can rise above our oppression in 
and out of prison. 

Peace Out!

 -- A Texas Prisoner, 27 October 1998

South Carolina Wages Eliminated 

In South Carolina inmate pay no longer exists, unless 
you were in Prison before 1998. Those who do get paid 
get pre-depression era wages. If an inmate refuses to 
work he gets cell restriction, loss of privileges and 
finally ends up in lock-up. This is discipline for not 
working as a slave for the prisoncrats. I would like 
to see them work for nothing, or pay of 20 cents an 
hour. Try supporting your family on that!

The prison system, staff, counties, etc. get skilled 
labor for these insane wages. Welders, plumbers, 
electricians, carpenters, etc. are in prison. Recently 
inmates in Pennsylvania saved that state $300,000.00 
by doing so-called community service. Here in 
Allendale, SC inmates provided many hours of slave 
labor to the community. The council members of 
Allendale thanked the DOC for their assistance! They 
forgot who really did the assisting -- the inmates or 
should I say slaves. I wonder if any inmates who did 
the service will be recognized come parole or furlough 
time. This so-called community service (forced labor) 
puts another feather in the cap of the SCDC and gives 
more reasons to keep us locked up. After all, free 
labor reduces taxes and puts more money in the 
oppressor's pockets.

In South Carolina the elected officials are pushing 
for reduction or doing away with state taxes. Using 
inmates as slaves is a good way to do it. The savings 
instead should be passed on the inmates for school, 
training and equipment -- not lining the oppressors' 
pockets. Prison is supposed to rehabilitate inmates 
and make them assets to the community when released. 
Therefore it is only sensible to use the money for the 
training of inmates. Millions of dollars and labor 
hours are saved throughout the country by these 
practices, but I have yet to see any inmates benefit. 
The only benefits are bad backs, calluses and no pay!

 -- A South Carolina Prisoner, 20 October 1998

Kentucky Wages and Working Conditions

...The conditions here are ridiculous. The "work 
options" or OJT (On the Job Training) are despicable. 
They consist of: 1. janitor's jobs, 2. outside 
landscaping (cutting grass and picking up cigarette 
butts), 3. kitchen jobs, 4. prison industries (where 
they make license plates and furniture, starting at 25 
cents an hour with at 10 cent raise ever 90 days.), or 
5. Maintenance (windows, putting in benches, roofing, 
carpentry, drywall, etc for $1.25 a day). 

Every time you get a cut or need some aspirin, you 
have to have a doctor's note. To see the doctor it's a 
$2.00 copayment. This $2.00 charge prevents many 
inmates who only make $12-15.00 a month reluctant to 
get medical attention whey they really need it. Two 
dollars doesn't sound like a lot, but when you're only 
getting one dollar in whole day, it makes a dent!

I'm sure they read my mail, but they don't black 
anything out. Of course I haven't been getting 
anything worth censoring yet! 

...Another gestapo tactic they use around here is the 
"investigation technique". These people will come get 
you and put you in what they call the segregation unit 
without provocation. They can hold you for 90 days 
without issuing a write up. In the segregation one is 
subject to dehumanizing conditions. You get one phone 
call when you get up there and then that's it, no more 
contact with the outside world via phone no matter how 
long your stay. They shave your head, when you enter 
segregation. The worst thing is the plumbing. When the 
guy in the next cell flushes his toilet it comes up in 
your toilet, unless you flush at the exact same time. 
There are cells where the windows are out and the in 
the winter it is too cold to get out bet. The bullshit 
just goes on and on. 

It's the antithesis of rehabilitation. It's pure 
degradation and I'm sick of tired of being sick and 
tired. It's like you're screaming at the top of your 
lungs but no sound is coming. Keep me informed.

Yours in the struggle,

 -- A Kentucky Prisoner, 27 October 1998

Prisons are Capitalistic Tools of Oppression

While the poor in this capitalistic society are forced 
to pay higher taxes to generate this machine "modern 
day slavery" the rich are investing into privately 
owned prisoners to insure maximum capacity. A 
capitalistic society could not exist without someone 
to capitalize on. This so-called justice system is out 
of control. Everybody from the public defender to the 
warden sees the benefits of a conviction. The tax 
dollars are being used to generate more wealth for the 
rich, while exploitation overwhelms the poor. The 
infrastructure of this system is incapable of 
producing positive results.

These racist pigs walk around with their chests puffed 
up with pride, as if they're victorious conquerors. 
With all of the potential Guerrilla fighters locked 
down in this supermaxium facility, they must feel 
secure in their position. The warden runs this 
facility like a ruthless dictator. Although I've never 
seen the warden in physical form, I've seen his 
reflection through his guards' exploitation.

Anytime an inmate is being transferred from point A to 
point B, inside the prison's walls, the guards 
intentionally create an altercation as an excuse to 
use excessive force. Any type of resistance leads to 6 
or 7 guards pinning you to the floor for security 
purposes. Although you already have on belly chains 
and handcuffs, excessive force is applied to restrict 
your movements. As soon as the backup pigs bring leg 
irons, you're hog-tied. Occasionally your clothes and 
shoes are cut away from your body, then you're carried 
naked to an observation cell.

A lot of souljahs hold high respect for MIM. Thank you 
for the newsletters that you sent to me. I'm passing 
them around to comrades so that they can understand 
MIM's cause. Before reading some MIM Notes, I thought 
that the war was based on Black and White. Now I 
realize that it is based on rich against poor. Power 
to the people!

-- A Kansas Prisoner

Tracking Device After Parole

...Unfortunately, when I'm finally released I will not 
only be on paper (parole) but I will also have a 
tracking monitor attached to my ankle for the 
remaining five years of my sentence. In September of 
last year a law was passed by the state of Texas that 
all cons released from plantations who have violent 
cases must have monitors attached to their ankles. All 
ex-prisoners with violent cases must wear this monitor 
for the remainder of their sentences on parole...."

 -- A Texas Prisoner, 24 July 1998

Crooked pigs

...I got a homeboy, back here, who is a Level 3 now, 
due to the fact that an officer was harassing his 
family at visitation. One day my homeboy was at 
visitation with his family and this pig all of sudden, 
with nothing else to do, just started harassing his 

This officer just stood over his mom and stepfather 
and looked down at them like they had shit on them or 
something. So my homeboy told the pig to get his ass 
from behind his family and go do something else. So 
the devil got smart with the guy and his family -- and 
went and wrote my homie a "threatening an officer" 
case. So they rolled him from Level 2 back to Level 3.

Now my homie wrote his family and told them about his 
situation. So his family came up here and had a few 
words with the warden. I guess the warden felt 
threatened by their words. So the warden had these 
family members removed from his visitation list. Now I 
don't think that was necessary. Now, you tell me if 
that's not crooked, what is? I can't see a straight 
line in this situation at all. These devils need to 
get a grip.

 -- A Texas Prisoner still struggling, 14 October 1998

Federal Photo File of prisonersí supporters

I am writing to warn all federal prisoners and their 
families. The Federal Bureau of Prisons [FBOP] retains 
a copy of all photographs taken with a commissary 
"photo ticket". That means when your friends visit 
you, a picture is taking and the government retains a 
copy. The purpose is to keep a dossier of your 
acquaintances so they can implicate everybody in 
various purported "conspiracies".

This matter is presently being litigated at Maydak v 
United States Civil 97-2199 (USCS Dist. Col.). This 
matter violates the Privacy Act 5 USC 552, and the 
FBOP uses the inmates' 31 USC 1321(22) trust funds.

If you have fallen victim to this scheme, and wish for 
all your photographs to be destroyed, file an 
intervention petition in the above action. If you wish 
to file your action the clerk will provide five pages 
free upon your request. Write to Clerk, US District 
Court, US Courthouse, Washington, DC 20001 and request 
"pages 5-9 of the complaint in 97-CV-2199".

 -- A Federal Prisoner, 15 October 1998

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