This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
Maoist Internationalist Movement

February update

by PIRAO Chief, February 23, 2005 (not for MIM Notes please)

  • See previous Central Task reports
  • See also overall situation of prison censorship and prison struggle

    MIM's central task: "to create public opinion and the independent institutions of the oppressed to seize power."

    It's my job to explain some of the "how-to" stuff, the infrastructural portion of MIM's work. As expected, my February report on January's web traffic generated both confusion and insight. Confusion came from those who refused to study systematically while insight came from those who chewed on the available facts instead of dismissing them.

    This is no where better demonstrated than in one Internet forum where characters like "Red Skyscraper" sit around running MIM down, before MIM even shows up to join the forum and before "Red Skyscraper" has shown anyone else a practical substitute for MIM in terms of action. This attitude is individualist nihilism, the worst sort as we also see it leading to "Red Skyscraper"'s defense of distribution of Mussolini books. At least other web pages set up in the past to attack MIM affiliated themselves with something else.

    As MIM defenders explained before being banned in the above-mentioned forum, the reasoning of the neo-Nazi dominated forum is that anything running MIM down does not require evidence and any evidence MIM does bring makes MIM worthy of banning. The bottom line is that fascism was the goal all along--no evidence necessary.

    There's one technical point that clarified itself today, February 23 2005 as if to prove MIM's defenders correct within a week of my report. Today, the Workers World Party (as it sometimes does) passed MIM in Internet traffic at MIM's fanciful critics in the neo-Nazi dominated forum MIM was just banned from came up with the following: "The rank of 95,703 is cumulative for all of these sites -- for all we know, the MIM section contributes a tiny fraction towards's overall pagerank. The rank of 95,703 is cumulative for all of these sites -- for all we know, the MIM section contributes a tiny fraction towards's overall pagerank." (In actuality, this counts as one of the more level-headed among the anti-communists there, because it says "for all we know," in openly speculative English instead of asserting blanket falsehoods as fact.) Bloated with the importance of their own pathetic neo-Nazi and social-fascist circles, as if they were doing most of the reading on the Internet themselves, these navel-gazing sectarians simply cannot understand that MIM better understands how to approach the hundreds of millions of people than they do; even though their friends think MIM is "fruitcake." Not only that, but it's been true for over a decade now, so go ahead and send in that 10 bucks, (inside joke based on above link).

    The point of the struggle there was to expose the white utopianism leading to neo-Nazi ideas. This comes out clearly when running down MIM requires so much speculation and broad assertion of falsehood.

    Yet you will search and find that MIM never claimed anything about the "pagerank," which is different than the U.$. socialist category "rank" that I referred to. I was well aware that the Alexa report substatistics did not necessarily break things down for MIM's benefit, so I never made any report on that, and if our critics had read my Central Task Report as our forum defenders suggested, they would have figured that out before attacking MIM, baselessly, yet again. Even the part about another organization many thousands of ranks ahead of us was addressed by me in the Central Task Report.

    Today, by a stroke of luck, we can see that Workers World Party(see report here) has a lower set of substatistics than MIM (see report here) in all three categories, but it is still "ranked" higher than MIM in the U.$. socialist category, thereby proving that Alexa rank for MIM is NOT based on the etext rank. (The substatistics show 75,830 vs. 200,269 , 30 per million users vs. 10 per million and 1.1 pages viewed per user vs. 1.0.)

    If it were based on the etext rank, we would still be ahead of Workers World Party today. Realistically, if we were getting the credit for all of etext's traffic we would never fall behind any of those other organizations like WWP, PLP, SP etc., but we do according to Alexa.

    If I were half as opportunist as our critics, I would now proceed by saying that in fact, it is the Workers World Party ranking in first which is screwy, given our superior ranking in the three substatistics--and such an assertion would seem to have a 50% plausibility on the surface. I do not make this argument, because MIM in no way proceeds in the sectarian manner of our critics, who I note have reached a new low in history by calling eugenics a part of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism just in order not to have to side with MIM--this among allegedly pro-Stalin people.

    Again, the point is not numbers. MIM surely would have joined some other party instead of forming if numbers were the point. If numbers were the point, Mao would have surrendered before beginning or after beginning, after the 1927 massacre or after the Wang Ming disaster for the party. Mao did not, because he knew science was more important than momentary appearances and that the opponents of the Chinese workers and peasants would never have his grasp of science.

    One last point, if our critics accustomed to assuming MIM wrong were at all serious and were so sure MIM was wrong about the FBI informing at "Red Comrades," they would say something about the documents given them and they would FOIA the FBI Tampa.

    That's my "how-to" advice for today, unless "how to think systematically" should be counted. In that regard we see how much we have to cut through to get any reality with that forum, which is in fact representative of other forums as well. We've demonstrated that parties that purge can do effective public opinion work. Purging leads to cohesive line. That should be demonstrated by my report, but it's not sinking in, because of the underlying assumptions of our critics.

    What we have proved shows what a small party can do, but also I've been criticized for being "too negative" about our own success. We cannot do anything about that right now, because Mao said without a People's Army in armed struggle, the people have nothing. So if the people have nothing, then it follows that MIM is pathetic.

    It all depends on the context though. I can see when people go into forums like these and the criticism is coming from someone not doing anything and not even advising affiliation with someone else, then there is pathetic like MIM, and sub-pathetic like those neo-Nazi sympathizer critics.

  • MIM has delivered hundreds of thousands of books, magazines and newspapers into prisons. Our work among lumpen is unequalled in these last 20 years.
  • MIM was the first to bring documents from the People's War in Peru to the Internet and generally led the way on the Internet for communists.

    I don't plan on doing a lot of reports like this one. People who say MIM "doesn't do anything" or "is Internet only" or "students only" or "white only" or "Blacks only" have exposed themselves many times in the past. The whole phenomenon is rooted in Amerikan pragmatism/electoral politics, psychological insecurity and immaturity.

    So when I say our work is suffering x, y or z setback, let's be clear it's relative to MIM's own goals and what has to be done for the international proletariat. My reports are not intended for sectarian consumption. If I had to write a report on what MIM was doing relative to other organizations, I would have to focus on other questions like these in this one mid-term report. First and foremost, MIM is the only organization working to abolish exploitation, so it is the only Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party of the international proletariat in the majority-exploiter countries. Secondly, MIM membership requirements are more rigorous than in other on-paper parties. CP-U$A has had periods when signing a petition meant membership, so anyone getting into the numbers game should be forewarned that it can be terribly taxing to do correctly anyway.

    People reading the thread at the forum banning us will note that alleged pro-Stalin people never once answered whether they are in favor of purging the party or not, but they talked incessantly about having large numbers in the party. It's enough to make one think that Great Leader X somewhere is taking care of all security and line problems, so we do not have to deal with evidence provided by MIM or that was something for Great Leader (dead now) took care of but we do not have to, because that was only history. Yet it's applying lessons learned in real-time that counts. This whole attitude of not having to deal with neo-Nazis and police informers is every bit as metaphysical as when Hoxha said Mao was wrong, because an all-knowing non-Liberal leader could purge all enemies from the party.

    The real underlying problem when people obsess with numbers is lack of "strategic confidence" in Asian, African and Latin American masses that Mao spoke of so many times in addressing the imperialist country comrades. The psychologically insecure end up going to other organizations --and this is interesting--in some cases even when they know MIM is the only party working against exploitation. The brain says one thing, but the sugar-coated bullet makes the difference, so militant parasitism is the victor. True, it's our predicament of the pathetic and sub-pathetic who have no People's Army and no white proletariat. It's difficult to face reality in its full imperialist ugliness and this causes some wild gyrations from the petty-bourgeoisie alternating with systematic self-deception. Without deflating that petty-bourgeois white utopian bubble, it won't be possible to analyze our own conditions correctly and thus correctly exalt the Black Panthers and the German comrades leading the movement for "collective responsibility" after World War II. It's probably only after leaving the Matrix for the first time like Neo and after people have "bottomed out" in grasping the significance of capitalist restoration in China and the Soviet Union, and after seeing the growth in unproductive sector labor in the majority-exploiter countries and after dealing fully with all the oppressive actions by ordinary imperialist country citizens, after realizing that white workerism has been a utopian dream--after seeing clearly all of that--one can make self-criticism for the past and move forward with MIM.

    For a strategic length of time, the emphasis will have to be on bursting the petty-bourgeois bubble in the majority-exploiter countries, so that the petty-bourgeoisie itself can correctly identify when it is attacking the international proletariat and what it would be like to back out of doing that.